Mom exclusive: See how Jaime Pressly will cover up her twin pregnancy

Sonja Flemming/CBS

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Jaime Pressly gave the writers of Mom a unique opportunity when she announced her pregnancy with twins — another chance to address the ongoing struggles with addiction.

Instead of always sticking the actress — who plays sober mom Jill Kendall — behind a table or a couch, the writers incorporated her weight gain into an organic story about overeating. And EW obtained the exclusive first look.

“The idea being that addiction doesn’t always stay in one place,” explains co-executive producer Gemma Baker. “If you are dealing with addiction it may pop it in other places. We dealt with Christy having a gambling problem. So Jill is going through some things and the way she deals with it is food.”

In Jill’s case, she miscarried last season and decided to sponsor a foster child to fill the void. Once she learned that she may lose the child to its real mother, it caused her “emotionally eat,” explains Pressly.

So when the comedy returns for its fifth season in November, Pressly will show, ahem, the side effects of her newest addiction.

“I never figured I would hide behind tables because that never works, and Chuck Lorre is not known for being that cheesy,” says Pressly, who says she was pregnant for the last seven weeks of last season. “I knew they would come up with something fantastic.”

Pressly will appear in seven episodes this autumn before going on maternity leave. She’s expected to deliver her twin boys around Nov. 5 and will return to the sitcom in January.

“Oh, I am ready,” she tells EW of giving birth for the second time. “I turned 30 after Desi was born. Ten years later, I’m much older and wiser and calmer. It’s a totally different experience and a great one for my son, who is so excited about it.”

Image zoom Sonja Flemming/CBS

This isn’t the first time a sitcom has found an organic way to work Pressly’s pregnancy into a storyline. When she played Joy Turner on the NBC comedy My Name is Earl, executive producer Greg Garcia figured out a knee-slapping way to address her changing physique.

“Joy was on trial and she figured out the jurors were sympathetic to pregnant women so she decided to have a baby,” Pressly recalls. “Earl came up with a plan that Joy could be a surrogate for her half-sister, who she just met. It was the funniest story line in my life.”

But while seeing the petite Pressly in puffy prosthetics will certainly be a gut-buster, Pressley insists the writers took great care not to make stereotypical jokes about Jill’s weight.

“They don’t make fun,” says Pressly. “The writers are very careful. For everything we talk about on the show, there’s a fine line between what’s right and what’s wrong, and what we what can and cannot say. There is sensitive material in recovery. The other women kind of tiptoe around it. They don’t want to make Jill feel bad. There’s a big elephant in the room and that elephant is Jill.”

Mom returns Thursday, Nov. 2, at 9 p.m. ET to CBS.

Having to put on a fat suit and prosthetics while pregnant with twins might not be every expectant mom’s dream, but Jaime Pressly was “all in.”

The 40-year-old actress gave birth to twin sons Leo and Lenon in October, just as Mom was getting ready to kick off its fifth season. But instead of using odd props to cover up her pregnancy, the writers decided to work weight gain (of a different kind) into her character’s storyline, giving Jill an eating disorder and shipping her off on a wellness retreat during Pressly’s maternity leave.

“We have the best group of writers. I mean, that was such a brilliant way to cover the pregnancy,” Pressly told ET over the phone on Wednesday. “I had no idea they were going to come up with that. I was flabbergasted when they told me the idea.”

The actress initially thought writers might use her pregnancy in the show, after Jill’s miscarriage one season earlier. “But when they told me about the prosthetic fat face and neck, and the fat suit and the whole eating disorder, I was all in,” she insisted. “I thought it was brilliant.”


Pressly’s character returned to Mom earlier this month with a newly svelte bod — but as viewers saw on last week’s episode, getting healthy will be a bigger deal than meets the eye. Kristin Chenoweth guest starred as Jill’s “inner strength coach,” but when Jill tried to apply her eating in moderation to drinking in moderation, she quickly fell off the wagon.


“Jill’s going to have a really hard time staying sober,” Pressly teased of how Jill’s storyline will continue on Thursday, noting that writers also left it open for Chenoweth’s return. “Jill’s had a hard time being able to do anything in moderation… but I think Christy (Anna Faris) was the one who said, ‘We’re not a moderation group of women,’ so she had to learn that the hard way.”

