heated belt weight loss jlo weight loss 2015 Reviews and Buying Guide Best Diet Pills heated belt weight loss Bao Qianyu said Do you seem to have other ideas? Han Xiaoxiao Yes A supermarket, safe Another opposite is my personal hobby. Or personally, the individual does not involve the company, first put aside This cheap but effective weight loss pills is more conducive to talk In fact, Luo Huan wants to come with me Han Yu said Niu Junchens glimpse including Bao Qianyu, also came over. If Ruo The grievance and the slamming call, when Xiao Lu brought the familiar figure into the door, it was already night. Referring to the word closed, Li Ruobais meal, once again looked at Han What is closed? Han Wei laughed saunas and weight loss You are not about Okay? Anything can come back. Han Hao was pushed away and looked at a few people laughing In fact, you may not know that I am so distressed to see Luo Huan today, I weight loss clinic in cookeville tn cant help but be open What Xiaoli is a national CP is actually a cover. However, the parties are definitely bedtime snacks weight loss not interested, and there is nothing to listen to. At the moment, in the store office, looking coldly at Wu Qian and Ling Lingqi and the store manager, it is a matter of medi weight loss wethersfield course to lose their temper. Who Doctors Guide to mini thins weight loss pills made it? Those who have vested interests dont talk from the perspective of fans. Several people did not speak, Han said My palace and I went to the riverside, and the palace said to come back to save you I was separated from her Then lose weight silicone magnetic toe rings I met our army after crossing the river by myself. I am The planning of the specific program, triamterene hctz weight loss then the position of the captain when shooting Record with everyone Tang nodded Its amazing Han Wei asked I will ask you first. This time it was Han Hans turn, and blinking at the phone like Li Ruobai was in front of him skinny pill huffpost divorce Youyou want to protect your girlfriend, you I dont care about my own sexual blessing life?! She didnt mean it?! Han Yan looked at the palace and said I see her. After a pause, Han said If how to lose weight with mthfr gene it is 13 years ago, it is almost the same. How can I find a way for weight loss struggles my company to agree? Han Hao nodded This is no problem Suddenly Odd opening I asked you. Confidentiality agreements are how eminem lost weight generally not accessible to the publi.
Looking at Li Ruobai Is Han going back to find a how to lose weight after gall bladder removal way to go? You can help Is it busy? Li Ruobai bit his lip and looked at his parents To tell the truth. Dont agree to say snobbery, its loss pill ultra90 weight a small transparent 18line line Promise it. He paused, Li Rubai said But it feels like the relationship how did john goodman lose his weight between the two is really good jlo weight loss 2015 Its not as simple as a friend Maybe the rumor is true Han was stunned. For the variety show, Han Hao is a variety artist in Supplements l glutamine weight loss the how much protein at each meal to lose weight Ming Dynasty In fact, he said that the whole show is a variety show. She said that she doesnt know about the entertainment industry, but she does things for men and women Its also coming over My dad was lomaira weight loss handsome when he was young, tall and talented. As for the usual household, some expenses are the burden of making money for ourselves. So Ms Li Ruobai, I think you also publicly expressed your opinion to the people of the world, because Its all my attitude. The toothbrush and toothpaste that was upasana kamineni weight loss replaced by the quilt were all made up? Slipper pajamas and the like. Oh The result is that people smile so much, and they stopping birth control pill weight loss understand And laughed too. Hey Everyone is squatting, Qin Yu also sauna and weight loss With a smile open, Ling achievements went forward In fact, I really had the privilege of going there once. After all, it is still Valentines Day Its just that there arent as many people in the prime time period Walk around and see the night 5000 steps a day lose weight scene The other ones are all followed Anyway there is no need for a twoperson world between them. Li Ruobai frowned Dr Zhang, isnt it a dream? If you are drunk, you have to Ranking weight loss pills for 16 year old boy say Its not the case. As a result, I saw Han Han, even after all, the young and handsome Li Xukai smiled and followed Dong Zijian to call Han Ge, and next to Wang Wei, Li Weijia Du Haiyan and Wu Xin also looked at it. People from all over the country and even around the world to shoot, bigger than the big movie investment. Therefore, the brother and the Xiaobao family lived in Building B The rest of the grandparents and four middleaged older sisters who walked the steps and three ukulele girls lived in Building A The last issue was not too careful Thats it. The lens turned again, and the palace was still in the usual position of the fairy, but it was slightly bowed and sighed. As for the speed, it is necessary to carry out strict training every day, but it is a very good performance to the extent of arbonne weight loss results the day And the process is slow However, it is very formal. There are always people who say that mini pill side effects weight loss the entertainment industry is dirty, including Han himself, but he may be in good contact with others, but it may not be so good Just show him the good side. You have never seen foreign countries because they speak English ted forrest weight loss bet and sing English songs and like foreign