5 Ways to Make Missionary Your Favorite Sex Position Again

There’s a lot to love about the missionary position: It’s comfortable, lets you kiss and touch your partner, and allows for lots of skin-on-skin contact so you feel connected. That said, it’s also the most vanilla of all sex styles, long branded as the go-to move when you’re feeling lazy or uncreative. “With its popularity, it carries the epithet of being the most pedestrian position out there,” says Jennifer Wiessner, a Maine-based sex therapist.

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In the interest of rebranding missionary as a position that’s sexy, exciting, and can make orgasms a lot easier to come by, we called in the experts for their suggestions on how to turn up the heat. “Think of missionary as a solid base to work from and consider what you can do to amplify the experience,” says Wiessner. Start with these five upgrades that deliver mucho missionary pleasure.

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Get into a bridge

A simple bridge position can take missionary to new heights. Here’s how to do it: Lie on your back with your pelvis elevated by a pillow, blanket, or foam wedge while your partner kneels between your legs and enters you.

“It’s a variation on missionary that can be pleasurable, visually connecting, and gives both partners more control,” says Wiessner. You can also wrap your legs around your kneeling partner’s torso and squeeze and thrust against him, so you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to pacing and depth. Plus, with your pelvis elevated, it’s easier for you or your partner to stimulate your clitoris as you thrust. That clitoral stimulation is the orgasm trigger most women need.

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Legs out long

Extend your legs straight in front of you, but keep them tight together. Have your partner straddle your pelvis, closing his legs around your thighs as he penetrates. Keeping your legs closed can make his penis feel fuller in your vagina, changing the way sex feels for both you and your partner, says Holly Richmond, PhD, a Los Angeles–based sex therapist. “Not only will you feel more friction inside your vagina, but it allows you to squeeze your pelvic muscles as he thrusts.” That’s pleasurable for him and you as well, since using your pelvic muscles can help bring on an orgasm.

Bump and grind

“The trouble with missionary is that may not do much to fully engage all parts of a woman’s clitoris,” says Stephen Snyder, MD, a New York City–based sex therapist and author of Love Worth Making: How to Have Ridiculously Great Sex in a Long-Term Relationship ($27,

Here’s what to do instead: “With his penis deep inside you, grind up against him, putting your clitoris exactly where you want it,” recommends Dr. Snyder. “Tell him that what’s most exciting for you is when he thrusts against your clitoris with his pubic bone.” The face-to-face communication that missionary offers lets you deliver sexy direction to your partner. And with his penis all the way inside you while he’s stimulating your clitoris, you’re set for a clitoral orgasm as well as a G-spot orgasm.

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Make slow circles

With your guy on top and inside you, tell him to stay still as you move your hips in a circular motion—rather than the in-and-out penetration most guys go with. This way, you’ll get to experience a range of sexy sensations that stimulate every part of your vagina.

Another option: Instead of jackhammering back and forth, ask him to slow things down and do figure eights or circles. If he goes slow or briefly stops moving while he’s fully inside you, you’ll feel more sensation, says Richmond. Slowing things down can also help you two capitalize on the eye contact that missionary position so easily allows for. “It gives you that mind-body-soul connection that makes you feel closer,” adds Richmond.

Play with a vibrator

Wiessner suggests placing a vibrator or or near your clitoris during missionary. As Dr. Snyder says, when it comes to climaxing, penetration alone isn’t always enough for most women to cross that finish line. Adding a device that can provide that stimulation will up your chances of experiencing mind-blowing Os during intercourse. And with your hands and his hands free, you can touch and stroke other erogenous zones as well, exploring each other’s bodies and finding new ways to keep your sex life sizzling.

Ah, good ol’ missionary. Like a plain white T-shirt, it’s a staple in every man’s sexual repertoire. But like the white T, you may have grown bored with the classic position over time. Odds are you started your sexual escapades with missionary, but have since grown to try any number of less traditional sexual positions.

But perhaps it’s time to return to missionary. After all, things are considered a classic for a reason. It’s also a great position to build intimacy since you’re face-to-face and physically on top of one another. You get the opportunity to look into one another’s eyes. You get to kiss passionately. You get to feel her heat as your skin rubs up against hers. It’s hot, both literally and figuratively.

Now even with my incredible salesmanship, you may be thinking to yourself, “That’s all fine and dandy, but let’s be real, missionary is never in a million years going to feel as good as doggy style.”

Sure, for some men that’s going to be the case. But for others, you simply need to make the right tweaks. Then, you can take this classic sex position up a notch and make it wild and intense for both of you.

Here, real men share their greatest tips for spicing up missionary for some unbelievable orgasms. (And guys: Remember to get consent from your partner before trying any of the moves on this list.)

Incorporate a penis ring

“I like to bring in cock rings that vibrate when in missionary to give some extra vibration and make it better for both of us. As you go deeper in, there’s more tension on the penis, and it hits her G-spot, so she has more sensation there. I can also use it to stimulate her clit during sex while I get some vibrations, too.” —John

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Make out

“Sure, I love doggystyle and the spooning position. Find me a man who doesn’t? But so many of my go-to positions aren’t ones where I can actually kiss my girlfriend’s lips. I like making out during sex, and missionary has been and always will be the ideal position if you want to up the romance and makeout passionately.” —Simon*

Try “closed missionary”

“Instead of having your legs in between hers, put her legs on the inside, and yours on the outside. You get can really deep with this position. I also then squeeze her legs with my legs, which just seems to make it even more intense because of the pressure all over both of our lower halves.” —Phil*

Use a pillow

“If I put a pillow under her butt, it changes the angle and makes the position hotter and more intense for us.” —Jake*

Ask your partner if there’s a particular angle that feels best for her.