“In this episode, she really struggles to stay sober, and it takes her good friends and her support group, these awesome women that she has in her life, to help her realize that no matter how long it takes, they’re going to stick by her no matter what,” she continued. “She’s going to be OK, and she won’t give up as long as she’s got her friends next to her.”

Like her character, Pressly’s got a great support system on Mom, and is just as close to the cast as they appear onscreen. “We’re all very understanding of each other, and what it’s like to be a woman in general, because we’re 40 and over. We’ve all been through the ringer at some point,” she said, noting that Allison Janney’s recent Oscar win “was just kind of icing on the cake for everybody.”

“She deserved every bit of that Oscar, and we were happy to accommodate whatever we needed to, as far as scheduling goes. Being an Oscar nominee is like campaigning to be president,” she continued. “Nothing has changed there except the title, what you say before her name, Academy Award-winning actress Allison Janney.”

The show was also very accommodating of Pressly’s pregnancy, but as she told ET, she couldn’t wait to get back on set after giving birth.

“I worked up until the week before the boys were born, and came back when they were two and a half months old, so I came back really early,” she shared, before laughing at her real motivation for returning to set: “I’ve got three boys at home! I love coming to work!”

“But everybody has just been , whether it’s been throughout the pregnancy, or me coming back, just being tired and having mom anxiety,” she said. “The women in the show are the characters in the show, so it’s nice to come to work.”

Mom airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. See more on Mom in the video below.


Jaime Pressly Gives Birth to Twin Boys Leo and Lenon — See the Cute Pic!

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Jaime Pressly: Shape’s Sexiest Body in Hollywood

Jaime Pressly shares her fitness strategies and secrets to let us know how she really gets buff and toned!

One of the biggest Hollywood fitness myths is that celebrities have great bodies because they have all the money in the world for personal trainers and professional chefs. While they may be able to afford these perks, they still have to do the work.

All that effort has paid off. Almost two years after giving birth to her son, Dezi, Jaime tops our annual list of the Sexiest Bodies in Hollywood.

Of course, Jaime’s allure goes way beyond toned abs. She also exudes self-confidence, a characteristic she finds appealing in others. Here, the Emmy-winning star of My Name Is Earl (and of the soon-to-be-released romantic comedy I Love You, Man) spills her secrets for getting sculpted and staying motivated and dishes on what really makes a woman sexy.

Stay focused on fitness goals & fitness strategies

Like a lot of first-time mothers, Jaime allowed herself to eat whatever she wanted while she was pregnant. “I gained 42 pounds,” says the 5-foot-4-inch actress. “That’s a lot of weight for mama!” After her son was born, she set specific fitness goals for her workout routines so that she could get back in shape in time for her 30th birthday party.

“I needed to get in the gym and run on the treadmill and lift weights,” she says. By the time her birthday arrived, she felt confident enough to celebrate by a pool in Las Vegas with her best friends in a bikini.

Jaime Pressly talks about workouts routines that will have you loving your curves – and your best features.

Another Hollywood myth? That all actresses want to be a size 0. “Not me!” says Jaime emphatically. “Sure, I wanted to lose my baby weight, but I didn’t want to lose my butt!” To maintain her curvy figure, she does toning workout routines and eats a healthy but filling diet. “I think it’s sexy when women have shapely bodies,” says Jaime.

Fitness strategies # 2: Play up your best features

Since having Dezi, what Jaime finds sexy about herself has changed. “I used to just say my brain,” she explains. “But lately, I love my stomach; after growing a human being inside me, there is nothing more incredible or sexy!” That’s why she focuses heavily on her abs when she’s working out. “Your core supports your spine and your torso,” she says. “Everything you do depends on it.”

Four days a week, Los Angeles trainer Mike Jones leads Jaime through a circuit-training session that might include anything from kickboxing to power-lifting moves. “I get bored easily, so he’s constantly changing the workout routines,” says Jaime. The routine may vary, but two things always stay the same: “Most of the exercises we do work multiple muscles at once,” says Jones. “And there’s no rest between sets, so Jaime’s heart rate and calorie burn stays high.” Check out the March issue for Jaime’s time-saving workout routines that keeps her red carpet-ready all year long.



