Wedding tomorrow? Look slimmer in one day!

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Look Slimmer Instantly
If you have a big day in 24 hours or so, here are some tips that will help you look slimmer and leaner for your important event. We tell you how to fight the bloat and more!

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Avoid Dairy
Kimberly Synder, a Los Angeles based nutritionist reveals that our bodies are slow to digest dairy, hence creating gas and eventually- the dreaded bloat. (See: Beat the wedding day bloat with these 10 foods)

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Eat Fruits
Fruits have a high water and fibre content that will keep you full for longer. Plus, the fibre will help clear out your digestive system. Fruity low-calorie snacks for the win!

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Have Caffeine
Caffeine without milk or sugar acts as a diuretic as it allows your body to flush out the excess water in your body.

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Drink Lots of Water
Strictly avoid any beverage that isn’t water, a fruit smoothie or black coffee and tea. Load up on water and keep yourself hydrated at all times so you avoid the tendency to grab a cold, sugary drink. However, do take caution of the amount of water consumed.

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Avoid Sodium
Sodium causes your body to retain excess water, giving you a puffy look. Avoid eating out as sodium is added abundantly to items and instead, cook healthy vegetable-based meals at home. These are the 10 foods to avoid on your wedding day.

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Chew on Fennel Seeds
Chew on some fennel seeds as a yummy snack as these liquorice-flavoured herbs help with excess gas in your digestive system. They are also particularly helpful in suppressing your appetite when unhealthy cravings hit.

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Get a Tan
Go a few shades darker as it’ll help you look much slimmer. Use a little more spray tan on areas such as your inner thighs to visually slim them down even further. Highlight your collarbones and all the way down the middle of your legs to make them look even leaner.

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Contouring is an age-old trick that significantly narrows your face by giving you instant cheekbones. Use a liquid or cream foundation a few shades darker than your skin colour to give your face a flawless bone structure. Focus on your forehead, nose bridge, cheekbones and jawline.


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Do The Stomach Vacuum Exercise
Do this exercise a few times on the day before your event and also right before it. It pulls your abdomen in and will make you look super sleek in your new dress!


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Once again, Spanx to the rescue. Used by almost every celebrity, Spanx smoothens out your silhouette for some lovely curves. (See: 5 things to note before buying your bridal undergarments)

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Wear Heels
Avoid heels with a block heel as they make your legs look stumpier. Instead, look to heels with a narrow heel that will visually lengthen your legs. The position your foot takes in the heel will also make your thighs look slimmer.

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Work On Your Posture
Rounding your back won’t highlight your best assets. Instead, put your spine upright and pull your shoulders back to zip your tummy up so that your torso looks longer and leaner. Here are 9 posing tips to look slimmer for your wedding photos.

This story was first published in SHAPE.

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5 Ways to Look Slimmer in 15 Minutes

Truth is, if you want to slim down, you need to eat less and move more. Do that and, depending on your diligence, you could start seeing results in a matter of days. What’s that, you say? You need to look slimmer today? Well, luckily for you, perception is reality, and there are a number of things you can do between now and then to alter the harsh reality that beer, ribs and ice cream taste good (and that it’s a little too hot/cold/rainy to be running outside right now). And to keep getting lean all day, every day, check out our exclusive report on the 30 Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism After 30!

1 Get pumped

If you’re a guy, chances are that the extra weight you’re carrying is around your middle. Although you can’t get rid of that flubber in 15 minutes, you can use that time to slightly increase the size of other parts of your body so that your waist appears smaller in comparison. It’s what bodybuilders call “getting a pump.” One of the best ways to do this is to bang out some push-ups. Perfectly executed push-ups work several body parts, but in particular, engorging your chest and shoulder muscles with blood will make you seem tighter in the middle. Remember: Muscles are 70% water, so to prolong that pump, hydrate before, during and after your drills.

2 Stand up straight

Yes, it’s as simple as that. Experts suggest that bad posture can make someone look ten pounds heavier than they actually are. When you’re slumped over, you lose inches in height, so you’re scrunching your body mass toward your midsection. The result? You look shorter and wider. So stand tall! And while you’re standing tall, pull your shoulders back. This will get your shoulder-weight ratio closer to 1:6 — also called the Adonis Ratio. Studies have revealed that women are most attracted to men with that triangular torso proportion. It’ll make anything you’re wearing look sharper. Make sure you own the 15 Items Every Man Should Have in His Closet — we’ve picked the best brands from head to toe!

3 Empty your pockets

For the last 12 to 15 years, pants have been getting slimmer. At the same time, phones have been wider, longer and flatter. While our pants and phones have been evolving in diametrically opposed ways, it was decided that the belt-mounted phone holster would be embraced by precisely no one. The upshot: We’re walking around with packed pockets that make the waist look much wider than it is. Your move? Pare down to the absolute essentials. Sign up for Apple Pay, replace your bulky wallet with a sleek stainless-steel clip for your essential cards, take seldom-used keys off your ring, and stash your phone in the inside pocket of your jacket when you’re wearing one. When you’re not, hold your phone in your hand. (It’s there most of the time anyway.)

4 Pull your damn pants up

As pants have become more streamlined, the rise — the distance between the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband — has shortened. Rise is important because it determines where your pants sit on your body, which in turn creates your perceived waistline. Low-rise pants look great — provided you’re in the minority of men sporting less than 8% body fat. If you’re rocking even a modest amount of chub, they become the plinth upon which you display your muffin top to the world. Wear your pants so that the waistband lives up to its name and sits at your natural waist. While you’re at it, be sure you’re following the 25 New Rules of Office Style!

