How Do Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez Inspire Gwen Stefani?

Gwen Stefani has created a place for herself in pop culture history as one of the greatest female voices in music. Her unique style, high-powered voice, and multiple business deals have enabled Stefani to have an incredibly successful career, with legions of adoring fans all over the world. These days, Stefani has even more going for her: She’s in a happy and supportive relationship with another major music star — Blake Shelton. With a major milestone birthday coming up, sources say that Stefani is feeling — as well as looking — better than ever.

Who was Gwen Stefani’s first husband?

Gwen Stefani | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

In the early nineties, Stefani was one of the rising stars of the music scene. Along with her band, No Doubt, Stefani received praise for her stage presence and undeniable beauty.

In 1995, Stefani was touring with alt-rock pioneers Goo Goo Dolls and Bush, when she first started spending time with Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale. In 2002, Stefani and Rossdale tied the knot and went on to welcome three boys: Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo.

In 2014, one of the longest-running marriages in rock ended when Stefani and Rossdale announced their separation. While rumors swirled as to what exactly caused the split, Stefani and Rossdale have managed to co-parent their three boys successfully. Both have gone on to find happiness with other people: Rossdale with model Sophia Thomalla and Gwen Stefani with Shelton.

When did Gwen Stefani start dating Blake Shelton?

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Around the time that Stefani’s marriage to Rossdale started to break down, she was appearing as a judge on the singing competition show The Voice. Among Stefani’s fellow judges was Shelton, who was also fresh off of his split from Miranda Lambert. The two bonded over their mutual heartbreak and soon, rumors started swirling that they were an item.

Still, neither Stefani nor Shelton confirmed their relationship for quite some time. They waited until February 2016 to make their red-carpet debut as a couple.

The two have been together ever since, and in spite of near-constant speculation about whether or not they are close to marriage, they haven’t yet announced an engagement. Still, they recently bought a house together, so it is very possible that marriage isn’t far away. Stefani’s career is also hotter than ever, with her popular Vegas tour “Just a Girl” set to return shortly.

Who inspires Gwen Stefani?

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Stefani is 49 years old and will be turning 50 on October 3rd. While such a milestone birthday could be intimidating for many women, Stefani is going strong, with a great career and a red-hot romance. A recent news story claims that rather than be upset or afraid of her 50th birthday, Stefani is “enjoying it every step of the way.”

According to a source close to Stefani, she is feeling especially inspired by other women who have turned 50 recently and are still killing the game — celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, who is set to star in the new Apple TV+ series The Morning Show, and powerhouse entertainer Jennifer Lopez, who just completed a massive tour in celebration of her 50th birthday.

Stefani is clearly looking up to the right celebrity women for inspiration. And with a thriving career and tremendous success, Stefani is also an inspiration to women.

Jennifer Lopez Brings the Drama to the Golden Globes Red Carpet

I do love zazzy dresses like this one worn by Joey King, which are part glamour, part optical illusion to get the internet all worked up about what shapes they see.

What, you don’t see a cow jumping over the moon? What’s wrong with you?

Cynthia Erivo in a beautiful dress in black and white, draping artfully from the shoulders yet with vintage glamour.

Let me tell you about the forever hotness of Pierce Brosnan. Or just watch The Thomas Crown Affair and melt like toffee in a simmering pan. Here, yet again, Pierce Brosnan is hot.

Sunny day, sweepin’ the clouds away! Big Bird-echoing couture, done magnificently by Zoey Deutch.

Errr, ummm, J.Lo was clearly influenced by the presents under the Christmas tree. Love the bow. Hope she doesn’t end up hooked on a door handle.

Awkwafina in one of the most gorgeous outfits of the night. Monochrome Dior: an artful canvas of ruffles and fitted, glorious deconstruction.

Tiffany Haddish in pink fabulousness, and one of the few people speaking sense on the red carpet. Another three hours of her, please.

Saoirse Ronan in sparkle done subtle.

Reese Witherspoon in regal white, off-the-shoulder.

Charlize Theron wearing two dresses in conflict. A Franken-frock. I’m not sure of the winner. But there’s free champagne inside, so who cares, tbh.

Black stripes on trousers and sleeves win Barry Jenkins an evening menswear award.

Billy Porter, of course, is an angel. Majestic, and watch for the wingspan.

Wesley Snipes in rich color, and wing collars to take your eye out.

Gwyneth Paltrow in a lot of dress that shows quite a bit of body. E! viewers saw a lot more flesh than they may have thought after a scintillating discussion about the contents of her pantry.

