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Instagram star Iskra Lawrence is embracing her “pregnancy body” — and she’s doing it in the buff.

Lawrence, a British model for Aerie, shared a short video clip from a recent nude photo shoot on social media, which she packaged together with a “pregnancy body update” for her millions of Instagram followers.


“I wanted to share my perspective as everyone’s journey is unique, my body is changing so much in totally new ways — it’s fascinating,” Lawrence wrote in the caption.

“As someone whose experienced body dysmorphia and disordered eating I wanted to talk from a recovery point of view and hopefully help you feel more comfortable on this journey too.”

Lawrence, 29, announced in early November that she and boyfriend Philip Payne were expecting their first child together. In the months since, she’s shared several follow-up posts to update followers on her pregnancy.

“I wanted to share my perspective as everyone’s journey is unique, my body is changing so much in totally new ways — it’s fascinating,” Iskra Lawrence wrote on Instagram (Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Vital Proteins)

In November, Lawrence told Fox News that she’s excited to share “the real raw stuff” with followers.

“Any changes in your body that feel out of your control can trigger body image issues or reignite past eating disorders or body dysmorphia,” she said. “So when I found out I was pregnant with my first, my friends from the ED community asked how I was feeling with my body.

“I wondered, would I feel triggered? Would I be scared to watch my body grow?” she added.

That all changed, Lawrence said, when she settled into her pregnancy.

“I feel like my body is not just my home but it’s my baby’s home and I want to let it do whatever it needs to make sure it’s the healthiest happiest place for them,” she said. “I’m more appreciative and in awe of it than ever. But I’m also excited to share the real raw stuff as I go on this journey.”

That same month, Lawrence told AOL that she felt very comfortable with her changing body.

“I have to admit this pregnancy bod is really sexy. I really do feel really good…like, really, really good,” she said.


One thing she isn’t comfortable with, however, is a gender-reveal party. Lawrence said earlier this month on Instagram that, at the fear of looking like a “party pooper,” she would not be holding the controversial ceremony, as it has no bearing on “who my child decides to be.”

Shortly before posting a clip from her nude photo shoot, Lawrence shared a more detailed “body update” on YouTube, where she admitted to now experiencing chest acne and stretch marks as a result of her pregnancy. She added that her experience as a lingerie model has helped her adapt to the changes.

Gerren Kieth Gaynor contributed to this article.

Iskra Lawrence: The Body Positive Model Who’s Changing The Industry For Good

As a teen model, Iskra Lawrence was told again and again that she’d never make it in the industry – just because she didn’t have a typical model body shape. Ten years later, she’s the face of American Eagle Outfitters’ Aerie fashion line, starring in an entirely un-retouched, body-positive campaign.

After years of knockbacks, she’s passionate about her gig as Aerie’s first ambassador and ‘role model,’ which involves championing a healthy self-image and educating young women about how to navigate the unrealistically glossy images they’re confronted with every day. A thoroughly twenty-first century model, she uses her Instagram account (which boasts a staggering 1.2 million followers to date) to share refreshingly unretouched, unfiltered images. She’s also helped to establish the National Eating Disorder Association’s ‘Seal of Approval,’ awarded to socially responsible campaigns and brands.

We caught up with the UK-born, US-based model to chat body confidence, airbrushing and the double-edged sword of social media…

How did you get into modelling?

When I was thirteen, I entered Elle Girl’s ‘Search for a Supermodel,’ and got into the final. That was my break into the industry – I was doing modelling shoots, doing some fashion shows, but it was very tough for me at that age. I didn’t have a typical model body shape. I had hips even at that young age, and I eventually got dropped because I couldn’t change the way my body was.

That must have been really tough, especially for a teenager

It was really tricky. I got a list of about ten or eleven other agencies to go and see, and every single one gave me the same excuse, or a very similar one. They’d say ‘Oh, you’re too womanly’ or ‘You’re too commercial!’ and I was constantly thinking that I wasn’t good enough.

Iskra Lawrence for Aerie

‘I want to show other girls that you don’t have to have flawless skin or the perfect body’

How did it feel to land the Aerie campaign after all that?

