• When you think of CrossFit sneakers, you should think Inov-8. They are one of the best brands in the business and these shoes are among the most popular on this site. Read our guide to find out if it’s the right workout shoe for you.

    Inov-8 F-Lite 240 Cross Training Sneakers Introduction

    Pros: Comfortable, durable, protective, lightweight, breathable
    Cons: Few colour choices
    Best Uses: CrossFit workouts, gym

    If you’re a sports lover and do a different workout daily, like CrossFit, weightlifting, running, etc., then you need the best sports shoe for you. It’s very vital to choose your sports shoe correctly in order to achieve your maximum athletic performance.

    Ideal for Functional Movement

    They’re also vital in order to prevent injuries while working out. With the growing popularity of CrossFit exercises, Invo-8 launches the 240 cross–training shoe. This shoe works well for many different training purpose. CrossFit mainly focuses on high strength and different functional movement workouts. And with this shoe you can do diverse movement workouts easily.

    Compare Color and Style Options for the F-Lite 240

    Key Features

    • Rope-tec for extra durability and traction on rope climbing
    • EVA midsole for extra stability and cushioning
    • Meta-flex technology allows a degree of flexibility in the forefoot
    • Meta-cradle lacing systems keeps the foot and heel secure
    • Grippy rubber outsole for good grip on the floor, or on a variety or surfaces
    • Mesh upper for excellent air flow and increased breathability
    • Fits true to size
    • Lots of grip and stability
    • Nice look and feel to them

    Where to Buy Them?

    If the Inov8 Flite 240 sounds like the right pair of athletics shoes for you, check them out for yourself online. Take a look now to find the best prices and deals that include free shipping:

    Learn More about the Inov8 F-Lite 240

    Do you want to know more about this popular training shoe? Then you’ll want to check out this short review video below for all the details you need to know:


    Its synthetic sole make this shoe very comfortable. It is lightweight and delivers great support. You can wear them for your fitness workouts and they will keep your toes and heels steady. The toe stability is very vital because during different workouts you need a lot of balance. Many reviewers on Amazon commented that this specific shoe breaks in very easily and was comfortable from the first day.


    The Inov-8 has a 6 mm heel-to-toe drop which makes this shoe very stable. It also includes injected EVA midsole, which helps you do heavy exercises. This synthetic does a great job of consolidating the overall construction of the shoe and making it that much more solid.

    At the tip of the toe case is a big area of rubber that assists in shielding your toes from the main effects in actions such as toes-to-bars, box jumps, etc.

    85 Reviews Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 240-M Cross-Trainer Shoe, Blue/Grey/White, 9 M US

    • For fitness workouts, cross fit, weightlifting, running
    • Meta-flex technology allows natural flexing in the forefoot, while the met-cradle lacing system…
    • Rope-tec delivers traction and durability on rope climbs


    This multipurpose trainer brings performance universally in the gym, from rope climbing, to light sprints, to free weights. The 6 mm differential assists you in remaining in contact with the ground when going into the squat position through a continuous pressure down through your heels. If you want to lift some heavy weights during a CrossFit workout, this shoe makes a nice choice.

    Consider a Lifting Shoe?

    However, if you’re a serious weightlifter, these ones may not make the best choice. Most lifters prefer a heel toe drop of less than 3 mm, along with straps across the top of the shoe for extra support. Is this is what you need, then you’ll want to check out: Your Guide to Weightlifting Shoes.


    Finding that stability between a durable and supportive shoe for weightlifting actions while concurrently giving you a relaxed shoe for running is quite a tough task. Inov-8 makes its sports gear to meet the strains of numerous environments and land at a peak level of performance.

    Not a Running Shoe

    With this shoe you can run fast and comfortably. However, it should be noted that these are not really running shoes. Sure, they’re fine for sprints during a gym workout, or a warm-up on the treadmill.

    Which Shoes do you Recommend?

    For serious running, you’ll want a sneaker with a higher heel to toe drop, along with more cushioning and support and something that is a bit lighter in weight. You can check out some of our top picks here: The Best Running Shoes for Going the Distance.

