Cover Up Ideas

If you live North America, swim season is quickly approaching. If you’re anything like me, you’ve already started counting the days you have left to get your body “beach ready.” At the time of this writing, it’s less than 40 days until Memorial Day weekend (the unofficial start to summer) and I’ve just added this workout to my to-do list.

Once I’m in my chair or in the water, I’m not too concerned with my appearance. However, getting to the beach, pool, or lake often leaves me scratching my head wondering what to wear. I want to be covered up, but it needs to be easy to put on and take off.

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So, what to wear over a bathing suit to the beach? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn you have lots of cover up options. In this post, I’ll cover what to wear over your bathing suit, how to wear cover ups, and even cover ups you can wear in the water.

What is a swimsuit cover up?

A cover up is simply a light layer that you wear over your bathing suit to take you from home to the pool or hotel room to the beach without feeling over exposed.

Why do I need a swimsuit cover up?

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than standing in a hotel elevator in just a bathing suit and flip flops when the people standing next to you are dressed to the nines on their way to Sunday brunch.

I’ve been in situations many times with my family where we were on our way to the pool or beach and realized someone forgot to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, water, or snacks and we need to swing by a drug store or convenience store.

You’ll feel much more comfortable if you have a light layer (aka a coverup) over your bathing suit when you have to run in to the store.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Cover Up

  1. Easy on/off is important. Go for relaxed fit garments with minimal buttons, buckles, or zippers.

  2. Fabric content. Since you’ll be out in the sun and heat opt for lightweight breathable fabrics such as cotton, silk, or rayon.

  3. Easy care. If you’re sitting in the sand all day, the last thing you want to worry about is getting dirty. Opt for machine washable garments that can go in laundry with the beach towels.

Cover Ups for Every Occasion

You have lots of options when it comes to cover ups. First begin by considering where you will be wearing your cover up. Are you going to be a neighborhood pool, a friend’s backyard pool party, a fancy resort, a casual beach, or a country club pool?

Knowing where you will be wearing the cover up will help you decide what is most appropriate for the situation.

For example, if you are hanging out at a beach or your neighborhood pool, board shorts and a tee might be appropriate. However, if you are at a country club or a resort, something more formal such as a tunic dress or caftan will be a better option.

Summer means the end of nights cuddled under your blankets and the start of days spent under the sun. With your Instagram feed full of candid photos of people at the beach with nothing but clear skies and an ocean behind them, it’s time to turn your bathing suit up a notch. Here are some easy styling tips that’ll look great on you and in your pictures (no filter needed).

1. Straw Hat

Source: The Cheeky Been

There are some summer accessories you can’t go wrong with, and a straw hat is one of them. This neutral colored hat will have you enjoying your summer and feeling like you were meant for the beach (because you were, clearly). Along with adding this fun look to your bathing suit, it also helps protect you from the sun. A fashion staple that benefits your health? Sounds like a dream come true to us.

2. Lace Cover-Up

Source: Christine Andrew

A cover-up is the simplest solution for anyone who wants a go-to outfit that will come off as trendy without trying too hard. We specifically love lace cover ups for their light and classic beach look. If something more casual is what you’re going for, choose a simply solid colored cover-up instead. This cover-up will take you seconds to throw on and give you the entire day to show off. Add a pair of chic sunglasses to make this your favorite ensemble.

3. Head Wrap

Source: Collage Vintage

Trade out your summer hat for this edgy hair accessory. With so many versatile ways to use a hair wrap, this look won’t make you paranoid that you’re outfit repeating (or hair accessory repeating, if we want to be specific). As a flawless fashion statement, this accessory won’t let your hair become a victim of the wind and will leave you looking as sophisticated as you know you are. Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to wrap your hair — you can see some ideas here.

4. Long Kimono

Source: Alyson Haley

Whether you’re going to the beach or sitting poolside pretty, wearing a long kimono is a delicate look that’ll cover you up while still giving you the chance to show off your bathing suit. The best part of a long kimono? The sleek look works well with any bathing suit. Whenever you want to tan your shoulders, go ahead and let the kimono sit on your arms or wrap it around your waist for an effect similar to a sarong.