It was crazy! I had the brand on my vision board when I was still living in the UK. I’d seen the campaign and I loved what it meant – all these stunning girls, different shapes, different sizes, all unretouched. I knew it was something I had to be involved with. When they announced that I was going to be the Aerie role model and be a really big part of the brand, it was really emotional for me – it meant I was working with a company with a message that I really believed in. They don’t want me to change – and the campaign was basically them saying that I’m good enough as I am. After so many years of not feeling good enough, it was a ‘wow’ moment.

You’re Aerie’s ‘role model’ – do you feel like you have a responsibility to younger girls?

I definitely do have a responsibility. People often ask me ‘who is your role model,’ and it sounds a bit cliché but I’ve been trying to be my own model. I’ve been trying to be the model that I wanted to see when I was a teenager, looking through magazines and not seeing myself, looking at pictures that were so edited. I want to be the girl that’s real and show other girls that you don’t have to have flawless skin or the ‘perfect’ body – because that’s just not real. What’s real is you and that you’re special just as you are.

Have you always felt so body confident?

It’s definitely been a process. When I was struggling with all the rejection from the industry, it was very tough. When you’re a teenager, your body is changing constantly and it’s very hard – we’re not told how to look after ourselves mentally and physically. Throughout my whole teenage years, I had zero confidence and had to build it from the bottom up. I got to this point where I faced so much rejection and negativity that I just realised I can’t change – I’d tried everything to change, so I thought ‘let’s try and be the best version of me, instead.’ And as soon as I started doing that, I just got more and more confident.

Iskra Lawrence for Aerie

‘If a model has a breakout, people aren’t going to freak out!’

Do you think there should be more education around self-confidence in schools, then?

100 per cent. My aim is to get self-care classes in schools – a combination of mental health and body image. Let’s be completely realistic – we’re not going to be able to change the fashion industry. People are still going to use size zero models, and you know what, that’s not a problem. Some of these girls are that slim and we can’t body shame any body. But what we can do is educate children and young people, so when they look at an image of a model, they don’t compare themselves to something false, and still believe they’re good enough.

Do you think that modelling is finally becoming more diverse?

I do, and I think it’s partly because of social media. Aerie listened to women on social media saying that they wanted to see more diversity, and that’s what should be celebrated – our differences. That’s that beauty of humanity – that no two people are the same.

Why is it so important that brands don’t air brush – or at least disclose the extent of what they’re doing?

I think that now, so much in our society is airbrushed. Our lives on Instagram, reality TV – that’s not real! So if you can show that your body has cellulite or stretch marks or scars, it’s a breather, really, for all those young girls who are trying to attain something they never can. If a model has a breakout, people aren’t going to freak out!

How has it made you feel when you’ve had shoots airbrushed in the past?

I don’t like it at all! Imagine getting a picture back where your forearms are half the size. I’m then thinking ‘Is there something wrong with me?’ I’ve done shoots not that long ago, where the photographer loved the pictures on the back of the camera, was really excited to see them, then sends them to be and they’re retouched. I was like ‘Why did you even want to shoot with me?!’ I emailed back and he said ‘These are my images, and I don’t want the raw ones out there.’ That was offensive to me in a way, but again, it’s a societal thing – it’s embedded in the fashion industry that everything has to be flawless and perfect.

Do you think that Instagram is a positive or negative thing when it comes to body image?

It’s so tough to say! Some girls tell me that it destroys them – they look at it and they get caught in a cycle where they’re looking at these airbushed fitness Instagram models, making themselves feel terrible. Then other girls say it’s really empowering, because they can see a beautiful range of women. It’s really a mixed bag, but that makes the education side so important – letting those girls know that it’s not real.

What do you think when you see celebrities doctoring their images on Instagram?

They probably have their own issues going on, and I’d be worried that they can’t feel proud and feel beautiful in their way. Anyone in the media really does have a responsibility to do their bit. are getting more and more vocal about Photoshopping , though, so hopefully expotential changes are about to happen.

Iskra Lawrence for Aerie

‘Why should I worry about not having a thigh gap?’

Feeling body confident doesn’t come easy to everyone. Is there one thing that everyone can do to start feeling better about themselves?

The one thing I would teach to anybody trying to be more confident is to stop comparing yourself to anybody else. That’s the main thing that I did – instead of looking at other models and wondering why I didn’t look like them, why I couldn’t change to look like them, you realise that you can’t be anybody else. You’re meant to be you, you’re meant to be in this body. It’s your home, so if you can start loving and respecting it, then that to me is the beginning of confidence.