    Inov 8 F-Lite 240 Reviews

    —>Read More Customer Reviews Here<—

    “These are a really nice pair of CrossFit shoes that are ideal for a wide variety of activities that you might encounter during one of these workouts. They have enough cushioning for sprints and warm-ups, are great for lifting, work for jumps, wall handstands and rope climbs. I’m super happy with the recommendation from my trainer to try these out.”

    “I bought a pair of these for circuit training and find that they work very well. They’re kind of the ultimate all-around gym shoe and the best thing is the reasonable price. I appreciate the hard soles that protect my feet very well.”

    “They work very well for jumping, lifting and plyometrics. I used to need orthotics for my old Brooks but these ones have enough arch support that I’ve taken them out. I know that they’re for gym workouts, but I use mine for light trail and road running too.”

    Can I Use Inov8 F Lite 240 for CrossFit?

    That’s a great question and we’re happy that you asked. If you take a look around your CrossFit Box, or ask your trainer, you’ll find that there are a ton of different options out there for what you can wear on your feet.

    You can find everything from weightlifting shoes to barefoot or minimal shoes. However, most people stick with CrossFit shoes, or cross trainers like these ones. That’s because during a WOD, you may experience a lot of different things: lifting, jumping, running, and climbing. You’ll want a versatile shoe that is up to the challenge.

    So, is the f-lite 240 ideal for CrossFit? Most certainly. It was actually designed for this style of workout and it’s one of our favourite, all-round shoes here at this site. It’s light and flexible enough for some sprints, stable enough for heavy lifting, but durable enough for rope climbing. In short, it’s basically everything you could possibly want!

    Compare CrossFit Shoes

    If you’re looking for a top-quality pair of CrossFit shoes, then you couldn’t go wrong with these ones from Inov-8. They have a ton of satisfied CrossFitters who appreciate the lower price when compared to something like the Reebok Nano, or Nike Metcon.

    Check out our handy comparison chart for even more choices:

    Inov-8: About the Company

    Founded in 2003, Inov-8 makes some of our favourite CrossFit, and trail running shoes. They are high in quality, durable, comfortable and have thousands of happy customers in more than 60 countries.

    Seriously, they are top-notch shoes at quite reasonable prices and there isn’t much not to love about them. Ask your trainer for their thoughts on Inov8 CrossFit shoes and they’ll likely have good things to say about them. It’s time to step up your footwear game with one of these top-quality products designed for serious athletes.

    They were founded in the UK by Wayne Edy, but are not owned by Descente, a Japanese company.

    Summary for the Inov-8 F-Lite Crosstraining Shoe

    Overall, this is an excellent shoe. I felt relaxed going through each workout in my Inov-8 F-Lite. This shoe is perfect for CrossFit workouts, the gym, and other types of exercise. The price of the shoe is also very reasonable for such a quality shoe, coming in at a great price.

    A Ton of Features You’ll Love

    These shoes have been designed for CrossFit. The sticky rubber outsole offers some serious traction on box jumps. The rope-tec technology offers excellent grip and durability for climbing ropes. The shoe is flexible enough in the midfoot for sprints. And finally, the 6mm heel is not too tall to make lifting difficult.

    Inov-8: One of the Top Brands

    If you’re thinking about top-quality athletics shoes, Inov8 should be right at the top of your list, along with Nike, Puma and Reebok. Take a look around your box or gym, and you’ll find a ton of people wearing these things. Ask them what they think, and you’ll likely hear some rave reviews.

