Never go to sleep with your makeup on.

SPF of choice:

SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50: a tinted sunscreen that goes on smoothly without any residue.

Most underrated product:

Blur products/skin smoothers.

Never leave the house without:

Doing my eyebrows, concealer, gloss and some aromatherapy oil on my wrist.

Andie MacDowell at the Channel Four Film “Crush” party at the 54th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France, 5/11/01.

Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Nails must be:

Best tip from my manicurist is natural nails need to breathe, I love having painted nails but every occasionally, I let them breath. I use a bit a lemon to lighten them up.

Beauty from the inside out:

I’m a big believer in juicing fresh vegetables and do it every day. I was growing my own wheatgrass 30 years ago. I only eat real food, and avoid man-made packaged food. Anything that grows out of the ground I eat. I do eat meat and chicken, but never with any added hormones, that’s a huge no-no! I eat wild fish, healthy fish. I love all beans and I make one heck of a Dal. I love cheese but I eat it in moderation. I eat a lot of nuts. I study food and understand how it works in your body.

Exercise obsession:

My exercise obsession is hiking and yoga. I do go to the gym because I can push myself hard and get a fast sweat, but hiking does more for you than just exercise–your cortisol levels are balanced by walking in nature. Yoga can be extremely athletic and I do advance yoga, so my body really gets a strong workout, but that’s not the only reason I do it. Yoga balances your hormones, calms your nervous system and can change your perspective on life in a positive way. Yoga makes you less stressful and when you’re less stressed you look more beautiful, it shows on your face. Hiking and yoga make you much more beautiful person.

Drink of choice:

Water with a bit a lemon or the kumquats from my trees. And freshly squeezed juice. One my favorite combinations is kale, dandelion, apple, ginger & lemon.

Product that you picked up from the pros:

L’Oréal Natures Therapy Mega Moisture Nurturing Creme has been around for a long time, there’s a reason, it is the best product I’ve ever found for dry hair and it’s not expensive.

A woman should smell like:

A woman should smell in a way that brings her pleasure. I prefer pure aromatherapy oils, I’m obsessed with one called “peace.”

Andie MacDowell attends the premiere of “Inside Out” during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 18, 2015 in Cannes, France.

Photo by Traverso/L’Oreal/Getty Images

Appointment you’d love to nab:

The appointment I’d like to nab is always a massage, finding a great masseuse is a treasure to me, that’s when I look at my most beautiful, after I’ve had a massage.

TSA-friendly essentials:

I suggest packing a small amount of coconut oil in a little container for long flights, as airplanes can be very drying and you can use the oil like a spa time on the plane for your face, hair and hands.

In-tub must-read:

Best bathtub read for me would be anything by Anne Lamott, I’m ready to dig into Hallelujah Anyway. She always makes me laugh and she embraces all the broken bits.

Best advice from mom:

Wear sunblock. She was ahead of her time. Thanks to her I didn’t bake my skin.

Best-kept beauty secret:

My best-kept beauty secret is that no matter what you do, how well you put on your makeup, or what care you take with what you wear, if you haven’t done your work on your interior life, your mind and your thoughts, nothing will help.

Beauty myth you’d like to debunk:

The beauty myth that I’d like to debunk is that you must be young to be beautiful, age isn’t a detriment and we don’t need to chase youth, we should all embrace every moment of our life.

Definite doppelgänger:

Minnie Driver and Julia Louis-Dreyfus – both are great gals, and beautiful inside and out!

Anything else:

Finding beauty as mature women in a culture that glorifies youth can be challenging but we don’t have any other choice if we want to be happy. Time is precious and cannot be wasted and there are so many aspects of maturity that are outrageously gorgeous. Don’t look back unless it is to see how far you’ve come.

“Wonder Woman” Star Gal Gadot Was a Very Reluctant Pageant Queen

— — As the face of L’Oreal Paris for 30 years, Andie MacDowell knows a thing or two about keeping a youthful glow.

