Cheap Gyms In Singapore: Gym Memberships That Are Less Than $100 A Month?!

My friends (and some readers) know that I’m all about living a healthy, strong, and functional life.

For a rock bottom price, of course.

That’s why I also went through the trouble of comparing soooooo many vendors just to find out which one sells the cheapest protein powder.

“How do you stay fit while not blowing a hole in your savings,” you ask?


Just go to the cheapest gym in Singapore, and focus on performing compound exercises with good form.

I can’t help you with the exercise part because you’ll need proper training and supervision.

But I can – at the very least – help you out with finding the cheapest gym in Singapore!

Disclaimer: Please consult a doctor before engaging in any rigorous, physical exercises because we love you and want you to live long so that you can continue reading our articles.

TL;DR: Cheap Gyms In Singapore – Gym Memberships <$100 Per Month

A 20kg dumbbell in a neighbourhood gym is going to weigh exactly the same as a 20kg dumbbell in a fancy gym that provides you with cucumber water, towels, and access to a sauna.

If you can do without the latter, check out this comparison to find the most economical option for you:

Note: Results will vary depending on how disciplined you are.

Which Is The Cheapest Gym In Singapore?

If cost is your only consideration, I’ve categorised the various <$100 per month gym membership options into the following for your convenience.

Also, I’ve factored in any one-time registration or access key tag fees which they might levy so you have a better idea of which is truly the cheaper option.

Under $50 Gyms

$50 To $80 Gyms

$80 To $100 Gyms

So… Which The Best Option?

TBH, it’s not enough to just look at cost if the cheapest gym is halfway across the island from where you live.

Chances are, if you’re heading to the gym, it’s probably after school or work when you’re on the way home.

With this in mind, I picked out a couple of options based on the following scenarios.

1) If You Live In The Heartlands: Active SG Gym ($25 To $30 A Month)

Source: ActiveSG

No hidden charges.

No admin fees.

No one-time surcharge rubbish.

A year’s membership will cost:

  • $300 for adults
  • $180 for students (12 to 17 years old)
  • $180 for senior citizens (55 years and older)

Don’t sniff at the humble public gym though…

Most of them have undergone extensive renovations and are currently stocked with pretty decent equipment.

They’re also available in the heartlands which means there’s really no excuse for you to not drop by while you’re on your way home.

The downsides?

  1. There aren’t any personal trainers available (just staff who are there to ensure you don’t do something stupid like… steal a dumbbell) so you’ll really need to know what you’re doing if you step into one
  2. It can get a little crowded during peak hours but just share the stations and machines lah…
  3. Operating hours are 7am to 10pm so it might not be the best option for you if your working hours are irregular

This is where you’ll find me.

Say hi if you see me there!

2) If You Need A 24 Hour Option In The Heartlands: GymmBoxx ($65 To $85 A Month)

Source: Gymmboxx

All GymmBoxx locations operate 24 hours, 7 days a week.

And as far as 24-hour gyms go, it’s probably the most affordable and accessible one you can find in the heartlands.

A year’s membership will cost:

  • $780 for adults
  • $600 for students (21 and below)
  • $480 for senior citizens (55 years and older)

Is there a down-side to GymmBoxx?

It’s about twice the price for adults as compared to ActiveSG gyms.

But that’s a small price to pay for Life Fitness and Hammer Strength equipment (read: high-quality) as well as 24-hour access.

Also, I’ve only been to the one at Century Square a couple of times during the twilight hours.

And sometimes.

JUST sometimes… You’ll find a couple of weirdoes.

Source: giphy

But I suppose you’ll find weirdoes anywhere if it’s late enough.

Other than that, the flexibility of 24-hour access to properly maintained, professional equipment is a huge draw.

Oh, just in case you’re wondering, personal trainers are available.

And that’s part of the reason why you’re paying a premium.

3) If You Need A 24 Hour Option If You Live In Slightly Ulu Places: Anytime Fitness ($90 onwards)

Source: Anytime Fitness Singapore

With 65 locations islandwide, you’ll probably find an Anytime Fitness close by no matter how ulu your home is.

Best of all, Anytime Fitness gyms are open 24 hours daily (hence the name, duh…)!