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      • We’ll start this one out by getting the formalities out of the way…
        What Inov-8 has to say:
        The most versatile shoe in the box. It’s lightweight, super-fast and delivers awesome grip, so an athlete can be confident in their footing no matter the WOD. With a higher drop height but the same grip and flexibility as the 195, the F-LITE™ 240 is a strong all-round functional fitness performer for any athlete in the gym or box.
        Weight: 240G / 8.5OZ
        Upper: SYNTHETIC, TPU
        Lining: MESH
        Footbed: 3MM
        Midsole: INJECTED EVA
        Shank: N/A
        Drop: 6MM
        Sole: F-LITE™
        Compound: STICKY
        Now on with the review:
        If you’ve read my other reviews you’re probably thinking wait, he does Crossfit?! No, no I don’t. Never have, never will. Couldn’t afford a membership at a gym around here even if I had a desire to. If you follow natural running, you’ve hopefully heard of Inov-8. If not, they’re out of the UK and have specialized in fitness, trail, and fell running footwear for years, even before barefoot running went mainstream. The beauty of many of their products is their versatility. Their trail shoes can often cross over on to the road and their functional fitness shoes often function well as road/trail hybrids. That is the case with this review. Inov-8’s arguably most famous shoe, the F-Lite 195 is hailed as the do-it-all road/trail/gym shoe for natural runners. The F-Lite 240 is simply its slightly larger brother. Its a touch more in weight and a 6 mm drop vs the 195’s 3mm drop.To preface the review, the F-Lite 240 Standard Fit has been and is being used on road/trail/XC course, and in the gym for cross training as well. So how did the Inov-8 F-Lite 240 perform?
        We’ll start with the most basic feature of the 240, the upper. The upper is simple and it works. Like many aspects of the shoe, it just works. Its soft with no seams to be noticed and a wide, non-restrictive fit that is highlighted by a very low fitting heel counter and a soft, pliable toe cap.The wide forefoot leaves you not really noticing the curve of the last but when you pick up the pace, the upper moves with you and really just disappears on your foot. There is a snug midfoot fit that is welcome on trail and uneven surfaces as well as anything in the gym that demands quick footwork. The upper is spectacular because its so simple. When an upper disappears, I love it and that is exactly what the 240’s upper does.
        The midsole of the 240 is interesting. I came in expecting something fairly plush because there isn’t much of a midsole to speak of. I expect what little material was there to be soft and boy was wrong! The midsole is firm! Most may consider it overly firm or harsh but if you know what you’re doing when it comes to lifting or natural running, you want a firm midsole that will provide the responsiveness you need to maintain proper form. The midsole is thin and firm sporting a 6 mm drop that is mildly noticeable. The extra drop is welcome on some more aggressive uphill and downhill terrain but on flatter surfaces, I can honestly say that I’d prefer the 3mm of the 195.
        The outsole of the 240 is the star just like with most of Inov-8’s shoes. The entire outsole is completely covered in Inov-8’s sticky rubber compound. Not all Inov-8 models sport this rubber as each model has a specific rubber suited for its ideal use. The 240 and 195 both utilize the same sticky rubber compound. There is an extra feature known as RopeTec that is essentially a beefed up rubber portion along the medial and lateral arches that provides additional durability for those doing rope climbing in the gym. It hasn’t been needed for me so I can’t speak to it. The rest of the outsole is covered in tiny triangles that provide additional grip on top of the sticky rubber compound. As seen in the photo below after close to 100 miles, there is only very little wear in the forefoot. Grip is fantastic both in the gym, on the road, trail, and off-trail. There isn’t a problem with too much grip, rather it feels just right. The rubber is thick enough to provide some rock protection off road. I’ve been running for about 3 weeks with some stone bruising on my right foot from another shoe and the Inov-8 rubber has provided adequate protection to keep the pain from worsening. Inov-8 expects the sticky rubber compound to get roughly 600 miles worth of wear. I would second this and would wager that you could stretch it even further. with almost 100 miles on mine with gym wear as well, the rubber barely has a scuff on it. It is simply fantastic.
        The F-Lite 240 Standard isn’t anything new. Its been around for years but for me, its been my favorite shoe of the year that I’ve tried. The beauty of the shoe is that it works for everything. I know that whatever I’m going to do once I head out the door or to the gym that it will handle it all with ease. As mentioned above I have nearly 100 miles on mine with minimal wear and everything still feels the same as day 1. With very little midsole to break down, the ride doesn’t change, workout after workout. I’ve tested them on road, trail, a local XC course on my daily route, and in the gym.
        The next round I’ll be going with the 195 for the lower drop and lighter weight. I’ll have no issues racing a half or full marathon in them and depending upon the course conditions, I would feel comfortable racing my 1st ultra in them as well. I purchased the 240’s from The Clymb at a pretty steep discount. With that said, would I pay more? Absolutely. Not sure if I’d pay full retail but hey, I’m cheap.
        When you first checked out this review you may have thought, “wow those are some crappy photos”. They are but honestly, I couldn’t wait to run in them. I just figured I’d get around to the photos before they completely came apart.
        If you’ve work anything from Inov-8 and want to discuss, let me know in the comments section below. I’m fairly well versed in Inov-8 and the 240 isn’t my first model.

        Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 240 Cross-Training Shoe Review

        by Helen Rogers February 8, 2017

        The Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 240 is a lightweight training shoe which is ideal both for beginners and experts. This shoe can be considered as an updated and improved version of the Inov8 F-Lite 230, as they’re very similar. Though there are some differences: the EVA through the mid-layer of the shoe is injected in the 240 but blown in the 230, it gives you improved cushioning while maintaining the same low profile, the 240 has Rope-Tec protection around the midfoot for CrossFit rope work while the 230 doesn’t, and, finally, due to the addition of Rope-Tec, the 240’s weigh 10 grams more than the 230’s.

        External design Inov-8 F-Lite 240

        Inov8 has rolled out a full range of colors (from bright Purple/Pink/Blue and Green/Blue/Yellow to dark and more strict Raven/Blue and Black / White) for the Women’s F-Lite 240. It features a durable mesh and TPU upper for fantastic breathability as well as a great lock-down with the lacing system.

        It’s fully lined on the inside with a breathable padded lining and has a removable 3mm foam footbed, that allows you to perfect opportunity to use your own accustomed insole (if you have one).

        The midsole design is made of injected EVA midsole, that’s gonna have shock-absorption as well as cushioning. On the bottom, the shoe has an F-Lite outsole, which is super sticky. It also features a Meta-Flex groove, that gives you a lot of forefoot flexibility.

        You’ll definitely innovate your workout with these Inov-8 shoes, ideal both for cross-training, running, and even weightlifting.

        Wearing advantages Inov-8 F-Lite 240

        • weight

        The shoe is super lightweight (it’s just about 7 ounces), that allows you to feel naturally during any type of workout, almost barefoot, so you’re gonna fly at the gym, on the treadmill, anywhere.

        • flexibility

        Due to special Meta-Flex groove on the outsole this steady and secure shoe keeps its flexibility on the highest level.

        • breathability

        Highly breathable and quick-drying mesh upper and light fabric lining allow your feet breathe easily and avoid sweating during a hard training.

        • lateral stability

        Get the stability you need to lift weights, run and do various lateral movements thanks to Rope-Tec technology that also provides an awesome grip.

        • cushioning

        The shoe has extra cushioning around the tongue and collar, besides the removable insole also gives you proper cushioning with every single step you take.

        • wide toe-box

        This shoe won’t be narrow in the toe area as there’s enough room for feet to adjust. That’s why they fit true to size, and some people even buy the smaller one to get a more tight fit.

        • durability

        The mesh upper of the shoe is protected with durable, supportive synthetic overlays on the sides and anti-abrasion toe rand in the front, while the shred-resistant Rope-Tec outsole provides maximum durability during extreme fitness training.

        • Another know-hows, that supplied in a model

        F-Lite natural sole delivers reliable traction on indoor and outdoor surfaces, while sticky rubber outsole, based on climbing rubber technologies, guarantees maximum traction on wet surfaces and unstable terrain.

        Meta-Flex groove on the outsole is aligned with the metatarsal to maximize forefoot pliability.

        Rope-Tec technology features a large contact area on the outsole that promotes greater grip and stability during activity.

        Arrow Shoc-Zone provides low underfoot protection, supplying the most through the mid-foot and forefoot.

        The midsole is made out of EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate), which is an extremely elastic material that can be sintered to form a porous material similar to rubber, yet with excellent toughness. These characteristics made EVA the perfect material to provide the Inov-8 F-Lite 240 with a cushioning, lightweight and flexibility.

        DFB (Dynamic Fascia Band) shank mimics the Windlass Effect to deliver a kick of energy to promote a faster, more efficient stride.

        Conclusions Inov-8 F-Lite 240

        If you’re willing to pay full retail for the latest and greatest, the Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 240 is a true improvement, compared to the 230. Better cushioning, better durability, a full range of colors, and all the good stuff from the original shoe are sure to make the Inov-8 F-Lite 240 a perennial front-runner for the title of the “Best CrossFit Shoe”.

        You may also like:

        • Best Inov-8 Crossfit Running Shoes for Women

        Inov-8 F-Lite 250

        Inov-8 F-Lite 250: Great shoes for crossfit and gym purposes

        More photos

        Let’s get one thing sorted out first – these shoes are not running shoes.