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Jaime Pressly was born on July 30, in the year, 1977 and she is a very famous actress and also a model. Jaime Pressly is well-known for he role as the character, Joy Turner on the show, My Name Is Earl, and for this, Jaime Pressly had been nominated for 2 Emmy Awards, one Golden Globe Award and also one Screen Actors Guild Award. Jaime Pressly has made appearances in movies like Poison Ivy: The New Seduction in the year 1997, Joe Dirt in the year, 2001, The Oogieloves in 2012, DOA: Dead or Alive in the year, 2006, and also the movie, I Love You, Man in the year, 2009. Jaime Pressly was born in Kinston, and her parents are Brenda Sue, who is a dance instructor, and also James Liston Pressly, who is a car salesman. Jaime Pressly had been raised in a family with Christian values. In the year, 1992, Jaime Pressly had moved to Costa Mesa, and here, Jaime Pressly had spent her first semester of high school of sophomore year. Jaime Pressly had spent her childhood and her teen years training to be a gymnast.

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Jaime Pressly is a famous US Model and actress who is associated with many memorable movies and power-pack television projects. Recently this Mom (a popular TV series) star had honestly expressed that out of her three off-springs, she is especially fond of her eldest son of first marriage- it stirred controversy in social media.

Pressley was equally honest when she had decided to leave her education and going to Japan for a modeling contract alone. Born in Kinston, North Carolina in 1977, Pressley shifted to Costa Mesa, California in 1992. Soon her gymnastic acumen brought her modeling assignments. From late-nineties Pressly became a known face for both films as well as TV series. In later years she had delivered a few music-videos & turned towards production

Pressley and her boyfriend Eric Calvo engaged in 2006 became the proud parent of their son Dezi in 2007 and got separated in 2008. In 2009 Pressley married Entertainment Lawyer Simran Singh, the couple divorced in 2011. In 2017 Pressley gave birth to her twin sons Leo & Lenon – their father was Pressly’s old friend Hamzi Hijazi.

During her acting profession, she had been nominated for numerous prestigious awards. The TV series My Name is Earl brought her Gold Derby Award (2006), Monte Carlo TV Festival- Winner (2006), OFTA Television Award (2006) and ultimately Prime Time Emmy Award (2007). Her performance in Not Another Teen Movie was recognized by MTV Movie + TV Awards (2002).

Now that we’ve given enough information about Jaime Pressly, it’s time to move on to our next segment which is what you’ve all been waiting for! Yes! It’s time to immerse yourself and witness the beauty and style of this fashionably glamorous babe, in her many poses and postures in this handpicked selection of Jaime Pressly hot pictures galore, exclusively for our visitors and viewers. We’re sure fans will be more than elated to witness and admire these Jaime Pressly sexy pictures which are sure to be to their liking and satisfaction! Each and every snap of her is a dedication to her undeniably unbeatable beauty and the same can be seen in these priceless collection of Jaime Pressly boobs images. Cherish the view of this diva as you feast your eyes upon her lusciously smooth and wowing Jaime Pressly butt pictures and Jaime Pressly ass images. Most of these photos include Jaime Pressly bikini images, from the sexiest Jaime Pressly Instagram pics which showcase her wild-side and gorgeous curves! Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Jaime Pressly Without Makeup

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Jaime Pressly no makeup

Jaime Pressly was born upon 30th of July in 1977, in Kinston, North Carolina, U.S.A. She is the daughter of James Liston Pressly and Brenda Smith. Pressly is an American Citizen with English Ethnicity.

Pressly was the child of a dance trainer and a car salesperson. She grew up in the terrific business of her sis Jessica and her sibling James.

In her early age, she had actually appeared already in a teen magazine and had ended up being a spokesmodel for ICM. In short, her youth showed her future was rather bright. She received her education from Costa Mesa High School in California.

Her early duration film like Violet, Toxin Ivy and series like Push, Mortal Kombat and Jack and Jill offered her a limelight in the field of media. She appeared in great deals of other movies including Independent movie, Not another Teen film, and Poor White Trash and torque.

Apart from being a spokesmodel, she was also ranked in 102 sexiest women on the planet. She also sang “Fever” with the band “Pussycat Dolls”. A few of her video were The Space between, Girls of Summertime.

She likewise worked as a manufacturer in a motion picture Death to the Supermodels. She is also a spokesmodel to Jennifer Lopez. Apart from her look in Guidelines of Engagement, she appeared in I dislike my Teenage Daughter.