A month’s membership will cost you anything between $90 to $110.

I know. I’m cheating a little bit here as it’s slightly above the promised under $100 options.

BUT! The range means that it is possible to get a year-long membership for cheap depending on what kind of promotions are running when you choose to sign up!

Also, always ask the staff as it never hurts to see what kind of discounts you can get – especially if you choose to sign up for the long-term.

The downsides?

  • It’s a huge franchise so the quality and price will vary from outlet to outlet
  • Some branches are smaller than others and might not have the equipment which you’re looking to use

Pro-tip: A friend of mine signed up for an Anytime Fitness membership in Malaysia, before deciding to move to Singapore. And because Anytime Fitness members get worldwide access…

Source: Anytime Fitness Singapore


He’s taking advantage of the exchange rate and is paying WAY lesser than what you’d be paying for in Singapore.

I suppose the next time you take the KTM train to JB, it doesn’t hurt to enquire at the nearest Anytime Fitness if you see one. #justsaying

Gym Memberships at Fitness First, True Fitness, Virgin Active, Pure Fitness & Amore Fitness – Worth It?

The big gyms in Singapore have a reputation for being rather… how do we put this nicely… predatory. Not only will you be hounded to no end to sign up once they get hold of your phone number, you’ll also be nagged to take advantage of their supposed one-time-only discounts.

Meet three friends who go to the same gym and you’re likely to find that all of you are paying different monthly fees.

There’s no way to know for sure how much you’ll be made to pay at each gym. One gym might give you a discount “because” your brother works out at the same gym, while another might not budge because the salesman is having a bad day.

If you’re thinking of joining one of the bigger chains, it’s a good idea to sign up for trial sessions at several and then haggle prices at each before settling for the most cost-effective option.

Another thing to take note of is that some gyms will lock you in for 1 to 3 years, and you might have to pay a fee to quit the gym. (That’s why you see so many people on forums trying to sell their memberships to strangers.) The lock-in is also not great when you consider that these chains may close down, like California Fitness, that went bankrupt and closed down all their outlets with no warning in 2016.

In addition, if the chain you’re becoming a member of has numerous outlets, you might have to pay more if you want to access them all.

Here’s an overview of the major chains in Singapore. Prices are approximate and based on the reports of other people who’ve joined—you could well receive a different quotation if you wear particularly alluring workout clothes while haggling, who knows.

Top 5 gym chains in Singapore (2020)

Gyms Number of outlets Price per month
Fitness First 19 $170 to $200
Pure Fitness 4 Around $150 to $200
True Fitness 7 Around $100
Amore Fitness 8 $130
Virgin Active 6 $196 to $260*

*Virgin Active charges weekly fees. This amount is assuming a month has 4 weeks.

Fitness First

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Roy Phang (@roy.phang) on Dec 6, 2018 at 6:04pm PST

Fitness First has the largest presence in Singapore. To access all of them though, you will need a platinum (read: more expensive) membership. They provide workout clothes which makes it convenient for gymming after work. Also, they have a tie-up with AIA Vitality, so if you are insured with AIA, you get 20% off your gym membership fees and 100 Vitality points for every visit.

Outlets: 19 outlets at Alexandra, AMK Hub, Bugis Junction, Capital Tower, Changi, Clementi, Fusionopolis, Junction 10, MBFC, Market Street (Raffles Place), One George Street, One Raffles Quay, Paragon, Paya Lebar, Tampines (CPF Building), Tanjong Pagar, The Cathay, The Metropolis and Westgate. See full addresses at FitnessFirst’s website.

Price: Varies, some people report paying about $170 to $200 a month. You pay more if you want access to all branches. Need to sign on for at least 1-2 years and pay a fee to exit.

Facilities: Swimming pool and sauna at certain outlets; workout clothes provided at most branches.

