Thongs are comfortable in the way two-inch heels are comfortable: In a vacuum, at their absolute best, they’re much worse than wearing nothing at all, but they offer such great circumstantial and comparative benefits that wearers are able to look past the discomfort and even grow to believe they’re just as good as going bare. I guess I’m saying people who claim thongs are more comfortable than full-butt underwear are mildly delusional (there is a reason people pick wedgies), but I say it with tenderness and empathy, because I love a block heel, too.

If you couldn’t tell, I wear full underwear exclusively, regardless of the resulting vulnerability to visible panty lines, a.k.a. VPL. (Bless an acronym that doesn’t make me say “panty.”). Women hate VPL. Maybe men do too, but who cares? And while I’d like to sweep everyone’s VPL fear under the tantalizing umbrella of the patriarchy (because isn’t that fun), I actually kind of get it. I, too, would rather a dude on the subway not be able to detect the exact shape of my undergarments through my pants. That shit’s personal. But thongs aren’t the only salvation! As I’ve been saying since I wrote my anti-thong thesis in April, some full-butt underwear really does the trick.

I’ve been loyal to Calvin Klein Invisible Hipsters for years. I believe they check almost all the boxes of what makes underwear good, barring two things: 1) They’re made of nylon instead of cotton, which isn’t ideal for the bits, and 2) I guess this is a personal problem, but I’m getting sick of them. I want to wear cute high-waist cotton ones! But cotton is notoriously bad for VPL and I maintain my position that strangers don’t need to understand the physics of my butt.

I was curious to find out what other styles and materials might achieve the same effect as my Calvins (AYOOO), so I tried five and made our photographer Edith stare at my butt for 25 minutes in our photo studio. The below documentation, which includes the Calvins as a control, is the result. I’ve rated each pair on their pants-off appeal, their provided level of comfort, their shape-shifting effects (a.k.a. do they help, hurt, or do nothing to my natural shape), their price and, finally, their immunity to VPL. The scoring is as follows: 1, bad; 2, not ideal; 3, fine; 4, good; 5, dreamy.

Calvin Klein Invisible Hipster

Style: Seamless hipster
Made of: 72% Nylon, 28% Elastane
Costs: $10

CK Invisible Hipsters acted as my control for this experiment because I own about 15 pairs and wear them all the time. I like how they look by themselves. They appear truly seamless in that they simply sit atop my skin. That’s 4 for pants-off appeal and 4 for comfort (would give more if they were made of cotton). The price, at $10, is incredible given the quality, which means another 5 for price. For the rest, let’s consult the photo. It does not at all change the shape of my butt, which gets a 4 for shape-shifting. The visibility surprised me. While I always imagined these to be genuinely seamless, you can definitely see the seam. That said, it’s very subtle (and doable, in my opinion) so that’s a 3 for immunity to VPL.

Overall score: 20

Hello Beautiful White Signature Panty

Style: High-cut bikini
Made of: 100% Cotton
Costs: $38

I don’t own a single pair of high-cut underwear, so this was a first for me. High-cut anything does two things: lengthens the shit out of legs and shortens torsos. I couldn’t decide if the latter was worth the former, but either way, I enjoyed the adorable little cotton novelty of it. That’s a 5 for off-pants appeal. It was a little close to going up my butt though, so that’s 3 for comfort. A knock goes to price, 2, because although it’s well-made of “combed baby rib-knit” cotton, it’s more than I’d ever pay for a single pair of underwear. Per the photo, it’s a 2 for immunity to VPL — it’s def visible — but countered with a 4 for shape-shifting, as the high cut is kind of cute, even through pants.