If you can’t stand the ugly, war drum-beating reality of our new year, this is Dakota Fanning’s princess dress for you.

Fierce dress, fierce look. Do not get in Gillian Anderson’s way this evening.

Nina Parker showcasing the many powers of gold.

Beanie Feldstein in a beautiful navy dress, and one of the wittiest and most impressive performers at the Globes.

Kate McKinnon knows a good black trouser suit to command an audience. Rudy, take note.

All the awards, acting and fashion and otherwise please, for The Farewell’s Zhao Shuzhen. Beautiful red dress is a Globes red carpet highlight.

Lee Jeong-eun, Cho Yeo-jeong, and Song Kang-ho from Parasite a) look fabulous and b) provide this still-shook Parasite viewer proof of their alive-ness.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are so pretty and sweet-seeming, it’s all a bit much for 7:30 in the evening.

Jennifer Aniston in a simple black gown; the mark of true stardom is not having to try. And tonight is an evening out with friends…

Fleabag creator/all-around purveyor of excellence Phoebe Waller-Bridge rocks a trouser suit.

Scarlett Johansson in a winning red? Tbc.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw in a beautiful dress and a rare splash of color on a conservative carpet.

Thank you, Winnie Harlow, for dressing the heck up.

And our Queen Olivia Colman wore red.

He’s here. You’ve seen his character on the roof in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, right? Tonight he’s a tuxedo’d Brad Pitt doing supreme Brad Pitt.

Would we all could be Kathy Bates. This is how to do the red carpet.

Yes, Eddie Murphy, you do not have to wear a shirt or tie!

Nicholas Braun makes us go misty. This is why Cousin Greg makes us go misty! He’s so Cousin Greg!

Love Bel Powley’s stunning curiosity; a brilliant liberator from the sea of black and sober convention.

Hot Priest Andrew Scott thankfully on brand.

Thank you, Kaitlyn Dever, for joining forces with Bel Powley and actually playing dress-up for the evening!

Sofía Carson in a fairytale retold with mischief and attitude.

Zoë Kravitz: well spotted.

Jodie Comer wins the red carpet, because Villanelle would win the red carpet, especially mixing green and yellow in a work of sartorial sculpture.

Wowwww, this silver dress on Lucy Boynton is gorgeous and unsettling all at once.

Kerry Washington in tailored, severe brilliance.

Big Little old-school glamour, delivered devastatingly by Shailene Woodley.

Cate Blanchett: I have no idea what is happening here, and I love the confusion.

IMAGINE : Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo’s Vegas show just ended and it was fantastic as usual. I mean, what d’you expect from a jlo right?

It was her nth performance night and shes enjoying it. In fact, she thinks she’ll be doing it till she’s a wrinkly granny. Just kiddin😂

So lets get back to where jlo is heading to: The backstage. So whats the big deal with the backstage? Its the place where a guy awaits her there to fuck her every after stage performance. Thats why its her favorite. Just kidding again✌ Omygod im such a funny person, aren’t I?

Anyway.. The ‘fuck her there’ part was false. But the ‘a guy waiting’ part is true. Because a GUY was exactly waiting for her there.

And you dont have to guess it.


Idk why hes there, but perhaps to fuck her. Its none of our business what hes doin there but because i mention FUCK well maybe youre getting interested in the topic so there you go..

Jlo was still in her super revealing concert outfit which was showing her undeniably smokin hot body. I wasnt being exagg but we cant hide the fact that shes fucking hot at 47.

Ryan followed her quietly to surprise her. He was starin at her big booty then he got so turned on and horny.

“Oh my god i didnt know u were here!” jlo freaks out as she turned around and saw him drooling.

“You lookin hot Jen”

“Oh yeah?” she winks. “you think so?”

“I mean it. Come on, ur body’s so..”

“Touch my body then😏😉” she teases.

Ryan was horny as fuck and cant wait to put his boner inside of jlo.

So he quickly, as quick as a lightning, not even kidding this time, he pins her to the wall and kissed her lips gently at first.

Jlo smiles between the kiss.

Ryan knew she likes it so he pressed his lips on hers even more.

“Hmmm..” Jlo moans.

Ryan pins jlo’s hands onto the wall as he started to kiss her neck then to her exposed cleavage.

“So good..” Jlo whispers.

Ryan reached for Jlo’s back then unzipped the zipper of her costume.

After taking off her costume, Jlo was just on a skintone underwear. With no bra. Thats what made it exciting.

Ryan smirked. And jlo, seeing ryan’s seductive look, made her bit her lower lip.

Ryan touches Jlo’s boobs. He squeezed both passionately.

