Jennifer Aniston was told by her agent that she “had to lose 30lbs if she wanted to stay in Hollywood” shortly before she landed the role of Rachel in Friends.

In a new book that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the iconic sitcom Generation Friends: An Inside Look at the Show That Defined a Television Era, author Saul Austerlitz revealed the scrutiny Aniston faced because of Hollywood’s unrealistic and sexist ideals.

Austerlitz says that the star was often told she was “too fat” for the roles available, disclosing that she was forced to drop over two stone to secure the role. “She had to lose thirty pounds if she wanted to stay in Hollywood.

“Los Angeles was a tough place to be an actress – it was a tough place to be a woman – and Jennifer Aniston’s agent was reluctantly levelling with her.”

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Upon being told that she had to wear a leotard for one call-back, Aniston told her agent that “this’ll blow it for me”, as she acknowledged the industry’s unobtainable beauty standards.

“Aniston was hardly fat – everyone could see she was beautiful – but as the show she would one day become indelibly associated with later made a point of noting, the camera added ten pounds,” Austerlitz said.

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Aniston previously spoke about Hollywood’s obsession with weight, and said she was grateful that her agent “gave it to her straight” about how to make it in the industry.

“My agent gave it to me straight,” she told Rolling Stone in 1996. “Nicest thing he ever did… The disgusting thing of Hollywood – I wasn’t getting lots of jobs ’cause I was too heavy.”

She added that it made her follow a healthier diet, adding: “I was like, ‘What?!’ But my diet was terrible. Milk shakes and French fries with gravy. It was a good thing to start paying attention.”

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Meanwhile, it was reported that Ralph Lauren has curated a Wear To Work collection based on Rachel’s style, consisting of many of Green’s distinctive ’90s and ’00s pieces, given an update for 2019.

Aniston will appear on our TV screens next in Apple TV+’s The Morning Show with Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell.

SHE may be 50 but Jennifer Aniston has the body of a woman half her age.

And the Friends star, who made her debut on Instagram last week, has now revealed the secret behind her fantastic figure – intermittent fasting.

4 Jennifer Aniston says intermittent fasting is the secret to her trim physique at the age of 50Credit: PA:Press Association

Jen says she uses the 16:8 fasting diet, which means she eats for eight hours of the day, while fasting for the remaining 16 hours.

She said: “I do intermittent fasting, so no food in the morning.

“I noticed a big difference in going without solid food for 16 hours.”

Studies say the diet will help shed the pounds without causing you to starve yourself.

4 Jennifer Aniston says it has made a big difference to her body not having food in the morningCredit: Splash News

Researchers found that those who followed the time-restricted eating diet consumed fewer calories, lost weight and had improvements in blood pressure.

It is also said to help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, lower cortisol levels (ie. eliminate stress) and reduce inflammation.

Jen previously admitted that she also likes to stay in shape with daily yoga, boxing, cardio and meditation sessions.

I do intermittent fasting, so no food in the morning. I noticed a big difference in going without solid food for 16 hours

Jennifer Aniston

She said: “I feel really beautiful when I finish a great workout.

“Because I’ve taken care of my body, my endorphins are going, my blood is pumping. I’m taking care of the one body I have.

“I have a spin bike, an elliptical bike and a treadmill — and I do cardio for at least 20 minutes a day. Even that short burst makes a difference.

4 Jennifer’s first Instagram post showed the cast of Friends reunited

“Of course I take days off. It’s important to rest the body.

“I can go a whole week saying, ‘I’m not going to work out’. Your body will tell you what it needs.”

However, she says the key to staying in shape is happiness.

She added: “It’s hard work, you know. You work out, you just take care of yourself and you exercise.


What is the 16:8 diet?

The 16:8 diet allows you to eat for eight hours of the day, while fasting for the remaining 16 hours.

Known as intermittent fasting, it is believed to be one of most popular dieting plans out there at the moment, and appears to be effective for most dieters.

It helps to keep to a healthy diet for the eight hours you can eat so as to get the most out of the plan.

The diet stems from the book 8 Hour Diet by author David Zinczenko and editor-in-chief of Men’s Health Peter Moore.