5 Untuck your shirt

Use your judgment — are you in an environment in which wearing your shirt untucked is acceptable? If it is, get your shirt out of your pants. Tucking will being the shirt closer to your frame, bringing attention to a belly and other problem areas. So prevent your shirt from clinging to your man boobs like grim death. It’ll make your torso look longer.

What’s Causing My Belly Bulge, and How Do I Treat It?


Bloating is the feeling of pressure or swelling in the stomach. The most common causes are trapped gas or eating too much in a short time. The sensation of bloating can cause abdominal distention, which is a visible swelling or extension of your belly.

Distention happens when the sensation of being bloated triggers your brain to react by moving your diaphragm down and relaxing your abdominal wall muscles.

Along with gassiness and eating too much, other common causes of bloating include:

  • constipation
  • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • certain gynecological conditions, such as ovarian cysts
  • bacterial infections
  • gastroparesis, which causes delayed stomach emptying

Adrenal stress fat

Stress is a natural response to a perceived threat. When you’re faced with a threat, a combination of nerve and hormonal signals tells your adrenal glands to release adrenaline, cortisol, and other stress hormones.

Stress is usually short-lived, and your body returns to normal. When faced with ongoing stress, your body remains in this state. There is evidence that chronic stress increases abdominal fat and cravings for foods that cause abdominal obesity.

Post-pregnancy belly

Your body goes through a number of changes during pregnancy, and a growing belly is the most obvious one. Even though you lose about 13 pounds when you give birth, it’s likely that you gained more than that during your pregnancy.

Your belly bulge may also be the result of fluid retention or abdominal separation (diastasis recti).

Abdominal separation may occur during or after pregnancy. It happens when your growing uterus causes the two long muscles that run parallel in your abdomen to separate from each other.

Menopausal hormonal belly bulge

Weight gain is a common effect of menopause. The hormonal changes that contribute to weight gain actually begin during perimenopause, a few years before menopause.

Menopausal weight gain primarily affects the abdomen. Factors that contribute to belly fat at this stage of life include:

  • fluctuations in hormones such as estrogen
  • insulin resistance
  • decreased muscle mass
  • sleep deprivation

Beer belly

Though studies haven’t found a link between beer and belly girth, there are reasons why drinking beer might give you a big belly. The more you drink, the more calories you consume, which could contribute to weight gain.

Beer is made with hops, and hops contain phytoestrogens, which are plant compounds that have similar effects to the female sex hormone estrogen. Though it hasn’t been proven, there is speculation that the phytoestrogens in beer change the way your body stores belly fat.

Food intolerance

Food intolerance, which is not to be confused with food allergy, is difficulty in digesting certain foods. It is also called food sensitivity. It’s become much more common in recent years and affects up to an estimated 20 percent of the world’s population.

Food intolerance can cause bloating after you eat certain foods. Along with the sensation of bloating and a distended abdomen, you might have other symptoms like gas, stomach pain, and diarrhea.

Dairy, gluten, and caffeine are common food intolerances.

Common weight gain

Though weight gain can be spread throughout your body, some people are more prone to gaining belly weight than others. Weight gain is usually the result of consuming more calories than you burn through regular bodily functions and physical activity.

Sleep deprivation and stress have also been linked to overeating and weight gain.

10 Snacks That Cause Your Face to Bloat — and 5 Foods to Eat Instead

Fortunately, there are certain food groups that can actually help reduce the occurrence of bloating in both your midsection and, in turn, your face, Garcia says.

Here’s what you can snack on at night, instead.

1. Snack on fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are known to be some of the highest sources of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals — while at the same time being low in fat and sodium.

Many fruits and veggies also have a high-water content, which assists your body in staying well-hydrated and decreasing bloat.

So the next time you feel like having a late-night snack:

Opt for a bowl of berries or sliced red bell pepper with guacamole instead of cake.

The fiber will help you feel fuller faster so you won’t overeat, which could happen when it comes to processed snacks or desserts.

Loading up on fruits and vegetables can also increase water intake, as the majority of them are made up of water. This also aids in decreasing inflammation and bloat.

2. Eat yogurt, instead of ice cream for dessert

Yes, even though other dairy sources like milk and cheese are known to cause bloating, yogurt might actually have the opposite effect.

By choosing a yogurt that’s low in added sugar and contains live, active cultures — which indicate that it contains effective probiotics — you can help reduce the frequency of bloating and uncomfortable symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Snacking tip:

Greek yogurt with mixed berries is an excellent snack choice to help prevent bloating and puffiness.

3. Try fermented foods and beverages

Just like many yogurts out there, fermented foods and beverages have been shown to promote good bacteria or probiotics in your gut.

The good bacteria could help with bloating — and by reducing overall bloating, this might help with facial swelling.

Examples of these foods include:

  • kefir, a cultured dairy product similar to yogurt
  • kombucha
  • kimchi
  • fermented tea
  • natto
  • sauerkraut

4. Stick to whole grains, instead of processed foods

Whole grains such as whole-wheat bread and rice alternatives like quinoa and amaranth are high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, unlike their refined counterparts like white bread and pasta.

So if toast is one of your go-to breakfast or snack choices, opt for a sprouted grain bread like Ezekiel bread instead of plain white.

Quinoa and amaranth — which can be enjoyed as a substitute for oats or a side dish with dinner — are also high in protein and antioxidants.

When you include nutrient-dense, fibrous carbs over refined, sugary carbs, it can help combat inflammation and thus keep facial puffiness at bay.

5. Stay hydrated

While water isn’t technically something you eat, just staying hydrated throughout the day and night can help to reduce water retention, stomach bloating, and the chance of facial puffiness as well.

The Institute of Medicine recommends that adults consume 72 to 104 ounces of water a day in total from food, other beverages, and water itself.