“Most guys don’t think of angling, but every girl has two or three angles in particular that really work more so than others. So spend time finding them and give those attention.” —James*

“I like to gently lift up her butt with my hands, and that slight angle switch is enough for me to go a lot deeper. Honestly, it feels like a completely new position, and I know the women I sleep with like it because they always start moaning louder.” —Simon*

Wrap her legs and hold her wrists

“Give her some control by wrapping her legs around your body. She can then decide how and how hard you move. Not only that, but it will give you a better workout if you’re teasing her by resisting her pulling you in. Take both of her arms and raise them above her head. Hold onto them with one hand — you have your other hand free to use. ” —Robert

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“Multitask and do some neck biting and kissing while stroking and talking. This move takes some practice, but once you get it right, it’ll be fireworks.” —Nick

Push one leg all the way up

“When I’m on top of my girlfriend, I really like to push one of her legs all the way up toward her head and the headboard, and then go really deep. It feel awesome for me, but also she loves it and she orgasms immediately every time.” —Grant*

Try CBD lube

“Since missionary is really intimate, using CBD lube intensifies the emotions for both of us and it offers good lubrication to make her really wet and to let me go deeper without any friction or dryness. Maybe we’ll pop a CBD gummy too…” —Nigel*

Try THC lube

“Screw CBD lube. That stuff doesn’t do anything for us. THC lube, though? That stuff really works. My girlfriend says she orgasms a lot harder when we use THC lube, which is why we now exclusively use it.” —Simon*

Have your partner “thrust” you into her

“You know that scene in Midsommar where that old lady is pushing his butt into her and all the women are moaning? So you don’t actually need a random 70-year-old woman pushing your butt into her while doing missionary. The girl can do that for you. Just have her grab your cheeks and thrust you into her. Honestly, though, whenever my girlfriend does this, I cum super quickly. So maybe wait until you’re wanting to finish before you let her do the thrust.” —Phil*

Bring in some rough play

“Because missionary is more of a sweet sensual position, my girlfriend and I really like to make it rougher and intensify the experience with some light choking … I’ll also pull her hair or lift her and grab it and squeeze it. It’s super hot.” —Damian*

Work her clitoris

“I always rub her clit when in missionary so she gets that extra stimulation. I love watching her moan and get all excited, so I keep going until she comes, and then switch to another position so she can get more in for the rest of sex.” —Eric*

*Names have been changed to allow subjects to speak freely on private matters.

Isadora Baum Isadora Baum is a freelance writer, certified health coach, and author of 5-Minute Energy.

Let me say here and now, without shame or blush, that I like the missionary position. Making love while lying on my back with my husband on top is familiar and comfortable. It’s the meat loaf and mashed potatoes of the sex manual. If you’re hungry, it fills you up; If you’re tired, you can still manage a morsel. Beluga caviar it ain’t, but like a Quarter Pounder with cheese, you know how it’s going to look, how it’s going to taste, and how long it will take to eat. And if you want to make it fancy, you can always add fries and a salad.

At one time, the missionary position was sex. As a kid, if I read about sex or glimpsed a love scene on TV before my parents switched channels, that was the position the couple was in — the man on top, the woman gazing up at him adoringly. But then came the ’70s. The hemlines went down and women went up. Indeed, woman-on-top was virtually compulsory, and anyone who didn’t have a sexual repertoire to rival the Kama Sutra had to hang her head in shame. Feminists and sex experts united in the view that the missionary position made a woman passive and subservient to her man. And no wonder we didn’t always climax — in that position the clitoris probably wasn’t stimulated, and neither was the G-spot!

Overnight, lying on your back was OUT. If you wanted to be cool and empowered, you had to get out from under and take control or throw away your chances of the Big O forever. But are we having more or better orgasms with the wealth of positions we’ve cricked our necks and twisted our limbs to get into? Has our athleticism and improvisation improved the quality of our lovemaking?

But I think that the missionary position is feminine; it’s alluring. And don’t try telling me that it’s not erotic. Arch your back, give your husband your best “come get me” look, and just watch that man move.

But I think that the missionary position is feminine; it’s alluring. And don’t try telling me that it’s not erotic.

Of all positions, this is the most aesthetically forgiving. You don’t have to be self-conscious about your body because most of it is covered by your husband’s. And, for women anyway, there’s no performance anxiety. This is a position everyone knows how to do. Lying on your back with nothing on your mind other than, say, how that stain got on the ceiling, you’re in the ideal position to unwind and enjoy yourself. As my friend Joanne remarks, “I find it easier to have an orgasm in that position, because I’m more relaxed. With the others I’m constantly thinking about what I should be doing.” It’s the perfect position for the coy, the shy, or the just plain lazy. “I can concentrate on me,” says another friend, Beth.

No other position makes you feel so loving, affectionate, and close to your partner. Face-to-face you can kiss and explore each other. You can watch the expressions on his face—an erotic experience in itself — and your hands are free to caress or grip him tight. The missionary position is also the most comforting to finish in — you’re cuddling already, for heaven’s sake.

Some women, however, are put off by the position’s simplicity. If just anyone can do it, they don’t want to. And its name doesn’t do it any favors either, as it was reportedly introduced by missionaries to inhabitants of the old European empires as a “respectable” position — a history unlikely to make you paralyzed with lust.

“It’s boring,” says Patricia, who clearly never wrestled with some of the missionary’s variations. “Sideways-facing positions or being on top gives him better access to all my important parts.”

“Being on top makes me feel aggressive, which is erotic,” says Rachel. And some women, says Shirley Zussman, Ed.D., a New York sex and marital therapist, may feel pinned down in the missionary. “They’re not as free to move around as they are in other positions.

If you don’t find the missionary position satisfying, you may need to fine-tune it. One or two hard pillows under your hips, tipping your pelvis up for deeper penetration, can make all the difference. Your husband can ride high or low, leaning back to watch or forward to whisper and kiss. You can straighten your legs to create more tension or spread them wide or, if you’re fit, wrap them around his waist or put one or both over his shoulders. He can hold your arms above your head or, still with your arms above your head, you can grip the headboard and thrust back at him (who said the missionary position had to be submissive?). He can lean to one side so you can caress each other’s genitals.

To guarantee even deeper penetration with the missionary position, New York psychiatrist Avodah Offit, M.D., author of The Sexual Self, suggests a slight variation: “Pull your knees up to your chest, then spread them just wide enough for your husband to get between them. With your calves on either side of his back, support his weight on the backs of your thighs. If you want to move you can rock back and forth with him.”

“The advantage of this position,” says Dr. Offit, “is that you don’t have to be particularly supple. Taking his weight in this way also gives you some control, and orgasm is easier because penetration is deeper than if your legs are straight or out to the sides.” But, she cautions, you do have to be shaped for it. Some couples just aren’t built to fit for this, so there’s no one prescription. But you’re most likely to get maximum benefit from the missionary position if you start practicing those old Kegels again. “Kegel exercises alone can aid orgasm,” says Dr. Offit. “Or you can bear down, pressing your vaginal lips and clitoris toward the man’s body.” Even better, she suggests, is doing the two movements together, which tightens the whole of the vagina.