5. Jewelry

Source: @gabifresh

It’s a known fact that the smallest details make the most difference. In this case, we’re talking about the easy combination of a swimsuit and some jewelry. As a subtle accessory, it’ll enhance your look while still keeping it casual. For a successful day in the sun, pick out your favorite jewelry pieces (tassel earrings or some gold bangles always do the trick!) and let the magic begin.

6. Jean Shorts

Source: Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Sometimes life calls for lazy summer days of lounging around under the sun with a book in front of you and your dog right next to you. Jean shorts over your bathing suit is our favorite fashion choice for these type of days. Get out your most comfortable pair to enjoy yourself with this cozy look. Add on a simple straw hat to really make this day one for relaxing.

7. Maxi Skirt

Source: Andee Layne

A long flowing skirt is one of those outfits that will have people either asking you where you got it or telling you how pretty it is. Maybe it’s how graceful it looks as you walk or the the way it flutters when the wind blows — we’ll never know. What we do know is that we can’t get enough of it. A maxi skirt with your bathing suit is the definition of elegance and an effortless way to cover up while not constricting your legs. Take out your most stylish sunglasses and purse and let this be your most admired outfit!

8. Fun Sunglasses

Source: Dress Up Buttercup

As a common accessory for any day that’s sunny, a pair of sunglasses immediately elevates any outfit. Best with a simple and solid colored one-piece or bikini, sunglasses double as protection for your eyes and a fashion statement on its own. With the numerous shapes and colors, your choices are endless. If you get tired of having them on your face, push them up and let your hair out of your face with this breezy look.

Swimsuits are so cute, sexy, and stylish these days that you shouldn’t have to (and may not want to!) take them off once you leave the pool. Here’s how to incorporate your bikinis and one-pieces right into your outfit so you can look hot, pack less, and spend more time enjoying the sun.


If you like to show skin, this is the best way to take your swimwear from the beach to the bar. As the models here demonstrate, you can wear your statement bathing suit beneath something mesh, chiffon, or macrame to highlight it, but you’ll still feel covered.

Wear a one-piece under a see-through jumpsuit, work your bikini as a crop top and pair it with mesh shorts so your bottoms show through, or style your suit under a diaphanous chiffon maxi for a little leg action. Skin is in, my friends.


If these styles are a bit too bold for your taste, your version of sheer can be more low-key. Think see-through black maxi dresses with embroidered designs, mesh skirts with graphic tees, or a lace shirt with with your fave pair of jeans.

The Best Sheer Pieces to Layer Over That Bathing Suit


Sheer Lace Maxi Dress NAANAA $82.00 Rina Gray Sheer Midi MAJORELLE $101.00 Sheer Tassel Maxi NEW LOOK $16.00 Semi Sheer Pants ASOS $38.00 Sheer Spotted Maxi Dress SACRED HAWK $52.00 .

If you’d rather take your athleisure style to the pool, sporty fabrics like jersey, windbreaker, mesh, and scuba work super well with your swimsuit.

Just take it from these models. One wears a striped one-piece with a pair of green shorts, a cropped polo, and an oversize windbreaker vest. The other sports an eye-catching neoprene jumpsuit (which actually is a swimsuit in itself) over a collared bikini top that adds extra edge. Admittedly, these styles are a little OTT, but the takeaway is that bright and colorful basically screams summer — don’t be afraid to go for it.


If you’re trying the sporty look on your own, tone it down by pairing your bikini top with sweats or baggy cargo pants for a very ’90s vibe, or by slipping into a plunging scuba dress with an athletic-looking suit that peeks through on top. Another way to go is to pair jeans or shorts with an ’80s-style windbreaker and your bikini (worn as a crop top). The possibilities are endless.

How to Sport Up Your Swimsuit


Wide Leg Trousers ADIDAS ORIGINALS $120.00 Cropped Hoodie FILA $65.00 Embellished Joggers TOPSHOP $95.00 Hyperion Windbreaker LUKKA LUX $110.00 Indigo Denim Joggers MOTO $75.00 .

