Janet Jackson May Have Shocking ‘Fat’ Photo to Thank for Dramatic Weight Loss

Trust me, it works better than ANY scale ever could. It doesn’t even have to be an actual picture. I know from personal experience that a sketch will do.

During a subway ride years ago, I noticed a down-on-his luck guy drawing passengers for money. Well, when he started sketching me, I was glad to help him out. As other passengers looked over his shoulder nodding in a way that suggested this so-called artist was creating some kind of spot-on Renior-esque masterpiece, I was excited to see the finished work.

He handed it to me as I exited the train and, to say the least, it was nothing like I expected. I was staring at a Mrs. Potato Head with shoulder-length hair. I thought, “This can’t be right!” Well, having that ridiculous drawing – which I taped up in my office- was the best workout motivation I ever had. (I went on to eventually lose 15-pounds before my wedding!)

This could be the magic bullet that she’s been looking for. Whenever a craving creeps up, all Janet has to do is thumb through some old photos and she’ll likely find the inspiration to stay sexy and svelte for good this time.

What do you think? Can Janet keep the weight off?

Image via wannabehipster/Flickr

Superstar Janet Jackson showed off her age-defying physique in an all-black outfit while attending a release party for her new single, “Made For Now,” a collaboration with singer/songwriter Daddy Yankee.

Jackson, 52, sizzled in an edgy black leather corset that spotlighted her 70-pound, post-baby weight loss. Janet accentuated her look with baggy black pants and an asymmetrical black jacket.

The Grammy winner posted an Instagram video of the event, which was held August 17 on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel in New York City.

On Saturday afternoon, August 18, Jackson posted a photo of herself filming a music video on a Manhattan rooftop.

“Are u ready for our Harlem Week block party?” Janet wrote in the caption.

Lost 70 Pounds After Giving Birth In 2017

In the Instagram photo, Jackson looks gorgeous in a colorful outfit with a cinched waist that spotlighted her recent weight loss and slimline physique.

Judging by her wrinkle-free face and superfit figure, it’s hard to believe that Janet has been in show business for more than 40 years, having launched her entertainment career at age seven.

While good genes undoubtedly play a role in her youthful appearance, Jackson also follows a healthy diet and works out regularly to stay in shape.

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Had such a fun release party last night! Thank u all for making me feel so special and #MadeForNow ???? @samsung837 @thestandard @legendarydamon @joeyharrisinc @femaleexec @jqlondon @djaktive @mepaulamarie @trennesswb #BoomBoomRoom #Samsung837 #MadeForNowExperience ⠀ @daddyyankee ???? @solaimanfazel

A post shared by Janet Jackson (@janetjackson) on Aug 18, 2018 at 10:42am PDT

Jackson’s fitness trainer, Paulette Sybliss, said the pop star lost 70 pounds after giving birth to son Eissa Al Mana in January, 2017.

Janet’s weight loss secrets were weightlifting workouts and a healthy, portion-controlled diet, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

Interestingly, Jackson did no cardio exercise, focusing instead on weightlifting. Janet’s trainer said lifting weights elevates the heart rate and accelerates fat-burning, especially if you don’t take long breaks in between sets.

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A post shared by Janet Jackson (@janetjackson) on Aug 30, 2018 at 7:42pm PDT

“You would look at her and think she’d done like an hour of cardio with me,” Janet’s weight-loss coach Paulette Sybliss told E! News. “But when you’re working with weights and you’re working the muscle that way, it elevates the heart rate. It’s creating that fat-burning affect both during the session and also when she left me, and that was key.”

Paulette said the results speak for themselves. Not only did Janet lose 70 pounds in just a few months, but she’s toned and strong.

“Her waist is tiny!” Sybliss gushed. “She looks incredible and she’s so fit, but she’s also healthy. She actually looks smaller in person than in pictures.”