Recently, in 2013, she was in the function for Jennifer falls. Considering that 2014, she has been appearing in the TELEVISION series Mommy. In 2017, she featured in the motion picture Austin Found.

Pregnant Jaime Pressly on Expecting Twins: Feeling ‘Eight Limbs Moving Around Is Something Very Alien’

David Livingston/Getty

Jaime Pressly is opening up about how expecting twins is a whole different world than just being pregnant with one baby.

“I am feeling very pregnant,” Pressly told PEOPLE Saturday at the Step2 Presents 6th Annual Celebrity Red CARpet Safety Awareness Event at the Commissary at Sony Pictures Studio. “We are 34 weeks.”

On June 7, the Mom star announced she is pregnant with twin boys with her longtime boyfriend Hamzi Hijazi. The news came a decade after she had her first child, son Dezi James, with ex Eric Calvo.

“Doing it 10 years older really night and day!” Pressly admits, saying she feels “10 years wiser” and describing the feeling of carrying two children compared to one, “Having eight limbs moving around is something very alien.”

“There’s a lot more discomfort than there was with one,” she adds. “I’ve had a fairly easy pregnancy considering so many women go through so much worse, so I’ve been very, very lucky.”

Want all the latest pregnancy and birth announcements, plus celebrity mom blogs? .

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Pressly’s pregnancy cravings have also been different this time around. “We’re going to be doing a Krispy Kreme run today,” she admits. “In this last trimester, I’ve had doughnut cravings. I’m not a sweet-tooth person, I’m a savory, and I’ve really been craving sweets, which is unusual for me.”

“I was bloated everywhere and all of a sudden went out and just went straight into my belly, so I’m all belly ,” says the star. “But I worked out … and then I had to slow down a little bit.”

When asked about how Dezi is adjusting, Pressly reveals he’s “so excited” about the idea of becoming a big brother. “He’s been begging for a sibling since kindergarten,” she says. “It’s about time!”

Image zoom Jerod Harris/WireImage

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“It’s gonna be nice that they have a built-in buddy,” Pressly says. “Because having an only child for 10 years is proving to be a little more difficult than I thought — only because you have to constantly entertain or find a play date. Whereas now with twins, it comes with a play date.”

“I wanted a girl, but boys love their mamas and I’m a tomboy anyway, so it’s kind of fitting,” adds the My Name Is Earl alum.

But she’s not spilling the beans on what she’s naming her twins. “We’re gonna wait to tell them until after,” Pressly says before teasing,”they start with Ls.”

Thank u to everyone for all the kind birthday wishes!! It’s been a fantastic day with my family! #40thbirthday

— Jaime Pressly (@theJaimePressly) July 31, 2017

FROM PEN: Watch Jennifer Lopez Tear Up Remembering Her Twins Being Born

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Pressly is currently starring on Mom, where the writers of the show incorporated her weight gain into a character arc about overeating.

Her character Jill miscarried last season and decided to sponsor a foster child to fill the void. However, learning that she may lose the child to its biological mother caused her to “emotionally eat,” the actress explained to EW.

Pressly will appear in seven episodes this fall before going on maternity leave. She’s expected to deliver her twin boys around Nov. 5, and will return to the sitcom in January.

Mom returns to CBS on Thursday, Nov. 2, at 9 p.m. ET.

  • By Karen Mizoguchi
About Jaime Pressly
Age 42 Years
Birth July 30, 1977 Kinston, North Carolina, United States
Gender Female
Height 1.65 m
Spouse Simran Singh (m. 2009–2011)
Children Dezi James Calvo, Leo Hijazi, Lenon Hijazi
Parents James Liston Pressly, Brenda Sue Pressly
Job Actress, model

Mom season 5 premiered last week and the cast of our favorite ladies is back and better than ever! But fans are surprised by Jaime Pressly’s character, Jill’s sudden new look. Why is Jaime Pressly fat on Mom? We’ve got the scoop!

An all-new season of Mom premiered on CBS last week, bringing back Anna Faris, Allison Janney, Jaime Pressly, and a lot more laughs. The show is known to tackle issues like addiction, and it appears it’s going to visit another kind of addiction with Jaime Pressly’s character, Jill’s storyline.

Jill is seen in the season 5 premiere looking on the heavier side. What happened to Jill on Mom? Here’s what’s new in Mom Season 5.


Weight of Expectations

The reason for Mom’s burgeoning popularity is owed to its openness dealing with issues that many sitcoms have avoided.