What do you do when you need a bit of a confidence boost?

Instead of picking out all the things I don’t like about myself, I try to appreciate all the little things I do. I also do gratitude diaries, and even if I’m just on the subway, maybe feeling a little bit down, I think about what I feel grateful for. Why should I worry about not having a thigh gap when some people don’t have clean water – it’s almost laughable.

Which women inspire you?

People like Michelle Obama and Angela Merkel are doing incredible things for the world. There’s also Angelina Jolie’s work for the UN… In terms of the modelling industry, I love Cameron Russell – she’s a highly intelligent model – and Sara Ziff. She founded the Model Alliance and made a documentary showing the inside of the modelling industry, the side you’d never see.

What’s next for you this year?

I’m actually doing a symposium at Harvard with Sara soon – this year I want to do a Ted Talk and just speak out more. I’ve spent a lot of time cultivating my own self and body image and learning about that, and I feel like knowledge is the best gift you can share. So that’s what I want to do – talk more!

Six months pregnant

You have arrived at month six of your pregnancy (23-27 weeks pregnant). You’re probably losing sleep, feeling mega hungry and panic buying things you don’t even need.

Your baby’s development at six months pregnant:

Find out what your baby is doing at six months

1) Your baby weighs as much as a swede

At 25 weeks, your baby will weigh as much as a swede, coming up to 650g.

2) Their eyes are developed

Your baby’s eyes are now so developed that they know the difference between light and dark. In a couple of weeks, they will open fully.

3) Your baby is plumping up

Throughout the sixth month, your baby will be plumping up and storing fat. This will keep them warm after birth.

4) Eyelashes and eyebrows are here!

Your baby’s eyelashes and eyebrows normally form between 23 and 26 weeks.

5) Wrinkled skin

Your baby’s skin will have gone a reddish colour by now, and wrinkled.
Their veins are also more visible as the baby’s skin is translucent.

6) They could be born premature

If your baby is born prematurely at six months or after 23 weeks, your baby can survive with intensive care.

Your body at six months pregnant:

Here are common symptoms you may be experiencing at this milestone:

Baby bump:

By six months you’re likely to have a definite baby bump going on and it feels good.

You’ve probably never been prouder of anything and quite right too.

And frankly, everyone else around you is glad of that burgeoning bump as they can finally banish the ‘is she or isn’t she?’ conversations they’ve been having behind your (slightly wider) back.


It’s around now that you might notice your ankles, feet and hands becoming swollen.

First of all, if you didn’t already have a visible enough excuse to put your feet up, you really do now so get them up whenever you can and rest.

Mostly swelling is all part and parcel of the pregnancy process and frankly, if you don’t have at least a short period of looking and feeling like the Michelin Man then you have been short-changed of this glamorous experience.

But, do mention any swelling that you feel is excessive to your GP or midwife.


At this stage, your baby is really growing and developing so your appetite can go through the roof.

Providing fuel for both them and you is a hungry business. Your body needs extra nutrients and vitamins to support your babies organs which can result in weird cravings.

Make sure you don’t deprive yourself but don’t go overboard. Opt for healthy things like fruit, vegetables and whole grains over junk.


Pregnant women often experience snoring at this stage of pregnancy because of pesky hormones.

High levels of oestrogen and progesterone cause the blood vessels in your nose to open wider as well as the swelling of your mucous membranes – all this contributes to congestion and snoring.


Getting a good night’s sleep during pregnancy is important but tossing and turning has taken on a new meaning this month.

As mother nature gives you a taste of what it’s like to be up half the night, you’re ready to swing for the next person who says ‘get used to it’.

It might be a tad early for sleeplessness yet, but it will kick in at some point and the reasons for it are delightfully varied and endless.

If it’s not your bladder nagging you to get up, it’s a simple fact that you no longer have any idea how to get comfortable.

If there is one enjoyable part of being kept awake, it has to be the wiggling sensations of your little one in the depths of the night.

There’s nothing quite like the moment you find yourself giggling in the darkness as you and your precious cargo share a moment of wakefulness in the quiet of the night.

Things to think about…

Should I be eating for two?