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Thank u so much @essencefest. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off #SOTW. ???? ????: @solaimanfazel

A post shared by Janet Jackson (@janetjackson) on Jul 10, 2018 at 12:49pm PDT

Janet previously admitted that she has struggled with weight issues all her life, and has tried every trendy diet. As a result, her weight has fluctuated dramatically over the years.

Oh my Janet ???? that baby fat caught up to you quick!!!! How many months are you again? @JanetJackson pic.twitter.com/yQZczfJaUP

— Come See About Me (@InGARYWeTrust_) September 29, 2016

Janet Jackson now maintains her weight loss with a healthy, portion-controlled eating plan that allows a little bit of everything, including chocolate cake and other desserts in small portions.

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Thank u again @radiodisney. Make sure to tune in guys ???? ????: @solaimanfazel #RDMA

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Janet Jackson

(Reuters) – It’s no secret that Janet Jackson has battled weight issues her entire life, but what her fans may not know is that even when the singer is on tour, sweating every night, she still has problems staying slim.

So Jackson joined the ranks of Nutrisystem users on Thursday to become the “new face” of the weight-loss program, promoting a new “SUCCESS” diet plan even as she uses it to help raise money to feed the world’s hungry.

The “Rhythm Nation” singer and member of the famous Jackson family, wrote fearlessly about self-image issues in her book, “True You,” documenting a period in 2006 when she put on weight for a movie and ballooned to 180 lbs, only to become fodder for fat jokes in the tabloid press.

But Jackson said it’s not only working as an actress that can cause her to put on pounds. Rather, it is everyday life that gets her. And even after dancing and singing nearly every night on her “Number Ones,” she still battles weight gain.

“Your body gets used to different exercises, and I’ve been performing for so long that my body’s just used to it. Actually, I have to work a little harder while doing a show,” she told Reuters.

Weight gain, she said “is something I’ve dealt with my entire life.”

In her book “True You,” which was published in hardcover earlier this year and hit stores in paperback this week, Jackson writes “eating was emotional for me; eating calmed my nerves and brought me instant gratification.”

After Nutrisystem chief executive Joe Redling read the book, he approached Jackson about his weight-loss program and gave her some of Nutrisystem’s pre-packaged foods to sample while on tour. Jackson said she was sold.

“When I was in hair and makeup, we were all taste testing. Everybody was going crazy for it,” she said.


When asked her favorite Nutrisystem meal, Jackson said “I can’t say there’s just one thing,” then she paused.

“They do have cheese puffs,” she said. “It had been years since I wrapped my lips around cheese puffs because they were things I had to stay away from.”

Jackson joins a long list of celebrities, including Kirstie Alley and Jennifer Hudson, who have publicly battled weight loss and endorsed diet programs. Typically, the stars document how much they lose, but Jackson doesn’t want to do that.

“I’m going about this a different way by not putting a pound amount on it,” she said. “It’s about when I feel healthy, about when I feel good. That is how I want to be,” she said.

Like most people, she pops her meals into a microwave to heat them up, but is quick to add that, unlike many others, she has a trainer to help her work out. She stresses the importance of exercise, but emphasizes that people don’t need a trainer when all they really need to do is go for a long walk or do other everyday activities that get them off their couches.

Key to Jackson’s involvement in Nutrisystem, she said, is that for every pound its dieters loose in 2012, the company will donate $1 worth of food to people in need. The pair have created “Nutribank,” (www.nutribank.org ), to work with hunger organizations around the world. Last year, Nutrisystem users lost 10 million pounds, in total.

“I feel that my true calling is to help people,” she said. Now, that calling extends to weight loss and quashing hunger.

From: Janet Jackson puts new “face” on weight loss | Reuters

Janet Jackson has been in the spotlight for quite some time. But it seems she’s looking to reinvent herself in the new year with a throwback hairstyle.

The 52-year-old singer took to social media to debut her “new look,” — a departure from the long, crimped ponytail she’s been rocking lately. Fans quickly noticed, however, that the new ‘do is actually a return to a look she made famous in 1997.