As in, off-duty model looks. It’s easy to add a suit to pretty much any outfit, even one that feels more “everyday” vs. vacay.

Like one of the models above, you could use a longline two-piece top as a crop top beneath your favorite overalls. Or, like the second model, let a mesh bikini peek out just behind the straps of your regular tank.

Want to amp it up a little? Wear a high-waisted mesh bottom under a pair of low-slung pants to add extra edge.


The models are going ham with these getups, but you don’t have to push the boundaries quite so much. Start simple by trading your go-to bodysuit for a bright or striped one-piece swimsuit, and pair it with your favorite denim. Or, slip into a chunky knit off-the-shoulder sweater, and let your bikini top peek out of it, like a bralette, with a short skirt.

What to Buy for That Off-Duty-Model Look

Off Duty Model

Skin-Showing Sweater RTA $290.00 Distressed Shorts BLANKNYC $51.00 Asymmetric Mini NBD $79.00 Soft Blue Duster Coat ASOS $64.00 Vibrant Crop Top LA MADE $55.00 .

Go all-in on your flowy vacation style by incorporating statement swimwear into the look.

You may have seen surf-style rashguard swimsuits out and about, and they make excellent bodysuits to pair with crisp white shorts while on vacation. See how this model illustrates this point? Bet you couldn’t even tell that was a swimsuit in the first place.

Also, FYI, long-sleeve suits aren’t only available in one-pieces. Check out the model in blue below — her little cropped cardigan is actually a bikini top that doubles as a sweet little “sweater” to wear with breezy palazzo pants or culottes.


Not sure a long-sleeve swimsuit is really your style? That’s fine! These looks work just as well with more traditional strappy, Bardot, or bandeau styles. Just remember to think about proportions. If you’re trying a wide-leg pant, for example, opt for a smaller top to keep things balanced. Same rule applies to shorts and skirts — if you’re going mini on the bottom, consider longer sleeves or a layering piece on top.

Vacay Outfits Made for Swimwear Underneath


Striped Jumpsuit LULUS $69.00 Green Smocked Shorts BILLABONG $34.95 Striped Culotte CUPCAKES AND CASHMERE $24.00 Two-Piece Midi Dress LULUS $74.00 Tie Front Jumpsuit LPA $78.00

Photographer: Ruben Chamorro; Stylist: Andrew Gelwicks; Fashion Editor: Rachel Torgerson; Assistant Fashion Editor: Lauren Adhav; Creative Director: Abby Silverman; Photo Director: Kathleen Kamphausen; Photo Editor: Mylan Torres; Beauty Director: Carly Cardellino; Makeup Artist; Bob Scott; Hairstylist: Rebekah Calo using R+Co products; Models: Barbie Ferreira, Diandra Forrest, Bibi Sharipova

Rachel Torgerson I’m Cosmopolitan’s fashion editor—you can follow me on Instagram at @racheltorgs.

10 Ways To Style A Bathing Suit As Daywear, Because Bikinis Belong Off The Beach Too

Taking your bathing suit from swimwear to daywear is hardly an innovation — we’ve been throwing shorts and a T-shirt over our suit for years, whether it be to hit the boardwalk or just make it through the parking lot without frying. But as of late, designers have been obsessing over athletic wear and of course, with that comes stylized versions of the swimsuit. This year’s resortwear, from Fendi to Preen by Thornton Bregazzi has transformed the bikini into lingerie, cut-off tops, and accessories, all while maintaining a level of fashion-forwardness. No touristy visors and sunscreen-doused noses to be seen here.

With a solid chunk of summer still in our grasps, it is time to make the most of this season’s style and how easily the rules can be bended with a bit of good weather and sun-kissed skin. Now is the time to experiment with the beauty (vibrant eyes and matching lips), accessories (body chains and exposed piercings), and fashion choices you can get away with before the temperature drops.

Think of your bathing suit as another piece of your wardrobe. It can be dressed up, dressed down, taken from the surf to the streets in just minutes. Focus on what materials will help your suit blend in flawlessly (hint: denim and leather easy picks) and just how out-there you’re willing to go. Now, pack away your beach bag (but keep the sunnies) and get ready to rock your bikini in practically any situation.