Overall score: 16

Jockey Tactel Hip Brief

Style: Mid-rise brief
Made of:90% Tactel Nylon, 10% Lycra Spandex
Costs: $11

I’m surprised these cost more than my CK Hipsters, as I assumed Jockey would be the budget option. That said, this isn’t your average cotton underwear sold in packs; this is specialty shit, and for $11, I’ll give it 4 for price. Supposedly, these have a “smooth, silky feel with plenty of stretch,” and a “unique leg binding helps eliminate panty lines.” Unfortunately, this leg binding didn’t work with my shape, which means a 1 for shape-shifting and, as a result, 1 for immunity to VPL. They’re not as uncomfortable as they look though, so I’ll give a neutral 3 for comfort. By themselves, they’re kind of cute, if a little translucent. That’s a 3 for pants-off appeal.

Overall score: 12

Commando Cotton Bikini

Style: Standard bikini
Made of: 71% Cotton, 29% Spandex
Costs: $28

I’ve never seen truly seamless underwear made of cotton (more specifically, “a luxurious European fabric that is beautifully breathable, supremely comfortable”). I’m so impressed! That’s an immediate 5 for comfort. They’re cute off too, although bikini isn’t my favorite cut, so just 4 for pants-off appeal. Visibility is basically NILL. Damn. That’s a 5 for immunity to VPL and a 4 for shape-shifting (nada, which is a good thing, but no improvement either). Price gets a 2, because it’s a lot for a single pair, but maybe worth it for people looking for cotton that’s truly seamless.

Overall score: 20

Hanes Smooth Illusions Brief Panties

Style: High-waist brief
Made of: 86% Cotton, 14% Spandex
Costs: $4

First off, $4 is banging. That’s a 5 for price. They’re also made of mostly cotton, feel okay on and aren’t cute, per say, but are totally fine and basic, so that’s a 3 for pants-off appeal and 4 for comfort. The other metrics are where these babies get into trouble. They are not ideal for fitted pants, despite being designed to give the “confidence of shapewear and the comfort of a panty.” I suppose the photo speaks for itself: My butt cheek is essentially cut in half, causing a very visible line through the pants. That’s 1 for immunity to VPL and a 1 for shape-shifting. These are okay for the price, but not even close to a seamless experience.

Overall score: 14

Commando Classic High-Rise Panty

Style: High-waist brief
Made of: 78% Nylon, 22% Spandex
Costs: $34

Last up, we have another Commando pair, but this time a high-waist nylon pair. Despite not being cotton, they are a super satisfying material. They’re both comfortable and, due to the coverage, secure-feeling. They smooth me out in a nice way. That’s a 5 for comfort and 5 for shape-shifting. Worn alone, they’re cute, if a little Spanx-ish. I’ll give a 4 for pants-off appeal. The price is high, BUT, for something that kind of feels kind of like Spanx without the too-tight discomfort, $34 isn’t terrible, so I’ll give it a 2 for price. The underwear line is remarkably invisible. Take a look at the photo. Any wrinkling you see is just the pants, not the underwear, promise. It’s completely invisible. That’s a 5 for immunity to VPL.

Overall score: 21

Okay. Let’s tally it up! Here, in order of lowest to highest:

Jockey Tactel Hip Brief: 12 points
Hanes Smooth Illusions Brief Panties: 14 point
Hello Beautiful White Signature Panty: 16 points
Calvin Klein Invisible Hipster: 20 points
Commando Cotton Bikini: 20 points
Commando Classic High-Rise Panty: 21 points

The Commando Classic High-Rise Panty (pardon my panty) is the winner at 21 points, just one above the other Commandos and my Calvins (SORRY) at 20 points. My personal apologies to Jockey and Hanes, I promise I’ll to wear you babies under my finest dresses and sweatpants. And look for my Hello Beautifuls in my next sexy photo shoot, because they made me feel like Kylie Jenner in a good way.

Thong-lovers: DID I CONVINCE YOU? Honestly, that’s why I wrote this entire story. It wasn’t to make you stare at my butt.

Photos by Edith Young.