If this isn’t enough to convince you there’s more to the missionary than just lying there, it’s time you learned about CAT — Coital Alignment Technique — a variation on the missionary position that supposedly stimulates the G-spot as well as the clitoris and encourages simultaneous orgasms.

You start out in the normal missionary position but with your spouse resting his full weight on you, not on his elbows. Then he moves about two inches forward so that his pelvis is over yours. With your legs around his thighs, you press up as he moves backward so that you feel gentle but direct stimulation. The key is in the pressure and counter pressure and the rhythmic coordination of movement, a slow, gentle rocking.

“The position isn’t automatic, but a small series of adjustments,” says Edward Eichel, a psychotherapist who developed the technique. “You never just ride or collapse.” Also, when you’re both feeling close to orgasm, he explains, “you have to wait and let it come to you—no grasping for it. You have to trust it will happen.”

If all these instructions are dampening your ardor, try getting the position and contact right without attempting penetration, suggests Eichel, so that the movement itself becomes a source of pleasure. “It’s a shared response,” says Eichel, “so ideal it’s almost poetic.”

Alas, so far the technique has eluded me, though not a friend. “You have to be rhythmic, controlled — and patient,” she says, which probably explains why I haven’t mastered it. But I am convinced it’s worth practicing: In a study of 86 men and women, half of whom were trained to use CAT, Eichel found a “staggering increase” in the number of women reaching orgasm “always or often” during intercourse — 77 percent, compared with only 27 percent in the untrained group. And in a smaller study, the rise in the number of women enjoying that rare treat — the simultaneous orgasm — was even more dramatic: 50 percent succeeded, compared with 4.5 percent (I must try harder).

In the end, what’s really important is how you feel about a sex position. “If you feel imprisoned by the missionary or feel less stimulation that way, then you won’t allow yourself to enjoy it,” says Dr. Zussman. In which case, no amount of adjustment, repositioning or stimulation will work.

As for the missionary being a submissive position, sex is often a reflection of what’s going on in the rest of your relationship. If you’re trying new things only because your husband wants to, then you’re still being submissive whatever position you twist yourself into. Getting on top isn’t being dominant if you’re just doing what he has requested.

Think of it this way: There’s something appealing about not having to do anything that might distract you from just lying there and enjoying it. And what better position is there for doing that?

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10 Tips To Take Missionary Position From ‘Meh’ To OMG

Who says missionary style sex has to be boring?

Sick of the same old, same old routine in your boring sex life?

You don’t have to get crazy trying new kinky sex ideas with your partner in order to change things up and learn how to have great sex again. By adding a little more spice into your usual routine, even old favorites like the missionary sex position can be thrilling!

The missionary position is a classic for good reason. It’s one of the most comfortable and versatile of all sex positions for both men and women.

Still, we all know that boredom is a libido killer.

If you’re in a sexual rut and find yourself having boring sex in a missionary style position all the time, it may be time to add a bit of variety to amp up the pleasure.

You don’t have to give up the missionary position to have more fun in bed.

Here are 10 experts tips on how to increase your pleasure and have amazing sex in the classic missionary position.

1. Orgasm before intercourse

Most women do not have orgasms from intercourse alone. That’s why one of our Pleasure Mechanics Golden Rules of Sex is this: have orgasms before you have intercourse.

Follow this guideline and intercourse will become much more pleasurable.

Make sure your guy masters his oral sex and fingering techniques so he can bring you to orgasm before penetration. Orgasms prepare your body for pleasurable penetration, so many women find that having orgasms before intercourse makes orgasms during intercourse much more likely.

Once you’ve had an orgasm, you will be relaxed, aroused and ready for the pleasures of penetration. Your guy will be more confident and better able to enjoy his own experience, and you’ll both be less worried about how long he lasts.

2. Maximize skin contact

One of the great things about the missionary position is that it allows for lots of skin contact.

Take advantage of this by actively rubbing your body against your lover’s. Go for maximum skin contact and notice what happens. Rub your hands up and down your lover’s back or your legs along their sides. Pull them close and feel your chests pressed together.

Think of yourself as starving, and the way you get fed is through your hands. Devour him with your touch.

3. Hips don’t lie

Having sex in the missionary position doesn’t mean you have to lie still as he moves.

Try bending your knees, planting your feet on the mattress and moving your hips! Or, try rocking your hips back and forth, moving them in circles or in an undulating wave-like pattern. Find a way to move your hips so his movement hits your g-spot.

Most guys love it when women are more active during sex, so try not to worry about what your belly looks like. Instead, focus on what you are feeling and maximize your pleasure by moving your hips in ways that feel best to you!

4. Engage your pleasure centers

To make missionary position sex more pleasurable for you, don’t ignore the center of your sexual system!

Your clitoris is the queen of your arousal. Most women need direct clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm, so don’t be too shy to touch your own clitoris during sex.

Simply reach down while he penetrates you and stimulate your clitoris. If he protests, explain that touching yourself while he is inside you is a major turn-on.

You can also explore slipping a tiny vibrator in between your bodies! There are even vibrators designed to be worn during intercourse.

Vibrators can add a buzz for both of you, so get your guy on board with bringing toys into bed. Talk about it as an enhancement to, not a replacement for, his touch.

5. Deepen intimacy with eye gazing

Another benefit of the missionary position is the ability to look at your lover’s face.

Try this next tip only if you want to get more intimate with your lover (this is not a trick for one night stands!): Ask him ahead of time to experiment with holding eye contact during his orgasm. Look in one another’s eyes all throughout sex, but as he gets closer to climax, lock in eye contact and don’t look away.

Looking each other in the eyes as one (or both) of you have an orgasm is incredibly intense. You may find yourself flooded with emotions. You may even cry.

Be prepared for a profound emotional experience.

6. Get naughty

Missionary position sex can be far from boring if you bring in some “bad girl sex” tricks!

Try simple bondage and invite your lover to be more dominant. Simple cuffs designed for erotic bondage are the safest option for exploring the pleasures of being all tied up.

Only try this strategy if you trust your lover to keep your pleasure in mind as he gets more rough. Set clear boundaries about what will and will not happen, and then try to surrender and let him have his way with you!

Turn it up a notch by wearing a blindfold. Without the ability to move your arms or see what is happening, every tiny touch will feel intense and you’ll soon be suspended in erotic sensation.

7. Get rough

He’s not the only one who can be a little rough during missionary position sex! Just because you are on your back doesn’t mean you have to be passive.

Get feisty and experiment with being a little rough.