1. Bikini Tops = Crop Tops

It’s summer, it’s hot, give us a break. We want to look amazing, while still managing the heat. A bikini top is the perfect transitional piece from a beachy afternoon to a coffee date (or even oceanside nightlife). It all depends on how you wear it. Pair it with a mid-length denim skirt and a slouchy sweater and you’ve got the cute, casual look down. This Instagram inspiration may not actually be a bikini top, but you get the idea.

2. Make A One-Piece Suit Less Casual

Bodysuits, leotards, whatever your preferred terminology — they’re basically one-piece bathing suits, and they’re just as trendy as they are easy to style. Find a one-piece with a unique neckline or cute halter top, and dress it down with a button-up (sleeves rolled and barely buttoned, of course) and a pair of distressed jeans or fitted shorts. Marysia Swim has got the clever neckline look down, so check out their swimwear for your next office ensemble.

3. Opt For Something Strappy

Replace your usual strappy tank with that one suit that gives you the craziest of tan lines, and you’ll look very on trend. Throw on a few pieces of dainty jewelry to calm down the chaos of such a bold neckline.

4. When In Doubt, Denim

Sure, it comes in all shades of that patriotic blue, but denim truly is the ultimate neutral. Whether you’ve got the coverage of a one-piece or a little fringe halter-top, denim shorts, jeans, or a high-waisted skirt are the perfect pair.

5. Show, Don’t Tell

Thanks to #MyCalvins, showing a little brief isn’t taboo, it’s fashion-forward. Replace your undergarments with the striking pattern of your favorite bathing suit bottom, and let it peak through your denim shorts for a little added shock factor.

6. Put Your Back Into It

Anyone who says a one-piece bathing suit can’t be sexy has obviously never seen one with a lace-up or open back. Who wouldn’t want to take that level of chic onto the street? Pair it with some flair jeans and you’re in business. Check out Lonely Label’s #LonelySwim looks and their several backless little numbers.

7. Get Cozy In Crochet

If it’s knitwear, that basically means it’s a sweater. Or at least in the sweater family. Style a cute little crocheted bikini top with a flowy skirt and a white denim jacket, or better yet peaking out of a playsuit!

8. Accessorize With Leather

Nothing is quite as edgy as leather, but it’s hardly a trend designated for fall. Throw a leather jacket or vest over your bikini and add a new badass dimension to your look. A pair of low-rise board shorts couldn’t hurt either.

9. Replace The T-Shirt

I am a big fan of the snarky T-shirt (especially when the text involves “Male Tears”) but let your suit speak volumes for once. Pick out a one-piece with enough room for everything you want to say.

10. Rock It Under The Robe

Throw on a kimono or winged robe over your swimwear and you’ve got a sleek, sexy post-pool ensemble. Add a belt and some gladiators for a more put-together look.


Summertime is upon us, folks, which means—if you’re lucky—there’s a beach vacation in your future. Whether you’re able to visit the sunny shores once in your lifetime or once a week, you’re bound to come across the ultimate conundrum: Other than a cute swimsuit, what outfits do you wear to the beach?! Sure, we all don bikinis and sunnies while sitting on the sand, but sometimes, you’re in need of something a little more. For times when you’re unsure of what the hell to wear while leaping away from (or into, depending on the situation) the incoming tides, it’s always best to turn to the experts. By this, of course, I mean bloggers, influencers, fashionistas and the like. They’re here to show us all a thing or two about how to dress when you’re headed to the beach, baby.

From beachy striped pants (a lot of beachy striped pants) and adorable ways to wear cut-off denim to Instagram-worthy maxi dresses and ideas on how to style the swimsuit you’re probably already wearing as you head to the shore, these stylish folks have myriad ways to amp up your beach vacation wardrobe. If you’re struggling to figure out the best way to pack your bags before you head on vacation and, unless a shopping spree happens, are most likely stuck with whatever you threw in your suitcase, this little guide is for you. I rounded up 73 (!!) of the cutest beach outfit ideas I could find, so you can have inspiration for days. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Kammy Almeida.

