Christmas Abbott
Age: 33
Hometown: Lynchburg, VA
Current city: Raleigh, NC
Occupation: Fitness superstar
STREAM: Christmas Abbott’s first on-camera interview before she enters the Big Brother 19 house!
Three adjectives that describe you: Committed, happy, and influential.
Favorite activities: Working out or playing a sport, cooking, and working.
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house?
Lack of privacy. I actually enjoy a lot of alone time and I don’t believe I will get that in the house.
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?
Helen Kim from Season 15! She was smart, knew how to work the people in the house, and people knew they needed her.
Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
Use my ability to read personalities and know what people need emotionally, so I can almost be a mentor.
I will also stay under the radar as a threat or drama queen. The physical and mental games are the easy parts.
My life’s motto is… Every day you wake up with the opportunity to change your life.
What would you take into the house, and why?
– Fran, my English Bulldog, because she’s my best friend
– My weightlifting equipment, so I can still lift
– Jenny, my operations girl, because she keeps my sh*t together
Fun facts about yourself:
– First female in NASCAR Sprint Cup pit crew member
– National best-selling book author, who just released a second book
– CrossFit Games athlete
– Two-time Iraq contractor
– I love being creepy

Christmas Abbott is not your typical professional CrossFit athlete. Christmas is 35 years old, grew up in Texas, is the first woman to be seen on a NASCAR pit crew, and yes, she was born on December 20th, close enough to Christmas day that her mom decided to name her after it. She’s also a ridiculously good looking fitness model who couldn’t take a bad photo if she tried and makes most CrossFitters look ordinary, which isn’t easy. What makes Christmas stand out from the crowd is her strikingly gorgeous girl-next-door look and heavily clad tattooed, perfectly buff, badass body. Yes, that’s our girl. Christmas Abbott is one hell of a beauty!

Christmas hasn’t always been athletic. In her early 20s Christmas left college, went to Iraq as a civilian contractor for 4 years (hence the large gun tattooed on her right upper thigh) and was a heavy smoker. After her return from Iraq in 2006 Christmas started exercising and one year later her CrossFit journey began. She fell totally in love with CrossFit and since then has loved every painful minute of it.

Christmas moved to North Carolina and in 2010 opened CrossFit Invoke and became proud owner and head coach for the Level 1 Seminar. She went on to lead the CrossFit Invoke team to place 3rd at the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Team Regionals and 16th place at the 2011 CrossFit Games. Since then Christmas ventured into the world of NASCAR in 2012 as a front tire changer and her training took a new turn. Each year she has continued to be a fierce CrossFit competitor at the Mid-Atlantic Regionals, plus in many other Olympic weightlifting and fitness competitions.

Christmas has had a life changing experience due to CrossFit. She loves working out with her companion and English Bulldog, Fran. Her favorite workouts are heavy and fast and she enjoys anything dynamic, especially with a team. You can’t help but love Christmas for her to-die-for confidence and smile, badass attitude, outgoing personality and her determination and motivation to change lives, one badass body at a time. She’s an inspiration to all women around the world… women want to be her, and men want to be as strong as her. What can we say, it’d be like Christmas for Christmas every single day of the year!

Another reason why we LOVE Christmas is for her awesome moto:

Be Fucking Unstoppable. – Christmas Abbott

Benchmark Stats:

  • Clean & Jerk 170 lb
  • Snatch 140 lb
  • Deadlift 255 lb
  • Back Squat 225 lb
  • Max Pull-ups 35

Diet and Training:

Christmas eats strict Paleo and weighs and measures her food. She’s all about clean eating and listening to her body. She still has cheat days, because well, she’s only human!