Scratch his back lightly at first and as his arousal builds scratch him even harder. You can also try slapping his chest or back. Start playfully and if he responds well, keep turning up the volume while paying attention to his reactions. Bite his neck and shoulders, while keeping in mind that you may leave marks!

Keep your hardest love bites below his collar line so he doesn’t have to explain your sexy marks to his coworkers!

8. Whisper into your lover’s ear

Take advantage of the closeness of the missionary position by clinging to your lover’s body and whispering into his ear.

What you say is up to you. You can whisper sweet things like “I love you”, or get as raunchy as you want.

This is a good strategy if you are shy about talking dirty in bed. By whispering into his ear you can practice saying things that you wouldn’t normally say (it is just a whisper, after all!).

Your guy will be turned on by hearing your voice and may get sent over his edge, so proceed with caution if you want sex to last longer!

9. Explore the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

The Coital Alignment Technique is a technique to gain more clitoral friction while in the missionary position.

The basic technique involves the man shifting forward so his penis penetrates at a more vertical angle. The goal is rubbing the clitoris with the base of the penis and pelvic bone as he thrusts downwards.

The CAT technique is a little awkward at first, but if you can make it work you may find that intercourse becomes much more pleasurable.

10. Breathe more to feel more

If you simply want to feel more pleasure during missionary position sex, try the most basic yet most effective sexual technique out there: breathing. The more you breathe, the more you feel.

Start by taking long, deep, relaxed breaths and pay attention to the sensations in your body. Many people report feeling more expanded pleasure, full body pleasure, streaming or tingling sensations when they breathe deeply during sex.

Once you’ve mastered long and slow breathing, you can try breathing more rapidly. Or, play a game and ask your lover to match the rhythm of his penetration to your breath. This little game will force him to pay close attention to your body, put you in control of the speed of penetration and allow you to feel more sensations as he moves inside you.

With these 10 strategies to play with, you have a lot to explore as you heat up missionary position sex!

Remember, adding more pleasure to your sex life should be fun, not stressful.

Integrate new techniques slowly, check in with your lover about what they like best and never hesitate to go back to your tried and true pleasures.

The Pleasure Mechanics are a two-woman team of sex educators and touch experts (named Charlotte and Chris) dedicated to providing men, women and couples around the world with the tools and strategies they need to experience maximum sexual pleasure. Their books and videos offer time-tested strategies based on human anatomy, psychology and an understanding of the social nature of human sexuality.

7 Tips For Missionary, The Sex Position With Endless Options

There’s a good chance that missionary is your favorite sex position — your standby. And for good reason: the missionary position has great penetration, it’s easy, and there’s face-to face closeness. There’s no reason for it to be boring. Yes, maybe you do it every single time you have sex, or nearly, but you have the potential to do a ton of different missionary variations.

Because I write about sex, and like to experiment, people assume my sex life is always a crazy combination of weird positions using pulleys and levers. Not true. OK, sometimes it’s a little. Sometimes it’s wild, sometimes it’s non-existent, but a lot of the time I stick to what’s simple. In fact some of the best sex I’ve ever had was with a guy I was hooking up with for over a year and a half and in all that time I swear we only did three or four positions. But we did them well, we played around in them, and the sex was great. And missionary position was the bedrock of our sex life, because it has so many options.

So here seven tips for better missionary sex, because it’s great and you’re probably doing it all the time.

1. Bring A Friend

No, not a threesome (although if that’s your thing, go for it!), but probably the shortest route to really upping any position is to add a little vibration. Board-certified sexologist Justine Shuey tells Shape that she recommends We Vibe for missionary position, but other couples toys or vibes will work just fine, too.

2. Pillow Play

Props and pillows are a good way to make any position more comfortable. Every body is different, and if the way you fit together doesn’t quite work, or makes your lower back twitch, don’t suffer through— find something that works for the both of you. According to Durex, you can use a pillow “under the woman’s hips or buttocks during missionary-style sex to deepen penetration”, and just to make things more comfortable.

3. Test Your Flexibility

Trying placing your calves or knees on your partner’s shoulders during missionary. This one can be too much for some people, either because they find it difficult to hold the leg position or because the penetration feels too intense. Totally fine, if it’s not your thing. I really enjoy it— Cosmopolitan calls it the Rock n Roll, and it’s definitely worth a try.

4. Power Shifts

If you’re on bottom and your partner pulls back from thrusting and you join in, you can power-play a bit. Put your feet flat on the bed to get some leverage and add a different dimension to the old standby.

5. Get Your Hands Involved

One of the drawbacks of this position is that you’re going to have some trouble doing any clit play (although if your partner is up a bit higher, it’s available), but the good news if your hands are free for other things. Use your hands to pleasure your partner or to help control the speed and depth of the thrusting.

6. Tie It Up

Because it’s a position that you probably know very well and feel comfortable in, it’s a good time to introduce something a little kinkier still in a safe space. Women’s Health suggests using “a scarf or tie (or handcuffs for those who are little more experienced with kink) and bind your hands above you as your guy takes the reins.” It definitely kicks it up a notch.

7. Move It Around

Taking the basic position and moving it somewhere else is a great shift. Try missionary on the stairs, but if that seems a bit much, take the party to the couch, edge of the bed, or the countertop.

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Explore Methods

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Sometimes you find yourself sharing a twin bed or one of you has a back injury or debilitating fatigue and you simply have no choice but to bang it out missionary style. Or maybe missionary is just your jam, which is cool too. Here are ten tips for spicing it up either way:

1. Add a vibrator

Missionary isn’t the most amenable position to using a vibrator, but it’s worth squeezing one between your bodies or adjusting your position to make some room (it’s helpful if the partner on top lifts themselves up like they’re doing a pushup) to take things from “eh…” to “AHHH!”

2. Add another kind of toy

There are also so-called “couples vibrators,” like the we-vibe, which people with vaginas can insert and leave in during sex. Other toys/accessories you could use in missionary position to take things up a notch are cock rings, butt plugs, blindfolds, and handcuffs, just to name a few.

3. Lift your hips up on a pillow

Seems simple, but it can really change everything. Find your angles, honey! Sex pillows are a whole thing, but a regular pillow (as long as it’s firm) will do the job just fine too.

4. Change your location

Do it on the floor to make things more interesting. Or on a water bed, in a bouncy castle, on the edge of a cliff, or wherever your heart desires. Just switch things up.

5. Take breaks for oral

Extend your pleasure and add in a teasing dynamic by bringing your partner (or yourself) close to orgasm, then stopping to return to foreplay or mix in a little oral.