1. Crop Top + Striped Beachy Pants

Fashion Is Me.

2. Tropical Pants + Sunnies


3. Tropical Shorts + Crop Top

Maudy Designs.

4. Sheer Romper + Belt Bag

Looks Glam.

5. Wide-Leg Pants + Cami

The Pleb Life.

6. Monochrome Vibes

We Fashion Trends.

7. Beachy Striped Pants + Hawaiian Shirt

Who What Wear.

8. Flow-y Skirt + Swimsuit

Plus Size All.

9. Overalls + Slides

But What Should I Wear.

10. Swimsuit + Belt Bag + Hat

Maina Bella.

11. Swimsuit + Sunnies + Your Fave Soda

Mari M.

12. White Wide-Leg Pants + Cami

Ashlee Rose Hartley.

13. Beachy Striped Pants + Graphic Tee + Hat

Fashion Full Fit.

14. Tie-Front Top + White Shorts

Trendy Curvy.

15. Denim Cut-Offs + Kimono

B-low the Belt.

16. Polka Dot Romper + Woven Bag

Ashlee Rose Hartley.

17. Hawaiian Shirt + Swimsuit + Hat

Greylin Collection.

18. Beachy Striped Jumpsuit + Scarf Tied in Your Hair

Plus Size All.

19. Denim Cut-Offs + Sheer Coverup


20. Bikini + Hawaiian Shirt + Clear Bag

The Zoe Report.

21. Floral Sarong

Tile Pendant.

22. Oversized White Button Down + Hat

Tile Pendant.

23. White Dress + Straw Bag

Who What Wear UK.

24. Bikini Top + Linen Pants

My Top Ideas.

25. Sleeveless Crop Top + Tropical Pants


26. Sleek Yellow Dress

Her Style Code.

27. Striped Cozy Pants + Plain White Tee


28. High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms + Graphic Tee

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images.

29. Peplum Top + Patterned Sarong

Pink Peonies.

30. Beachy Mini Dress + Tote Bag

Song of Style.

31. Printed Mini Skirt + Maximalist Bag

The Blonde Aboard.

32. Crochet Top + Tie-Dye Skirt

Could I Have That.

33. Printed Romper + Tote Bag


34. Oversized Tank + Oversized Sunnies

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images.

35. Tight Midi Dress + Kimono


36. Kimono + Denim Shorts

Ring My Bell.

37. Bikini Top + Denim Shorts


38. Surfer Chic

Lace and Locks.

39. All Black Everything


40. Flow-y Shorts + Button Down

Nany’s Klozet.

41. Black Lacy Cover Up + Hat


42. Red Hot Vibes


43. Red, White and Blue

Lace and Locks.

44. Flow-y Maxi Dress + Oversized Sunnies

The Blonde Abroad.

45. Neon Bikini + Sheer Cover Up

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images.

46. Sports Bra + Black Jeans

Break My Style.

47. Bow Top + Floppy Hat

Fashion Toast.

48. Sheer Dress + Oversized Bag

Lee Litumbe/Instagram.

49. Cute Co-Ord Set

Sergi Alexander/Getty Images.

50. T-Shirt Dress + Sneakers

Natalie Off Duty.

51. Beaded Blouse + Denim Shorts


52. Denim Shorts + Baseball Cap

Gary Pepper.

53. Tank + Cute Hat


54. Bikini Top + White Skirt


55. Animal Print Cover Up

The Blonde Abroad.

56. Shorts + Baseball Hat + Booties

Evangelie Smyrniotaki/Instagram.

57. Beachy Maxi Dress + Fan

Trop Rouge.

58. Neon Tank + Black Cut-Offs

Extra Petite.

59. Denim Shirt + Crochet Shorts

A Dash of Details.

60. Striped Romper

Outfit Max.

61. Denim Cut-Offs + Crochet Kimono

Hello Fashion Blog.

62. Blue Dress + Denim Jacket

Song of Style.

63. Scalloped Bikini Top + Mini Skirt

Asiyami Gold/Instagram.