From the beginning of her CrossFit career, Christmas has always trained alone and without a coach. She also writes her own programming. Her training involves multiple workouts two times a week. She’ll typically do several workouts in one session. For example, she loves to start her sessions with some Olympic weightlifting at medium weight, then she’ll go heavy and do a strength workout. Next she’ll do a metabolic conditioning workout that will last about 12 to 20 minutes. Lastly she’ll finish up with a buyout, such as muscle ups or working on a skill or the core. She loves lifting weights and pushing herself past what she thinks she’s capable of. Christmas owns, coaches and trains at her box CrossFit Invoke, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Christmas Loves:

  • FitAid Recovery Drink
  • Nutriforce Balanced Hydration Protein Powder
  • Progenex Cocoon
  • Reebok Mens and Womens CrossFit Lifter Plus 2.0 Shoe
  • Reebok Mens and Womens CrossFit Sprint TR Training Shoe
  • Booty Shorts
  • Unbroken Designs Weightlifting Belt
  • EXOSleeve Compression Knee Sleeves
  • Rehband Knee Sleeves
  • WODies 2in1 WOD Grips
  • FitBelt Running Belt
  • The Badass Body Diet

Follow Christmas:

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Failure only comes when you stop trying. Do NOT quit. – Christmas Abbott

‘Big Brother’ star Christmas Abbott arrested and charged with felony | Raleigh News & Observer

Christmas Joy Abbott. Tampa Police Department

Former “Big Brother” star Christmas Abbott, a competitive CrossFit athlete and owner of CrossFit Invoke gym in Raleigh, was arrested in Tampa, Florida, in August for an attack aimed at a woman who was having a relationship with the father of Abbott’s then-unborn baby.

Abbott, 8 months pregnant at the time, was arrested on Aug. 18 after repeatedly ramming her Mercedes SUV into a parked Honda sedan owned by Samantha Jane Morse of Tampa. Abbott was charged with criminal mischief greater than $1,000, a third-degree felony.

According to a police report obtained by The News & Observer, Abbott went to a CrossFit gym on 24th Street in Tampa on Saturday, Aug. 18, to confront Morse. She asked Morse if she was involved with Benjamin Bunn, a fitness trainer who is the father of Abbott’s child. When Morse asked her to leave, Abbott threw Morse’s iced coffee across the room and called her a “pathetic home-wrecking little slut,” the police report said.

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Morse also told police that Abbott screamed at Bunn, who was present. Bunn is the owner of the Cigar City CrossFit where the encounter took place.

Abbott, 36, left the gym and an eyewitness saw Abbott, in her SUV, strike the sedan and then place the SUV in reverse and strike the sedan again, according to the police report.

Arresting officer John Gordon wrote in his report that when he arrived at the scene, Abbott was standing outside across from the gym and waved him down. When he asked her what happened, he said Abbott started crying and told him that she just “lost it” and crashed into the car because the owner of the car was cheating with her child’s father.

Christmas Abbott, a CrossFit star from Raleigh, came in third in the 2017 edition of CBS’s “Big Brother.” Sonja Flemming CBS

Abbott was taken to the Orient Road Jail in Tampa but not processed there because of her pregnancy. The case was filed with the state attorney’s office. Abbott was booked on Nov. 6 and released on her own recognizance.

People Magazine reported that Abbott’s baby boy, Loyal Atticus Abbott, was born on Oct. 8 in South Carolina.

Officer Gordon said that Abbott, who had a North Carolina driver’s license, screamed at the victim during the interview on Aug. 18, and that he had to warn her several times to calm down. He said she was “flailing her hands” and at times she would cry. The officer said he was afraid she would “got into a fit of rage” so he grabbed her right hand and told her she would be placed in handcuffs if she continued.

Gordon wrote: “The suspect apologized for her outburst and compliance was immediately gained. The suspect told me that it hurt her feelings being cheated on.”

Abbott’s Mercedes SUV, which has North Carolina plates, was seized and a forfeiture was placed on it.

Abbott moved to Tampa for baby’s father

In an interview with The News & Observer in May, Abbott said she and Bunn started dating in October 2017, but had met the year before at a charity event. Bunn is a former Army paratrooper and a CrossFit athlete.