Once you’ve rested those swollen ankles sufficiently, it’s time to get all Nigella in the kitchen…or maybe not quite Nigella with all that butter and cake and sweet stuff, because it turns out that pregnancy is not an excuse to eat endless treats…so maybe pick another food guru, but do eat and do eat well.

By now, you could eat a horse, all the time, at every meal. Your body is in overdrive and you need fuel.

But, what to eat?

You can, of course, treat yourself to tea and biccies here and there but what you and baby need is nutrition so this is a great time to finally embrace kale, or almonds or find out what ‘eating clean’ means (it’s nothing to do with washing up).

Now is definitely not the time for dieting, but it’s just a good time to take stock of what you’re eating and to say ‘OK, cakes are not appropriate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.’

Just make sure you get some goodness in there and stick to a good nutritious diet. You could try adding some superfoods to give you an extra nutrient boost.

If you are struggling to control your eating during pregnancy, it is always a good idea to keep up exercise.

Exercise is perfectly safe during pregnancy and you can try a calming yoga or pilates session to stretch those aching muscles and make you feel relaxed.

If that doesn’t grab you, a gentle walk is really all you need to burn a few calories, make you feel good and most importantly, slow down that weight gain.

Now read:

5 ways to beat pregnancy indigestion

Hair growth in pregnancy: why you might need that razor more often

What is the Linea Nigra – the dark line on my pregnant belly?

Sharing the joy of your soon-to-be little one starts during your pregnancy. Preparing for your newborn to arrive can be stressful but your maternity photo session can ease this stress, serving as a reminder of how beautiful your belly is. Your maternity photos are an important part in documenting your journey and will be cherished for a long time. Whether you’re due over the holidays or over the summer, there are so many beautiful seasonal photo opportunities. In order to take successful photos, you should figure out when to take maternity photos so your belly is captured with a full shape. Find helpful tips and answers below on the best way to take maternity photos.

When to Take Maternity Photos?

Try and schedule your maternity photo session in your seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. Your belly will have a nice round shape during this time frame, perfect for taking photographs. If you’re counting by weeks, schedule your session when you’re around 30 weeks pregnant. If you take maternity photos after your eighth month of pregnancy, your maternity might be uncomfortable. You want to avoid taking photos when your belly feels too heavy, usually after 35 weeks.

If you’re looking to use your maternity photos for your custom baby shower invitations, you can take your photos as early as 28 weeks. This will allow you to use your photos at the very start of month eight for your baby shower. Although baby showers typically occur during month six or seven, you can still host your baby shower a few weeks late if your maternity photos are a must-have for your invites. Refer to our guide on when to throw a baby shower to answer all of your timeline needs.

When to Take Maternity Photos with Multiples?

If you’re expecting multiples, you should take maternity photos during your second trimester. Your belly will appear bigger during the second trimester since you’re carrying more than one. We suggest taking photos at 24 weeks while you’re still comfortable and can move around with ease.

Precious FrameSunny SafariBaby Chic

Maternity Photo Tips

Once you’ve scheduled your maternity session, there are a few tips to keep in mind when planning out your shoot. Are you taking shots around Christmas or New Year’s? Maybe in the spring? This will help you decide what sort of backdrops and decor to use.

In addition to considering maternity outfit ideas, location and decor ideas, and maternity photo ideas for locking down the perfect pose, follow these simple rules to make sure your photos are timeless.

  • Avoid wearing large and distracting patterns.
  • Opt for natural light instead of using a flash.
  • Make sure your belly is moisturized.
  • Avoid messy or complicated backgrounds or backdrops.
  • Only take ‘Straight On’ shots if your baby bump is pronounced.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing right before you session to avoid marks on your belly.
  • Work with your photographer ahead of time to come up with a concept.

As the mama-to-be, you want to be completely happy with your maternity photos. Although it’s tempting to wait until the end of your pregnancy to capture your belly, you should stick with the suggested time frames above so your photos don’t seem uncomfortable. If you feel good during your maternity session, you can expect your maternity photos to be everything you dreamed of. Be sure to pick enough of your favorite shots to send out in your baby announcements as well!

Khloe Kardashian showed off her 6-month baby bump in a stunning new photo shoot

  • Khloe Kardashian celebrated 6 months of pregnancy with a stunning new photo shoot.
  • The reality star posed in a black dress alongside boyfriend Tristan Thompson in a series of photos posted to her Instagram.
  • Kardashian confirmed her pregnancy in December after months of speculation.