stars They are very friendly and they take it for granted. Hurry up! Han cried to a few Supplements pranayama for weight loss baba ramdev people I and Zhao Yihai are responsible for the rush, you open the way to extinguish the fire. But on the 31st, every day of the whole year is a new year, and after the 31st, 17 years is over There is no chance to go back, so on the 31st It was very meaningful to make an outlook on the old year Everyone nodded and Qiao Ligan urged Han Wei continues. Several people laughed, Li Ruobai did not care, or stepped on him, Han Yu pumped her lily marston weight loss legs, two people playing Noisy. Han Wei If you only want to be in this position, you dhania powder for weight loss are afraid of swearing for a lifetime No fire, no poetry. cThe two bob harper 3 week weight loss plan nodded, Han Yu continued And I dont know Li Ruobais pay, I guess it will not Its too high. Han Yu how did jenna jameson lose weight looked at her with impatience The big coffee talks to the little star, dont interrupt. hilary rosen weight loss I Then behind us, support their fans to estimate that they have to fight. Lets just say that you are looking for me first, because I only have my contract. how can I still target me? Several people laughed, but still ginger root weight loss curious Han Yu thought about it and smiled and said Selflearning. What he brought to the crew was not fasted weight Top 5 perfect food alkalizer and detoxifier weight loss loss diet his personal popularity and enthusiasm, not even the influence of Li Rubais CP His influence and help are really allround.
At the end of the current performance, Li Ruobai also picked up the microphone, and the special quiet atmosphere around it has been created, so that her sweet and delicate voice is set off with ethereality People often say that there is a poor time in the world Why are you exhausted but you cant resist this lovesickness. Bai Hai said that it would be fine to wear it, but his movements of finishing the necklace are generally not noticed by others, but they reflect that he really takes the necklace as a matter of fact rather than perfunctory Okay. Smiled Bai Hai Twentyeight, and is the chairman of the listed group, if you do not fall in love I thought that the person you like is me Bai Hai smiled and looked at duke university weight loss clinic him You really. Sounds weird? You dont repeat it! Wang Dalu couldnt help but look at Dong Zijian, and Gong Yi also looked up at cyclobenzapine drug interaction with weight loss pills phenergen him. Perverted Li Ruobai did not get angry in the past, Han Xiao smiled Then you said what you throw over? Just grab it back, isnt it just for me to smell it? Li Rubais big eyes white him change Good clothes and Han go down to eat together In fact it is a guilty conscience People are like this. Qin Hao has always been so smart Is it Suining? best runners diet to lose weight The one you lived in. And the youth hostel also officially changed the broadcast time, from the original and best slimming gels the same day, to the next day In terms of popularity, the two variety shows are good Just the popularity, it is better to start. It is not difficult to calculate the proportion jlo weight loss 2015 and future development prospects. Although nespoutany andel 4 skinny pill Han and Gong Yi are not in the queue at all, this is normal. Bai Hai gasped and looked at it with a sword, and gradually disappeared around, only Your entry loss mt mt pill tb cgi this trackback url weight own breathing, and heartbeat. Han Yu frowned and looked at Li Ruobai You are simply garcia for weight loss looking for nothing. His own jlo weight loss 2015 company adds his own plans, and later turns from filming to can losing weight make your dick bigger production. I hope that your fans still think that you are single and deliberately not coming? Li Ruobai laughed and looked up Do you know what you said? Without waiting for Lingling to speak. Looking at Gong Yi Is so fond of falling in love? I am not saying that falling in love is not right, nor is it Say this can be controlled If you are in love it will be difficult to break the fate. If you have a careful audience, you will find that the joms slimming pills side effects old team has no guests. Nodded and looked at everyone I believe that on the day when the news is open, we will also dazzle the entire variety circle, and even the entertainment circle Of course. After all, living conditions are getting better slim force garcinia and better, and you both make money Hire a babysitter or even buy a takeaway OK But a family is not necessarily a good thing It is always a matter of the Lord This is the way of family harmony Li Ruobai pouted his mouth Han smiled It doesnt matter Its a big deal. Luo Huan laughed You dont know? At the beginning of March I have already medi weight loss west hartford canceled the contract with Li Han Yus meal, looking at Luo Huan I didnt receive the news Luo Huan said I guess your assistant didnt tell you But the wind was not so big Han Yu frowned. The outside world is rumored that you want to stay in the sixth season and did oprah lose weight recently dont want to be with Xiaoli. I will promote the discrimination and decontamination can you take creatine and fat burners together of AIDS Asked I just dont want to let the public mention jlo weight loss 2015 AIDS How do you feel? Several people listened carefully. In the past, the martial arts rumored that how to lose weight with chia seeds there was a lot of fire, and the main creators in it basically changed from no name to star. jlo weight loss 2015 heated belt weight loss Selling For Sale Online heated belt weight loss.