They suggest that a longer fasting time between eating gives the body the time it needs to process the food and burn away extra fat stores.

This diet doesn’t suggest you cram all your food into an eight-hour window.

Instead, it encourages the consumption of balanced foods that can burn fat and boost overall health.

Experts suggest dieters opt for lean meat, eggs, dairy, vegetables, nuts and beans each day during their eight hour window.

For the remaining 16 hours, dieters can consumer water, tea and coffee.

“You eat right, you sleep, you’re happy.

“Happiness is the big key. My dad is 100 per cent Greek, he barely has a wrinkle.

“Neither did my grandmother, who was 95 when she died. My life is a happy life. It’s a choice.”

Jennifer used to moan that her bum wobbled, saying it “has a tendency to go right and left and I’d like it to go up”.

But after hitting her half century, she has stopped putting so much pressure on herself and learned to love her body.

4 Reese admitted she turns to Jen for advice on health and fitnessCredit: AP:Associated Press

She says: “When we’re kids, we are constantly working out for smaller arms, a leaner butt, a flat tummy. Let it be. I can be a little soft.”

Jen made the revelation about her 16:8 diet while speaking to Radio Times, alongside her The Morning Show co-star Reese Witherspoon.

And Reese admitted she turns to Jen for advice on health and fitness.

She added: “I just have a green juice and a coffee in the morning.

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“Jen knows so much about health and fitness that I always defer to her. She’s great at wellbeing advice.”

Jen, who is best known for playing Rachel Green in Friends, managed to crash Instagram last week as she racked up 6.9million followers in less than 24 hours.

And the TV favourite, who has only uploaded four posts so far, now has a staggering 15.5million followers.

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon relive their favourite lines from Friends

A new book celebrating the 25th anniversary of Friends has revealed that Jennifer Aniston was told to lose 30lbs if before getting her now-iconic role of Rachel Green.

Author of Generation Friends: An Inside Look at the Show That Defined a Television Era, Saul Austerlitz, said she was told she was “too fat” for a number of roles she went for.

“She had to lose thirty pounds if she wanted to stay in Hollywood.”

Saul continued, “Los Angeles was a tough place to be an actress – it was a tough place to be a woman – and Jennifer Aniston’s agent was reluctantly levelling with her.

“ was hardly fat – everyone could see she was beautiful – but as the show she would one day become indelibly associated with later made a point of noting, the camera added ten pounds.”

For one of her call-backs for a role, Jennifer was told she’d be wearing a leotard. She told her agent at the time, “This’ll blow it for me.”

Warner Bros. Television/Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions

Jennifer – who turned 50 in February this year – spoke about this subject in a 1996 interview with Rolling Stone magazine. She admitted that she didn’t mind her agent being honest with her as far as her weight was concerned.

“My agent gave it to me straight. Nicest thing he ever did. The disgusting thing of Hollywood – I wasn’t getting lots of jobs because I was too heavy.”

And she admitted that changing her eating habits back then was probably a wise decision.

“I ate too many mayonnaise sandwiches. Mayonnaise on white bread – the most delicious thing in the world.

“My diet was terrible. Milk shakes and French fries with gravy. It was a good thing to start paying attention.”

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We hope you’re not tired of hearing about this actress because we’re not. Jennifer Aniston’s height in the film industry is one that many actors and actresses will covet. With an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, (among other achievements) in her name, the actress has become more and more relevant.

Image source

She is also famous for her agelessness and her body has been a hot topic from time to time. With that in mind, we reached a low level of her body statistics, starting with Jennifer Aniston’s height.

Jennifer Aniston’s Height

Everyone knows Jennifer Aniston for something; if you don’t know her from her movies (very unlikely), chances are you’ve heard about her in relation to her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. In any case, it is well known. The actress has an athletic silhouette, and even if she is not voluptuous, she has an hourglass silhouette.

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Image source

She is widely known for her blond hair and blond hair, although she is thought to be brown at first. The blonde-brown beauty stands “not so tall” at 5 feet 4.5 inches. She is the same height as stars like Victoria Beckham and Britney Spears. We now know the mystery behind the pair of high heels that these stars often seem to wear.