Collage Vintage

Nothing kills a killer fashion look quicker than gauche panty lines appearing alongside your otherwise-flawless outfit. Whether it’s white pants, silk skirts, or tailored dresses, so many fashion pieces seem to welcome the uninvited guest, and yet with the right undergarments, it’s possible to hide panty lines no matter what you’re wearing. Don’t let a tricky piece dissuade you from taking a fashion risk (or encourage you to go commando). Instead, invest in the right underwear styles to stop panty lines in their tracks, and let your outfit make the statement without distractions.

For starters, the best bet is choosing underwear that’s most similar to your skin tone. Most brands offer a range of colorways close to skin tones, so don’t just grab what they might describe as “nude,” but find a shade that’s close to how light or dark you are. Second, fabrications can be important for keeping underwear undetected. Though typically a popular choice, lace is almost always a no-no when choosing underwear for a trickier outfit that is prone to showing panty lines. Instead, opt for a seamless style with no adornment or detailing. Cotton and nylon are the best materials, especially in stretch iterations. Below we’ve detailed four fail-safe undergarment styles that’ll ensure you stay comfortable while avoiding panty lines.

Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of Visible Panty Lines

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By Marcy Montgomery Jones
TC® Fine Intimates

Why do we get visible panty lines (VPLs)? VPLs appear when a bulky edge finish on our underwear rests between our buttocks and our tightly-fitting fashions. The cut and construction of panties are the two most important variables in determining whether or not VPLs will appear. When they do appear, you have two choices. The first is to disguise them. This can be done by wearing heavier fabrics (like denim), wearing prints to distract the eyes, or wearing loosely-fitting or billowy clothing. But merely disguising panty lines limits one’s wardrobe and can result in fashion choices inappropriate for a variety of settings. The second option is to eliminate them. Here are the five most common ways of eliminating visible panty lines, and the pros and cons associated with each one.

1. Don’t Wear Underwear

Pro: Going commando is the only guaranteed way to get rid of panty lines.

Con: Depending on the outer garment, show-through can become an issue because of thin, sheer, or lightly colored fabrics. This can be the case when wearing leggings or gym pants.

2. Choose Panties with Laser-Cut Edges

Pro: Typically, laser-cut panties are designed with only one ply of fabric and use no elastic or thread to finish the legs, thereby creating very little bulk.

Con: There isn’t an anchor to hold the panties in place, so the panties often bunch and create wedgies.

3. Wear a Boy Short Silhouette

Pro: The legs of these panties lie around the legs, not on the cheeks themselves, thereby moving the lines of demarcation lower down on the wearer’s body.

Con: Some people think this silhouette is matronly, because it provides such full coverage for the body. Boy shorts from different designers often fit very differently; finding the right pair for your body might take a few trial-and-error attempts.

4. Wear a Thong

Pro: Thongs sit on the body above where most skirts and pants cling to the rump.

Con: Some people find thongs uncomfortable. Also people may prefer garments with more modest cuts.

5. Wear Panties Made with Silicone Instead of Elastic

Pro: These panties use a very thin layer of silicone on the edges of the legs to anchor them to the body. And, they only use one layer of fabric.

Con: The existence of these panties isn’t widely known among consumers. And, they aren’t yet available in all retail locations.

Whether you combat, disguise, or deny their existence, visible panty lines are part of the modern woman’s wardrobe. How you handle them is up to you. What do you do to get rid of your panty lines?

Loading … CC Image courtesy Marshmallow photography on flickr CC BY 2.0 CC Image courtesy jaypofromvox on flickr CC BY 2.0

Stick-On Underwear Is the New Seamless Underwear

No matter how much cash you drop on pricey “invisible” underwear from athletic brands, your panty lines are always a liiiiittle visible in your running tights or yoga pants-especially while you’re hanging out in downward dog or working on your squat form. But do you care enough about the persistence of panty lines to take things to the next level? In case you do, underwear company Shibue has created some truly no-show, strapless panties. (Check out the best underwear for women who work out hard.)