Khloe Kardashian has celebrated six months of pregnancy with an intimate new photo shoot on Instagram.

The reality star posed in a tight black dress alongside boyfriend Tristan Thompson in a series of snaps on Tuesday night, marking the milestone in her first pregnancy.

She captioned the photos: “Mom and dad. Officially 6 months.”

Kardashian finally confirmed her pregnancy in December after months of speculation, saying that her “greatest dream” was finally being realized.

❥ Officially 6 months ❥

A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on Jan 2, 2018 at 12:31pm PSTJan 2, 2018 at 12:31pm PST

“My greatest dream realized! We are having a baby! I had been waiting and wondering but God had a plan all along. He knew what He was doing,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I simply had to trust in Him and be patient. I still at times can’t believe that our love created life!”

❥ Mom and Dad ❥

A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on Jan 2, 2018 at 12:44pm PSTJan 2, 2018 at 12:44pm PST

Kardashian has been open about her struggle to conceive in the past and underwent IVF treatment during her marriage to Lamar Odom.

Sister Kim Kardashian is also expecting a child via a surrogate after she was advised that she shouldn’t carry a third child herself.

The queen of reality TV recently said that she’d been struggling to know how involved to be in her life, despite completely trusting her.

“Like, I go to all the doctor’s appointments and I try to be really present, but when you’re not carrying it yourself it is such a fine balance of how much you’re going to be in their lives,” she said on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

“Of course I want to know every last detail that’s going on with my baby and that’s super frustrating, but I really trust my surrogate and I don’t want to be that person that’s trying to control her every move.”

Younger sister Kylie Jenner is also thought to be expecting her first child but is yet to announce the news.

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Not every model has the chance to get into acting, or even seems to want to, as Iskra Lawrence seems to prove since she’s stuck mainly with her modeling throughout her career, and she’s done well enough with it to become famous in her own right. While she’s not likely to be counted in the same breath as some of the most famous celebrities ever she’s still reached a milestone in her life that has made it possible for her to push her ideals into the spotlight and become noticed as someone that’s trying to make a positive change in her industry. As a model she does have a pretty big voice and a platform from which to work when it comes to the charities she participates in, meaning that she will be listened to by a lot of people and can possibly find a way to reach the maximum number of individuals that will hear what she has to say and thus be affected in some way.

Here are a few things about Iskra you might not have known.

10. There are a lot of people on social media that happen to think she’s worth following.

To date she has well over four million followers on social media, so it’s evident that a lot of folks have found in her a person that is willing to back up what she says and work for change and the betterment of others. That in itself is inspirational since many celebrities do this same thing and tend to become the desired image for many charities that want to help those throughout the world.

9. In a lot of Slavic languages her name means ‘spark’.

That’s an interesting name and meaning to be honest since sometimes it only takes a spark to get things moving and possibly create a new kind of change in the world that will benefit others. It’s poetic in a way and no doubt something a lot of people have picked up on since speaking with her.

8. She’s been modeling for a while.

Modeling has been something that has taken up a great deal of Iskra’s life since she was much younger and has become something that offers her the kind of platform to feel better about herself and to help others do the same. To say she’s an altruistic individual isn’t really exaggerating at all.

7. As of now she’s in her late 20s.

She’s still young enough to have a long and successful career, even if she moves on from modeling since eventually the age of a model does kind of seem to push them into other venues or out of the spotlight completely. In this kind of industry there does seem to be a shelf life for a lot of individuals.

6. Iskra is rather vocal about going after body shamers.

She’s been seen to be very adamant about criticizing those that dare to body shame others and hasn’t been silent on the issue for quite a while. While body shaming is in fact a part of life it’s not a part that people are willing to tolerate that often since it can be quite damaging to a person’s sense of self and esteem.

5. She’s had to overcome body issues in the past.

It’s a lot easier to understand what it is to be body-shamed when it’s happened in your own life and Iskra is no stranger to having insecurities about her own body and having to deal with those that would put her down for it. This allows her to understand quite well the idea of how to help others that are going through the same thing.