        Understood? Ok 🙂

        The Inov-8 F-Lite 250

        If you are into CrossFit and functional training, you have probably tried using “normal“ running shoes which are not perfect for that. Alternatively, some use indoor soccer or tennis shoes. Some use Converse All Star shoes.

        None of those is a very good solution. You need to run, jump, weightlift, climb, do gymnastic exercises etc, all in one workout. Some people use barefoot shoes which are not a bad choice.

        But the need for specialized shoes caused the creation of new type of shoe. I don’t know how to call them, so let’s call them “functional training shoes”.

        A long time ago Inov-8 was the go-to shoe for CrossFit and similar, while this type of exercise was still not so well known before Reebok has entered the CrossFit game.

        I got these Inov-8 F-Lite 252 before Reebok Nano became famous and have used them for something like 300-400 or more CrossFit workouts. They are still in great shape, only the sole has lost the properties and became relatively stiff. Still usable, but not great.

        Also, I had some running in them, but they are not too comfortable for running with my weight.

        Nowadays you can choose between Inov-8 F-Lite, Reebok, and Nike.

        Most of guys and girls I see are wearing some of many Reebok Nano iterations. But more and more are wearing Nike Metcon shoes which are created to be the direct competitor to Reebok Nano. I have tried both of them in store, but they don’t suit me so well.

        So I decided to get new Inov-8 F-Lite 250. Completely revised design when compared with the old F-Lite lineup. But people at Inov-8 usually know what they are doing, so I was confident they will at least be good if not great.

        Comfort & Fit

        My feet are wider, I went a half size up with them but I comfortably could have ordered normal size. For comparison, I use Salomon EU 46 2/3, while these would be good in EU 46.

        The fit is wide and comfortable, you can tighten the laces properly, fix the foot firmly and still have plenty of toe room. When worn they are quite comfortable, although not very soft. Obviously, they are not made for running and long walks.

        Weight is approx 250g which is implied in the shoe name. The drop is 8mm which is not minimalistic but can be useful in the gym for lifting. Many people have an issue with zero drop shoes and weightlifting.

        Sole & Upper

        Sole is constructed with functional training in mind.

        It is flat, with good traction, Inov8 website calls the compound “STICKY” and sticky it is. Reinforced is the arch segment of the sole, for the rope climbing purposes.

        Considering that you are supposed to lift weights in them, the heel part of the sole is fortunately hard enough. I have not experienced any issues during the heavy lifts like deadlift and squat. Obviously, the heel is not firm like in specialized lifter shoes, but for me, it is firm enough for carefree lifting.

        Sole is also soft enough for the various jumping and dynamic exercises, so no issues there. Inov-8 managed to find the sweet spot with the sole firmness to cover all exercises. Except… well running. But you will not run more than few miles in them in the worst case, so it doesn’t matter much.

        Upper is made of a seamless material with toe protection. After approx 100 workouts it is still like new.

        So I don’t expect any durability issues with them. Like the old model, they should last for a long time.


        These shoes are made for functional training, CrossFit, gym and similar. They are NOT made for running.

        Taking that into consideration, they perform their job admirably. After a lot of workouts, I did not experience any issues with them, whether the workout is focused on lifting or gymnastics, or running/jumping, or something else.

        I have replaced the laces, original ones were not perfect and were too long.

        Now I use elastic laces on them, which are for me much more practical and comfortable. But beware, if you use elastic laces then you must tighten them properly for CF workout, otherwise, you could experience foot slippage during the exercises with sudden direction change (shuttle runs and similar).


        • Durable construction
        • Versatile, made for all CrossFit and gym purposes
        • Firm sole, good for weightlifting


        • Not very good for running distances longer than a kilometer or two
        • Wider fit could be problematic for people with narrow feet ( there are other F-Lite models with narrow so-called precision fit.)


        If you are looking for a good alternative to Inov-8 F-Lite 250. They can usually be found at discounted prices which makes them great value for money.

        Unless you are real weightlifter or powerlifter (I mean REAL, not wannabe), you don’t need specialized weightlifting shoes. These shoes should be enough for at least 95% of people I see at the gym.

        This expert has been verified by RunRepeat. Reviews are neutral, unbiased and based on extensive testing.

        Inov f-lite 240

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