Welcome to our series, “At Home with…,” where we sit down with our favorite design tastemakers to learn about the inspiration behind key spaces in their home.

When Jasmine Tookes isn’t strutting down the runway or being cast for world-renowned fashion campaigns, she likes to relax at home with her friends and family. So when she stumbled upon a dreamy, traditional-style home in the heart of Beverly Hills—a potential-rich space where she could actually host her loved ones—she was set on making it hers. “When I first toured the home, I walked into the master bedroom and on the nightstand was a magazine that I was on the cover of,” she recalls, casually. “It felt like it was meant to be.” The home was fairly new, though it craved a healthy dose of TLC.

The original architecture of the house was reminiscent of a Hamptons-style cottage, and Tookes planned to work with designers to transform it into something more modern, with a farmhouse twist. After browsing through portfolios online, Tookes discovered Design Works—the high-end interiors company with a strong digital footprint—and knew almost immediately that they would be the ones to make her house a home. “I loved that their aesthetic was clean but also comfortable, so I reached out to their founder, Robin Strickler, to redo the interiors,” Tookes says. Her biggest fear was that the home would feel too perfect or too neat, so striking a balance between a lived-in yet refined aesthetic was major.

According to Strickler, “Prior to the renovation, the home definitely needed some work but it had major potential. Overall, many of the finishes were dated and it just needed a designer’s touch–and some white paint!”
Now, Jasmine welcomes ED inside her bright and breezy Beverly Hills home.

Jasmine Tookes Has Some Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Advice

The Victoria’s Secret Angel on how to keep a relationship fresh and spontaneous — and what to do if you’re just now planning Valentine’s Day.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes is tired of people asking her what she eats.

The 28-year-old, who is proudly seen modeling barely-there lingerie and swimwear for the popular fashion label, insisted there is no secret diet she follows to keep her coveted curves in runway-ready shape.


“I am so bored of people asking me what I eat every day because, honestly, I eat everything in moderation!” the model told Glamour UK Friday. “I love food so much!”

Tookes admitted that despite being a sought-after pinup, her shape does fluctuate like anyone else’s and the real secret to looking and feeling good about yourself is embracing your figure.

“You learn to love your body more and more,” said Tookes. “Especially as you get older things change, you work out a little harder or a little less. You are constantly learning to accept and love your body. Everybody has that one little thing they don’t like. You have to learn to embrace that and love that. That’s what I have done.”

But Tookes, who has been a certified Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2015, knows a thing or two about looking good in daring ensembles. She told the magazine wearing lingerie that fits properly is another way to celebrate your curves.


“I am just really big on things fitting properly,” she explained. “A lot of girls are wearing the wrong size bra. Not that long ago I was fitted in a store and I was completely off. I have been a model for nearly 10 years, and I have been wearing the wrong size bra in my personal life this whole time! So, my trick would be to just get measured. Your body changes and your bust fluctuates so it’s important to check in with your body.”

“Lingerie is more personal now — it’s about whatever makes you feel good,” added Tookes. “It’s empowering as well as sexy now. It’s about being whoever you wanna be! … You don’t have to be sexy for anyone else, you have to be sexy for yourself. It’s all about self-love and feeling good about yourself.”

Tookes, who has nearly 4 million followers on Instagram alone, stressed that she avoids reading negative comments whenever possible. It’s something that in the era of social media, she advises other women to do.

“To be honest I really try not to read it,” she admitted. “I see the first couple of words, and I think, ‘Nope! You’re not going to get into my head!’ It’s so important for people to not listen to others. Stay true to yourself and believe in yourself. Those comments are so stupid, it’s someone sitting on a computer who has nothing better to do.”


Back in 2016, Tookes told Fox News she still couldn’t believe she had earned her wings as an Angel.

“The moment I found that I was an Angel, I couldn’t believe it and still to this day I don’t believe it at all!” she said at the time. “I still see myself in the pictures of the show and I’m like, ‘Is that really me?’ Because it was such a lifelong dream of mine to be in this position and it’s so surreal. I feel very honored.”