“We were just kind of friends for a long time and then started dating,” Abbott said at the time. “We’re both kind of surprised by this and we have the same goals and aspirations for this, and that is to be amazing parents, to have an awesome, healthy, loving relationship, and make this our own journey and not have to conform to traditional expectations.”

Abbott relocated from Raleigh to Tampa, but said she was returning to Raleigh ”about once a month” for business.

Abbott is the author of two CrossFit books and was one of three finalists in Season 19 of the CBS reality show “Big Brother.” She badly broke her foot in the second episode of the season — 10 broken bones, four dislocated bones and a ligament that had to be reconstructed. Surgeons had to use a donor bone in one place, and Abbott was told she would not regain full mobility, effectively ending her competitive CrossFit career.

Christmas Abbott in the “Big Brother” house. Monty Brinton CBS

Before “Big Brother,” Abbott worked as a civilian contractor in Iraq in 2004, started Crossfit training in 2006 and became the first woman to work in a NASCAR pit crew in 2012.

Big Brother alum Christmas Abbott has a messy personal life that got more complicated when Benjamin Bunn filed a civil case seeking a DNA test and possibly custody of her son Loyal Atticus. Bunn’s backstory is a mess too. A few months before he got Christmas pregnant, he was accused of stalking by another Tampa woman. Here’s the latest update on this baby case.

Benjamin Bunn Says He “Barely Knows” Baby Mama Christmas

TMZ reported that personal trainer Benjamin Bunn filed court documents in North Carolina seeking a paternity test and custody of his child. The tabloid made it all sound very dramatic, but it’s pretty standard stuff. A father must establish paternity if a mother doesn’t list him on the birth certificate. Benjamin Bunn may face that obstacle.

Second, since Big Brother’s Chrismas Abbott moved back home to Raleigh, North Carolina after the altercation resulting in her arrest, it complicates matters. This week, Benjamin Bunn shared a photo of himself with his son the day Loyal Atticus was born. He traveled to NC to be there for the birth of the child. Just prior to this, Christmas Abbott from BB19 rammed her Mercedes SUV into another woman’s and accused him of cheating.

Big Brother Christmas Abbott – Cheating Accusations False?

In the Instagram post (see above), Benjamin Bunn said he’s working to co-parent with her but says they’re “not romantically involved”. He added that when it’s with “someone you barely know” it’s tough. He also claps back at the infidelity accusations. Bunn wasn’t involved with Christmas, according to his social media posts.

As Christmas Abbott attacked Samantha Morse (a woman Bunn was seeing), maybe she thought they were in a relationship, though. It’s a classic he-said she-said. After the nasty incident outside the Ybor City gym in Tampa, then-very-pregnant Christmas moved back to North Carolina. She remains there. She gave birth to Loyal Atticus in Raleigh but now Benjamin Bunn wants more involvement in his son’s life.

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Accusations of Stalking and Domestic Violence in Baby Daddy’s Past

After the car-destroying incident, Samantha Morse took out a domestic violence restraining order against the Big Brother houseguest Christmas Abbott. A quick glance into Benjamin Bunn’s criminal history shows he’s got a domestic violence case sheet too. In March 2017, Danielle Rivera accused Bunn of domestic violence and stalking. See the slides above.

On March 8, 2017, the Hillsborough County court issued a temporary injunction (restraining order) for “stalking violence” against Benjamin Bunn. More than a month later on March 12, 2017, Benjamin Bunn cross-filed. He requested an injunction against Rivera, but the court rejected the request. On May 30, it looks like the woman decided not to pursue the matter further and the case closed.

No doubt there will be more to come on the curious case of Benjamin Bunn and Christmas Abbott. For now, she’s in North Carolina but is set to be arraigned in Tampa, Florida on December 4, 2018, for her felony criminal mischief charge for bashing Bunn’s lover’s car.

Be sure to check out the video above of new mom Christmas Abbott at her son’s three-month milestone and some single mothering challenges. We’ll keep you posted on what comes next and on other Big Brother alumni news.