“Oh my god..” jlo got so turned on too.

Ryan kissed her lips roughly and her lipstick was starting to spread out. His hands were slowly reaching for her sexy ass. Then he squeezed them.

“Ohh Ryan.. I wanna have you now. Im hooked on you baby..”

Ryan kissed her for more.

“Are. You. Sure. We’re. Doing. This. Here?” he whispered, between kisses.

There was nobody at her fitting room. Of course thats her private area. So it was perfect to make some miracle 👀

“Follow me.”

Jlo pulled Ryan to her room and locked it. The room was full of her concert costumes and makeup and stuffs like those. But that doesnt stop them from being so horny.

About 10 minutes into Hustlers, Jennifer Lopez makes one of the most audacious entrances in recent movie history. Until that point in Lorene Scafaria’s film, Constance Wu’s stripper character, Destiny, has struggled to make money at the club where she is working. But as the opening chords to Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” crash onscreen, Lopez’s character, Ramona, appears onstage for the first time. Wearing approximately nine-inch heels (more on those later), she drops her jacket and shows Destiny how it’s done.

“I knew that this was always going to be the sequence that needed to leave the audience with their jaws on the floor,” Hustlers costume designer Mitchell Travers told Vanity Fair this month. “I knew it to absolutely floor the audience, and let them know that this is not going to be like any movie that they’ve seen before.” Given how sexy the scene was going to be, Travers wanted to spark questions with J.Lo’s barely-there outfit: “Is that going to stay on? How is that connected? How is she doing this?”

It wasn’t just an issue of designing for maximum sex appeal. Travers wanted the costume to showcase the strength and muscle tone Lopez amassed during her pre-Hustlers training. “She was incredibly dedicated to her pole training, and had a pole installed in her house,” explained the designer. “When I went to do her fitting, the pole was right there with us, so it was easy to see what was going to work.”

To showcase as much of Lopez’s body as possible—without running afoul of the film’s planned R rating—Travers dreamed up a diamond bodysuit that was essentially connected by three straps. “I had this fabulous tailor who hand-sewed these little rhinestone chains on to this tiny little white bodysuit,” he said, explaining that the costume was so small that he was able to ball it up in his hand while walking past paparazzi to set. “We did a lot of research and development to find something that could . It’s performance wear, and really had to work for that sequence. We did a number of fittings on it. It is tailored within an inch of its life, completely custom for her.”

Travers was nervous about presenting Lopez with the minuscule costume: “You have to understand this thing had absolutely no hanger appeal,” he said. “I was bringing in this ball of string with some chains on it. So I held it up, and I said, ‘I know that this is crazy, but I really believe in this.’ And she said, ‘Let’s go. I think I do too.’ She put it on, and she turned to me…I got to know her well, and there’s a look in her eyes when I know we found it…. And she gave me the look.”

When it came time to film the scene, “We had to hand-sew on her onstage, so that she could make sure that nothing was going to come off.” Explained Travers, “She was doing for this whole crowded room of background actors. It takes a lot for someone to be that vulnerable in a space where everyone is watching, and the cameras are rolling, and she’s got a few takes to nail it. I mean, you see what she created with that moment. It was an incredibly proud for a lot of us.”

Despite her superstar status, Lopez was down to try anything—giving Travers the freedom to take risks himself. When the costume designer presented Lopez with eight- and nine-inch heels—mostly from a company called Pleaser, and engineered for pole dancing and work in strip clubs—“she did not blink…. She’d be like, ‘Baby, put them on. I’ve got it.’ I watched her walk down the metal-grate stairs of a trailer, and she was walking like she was in flip-flops.”