Classes: Hot yoga, Pilates, Gentle Flow Yoga, Dynamic Flow Yoga, Advanced Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Body Pump, Bodycombat, RPM Express, Freestyle Group Training Power, Suspension Execise Class, Step, Hardcore Overload, Hardcore, Zumba, Bodyjam, Sh’bam, Interval Ride, Pro Cycling Keirin, Total Body Conditioning, Bosu, Fitball, Bodybalance, Stretch

Pure Fitness

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A post shared by Pure Fitness (@purefitnessofficial) on Oct 15, 2018 at 9:11pm PDT

Pure Fitness has a reputation for being the most expensive and also the most atas of all the big chains. It’s no wonder, because Pure Fitness provides extra facilities and amenities. You could walk in without bringing any gear as they provide complimentary workout gear, towels, socks and so on.

Outlets: 4 outlets at Ngee Ann City, Asia Square, Ocean Financial Centre and Suntec City. See full addresses at Pure Fitness’ website.

Price: About $150 to $200 per month.

Facilities: Sauna, indoor running track, swimming pool, MMA zone, juice bar, complimentary workout gear, towels, socks and toiletries including toothbrushes and shavers

True Fitness

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A post shared by True Yoga • True Fitness (SG) ( on Dec 3, 2018 at 10:03pm PST

True Fitness is generally cheaper than the other options on the list except the now-closed California Fitness. Apparently you gotta bargain hard to shave quite a bit off the bill.

Outlets: 7 outlets at Djitsun Mall (AMK), Great World City Mall, Harbourfront Centre, NTUC Income Tampines Junction, Millenia Walk, Velocity @ Novena Square, Viva Business Park. See full addresses on True Fitness’ website.

Price: Reportedly in the $100 range.

Facilities: Steam rooms, rejuvenating lounge, sprint track

Amore Fitness

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A post shared by Amore Fitness & Boutique Spa (@amorefitnesssg) on Oct 4, 2018 at 8:10pm PDT

Catered to women with a wide range of equipment from agility ladder, battle rope to kettlebells. Out of their 8 outlets, only 1 is unisex. So if you’re a lady and feel intimated and self-conscious whenever sense testosterone in the air (which, granted, there’s a lot in gyms), you can consider Amore Fitness.

Women-only outlets: 7 outlets at Bugis Junction, Hillion Mall, Heartland Mall, Jurong Point, Plaza Singapura, Seletar Mall, Woodlands Civic Centre

Unisex outlets: 1 outlet at Tampines 1

Price: $130

Facilities: Steam rooms, rejuvenating lounge, sprint track

Classes: Zuma, Energy Sculpt, Yogasana, Aero Cardio, Urban Hiphop, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Aero Groove, Step Groove

Virgin Active

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A post shared by Virgin Active Singapore (@virginactivesg) on Sep 2, 2018 at 10:09pm PDT

Virgin Active has great facilities and you also get complimentary use of workout gear. They’re quite expensive, but one good thing is that they have removed joining fees for memberships that last 6 months or longer since the start of 2018.

An upside is that Virgin Active members get discounts at F&B partners such as 10% off Boost Juice Bars and 10% off The Daily Cut bowls.

If you travel a lot (whether within Singapore or abroad), you will love it that Virgin Active memberships include free access to all five Virgin Active Clubs in Singapore, and unrestricted access to all other clubs located worldwide.

Outlets: 6 outlets at Holland Village, Raffles Place, Marina One, Tanjong Pagar, Paya Lebar and Duo Galleria. See full addresses at Virgin Active’s website.


  • 12 months: $49/week
  • 6 months: $57/week
  • Flexible: $65/week + one-time joining fee of $99 (minimum of 4 weeks)

Facilities: Steam room, ice room, Himalayan salt inhalation room, MMA zone, Sleep pods

Is it a good idea to sign up at a gym chain?

Frankly, if you just want to get fit, you don’t need to sign up at a big gym. The ActiveSG Gyms cost only $2.50 per entry and offer bare bones workout equipment. You even get to use ActiveSG credits. Or you could just run and do body weight exercises.

Read Cheap Gyms in Singapore – 7 Affordable Gym Memberships Under $100/Month or watch:

The main advantage of signing up for a big gym chain is the convenience of being able to work out near your workplace, especially if you’re in the Raffles Place area where there are zillions of branches. You can just pop in during lunch or before or after work.

In addition, you get nice facilities (don’t expect to find a sauna at ActiveSG Gyms) and an array of classes, as well as a sense of community if you like to compare muscles/make friends with your fellow exercisers.