The 57-year-old “Magic Mike XXL” and “Cedar Cove” actress even went un-retouched for the current issue of Genlux magazine, modeling a pink ball gown for the cover without the benefit of Photoshop, the magazine says.

“I think it’s nice to tell the public, you know, ‘Here’s something that hasn’t been retouched,’” MacDowell told “Good Morning America” contributor Abbie Boudreau. “I have some flaws, like anybody.”

“I have not had plastic surgery,” MacDowell said. “My face is my face and, you know, at this point, I don’t see any need. I’m kind of fine with where I am.”

MacDowell, who confessed she gets “a pinch” tired of talking about aging, shared her tips for achieving a glowing look with “GMA.”

First, the mother-of-three says she keeps her beauty routine simple, using coconut oil, homemade salt scrubs with different essential oils and a steam shower to keep her skin soft.

To keep her body healthy, MacDowell says she fits one hour of daily aerobic exercise into her schedule, whether it is the elliptical, hiking or yoga.

“If I miss a day, I’m not as happy,” MacDowell said of exercise. “I definitely feel it.”

MacDowell says she also keeps her diet clean, starting off each morning with coconut water, nuts and coffee, and avoiding her guilty pleasures.

“I love chocolate,” she said. I know that’s my weakness and I have to have some self-control.”

MacDowell’s latest acting role has taken her to Hallmark Channel, where she is starring as a small-town judge in “Cedar Cove,” a series based on the books by author Debbie Macomber.

The drama, airing Saturdays at 8 p.m., EST, is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is keeping the twice-divorced MacDowell busy to the point where she says her dating life is “going pretty bad right now.”

“I’m not going to do it again,” MacDowell said of marriage. “The idea of marriage is beautiful. It’s the divorce part that I want to avoid.”

With all of her experience, MacDowell says she believes the biggest beauty secret is more than skin-deep. It is, she says, about learning to accept yourself, flaws and all.

“There is really no perfection,” she said. “I mean that, the idea is, we’re perfectly imperfect, I think.”

Andie MacDowell hairstyle: top tips for naturally curly hair!

On December 1, we spotted actress and L’Oréal Paris ambassador Andie MacDowell hit the red carpet for the L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth 2015 Celebration in New York. The 57-year-old star looked stunning in a strapless oceanic-hued gown, which she then teamed with a shimmering, festive makeup look and her iconic dark curly locks cascading about her shoulders. She’s defiinitely still got it!

It amazes us day in, day out, that Andie MacDowell’s hair is naturally this voluminous and full-bodied: how on earth does she keep her curls in such great condition? Well, although her locks look like they were made in heaven, there are some very earthly tricks to treating your curls right and getting the results to match! Here are some quick tips to get you on your way…

Top tips for tip top natural curls!


If you are one of these lucky girls with a full head of curly hair, you will know how tough it can be to keep your locks looking luscious without succumbing to dryness and frizz! Fight back with a team of the right products, and get to know what works best for your hair type.

Substitute your usual shampoo and conditioner for a highly-nourishing alternative, preferably infused with argan oil to naturally treat dry strands. Then use either a leave-in conditioner or a rich curl-defining serum to lock that moisture in post-wash for longer and keep the frizz at bay!


Heat damage does its evil work with all hair types, so make sure you keep your locks protected when styling! Give your damp locks a spritz of heat protection spray after washing if you intend to heat dry your hair, and remember to use a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer to allow your curls to form properly.


Once you have washed your hair, always pat dry with a jersey cloth to prevent frizz rather than rubbing your hair with a towel. Add your chosen high-moisture leave-in cream, then allow for your hair to dry naturally if you have the time. To further help your curls to form, turn your head upside down and massage your locks with a volumizing mousse, before either using bobby pins to secure your curls loosely against your scalp to take the weight off of them – or for a quicker approach – wrap your hair into a towel turban for around 30 minutes.