My life has changed a little bit since I became an Angel,” she continued. “It’s so much fun and I’m a part of a whole new family. It’s like a little group of sisters. And we all get along so well. We get to travel together and work together. So it’s a lot of fun to have these other girls in your life that you can share these moments with.”

Why This Unretouched Victoria’s Secret Photo Is Super Inspiring

Victoria’s Secret released a photo of model Jasmine Tookes showing off Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Bright Night Fantasy Bra, estimated to be worth $3 million. But the photo itself is priceless. As Cosmopolitan points out, the photo features an unretouched Tookes showing off the 450-carat bra and her stretch marks. (You know, those lines most of us have but that usually end up being Photoshopped right out of ads like this?) Victoria’s Secret have often been called out for their Photoshop fails, including removing a butt cheek. This past summer, a woman who worked as a photo retoucher for Victoria’s Secret revealed to Refinery29 that (surprise!) no woman’s body actually looks like the ones in those catalog photos. The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said she was often “adding meat on their bones” and would be asked to make breasts rounder, higher, perfectly symmetrical, and of course, larger. (“They all have A’s,” she said.) But, this photo, which was released without explanation, shows that maybe Victoria’s Secret is looking to get away from that kind of retouching and follow Aerie’s body positive lead. In 2014, the American Eagle offshoot lingerie brand stopped using Photoshop and saw an increase in sales. This photo could mean that Victoria’s Secret is going to finally start showing models that look more like the women who are buying their products. Not to mention, it might allow the models to look more like their beautifully natural selves. Tune in December 5 to see Tookes, the first woman of color to model the Fantasy Bra in nine years, strut her stuff in the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Model Jasmine Tookes Has Stretch Marks in Unretouched Victoria’s Secret Photo

Jasmine Tookes recently made headlines when Victoria’s Secret announced she’ll be modeling the brand’s infamous Fantasy Bra during the VS Fashion Show in Paris later this year. The 24-year-old supermodel will be the first black woman to wear the $3 million coveted garment in nearly a decade, and she couldn’t be more excited.

“It is…a milestone for Victoria’s Secret to have a woman of color wearing the bra this year because there have only been two in the past & I am so happy to represent that for the brand and women out there,” she wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post.

“I hope that I can be as much of an inspiration to young girls as these girls were for me. … This truly means the world to me and it is proof that with hard work, dedication & a positive attitude that you can accomplish anything you want in your life.”

Last week, Victoria’s Secret released a series of unretouched images that showed off a glimpse of the dazzling bra along with another unexpected surprise: stretch marks on Tookes’ upper thigh.

Image zoom

via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

These photos come on the heels of a recent debate about how much Photoshop is too much (Read: Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Don’t Have Knees in New Photoshop Fail). Victoria’s Secret, in particular, is known for its overtly photoshopped images, making these unretouched images an especially welcome change.

Image zoom

via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

It’s empowering to know that even Victoria’s Secret Angels have their “flaws” – giving us more reason to celebrate their undeniable beauty.

Victoria’s Secret is bringing back swimwear.

The lingerie and lifestyle brand will release a “curated collection” next month after getting rid of swim styles in 2016.

The company reportedly discontinued the category at the time to prioritize athleisure and lingerie styles. The move angered customers and caused a social media stir.

“Victoria’s Secret discontinuing swim was the worst thing that happen in 2016,” one user tweeted. “Victoria’s Secret discontinuing their swim line was the worst idea EVER…where else am I supposed to buy my bathing suits?!” another added.

However, to the excitement of many of the brand’s customers, Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, L Brands, announced the plan to relaunch during an earnings call in November 2018.

The brand also just did a big reveal on social media teasing the return.

Followers of the brand were quick to respond positively to the news. “Glad to see you saw the errors in your ways,” one user tweeted, referencing the brand nixing the line years before.

“Victoria’s Secret swim is back…. best day ever,” another user wrote on the platform. “Victoria’s Secret swim collection is back the game has been changed,” another user added.

New styles from the upcoming collection were also teased on Instagram.

Few details have been released about the new collections, including the range of sizes that will be available.