The Ass of Jennifer Lopez

Some people say that Jennifer Lopez has a really beautiful ass, that is, it is delightful to look at. Well, they’re right; she does have a gorgeous ass, big and voluptuous, wonderful to ogle and to lust for and to masturbate over. But, if those people think that is the only thing it is good for, they are sorely mistaken. I am one of the few men who are lucky enough to know better, and I found out last summer.
It happened in August when I was driving in my van conversion along a deserted stretch of highway in California’s Central Valley. The temperature was about 120 degrees in the shade, if you were lucky enough to find any shade, but my air conditioning was working fine and I was quite comfortable. On the flat, featureless area, my field of vision was large and when I was still a long way off, I saw a small car pulled off to the side of the road. When I drew near, I saw a woman waving at me to stop and, as I slowed down and pulled up next to her, I recognized the beautiful Jennifer Lopez.
When I rolled down the window, she smiled as she leaned inside and asked me “My car’s broken down and my cell phone’s dead. Can I get a ride to the nearest town so I can get some help?”
“Sure, JLo. Anything for my favorite actress. Climb in.”
When she got into my van and sat down, she was still smiling but this time it looked much more sincere. “You never know where you will run into a fan. How far is it to the next town?”
“A couple of hours drive to where there will be anybody who can do anything for your car. I have nothing better to do so I’ll take you there.”
“That is really sweet of you. It was SO hot out there; it’s just possible you saved my life.” I didn’t say anything to disagree with her because it really was sweet of me, but nothing that most people wouldn’t do and I had to agree that if she had been out in that heat all day, she could have died from sunstroke or some similar unpleasant thing.
“Well, don’t worry; I’m glad to do it for you.”
We drove for a few more minutes and JLo asked “Do you know why I was able to become famous and successful as an entertainer?”
“I suppose it’s because of your beauty and talent.”
“That helped, of course, but mostly it was because of my ass.”
“Okay, but that’s part of your beauty.”
“It’s nice of you to say that but that’s not what I mean. Have you ever heard of casting couches?”
“When I was just starting out, I spent some time on them. But, you know what? The directors or whoever, they weren’t after my pussy. When they saw me from behind, they wanted to fuck me in my ass.”
I didn’t say anything but I couldn’t help admiring the good taste of those guys.
“And, you know what else? I liked it. I really did and now that I don’t have to worry about casting couches any more, it’s my favorite sex thing to do, especially with guys I like or who do something nice for me.”
I still didn’t say anything. I had a sudden inkling where this conversation might be going and I really, really hoped I was right.
Jennifer looked pointedly into the back of the van conversion where the bed was. “I see you have a bed here. I like you a lot and you’re doing something really nice for me. Why don’t you pull over some place and we can get in the back and I’ll show you what I used to have to do on casting couches and like to do now for swell guys like you?”
I had slowed down considerably already and I immediately started looking for a good place to turn off and. Suddenly, I saw a place that looked to be almost perfect. Ahead and off to the right was a driveway that led to an old house. Most of the roof was missing and it was obvious nobody had lived there for years. As Jennifer saw where we were headed, she smiled lasciviously and got up to start for the back of the van. Before she left, she patted my cock, which she could see was already bulging my pants at the thought of the marvelous place where it would soon be.
“I see you’re almost ready. Don’t take too long.” She was right. The thought of fucking JLo’s lovely ass had my cock ready, and I certainly didn’t want to take too long.
The driveway actually led to where a garage had been before collapsing a long time ago. I pulled behind the house for some concealment from the highway, stopped and put the van in Park. Because we would need the AC, I left the engine running. The last thing I did before joining Jennifer was to put on a CD of hers, made up of her sexiest songs.
By the time I got to the back of the van, Jennifer was naked and lying on the bed, a pillow under her waist so she was positioned for me. My cock got even harder as I gazed on the ass I had lusted for and dreamed about ever since I had first seen it, bigger than life, in “Selena”. It looked like one of my greatest fantasies was about to come true. Jennifer smiled when her own voice started coming through the sound system. “That’s a good choice,” she told me. “I’ve fucked to it before and I always get off.”
From her purse she took a condom and a small bottle of baby oil. “I carry these in case of happy moments like this.”
To me, it was a marvelous moment, one of the best of my life. Quickly, I removed my clothing and rolled the condom onto my cock. When she saw I was ready, Jennifer reached back and spread her beautiful ass cheeks, showing off her adorable dark brown rosebud nestled in the soft, light brown skin. After kissing both her buttocks, I applied the oil, starting by covering the puckered edges and ending by thrusting my middle finger all the way into the hole I was about to fuck, and spreading the oil heavily around inside.
“Mmmm,” she murmured. “Your finger feels really good. I know your cock will feel even better, though.”