Even with all the technological innovations at our disposal, how is that possible, you ask? Well, the undies are basically a sticker. For $16 a pair, you can snag what essentially looks like a flesh-colored scrap of fabric coated with the same kind of sticky, reusable silicone gel that keeps bra cutlets in place. A triangular piece of cloth sticks to your front (better get a bikini wax, stat) while a narrow strip of fabric runs up your booty where another sticker anchors the whole contraption to the top of your tailbone. Oh, and it’s washable and reusable.

Now for the obvious question: Is it worth it to consider something like this for your next workout or LBD night? Sure, it would be awesome to be totally line-free when you take your yoga pants to brunch after your morning flow without having to go totally commando (unless you stick to pairs that are made to be worn that way). But having a sticker up your butt while you’re blasting through squats seems far more annoying than a little panty line. Not to mention the stress over keeping the sticker in place as things start to get extra sweaty down there. Save the strapless undies for the slinky body-con dress you’ll wear to show off all your hard work-and give yourself permission to proudly rock a panty line at the gym.

  • By Macaela Mackenzie @MacaelaMackenzi

Your underwear on any given day is hidden from most of the world. But someone somewhere some day will see it. And even if that person is none other than you and maybe your cat, you should take pride in your boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, or any combination of the three. Not only will it make a better impression on your eventual sexual partners, roommates, or pets, but it will also make you feel good. So, in the spirit of self care, we asked 200 women what they hate the most when it comes to men’s underwear. Turns out, for the most part their expectations were pretty low—great news, for you at least. All you need to do from now on is avoid these way too common underwear offenses and you’ll be ok. But should you want to aim for better than just ok, we can help you with that too.

Old and Worn Out:
When asked about their pet peeves, women complained most about worn-out underwear regardless of type. Here’s what they said:

  • “Old ratty underwear. I don’t need to see that. Please wear your best underwear on a date. I do. Ain’t nobody wanna see your old undies.”
  • “When my husband wears underwear with holes in the butt.”
  • “Saggy”
  • “Worn out underwear is awful.”
  • “When they’re ratty like with holes.”
  • “Dingy looking underwear. Just because they’re still holding up doesn’t mean you need to wear them!”
  • “I think if I discovered him in a hole-y, stretched-out pair of yellowing white briefs, I’d rethink whatever situation we’d found ourselves in at that moment. So, I guess my biggest pet peeves are dirty, ill-fitting, and/or too revealing. It really comes down to this idea that I want my man’s underwear to be indicative of his manhood. (No pun intended.) Like, he’s a mature adult, so he knows what fits and works well with clothing and is quality, but he doesn’t give too much thought about it because he’s not high maintenance. Honestly, men who are too obsessed with underwear (men’s or women’s) are kinda creepy.”
  • “Holes in the ass. Throw them away for god’s sake!”
  • “When they go too long without buying new underwear.”
  • “When there are too many holes or shredding elastic”

There is a simple fix to this problem. Put an expiration date on your underwear. Wear ’em for six months and then swap ’em out for a new pair.

A Blatant Lack of Cleanliness:
God forbid you get in a car accident! Seriously though, this should not be an adult person problem. Keep ’em clean, especially when someone else might see ’em. This is just a sampling of the comments from women about men’s dirty underwear:

11 Underwear Trends We Thought Were Cool In The Early 2000s — PHOTOS

When we were younger, there were a lot of interesting trends floating around. Jeans were so low we could barely sit, asymmetry was a look that was coveted, and everyone was 99 percent something. But the weirdest thing, in my opinion, was the underwear trends of the 2000s. It was like we started wearing our knickers as outerwear and decided that a flash of a bra or the peek of a thong were all sorts of chic.

To be fair, not everyone was walking around with their G-strings poking out from underneath their pants. But we dabbled in other ways. Slip dresses — previously reserved to hide panty lines underneath other frocks — now became mainstream and as chic as any other formalwear. Lace-edged camis that looked like nighties were just the ticket to pair underneath blazers, while corsets were just as acceptable to sport with jeans as a normal cotton tank top.