Jennifer Aniston’s Weight

Image source

In 2011, Men’s Health magazine also voted her “Sexiest Woman of All Time”, no doubt her training and diet have given this 47-year-old woman a body that even 20-year-olds covet. It is no secret that she works hard to maintain her height and it is obvious because she adds or loses hardly much weight.

The star makes an exception or two, like most big movie stars, she is committed to playing the roles she plays and adding a book or two is certainly not out of the question.

Image source

Before shooting the film, ‘Cake’, she lay down on exercise and diets to be able to gain a few extra pounds and play the role of Claire Simmons, a woman who suffers from chronic pain after a debilitating car accident. As she herself said: “I didn’t succeed for two and a half months. I stopped exercising and stopped paying as much attention to my diet as usual. I was still healthy, but I would allow more.

Despite all this, the actress regained her fighting weight of 53 kg. Jen takes the time to follow a strict training routine and follows the Zone diet, so they are not magical people. In addition, the actress has quite good genes, so she owes some gratitude to her parents. Jennifer Aniston’s height and weight are very proportionate and more than ideal for someone of her height.

Jennifer Aniston’s Measurements

Image source

Remember when we said Jen had an hourglass? Well, we dug up the measurements to prove it; her bust is 34 inches, her waist is 23 inches and her hips are 35 inches. As we said, it may not be voluptuous, but it is an hourglass with a striking body. In relation to this, rumor has it that the star had some work done on her breasts in order to obtain her hourglass status.

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There has been a lot of speculation about her breast work among other cosmetic procedures. Jen did not admit that even after increasing the size of a whole breast (from a B cup to a 34 C cup). She admits to having undergone a few rhinoplasties to fix her deviated septum and frequent laser treatments of the skin to help her regain her youthful radiance, otherwise, she has remained silent.

Image source

We also talked about a few lip injections and a facelift, but the star didn’t admit to anyone and the actress often talks about “aging without plastic surgery”. She firmly believes that you have to work with what you have and that more is less when you want to look good.

For a small delicate body, you should have small delicate feet and Jennifer does not disappoint on this forehead. If you wear an American size, a European size 37 and a British size 4.5, a pair of Jen’s shoes would fit perfectly. This is where the excavations stop, you’re welcome.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is a remarkable American actress, businesswoman and producer.

Early Accomplishment

Jennifer’s acting career was officially launched in 1988, through a minor role in the movie, Mac and Me. 2 years later she branched into the television industry through the sitcom, Molloy.

Best Known For

For the past 3 decades Jennifer has been on our screens, she has attained the most recognition from the sitcom, Friends. Her impeccable portrayal of the Rachel Green character earned her a Golden Globe Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Sexual Orientation

Jennifer is straight. For a year in the late 90’s, Jennifer was engaged to the actor, Tate Donovan, but the couple did not make it down the aisle. She gave love another try in 2000 and got married to the famous actor, Brad Pitt. Unfortunately, their union ended after 5 years. Yet again, she tied the knot with another actor, Justin Theroux in 2015 and they got separated in 2018.


Jennifer walked in her parent’s career path. The actor John Aniston is her father, while Nancy Dow is her mother. The late singer and actor, Telly Savalas was both her father’s best friend and her godfather.


Though it is unknown what religion Jennifer was exposed to as a child, yet she clears our doubt concerning her religion by stating that she has no religion. However, she has some kind of belief in God and the supernatural.

Worth To Know

Jennifer’s middle name is Joanna. Her real surname is Anastassakis.

Jennifer is very dedicated to her yoga practice.

You can see her in the music clip Walls (2:29) of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.

When Jennifer Aniston revealed her ideal weight — she likes to be between 110 and 113 pounds — the world’s response was, who doesn’t? Then Aniston added that she’d like to lose 5 more pounds to get to that goal weight. But to maintain Aniston’s ageless beauty at 45, it’s better to be not too thin.