The brand’s current range of lingerie sizes is 30A to 40DDD, and several customers have urged the brand to consider size inclusive swim styles in Twitter posts.

“But when will you bring in inclusive sizing?” one user replied to the company’s announcement. “We’re sharing your interest in additional sizing with our team!” a representative from Victoria’s Secret responded.

The brand made headlines in November 2018 after chief marketing officer of L Brands, Ed Razek, made controversial comments to Vogue concerning inclusivity and plus-size models in the brand’s famous annual fashion show.

You’ll have to wait till next month to see what styles and sizes are available.

“Good Morning America” has reached out to Victoria’s Secret for more information on the upcoming collection and will update if we hear back.

This morning, Victoria’s Secret announced that Jasmine Tookes would have the honor of wearing this year’s $3 Million Fantasy Bra at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris. As she was just named an Angel last year (and first walked the show in 2012), this is a major milestone for her.

“I’m definitely nervous! Especially wearing this thing,” she told us at the unveiling of the bra this morning. “It’s going to be one of the best shows yet.” Here, 11 facts Jasmine revealed about the bra and how she’s been prepping for her big debut.

Victoria’s Secret

Three other VS Angels were the first to find out.

Jasmine was told the news during a mock interview supposed to be about bralettes. “Josephine , Taylor and Romy were there when I was chosen to wear the bra–luckily they were some of my best friends,” she says. “I dropped to the floor and just broke into tears.” They all freaked out on the set of a shoot, as VS captured below. As for the other non-VS Angels first to know about the gig? Jasmine’s grandmother and mom, who she Facetimed right away.

Watch @JasTookes get some BIG news… #VSFantasyBra 😱 👏 pic.twitter.com/3ZnUMYk8f7

— Victoria’s Secret (@VictoriasSecret) October 26, 2016

She had to keep it a secret for five months.

“It was so hard to keep this a secret because it’s something so exciting that you want to share with everybody, so for me to keep my mouth shut I literally had to bite my tongue every time I wanted to say it.”

This has been a lifelong dream for her.

Wearing the Fantasy Bra “means everything,” Jasmine says. “I’ve always looked up to some of the girls that have worn the fantasy bra in the past. Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Gisele—I remember sitting at home watching TV, all the old Victoria Secret fashion shows being like ‘One day, I have to be on that runway!’ Never did I think that I would get to wear a $3 million dollar bra.” Her favorite Fantasy Bras of the past were ones worn by Candice Swanepoel in 2013 and Tyra Banks in 1997.

Candice’s bra was $10 Million, while Tyra’s was $3 Million Victoria’s Secret

She turned to former Fantasy Bra wearer Lily Aldridge for advice.

“She told me to just relax. I was like ‘Lily, what if I cry? What’s going to happen?’ She was like ‘Oh, I cried a little bit backstage but I just had to close my eyes and breathe and really just embrace the moment. You’ll be fine! Just relax!'”

Being anointed a VS Angel in 2015 changed her life–but not just because of the exposure.

“One thing that I loved from becoming an Angel is all of the friends, all the other girls,” Jasmine shares, beaming, “We are such a close little group and I love that we can have a sisterhood and hang out together and go to dinner together. It’s fun. I could call any of them at 3 a.m., they’re all so sweet and we’re always there for each other.”

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Scrubba dub dub… Three girls standing in a tub😋🎀 @victoriassecret

A post shared by Jasmine Tookes (@jastookes) on Aug 4, 2016 at 11:39am PDT

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Little nap between shots😋 @victoriassecret

A post shared by Jasmine Tookes (@jastookes) on Jul 21, 2016 at 4:26pm PDT

This is the most expensive–and heaviest–thing she’s ever worn.

“It weighs more than 450 carats and when you have it on it’s like whoa!” she says of the diamond design. She’s been training her back, specifically,”to keep it upright.”

The bra fitting was a bit grueling.

To get the bra created in her exact shape, she had to have her upper body immersed in plaster for three hours to create a mold they could design around. “I almost couldn’t breathe because I’d move too much and it’d mess up the measurements,” she recalls.

She starts amping up training for the show two months before.