Once your hair is about 80% dry, warm a rich hair oil in the palms of your hands then use your fingertips to run the formula through your curls.

At 61, Andie MacDowell hasn’t seemed to age a bit since she appeared in iconic films like Four Weddings and a Funeral and Groundhog Day back in the ‘90s. Even her curly locks haven’t lost their signature bounce. Luckily for the rest of us, the actress has shared some of her favorite beauty tips over the years.

As a spokesperson for L’Oréal Paris, she credits one of their products for helping maintain her perfect curls. “I’ve used L’Oréal’s conditioning pack called Nature’s Therapy forever and it’s very inexpensive ($12.96, Amazon),” she divulged to Southern Living. She likes to use it as a leave-in conditioner at least once a week. “I just put it up in a bun and go to the grocery store or go anywhere and nobody knows it.” MacDowell also makes sure not to shampoo her strands every day. “With curly hair, you don’t have a lot of oil so you don’t want to over shampoo. I use maybe five conditioners to every one shampoo.”

When it comes to keeping fit, she told W magazine that she’s a “big believer” in fresh vegetable juice. “I was growing my own wheatgrass 30 years ago,” she admitted. On top of that, MacDowell avoids pre-packaged food. “Anything that grows out of the ground, I eat. I do eat meat and chicken, but never with any added hormones, that’s a huge no-no!” She even relies on some of her favorite food to keep her skin healthy. MacDowell not only eats healthy fats and oils like avocado and olive oil, she uses them to moisturize. “You have to nurture your body inside and out.”

As for exercise, she hits the gym occasionally, but prefers hiking and yoga. “Hiking does more for you than just exercise — your cortisol levels are balanced by walking in nature,” MacDowell claimed. She feels the same about yoga, which helps to strengthen her muscles while balancing her hormones. “Yoga makes you less stressful and when you’re less stressed, you look more beautiful. It shows on your face.” It shows on her gorgeous face, that’s for sure!

Above any product or workout routine, MacDowell claimed her “best-kept beauty secret” is working on her “interior life” — her mind and thoughts. Part of that is ditching the belief that you have to be young to be beautiful. “Finding beauty as mature women in a culture that glorifies youth can be challenging, but we don’t have any other choice if we want to be happy.” Like other famous ladies over 50, she’s setting an amazing example for aging gracefully.

We write about products we think our readers will like. If you buy them, we get a small share of the revenue from the supplier.

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At 60 years old, Californian actress Andie MacDowell is also L’Oréal’s longest-serving spokesmodel, having been proudly ‘Worth It’ for over half of her life. Quite right, too. But while inclusivity in the fashion and beauty spheres is headlining right now, ageism in the industry has long frustrated her.

“It’s something that has always bothered me,” she tells Bazaar. “It’s been a part of our culture and society and I personally didn’t know how to change it on my own. I love the fact that the whole world has caught fire with the idea that ageism is a terrible concept to put on people. It’s painful to be told that you’re no longer beautiful, or that life is not going to be enjoyable for you because you’re dismissed.”

She reiterates that this notion is particularly aimed at women, who are ever encouraged to ‘anti-age’ and freeze their faces in time. “We’ve always told men that they age better which is not true. We need to stand up for ourselves and enjoy life,” she proclaims.

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@lorealmakeup #readmylips Watch your words your daughters are listening #postivemind #postivetalk I’m strong and my age does not define me, beauty is for life

A post shared by Andie Macdowell (@andiemacdowell) on Jul 29, 2017 at 7:53pm PDT

Her philosophy is simple. “By the time you’re my age you start losing friends, and then you start to realise, life is to be enjoyed and you need to feel good about yourself. You need to feel beautiful, because you’re still here!”

For MacDowell, her internal dialogue is where beauty begins. “Watching what I think about myself; how I think about myself and the concepts I have about myself,” she explains. “Making sure I don’t say anything that’s putting myself down” – something that is often the onus of women. “That’s where it all starts.”

