As-Seen-on-TV Phenomenon Jack LaLanne Lives On

Jack LaLanne, the fitness visionary who died recently at 96, will never again nag us to drink our vegetables. But Jack LaLanne, the brand, will continue to pitch his Power Juicers on long- and short-form infomercials … indefinitely.
Tristar Products Inc., makers of the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer line, will continue to use jumping Jack in infomercials postmortem and ad infinitum.”Jack’s family wants us to continue delivering his message of health,” Lynda Gentile, Tristar creative director, told Consumer Ally. “We’re revamping and looking at different options.”
A 90-ish LaLanne appears only for 10 seconds at the end of the Power Juicer’s current two-minute infomercial.
“Juicing is the easy way to help change your life,” he says.
How long is the shelf life of a fitness star who’s shuffled off this mortal coil?
“He could go another five years,” says Jeff Meltzer, a director of the Electronic Retailing Association, which represents infomercial companies. “That brand doesn’t go away overnight.”
He’s not wrong. Old pitchmen may die, but they don’t quickly fade away.
Almost two years after his cocaine-related death, infomercial host Billy Mays is still talked about in infomercials.
Infomercial immortality can depend on the reputation the pitchman established in life. Meltzer predicts that LaLanne will outlive Mays — on the air.
“Billy sold a lot of stuff,” he says. “Jack was selling a lifestyle. He was an amazing guy who lived and breathed what he preached.”
Tristar, however, won’t say how, or how long it will use LaLanne to sell the life-changing powers of fresh juice.
When the infomercials change, it will be “at the discretion of those in marketing and the family,” Gentile says.
Meltzer interprets that non-answer to mean, “They don’t know.”
Tristar executives probably weren’t “ready” for LaLanne’s death, he says. “The infomercial world is odd. LaLanne was in great shape mentally and physically. You never think a guy like that would get sick.”
LaLanne died of complications due to pneumonia on Jan. 23.
LaLanne became famous in 1951 as a television “physical culture expert” who led housewives to tighter thighs during his daily exercise show. Well into his 90s, LaLanne still admonished the world to eat healthy and exercise daily.
“I guarantee they will roll him out,” Meltzer says. “Even though Jack is deceased, you would expect to see his likeness, maybe from one of the early shows. You get a warm, fuzzy feeling about Jack LaLanne.”

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Jack LaLanne Power Juicer – all models review

The juicing machines on the market now make you sometimes lose control when choosing appropriate piece of technology for home. In kitchen everyone has special habits and needs optimal kind of electric equipment. Speaking about juicing technologies let’s not forget about Jack LaLanne Juicer. This kind of budget friendly decisions can be a real success for lots of buyers.

Jack LaLanne’s technologies seem to be at golden middle and find themselves in the centre of this market niche. There are plenty of variants and models which can be seen on sale right now. So, today we’ll compare the most popular items and make our independent decision of which kind of juice extractor you better buy.

Reading reviews abot PJP Power Juicers of the model range you can see a lot of opinions. Some juice makers are only for soft fruit, others can simply deal with vegs and even wheatgrass. Healthy food gets closer to you if you choose to purchase one of the machines given below. Of course, it’s still up to you to buy the most appropriate variant of equipment.

What are common features of Jack LaLanne’s juicers?

If you ask about complaints, you would find some. There are still people who don’t like their purchase, but the positive responds are in majority. Power Juicer series ratings are in the middle – they don’t tend to be the market leader but they are always there in comparisons and interesting reviews, videos and blog articles. What can we sum up as average pluses of the juicers? It’s easy:

  • great correspondence of price and quality, optimal budget level;
  • mainly stainless steel material for body and inner parts producing;
  • powerful long lasting motors which can show no problems during long months;
  • good blades with optimal shape and wisely constructed fittings;
  • there are some officially refurbished versions on the market with the lowest price;
  • really good quality of juice according to the price range of product.

So, now let’s look closer to which models producer gives us for choice and try to find all good things and minuses in their construction. Find out if you can manage to buy blades and cups for Jack LaLanne’s Juicer.

Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Deluxe – stainless steel decision

This model is also often called Ultimate as in previous generation. Let’s say it’s the cheapest idea for quick juice making with a lot of really good ways for using in kitchen. You may find it not so noisy and quite effective in squeezing any fruit you want. Many competitors cost really more and provide fewer possibilities for yield and quality of your drinks. JLSS model is quite efficient in all spheres. It’s model code is also MT-1000.

Can you use it to get wheatgrass juice? Hardly so, because it’s a really starting model and you can’t get everything just with the lowest price. If you mainly use soft berries and fruit, this purchase will serve you a lot of time. But with big loads it won’t be too long in your kitchen. So, it’s a wonderful choice to spend less money. But it won’t be any good if you want professional version of the juicer in your home.