“I love doing weight training cause I like to really tone and become really strong because I don’t know what kind of wings I’m going to be getting. I feel like we all really work out to be able to be ready for anything,” Jasmine says. “I love doing plyometrics and also squats. I love doing barre classes, those are also really good for your butt and your abs.” She trains for about an hour and a half, five days a week.

She doesn’t change her diet before the show.

But that’s because she eats clean on the regular, “for my skin mainly.” She adds, ” I think balance is so important and I like to be able to eat what I want. I still have my pizza and burgers and when I’m training hard, I eat a lot of protein, like chicken.”

She has the ultimate guilty pleasure.

About her off days, Jasmine claims, “I literally lay on my couch and watch Housewives of Orange County or New York. Anything on Bravo I love!”

Her favorite VS Fashion Show was from 2006.

She’ll never forget “when Justin Timberlake was performing and he did ‘Sexyback’ and Gisele walks out. That’s my favorite ever!”

Watch Jasmine hit the runway in the Fantasy Bra when the show airs on CBS December 5.

Kristina Rodulfo Beauty Director Kristina Rodulfo is the Beauty Director of Women’s Health—she oversees beauty coverage across print and digital and is an expert in product testing, identifying trends, and exploring the intersections of beauty, wellness, and culture.

As we first reported a few weeks back, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show was lit and had more than 20 Black models slaying the runway! Yet, as the world awaits the big television event this weekend, ESSENCE is already on-hand to bring you exclusive content from the show with behind-the-scenes footage and video interviews with some of the VS Angels- starting with supermodel Jasmine Tookes.

Hailing from Huntington Beach, California, Tookes has modeled around the world for major companies such as Burberry, Moschino, Balmain, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, and is one of the very few Black models to have worked for Prada; she’s also one of three Black models to have worn the million-dollar Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra. Of her experiences she says, “Even though I may have been the only girl of color on the runway, it’s good for young girls to see that I can do it, and that they can do it too.”

We caught up with Tookes in New York, before she hit the stage for the annual VS fashion show and she gave us some gems for young, Black girls trying to break into the fashion and modeling industry, “Own your body type, own your skin color, own your hair- because that’s what really shines through,” she says.

Jasmine Tookes models in the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Watch our exclusive ‘My Fashion Story’ video to find out more about Tookes becoming a Victoria’s Secret model, her moving to New York when she was 18, and being signed to top modeling agency IMG.

Stay tuned on ESSENCE.com for more exclusive Victoria’s Secret fashion show coverage this week, leading up to the big show airing on Sunday, December 2nd, at 10:00 PM (ET), on ABC.

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Padma Lakshmi has long been advocate for body positivity—and the chef-turned-television host has proven once again that when it comes to women’s bodies, real is beautiful.

On Thursday, Lakshmi shared a sultry selfie to her Instagram story while wearing a sheer white turtleneck and matching undies, showing off the stretch marks along her right hip and proudly pointing them out with the caption, “Hey stretch.”

This kind of self love is nothing new for Lakshmi, who wrote in a guest column for the Hollywood Reporter that she’s hoping to change the way both sexes perceive women’s beauty. Lakshmi wrote that she wants her daughter to know that “beauty is skin-deep, but dumb and dull are to the bone.”

Lakshmi isn’t the only public figure rejecting unrealistic beauty standards. In addition to plenty of other celebrities, brands like ASOS and Victoria’s Secret are getting in on the action, too. In 2016, Victoria’s Secret released un-retouched photos of model Jasmine Tookes wearing the brand’s fantasy bra, which was covered in diamonds and emeralds. It’s safe to say nobody was looking at the photo to judge her stretch marks.

This photo of Jasmine Tookes is now my favorite of any Victoria’s Secret Angel ever because you can see stretch marks AND THAT SHIT IS REAL! pic.twitter.com/hK5O5UbAcz

— Tyler McCall (@eiffeltyler) October 26, 2016

In June, ASOS, a popular British retailer, joined the lingerie giant when it posted new product shots to its site—each showing off a model without any airbrushing.

