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Make bum bigger with Retouchme photo editor

Thanks to our great and perfect Jenny Lopez, all women in the world are getting crazy about their ass muscles. Some of them are sure to be able to train their body by themselves. Others are looking for various specific software to make but bigger. App, which can reshape not only a fat waist, increase boobs and edit face, but also make enhancement of selfie gallery the funniest thing in the world. There is nothing else so much wanted by ladies as lack of fat and abundance of hair, breasts, and hips. The request for enlarging certain body parts increases from month to month all over the world. Due to continuous fashion an endless possibilities of a plastic surgeon.

Retouchme butt editor helps ladies to appear good with any clothes instantly, making small butts larger, adding extra size in a natural way.

Trying our phone editor to make bum bigger each woman can finally obtain pictures she has always dreamt about. With a huge number of ideas, an application will easily satisfy every girl’s demand, offering a big choice of ways to resolve every image problem online. Get into the world of reshaped and corrected bodies, faces, and haircuts in one fingertip. You will be surprised how easy and fascinating the retouching process is nowadays.

How to make your butt look bigger in pictures

This app to make butt bigger is an easy picture generator. Its simple interface and small size will permit to use it immediately after installation.

  1. Open your Android or iPhone store and download Retouchme booty editor app.

  2. Get into the photo gallery or upload options online.

  3. Choose the service you need to apply and send the request to designers.

  4. Wait a few minutes to get final edits.

Possibilities of Retouchme make butt bigger app

Availability. This program has an easy interface and has no additional requirements for your phone model or profile.

Fast results. Our professional team of designers will prepare photos in five minutes. This fast and skillful work guarantees a high quality and personal approach.

Real experts. Only real people are processing every image inch by inch with the help of specific photoshop tools and designing skills.

Low cost. There is no other app which can offer so many retouching ways in only ninety-nine cents. Try it now and enjoy the process with your built-in camera.

Before and After photos

From now on you will be able to adjust every defect of your photo album without long waiting and additional Photoshop skills. Every inch of a humans body will be carefully retouched, taking into consideration the necessary effects, which will be chosen by the client. As well as intensity level and other significant details, every defect is going to be edited by our team.

Comparing this application to other apps to make your bum look bigger, you will find out that there are no excuses to pay more and remain not satisfied with results. Only our software can guarantee 100% satisfaction, figuring out specific requests and need of each client.

The Career Girl Daily team loves to workout with apps that give you guidance and help you work towards your goal. In times when your personal trainer is not around, these amazing apps will be your virtual trainer and make you focus on your goals with a personal plan.

These 5 free butt workout apps will help you focus on your butt, get/keep you in shape and make you more than ready for Summer.

1. Daily Butt Workout

Your own personal trainer whenever, wherever you are. This daily routine trainings app will help you to train for the butt you always wanted in an effective and quick way. Track your progress and do these easy-to-get exercises from your own living room. More info: Apple & Android

2. 30-day Butt Lift Workout

The perfect app that you need when you want to tone your inner tights and butt. 10 minutes a day for 30 days and your well and truly on your to that perfect Brazilian butt. These workouts are for in the gym or at home. More info: Apple & Android

3. Fitvideo Butt and Tights

The app for a good workout at home. This app has amazing tutorials that focus on your leggs and butt. It also allows you to chat with other fit girls, share thoughts, ideas and give advice.

4. Butt Workout

This app is perfect when you want to have a good, quick and effective workout without any equipment. They promise that this is the only app you need to get in shape and the butt you always wanted. More info: Apple & Android

5. Brazilian Butt

This apps promises wonders, an eye-catching amazing Brazilian butt in less than 2 weeks. The exersizes are fun and enjoyable, and we can not wait to see the result in 2 weeks time. More info: Apple & Android

I just tried a free Photoshopping app and now I’ll never trust anyone’s selfies again

When I heard about an app that could make me look like a model, I was sceptical.

But that’s what Spring, a body-altering app for your phone, claims to do.

SpringA snapshot of what Spring looks like in the app store.