Jennifer AnistonAFP / Today

Aniston confessed to makeup artist Bobbi Brown in an interview with Yahoo Beauty that she allows herself to eat bread on the weekends, and she tries to balance indulgences with exercise and healthy eating. “If I was being super picky, I would love to drop 5 pounds. That is just where I have always been really comfortable, at about 110 to 113 pounds. But it is harder at this age.”

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She’s right, weight loss is more difficult as we age — after age 40 our metabolic rate slows by about 5 percent every decade, meaning by age 50 we need to consume about 200 calories less every day just to maintain a desired weight.

But Aniston should remember the famous quote often attributed to French actress Catherine Deneuve: “After a certain age, you have to choose between your fanny and your face.”

So far, Aniston has both. And in an age of cosmetic injectables and fillers, why should we have to choose? But Aniston told Brown she’s not planning to inject anything into her face.

At a reported 5’ 5” inches, weighing 110 pounds would give Aniston a BMI of 18.5, just barely in the normal weight range. Which is great, except that as we age, the fat in our faces loses volume and shifts downward. That means the fresh roundness of our cheeks and the areas around the eyes and mouth starts to lose firmness and hollow out. For a woman over 40, a heavier body mass index is associated with a more youthful appearance, according to a widely cited 2009 study on twins. Thus the “fanny or face” dilemma: A few extra pounds may make an older woman’s face look better, even though it may make other body parts heftier than she’d like.

Yes, a few extra pounds may make an older woman’s face look better and more youthful, even though she may not want to gain weight in other areas. People who are heavier in weight tend to have fewer wrinkles because the extra pounds plump out lines and wrinkles, says New York City dermatologist Dr. Ariel Ostad.

“The skin on our face loses fat, which is the same fat that suspends our cheeks higher,” Ostad told TODAY in an email. “As a result of losing this fat, skin can begin to sag and wrinkles and fine lines are more apparent.”

On Kathie Lee and Hoda Wednesday, Hoda gave her take on Jennifer’s ideal weight. “No one likes to hear skinny people talk about their weight,” said Hoda. “When a small person talks about weight — ‘I want to drop 2 or 3 pounds’— it just doesn’t feel right.”

Hoda: No one likes when skinny people talk about weight

Aug. 13, 201410:35


The hottest images and pictures of Jennifer Aniston will just drive you nuts. While we are talking about her beauty, skills and professional life, we want to now take you on a ride through a Jennifer Aniston bikini photo gallery. This curated image gallery will showcase some of the sexiest Jennifer Aniston bikini pictures that will make you fall in love with her. So sit back and enjoy a thrill-ride of Jennifer Aniston big booty pictures. These Jennifer Aniston big butt pictures are sure to leave you mesmerized and awestruck. In this section, enjoy our galleria of Jennifer Aniston near-nude pictures as well.

Born as Jennifer Joanna Aniston in the year 1969, on 11 th February. Jennifer Aniston is a well-known actress from the city of Sherman Oaks, California, United States of America. Jennifer Aniston is renowned for her role as Rachel Green in the TV sitcom hit series, friends, during 1994-2004. Jennifer Aniston, then rose to fame by acting in movies like – Bruce Almighty in the year 2003, The Break-Up in the year 2006, Marley & Me in the year 2008, Just Go with It in the year 2011, Horrible Bosses in the year 2011, and We're the Millers in the year 2013, each of which have grossed over 200 million USD in the worldwide receipts. Jennifer Aniston discovered her passion for acting and dramatic after she enrolled herself in the Rudolf Steiner School’s drama club.

Later, Jennifer Aniston started to train herself as a drama student at New York’s School of Performing Arts, aka the “Fame” school. Jennifer Aniston kick-started her career by appearing in the Off-Broadway productions as “For Dear Life” and “Dancing on Checker’s Grave. Eventually, she got her big break in television series Molloy. Apart from that, she has also shared a screen presence in operas like The Edge, Ferries Bueller and Herman’s Head which showcased her real talent as an
actress in no time.

These sexy Jennifer Aniston bikini photos will make you wonder how someone so beautiful could exist. Yes, she is a very sexy woman and Jennifer Aniston’s bra and breast size prove that she can carry off any dress in style. So, we have also gathered a few Jennifer Aniston bikini and swimsuit featuring Jennifer Aniston’s face and body pictures as well.