Jennifer’s ass had felt good to my finger also but I knew it would feel much better to my cock. While she held her cheeks spread, I pried open the tight hole with my fingers. Holding it open with the fingers of one hand, I guided myself with the other hand until the tip of my cock was right at the tiny hole, which I knew would stretch to accommodate me.
JLo murmured in pleasure again as the tip of my cock wedged into her ass. She cooed as the next few thrusts drove it halfway into where we wanted it. “Ahhhh. Ooooo. God, that feels good,” she told me as, with a few more strokes, my cock was all the way in her marvelous ass. As I backed out of her and drove all the way back in again, she moaned in pleasure and her body squirmed on top of the bed.
She moaned even louder as my cock plunged in and out a few more times but then she stopped me. “I wanted to lie face down like that when you first put your cock into me so my muscles would be relaxed but once my ass is filled like it is now, I like to get onto my hands and knees. Your cock feels great now but when I get on my knees, it’ll be even more fun for both of us.”
I liked that idea but first I wiped the excess oil off my hands because I would be putting them on her hips while we were fucking and probably fondle her clit so she would cum. With my cock imbedded deeply, we both got to our knees. Jennifer was leaning forward, her upper body supported on her forearms and elbows while her back was arched, presenting her ass fully to me. I took advantage of the position to drive my cock all the way in and out, and on the second thrust, she fucked back to meet me.
For a long time we slowly fucked, both of us moaning from the intense pleasure. “I love that. I love your cock in my ass. Every time it starts into me, I can feel the pleasure rippling out, and it grows as you go in deeper, until it floods my whole body. And, it keeps getting better the longer we fuck. I hope we can keep going all day.”
“I hope so too. Your ass is the best place my cock has ever been. It feels so great, the way you keep squeezing and releasing me.”
As good as it was, it got better. My hands were resting on Jennifer’s hips, partly to guide our mutual strokes and partly because I enjoyed the feel of her soft brown skin. Her head and upper body were writhing on the bed in front of me and her hips started a new motion. As she continued thrusting back to meet the plunges of my cock into her ass, JLo’s hips started swiveling, driving her knees like pistons into the mattress. With the additional movement, Jennifer’s ass was caressing my cock in another way, sending even more pleasure flooding my body.
“Oh, my god, that feels good,” she interrupted her moaning to tell me. “Every time your cock goes into my ass it goes in different, and it’s always so good.”
We continued fucking for a long while, the double motion of her hips swiveling and thrusting back to meet me was driving me closer to my climax, even though I was in no hurry. My cock has been in many places and Jennifer’s ass may not have been the best ever, as I had told her, but it was certainly one of the best.
“I’m almost ready to cum. Play with my clit and fuck me faster.”
Reaching around Jennifer’s hip, I felt her pussy, dripping wet with her juices. Before I did anything else, I licked her nectar off my fingers and found it to be unusually delicious. I reached around again and started massaging the area directly around her clit.
“Yeah, that’s good. Like that. Now, fuck me faster.”
I increased the speed of my strokes and Jennifer fucked back just as fast to meet me. Although she was tight, my cock slid easily in and out and I could feel the walls of her ass massaging my entire shaft every time I drove it into her. Every stroke went all the way in, with my balls slapping against her pussy.
“Uh. Uh. Uh,” she whimpered from pleasure as I plowed my cock in and out of her ass and caressed her clit, until she burst out “Yes! I’m cumming. Oh, God, keep fucking me!”
That was what I wanted to do also and I continued ramming my cock in and out of her wonderful ass, on the verge of cumming also. My right hand, that continued massaging her clit, and my left hand on her hip held Jennifer steady while her head and upper body thrashed from side to side. She continued fucking back to meet me and her hips gyrated wildly in front of me. “Uh! Uh!” she whimpered loudly every time my cock surged into her ass.
JLo climaxed with a great spasm of her body and an ecstatic cry. After her orgasm, she wanted to collapse onto the bed but I held her up and pounded my cock into her ass for a few more strokes. I felt ecstasy pour through me and gave a great sigh as I also climaxed, my semen spurting into my condom. Jennifer collapsed onto the bed as I released my hold on her and I sprawled on top, both of us happy and satisfied.
Because I like lying together spoon fashion and I didn’t want to be too heavy for her, I slid off Jennifer onto my side and pulled her onto her side in front of her. After a while, my cock softened and slipped out of the ass where it had given and gotten so much pleasure. We lay there for another half hour until Jennifer said “Let’s not worry about my car just now. I can send a tow truck after it. Suppose you join me at my hotel and we stay the weekend together? I would love to spend the next few days showing you the main thing I used to do on casting couches and some other things too.”
Thank you for reading this story. I hope it gave you as much fun as I did writing it. Whatever you think of it, I value your opinion so please tell me by voting and leaving feedback, either leaving a public comment or emailing me. I always answer everybody who leaves feedback and includes either a handle or email address.