Some easy ways to get this are to carry a 16- to 32-ounce bottle of water and refill it as needed, and also to only order water to drink when dining out (which will also save you money as an added bonus).

13 Weird Reasons Your Face Looks Puffy

When it comes to looking fresh and rested, there’s usually only one thing that stands in your way — puffiness. And I’m not talking about PMS-style stomach bloating, but the oh-so-lovely swelling of your face and eyes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then lucky you.

For everyone else, you’ll probably agree with me that a puffy face is super annoying. I mean, what causes it? I’ve always wondered why I wake up with bags under my eyes, and cheeks that that look like they’ve been stung by bees. (Yes, it really can be that bad.)

Well, as it turns out, there are about 101 factors that can cause facial swelling. Some of them are kind of scary, while others will make you sigh with their obviousness. But regardless of the cause, here’s what facial swelling is — the buildup of fluid in the tissues of the face, as noted in an article by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. It seems so benign (and it usually is), and yet still so very annoying.

The cure often lies in the cause, so discovering that will be up to you. Start yourself off by checking out some of these reasons why your face looks puffy.

1. You Just Woke Up

Are you, like me, greeted each morning with the puffiest of puffy faces? The swollen face starting back at you in the bathroom mirror can be caused by a number of factors, including a bad night’s sleep, drinking the night before, and even hormone fluctuations, noted Jennifer Nelson on the health blog It’s not cute, but usually nothing to worry about.

2. Your Allergies Are Acting Up

Pollen, dust, animal dander — it’s all swirling around endlessly, and it can turn you into an allergic mess. Besides the usual sneezing and watery eyes, allergens can also lead to something called “allergy face.” Symptoms include swollen eyes, flaky skin, puffiness, and chapped lips from breathing through your mouth, noted Jaimie Dalessio on

3. Your Shower Is Too Steamy

Ever get out of the shower and look like a red, puffy version of your former self? I do this all the time, mostly because there is nothing more relaxing than standing in a nice, steamy shower. But too hot water isn’t actually not that great for you when it comes to de-puffing. Cool water is definitely best, so try to keep the water temp at less than 110 degrees.

4. You Have A Sinus Infection

Sinusitis can cause all sorts of problems, but one symptom is definitely a puffy, congested face. According to, sinusitis is the inflammation and swelling of your sinuses, aka the pockets in your face that are normally filled with air. When you’re sick with a cold, these pockets become blocked and filled with fluid, and that can lead to bacteria overgrowth and then an infection. Cue a puffy, achey face.

5. You’re Allergic To Your Pillows

Your blankets and pillows can cause you to wake up the aforementioned morning puffiness. “Do you have feathery pillows or a down comforter? If so, you might want to consider switching up your bedding, as the feathers could actually be what’s making you bleary-eyed in the morning,” suggested Jaime Richards on Prevention.

6. You Have Something Called “Moon Facies”

OK, so this one is a bit tricky, as there are many different explanations behind it. But there’s a condition called “moon facies” that can cause the face to gradually become round, full, or puffy, according to WebMD. It’s thought that a high release of hormones, namely cortisol, is to blame. If this describes you, then definitely get checked out by a doctor.

7. You Have Conjunctivitis

Feeling extra puffy (and itchy) around the eye area? Then pink eye, or conjunctivitis, may be to the culprit. According to the CDC, “It is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the thin, clear tissue that lines the inside of the eyelid and the white part of the eyeball. This inflammation makes blood vessels more visible and gives the eye a pink or reddish color.” The condition is kind of gross, but highly treatable.

8. You Have Bags Under Your Eyes

Ah yes, baggy eyes. These are an all-too-familiar affliction for the tired, overworked, and stressed among us. Such bagginess is caused by a mild swelling, and can get worse as you age, according to the Mayo Clinic. Something to look forward to, right?

9. You’re Having An Allergic Reaction

An allergic reaction can cause your face to swell up, and can be brought on by any number of things (peanut allergies, bee strings, etc.). The swelling may be accompanied by hives, itching, and rashes, according to an article from the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Such reactions can quickly get out of hand, be sure to get yourself some medical attention ASAP.

10. You Had One Too Many Salty Snacks

If you spent the evening lying in bed with a big bag of chips, then you may very well wake up with a bad case of puffiness. The excessive sodium in these snacks can cause your body to hold onto extra fluid in an attempt to dilute the salt, making you look puffier than usual, according to Megan Smith on

11. You Had A Bit Too Much To Drink

We all know that too much alcohol dehydrates the body, and that’s what make hangovers so terrible. The same dehydration can also cause the body to retain fluids, making you look swollen the next morning.

12. You Triggered An Allergy By Exercising

Wait, what? I had never heard of this, but turns out an exercise-induced allergic reaction is definitely a thing. According to J.M. Andrews on, “You may trigger an exercise-induced allergic reaction by eating an allergy-inducing food a couple of hours prior to exercising … Common triggers include tree nuts, shellfish and fish.”

13. Your Hormones Are Going Crazy

PMS seems to be the reason for every annoying bodily problem, and now you can add your puffy face to the list as well. That’s because PMS can lead to water retention, which, as we know, can lead to puffiness. According to the Mayo Clinic, hormonal changes seem to play a major role, as well as heredity, and a craving-induced diet of too much salt.

While most of these aren’t a big deal, sometimes a puffy face can be a sign of a medical problem. Be sure total to your doctor.

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5 ways to get rid of a puffy face: Here is everything you need to know

The worst thing you can ever wake up to in the morning is a puffy, swollen face. From stress, water retention to allergies, there are various reasons, which can cause one’s face to be puffed up. And when one’s face is swollen, they usually end up in a situation where they avoid looking at themselves in the mirror. This aggravates the stress. However, the good news is that puffy face is not permanent, unless it’s a medical condition. So, here is your guide on how to get rid of a swollen face, the natural way.