Check out our list of other gorgeous women proudly showing their stretch marks—and reminding us all that airbrushing women’s perceived “flaws” should be a thing of the past.

The Man’s Guide To Kinky Sex:

​ ​

Chrissy Teigen

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen shared a photo of her stretch marks in 2015, which isn’t super surprising considering she’s the realest person on the internet.

View this post on Instagram

Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week. Stretchies say hi!

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on Apr 12, 2015 at 9:09pm PDT

Lexi Mendi

Model Lexi Mendi shared her stretch marks on Instagram, writing in the caption, “I was thinking thrice if I wanted to keep this photo or dump it in the bin…ONLY because of my tiger stripes. I caught myself right before tossing it and just could. not. believe. how I let myself get so insecure about something so natural!!! It’s taken me quite a while (23 yrs to be exact) but putting this out there to remind myself and everyone that it’s really nothing to get all worked up or feel weird about. here’s to learning to love the lines.”

Barbie Ferrera

Model Barbie Ferrera, who started in a no-photoshop campaign with MisGuided, showed off her stripes in 2016.

View this post on Instagram

mi lil stripes are out here . soothing them with vitamin e oil n noticing how cute my body can be despite lil changes !!!

A post shared by barbie ferreira (@barbieferreira) on Dec 11, 2016 at 10:42pm PST

Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot is vehemently opposed to airbrushing and really, why would anyone want to change a thing about her?

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland can sing, dance, and has a kick-ass body that she isn’t shy about showing off.

View this post on Instagram

[email protected] BE HUMBLE” [email protected]

A post shared by Kelly Rowland (@kellyrowland) on Mar 31, 2017 at 3:19pm PDT

Iskra Lawrence

Take a peek at Iskra Lawrence’s Instagram account and you’ll notice a theme—real on real on real. The model never, ever retouches her photos.

Kayla Itsines

Fitness powerhouse Kayla Itsines works hard on her body all day long, but she’s not afraid to share her stretch marks with her followers. She said in a post that she’s proud of the marks: “This one is for the ladies asking me if I have stretch marks anywhere, yes I sure do…. and if any of my friends or family are on here you know how much I love them!!”

Amber Rose

In a video that Amber Rose called a “thirst” trap, she showed off all her curves—stretch marks and all.

Joann Vdherik

Model Joann Vdherik, who happens to be cousins with Gigi and Bella Hadid, posted a snapshot of herself in all her glory. “I wanted to show you guys that I’m imperfect too,” she wrote in the caption.

Denise Maria Sanz Laurel

Actress Denise Maria Sanz Laurel posted a knockout Instagram photo with the caption: “And yes, I’m a mom. I got folds and stretch marks. IT’S ME.”

View this post on Instagram

Everything out here is unreal! U don’t need anything for photos!! #maldives thankyou God for the chance to visit paradise I’ve been wanting to come here since 2004:) .. and yes I’m a mom I got folds and stretch marks its ME:)

A post shared by DeniSe Maria Sanz Laurel (@d_laurel) on Oct 12, 2017 at 6:07am PDT

Stacey Leasca Stacey Leasca is a journalist from Rhode Island.

Kelsey Wells Posts a Powerful Before-and-After to Show How She Made Pregnancy Stretch Marks Fade

Fitness influencer Kelsey Wells is sharing her advice on making pregnancy stretch marks less visible. After bringing home baby Anderson, her Instagram posts have shown her strong, stretch mark–free core. And everyone wanted to know her secret.

RELATED: 5 Famous Women on Their Stretch Marks

“I posted this pregnancy photo awhile ago and since have received hundreds of comments/messages from you babes asking about my stretch marks and how I got rid of them,” she captioned a before-and-after photo set. “I didn’t develop any stretch marks until the end of my third trimester, but WOW then I developed A LOT in what seemed to be overnight. I had them on my hips, across my stomach, the inside of my thighs, the back of my thighs, and on my breasts.”

Every day, Wells said she massaged her skin with Bio Oil or coconut oil at night and used a moisturizer each morning. Post-pregnancy, she switched it up by applying Mederma for about six weeks in addition to her oil and moisturizer ritual.

