Jessica Simpson Swimwear

Jessica Simpson Swimwear

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Uh oh! After Jessica Simpson shared a photo of a slim model posing in her swimwear line on Thursday, May 23, fans took to the comments to express their frustrations with the lack of inclusivity.

The 38-year-old recently gave birth, so it’s a surprise that she’s using a specific kind of body type to model her bathing suits, rather than using a combination of women in different sizes — specifically something that resembles a woman who is a mom. “Pool Party Pretty. Get ready for summer with our Memorial Day sale going on right now on,” she captioned the photo of a thin model wearing a bikini. Fans were quick to express their thoughts.

“Please get some real-sized women in these ads … ” wrote one person. “I was so excited to check out your swimwear, but I soon found myself disappointed in the lack mom-friendly options … cute but covers/disguises up in a non-granny way,” commented another. While a third person wrote, “Yep … nope. We can’t wear those … can you?”

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The resurfacing of cheekbones 💃🏼 #CONTOUR

A post shared by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on Apr 19, 2019 at 7:30pm PDT

Unfortunately, Jessica is no stranger to getting body-shamed. For that exact reason specifically, though, one would think she would use a variety of models to properly promote all the sizes her clothes come in, which start at a size small to extra large.

This also isn’t the first time the “With You” singer got attacked by fans online. In April, she shared a photo of her newborn daughter, Birdie Mae Johnson, and took the opportunity to clap back at trolls calling her out for posing her daughter on her stomach.

“I like to pose on my belly, but I love to sleep on my back,” the mom-of-three captioned a black and white photo of her new bundle of joy, 2-months. On the bride side, we’re glad she is unbothered by what people say. You go, girl!

Here’s a little celebrity internet drama-rama to raise your blood pressure this fine spring day.

Jessica Simpson, most famous for not knowing the difference between fish and chicken, selling high heels, and having the voice of an angel, is getting yelled at on the internet because she posted a photo of her 5-year-old daughter, Maxwell, in a swimming suit.

In a series of photos on her Instagram, Jessica Simpson shared Maxwell doing silly poses in a bikini:

Some folks found the image of a little girl in a bathing suit disturbing.

Commenters accused her of posting “inappropriate” photos, and claimed she’s sexualizing a minor.

However, lots of commenters jumped to Jessica’s defense. Many making the very valid point that maybe us adults shouldn’t be creepy weirdos who sexualize a little girl. (TBQH, it’s hard to imagine this photo would provoke the same outrage if it were a boy in a Speedo.)


“Such unnecessary and immature criticism. I think social media is too much for y’all,” wrote one commenter.

A second said:

OMG people, there is nothing cuter than a little girl in a sweet little bikini! There is nothing inappropriate here, it’s the world that has become inappropriate! My goodness, I remember my mom putting me in bikinis when I was a kid in the 70’s! I don’t understand all the mommy-shaming! She’s adorable and she’s got her helmet on! Good job mom! My daughter does the same thing, a skinned knee might happen but at least her head is protected and frankly, it’s no one’s biz!

And third person added:

re people seriously that ridiculously bored out of their mind to try and give her parental tips on how she should be raising her daughter? You guys are unbelievable for sexualizing her daughter and saying all of this bs when we all know if this picture was a boy instead of a girl you guys wouldn’t be saying anything . So stop with the sexualizing of females, it’s not okay especially on a child this young. Grow up and get a life instead of worrying so much about somebody else’s life.

So there you have it! Even a photo of a 5-year-old girl on her mom’s Instagram is enough to send the internet into a tailspin. And it’s not even Thursday yet! Hooray!

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