Check back with Soap Dirt often for the latest Big Brother spoilers and news.

See the Damage ‘Big Brother’ Star Christmas Abbott Caused After Using Car as Battering Ram Against Baby Daddy’s GF

“Big Brother” star Christmas Abbott allegedly caused thousands of dollars in damage when she repeatedly smashed her SUV into the car of her baby daddy’s girlfriend, and The Blast has the photos of the brutal aftermath that landed the reality star in jail.

According to a source very close to the situation, Christmas began harassing Samantha Morse after she started dating the reality star’s baby daddy. We’re told Morse and Bunn were actually an item before he hooked up with Christmas, and after they broke up, he and Morse reconnected. Our source says the two were already split when Christmas realized she was pregnant.

We’re told the “constant bullying” took place at the gym, a common ground for all parties involved, and while it was uncomfortable, the harassment was more like name calling and rudeness, but had not elevated to a level of physical violence.

Sources close to Morse tell us she tried to be respectful to Christmas and Bunn made it clear the two had broken up, but we’re told the 3rd place finisher on “Big Brother” season 19 was not willing to keep the peace.

We’re told after the day of the incident, when Christmas smashed her Mercedes SUV into Morse’s Honda at their cross fit gym, Morse felt terrified knowing she could have been in the vehicle that the reality star targeted.

According to court records, Morse tried to file a protective order to keep Christmas at a safe distance, but because they could never serve the star the order was not granted.

We’re told Morse’s Honda suffered $10,000 in damages, and Christmas has not apologized or offered to pay for anything since the incident. We’re told she did, however, reached out to Bunn to ask him to speak with Morse about not pressing charges.

Our source says Morse believes she has suffered longterm emotional damage from the attack, and followed through with pressing charges against the star. Christmas has since left Florida and moved back home to North Carolina.

As we reported, she surrendered to police and was charged with felony criminal mischief. She was later released on her own recognizance.

Late Wednesday, Christmas posted a message saying, “There are lies & truth to every story & I’ll share mine when I’m ready.”

Attempts to reach Christmas were unsuccessful.


Christmas competing

© CrossFit Inc

Here is an extract from her interview with CBS:

“Do you have a strategy for winning the Big Brother?
Use my ability to read personalities and know what people need emotionally, so I can almost be a mentor.

I will also stay under the radar as a threat or drama queen. The physical and mental games are the easy parts.

My life’s motto is… Every day you wake up with the opportunity to change your life.

What would you take into the house, and why?
– Fran, my English Bulldog, because she’s my best friend
– My weightlifting equipment, so I can still lift
– Jenny, my operations girl, because she keeps my sh*t together

Fun facts about yourself:
– First female in NASCAR Sprint Cup pit crew member
– National best-selling book author, who just released a second book
– CrossFit Games athlete
– Two-time Iraq contractor
– I love being creepy”

The show premieres on June 28th on CBS.

Here is Christmas training:

CrossFit Games Athlete Joins Other Sportswomen to Model Like Victoria’s Secret Angels

Badass Female CrossFit Athletes You Should Follow On Instagram

Courtesy of CrossFit Games

Whether you’ve been eyeing a CrossFit box for some time or have never considered giving deadlifts and WODs a try, the Instagram accounts of these badass fit-as-hell CrossFit women will have you running straight to the barbell. (Or try this at-home CrossFit workout that only requires a kettlebell.)

Tia-Clair Toomey

As the reigning 2017, 2018, and 2019 CrossFit Games champion (aka the fittest of all the CrossFit women), Australian Tia-Clair Toomey certainly runs her feed like the Fittest Woman on Earth. Oh, and ICYMI, she just made her Olympic weightlifting debut at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro too—making her the first-ever athlete to compete in both the CrossFit Games and the Olympics in the same year. (Learn more about Toomey and her CrossFit Games victory.)