The show is about a group of ladies who came together while dealing with alcohol addiction, which became the sitcom’s running theme. The show has brought laughter without making light of topics like homelessness, cancer, teen pregnancy, drugs, and domestic violence. It has been an outlet for many of these serious issues to be discussed in a safe and open manner.

When season 5 premiered, Christy (Faris), and Bonnie (Janney) Plunkett took center stage. But elsewhere in the episode, we were surprised to see Jill Kendall (Pressly) looking much heavier than we last saw her!

Jill is worried about losing her foster daughter, Emily, and as a result stress-eats, clearly packing on more than a few pounds. Jaime Pressly donned a fat suit so the show could explore a weight-gain-related storyline. The use of a fat suit raised a few eyebrows, but Mom is not a show that throws a cheap fat joke. There’s a good reason why the producers decided to add the extra weight to Jill and her storyline.

Pressly and her longtime boyfriend, Hamzi Hijazi welcomed twin sons, Leo and Lenon in October. She announced the birth of her sons on Instagram writing, “Introducing our new additions, Leo and Lenon, born October 16th. #DoubleTrouble” She also has a 10-year-old child, Dezi James Calvo with her ex, Eric Calvo.


Jaime Pressly introduces her newborn twins, Leo and Lenon Hijazi. Credits: Instagram/jaimepressly


Pressly announced she was expecting twins back in June and was candid about what it’s like “having eight limbs moving around.” Saying there is a lot of “discomfort” when she was pregnant with Dezi, Pressly added, “I’ve had a fairly easy pregnancy considering so many women go through so much worse, so I’ve been very, very lucky.”

Instead of hiding her pregnancy behind a table or a plant (side-eyeing Scandal), Pressly’s pregnancy gave the writers Mom an opportunity to explore the addiction theme further. As the co-executive producer of the show, Gemma Baker explains, “The idea being that addiction doesn’t always stay in one place.” As many know, addiction can be in the form of food, too.

Jaime Pressly celebrates Bumb Day by embracing her baby bump. Credits: Instagram/jaimepressly


Pressly filmed a few episodes before going on maternity leave. Baker explains her weight storyline adding, “If you are dealing with addiction it may pop it in other places. We dealt with Christy having a gambling problem. So Jill is going through some things, and the way she deals with it is food.”

Last season, Jill had a miscarriage which prompts her to fill the void by sponsoring a foster child. Now that she’s attached to Emily, she’s afraid of losing her to her birth mother. The stress causes her to “emotionally eat” as Pressly explains.

For Pressly, this is not the first pregnancy-inspired plot of a show she has filmed. She was pregnant with Dezi while starring as Joy Turner in My Name is Earl. “Joy was on trial and she figured out the jurors were sympathetic to pregnant women so she decided to have a baby.


Earl came up with a plan that Joy could be a surrogate for her half-sister, who she just met,” recalls the 40-year-old adding, “It was the funniest storyline in my life.”

A fat suit is an unconventional way to hide pregnancies on camera but it evened out her baby bump. Nevertheless, Momaholics (Mom fans) were a little taken aback. The Twitterverse is of the opinion that the show is going to make stereotypical jokes about fat people.

Ugh, @MomCBS, Jaime Pressly is still wearing the fat suit and is always shown eating, and the other characters are making fun of her food choices. Do I have to stop watching a show I just recently have grown to love??

— Gabi (@chickflick1979) November 17, 2017

However, Pressly promises this addiction gets the same respect as all the sensitive issues the show has dealt with. “The writers are very careful. For everything we talk about on the show, there’s a fine line between what’s right and what’s wrong, and what we what can and cannot say.

There is sensitive material in recovery,” said Pressly when it was announced how Mom would incorporate her pregnancy. “The other women kind of tiptoe around it. They don’t want to make Jill feel bad. There’s a big elephant in the room and that elephant is Jill.”

We recommend giving Jill’s weight-gain plot a shot. Mom season 5 airs on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. EST on CBS!

Jaime Pressly dons a fat suit on Mom to cover up her pregnancy. Credits: Twitter/@hollyoutbreak

Jaime Pressly: How I Got This Body

Jack Guy

Jack GuyFrom Health magazineJaime Pressly, 32, sits on the balcony of her Los Angeles home, looking incredibly content. No surprise: Pressly—who won an Emmy for her role on My Name Is Earl and is at work on a new TV pilot—is loving life with her husband of eight months, Simran Singh, and son, Dezi. Here, she shares how she lost the baby weight, how she deals with Hollywoods forever-young pressure, and what her ideal workout is. (Its so not yoga!)