“Is this Velvet Rope Janet?” a fan commented, referring to one of Jackson’s hit albums, where she showed off similar corkscrew curls. “Giving me Velvet Rope tease and I love it,” another wrote.

Jackson revealed the new look on Wednesday night, with a photo of herself preparing for a show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Immediately, people got excited to see their “queen,” and even wondered if the updated aesthetic meant that new music may also be on its way.

“New year, new music?” a commenter asked, while another added, “Please God!”

… And new album ? 😊
You look fantastic queen #JanetJackson 😍 pic.twitter.com/TdWBbwHTL9

— Med-Jay Paris (@MedJayParis) January 31, 2019

With upcoming tour dates in Japan, it’s possible that Jackson hasn’t had enough time to produce new music. Still, fans are happy to see her out slaying there the stage and looking so good.

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Janet Jackson trained like a sprinter for her new show

LAS VEGAS — As a wall of digital screens flashes the initials of one of the most consistent pop superstars of the last three decades, a crowd of 5,200 Janet Jackson fans waits for the metamorphosis to begin.

Flanked across a stage inside of the Park MGM Theater, 14 backup dancers – ranging in age, size, gender and race — fall into formation as Jackson begins the first notes of her new track, “Empty.” They begin to deliver the precise, coordinated steps, high shoulder movement and head shakes that Jackson has been bringing to arenas since her first Rhythm Nation World Tour in 1990.

“I look at her as an athlete. I have got to make sure that she is fit to do the show.”— Paulette Sybliss, Janet Jackson’s personal trainer

But this one is different. This brief residency in Vegas — celebrating the 30th anniversary of her game-changing album, Rhythm Nation 1814 — began in May and will finish up in the next 10 days. Titled Metamorphosis, it takes place in the most intimate space she’s ever appeared in as a solo act. Over the course of 100 minutes, Jackson — at 53 — will run through a setlist of 37 hits from the entirety of her career.

And she does it without missing a beat.

Not one, single, solitary beat.

We’ve known Janet Jackson the Pop Superstar almost as long as we’ve known ourselves. But now we’re meeting Janet Jackson, the high-functioning athlete.

“I am from a sprinter’s background, so I train her at that level, and it’s intense,” said 49-year-old Paulette Sybliss, Jackson’s personal trainer who is a former amateur sprinter and long jumper who ran in primary and secondary school in London. “It is 45 minutes of intensity, doing some drills that I know from my athletics background. She — as a 53-year-old woman — will take on many who are half her age, and put them to shame, to be quite honest with you. She does that a lot of the times in sessions with the dancers. I look at them, and they look at me, and I am like, ‘Yeah …’ ”

On April 6, 2016, Jackson announced to her fans via video that she was unexpectedly ending her Unbreakable tour, because she and her then-husband, business tycoon Wissam Al Mana, wanted to start a family. The two had secretly married in 2012, didn’t confirm it until 2013 and at 49, Jackson wanted to become a first-time mom. (The couple divorced in 2017.)

My training sessions with @JanetJackson were designed to get her looking incredibly hot, and incredibly fit for 56 shows. #MissionAccomplished pic.twitter.com/qbgyd679zj

— Paulette Sybliss (@paulettesybliss) December 3, 2017

She promised she’d hit the stage again as soon as she could, telling fans in a video she posted on Twitter: “My husband and I are planning our family, so I’m going to have to delay the tour. Please, if you could try and understand that it’s important that I do this now. I have to rest up, doctor’s orders. But I have not forgotten about you. I will continue the tour as soon as I possibly can.”

Jackson’s high-impact touring shows have come like clockwork for decades — Rhythm Nation World Tour 1990; 1993-1995’s Janet World Tour; 1998-1999’s The Velvet Rope Tour; 2001-2002’s All For You Tour; 2008’s Rock Witchu Tour, 2011’s Number Ones, Up Close and Personal World Tour; 2015-2016’s Unbreakable World Tour and her most recent State of the World Tour, 2017-2019. Emphasis on the high impact. Once she shifts into the first 8-count of a complicated choreography, it doesn’t end until the show’s conclusion.