“Over the FOUR YEARS since then, I have continued to keep my skin very well hydrated, and though it took TIME (literally years) my stretch marks are now very faint now and some have faded completely. At first I was very concerned with getting them healed, but as I began to live a healthy lifestyle they bothered me less and less.”

RELATED: The 4 Best Sex Positions for Pregnant Women

Wells said that more important than her physical appearance was her body positive approach to managing her pregnancy skin changes. She made it clear that she’s not suggesting all women with stretch marks should try to make them go away. It’s great to embrace them, she wrote, but if they bother you, this is what worked for her.

“Whether you have them or not, whether they’re faint or not, whether you choose to them and be proud of what they represent or choose to seek methods to help them heal, my best advice is to BE KIND TO YOURSELF!” she wrote. “Because when we are caring for our bodies properly we begin to better appreciate and LOVE them — STRETCH MARKS, CELLULITE, SCARS, BIRTH MARKS, AND ALL. LOVE YOURSELVES BABES!”

Stretch marks are a common, totally normal physical feature, but we don’t often see them in clothing ads. It’s not because models don’t have stretch marks, but because they’re usually Photoshopped away.

Now, one retailer is embracing women’s natural look, stretch marks and all, and the internet is taking note of the body-positive move.


ASOS, a popular British fashion website, now features several bikini models rocking visible “tiger stripes.”

Women strip down to embrace their beauty ahead of swimsuit season

May 30, 201705:32

Reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, with praise pouring in from women excited to finally see their own so-called “imperfections” reflected in swimsuit ads.

Stuff We Love

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One women pointed out that when you see nothing but smooth skin on models, it’s easy to think that you’re the only one with stretch marks.

As someone who has always been ashamed of her stretch marks & felt I was the only 1 of my friends to have them, @ASOS are my #MVP! #asos ️ pic.twitter.com/nVbtg3p8Hr

— ️AffairWithBeauty (@LoveaffairwithB) June 29, 2017

Others thanked ASOS for offering a healthy, body-positive definition of beauty.

It’s amazing that #asos have stopped airbrushing their swimwear models’ stretch marks/ acne scars unrealistic bodies do not define beauty! pic.twitter.com/cT0CoKyb8u

— Laura Osborne (@lauraosborne99) July 1, 2017

Thank you @ASOS for showing girls stretch marks are not a negative but it’s just the inner tiger trying to escape #empowering #asos

— Nicole🦄 (@NForrer) July 2, 2017

ASOS hasn’t commented on the latest stretch mark photos making the rounds online, but they did hint at their body-positive ethos in 2016, when they responded to a woman who praised them on Twitter for showing a plus-size model’s un-retouched body.

“Natural is best,” the company tweeted. “We think everyone is beautiful just the way they are!”


ASOS is the latest retailer embrace women’s natural bodies. A recent swimwear campaign from Target featured models of all shapes and sizes, visible stretch marks included.

And in October, Victoria’s Secret released a photo of VS angel Jasmine Tookes showing off her stretch marks at a lingerie photo shoot.

Not all the swimsuit models on the ASOS website seem to have escaped the Photoshop brush, but the fact that even some of the models are rocking stretch marks is significant.

ASOS markets mainly to “fashion-loving 20-somethings,” according to its website, and they’ve had more than 14 million active customers so far this year, meaning that millions of young women worldwide are getting the company’s body-positive message.

Hopefully, other retailers will take note, and realize that stretch marks and other so-called “flaws” are not only normal, but beautiful!

Every year, Victoria’s Secret makes headlines with the broadcast of its extravagant fashion show. Complete with a bevy of gorgeous supermodels, memorable music performances, and of course, the priceless Fantasy Bra, the runway spectacle surely takes the prize for the most anticipated fashion event of the year. This time around, the lingerie behemoth is making waves again for three laudable reasons.

First, there’s the Bright Night Fantasy Bra, estimated to be worth $3 million. Second, Jasmine Tookes has been chosen to wear the diamond- and emerald-encrusted lingerie set. This makes her the first woman of color to sport the bra in almost a decade. And last but not least, the lingerie retailer released a set of seemingly unretouched shots of Tookes modeling the bra.