Q: Last fall, you took the plunge and got married. How did you know that Simran was The One?
A: I just knew. It was like, Oh my god—there he is. There was a feeling of security that I hadnt felt with anyone else. But were polar opposites—hes quiet, and Im the talky pants. Hes a lawyer, and Im like the crazy client he has to represent. We work well together.

Q: Your husband is a vegetarian and youre not. Have your eating habits changed as a result?
A: I eat a lot less red meat. And believe me, Im from the South—I love meat and potatoes. Im good at cooking fish, but Im also good at cooking sauces because Im Southern, and sauces are our thing.

Q: Are sauces partly why you gained 42 pounds while pregnant?
A: Yeah. I didnt care. It was the first time in my life I could eat whatever whenever I wanted, and I did. Honey, I ate everything I could see.

Q: How long did it take you to lose the weight?
A: Three months. But I lost the first 32 pounds by my 30th birthday, which we celebrated in Vegas. We had pool parties, and I was not about to be chunky. I did the cabbage soup diet twice in a row. It lasts six days, and you eat cabbage soup three to four times a day. But one day, you can also eat up to eight bananas.

Q: Did you really eat eight bananas?
A: I did, because I was breast-feeding and hungry. On the third day, youre so excited because you get half a baked potato. You can have any size potato, so I was at the store trying to find the jumbo ones. I was like, Where are the ones that they genetically made ginormous? I was also working out two hours a day—you have to work out.

Q: Whats a typical workout for you?
A: I get bored easily, so my trainer, Mike Jones, introduced me to the TRX. Its two handles you can attach to a bar or a doorway. You use your body weight for resistance. We also do abs, plus 150 to 200 squats. We work the inner and outer thighs, the quads, the hamstrings. I enjoy feeling the burn and pushing myself.

Q: Are there any fitness trends you regret trying?
A: I am not a yoga person. They say it would be good for me because Im a Type A person, and it would relax me, but I like action. Yogas too Zen for me!

Q: How do you deal with the pressure to stay young and beautiful in Hollywood?
A: Ive never felt that pressure. Part of that is because I know myself. Im someone who likes to be in shape because it makes me feel good. But I eat junk food, too.

Q: Is there a beauty product you cant live without?
A: My La Mer moisturizer. Also, my St. Ives facial scrub that Ive been using for 12 years! And LOreal Voluminous mascara.

Q: Any more kids in your future?
A: Not right this second, but definitely. One or two more.

Q: Whose body do you covet in Hollywood?
A: When I think of legs I always think of Shirley MacLaine on Broadway. Shes always been one of my idols because shes funny, sassy, ballsy, smart, spiritual.

Q: Is there anything wrong with plastic surgery?
A: I believe in the saying, “To each his own.” Who knows, when Im 56 years old I may want to change something. I dont want anyone to judge me, so Im not going to judge them.

Successful Weight Loss Tips from Jaime Pressly

Her body routine has kept the 5 foot 5 inch actress lean and firm for years. Jamie has the lean and athletic physique that so many women are after and so many men desire. Jamie is no stranger to working out and eating right. Check out her regiment below.

Jaime Pressly’s Diet

Jaime Pressly eats lots of protein, and lots of big green salads, meat and potatoes. She loves pasta but doesn’t eat a lot, and cut out a lot of carbs. She does eat a lot of fresh fruits like honeydew and pineapple.

Jaime Pressly’s Exercise

Jaime enjoys horse back riding, hiking, kickboxing and swimming. When she trains for a movie she hits the gym four hours a day for about a month. Jaime used dance for 5 hours a day which gave her a very muscular body years back, when she stopped dancing she started going to the gym to keep fit. She has worked with personal trainer Garrett Warren, doing core-strengthening workout that is a hybrid of Pilates, Yoga and core stability moves, called Proper Body Exercise. A typical workout is 90-minute workout starts off with kickboxing, then moves on to weights, 15 minutes of ProBodX moves and, ab exercises. She also incorporates resistance training to her workouts, and likes to hike.

Jaime pressly weight gain

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