The app is free and available in iOS as well as Android. According to their app store page, Spring claims to have over 4 million users in 217 countries. A coworker’s friend started using it and loved it, saying it made her “butt look amazing.”

So I had to try it — and now I’ll never trust anyone’s selfies ever again.

The app is very straightforward. First, you upload a picture of yourself and it gives you three options: making yourself taller, thinner, and re-sizing your face.

I started with the slimming portion. The app has you drag the circle around your face to make sure it doesn’t become misshapen and slide the white bars to flank your left and right sides.

If your face isn’t in the picture, you can click the face in the right hand corner to get rid of the circle.

Then I got to decide just how much slimmer I wanted to be. I did 100% for fun by sliding the icon all the way to the right, but you can also make yourself look wider by swiping to the left.

Next, I tried what I was most excited about as a 5’3” girl — the “spring” function that makes you look taller.

First, I aligned one white bar with my ankles, another with my hips, and the last one at my shoulder line to keep my picture from looking disproportionate.

The app also allows you to use two bars instead of three in case, for instance, you were shot from the waist up and your feet weren’t visible.

I made myself 100% taller. Just like with the slimming function, however, you can bring the arrow all the way down and make yourself look shorter, too.

Now I was left with a thinner, taller version of myself with a huge bobble head. The app recently added a head re-sizing feature that also allows you to position it slightly higher or lower.

It’s barely noticeable, but I made my face a little smaller and shifted it up slightly.

Here’s the final result, in GIF form.

This entire process took me about five minutes to do once I got the hang of the app. I didn’t think it made that much of a difference until I clicked back and forth between the two Megans.

You can tell that the app compressed and stretched my body when you look at the before and after pictures, but nothing in the background looks distorted. This would probably be a huge plus for celebrities like Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian who use other apps that leave tell-tale signs in the background that prove they edited their image.

Megan Willett/Business InsiderThe before and after pictures side by side.

Even though it was easy to do, I can’t see myself using this app on a daily basis. It felt very narcissistic and disconnected from reality in a way that made me feel uncomfortable. It also sets unrealistic expectations for my own body since I can’t make myself thinner or taller by swiping my phone.

But I definitely see the appeal of this body-altering app and the others like it that can make your teeth whiter, change your features with digital plastic surgery, and slim you down. With a few swipes, I went from looking like me to looking like a slightly thinner, slightly taller version of myself — both things society says would make me look more attractive.

Either way, I’m never trusting anything I see on Facebook or Instagram ever again.

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This Fitness Blogger Just Proved How Easy It Is to Edit Your Butt in Bikini Photos

Sia Cooper is on a roll when it comes to demystifying social media images. On Tuesday, the fitness blogger shared a before-and-after photo of herself at the beach. She presented two variations: real and edited. In the edited version, Cooper’s cellulite is gone, her waist and thighs are smaller, and her butt is more bootylicious.

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“It’s so easy to edit a photo these days,” she wrote. “No, I’m not even talking about Photoshop. I’m talking these little iPhone apps that allow you to smooth cellulite, slim waists and thighs, and make your booty bigger. Crazy right?”

Cooper shared that it took her less than a minute to make these changes to her Maui vacation photo, and she said celebrities and fitness models often use the same manipulation strategy. She hopes this insight will help women understand that influencer-edited images should not influence them.

“I’m not saying to stop believing everything you see,” she said. “Just stop COMPARING. You’re a queen and the only person you need to focus on and compare yourself to is the gal you were yesterday.”

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Cooper has long called out ocial media body manipulation tricks, showing just how easy it is to make yourself look more Instagram-ready with the right pose and adjustment. Just last month, she posted a photo of her stretch marks to send a message about embracing flaws.

“It seems so sad to me that the world is so focused on attaining a certain weight or dress size,” she wrote. “It’s a shame because there are a lot of women out there who are covered in tiger stripes or a size 8 and are amazingly BEAUTIFUL AND STRONG … Fight against a world who is constantly telling you that you’re not enough.”

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How to photoshop your butt?

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