6. Experiment with how much clothing you leave on

For that we-couldn’t-make-it-to-the-bedroom vibe, try leaving on some articles of clothing. Pulling underwear to the side or partway down instead of taking it all the way off can be exciting (just keep in mind that fabric rubbing against a condom could weaken it or cause it to tear, so be careful!).

7. Put their legs outside yours

One great way to make missionary feel totally different (and probably way better) is for the penetrating partner to put their legs outside yours instead of between yours. Then squeeze your legs together, creating all-over stimulation for both of you.

8. Add Kegels

You’ve probably heard of doing Kegels to strengthen your pelvic floor, which is great and everything, but have you ever done one during sex? Proceed with caution—some penis-havers report near instant orgasm when a partner does this move during penis-in-vagina sex.

9. Pull your knees up to your chest

Instead of having your legs flat on the bed (or floor), try pulling your knees up toward your chest for deeper penetration. To take it a step further, rest your legs on your partner’s shoulders.

10. Use (more) lube

There really is no such thing as using too much lube, unless you’re at the top of a slide and you just changed your mind about going down. Water-based and silicone-based are totally safe to use with any kind of condom, but keep in mind that oil-based lubes aren’t safe to use with latex or polyisoprene condoms. (Also silicone-based lubes can break down silicone products like toys or diaphragms.)

Happy playtime!


P.S. Did you know that when you’re under stress, your body makes more cortisol and less sex hormones? Read more, then download one of those apps that tells you how and when to breathe.

Missionary Position Sex Doesn’t Need to Be Boring!

Feeling kind of meh about missionary sex? You’re not the only one. This standby has long scored a bad rep for being boring and vanilla-that go-to move when you’d rather relax (since he’s typcially doing most of the work) than rock your worlds. Thing is, there’s a ton of crazy-hot reasons to get excited about this old-school style and get it back on your favorites playlist again. Board-certified sexologist Justine Shuey shows you how to take missionary from basic to blow-your-winter-socks off.

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Bring Something Extra Into Bed

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The biggest gripe about missionary is that it doesn’t exactly make it easy for women to climax. Luckily, you’ve got options. Shuey says that many new sex toys are specifically designed to be used during missionary sex to help you experience an explosive climax. She recommends We Vibes, which even has a wireless remote. “One end stimulates the clitoris from the outside while the other strokes the g-spot inside, all while your guy is inside you too,” she says.

Keep Your Bodies Close

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Missionary means full-on body contact, and all that touching (plus the sweat and heat) creates intense sensation, says Shuey. Have him place his palms against the floor or bed above your head, so his torso aligns closely with yours. Reaching your hands overhead lets him hold them while he thrusts, and you can lock lips too. Bring your bodies even closer by wrapping your arms around his shoulders or upper body, then pressing your fingertips into his back or butt.

Extend Your Legs

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When you’re underneath, it’s easy to forget about your legs and leave them out of the game. But shifting them a little or extending them the right way can be super intense. Shuey suggests wrapping your legs around his back; this changes the angle of penetration, so either you or he has better access to your clitoris. To get him to go deeper, sling them over his shoulders. Feeling bendy? Touch your knees to your chest, which narrows your vagina for a tighter feel, she says.

Prop Your Hips

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Placing a soft yet sturdy pillow or two under your butt gives you extra cushioning while he’s thrusting-always a good thing for longer bedroom sessions. But even hotter, it elevates your pelvis so his upward thrusts can graze your G-spot, says Shuey. Hiking your legs over your shoulders also gets them out of the way and lets him have more control over his motions.

Sync Up Your Motions

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A variation of missionary called the Coital Alignment Technique lets your guy stroke your clitoris and G-spot at the same time, making it a lot easier for you to reach orgasm. How it’s done: He gets on top, edging forward until his pelvis is aligned with yours. You both rock up and down in sync, not in and out-so with each motion, your clitoris touches the base of his penis. The clitoral contact and synched-up rhythm won’t just help you climax, it makes the elusive simultaneous orgasm possible.

  • By Charlotte Hilton Andersen

8 Comfortable Positions for the Most Satisfying Sex of Your Life

If there’s a tiny part of you thinking “ouch” during sex, then it’s time to revisit your bedroom strategy. Sex should never be uncomfortable… except maybe in that hilariously awkward way.

Even if position A worked for your previous partner, your new S.O. is going to be undeniably different. How their personal taste aligns with yours will determine comfortable or painful sex. In fact, if one position wasn’t so hot last time with partner C, it’s okay to try again with partner D. This time, just incorporate our enhanced-for-comfort-and-satisfaction sex positions below.

With these how-tos, we’ve kept clitoral stimulation (and your pleasure) at the forefront. The only prep you need to do — and this is true before every kind of penetration with any partner — is communicate and lubricate! Vaginal lubrication helps significantly reduce friction and discomfort (and it’s perfectly okay to use lube) and paves the way for fulfilling sex.

1. Sizzling missionary

Let go of any old memories of those innocent times when somewhat rhythmic up and down was all you knew about sex. Instead, create a new experience of the classic missionary. In place of widening your legs, have your partner’s legs straddle your body, permitting for mutual genital touching. This works great because it isn’t dependent on size but on the connection you and your partner have.

2. Sitting on pillow top

Take your favorite pillow, and place it underneath your pelvis for increased support. Bend your knees, bring your pelvis upward, and spread your legs apart enough to allow for thrusting. What’s fantastic about this position is that it allows you to control the depth of penetration and promotes clitoral stimulation.

3. Riding into the sunset

Take control and get on top. This position is ideal for some cozy times because it allows for intimate kissing and eye gazing, and permits you to create the rhythm you most enjoy. Not only will you be able to position your clitoris to your liking and increase sexual pleasure, but you can also rock your pelvis back and forth to create a comfortable rhythm.

4. Lean into me

Find a wall or table to lean against. Face each other and choose who will hold each other’s butts, and hook their leg around the other person’s leg for support. Stimulate each other, by rubbing your clitoris against your partner’s genitals, and then create a comfortable rhythm whereby you’re able to move your body closer or away.

5. Side cuddle

You can either face each other, or position yourself to permit entry from behind. If you’re facing your partner, you can take reign of your sex toy or the penis shaft and create the angle and thrust you desire. In the rear entry position, use your buttocks to control the speed and have your partner remain still, while you move at your own pace and control the depth.