4. Not a lot is known about a good deal of her family.

There’s a bit of information about her father, but that’s where it seems to end since there isn’t a lot of information to be found throughout the internet without a long and detailed search that still might not yield that much.

3. She does have a boyfriend but keeps her love life on the down low.

This is her prerogative just as much as anyone’s since obviously what goes on beyond the cameras isn’t really the business of anyone else and it’s probably seen as preferable for a lot of people to have an actual private life away from the cameras. This seems to be a trend that’s grown quite a bit and it’s kind of nice really.

2. Iskra is classified as a plus-size model.

Some folks don’t mind plus-sized models and tend to think that they’re every bit as impressive as the normal, very thin models that have been idolized for so long. Some however are still coming around to the idea.

1. Her estimated net worth is around $500,000.

While it’s not the millions and millions that some people have earned it does signify a very impressive and lavish lifestyle compared to many others.

She seems pretty happy where she’s at to be honest.

Iskra Lawrence Lists New Jersey Condo, Buys Midcentury L.A. Bungalow

British social media star-turned-model Iskra Lawrence is officially switching American coasts, having punted her luxe townhouse in Edgewater, New Jersey onto the market and closing on a cozy, traditional California ranch house in L.A.’s suburban Sherman Oaks neighborhood.

It’s been a whirlwind year for the millennial influencer, who has amassed an impressive 4.5 million Instagram followers. Besides the big real estate move, 29-year-old Lawrence confirmed her relationship with boyfriend/tour manager Philip Payne in January; last month, the couple announced they were expecting a baby.

Located in New Jersey’s red-hot and so-called Gold Coast neighborhood, the Edgewater townhome is listed for just under $1.4 million and boasts views of the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River. Lawrence paid $1.24 million for the boxy unit in March 2018, records reveal, and the multi-level structure offers a custom gym, a rooftop deck, two-car garage and a subterranean media room that’s currently outfitted as a photography studio for at-home Instagram and modeling shoots.

Brazilian cherry hardwood floors and neutral contemporary decor adorn the home’s light-drenched spaces, which include a fireplace-equipped living room that opens directly to the formal dining room, an eat-in kitchen with granite countertops and stainless appliances, and an upstairs family room with a convenient mini-fridge.

Popular on Variety

Lawrence has upgraded her master suite with a custom closet to please any hardcore fashionista, and can comfortably accommodate her collection of designer shoes that stands dozens of pairs strong. There’s also a spa-style master bath with built-in soaking tub, dual vanities and a glass-enclosed shower.

Other amenities in the 4,600 sq. ft. unit include three guest bedroom suites and an elevator that accesses all four of the towering structure’s floors, including the basement. The listing notes that the home is just a quick stroll to the N.Y.C. ferry, though HOA dues ring in at a not-inconsiderable $1,100 per month.

Over on the west coast, Lawrence’s new L.A. home is a remarkably different sort of affair. Built in 1952, the low-slung midcentury ranch offers just 2,217 square feet within its walls. A brick patio adorns the front entryway, and inside there are hardwood floors, a living room with original brick fireplace, a kitchen with upgraded appliances and a large family room with vaulted ceiling and another fireplace.

There’s a large guest bedroom and a charming master suite that looks out on the property’s manicured rose bushes. While not particularly huge, the nearly half-acre lot sits at the base of the Santa Monica foothills and sports terraced gardens that lead up to the grassy hillside. Other amenities include a pool with stone patio surround, fruit trees and a two-car garage. The property sits on a quiet, tree-lined street that imbues the whole place with a semi-rural feeling, though it’s actually not far from L.A.’s bustling epicenter.

After being dropped from a British modeling agency at age 16 because she was “too big,” Lawrence first came to public attention with her curve-flaunting Instagram modeling shots. She became an influencer and eventually parlayed her fame into a full-fledged modeling career, inking lucrative contracts with the likes of American Eagle and walking in fashion shows at Paris Fashion week.

Monica Sempervive of Century 21 Action Plus Realty holds the New Jersey listing. Barry Dantagnan of Coldwell Banker held the listing; Andrew Rhoda of Compass repped Lawrence.

Iskra Lawrence Shared Her Perspective On Pregnancy for Those Who Might Struggle with Body Image

Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Lingerie model and body-positive activist, Iskra Lawrence recently announced that she’s pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Philip Payne. Since then, the 29-year-old mom-to-be has been updating fans about her pregnancy and the many changes her body is experiencing.