64. Puffy Sleeved Top + Printed Mini Skirt

Marta Cygan/Instagram.

65. Bikini Top + Striped Skirt


66. All White Look

Marta Cygan/Instagram.

67. Bikini Top + Sweatpants


68. White Bikini + Printed Top

Lee Litumbe/Instagram

69. Tropical Co-Ord Set + Straw Bag


70. More All White Inspo

Song of Style.

71. Crochet Cover Up

Erika Boldrin/Instagram.

72. Dreamy Maxi Dress


73. Matching Floral Shorts + Top

A version of this article was originally published in June 2014. Updated June 2019.

4 Spring Break Outfits With Jean Shorts For The Beach, Going Out, & Beyond

I hate packing for vacations. Figuring out what looks to bring for various events and situations that I might encounter stresses me the F out. So to help you pack for your upcoming epic vacation, I’ve put together four spring break outfits with jean shorts that are fitting for days in the sand, nights out dancing, and more. Because chances are, you already own jean shorts, so even if you’re not in the shopping mood, these looks can help guide what in your closet you’ll want to bring.

The beautiful thing about nine out of ten warm weather spring break locations is that none of them require you to ever get that dressed up. Yes, sandals might be required to get into a club or two, but in my four years of college spring break-ing I was never rejected from a door for wearing shorts. Granted, I made sure to dress them up with nicer tops and accessories, but still, the standards were nowhere near New York-strict.

Beyond going out, you’ll likely be wearing cutoffs to pool parties, the beach, dinners, and more, so you’ll need an array of shirts, shoes, jewelry options, and sunnies to satisfy your sartorial needs. Here are some ideas to fill your suitcase with.

Beach Day

Let’s be real, when you’re headed to the beach comfort and practicality are key. You’ll need a hat with a bill to block out the sun for if you like to read (or see, in general); a pair of sunnies; and a bikini. While simple, these options are cost effective and functional, yet still fashionable and cool. Paired with cutoff denim shorts, which are the optimal shorts style for the beach (I like to let as many rays as possible hit me on intentionally sun soaked days), the selection will complete all of your wearable needs. Just don’t forget your iPod, reading material, and sunscreen!

Shopping & Brunch

For the days when you’re not sprawled out in the sand or partying it up, you’ll want a put-together outfit that makes you feel trendy and dressed up enough to hit any shopping or dining spot. Embroidery and hemming always make denim shorts more elevated and the below pair, which are outfitted with little stitched strawberries, add a hint of playfulness. Paired with a gingham top, retro sunnies, and a small mule heel, the look is trendy and coordinated yet still packs some spring break flavor.

Beach Party

I’ll be straight with you — this was my favorite spring break event. There’s nothing quite like dancing in the sand with a group of your friends and feeling the sun kiss your skin — it’s magical! Beach parties are also the perfect time to wear you wildest bikini and brightest sunglasses, but just make sure you bring a bag that zips up and is preferably hands-free. The below cheetah bikini is bright, patterned, and still sexy, rendering it the perfect top for the occasion. The matching orange and black shades will make you stand out among a sea of sunglasses-clad heads, while the simple black fanny pack will ensure your items stay safe. It even boasts a little zip compartment on the side closest to your body, which is optimal for valuables like keys, phones, and credit cards. Party on.

Night Out

When it’s hot out or when I’m on a warm weather vacation, high waisted black jean shorts are my go-to going out bottoms. I like to balance them out with a long sleeved crop top, and typically opt for chunky heels to feel ultra flirty. This billowy top is the shirt of my dreams, thanks to it’s red hot color and peek-a-boo neckline, while the heels have a woven pattern that scream spring break. Formal, but not overly so.

7 Ways to Wear Your Swimsuit With Confidence

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running, surfing, playing beach volleyball or lounging, there’s one thing that many people have in common and that’s their body image. Women (and men) all over the world have body image issues. A person could be a size 6 or they could be a size 16, and they might still share the same body confidence concerns. Body image is especially prevalent as soon as swimsuit season nears. Last bid attempts to diet, tone up, and search for that magical swimsuit, which is going to cover up all the lumps and bumps, take place in the run up to summer. But even if a person does find that amazing swimsuit that covers everything up or manages to lose weight before summer, those body image issues are still going to linger.