Adequate hydration

The notion that drinking lots of water can lead to a bloated face is a myth. In fact, it’s the other way around, dehydration and lack of adequate water intake can cause your face to be bloated. Dehydration can cause blood vessels to enlarge that can lead to water retention, especially in the face causing it to be puffy.

Reduce salt

One of the main reasons for your face to swell up is the high content of salt in the body. Salt tends to retain water in the body that causes puffiness. Avoid carbonated drinks and always look for the level of sodium content in packaged products. 2300 mg or less is enough sodium for the day, for 50 years old and below and 1500 mg for people above 50 years old.

Increase fiber intake

Increase fiber in your diet if you want to prevent your face from getting bloated. Have papaya as it helps to keep your stomach and intestines healthy, which in turn keeps your face lean. Also have fruits containing Vitamin C, beta-carotene and antioxidants, that prevent water retention in the skin. These also help to renew the skin and give it a bright glow.

Sweat it out

Work out to lose the puffiness. Cardio and weight training will help you improve blood circulation and open up the pores. Combine this with a balanced diet and you can shed weight off your face too. You can also do exercises that target your double chin and jawline.

Massage it

Never underestimate the power of a good massage to help you rid of facial puffiness. Lubricate your face with moisturizer or a facial massage oil. Massage your entire face lightly with your fingers. This process will help you push down excessive fluid in your face to lymph nodes in the neck.

Inputs by dermatologists, Dr Reema Arora and Dr Kiran Lohia

Quick Weight Loss Diet Guide

Gas-X is the brand name for an over-the-counter medication used to treat excessive gas in the stomach. Even though this medication is effective, safe and used by many people, additional information will enable better understanding of how it works and any potential side effects.

Symptoms and Causes

    The symptoms of too much gastrointestinal gas are quite well known—bloating, pressure, feeling too full, and subsequent abdominal pain, flatulence and belching. There are several reasons why excess gas becomes trapped, but the most common causes are certain foods, such as beans and cabbage, eating too quickly, swallowing air and carbonated drinks. Certain medical conditions can also lead to trapped gas. The most common are chronic indigestion, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis.

How Gas-X Works

    The active ingredient in Gas-X is simethicone. It is considered to be an “anti-foaming” agent that works by decreasing the surface tension of the many gas bubbles causing the uncomfortable symptoms. Simethicone does not reduce the amount—or prevent the formation—of gas. It works by increasing the speed with which the gas leaves the body.

Surface Tension

    What does decreasing surface tension have to do with expelling gas more quickly? Surface tension refers to the fact that molecules attract one another—pulling each one toward the other—and this creates tension. This tension is stronger in the center where there are more molecules pulling toward one another from all sides. Toward the surface, this “pull” results in shrinking the surface area and that creates the surface tension. When simethicone reduces the surface tension of gas bubbles, it is easier for them to be expelled.

Side Effects

    Simethicone works in the stomach to disperse trapped gas. It is not absorbed into the blood so it is considered to be very safe. No significant side effects have been reported, but it is possible that Gas-X may cause mild diarrhea and heartburn. On the very rare chance that you are allergic to this medication, be sure to immediately seek professional help. The typical symptoms of a serious allergic reaction are rash, itching, swelling, dizziness and breathing.


    The dosage directions on the package should always be strictly followed. Do not take other simethicone containing medications at the same time as Gas-X without first talking to your physician. If you are pregnant, have liver or kidney disease, or any other illness it is also advisable to consult a physician before taking even such a safe medication to be sure it won’t interact with other medications you may be taking.

Post-op Instructions

Discharge Instructions:

Call 516-616-5500 day or night for emergencies.
Check temperature and pulse twice daily for the first week after bariatric surgery – Call if fever is 101° or higher or if pulse is over 110.
Contact us for vomiting or abdominal pain lasting more than 4 hours or diarrhea lasting over 24 hours.
Contact us anytime you feel the need to be seen for emergency medical attention related to your bariatric surgery, especially if seen by another physician or hospital.
You may bathe or shower after bariatric surgery but do not scrub incisions for 3 weeks. Notify us if you notice any redness or drainage from incisions. Wash with antibacterial soap and gently pat dry.

Post-Bariatric Surgery Step-by-Step Rules & Guidelines

  1. Use incentive spirometry bottle four times daily for 10 days.
  2. You may walk, go up and down stairs and drive a car as soon as you feel up to it. Do Not Take Pain Medication and Drive.
  3. No lifting more than 10 pounds the first 3 weeks.
  4. No activity restrictions after 3 weeks.
  5. Increased gas is common the first 3-6 weeks. We recommend Gas-X or Di-Gel for relief.
  6. Do not take any anti-inflammatory pain medications unless approved by your surgeon (i.e. Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, Naprosyn, Aleve, Daypro, Celebrex, Vioxx, Bextra, etc.) YOU MAY TAKE TYLENOL PRODUCTS (Acetaminophen).
  7. Take vitamin-calcium supplements daily post-bariatric surgery.
    • Bariatric Advantage Chewable with iron daily
    • Calcium 1500mg plus Vit. D 800 units (chewable for the first 6 weeks). Examples are Bariatric Advantage Calicum chews, lozenges or Calcium Crystals.
    • Two (2) Bariatric Advantage chewable iron if female with menstrual periods
    • Do Not Take Calcium and Iron Together or it will block the absorption of the iron
  8. Do not take 2 “pills” at the same time after bariatric surgery or it can block the outlet of the stomach. Wait about 10 minutes between medications.
  9. Female patients should not become pregnant for 18 months until weight loss has stabilized or injury could occur to the unborn child.
  10. Female patients who have menstrual periods should take chewable iron tablets daily until they reach menopause.
  11. Do Not Donate Blood.
  12. If you encounter a problem contact Dr. Garber or Dr. Holover or one of the other surgeons at The New York Bariatric Group and return to the Emergency Room where you had your bariatric surgery, or have the physician where you are contact us immediately (516-616-5500) if you present for treatment. There are many physicians that are unfamiliar with weight loss surgery and serious errors in treatment could occur.