Jennifer Lopez Used to Be in Love with This Hip-Hop Mogul

The world is waiting for the star-studded wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Their love is on full display across the web and they’ve dished on just how excited they are to tie the knot. Lopez is happy to be marrying the love of her life but fans will never forget when she was involved with one of the biggest hip-hop moguls in entertainment.

Jennifer Lopez | The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

Lopez dated rapper and hip-hop trendsetter, Diddy, for a number of years in the late 90s and early 2000s. They were known for dressing alike at events and walking hand and hand on award show red carpets. Some credited Diddy for Lopez’s nickname, J.LO, which she later denied and revealed it was her fans who gave her the name.

Diddy and Lopez remain one of Hollywood’s favorite pairings.

Jennifer Lopez and Diddy’s relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Diddy were an unlikely pair. Lopez was a rising pop star who had just transitioned into a music career from film, and Diddy was already an established rapper, record label executive and overall mogul. Their shared love of music was probably what connected them initially. When the two joined forces, they became a cultural phenomenon.

Jennifer Lopez and Diddy 1999 | Evan Agostini/Getty Images

They began dating around the time Lopez released her debut album in the summer of 1999. Lopez had recently settled her divorce from her first husband, chef Ojani Noa. It was later revealed Diddy was in another relationship with the mother of his youngest son at the time, model Kim Porter. Porter ended the relationship with Diddy when she discovered he’d been seeing Lopez and the two battled it out in court over child support for their son, Christian. Diddy denied that he was with Porter when he began dating Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez and Diddy | Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Lopez and Diddy were the hottest couples of their time. They were seen as a power couple, stepping out on red carpets weekly, hosting parties together and had the world hoping for a wedding in the future. Their color-coordinated outfits deemed them the most fashionable couple throughout their relationship. Lopez and Diddy peaked most because of their combined fashion sense. They wore matching white ensembles to the 2000 VMAs and were showstoppers at the 2001 Grammys thanks to Lopez’s plunging Versace gown. Diddy was also thought of as the person who took Lopez’s career to the next level by helping her get in tune with hip hop music. Insiders believed he set up Lopez’s collaborations with various rappers and helped her tap into her street side.

Jennifer Lopez and Diddy breakup

Lopez and Diddy were said to have a whirlwind romance. Insiders claimed they loved hard but fought harder and were very involved in each other’s careers. With their careers at heightened levels, their private and professional lives overlapped often but they insisted they were supportive of one another.

Sources also believe that Diddy continued on in a bachelor lifestyle with his partying ways and eyes for other women. Things came to a head when Diddy and Lopez found themselves in legal trouble following a fight that escalated beyond control in an NYC nightclub in December 1999. The media circus that followed was the beginning of the end for the couple.

Diddy And Jennifer Lopez | Arnaldo Magnani/Getty Images

Rumors spread like wildfire that Diddy and Lopez’s relationship was on the rocks because of the stress of Diddy’s ongoing case and the fear that Lopez felt his issues would negatively impact her career. The two continued to show up together publicly but ultimately split in 2001.

Many criticized Lopez for ending the relationship and felt she bailed on Diddy during one of his darkest moments. Lopez would explain to Vibe Magazine in a 2003 interview that her decision to end things with Diddy was based on infidelity on his part. “It was the first time I was with someone who wasn’t faithful,” she said. “I never caught him but I just knew. He’d say he was going to a club for a couple of hours and then never come back that night.”

Are Jennifer Lopez and Diddy friends today?

Lopez and Diddy moved on from their relationship and dated other people. She married husband number two, dancer Chris Judd. They divorced two years later before she would move on to Ben Affleck and later married singer, Marc Anthony, and starting a family. She’s now engaged to MLB star, Alex Rodriguez.

Diddy reconciled with his ex, Kim Porter, and the two welcomed twin daughters, Jessie and D’Lila. They split when Porter found out Diddy fathered a child outside of their relationship. He dated singer, Cassie, for 10 years before their break up.

Jennifer Lopez and Diddy 2015 | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for ABA

Fans never gave up hope that Lopez and Diddy would one day get back together but that proved not to be the case. That did not stop their love for one another. Diddy declared Lopez as one of the “greatest loves of his life” when speaking on his past relationship with the singer with People Magazine in 2017 and said that he approves of her relationship with Rodriguez. Lopez and Diddy remain friendly and have been spotted hugging one another at recent events. Diddy also congratulated her on her engagement on Instagram.

Jennifer Lopez’s private life has seen her grab as much media attention as her many professional endeavours over the years.

As music star, Hollywood actress, TV personality and red carpet favourite J-Lo turns 50, we take a look back at her romantic history, including her high profile relationships with the likes of Sean Combs and Ben Affleck, to her three marriages.Jennifer Lopez (Ian West/PA)

David Cruz

Lopez’s first love was her high school sweetheart David Cruz, who she is said to have dated from the age of 15 from 1984 until 1994.