You’re not alone!

Everyone – men and women – no matter what their shape or weight is will often feel insecure about what they look like.

While these feelings are negative, there’s some good news.

You can take control of how much self-esteem you have, and this includes wearing your swimsuit, without any angst, at the beach.

It’s summer somewhere in the world, so here are seven great tips and tricks that will boost your body confidence and help you feel attractive in your swimsuit.

1. Focus On What You Love

Every single person has parts of their body they hate, but they also have a part of their body they love. Think about the area you love whether it’s your mouth, your hair, your back, your shoulders or something else, and remember it, embrace it, and play it up. It might sound stupid, but you should always try and make that conscious effort to examine your favorite part more and even give yourself a compliment.

Liking or loving a part of your body doesn’t mean you’re arrogant or self-centered – it’s quite the contrary. What it does do is to help train your brain better to notice the positive. If you repeat this practice enough, you’ll feel more thankful, happy, in a better place, and most importantly more confident in your bikini or board shorts.

2. Scrub It, Work It!

This is bound to make you feel and look better, and contrary to popular belief, scrubbing isn’t just for women! Exfoliating on a regular basis will help get rid of dead skin. It will also unclog your pores and increase the cell turnover, which in turn will help the blood circulate around your body better. What’s more, a simple scrub will boost the skin’s renewal process, which will also mean that both your moisturizer and sunscreen will penetrate deeper into the skin, helping it remain protected and hydrated. Exfoliate twice a week and get a glowing look, which will help you shine in your swimwear.

3. Fake It!

Everyone should try and fake it at least once – a tan that is! It’s amazing what a bit of color to the skin can do. It’ll help you glow, conceal the blemishes, create the illusion that you’re smaller, and give you a whole heap of body confidence at the same time. Unfortunately, with the dangers of skin cancer, sun protection is necessary. Spending hours upon hours tanning on the beach is no longer an option, so if you’re not naturally bronzed (which is the majority of us), a good fake tan will do the trick. You can apply it yourself or you can get a professional fake tan, but just make sure you exfoliate first otherwise you’ll end up with patchy skin – a look that you’re not going for.

4. Treat Yourself

New swimwear can have a positive effect as well. For many, the idea of slipping into their swimsuit or board shorts causes a lot of anxiety. There’s a swimsuit out there for everyone whether it’s a one-piece swimsuit, a tankini, a crop top bikini, a pair of boy shorts (swim shorts for women), a pair of mid-length board shorts or something skimpier – whatever it is, you’ll find it. Aqua Design has a collection of fashionable swimsuits and beachwear for every body type. Know what you’re looking for and if you’re really unsure, get a friend’s opinion.

5. Get More Feel-Good Chemicals

There are many benefits of exercise. It helps us lose weight. It strengthens the heart. It lowers the risk of developing any chronic diseases in the future, and it helps keep your blood pressure at a healthy level.

But exercise is also good for another reason. It helps us feel better. It releases endorphins into our systems, uplifting our moods and therefore our confidence. All it takes is 30 minutes of light exercise a day, and there’s no excuse for not keeping it up when you’re at the beach because there are a lot of fun fitness beach activities to do as well from swimming to walking and playing Frisbee to surfing.

6. Cover Up

When you’re at the beach, you ought to be as covered as much as possible anyway – skin protection should always be one of your first thoughts. When you’re not swimming, there are plenty of ways to cover up whether it’s a cute wrap or a rash guard.

7. Embrace the Skort

Skorts are amazing in so many ways. They allow you to be more active on the beach in a modest way and if you’ve got any body insecurities, you can also wear a skort in lieu of bikini bottoms. They’re cute and functional and will suit any woman of any body shape.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are. Wear your clothes, which includes your swimwear, with confidence. For a full range of stylish and flattering beachwear for men and women visit Aqua Design.

And remember, no one’s perfect – we were born to be real, not flawless.

Jeans and bikini top

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