Schedule a consultation

Schedule a consultation today and learn how we can help you find an improved quality of life.

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  1. The first week post-bariatric surgery, most patients can only drink one protein supplement per day until the pouch swelling decreases.
  2. Carry a container with a straw around with you the first week after bariatric surgery and sip on liquids all day to prevent dehydration.

If you have any further questions or concerns about what you can or cannot do post-bariatric surgery, call the office of the New York Bariatric Group at 800-633-8446 today.

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1. Gas Relief Pills For Weight Loss Very Simple Meal Plan For Weight Loss

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At this moment, I saw a ride from the opposing army and ran towards Gas Relief Pills For Weight Loss this side, and stopped until there were less than a hundred steps left from the camp. this Wen Yuan took advantage of Song Jiang s vacancies during the day He just came to this afternoon with Yan Po Xiyun and rained a few times Before leaving. Fei expressed his enthusiasm for Ling Zhens arrival Ling Zhen was shocked before he realized that he had actually abducted himself as a Liangshan thief. which was more or less a compensation, but this was not a longterm solution anyway Anyway, the Tiandao Army now has money and keeps it. Breathing hastened! Immediately afterwards, Zeng Sheng leaped from the ground and rushed towards Zheng Fei as if he had gone mad, shouting sternly, I killed you. when he appeared again three years Weight Loss That Really Works later, he had already become a headache that caused the imperial court to even occupy a large area of the country. Therefore, even the destruction of the two states of Bo and Bo didnt keep him in mind, and even to block Hu Yanzhuos mouth, he ordered Liu Ting to deliberately conceal the true situation of many Liangshan thieves from Hu Yanzhuo. and the third is to establish a good relationship with the people in the states and counties, so that they can see the difference between us and the corrupt government Peoples hearts If the new army of the court does not come one day, we will take one day If we dont come one month, we will take one month If we Gas Relief Pills For Weight Loss dont come one year. Somehow, 6 Months Weight Loss Tumblr she suddenly hoped that the one who was so annoying and disgusting to herself Do nt leave Liangshan and leave yourself, but she does nt know how to speak. Such as Zhu Gui, although everyone knows that Zhu Gui is one of the most important close friends around him, it is a pity that even Zhu Gui is only a brigade officer. As long as we let all 300 people change into Zengto Citys military uniform and disguise as Zengto City people, this The government offices along the way saw that the Zengtou army was passing by, and they would certainly not doubt us. it will return to the same way Zheng Fei What Is A Good Protein Supplement For Weight Loss secretly sighed with relief at this time! Hmm A soft moan sounded suddenly It was Mi San Niang! She actually woke up. and let him accompany him when he was entertained by the Buy Picture Of Who Loss Weight On Core Meal minister Among the princes, he only had this treatment, not Atkins Diet Weight Loss 2 Months even Prince Zhao Gas Relief Pills For Weight Loss Heng. and Zheng Fei seems to have never seen these two people, but just glanced at Uncle Zhang and focused his eyes on Zhao Liangyi He looked up and down, not only looking at a stranger. and said loudly Elder Chen stays on, Master Shaolin Yuanzhen is in trouble Send me to Elder Chen Ask for help! Male Belly Fat Weight Loss Chen Youliang was racking his brains to appease these unregulated rivers and lakes. but forced by refugee pressure, but had to compromise Luzhou government even approved dozens Techniques For Healthy Weight Loss of new shops and workshops at a stretch, in order to reduce the pressure slightly Upon learning this phenomenon, Zhao Yu gradually frowned. Rao is the brave general of Miao Jun He couldnt help but breathe a sigh of relief when he said this, Da Shi Tiemu can be regarded as a Gas Relief Pills For Weight Loss real official, compared with the unspeakable guest army such as Miao Jun If you want to get rid of this person, the aftermath is infinite. even if you stand in front of Yang Wanzhe, because you are afraid of your father, he dare not take you how Now it is a delicate balance When the world will be Buy Average Weight Loss On One Round Of 21 Day Fix uncertain, Yang Wanzhe has such a big battle. Diaonu, stop! Yin Ye Wang raised an eyebrow, splitting his hand and knocking the servant to the ground, angrily shouting, Best Cardio Machine For Weight Loss At Home She is my daughter, the young lady in the Fuchu. it was unexpectedly discovered that outsiders commended Wudang Ji, who was close to their brothers It turned out that there was an undercurrent between each other, not just one piece If you think about it, this phenomenon is also Gas Relief Pills For Weight Loss unusual. it did not have such a big momentum as it is now This assassination was still the first encounter It took a long time and a long time to eat, and it will not happen in the future Later. those who have received your favor, really did not return half of it But those who have a close relationship with you, but all suffered You give one point of grace. Standing in front of the alley, smelling the stench, Zhao Yu frowned and turned to look at Zhao Min Zhao Min turned his lips away and said, You must look down on me Although I lived in Huagui Manor I could not afford it When I was in the Liaodong Rebellion Party, I lived in a worse environment than this Ever. As for whether these people are unshakable, Zhao Yu is still unknown, and further intelligence support is needed to make a judgment After so long thinking and weighing, Zhao Yus mood gradually calmed down. So what? Yang Wanzhe raised an eyebrow, and fists heavily on the handsome case, roaring So I should sit here and wait for death? A group of pigs! The scenery has passed a long time. Todays celebrations can be said to have completely cut off foreign aid, and it has become a lonely city, most of which has fallen into Zhao Yus pocket. Besides, only the director of the Chenzhou prefecture, Ye Chen Fu Zhongchen has a constant connection with the Wudang faction, using this as a breakthrough to more easily disintegrate the entire rivers and lakes The gentry have also expressed different views on the dismissal of the warriors. It is your motherinlaw, Laozi also came overlord Bow! Nayong Seiko has long been hollowed out body wine and women, and finally a basic understanding of some of the Pak Tai Po fist kung fu. I received a total of three However, the content of the letter was written in Mongolian text Even ordinary soldiers may not be able to understand the content of the letter even after seeing it I have ordered that if such a letter is intercepted by a scout, it will be reported immediately.