According to her trainer Paulette Sybliss, Janet Jackson’s ability to endure her grueling schedule is due to intense weight training.

Photo by Farrenton Grigsby/Getty Images for JJ

Her ability to endure that schedule — especially now — is due to intense weight training, said Sybliss.

“Predominantly, all of her sessions are based around some kind of weight training, as well as interval training. Sprinters do a lot of interval training, where you’re working really hard for maybe 30-45 seconds. When I mean hard, I mean your heart rate is at the highest, and then she will maybe take a rest at that period of time,” said Sybliss, who claims that at 13 she was once clocked as the fastest girl in London. “If you ever see sprinters’ training sessions, that’s how they train. It’s full-on intensity, you take a bit of a recovery. And then you go again.”

Sybliss said she uses Jamaican sprinter Merlene Ottey, who ran at a world-class level into her 50s — as an inspiration for Jackson’s training. She first began working with Jackson when Jackson’s son Eissa was 6 weeks old. They’d work out four times a week for 45 minutes to an hour. Back in 2017, the goal was to trim the pounds Jackson gained from pregnancy — she eventually dropped 70 pounds — and to build lean muscle for her forthcoming State of the World Tour.

“Once she had the baby, we were doing a solid five times a week, because time was not on our side. With her hectic schedule now, it may be three to four times, sometimes five times a week. I never take her into an hour. She doesn’t need it,” Sybliss said. She stops to chuckle before adding: “She probably wants me to finish after 30 minutes, it’s so intense.”

Jackson doesn’t take her first significant pause until she’s 16 songs in, after she’s been going at it for about an hour. This is when she tells the crowd she wants to slow it down before going into her slow ballad, “Come Back To Me,” from the Rhythm Nation 1814 album. She chases that with three more soft ballads. As she works through the final notes of “China Love,” from her 2001 All For You album, she looks out at the audience and breaks into a smile. Satisfied with the eruption of cheers, Jackson then looks over her shoulders at everyone backing her up, nods her head and jumps into an uptempo track from 1997’s The Velvet Rope, “Together Again,” a house-music tune that pays homage to a friend she lost to AIDS.

“I am from a sprinter’s background, so I train her at that level, and it’s intense.” — Sybliss on Jackson

Jumping alongside her dancers — much like she did in the summer of 1998 as she performed “Together Again” at NBA arenas across North America — Jackson’s stamina is impressive for a performer of any age. But for one who in her fifth decade? It’s mind-blowing.

What we’re seeing on stage is a better version of Jackson, even better Sybliss thinks, than what she saw as a fan in her 20s, dancing to “Control” and “Nasty.” Those same movements that Jackson performed next to Tina Landon, the former Laker Girl who choreographed the tours in 1993 and 1998, sometimes look even better now than they did when she debuted them.

Throughout the entire show, Paulette Sybliss has Janet Jackson drinking water with electrolytes. After the show, it’s about muscle recovery.

Photo by Farrenton Grigsby/Getty Images for JJ

“She is probably a lot fitter now,” Sybliss said. “Sometimes have to pull her back from maybe doing too much. As we get older, we get injuries, but it’s not necessarily getting the injury, sometimes it takes longer to recover from the injuries as we get older.

“For women as well, as we get close to our 50s, and then there are changes that are coming on as well. It’s accommodating things like that, and saying that we may need to tail back on something like this, or push harder in this section of the show. At the end of the day, she is doing a lot of shows, so we don’t want her to get burnt out during the first few shows. If Janet’s ill, there’s no show. My job is not just to train her, it’s to make sure she’s recovering, she’s getting the right fluids, the right liquids during the show, and also post-show as well.”