Apart from the mind-blowing images that will show you Jennifer Aniston Red carpet images, photos taken of Jennifer Aniston bikini images at the beach and those from her promotional and magazine shoots, we will also show you a few of Jennifer Aniston’s cutest pictures, hi-res wallpapers, high- quality background, and animated GIFs.


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A show that first hit the airwaves in 1994 and went off the air in 2004, Friends seemed to come out of nowhere and become a cultural touchstone. Starring an ensemble cast of six close-knit friends, all of the show’s stars became celebrities seemingly overnight and in the case of the female stars, began being seen as some of the hottest women alive.

Lisa Kudrow, the actress who played Phoebe, was a beautiful blonde who expertly brought that eccentric character to life, a role many would have likely failed in, while imbuing her with a sexual energy. Courteney Cox played the character of Monica, a chef and cleaning nut who always was able to get audience’s motors running despite her many foibles. However, Jennifer Aniston, the actress who played Rachel, was clearly the one portrayed as the most traditional romantic lead of the group and she was perfectly poised to play the part.

An attractive woman who had a body that millions of people would kill to have or lay beside, it was easy to see her as someone that anyone attracted to women would fall for at a moment’s notice. All of that despite her character’s spoiled attitude. While many were too young when her performance on this show was taking place, we here at The Richest count ourselves among those that had a crush on her at the time. That is what inspired us to put together this list of the fifteen hottest Jennifer Aniston photos you’ve ever seen.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that Jennifer Aniston can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people other than the popular actress will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of her from her performances or other media appearances are fair game as well since she has a history of looking incredible wherever she goes and we’d be fools to exclude them. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.


15 Horrible Bosses 2


The first photo on this list is taken from a comedy but it is no laughing matter. A still from Horrible Bosses 2, Jennifer’s ability to look that confident, sexy, and dominant is but one of the reasons she is among the most popular and famous actresses of her generation. A sequel to a comedy that came out of nowhere and made millions of people laugh at its inappropriate jokes, it was an opportunity for her to play a character that was unlike any we’d seen her embody in the past. A sex-obsessed lunatic who routinely used her position as the boss of one of the film’s main characters to put him in uncomfortably sexy positions, who knew she could play that role so perfectly?


14 The Casual Look


A photo that perfectly shows that Jennifer doesn’t need to be wearing skimpy or high fashion clothing in order to look amazing; you could easily see her wearing this on a typical night on the town. Positioned on what appears to be a comfortable looking chair and pulling on a few strands of her hair, they combine to make her look somewhat suggestive but at ease with having us look at her. Wearing a skirt that gives those that look at this photo a great vantage point of her pitch perfect legs, you may not be able to see them from the knee down but that doesn’t take away from this at all. On top of that, the top that she is wearing and the slightly forward angle that she is sitting in has provided the camera with a great look at her stunning cleavage, which is great. All of this comes together to make this photo look like it happened to come together perfectly while we know it was all carefully considered to show her at her best.


13 Alluring Lace


A photo that was taken as part of an Allure magazine photoshoot, it wasn’t the one they opted to put on the cover which makes us wonder to ourselves if they actually wanted to sell issues. It seems self-evident that they would, since their entire business relies on doing just that but we know this picture would have made us a lot more interested in buying their product. Somehow looking like she might be sweaty from physical exertion while also appearing to be completely clean, this confuses our eyes while simultaneously pleasing them. Between her slightly disheveled hair, the sexiness of her raised arm, and the bit of cleavage on display, the fact that this snap isn’t higher on this list is a testament to the competition being fierce.

12 French Maid


Definitely, one of the least famous movies Jennifer Aniston has ever appeared in, Friends with Money came out in 2006 and despite good reviews made less than twenty million dollars at the box office. We consider ourselves to be movie buffs but we’re going, to be honest, we know pretty much nothing about this movie and didn’t bother to read a synopsis. After all, for a list like this one all we need to know is that there is a scene of the movie where Jennifer can be seen in a French maid’s outfit and that is a popular trope in fantasy scenes for a reason. You get to see most of her legs, a bit of cleavage and she is there to serve, what on earth could be better than that?