6. The duo

Pair your favorite position with self-pleasure by incorporating the way you like to feel good simultaneously. If you’re used to self-stimulating your clitoris while lying on your back, with or without a sex toy, then do just that while inviting your partner to touch your breasts or kiss you. Creating this duo sensation can be dynamite.

7. The rabbit

Who said that sex toys are only for solo play? Dust off your favorite vibrator and show it to your partner. Plan to use it next time by directly applying clitoral stimulation while you experiment with different positions.

Use the different vibration settings to increase your pleasure or tease one another. Try holding off on orgasming until you’re unable to hold back. The most important thing, overall, when adding a new sex toy, is that you both communicate about anything and everything — especially on what feels good to each other.

8. The boycott

If you’ve tried everything, and you’re still experiencing pain — especially with penetration — then it’s time to boycott penetration for a little bit. To substitute, practice sensate focus exercises. Keep the focus on cultivating sensual touch, erotic massage, and pleasure instead of performance.

To spice things up during this break, you could give 69 a try. Simply, go on your back and have your significant other’s mouth face your genitals, while you find your mouth to theirs. Take the time to enjoy exploring each other.

Leave the pressure to perform for the sports arena

With a sex-positive attitude, an open mind, lots of sexual communication, and enough lube, you’ll discover that there are many ways to sex-plore and sex-periment with your significant other. But before you go and try any new positions, remember that the best type of sex is the type where the exchange of feelings and desires are expressed freely, and the pressure to perform is left for the sports arena.

Janet Brito is an AASECT-certified sex therapist who also has a license in clinical psychology and social work. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship from the University of Minnesota Medical School, one of only a few university programs in the world dedicated to sexuality training. Currently, she’s based in Hawaii, and is the founder of the Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health. Brito has been featured on many outlets, including The Huffington Post, Thrive, and Healthline. Reach out to her through her website or on Twitter.

The Missionary position is one of the most common and enjoyable sex positions as it makes for some intimate, close and satisfying sex with your man. This guide is going to show you how to perform the Missionary position for maximum pleasure (i.e. orgasms) along with teaching you some awesome variations to get the most out of it.

In the illustration above, you can see the basic Missionary position technique. You’re going to be on your back with your legs open while your man is on top with his legs are in between yours. He can steady himself by resting his weight on his elbows which he positions either side of you. He can also rest part of his weight on you, but should be careful to make sure that it’s not uncomfortable for you. Make sure to tell him if it is.

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The great thing about missionary position, is that your man will hit your anterior fornix or A Spot provided he is sufficiently well endowed (you can see the A Spot below). This is perfect if you enjoy cervical orgasms.

What The Man Does In The Missionary Position

The Missionary position is very straightforward and doesn’t require much agility or flexibility at all, so it’s suitable for practically everyone. Your man will be doing most of the work during Missionary sex, and he simply needs to thrust in and out of your vagina.

While this movement can certainly be pleasurable for you, you will find that it’s even more pleasurable if he grinds on you at the same time. To do this, he needs to move his pelvis up and down along with thrusting so that his pubic bone can apply pressure onto and around your clitoris, which makes it very similar to the Coital Alignment Technique.

What The Girl Does In The Missionary Position

When you are having sex in the Missionary position with your man, you may feel that because he is on top, that he’s the one in control. But you also have a great degree of control over how deep he penetrates you along with how much stimulation your clitoris gets.

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When your man is on top of you, you can wrap your arms around his neck or head. Alternatively, you can ‘hook’ your arms underneath his arms and grab his back so that you can pull yourself down onto his penis for slightly deeper penetration.

To Stimulate Your Clitoris – If you want him to stimulate your clitoris more than he already is, then all you need to do is grind it against his pubic bone on every thrust. It will take a little while to get your rhythm, but once you do, it feels amazing! Of course, you can also do some manual stimulation with your hands using these techniques.

To Make Him Penetrate You Deeper – To get him to penetrate you deeper when having Missionary sex is easy. All you need to do is lift your legs up. Keeping them raised in the air can get tiring, so your best bet is to wrap them around your partner’s back like you would do in the Drill position.

If you don’t like wrapping your legs around your man, but still long for deeper penetration, then you can put a pillow or cushion under the small of your back/hips area. This will elevate your vagina and allow him to penetrate you more deeply without you having to raise your legs.

How To Enhance The Missionary Position & Get More Pleasure From It

Roleplay & Light BDSM – In this position, your man is very much in the dominant position on top of you. If you like feeling submissive in this position and want to take it a little further, then you can try some role play. One example would be having your man pin your arms down above your head while you try to struggle free.

Another, more intense roleplay idea would be for him to put one or both hands on your neck and to lightly choke you (of course, having a safe word or even something in your hand to drop to notify your man of a problem is a pre-requisite here). You can find more roleplaying ideas here and an introduction to BDSM here.

Dirty Talk – If you like your man talking dirty to you, then Missionary is the perfect position as your man will naturally be right by your ear. You can find 73 great dirty talking phrases to say to your man here.

Talk to Him! – To make the Missionary position more fun for both of you requires you to talk to your man and for you both to give each other feedback on what you like and don’t like so much. This guide on sexual communication will get you started.

Variations Of Missionary Position & Similar Positions

Sticking with regular Missionary is going to inevitably get boring. That’s why you need to try out some of these great variations:


Your man is going to lift your knees upwards in this position. .


Wrap your legs around him, cross your ankles and pull him into you for deeper penetration. .

Hang Loose

This is almost identical to regular Missionary except for one distinct difference; you are going to be hanging your head over the edge of the bed. .


The Sandwich requires a little flexibility and strength but allows for deep penetration. .

Spread Legs

You also need to be pretty flexible to perform the Spread Legs position. Many feel that it has more in common with the Anvil position. .

Sean’s Thoughts On The Missionary Position

If you haven’t had sex many times before, then you’ll find that the missionary position is very comfortable and hassle free to perform. One of the most underrated aspects of it is that you have a large degree of control as to how deep you take your man. You should also note that during the Missionary position, your man can rest on his elbows instead of his hands. On a very niche, but important side note: Recent research has shown that if you are a woman who has had hip replacement surgery, then the safest position you can have sex in is the Missionary position ; yet another reason to make Missionary a staple in your sex life.

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It’s easy to write missionary position off as the most vanilla sex position of all time. I mean, when you’ve got moves like the Corkscrew or the Reverse Scoop, it can easily pale in comparison.

But that doesn’t mean you should take missionary off the table, or resort to it only when you’re feeling lazy (or ya know, hungover). In fact, there are several good reasons why it should be a regular part of your repertoire.