Model Jasmine Tookes poses in the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra.

Getty Images

At first glance, all looks pretty standard, with the young model striking a sultry pose to show off the 450-carat design against an equally lavish set. Look closer and you’ll find stretch marks (that’s right, those squiggly lines most women—and now, Victoria’s Secret Angels—have on their bodies) alongside the matching emerald green bottoms.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes reveals the Fantasy Bra:

Victoria’s Secret has been called out several times for releasing heavily altered photos that create unrealistic body standards for women. In comparison to the new sets of photos, past shots of Tookes in the brand’s commercial ads show the model’s skin airbrushed to appear smooth and flawless. Whether the unretouched shots were planned or not, these photos may indicate a change in the brand’s perspective on perfection.

In recent years, multiple fashion companies have spoken out against the overuse of Photoshop. American Eagle-owned lingerie brand Aerie saw an increase in sales last year with the launch of its airbrush-free campaign #AerieReal in 2014. Moreover, designers and major fashion retailers, including Free People and J.Crew, have begun to eschew models in favor of real women to star in their ad campaigns.

While Victoria’s Secret has yet to comment on the photos, the images and Tookes’s perfectly imperfect body have been gaining lots of praise on social media. Whether the stretch-mark slip was intentional or not, it’s pretty obvious flaws have never looked so flawless.


  • Real Women Are the Next Top Fashion Models
  • Free People Casts Its Customers as Models in Its November Catalog
  • Aerie Celebrates Body Empowerment With Real Women


When you ask someone to list off a bunch of brands that don’t use Photoshop, it’s unlikely anyone would name Victoria’s Secret. The lingerie company has been called out numerous times for altering photos and creating unrealistic body standards. But images of this year’s $3 million Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Bright Night ~Fantasy Bra~, released Thursday, show one Angel’s stretch marks. That’s called progress, folks.

In the pictures, the model chosen to strut her stuff in 2016’s 450-carat design, Jasmine Tookes, strikes a sultry pose and pops her booty. Close up, it’s clear that said booty has its fair share of the totally normal, everyone-has-‘em lines.


VS hasn’t given an official statement about whether or not the less-altered image was intentional. But the decision to leave the pics alone could mean that the company is slowly changing its perspective and following in the footsteps of other underwear brands, like Aerie.


When the American Eagle offshoot vowed not to Photoshop their girls in 2014, it actually caused a 20 percent boost in sales. After seeing what body positivity does for revenue, it’s possible that Victoria’s Secret is looking for the same results.

Baby steps!

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A set of new photos from Victoria’s Secret features a rare but exciting element: An unretouched model.

A Victoria’s Secret behind-the-scenes photo shoot of model Jasmine Tookes have surfaced showcasing the the 2016 Bright Night Fantasy Bra, a whopping $3 million garment. While it’s unclear if the company intended to release these photos or if they were made public by accident, they appear to be unretouched. What is most notable are the stretch marks that can be seen on the model’s thigh.

Many celebrities have spoken against the use of Photoshop, and lingerie brands such as Aerie have pledged to stop airbrushing models. Victoria’s Secret is known for its sometimes egregious use of Photoshop, which might be the reason why these raw photos are being celebrated.

But really, what is there to airbrush anyway?

Image: dimitrioskambouris/getty

Image: dimitrioskambouris/getty

Image: dimitrioskambouris/getty

Whether intentional or not, Tooke’s photo shoot has received praise for her visible “flaws.”

So glad Jasmine Tookes got the Fantasy bra! Reppin’ girls of color and wearing her stretch marks proudly!!

— Me, the Queen💫 (@jadorelacouture) October 26, 2016

Victoria’s Secret not photoshopping a model’s stretch marks 👏🏻👏🏻

— Becky Newcombe (@beckynewcs93) October 29, 2016

I love that Victoria’s Secret is now using models which show off stretch marks

— lucifer (@Lucyvmartin) October 31, 2016

Mashable has reached out to Victoria’s Secret and are waiting to hear back for comment.

Jasmine victoria secret model

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