Cruz stuck by her side as she rose to fame but their romance fizzled out after a decade.

Ojani Noa

Lopez’s first marriage was to Cuban waiter Ojani Noa, in 1997. They were together for just 11 months before they divorced in 1998.

Sean Combs

Lopez dated rapper Combs, who was then known as Puff Daddy, from 1999 until 2001.

During their partnership they were a major celebrity power couple, and one of the biggest moments of their romance was when she donned a plunging Versace gown alongside Combs on the red carpet at the Grammys in 2000.Sean Combs (Neil Munns/PA)

During their romance, the pair were embroiled in a shooting in which three people were injured at a Manhattan nightclub.

Cris Judd

Shortly after splitting from Combs, Lopez became engaged to backing dancer Cris Judd, who she is believed to have met on the set of her music video for Love Don’t Cost A Thing.

They were married in September 2001 but split in June the following year.

Ben Affleck

Lopez went into one of her most high profile relationships later in 2002 with actor Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck at the Gigli premiere (PA Archive/PA)

One of the first showbiz supercouples to get their own nickname (“Bennifer”), they met on the set of the highly-criticised film Gigli and became engaged in November 2002.

The pair were due to tie the knot in September 2003 but they called off the wedding the day before, and officially ended their relationship in January 2004.

Marc Anthony

Following the split from Affleck, Lopez started dating singer Marc Anthony, who she had known for years.

The music stars married in June 2004 and welcomed twins Max and Emme in 2008, before splitting in 2011.Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (Yui Mok/PA)

Fours years later, Lopez said that the divorce from Anthony was “the hardest thing” she has ever gone through because of their children.

Casper Smart

One of Lopez’s longest romances, apart from her marriage to Anthony, was her union with dancer Casper Smart, who is 18 years her junior.

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Kitty Kat

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They were an item from 2011 until 2016, although they had a brief separation in 2014.


At the end of 2016, Lopez almost broke the internet when she appeared to confirm a romance with rapper Drake.

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The music stars were rumoured to be an item after he was spotted at her concert, and she later posted a picture of herself and the In My Feelings musician cuddled up together. However, some believe the romance was a red herring.

Alex Rodriguez

Lopez has been in a relationship with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez since early 2017.

The couple became engaged in March this year when the sports star got down on bended knee with a 16-carat diamond ring while they were on holiday in the Bahamas.

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Earlier this year, Lopez told Red magazine that she had to work out why she got into relationships that were not good for her before she could find happiness.

She said: “I feel like I’m in my second, third, or fourth act. I feel like I’ve lived several lifetimes already and I’ve had to figure myself out along the way, work out why I felt a certain way, or got into relationships that didn’t serve me.

“And I finally realised: ‘It’s me. It’s all me. I got to fix some stuff. I need to understand my own worth and value.’”

– Press Association

Watch: Jennifer Lopez Talks About Her Sex Scenes In Movies

Jennifer Lopez may be one of the biggest stars in the world but when it comes to it, she is still Jenny from the block.

The actress who is also a singer and dancer has been able build a successful career for herself is known for her sexual appeal which she has never shied away from.

In a new film, “Second Act”, the multiple award-winning actress has a hot shower scene with Milo Ventimiglia and she has opened up about how her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez feels about her steamy on-screen moments.

In a chat with Andy Cohen during a Sirius XM radio interview yesterday, December 12, Lopez who gets wet with Ventimiglia, who plays her boyfriend in the film talked about their steamy sex scenes. Cohen asked,

“Thankfully super early in the film we get a shower scen what did A-Rod say about seeing you and Milo up there?”

To this, Lopez responds,

“You know he didn’t say anything. He loved the movie though,” she thoughtfully replied and added, “He didn’t say anything. He didn’t go there. He was like ‘okay this is part of…this is what we’re doing.”

On whether her relationship with Rodriguez has made her think of taking certain roles for next year films which she has in the pipelines, she said,

“Of course I think about it and I always do what’s appropriate and professional. I’ve been doing this a long time. But yeah, I wouldn’t take anything that would make me feel super uncomfortable in my real life.”

Jennifer continued,

“If I take it on, I’m going to do it and do it in a way that if he saw it — or anybody saw it who knew me — I would never feel like ‘god I wish I didn’t do that,”

Cohen then asked her if there would be a conversation where she came home from a day of shooting and say to Rodriguez,

“Oh hey by the way I was making out with George Clooney today for two hours.”

Jen responded,

“No, you don’t do that. You don’t do that because what’s the use? They might cut it out of the movie,” she said with a hearty laugh. “Why make trouble? We cross that bridge when we come to it.”