11 The Necktie


The first magazine cover shot to grace this list, when EOnline put together a list of Jennifer’s best covers of all-time, this was included which makes perfect sense as the alternative would be silly. Released in 2008, this photo of the thirty-nine-year-old at the time actress was accompanied by a headline asking: “Is it just us or is Jennifer Aniston getting hotter?”, and we have to agree wholeheartedly. Speaking rather frankly in the magazine, she revealed that she wasn’t surprised by the comments Angelina Jolie had made at the time about falling for her ex-husband, Brad, on set because of who said it. Throwing serious shade at the woman many see as stealing her man, in any other circumstance it would have been her words that got headlines but when you look that good, people’s minds go elsewhere. Wearing nothing but a tie and a smile, her limbs are carefully positioned to cover up her naughty bits which got the minds of viewers going a mile a minute.

10 Along Came Polly


A movie that is often forgotten, Along Came Polly, actually did very well at the box office, making $173 million off a $42 million budget. Remembered by many for the comedic (“shart”) performance of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, an actor mainly known for dramatic roles, there was one aspect of the movie that definitely deserves more attention. There is a sequence of the film where the film’s main character, played by Ben Stiller, and the romantic interest, played by Jennifer Aniston, go on a date. With Jennifer wearing bright shorts that show off her assets in all their glory, it is the rare occasion to truly appreciate her rear end.


9 Open Jacket


If there was ever a photo that was scintillating for obvious reasons it would be this one. Not wearing a shirt or top of any kind, her breasts are only covered up by her jacket which itself isn’t even zipped up. The fact that this is all that is holding us back from an unencumbered view of her torso means that we get to enjoy looking at two of the most attractive aspects of her impressive body. First off, we get to gaze upon a little bit of her sideboob because her jacket is open just enough to give us a nice gander. Secondly, we can’t help but be absorbed in the opportunity to look at her midriff unfettered by any real covering. Throw in the fact that her makeup draws attention to her incredible facial structure as personified by her cheekbones and this is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

8 Chaise Lounge


A photo that was released as part of a 2004 Vogue magazine that Jennifer graced the cover of, this is another instance where the best photo missed out on being featured front and center. Relegated to the inside pages of the legendary publication, we don’t mind putting in a bit of work to see something this appealing. Looking like she is lounging on a couch but garbed in a dress that is nice enough that she could wear it on a red carpet, other than her slip showing, we don’t care where she is, this is phenomenal. Wearing makeup that ensures anyone who sees this shot will quickly find themselves staring at her gorgeous eyes, that is an amazing feat considering what else is on display. Of course, you know we are talking about her cleavage that looks about as welcoming as any body part ever could. Laying like that, Jennifer looks like she is ready to be joined by the right person too, which makes this entire presentation even more captivating.


7 Horrible Bosses


We included a shot from Horrible Bosses 2 already and we knew we’d be remiss if we left out a moment like this from the original film. The first time we met her perverted dentist character, Dr. Julia Harris, it was really hard to feel sorry for her underling during a scene like this, even though we knew her behavior was pretty messed up, since she looked so good. Not wearing a shirt of any kind, it is only her dentist’s jacket that is responsible for her chest not be completely unsheathed. Also looking like she is fully prepared to sexually devour the person sitting across from her, it sure is hard to not want to be in his shoes.

6 Friends Screengrab


During a storyline on Friends where her character, Rachel, was infatuated with a customer she regularly worked with, we were always amazed that he wasn’t pursuing her doggedly. Finally getting involved with the man she’d wanted for quite a while at that point, Rachel and Joshua went on a date during the show’s fourth season and things didn’t go quite as she expected. Deciding to surprise her date by greeting him wearing nothing but lingerie when he returned to a room she occupied, Rachel was shocked when he was accompanied by his parents. The resulting awkwardness was comedic gold but we’d by lying if we pretended we were interested in this scene for the jokes it mined instead of the woman on display.