Everything was silk, lace, and satin, and we probably looked like we barely had enough time to put on all of our clothes before leaving rumpled beds behind. I guess it was kind of hot but — looking back — also kind of tragic. Below are 11 underwear trends of the early 2000s we thought were oh-so-cool.

1. Corsets As Shirts

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It seemed like everywhere we turned in the early 2000s, there was a corset for sale. Whether we paired ours with an asymmetrical jersey skirt or went belly-button-baring with super low-rise jeans, we looked totes in vogue.

2. Nightie-Like Tops

Vince Bucci/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Are you wearing a teddy or are you wearing a top? Who knows, slash who cares? We looked fabulous. And more than a little edgy.

3. Peeking-Through Bras

Susana Gonzalez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you had a sheer shirt, you didn’t have to worry about strategically hiding your bra. Instead, the point was to embrace the lacy-ness and let it shine through. It felt very Madonna-esque and chic.

4. Silk Camisoles

Usually worn underneath blazers or paired with tiered mini skirts, these silk camis were a fancy step up from our ribbed cotton tanks.

5. Clear Bra Straps

If we didn’t want to show off our bra straps, we’d often swap out the cloth straps with the clear kind. Which didn’t really make any sense because people could very obviously still see them. Did no one think of the strapless bra back then?

6. Thongs On Show

All you had to do was get your thong strings up over by your hip bones and let them peek out from your super low-rise jeans. It felt a little naughty but, more importantly, it was incredibly uncomfortable. We were already subscribers of the “suffer for fashion” motto.

7. Slip Dresses As Formalwear

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The original slip dress was that silky thing your mom or grandma would wear underneath a dress to hide panty lines and to keep the frock from riding up. We repurposed it to just be its own dress, period.

8. Lace Trim Tops Or Dresses

David Klein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To make daywear seem more boudoir-appropriate, adding a lace trim on any neckline seemed to be a go-to. Whether spaghetti strap dresses or V-neck tops, almost everything got the lace treatment in the early 2000s.

9. Bustier Dresses

Matthew Simmons/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This was the corset trend spun out. Now we could up the sexiness ante in our formalwear by having our tops mimic ribbed nighties. It was all elegance and heat, and I remember just about every girl buying a dress like this for our early high school dances.

10. Corset Belts

Not even belts escaped the underwear trend.

11. Thong-Like Belts


If all else failed, we could have taken one of those thin, chain-link belts and layered it on top of the waist of our jeans, so it mimicked a thong peaking out.

We were a clever bunch, and we were determined to make the “underwear as outerwear” thing work.

Images: ABC

Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

The best way to kill a great outfit is to have panty lines. Even worse, is when you try some hot new brand of underwear that claims not to show lines, spend the money, and then realize that you can still see panty lines. Whether you can sew or not, there are cheap and easy ways to create your own brand of underwear that will not show panty lines, and you won’t have to resort to wearing a thong or going commando.

Rework Other Panties

Find a pair of light-colored underwear that you either already own or buy a cheap pair. Not only do you want these to be light colored, but thin material works best as well, such as a light cotton, silk or nylon.

Ensure that the underwear fits you properly. The panties should completely cover your buttocks from top to bottom and side to side. The elastic at the top should not cut into your skin or your side, but rest comfortably at or just below your waist.

Cut out the elastic from around the legs of the underwear. Even up the area where you removed the elastic by trimming any ragged edges of fabric.

Cut out the elastic around the waistband if the panties are not bikini fit. This eliminates the lines around the waist. If the underwear is bikini style, loosen the elastic so that it will not create lines by cutting perpendicular slits on the lower half of the waistband elastic. Space these slits out and only cut half way through the elastic. This loosens the waistband and you will not have a line.

Try on your new no-show panties and make adjustments wherever needed. Make sure the legs are comfortable and that you cut out all of the stitching so nothing rubs. Double-check the waistband. Loosen it by pulling and stretching it out by hand.