Katrín Davíðsdóttir

This exceptional Icelandic athlete was crowned the Fittest Woman on Earth at the CrossFit Games not once but twice—in 2015 and 2016. Most recently, she became the face of Reebok’s “Be More Human” campaign and has been dropping wisdom on self-acceptance and pushing your limits.

Emily Schromm

Denver-based Emily Schromm, a certified personal trainer and CrossFit coach, has more than CrossFit as her claim to fame: She’s the creator of the Superhero Challenge (a nutrition and exercise program) and has been on MTV’s Real World and The Challenge. Follow her for aspirational weight-lifting pics and don’t-take-no-for-an-answer motivational quotes. (Finally going to give it a try? If you’re a CrossFit newbie, you’ll definitely be thinking these 15 things.)

Christmas Abbott

CrossFit athlete and new mom Christmas Abbott has been hitting the box for over 10 years now, owns and coaches at her own box (CrossFit Invoke), and even added NASCAR front-tire changer to her résumé (because snatching 170 lbs overhead isn’t badass enough). On her IG feed, she shares plenty of workout motivation but also a good dose of new-mom real-talk too. (Speaking of, here are 5 Christmas Abbott Quotes That Redefine the Word “Badass.”)

Karissa Pearce

Karissa Pearce has hit up the CrossFit games every year since 2015, and most recently snagged the title of “Fittest American Woman” for her 5th-place finish. Her shining moment: During the Mary workout, she completed an insane 23 rounds of five handstand push-ups, 10 pistol squats, and 15 pull-ups in a 20-minute AMRAP—surpassing even the first male finisher.

Brooke Ence

Brooke Ence is a self-proclaimed “shotgun shooting, dance shoe wearing, big weight moving, country girl” who lives in Santa Cruz, California. Follow her for wickedly impressive training pics and videos with tons of personality.

Sara Sigmundsdóttir

Sara Sigmundsdóttir finished just short of Katrín at the 2015 CrossFit Games as the third fittest CrossFit woman on Earth. Even if she didn’t nail the top spot, we still think her Instagram videos of handstand walks and crazy-heavy deadlifts make her worthy of CrossFit fame.

Anna Hulda Ólafsdóttir

Anna Hulda Ólafsdóttir is a doctor—as in, she has a Ph.D. in engineering—while being a mom, Iceland university professor, and champion CrossFit athlete and weight lifter. Already impressed? Just check out her Instagram and look at the amazing things she can do with her body.

Andrea Ager

Before Andrea Ager became a top CrossFit athlete she ran track for Mesa State University in Colorado. Now, her Instagram is filled with her CrossFit accomplishments as well as all-too-relatable memes that will have you laughing even if you’re not a box regular.

Lauren Fisher

San Diego college student Lauren Fisher has taken the CrossFit world by storm, ranking ninth overall in the 2014 CrossFit Games at just 20 years old. She somehow finds time to train with CrossFit Invictus in between her school schedule—and to showcase her best on Instagram. (Read more on how she trained for the 2018 CrossFit Games )

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Canadian CrossFitter Camille Leblanc-Bazinet took home the top title of Fittest Woman on Earth at the 2014 CrossFit Games. Follow her fitspo that’s as real and functional as it gets. (Peep what she eats for breakfast before a big competition.)

Molly Vollmer

Nor-Cal CrossFit athlete Molly Vollmer posts pics of “real life” (aka her three adorable dogs and son) as well as plenty of WOD motivation.

Lauren Herrera

West Palm Beach, Florida-based Lauren Herrera of Hustle Hard CrossFit can clean and jerk 225 pounds—no joke. That’s 100 lbs more than her body weight. Forget hours on a treadmill. We want to be able to do that.

Laura Horvath

Laura Horvath’s CrossFit Games debut (in 2018) was nothing short of spectacular: She snagged the number two spot just behind Tia-Clair Toomey. And the 21-year-old Hungarian’s athletic career is just getting started.

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