5 Collar and Cuffs


We’re pretty sure this picture is the oldest photo to grace this list and while that may make it old news in some people’s minds, to us an image like this is evergreen. A young Jen seems to be topless, the only fabric adorning her wonderful figure is a collar and a pair of cuffs. The remains of a shirt of some kind, if this trend had caught on with women as attractive as her the world would be a lot less productive as staring would be at an all-time high. While we wish her face looked a little bit less photoshopped and there really isn’t that much of her flesh on display here this photo handily overcomes those deficits. If your mind doesn’t find itself imagining what it would be like to come across this stunning actress wearing nothing but what we see here while looking at this, it is now that we’ve described it and you are happy.

4 Just Go With It


It is a fact of modern pop culture that having a starring role in an Adam Sandler movie means that in all likelihood your efforts won’t be embraced by a lot of critics. However, while his movies have a lot of detractors of late, it is pretty much guaranteed that a lot of people will watch your work which held true for Just Go With It. We’re sure that a large portion of those people will never forget the moment in the movie where Jennifer is shown in this bikini which looks exquisite on her banging body. Whether you think he’s funny or not, Adam Sandler is still good for one thing at least, he manages to cast the most beautiful actresses in his films.


3 The Break-Up


A movie that tells the tale of a couple dissolving their relationship in a long protracted negotiation, the premise seems like a horrific trial to go through but we’d deal with all of that for a moment like this. In perhaps the most memorable moment in The Break-Up, Brooke Meyers, Jennifer’s character, decides that walking in front of her former beau in the buff will give her a great deal of power back. It certainly worked on audiences as you’d be in the minority if you wouldn’t do her bidding for a brief moment of viewing the piece of art that is her body.

2 Red on Red


The final photo on this list that isn’t taken from a movie or show Jennifer appeared in, it only seems right that one that graced the cover of a famous magazine would hold that lofty position. Printed on the cover of a 1999 issue of Rolling Stone, there is a good reason why gracing the front page of that publication is considered an honor. In this case, however, it is the front page that should be honored that it was fortunate enough to have a photograph like this grace it. Wearing a one piece outfit that hugs her body in all the right places, it covers what it must but leaves some great bits of her body open to see. Showing off her gams, a large part of her chest, and her dazzling face all at the same time, all we can say is bravo!


1 We’re the Millers


After Jennifer played her part in Horrible Bosses we thought we’d likely been introduced to her most overtly sexualized character, but little did we know what was right around the corner. Cast as the female lead in We’re the Millers, the movie saw her play a professional stripper who showed off some of her skills during the movie’s runtime. An image from her dance later in the film, it is meant to take place at a moment’s notice but judging from the fireworks going on behind her, it seems like life itself was elated at her efforts. One thing is clear in our minds, she has never seemed more sexy or hot in our opinions.

Sources: CBSNews, EOnline, Wikipedia, Allure

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Sexy Jennifer Aniston Picture Blend

Who wouldn’t want the beautiful Jennifer Aniston as a friend? She won numerous fans as the sexy Rachel Green on Friends and went on to become a top tier comedic actress in Hollyweird. She is one of the hottest women on TV and in movies. So it’s only right that we showcase the ultimate blend of hot Jennifer Aniston pictures, GIFs and videos for your enjoyment.

We organized the sexiest photos of Jennifer Aniston from various photo shoots below. We should warn you that it’s smoking hot (yep, we have Jennifer Aniston nude photos below).

We aren’t done yet. Things are about to get hotter but first some fun facts about Jennifer Aniston.

  • Net Worth: $200 million. She is one of the Highest-paid actresses in Hollywood
  • Full Name: Jennifer Joanna Aniston
  • Date Of Birth: February 11, 1969 (age 48 and still a smokeshow)
  • She was briefly married to Brad Pitt before shacking up with Justin Theroux (lucky bastard)

Alright, let’s check out some sexy Jennifer Aniston GIFs before we get to the naked pictures…

She is so sexy. Now without further ado, enjoy Jennifer Aniston real nude photos. We know you just came for the noodz so…go get some!

Video lovers enjoy this mix of Jennifer Aniston’s hottest scenes…


Jennifer aniston diet friends

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