Jack LaLanne Power Juicer PRO – more money and more functions

If you want to get really more possibilities for juicing everything at home, PRO version would be the best choice. Yes, it costs six times more than the previous one, but you’d get unlimited possibilities with this wonderful piece of technology. The interesting idea is that 3600 RPM motor can even deal with wheatgrass and get quite a good yield out of it. Which is impossible for any other competitor with the same price. Read . And now let’s give small overview of its pluses:

  • majority of the parts are made of stainless steel and give real freedom;
  • dishwasher safe parts help you clean the device with no manual work;
  • quiet motor is alright for homes with young children and for juicing in the morning;
  • new technologies can help you get more juice out of the same amount of fruit;
  • round chute is quite large, so you can easily put there a whole apple for example.

Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Elite and Classic

Classic version of the juicing machine is not so popular, although it costs not a lot. The cheap juice maker isn’t appropriate for leafy greens or hard vegetables. It can deal with soft products only and the yield isn’t as big as in more expensive models. But if you need just a simple home machine for easy juicing, this purchase will be alright in all ways of using. The customer reports aren’t as good as you might think.

The other version which is also not expensive at all is Power Juicer Elite. The machine has different design from all above mentioned variants and is quite easy to use. Though, it’s also not so popular among customers, so we just can’t see a lot of responds and reviews. Producer says it can easy cope with all home tasks and save up your money. For the same price you could also look at used Power Juicer Prestige which had a lot of functions and was more interesting in specs.

Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express – optimal value and specs

Express series is quite new and very interesting for buyers. This variant has optimal up-to-date design, very good characteristics and provides you with every possible way of juicing you’d like to have. In MT1020 model you can clearly find lots of pros with stainless steel body and inner parts. One can clearly produce a whole glass of vitamin and mineral rich juice in just a few seconds.

But the most exciting idea is buying Power Juicer Express Black (PJEB). This one provides the same characteristics but it also looks very smart in the modern kitchen. Unchanged motor of 3600 RPM is quite powerful and can provide you with all needed characteristics for juicing wheatgrass and other staff. You won’t feel any cons providing you don’t need any professional features and commercial amounts of juice to make everyday.

Jack LaLanne JLPJB Juicing Machine vs Cuisinart CJE-1000 vs Hamilton Beach 67608

The last step in our review of Jack LaLanne’s decisions for your kitchen is creating a couple of interesting comparisons. We’ll compare Power Juicer series with its competitors in specs and price. There is a huge amount of models which could be interesting in comparison. But we chose only three of them to show you:

  • Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die Cast Juice Extractor – shows great efficiency with 1000 watt motor, provides less price and looks really wonderful, it’s dishwasher safe and can be easily controlled during work;
  • Hamilton Beach 67608 Stainless Steel – optimal materials make this really cheap kitchen item one of best decisions, it can produce more juice but the quality might be less, price is shocking small and the specs are quite ok;
  • Jack LaLanne JLPJB Juicing Machine is a thing for your kitchen which doesn’t cost a lot and gives wonderful characteristics, lifetime warranty is given for the motor with 3600 RPM, there are lots of functions in the device.

So, having observed all pluses and minuses we decided that exactly Jack LaLanne would be the juicer which we bought on the market. Of course, the price might be a problem. But we don’t actually look at the small difference as determining one. So, it’s a wonderful idea to get to know more about this model and maybe buy it for home using.

What about Jack LaLanne Health Master 100 Blender?

There is no possibility to buy this kind of blender new on the market. Producer stopped making them but there are still a lot of used ones on sale. We would recommend finding another brand because of lack of parts and old construction. Health Master 100 was built in the times when there weren’t so strict rules about electricity economy. And still the device cost a lot and didn’t bring enough efficiency.

Today we see one splendid opportunity to find a really great blender – it’s Vitamix Standard Blender which is probably the best one in its competitors field. You may find a lot of pros in here when comparing Vitamix vs Jack LaLanne. And still there are lots of owners of the last one, so you probably need to find some parts or purchase company book about cooking with this kind of blender.

So, what Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer would we choose to buy?

To ask if the juicer is good or not we should after some testing. Though, just having read the reviews and customer responds you can clearly see which juicer you should buy. Compare the purpose of buying and find the most appropriate kind of equipment for you. Everyone wants to cover their own needs with this purchase, so it’s quite hard to recommend one single idea for all prospective buyers.

Our choice is: Jack LaLanne Power Juicer PRO with stainless steel body, great motor and optimal functions. It provides grinding and juicing for every kind of food and tries to be useful in lots of kitchen purposes. And still the equipment doesn’t cost a lot.

Jack lalanne power juicer mt1000

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