In a new YouTube video, Lawrence shared a recap of her six-month pregnancy journey and how her body image has evolved during that time. “As someone experienced body dysmorphia and disordered eating, I wanted to talk from a recovery point of view and hopefully help you feel more comfortable on this journey too,” the model wrote of the video in an Instagram post.

Lawrence shared that after announcing her pregnancy in November, her social media community immediately asked her: “Are you doing okay? How do you feel in this new body?”

Since Lawrence has been open about her body image for years, she said she wasn’t surprised by these questions. “One of the main factors that can trigger you is something being out of your control and your body changing in a way you’ve never seen before,” she shared in the video, reassuring fans that these changes are actually a pretty natural, normal part of life and deserve to be embraced.

“I think it’s a really wonderful, positive challenge to be taken out of your comfort zone and to find the ways that your body is changing and to continue to love yourself in that journey, whatever that looks like for you,” she added.

Lawrence then opened up about some of the physical changes she’s noticed in her body since becoming pregnant—the first being chest acne (a common side effect during pregnancy).

“It’s like all over my chest, especially in the crevice,” Lawrence shared, adding that it’s the one thing about her pregnancy that she’s really struggling to embrace. (Related: 7 Surprising Acne Facts That Can Help Clear Your Skin for Good)

Lawrence also showed off some markings around her stomach in the video. “Maybe they’re going to turn into stretch marks, but I’ve had them since before I even knew I was pregnant,” she shared, adding that she and her midwife believe the marks may be due to poor blood circulation. During pregnancy, your body’s blood volume increases to help provide extra blood flow to the placenta, explained Lawrence.

Another physical change Lawrence noted was her protruding belly. While she said she certainly expected her stomach to grow, her baby bump didn’t really “pop” until she was 16 weeks pregnant, she shared. “You just kind of expect to be pregnant and have a bump immediately,” said Lawrence. But for some women, “it is a patience game,” she explained. “Everyone’s bumps develop differently.” (Related: This Fitness Trainer and Her Friend Prove There’s No “Normal” Pregnant Belly)

Finally, the model opened up about how much her love handles have grown during her pregnancy. “I’ve always had a slim waist and an hourglass figure, so I’ve noticed extra padding around my middle in general,” she said. While that’s a normal part of pregnancy, Lawrence said she felt it could also be because she’s seriously cut back on exercise. (See: Iskra Lawrence Opened Up About Struggling to Work Out During Her Pregnancy)

“I haven’t been working out the way I used to,” she said, explaining that she’s been doing low-intensity HIIT workouts, a bit of jump-roping, and low-impact TRX workouts. As she gets used to her changing body, Lawrence shared her desire to become more consistent with exercise, even though her workouts look quite different now compared to those she did before becoming pregnant. (See: 4 Ways You Need to Change Your Workout When You Get Pregnant)

“Just moving my body, going through the motions, keeping up with my flexibility and all of the strength around my groin and pelvis is going to be really important with the birth,” she shared.

Regardless, Lawrence said she’s totally okay being a “bit softer” overall. (Related: The Top 5 Exercises You Should Do to Prepare Your Body for Childbirth)

Physical changes aside, one of the most difficult experiences for Lawrence over the past six months was going to the doctor to confirm her pregnancy, she shared in the video. The first thing the doctor did was ask her to step on the scale—a huge trigger for Lawrence, she said.

Despite her discomfort, Lawrence said she complied. “I got on the scale, and was probably like, end of the hundreds,” she shared. Immediately, the doctor started to caution her about her BMI, asking triggering questions about her exercise routine and eating habits, said Lawrence. (Related: We Need to Change the Way We Think About Weight Gain During Pregnancy)

What mattered most to Lawrence was the fact that she knew she takes care of her body; it didn’t matter what anyone else thought or said, she explained in the video. “I’ve been for a long time now. I did it in an unhealthy way when I thought that size was everything. And now I listen to my body, I love it, I nourish it, I move it, so we’re all good in this department,” she said. (Related: How Iskra Lawrence Is Inspiring Women to Put Their #CelluLIT On Full Display)

Watch the mom-to-be share her entire experience in the video below:

Iskra lawrence see through

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