She also disclosed that she gave Rodriguez fair warning that he would be seeing her make out with Milo on screen.

“I did say to him, just so you know, there’s kissing scenes with me and Milo and he was like ‘yo it’s ok baby,’”she added.

Although they have been together for two years, Rodriguez who is a former New York Yankee hasn’t seen his lady in a current film on the big screen having a steamy sex scene with another man.

Watch the interview below:

JENNIFER Lopez appeared to be in high spirits on the set of new movie Hustlers after it was revealed her fiancé sexted a model for a threesome.

The Jenny From The Block singer put her relationship woes to one side and looked incredible in tight trousers and a small top, as she filmed a scene in which her character is arrested.

13 Jennifer’s character is arrested outside a shop in New YorkCredit: The Mega Agency 13 The 49-year-old is set to marry the baseball star after The Sun revealed he had sexted a British Playboy modelCredit: Splash News

The star contrasted her black leggings and jumper with white platform trainers as she returned to work in New York on Friday.

Jennifer, who is engaged to baseball star Alex Rodriguez, revealed her famous bum and age-defying figure in the attire.

Her appearance comes after she defiantly stepped out with Alex last week.

The singer and her baseball star boyfriend, 43, invited him on the set of Hustlers and they kissed and cuddled – just hours after The Sun revealed he’d sexted a British Playboy model just weeks before proposing to the star.

13 The Jenny From The Block singer is starring in new movie HustlersCredit: Splash News 13 The star was spotted last week with her fiance after The Sun revealed he sexted a model for a threesomeCredit: The Mega Agency 13 Jennifer Lopez stunned in wet look trousers on the set of her new movie HustlersCredit: Splash News 13 The actress and singer looked in high spirits despite her recent relationship woesCredit: The Mega Agency

J-Lo looked great in tight white jeans and a denim jacket, smiling as she planted a kiss on her pet pooch.

A-Rod watched on from the sidelines as his girlfriend filmed alongside Constance Wu, before they headed off holding hands to spend time with their children.

The outing came shortly after a British Playboy playmate said that love rat Alex begged her for threesome sex.

Glamour model Zoe Gregory alleges the baseball star bombarded her with sleazy texts and sent a picture of his manhood.

13 The outing comes hours after The Sun revealed A-Rod had sexted a Playboy modelCredit: Splash News

Zoe, 44, told The Sun: “J-Lo is amazing and she doesn’t deserve this. While getting ready to marry her, he was asking me for sex videos, demanding we hook up and asking me to make arrangements with other girls.

“If he is doing this right up until the point he is proposing to her it is just not fair.”

Rodriguez, who is known as A-Rod and worth £265million, posted images online of his proposal to J-Lo.

13 Playboy playmate Zoe Gregory claims Jennifer Lopez’s fiance begged her for threesomes just weeks before the pair got engagedCredit: John Chapple – The Sun 13 Alex Rodriguez allegedly bombarded Zoe with sleazy text messages and videos and demanded they ‘hook up’Credit: The Mega Agency

But within hours, A-Rod, whose first wife divorced him over his extra-marital affairs, was accused by another ex-baseball star, Jose Canseco, of cheating with his glamorous ex-wife Jessica, 46.

Now, Londoner Zoe has alleged she was pursued by A-Rod, 43, after he texted her on Boxing Day last year.

The mum-of-one, who moved to Los Angeles in 1998, said he soon began pestering her to meet in person and begging her to bring friends for a threesome.

13 A-Rod got down on one knee with a £3.5million ring on a romantic holiday in the Bahamas earlier this year

He showered her with compliments on her curvy figure and 36DD boobs and asked her to send him sexy videos.

In one WhatsApp message said: “Are you still thinking of your three names of fun girls for us?”

In another, he asks Zoe if her pal is “down” for a rendezvous, adding: “She hot? Fun? How many times have you been with her?”

13 In the sexy messages he asked if one of Zoe’s pals would be ‘down’ for a rendezvous 13 Zoe says J-Lo ‘needs to wake up’ and that she feels bad for her as she doesn’t think it’s rightCredit: The Mega Agency


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A-Rod also sent Zoe a selfie, showing just his penis and his muscly thigh.

Zoe said: “He was being like a dirty dog. He seemed like a needy, horny bloke.”

Their sexy messages fizzled out after January 22. But Zoe, who now works as a fitness trainer, said: “J-Lo needs to wake up. I feel bad for her and I don’t think it’s right.”

Jennifer Lopez learns how to pole dance for an upcoming movie role

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