Rework a T-Shirt

Use a pair of your underwear as a guide to make a pair of underwear out of a T-shirt in your size. The soft T-shirt material is comfortable for no-line panties.

Trace the front and back panels of your underwear onto the shirt. Cut these out and sew together on the sides and in the crotch.

Sew a thin layer of elastic around the waist to keep the underwear up.


Don’t get picky about even lines as you will not be able to see the edges when you are done. Just make sure the underwear is comfortable.

What Is Seamless Underwear?

Eliminating the seams is accomplished by using technology to replace traditional elastic or thread-sewn underwear joints. Many companies use lasers to cut the fabric pieces, which results in subtle, neat edges that lie flat against the skin. The pieces are cut to encompass as much of the style as possible so that as few edges as possible need to be joined together. Even so, seams are usually still necessary at each side of the waist above the leg openings in order to join the front and back pieces of fabric. Instead of sewing these joints, manufacturers can use heat to seal the fabric pieces together, leaving no bump and creating seamless underwear.

For the most part, seamless underwear is made from soft, stretchy fabrics such as jersey, modal, microfiber, or spandex blends. Soft fabrics are more comfortable and lie more smoothly against the skin than rougher, stiffer materials. The stretch is important because it allows the underwear to be pulled taught, but not tightly, across the skin and form easily around each individual’s unique curves. Fabric that is not stretchy enough is likely to bunch up and be visible underneath clothing.

Seamless underwear is widely available from a variety of different brands and in a multitude of different styles for both men and women. Full coverage cuts such as boy shorts and bikinis for women or boxer-briefs for men are an option, as are styles with less coverage such as thongs for women and briefs for men. Since seamless underwear is largely concerned with a comfortable and flattering appearance, choosing the best fit can be based on personal preference with the knowledge that all different styles will be neat and invisible under clothing.

Sew Super Comfy Elastic-Free Underwear With Fabric That’s Already In Your Stash

Fact: your most comfy undies could very well be the ones you sew yourself. It’s all about how you decide to finish your edges. (After all, nobody wants a pair that digs in!)

That’s where these elastic-free techniques come in. Not only will they revolutionize your comfort factor, but it’s likely the materials you need are already in your sewing stash. And in case you’re wondering (we were too!), no, they WON’T fall down!!

The first thing to grab: rib knits or cotton lycra jersey. These fabrics are perfect for creating soft, stretchy knit bands and bindings, both of which are great methods for finishing the edges of your underwear. Then, decide on a panty style. Knit bands and bindings work well on classic cuts — think hipster, boy shorts and bikinis — but you’ll want to skip thongs, as these finishes can add a bulkiness you don’t want.

Now, let the panty party begin!

Knit Bands Technique

When you finish your edges using this method, you don’t have to use pesky lingerie elastics. Instead, you sew strips of fabric directly to the edges using a seam. The result: seriously soft underwear!

Step 1: Cut and Press the Fabric Band

Start by cutting 1½” to 2″-wide strips of knit fabric. Cut them so that the majority of the stretch is running lengthwise. The total length of binding or banding that you’ll need varies based on the pattern, amount of stretch in your fabric, and the size you’re making. As a starting point, cut your bindings and bands about 1″ shorter than your openings, then press it in half lengthwise.

Step 2: Attach the Band to the Leg Openings

With the fabric band folded in half, put the right sides together and keep the raw edges aligned with the panty leg openings. Sew along the raw edges using a serger or zigzag stitch .

Just like you would if you were sewing an elastic edge, gently pull on the knit band as you stitch it on. The tension creates a snug edge that’ll prevent your panties from slipping out of place during wear.

Step 3: Complete the Seams

Once both leg openings have a band, sew up one side seam, then attach a band around the waist using the same method. When finished, press all the bands open and flat.