“Missionary sex can be hot because of the intensity it can bring on—the skin-to-skin contact, eye contact, the close-up smells of each other’s bodies, and just the mere closeness of two bodies,” explains Debra Laino, DHS, a sex therapist and professor at Jefferson University and Wilmington University.

Missionary opens the door for tons of sensuality on top of the pleasure that comes with sex of any kind. Plus, because it’s so basic, it’s actually THE prime sex position to build from. You can adjust and modify missionary so that it fits your mood Every. Single. Time.

Back up a sec: What exactly qualifies as missionary sex?

Missionary sex simply means that the person doing the penetrating (whether it’s with a penis or a strap-on) is on top and the person receiving is lying underneath them.

Missionary is a great starter move that doesn’t require much flexibility or effort. Of course, all the thrusting stimulates the penis, says Nan Wise, PhD, a cognitive neuroscience researcher, certified sex and relationship therapist, and author of Why Good Sex Matters


So now that you get the bennies, onto the good stuff—a.k.a. making missionary sex visionary sex. Here’s how:

1. Start with some erotic play.

What some might consider foreplay, Wise calls erotic play. Foreplay promotes the separation of the beginning from the main event when, in reality, it’s all sex—as long as you’re feeling pleasure, she says. Don’t downplay the buildup, she insists, because it’s super important for getting into and staying in the ideal headspace for what’s to come.

So, instead of relying solely on the sensuality of missionary to make you feel connected to you partner, warm up with a some light vaginal penetration with your fingers or your partner’s, says Laino. Or, if that’s not your move, try oral sex as your transition to intercourse so that you and your partner can start building up the mood from the start.

“Erotic play is important with all positions,” Laino says. “But because of the intensity of missionary, it’s especially nice to work into it.” (Gradual = less awkward, especially with a newer partner.)

2. Show your nipples some love…

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Your breasts and nipples are two of your biggest erogenous zones, so give them some TLC. Massage, suck, clamp, or lightly pinch them during sex, suggests sex therapist Ian Kerner, PhD, author of She Comes First. And if it’s hands-free nipple stimulation you’re looking for, position yourself underneath your partner for chest-to-chest contact. This way, you can take toys and fingers out of the equation completely while your partner’s chest rubs against yours as they thrust. It might even be enough stimulation for a nipple orgasm.

3. …And your other erogenous zones, too.

Don’t forget to stimulate areas that aren’t between your legs or on your chest. Some less obvious zones, says Wise, are your ears and neck. Ask your partner to lightly graze their fingernails against the back of your neck, or put your tongue in their ear after playfully tugging on their earlobe with your teeth.

Of course, what might feel good to you might not be a sexy zone for your partner, so get their okay beforehand or stop if they say it’s not their thing.

4. Adjust your rhythm.

Sex isn’t a race (unless you’re looking for a quickie). So, instead of rushing for an orgasm, slow down, says Wise. Focus on your breath and try to sync your exhales with your partner’s. This allows you to savor the sexual sensations you’re experiencing as a unit.

Or, in a move borrowed from tantric sex, you might exhale into your partner’s mouth while they inhale. Not only is this hot AF, but these deeper breaths will also increase blood flow and circulation to your pelvic area, upping your pleasure, Wise says.

Still not it? Try switching up your moves while you slow down, says sex and relationship expert Jessica O’Reilly, PhD, author of The New Sex Bible. Mix up the rhythm by moving your hips in a circular motion instead of simply moving up and down, she suggests.

5. Play with angles.

The best part of missionary is just how easily you can change the placement and intensity of stimulation—just by switching your body angles.

If you want deeper penetration, place a pillow beneath your lower back to prop up your pelvis, says Wise. Tilting your pelvis upward forces your partner to thrust downward and thus more deeply into you.

If you’re looking for more clitoral stimulation, consider this slight twist on missionary called the coital alignment technique (CAT). To do it, have your partner move up toward your shoulders so that their penis (or the strap-on) can apply more pressure on your clitoris than usual as they enter you. Instead of thrusting in and out, your partner will grind against your pelvis.

“CAT is the single-most powerful position for two reasons,” says Wise. The first is that it increases stimulation on the external clitoris, which, if that’s what you’re into, will send chills through your body…in a good way. The second perk of CAT is it’s ability to draw out intercourse, meaning you and your partner won’t orgasm after only a few minutes of fun.

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Because of the way your partner has to position their body for CAT (in order to spotlight your clit), penetration won’t feel quite as deep to them, so it will them a few more thrusts (at least) than usual to climax, Wise explains. It’s the perfect move for those whose partners tend to finish to soon and want to keep things going for as long as possible.

6. Bring a vibrator into the mix.

To take things up a (literal) notch, bring your vibrator into the bedroom. Use it before penetration—on your nipples, neck, back, and any other area of your body that you like to amp excitement, Laino suggests. Or when your partner is on top of you, they can lean on their knees while they’re inside you and use the vibe on your clitoris, in sort of a modified missionary position, she says.

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You can even try slipping a vibrating cock ring on them to target your clitoris and help them last longer, says sex expert Rachel Needle, PsyD, a licensed psychologist in West Palm Beach and codirector of Modern Sex Therapy Institutes.

7. Give feedback.

This goes for any sex position, but especially missionary, since you don’t want your partner to think you think the sex is boring. “Take advantage of this opportunity to vocalize your pleasure,” says Wise. If you’re feeling what they’re doing, tell your partner and moan (if that comes naturally to you).

“By freeing yourself to make noise, you can supercharge your sexual experience,” Wise notes. Not only will hearing your own pleasure egg you on, but whispering into your partner’s ear about how good they’re making you feel will also give them the push they need to get more adventurous or stimulate that area you love in new ways. Win-win!

8. Go for an inventive variation.

Ever heard of the Cross-Booty position? If not, no worries—here’s the lowdown.


Cross-Booty gives you the closeness of missionary but with a quite literal twist, for fun. Start with your partner entering you from the missionary position, then have them slide their chest and legs off your body so that their pelvis is in the same location, but their limbs form an “X” with yours. Bonus? This unique angle gives you ample opportunity to grab onto their back or butt while they thrust.

Or how about The Cowboy position?


This one adds a little tightness and friction to increase stimulation. To do it, have your partner enter you as you lie on your back with your legs close together, then have them sit upright on top of you.

If you’re flexible and need a little more to get you going, whip out The Seashell.