Still, signing up for a membership at a big chain is not cheap, and you’re usually looking at paying about $100 to $150 every month for a few years.

With new players like Anytime Fitness around, where you can get a membership for less than $100 a month, and literally workout anytime you like, these big chains don’t seem all that appealing after all.

Unless you’re already someone who works out regularly, you probably want to see if you can actually get into the habit of exercising regularly, before you sign a long-term contract at one of these gyms.

Just make sure you haggle hard and inform them if you’re a student or have a friend or family member who is already part of the gym, as these might get you a discount.

Which gym do you use? Tell us in the comments!

Cheap Gyms in Singapore – 7 Affordable Gym Memberships Under $100/Month

Spending $200 Per Month on Gym Membership – What Options Do You Have in Singapore?

GuavaPass vs KFit vs Classpass – Which Fitness Pass is the Most Worth It?

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A gym membership can be expensive, but the rates are more negotiable than you think. Here’s how to snag the best deal.


(Also read: Here’s How to Work Out For Free With ActiveSG)

Ask for discounts


The easiest option – ask. Sometimes, gyms have discounts that they do not advertise; consultants may also be able to help you get a small discount. Be extra polite and the goodwill will go a long way.

It pays to also follow several gyms on Facebook and Instagram before you pay them a visit. You get to compare their promotions, offerings and facilities beforehand. Occasionally, you get to enjoy a discount just by liking the page.

Buy during special occasions

Unlike service based companies like salons and restaurants that have a surcharge during festive occasions, fitness centres operate in the opposite manner. Chat up a consultant when it’s close to Christmas, New Year and even public holidays like National Day; these are prime times to snag a discount, freebies and sometimes, a $0 sign-up fee.

(Also read: Free Fitness Classes by Virgin Active All Year Round Till 31 Dec 2018)

Only choose the facilities you need


Select the gym with the equipment you need. There’s no point going to a spin studio if your objective is to bulk up, or signing up with a pilates reformer studio if Zumba is more your jam. Make the most of your membership by choosing the right studio for you. If you don’t need extravagant equipment, you don’t have to pay the price for it.

Sign up with a friend


The more, the merrier. Gyms surely agree. When you manage to convince someone to sign up with you, the company gets double the revenue. If you both want the same plan and are able to go down together, there are usually discounts available. For students who can’t afford a full gym membership, try looking for places that offer a shared membership.

Some gyms and studios also offer referral perks – you enjoy a discount when you get friends and family to sign up.

(Also read: 5 Reasons Why Trampoline Fitness Classes Are Still So Popular)

Go to the neighbourhood gym


Boutique gyms out of the city centre often offer a quieter, more private environment on top of more affordable entry fees. You get to also develop a relationship with the staff and trainers so the gym feels more like a second home that you enjoy visiting.

(Also read: 6 Ways to Work Out For Free in Singapore)

Which Fitness Chain Has the Best Gym Membership for Your Budget?

Despite years of adding “lose some weight” to my list of New Year’s resolutions, I have yet to join a gym.

Not to make excuses (well, let’s be real — everyone who wants to avoid the gym is making excuses), but I’m incredibly indecisive when it comes to spending money on myself.

Except when it comes to food.

But getting in shape requires making a decision and a commitment to putting in the work. And it takes an investment — in time and often in money.

With so many options out there, how do you pick the best gym membership for you?

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Our Guide to Finding the Cheapest Gym Membership

Let me start by saying choosing a gym is a very personal decision.

Size might be a significant factor. Location might be also important to you — maybe if you pass the gym along your normal commute, you won’t be going out of your way.

Well, to help make your decision a bit easier, we compiled information from six national workout chains so you can compare availability, costs and features.

Some gyms provide free trials, so be sure to take advantage of those offers before signing up for a membership.

Writer’s note: Individual membership costs are published as listed online as of May 17, 2019, and they are subject to change. Rates may vary based on location and current promotions.

1. Youfit Health Clubs

Where: Youfit Health Clubs has more than 100 locations in 15 states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

How Much: The base membership fee is $10 a month. The premium tier (known as “Lime Card” access) costs $21.99 a month. When you sign up for the base membership, you’ll also pay for first and last month dues. Initiation fees vary depending on the membership package.