Step 4: Topstitch the Seam Allowance in Place

Unless you prefer it loose, in which case you can leave it as is.

Knit Bindings Technique

This method is for when you want your underwear to have more of a classic finish. Instead of sewing strips of fabric on the edge, you wrap it around the edges, then topstitch through all the layers. If you take a look at ready-to-wear panties (or kids underwear), it’s likely you’ll see this technique in action!

Step 1: Cut the Binding Fabric

Cut a strip of knit fabric about 1½” to 2″ wide, and make sure most of the stretch is running lengthwise. As a starting point, cut your binding 1″ shorter than your opening.

Step 2: Attach the Binding to Both Leg Openings

Stretch and pin the binding evenly around the leg openings, with the right sides of the fabric together. Once that’s done, sew the binding in place along the raw edges. To attach the binding, you can use a serger or zigzag stitch.

Step 3: Sew the Side Seams and Attach the Waist Binding

Sew together one side seam. Apply the binding around the waist opening, just like you did for the leg openings. Sew together the final side seam.

Step 4: Complete the Bindings

Fold the bindings over and toward the inside of the garment. Using a twin needle or a zigzag stitch, topstitch around each of the openings.

Step 5: Trim the Excess Binding

Cut as close to your stitching line as possible to trim off any extra material. Be careful not to clip any stitches!

Why You Should Own a Seamless Panty and a Brazilian Panty

Panties aren’t a bottom drawer staple anymore. With the plethora of options we have for outerwear, lingerie plays a significant role in providing the backbone for any outfit. It is why brands have put out panties ranging from bikini silhouettes to thongs and tangas to boyshorts and lace affairs. With the multitude of styles, finding the right panty to go with the right outfit is difficult. More so, figuring out why you need all these styles are daunting in itself. To help with the thinking, we’ve broken down panties by the occasion to help you dress for success!


Seamless and cotton panties are your ideal go-to lingerie for everyday wear. What is seamless underwear? The seamless underwear meaning comes from the fact that they leave no panty lines regardless of the type of outfit you wear. The seams of the panty are flocked around the edges and folded over to eliminate the effect of a raised seam. Thus, it is the ideal panty under tight fitting outerwear such as skinny jeans, bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, pants and more! Seamless underwear is also stretched taught than tight. This allows for better coverage without leaving any unruly lines. Seamless panties are composed of spandex blended fabrics for optimal stretch and comfort, thus making the seamless panty the epitome of comfort and invisibility.

Gym/Working Out

Allowing your skin to breathe is important, especially when you’re sweating. Non-breathable and tight fitting panties can lead to infections and skin problems. Opt for moisture wicking and breathable fabrics. Rating silhouettes from the following categories: breathability, panty line visibility, and comfort, cotton blended bikinis and boyshorts are a safe option.


For running errands and lounging around, cotton panties are an ideal choice. The breathability and softness factors are optimal and cotton boyshorts provide a comfortable cut for long hours.


If you’re opting for wearing a skin-tight dress or an outfit bringing out your curves, choose a comfortable thong to wear for your evening. Thongs eliminate visible panty lines entirely and add a touch of sensuality to your outfit. Soft lace thongs are smooth on the skin and seamless thongs significantly reduce visibility for an unblemished evening! If you want more coverage, choose brazilian panties. The brazilian underwear is cut at the back with more coverage than a thong but less modest than a bikini panty. Brazilian briefs are sensual as it is comfortable with an added touch of playfulness. Brazilian cut panties come in a variety of colours and fabrics. Browse the collection at amante here!

Panties silhouettes and fabrics are important when it comes to daily activities. While it may seem easy to throw on a pair of panties as you conquer your day, the health benefits of choosing fabrics against your skin cannot be overlooked. Thus, opt for a variety of panties and choose the one best fitting for your activity because the best sort of panty is one you don’t feel like you’re wearing. Choosing the right lingerie gives you the comfort and support to go on about your day without any worry!

How to get rid of underwear lines

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