Throughout the entire show, Sybliss has Jackson drinking water with electrolytes. “If you see Janet during a show, it’s so intense. We don’t just lose water, we lose salt as well. I need to make sure that during the show, that she’s getting hydrated and getting electrolytes, because the worst thing that can happen is that she cramps on stage.”

After the show, it’s all about muscle recovery. “I look at her as an athlete. I have got to make sure that she is fit to do the show. She might want to train with me the day after the show, I will say, ‘Well, you know, it’s a rest day tomorrow.’ ”

“Sometimes have to pull her back from maybe doing too much. As we get older, we get injuries, but it’s not necessarily getting the injury, sometimes it takes longer to recover from the injuries as we get older.”

“She’s competitive,” Sybliss said. “She likes to push herself, and she knows that I will be able to push her. If it’s a new session, as challenging as it may be, I can see in her face the determination … ‘Well, OK, I’m going to show you I can do this.’”

Near the end of the show, Jackson tells the audience she first performed at an MGM casino in Vegas as a 7-year-old with her brother Michael and her sisters.

The show appears to end with the title track of Rhythm Nation 1814 — the album she’s celebrating the 30th anniversary of. But Jackson still has three more songs left in her: “Morning,” “Doesn’t Really Matter” and “Made For Now.” On that digital screen, she’s draped in a gold material, and you can hear her son Eissa off-screen.

“Now she’s a mother and she’s still working, and she’s in Vegas. She’s touring around the world,” Sybliss said. “It really is incredible.”

Kelley L. Carter is a senior entertainment writer at The Undefeated. She can act out every episode of the U.S version of “The Office,” she can and will sing the Michigan State University fight song on command and she is very much immune to Hollywood hotness.

Janet Is Back! Jackson Shows Off Incredible Post-Baby Body as She Kicks Off State of the World Tour

Image zoom GoldenEye/Splash

Janet Jackson is back!

The 51-year-old singer kicked off her highly anticipated State of the World tour on Thursday, just eight months after welcoming her first child, Eissa.

Jackson gave some serious ’90s vibes for her Lafayette, Louisiana, tour stop and even flaunted her signature all-black look.

She showed off her slim figure in form-fitting outfits as she danced and sang in performances akin to her past, high-energy displays.

Image zoom GoldenEye/Splash Image zoom GoldenEye/Splash

Naturally, fans couldn’t help but praise the star, and many posted Twitter videos of the performance.

“Janet over here not missing a beat and looking youthful as ever #SOTW,” one person tweeted alongside a video clip.

Want all the latest pregnancy and birth announcements, plus celebrity mom blogs? .

Image zoom GoldenEye/Splash

Missy Elliott even weighed in, quote-tweeting a super fierce clip of the star to write, “Yup @JanetJackson said what y’all thought she was playing?😂😄 this what she do! Snatch edges for a living

Image zoom


Jackson welcomed Eissa on Jan. 3 with her now estranged husband Wissam Al Mana.

Yup @JanetJackson said what y’all thought she was playing?😂🤣 this what she do! Snatch edges for a living🤷🏽‍♀️ https://t.co/9R1Kwmh5O3

— Missy Elliott (@MissyElliott) September 8, 2017

Janet Jackson is one of the greatest entertainers to ever perform on this Earth. CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HER NEXT MONTH. #SOTW https://t.co/r4oO0rScQr

— Kingsley (@kingsleyyy) September 8, 2017

The pregnancy prompted Jackson to delay the tour and she announced in a Twitter video last April that she had done so to focus on starting a family.

Janet Jackson Announces Return to World Tour While Addressing Separation from Estranged Husband

In the months since giving birth, Jackson hyped up her fans with an August photo of herself rehearsing for the concerts.

On Wednesday, the star announced that she would be performing in Houston despite the devastation left in the area by Hurricane Harvey.

“We’re going to roll in early because we wanted to visit some of the shelters,” she said. “And not just visit some of the shelters, we also want to do something special. So, we’ll see you Friday!”

Janet jackson fat pic

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