What’s Included: Depending on location, these clubs include top-of-the-line equipment, free weights, group fitness sessions, express circuits, personal trainers, tanning beds and childcare. Premium members can also bring a free guest with them for every visit and can visit any YouFit location.

Try It: Get a free guest pass for one-time use.

2. Planet Fitness

Where: Planet Fitness has over 1,800 locations in all 50 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Canada and the Dominican Republic.

How Much: Monthly dues are $10 for just one location or $19.99 to use any location. Annual fees are $39.99 and the start-up fee is $1. The $10 membership has no commitment.

What’s Included: These gyms include cardio and weight-training equipment, plus fitness training programs for all members. Some locations include massage chairs and tanning services. Many locations are open 24 hours a day.

Try It: Find the location nearest you.

3. Crunch Fitness

Where: Crunch Fitness has more than 300 locations for its regular gyms and 30 locations for its Signature gyms (which include more classes, upgraded amenities and more). Its gyms are located in 30 states, as well as Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and four Canadian provinces.

How Much: A base membership is $9.95 a month, a Peak membership is $21.95 a month and a Peak Results membership is $24.95 a month. Enrollment fees vary from $10 to $49.99 depending on your membership level. The annual fee is $78, prorated at $6.50 a month.

What’s Included: Depending on what type of membership you choose, you can take advantage of multiple perks at this gym, including a training orientation with a fitness expert, group fitness classes, online video workouts, tanning and Hydromassage. The Peak and Peak Results memberships can be used at multiple locations.

Try It: Try a free one-day trial.

4. LA Fitness

Where: LA Fitness has more than 675 locations in 27 states, Washington D.C. and Canada.

How Much: Monthly fees start at $24.99 for single-club access or $29.99 for multiple clubs within the same state. Initiation fees are $89.

What’s Included: Gyms include state-of-the-art equipment and cardio areas, group fitness classes, indoor heated pools, whirlpool spas and saunas. Some have kids’ clubs, juice bars and basketball and racquetball courts.

Try It: Find your local club to request a guest pass online.

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5. 24 Hour Fitness

Where: 24 Hour Fitness has over 400 locations in 13 states — California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Hawaii, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, New York and New Jersey.

How Much: Monthly fees start at $29.99, but can vary based on location and membership level. Members pay a one-time initiation fee, which starts at $29.99, and there’s also a $49.99 annual fee.

What’s Included: Gyms include studio and cycle classes. Most facilities also have an indoor lap pool and a Whirlpool. Members can take advantage of personal and group training. Get access to digital workouts you can complete at home without stepping foot in an actual gym. Parents of children ages 6 months to 11 years can drop their kids off for supervised fun time at nearly every location.

Try It: Use this three-day free pass.

6. Anytime Fitness

Where: Anytime Fitness has more than 4,000 locations in all 50 states and 36 countries across six continents. (That’ll likely soon change, as the chain recently announced plans to expand to Antarctica.)

How Much: Membership starts at $29.99 per month, but prices vary depending on location and current promotions. According to Anytime Fitness’s spokesperson, the average membership is $40 a month. Members also pay one-time initiation and key activation fees, which vary depending on the franchise.

What’s Included: Members have access to cardio machines, weights and strength training equipment, as well as classes and wellness programs. Some locations offer tanning and personal training. They are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Try It: You can get a free seven-day pass.

Other Alternatives to Popular Chain Gyms

If none of these chain gyms suit your fancy, you could always join your local YMCA or set up a home gym to get your workouts in.

You could also incorporate fitness into your daily routine by trying one of these nine inexpensive gym alternatives. Running is one of the options on that list; this post on tips and tricks for finding discounted running shoes can help ease your stride.

Or you could lace up those shoes and march right into the gym!

Nicole Dow is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She sympathizes with the struggle of getting in shape.