2. Sibutril Weight Loss Reviews

If he wanted to overcome this devil, he had to join forces Castor Oil For Weight Loss Reviews with the three brothers and sisters who were retreating together to fight the battle. For example, if I cant let go of this foundation business in Quzhou, I just feel that there is no second one that can do well except me However, I forced you to stay with you but made you unhappy with each other Is this right or wrong? I do nt want to let go of you even if I know I m wrong. unlike the land, we need to be more careful The people who are assigned to you, what they say, you have to listen and think more After receiving the Lion King. Yan Yuan heard this expression, his face was quite proud, smiling Says If even this little thing cant be done, our avantgarde should FDA Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Results 30 Days be ashamed! Thanks to the leader, Best Weight Loss Energy Supplement this time Ill call Bat King to teach you the scenery of the high gate compound. She and Zhao Yu met briefly twice, and have tried to test Zhao Yu no less than ten Recommended Can Medi Weight Loss Supplement Tablets Be Crushed times! As the master of the five poisons, the master of the blue religion can be said to be ingenious. You dont want to play tricks Before he finished speaking, his face had changed greatly It turned out that he After grasping the young mans placket, he found that the Gas Relief Pills For Weight Loss young man was out of breath When he looked forward he found that the young mans eyes were closed tightly, and the black bloody water leaked out of the nose How can this be ? My fist. which turned into a situation where the fish and the dead were broken! Compared to the calmness of Zhao Yu and others, Qinglong sent a lot of people Weight Loss Plans Nz to be more afraid, and Park Dabao, headed by him, was Popular New Fda Approved Weight Loss Pill 2015 already sweating on the back. you might as well Gas Relief Pills For Weight Loss tell him that he Gas Relief Pills For Weight Loss is full of talents, and that we Chinese are always tolerant What else Gas Relief Pills For Weight Loss do you know? Zhao Min heard Then, Mei stared suddenly. After hearing this, everyones spirits were refreshed, but Yang Xiao said without worry While having said that, we have been infamous on the rivers and lakes in the past If we want to hold the entire rivers and lakes it is easier said than done! To control the rivers and lakes, but it has nothing to do with the reputation of our Ming religion. He yelled Healthy child really Is confused! It is not easy to install the hidden line in Yangzhou City, how can he use it so well? When he comes back I must punish him heavily! Ye Dexin frowned King, my subordinates still need to repeat the old things. When I heard Zhou Jiruos complaints, I was quite helpless You said that I want to do these things, so Xiao Natural Cleanse To Jumpstart Weight Loss Zhao can shine in front of the two of us? But after all. Before the gang leader of the gang has always been extinct, the two old guys who passed power and law enforcement relied on their skills to become superrenowned, and in the gang helped us to clean up our clean clothes. Gas Relief Pills For Weight Loss Huel Weight Loss Plan Reviews and Buying Guide Best Reviews All Vegetarian Diet Weight Loss.

Sean Cunningham 1. CUT CARBS AND DAIRY

One look at low-carb poster girl Jennifer Aniston is proof that this advice works. “Complex carbohydrates cause the body to hold water, and dairy is slow to digest; both can lead to bloat,” explains Los Angeles nutritionist Kimberly Snyder.


Breakfast: watermelon. Lunch: a salad of leafy greens, cucumber, asparagus, celery, and chicken with a light dressing of lemon juice, apple-cider vinegar, and a dash of olive oil. Dinner: a repeat of lunch. Preparty snack: celery with a tablespoon of almond butter. “Fruits and vegetables with a high water content will fill you up and help flush water out,” says Snyder.


Add one cup to a bath and lie there for 15 minutes. “It will draw water out of your cells—kind of like reverse osmosis,” says New York dermatologist Francesca Fusco.


Avoid sugar-free gum. “You swallow air when you chew, creating gas, and the body can’t digest the artificial sweeteners in gum, so you attract and retain water,” says Los Angeles dermatologist Jessica Wu. Also, the repetitive movements build up your jaw muscles, so your face looks wider, she says.


“A blend of taurine, a natural amino acid, and vitamin B6 will help you lose water weight without losing essential electrolytes,” claims Beverly Hills endocrinologist Eva Cwynar, who suggests an Abadi Ease Water Retention ($24) capsule three times a day.


Load up on water, and avoid anything with fizz, as the bubbles will distend your belly. “Plus, studies show diet soda causes cravings,” warns Snyder. Afternoon slump? Crack open a cranberry kombucha. “It’s a mild appetite suppressant. The cranberry is a diuretic, and the probiotics promote digestion for a flatter belly,” says Snyder.