GettyGetty Images

Unsurprisingly, the mother-of-three looks after her body as much as her mind. “I love to be healthy – I drink a lot of juice. I’m big on green juices which I have every day and I love to exercise.” Hiking is her thing. While slathered in SPF, of course. “I wear sun block and a hat. I can’t help but get a little bit of sun but I try to protect my skin every way I can.”

We’re talking to MacDowell backstage at Le Défilé L’Oréal Paris, the beauty brand’s fashion show that welcomes members of the public into the audience. Not common practice at Paris Fashion Week. MacDowell walked in the show alongside the likes of her fellow brand ambassadors Elle Fanning, Eva Longoria and Doutzen Kroes.

“When I first signed to L’Oréal I found out I was pregnant and I was so afraid they were going to drop me, but they didn’t, so I had a lot of admiration for that,” she reminisces. “Then I continued to work with them through every pregnancy and I even shot a commercial eight months pregnant which was funny, and I worked right after having babies.” And now her babies are big (one, Sarah Margaret Qualley, 23, is an actress herself), MacDowell’s as visible for the beauty giants as she was decades ago.

Andie MacDowell with daughter Sarah Margaret Qualley Getty Images

“I’ve watched them embrace diversity and support women of my age to tell them that there’s no time limit on beauty, we are part of life and beauty is always going to be something that’s desirable for women – and make-up and hair. Our age group is actually the largest consumer, so the relevance of having me is really special.”

It’s a brand that successfully appeals to millennials as much as their mothers, though beauty means something quite different to young women today in our digital-idealised culture. As someone who’s been in the industry of aesthetics before and during this time, does MacDowell think social media makes it harder for women to accept the way they look? “The idea of constantly retouching so that you don’t really see reality is not necessarily good because we have to deal with reality, and I don’t think perfection is a goal. I think worrying too much about exposing yourself all the time can be negative.”

At the same time, she welcomes social media as a means of connection and communication, though she doesn’t want it to make her feel like she’s “working all the time” – and resists the pressure to. “I put my foot down as far as that goes. And I don’t want to feel like I’m selling myself,” she adds. “I want a life that’s joyful, otherwise I’m not going to do it at all.”

One such joy, unapologetically, is having fun with make-up, and MacDowell wears an arresting red lip better than anyone. The tweak now she’s 60? “I don’t like it too matte, because I have a lot of little lines in my lips, so I put a little moisturiser in there.” Of course lines won’t hold her back. “Hey, I still have red lips and I’m happy – so there you go!”

Didier BaverelGetty Images

Andie MacDowell’s favourite beauty products

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Matte Addiction Lipstick, £6.99


L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser Renew Anti Ageing Day Cream, £14.99


L’Oreal Paris Paradise Brow Pomade, £9.99


Related Story

One of L’Oréal’s most popular ambassadors, actress Andie MacDowell, was in London today to talk about the brand’s new anti-ageing cleansing range Vitalift and Cosmo was there to witness her natural age-defying assets up close.

Inside the celebrity-favourite Dorchester Hotel, Andie was looking flawless and fresh-faced at 50 years old, but was down-to-earth with her approach to beauty revealing her youthful look is down to hard work, not needles, nips or tucks.

Her face-saving secrets – that we can all employ now – include avoiding the sun (her “saving grace”); an exercise regime of weight training, cardio and yoga; having plenty of sleep and water and consistently cleansing and moisturising her skin.

The ‘Sex, Lies And Videotape’ star admitted that society’s expectation that women aren’t supposed to age is tough, but as more and more women are going under the knife as early as their 20s, her natural approach to anti-ageing is refreshing.

OK, so she has great genes, but she’s also proof that many of the most effective age busters are simple and that today’s skincare products really can slow down those signs of ageing.

L’Oréal Paris Vitalif Cleansing range is available nationwide now. Check out for more information.

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