For this one, you can cross your ankles behind your head, but if that’s asking a little too much (fair), just bring your knees to your shoulders, suggests Wise. Now, with your pelvis angled upward and toward you, reach down with a free hand or grab a vibrator to stimulate your clitoris as your partner thrusts inside you.

Ready to take missionary’s game-changing eye contact to the next level? The Spork position is for you.


While you lie on your back, raise your right leg so your partner can position their body between your legs at a 90-degree angle and enter you. Your legs will form the tines of a spork (that’s a spoon-fork combo, ICYDK).

Now get ready to ride…it’s your personal mission. 😉

The Basic Sexual Positions

By Sabine Walter, Pierre A. Lehu

When one ventures into sexual activity, it can be daunting to hear about things like the Kama Sutra and tantric sex. In reality, the basic sexual positions have a lot of advantages — otherwise, so many people wouldn’t rely on them so much. While there’s no “right way” to have sex, a little information can help you understand the pros and cons of the most common sexual positions.

The missionary position

The missionary position is no more than the male-superior position; that is, the man on top, the woman on the bottom.

Advantages of the missionary position include:

  • It is pretty much unique to humans, and therefore differentiates us from animals.

  • It puts partners face-to-face during sex.

  • You can remain under the covers and still enjoy intercourse.

  • Some men prefer the more aggressive “on-top” position.

Drawbacks of the missionary position include:

  • The penis may not provide sufficient stimulation to the clitoris for many women to reach orgasm. Additionally, the man is resting on his arms and cannot use his hands for additional clitoral stimulation. (If this is a problem, the woman may want to consider providing that additional stimulation herself.)

  • The woman’s range of motion is quite limited in the missionary position, other than to thrust upward in time with her partner.

  • If the act of intercourse goes on too long, or if the man is tired or weak for some other reason, the missionary position can be uncomfortable.

  • Research has shown that if a man is tensing his muscles, as he must do to hold himself up, it affects his ability to control ejaculation, so the missionary position can aggravate problems of premature ejaculation.

You can vary the missionary position through the woman’s knee position and through the man’s angle (i.e., in a more upright position). Partners may also choose to have the woman lie back on a flat surface while the man stands, which allows for more arm movement by the male.

The female-superior position (woman on top)

The female-superior position is essentially the opposite of the missionary position: the woman on top, the man on the bottom. This has become a more common choice in the last decade or two.

The female-superior position offers several major advantages:

  • The man can caress the woman’s clitoris with his fingers.

  • The man can both see and fondle the woman’s breasts.

  • Men also report being able to “last” longer in the female-superior position.

  • The woman can control the depth of penetration and speed of thrust, which can be very helpful in bringing her to a fulfilling orgasm.

Disadvantages of this position include:

  • It is more tiring to the woman, especially if it takes a while for her to orgasm.

  • Women are more likely to give in to “spectatoring” rather than enjoying the experience while in this position.

  • The man must have a strong erection for this to work. For some men, this may mean limiting this position to the morning.

You can vary the female-superior position by having the woman face backward, or even change partway through. She also can lie back with her head at the man’s feet, so that she does not have to support her entire weight.

No single position is more moral or normal than another is. If you enjoy one position, that’s great. If not, then try something else.

8 New Missionary Positions That Take Your Sex Life To The Next Level

You’re welcome.

Why do we act like the missionary sex position is boring? While it might seem basic, it’s a tried and true method that can work wonders for lots of people.

Or, maybe you do like missionary and are looking for some new sex positions to switch up this “old fashioned” position.

Either way, here are eight new missionary sex positions that will keep you coming back for more guy-on-top.

1. Missionary with your legs up.

This is my absolute favorite position and inspiration for writing this article. Simply get into missionary and throw your legs over your guy’s shoulders during sex. This is a great position for guys operating with XL equipment as it opens you up further and allows him to go deeper. It’s also fabulous for hitting your G-spot while still allowing clitoral stimulation as he’s thrusting.

My partner and I climax at the same time from this position just about every time.

2. Try the Coital Alignment Technique.

The CAT position is one of our most popular, and for good reason! This technique is slow, sensual and almost guaranteed to make you orgasm because it’s all about intimate contact.

If you add a pillow and raise your hips to meet your man, you’ll definitely get plenty of clitoral stimulation from his pubic bone.

3. Kinky missionary sex position

While missionary is definitely considered a vanilla position, that doesn’t mean it can’t be kinky. It can also provide a non-threatening, familiar way for vanilla couples to try out kinks that interest them.

Use a scarf to bind your hands above you. After discussing it first, try using a scarf to bind one of your hands above you, experiment with some light choking, spank your partner’s bottom and/or permission, and/or give each other some love bites.

4. Take things into your own hands.

Since missionary means you get to basically chill out while lying on your back, use that to your advantage. With your hand or favorite vibe, stimulate yourself while your guy penetrates you. It’ll make things that much hotter for both of you and add to the probability of you BOTH reaching orgasm.

5. The ‘lock and load’ modification.

This is an ideal position if your guy is on the smaller side, but no matter his size, you’ll definitely feel like he’s filling you up and he’ll be less likely to slip out.

Once you’re in the missionary position, press your legs together and keep them that way. Try rolling your hips for some added intensity and control.

6. The star-crossed lovers’ modification.

This is one of the best sex positions if your guy is a little too big for you, as he won’t be able to enter you quite as deeply. Once in the missionary position, have your guy turn to his side about 45 degrees so you’re lying diagonally from one another.

Even if this position doesn’t work well for you from a physical sensation point of view, it gives you a great opportunity for eye contact, as well as a fabulous view of your partner’s back and booty as he does his thing.

7. Man-standing upright missionary

Relax at the end of the bed or whichever surface you’re lying on, bring your thighs up to your chest, and have your partner enter you from there. He can use this as an opportunity to move your legs however he pleases and really take control over how deeply he enters you.

8. “The Dirty Dangle”

Note: This one is definitely best when you’re sober since the whole point is to get your head spinning even more than it already is! If you hate feeling dizzy or lightheaded, this position is definitely not for you.

Lay your head on the opposite side of the bed for this position and carefully dangle your head off the side, resting your arms on the ground if you’re able to in order to provide yourself with some extra support. Then proceed with the missionary position from there!

Again, missionary might seem like your typical position, but it’s so much more than that.

The comfort and intimacy make it perfect every time, the relaxed stance makes it perfect for marathon sex, and the positioning, especially with these twists, is ideal for orgasms.

Whether you need a break from doggy-style or you’re just looking to change up your regular routine, give one of these positions a try tonight!

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