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How to Save Money on Your Gym Membership

Swimsuit season is just around the corner. Ready to rock your bikini like never before? It’s time to hit the gym-double time. But don’t just sign up at the fitness facility closest to your home or the one delivering flyers that promises the most results. Joining a gym affects your wallet just as much as your waistline. “It’s worth doing your homework and comparing a couple places before you lock yourself into a contract,” says Andrea Woroch, a consumer and money savings expert financial expert. “Gym sale associates use pressure tactics and offer lots of deals to get you to sign up-but nearly 67 percent of gym memberships don’t get used,” she says. Don’t get stuck paying for something you don’t want-check out her tips to help you save serious money on gym costs. (For starters, you can save money by trying The Top 21 Free Fitness Classes in America.)

Ask for a Free Trial

Image zoom

Corbis Images

Most health clubs offer a free week so take advantage of as many complimentary memberships as you can. Not only will you be working out for free, but you’ll be able to really decide if this is the gym for you. Do they have the classes that you want and the times you prefer? Take notes and see what’s equipment is available and when there tends to be crowds. “Truthfully, a gym sales associates will probably pressure you to commit after your first day by offering a limited-time discount,” says Woroch who warns not to fall for the trap. “Ultimately, you’ll lose money by taking the deal if you realize the gym isn’t right for you,” she says.

Check Groupon First

Image zoom

Corbis Images

Before you sign a gym contract or enroll in a new fitness studio, look for deals online. Groupon and LivingSocial often have trial or deeply discounted gym memberships and personal training. offer coupons and free passes for health clubs including 24Hour Fitness. “You can jump around from gym to studio to bootcamp by taking advantage of new monthly offers,” says Woroch.

Buy in Bulk

Image zoom

Corbis Images

Woroch points out that warehouse clubs often offers deals on local gym memberships. Just like with that giant container of cashews or coffee, if you go big, you can save. “You’ll probably have to spend more upfront and buy a one-year or two-year membership, but for those who go to a health club regularly, this is a great way to save money in the long run,” she says. For example, Costco features a Gym Membership and Wellness page with deals like $369.99 for a two-year all-club membership to 24-Hour fitness. That comes to approximately $15 per month with unlimited use of this national chain of gyms.

Buy Ten Packs

Image zoom

Paying a flat monthly fee typically works out to less money per visit than a punch pass. However, a recent study from the University of California at Berkeley found gym members who choose a contract with a monthly fee over a 10-visit pass paid $600 more annually. “If you don’t have time to hit the gym everyday, paying per visit may offer a better value and will also save you potential early-termination fees if you want to cancel the membership before the contract is up,” says Woroch.

Go Month-to-Month

Image zoom

Corbis Images

“Sure, you can get a lower monthly rate if you commit to a two-year contract, but you’ll pay more overtime if you don’t use it or want to switch facilities,” says Woroch. “While you’d like to become a fitness devotee overnight, creating new healthy habits takes time.” She suggests trying the membership on a month-to month basis before you sign up for a year to see if you will actually use it on a regular basis.

Buddy Up

Image zoom

Corbis Images

“One-on-one personal training sessions are pricey, but if you split the cost of the sessions with a friend who is at the same fitness level, you can save half of the cost of training session,” says Woroch. (Or try consider these affordable 5 Digital Coaches to Help You Reach Your Health Goals.)

Wait Until the Time is Right

Image zoom

Corbis Images

Typically, fitness centers have membership goals for each month. “Gyms want to gain new members and retain the ones they have,” says Woroch. “At the first of the month, these sales goals don’t seem as daunting to employees as they do in the last week of the month,” she explains. So sign up at the end of the month, when most gyms are willing to make a deal. Likewise, if you can use your free trials and some Groupons to tide you over, summer and fall is a better time of year to score a great gym membership deal. “Summer time is slow for most gyms, so look out for special promotions during this season,” says Woroch.


Image zoom

Corbis Images

Ready to pull the trigger and sign a contract? Get as much bang for your buck as you can. Try to score a lower monthly rate and get the initiation fee waived. But don’t stop there. “Ask the membership associate for the first month free, more guest passes, extra personal training sessions, free towels, complimentary childcare and discounts on spa packages (if they’re available),” says Woroch. (And now that you scored that cheap membership, learn these smart Money-Saving Tips for Getting Fiscally Fit.)

  • By Cari Wira Dineen

In shape membership deals

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