A spiked body serum or gel will reduce puffiness. “The caffeine is absorbed through the skin and acts as a mild diuretic,” says Fusco. “You should see a difference in a few hours.” Try Rodial Crash Diet ($90).


Blend cream bronzer under your jawline and cheekbones. “It makes your face look more angular,” says makeup artist Matin. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail or half updo to give your face an instant lift, suggests Wu.


A tan makes you look leaner, but strategic shading takes it up a notch. “Ask for a little extra misting on triceps and inner and outer legs to visually narrow them,” recommends Los Angeles tanning pro Kelsey Jones.


Slumpy equals dumpy. Los Angeles fitness pro Anna Rahe’s tip: Standing, lift your butt as you shift your weight to your heels. Next, bring your rib cage up so your shoulders move back and open. Finally, gently draw the muscles running from your navel to your pubic bone back, in, and down. “You’ll look taller and thinner,” she promises.

Wendy Schmid Wendy Schmid is a freelance writer who is based in California.

Losing weight is a process of hard work and dedication, there is no denying that! However , ​we do have a few tricks to make you feel lighter in just one day . Whether it is to a way to kick start your diet process , or just fit in to the oh so sexy dress, here are a few moves that can help you de bloat and go from flab to fab in just 24 hours.


1. Drink hot water and lemon : This wonder drink helps to wake up your digestive system and get your systems going. Add some green tea to the mix to make your perfect and healthy early morning cuppa.

2.Ditch the dairy : Dairy can cause bloating and discomfort , especially when consumed in the AM. Eliminate milk , cheese and cream from your morning breakfast for a slimmer waistline.

3. Start with some yoga : Yoga moves help detox the system and aids digestion, while stretching out and lengthening your torso.

4. Eat some fruit: Tropical fruits like papaya and pineapples have enzymes that help banish the bloat , break down protein and aid digestion.

During the day

5. Chew slowly: Eating quickly can get air trapped in your system , so chew slowly and beat the bloat by helping your food get digested better.

6. Don’t chew gum : Chewing gum gets air trapped in your system while added sugars and flavour can cause bloating in the stomach.

7. Drink tons of water : We all know this is good for us. Water helps to flush out toxins and extra salt to help you feel less bloated , while keeping your skin looking great as a bonus.

8. Check your potions : The reason you feel over bloated after meals could be because you are eating way to much in one go.


9. Eat Quinoa: Quinoa has tons of fibre as well as potassium which keeps you less bloated and aids digestion , while being low on calories as well.

10.Have a fibre rich snack : Raspberries , avocados and chia seeds all add fibre and help combat bloating , making the perfect afternoon snack.


11. Skip the cocktails : Alcohol causes digestion issues , and cocktails are loaded with sugar and calories. Say no to drinks to feel positively slimmer the next day.

12. Eat the right dinner : food like asparagus , lean chicken , veggies and fish are the perfect options for a healthy dinner. Avoid beans and cauliflower as vegetables as they lead to bloating the next day.

13.Avoid dessert: Fatty , sugary foods can be packed with calories and cause the stomach to swell up majorly the next day.

14. Drink a de bloating tea : Lemongrass, cinnamon, mint and ginger tea can all be the perfect after dinner soothing cuppa , while helping de bloat the next morning.

15. Sleep on time : Getting to bed on time helps regulate the metabolism and keep the body working in best shape.

10 Ways To Wake Up Slimmer

Weight Loss

Want to go to sleep and wake up slimmer? Believe it or not there are ways in which you can achieve just that.

Want to go to sleep and wake up slimmer? Believe it or not there are ways in which you can achieve just that.

For those wanting to shed some weight, they can dream of the day they wake up feeling slimmer than the day before. While overnight miracles are a rarity, (except for the tooth fairy and Santa, of course) there are ways to make this dream a reality. Follow these 10 tips to help you wake up slimmer after your slumber.


Avoid late night nibbles

Having a cheeky nibble and treat before bed is common for most people, but eating late at night should be avoided if you’re hoping to wake up a couple of pounds lighter the next morning. Studies have shown that eating late at night can cause weight gain as the food eaten before bed is generally stored instead of burnt off.

By all means, you should not go to bed starving as your body need calories throughout the night, but instead you should aim for around 100-200 calories after dinner, just not immediately before bed.

One US study found that mice that ate throughout the day and night had 70 per cent more fatty deposits than the mice who only ate at set times. Not only that, giving your digestive organs more to process when they should be resting can lead to bloating and the feelings of heaviness and stodginess the following day. Instead try enjoying a lighter, healthier snack an hour or so before bed, allowing your stomach time to properly digest the food, is ideal to satisfy hunger but ensure food is not stored as fat overnight.


Choose slimming foods

Utilising when you eat can be a major factor for sleep and weight loss, but picking the right food will inevitably affect how and whether food is stored as energy or fat throughout the night. Enjoying a light and easily-digestible dish for your evening meal as opposed to rich or stodgy foods, particularly fats and carbs, could go a long way in helping you achieve slenderness overnight.

Avoid complex carbohydrates and red meat, particularly steak, as well as high saturated fat foods and low GI carbs, as these are notoriously harder for the body to digest. Opt instead for simple and plain foods such as salmon and chicken, spinach, sweet potato, melon for you evening foods.

Avoiding high fat and sugary foods before bed will not only prevent the storage of food as fat, but will also help your sleep…

Avoiding these high fat and sugary foods before bed will not only prevent the storage of food as fat, but will also help your sleep, further promoting your much needed rest. These foods release energy quickly which can increase your blood sugar, keeping you awake and encouraging your body to store fat. Controlling your portion sizes is also key for assisting weight loss through the night, following the old adage, ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’, can change the rate of your weight loss.


Evening exercise

Some people will advise against exercise in the evening as it can potentially disrupt sleep if you haven’t relaxed properly afterward, but fitting in a quick exercise session can benefit your metabolism greatly. A half hour workout can do a world of good in countless ways; it can lift your mood due to the release of endorphins, clear you mind of stress and, most importantly, boost your chance of waking up slimmer.

Psychologically, exercise makes you feel fitter and slimmer giving you the confidence boost you need when it comes to your body shape. But more importantly exercise can improve digestion; boosting blood flow to leave you bloat-free and slimmer the following morning.

Exercise also engages your metabolism, requiring more fuel burnt for energy, and exercising in the evening will result in your metabolism to continue burning through your sleep, using up your fat stores without even having to move, how efficient.


Television time

Before sleep, it is important to get some much deserved rest, and television is a common form of winding down. While you’re indulging in your evening TV ritual, make more use of this ‘me time’ by incorporating some low key exercises. Watching TV whilst doing some low intensity workouts is ideal before bed as your mind is distracted by whatever show you have chosen, yet your muscles and metabolism can feel the rewards of any form of exercise.

Most people also neglect the importance of non-cardio exercises and so training your muscles can help tone and shape specific areas of the body that may get you down. Doing some basic toning exercises on carpet or an exercise mat, TV exercise can improve not only muscles but your mental perception, making you feel better and more confident about your body the next day. This little boost, although short and sweet, may help you feel and look that little bit more tucked and toned the following day.


Push yourself

If you’re heading to the gym, the pool or out for a run, aim to push yourself that little bit harder than you normally would. Challenging your stamina and strength will not only give you an adrenaline high, but you’ll also burn more calories and challenge your muscles in new ways, helping you tone up and feel slimmer. This sudden increase of energy burnt will speed up your metabolism and encourage it to keep burning for longer, particularly through the night.

Working out more frequently at a higher intensity will help you see results more quickly…

Working out more frequently at a higher intensity will help you see results more quickly, it is generally known that it takes 4 weeks of exercise for you to see a change in your body and 12 weeks for anyone else. If you increase your exercise and push yourself this time will shorten, making you feel fabulous sooner.


Tune time

If hitting the gym or going out for a job isn’t ideal to your schedule, then finding useful tricks to burn the additional calories without being bogged down by fitting in a workout can be a beneficial extra to your day. Turning up your favourite tunes or switching on the music channels and dancing to your heart’s content can be a fun but effective way to feel better and shed some weight.

Letting loose in your living room to your favourite hits will free inhibitions while burning the calories too. Some upbeat tunes to get the heart pumping and the endorphins flowing is the perfect way to relax, have fun and fit in a bit of exercise without the daunting feelings of having to go the gym. You can wake up the next day feeling refreshed and lighter, a very good way to start the day.


Set a Routine

Most people will stay up late watching the next episode of their favourite programme or surfing the web until they get bored, but these relatively unimportant activities can cut into your sleep time, which is vitally important for weight loss. The University of Chicago studied two groups of people on the same diet, the ones who received around 8 hours of sleep actually burned more fat than those who get fewer winks.

If you set a pre-bed routine and follow it regularly, this will not only prepare your body for a more efficient slumber, but will ensure that your getting around the recommended eight hours, aiding weight loss and fat burn.


Banish the booze

After a long day it is always nice to relax with a glass of wine or a refreshing beer, but alcohol is notorious for bloating and gas due to it’s fizzy nature, making you feel tubby and larger than you are. Not to mention, alcohol isn’t renowned for its calorie free nature assisting your diet.

Alcohol typically contains high amounts of calories and sugar, damaging to any diet, and particularly when consuming sweeter drinks and heavy beers later in the evening, these calories typically won’t be burnt off through the night, encouraging you to store the pounds and feel tubbier in the morning. Containing seven calories (29 kilojoules) per gram, alcohol is not kind on your waistline, and so it is best to give the late night tipple a wide berth when trying to lose weight.


Keep hydrated

We’ve all woken up in the early hours of the morning gasping for a drink, but can’t bear the thought of emerging from our beds in the dark to get a glass of water. But ensuring you’re hydrated before bed and having water available during and after your sleep, can be a beneficial technique for weight loss.

Keeping hydrated can prevent water retention and bloating typically found when lacking fluids, and is a vital factor for a number of basic functions in every area of the body. Adding to your exercise performance, health and weight loss, water is key and keeping yourself hydrated is essential to ensure your body performs efficiently aiding how quickly you can lose weight.

Herbal teas such as green, peppermint, chamomile and dandelion are the perfect beverages for achieving that all-important slim feeling as they are hydrating and aid digestion, whilst also as a relaxing aid before bed, helping you unwind and get to sleep quickly. Aim for 6-8 cups of herbal tea or water throughout the day and you’ll feel lighter come morning. Avoiding carbonated drinks, alcohol and caffeine is ideal before bed as these drinks will typically keep you awake or pile on the pounds through the night.



As we all know, the mind is a powerful thing, and making sure your mental balance is not skewed can be almost as important as ensuring you body’s balance is correct. Some believe that slimness can be a state of mind rather than a physical state, so ‘thinking thin’ can be more effective than you would anticipate.

Many studies have shown that if you start believing that you’re losing weight, the results will appear more quickly. Stress is often linked with being overweight, leading to emotional eating and an increase of the hormone ghrelin that stimulates appetite, so why not give relaxation techniques a try.

Yoga or meditation are perfect options to aid flexibility, decrease heart rate and help relaxation before bed. Calming the mind and focussing on your breathing can help center your thoughts, taking your mind away from the inevitable troubles life can bring, and perhaps even improve your perceptions of weight and your body.

How to look slimmer in a day?

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