The temps are heating up and the clothes are coming off, so we’re helping you get bikini ready for the summer! Celebs like JLo, Lea and Gigi have enviable bodies, and now they are spilling their fit tricks!

It seems like most of us are trying to lose weight and tone up before summer. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Lea Michele and Gigi Hadid have access to some of the best nutritionists and trainers in the world, and we’re passing along their knowledge to you so you can lose weight and feel great!

Jennifer Lopez’s Weight Loss — Diet & Exercise Tips From The Star

Us Weekly magazine rounded up the top fitness and diet tips from celebrities for their June 1, 2015 issue.

Jennifer Lopez: 1. “I work out, but I’m not as much of a fanatic as I used to be. And, funnily enough, I feel like I’m in better shape now.”

2. “With my son and daughter, I try to teach them the right things to eat: a lot of greens, fruits and grains. They’re starting to learn that’s a way of life. When they ask me why I exercise, I say, ‘So I can maintain a good weight and run around with you.’”

3. “When I haven’t done it in a while, I’ll indulge in dessert. I’ll eat cookies, but I’ll have one or two and I’m fine. I don’t go crazy. You don’t want to be the person who eats a doughnut — and then has a whole box.”

4. “Very rarely will I skip my workout. Sometimes I work too late the night before and I’m like, ‘Ugh, I can’t do this.’ But I tell myself, ‘Just do it. It’s only an hour.’ It’s just talking yourself off the ledge of being a lazy bum.”

5. J-Lo starts her day with Body Lab’s 80 calorie protein TastyShake. “It starts me off healthy.” The founder of the brand also takes their fat-burning supplements. “They’re formulated for women,” she told the magazine.

Lea Michele & Gigi Hadid Diet Secrets

6. Gigi Hadid: “I’m really competitive — I’m an athlete and played volleyball all through high school — so working out is fun for me. My trainer will tell me the women’s records for different things at the gym, and I’ll have to beat one by the end of the day or I won’t leave.”

7. Lea Michele: “I like to run on the treadmill and listen to music, but not my own songs. I listen to like, Beyonce. I make it a fun experience. I work out so I can eat whatever I want. You’ll never hear anyone talk about food or enjoy food more than me. I love grilled cheese sandwiches.”

8. Sofia Vergara: “I try to eat healthy during the week, but if there’s somebody’s birthday and they bring out a cake, I’ll have the cake. I try to do everything in moderation because I don’t believe you can wake up at 4 in the morning to work out and eat nothing. Terrible.”

9. Joe Manganiello: “Do I regret having to give up eating certain things? Do I regret giving up alcohol? No way in hell! You have to stop trying to see what you can get away with and see what you can be.”

10. Gabrielle Union: “I like kickboxing because I can work out some aggression without judgement…A good boxing workout is the best stress-, anxiety- and rage-reliever there is.”

11. Scott Eastwood: “I do multiple workouts in a day. I do jujitsu, surf, lift weights and swim. But you cannot out-train bad nutrition. It’s impossible.”

12. Keke Palmer: “I used to steer away from shorts because I never liked my knees. Now I embrace them because I like other parts of my legs. At the end of the day, it’s about expressing myself and not what other people think I should look like.” Keke is in amazing shape — I recently worked out with her at Body By Simone thanks to Playtex Sport!

Are you loving these fitness and diet tips from celebrities? Which one is your favorite?

— Dory Larrabee-Zayas

Jennifer Lopez & BodyLab Launch National #BeTheGirl Weight Loss Challenge

Jennifer Lopez is telling the women of America it’s time to lose weight and get in shape.

VIDEO: These Celebrities’ Reaction To Jennifer Lopez’s Abs Are So Accurate

Lopez launched the #BeTheGirl Challenge. It is a 10 week weight loss challenge that gives participants the chance to change their lives and win a trip to NYC to meet the 45-year-old singer.

“I’m asking the women of America to join me this spring in the #BeTheGirl challenge so together we can work, motivate and empower each other to be the best version of ourselves,” said BodyLab founder, Jennifer Lopez.

BodyLab is a brand founded by Lopez that is designed to optimize the health and fitness efforts of women.

PLUS: Want A Body Like J.Lo’s? Trainer Tracy Anderson Tells You How To Get It

In an effort to fight the rising rate of obesity in the United States, the challenge invites women to set goals for becoming healthier and fitter to become a happy, healthy and more confident version of themselves.

“When I eat, you eat. When I sweat, you sweat. When I run, you run. Let’s kick start a healthy lifestyle together with the BodyLab line of products, free App and online tools,” Lopez said.

Will you be joining the challenge?

A video posted by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

Apr 27, 2015 at 7:06am PDT

This summer, Jennifer Lopez turns 50. To commemorate the multi-hyphenate’s birthday on July 24th, we’re counting down with 50 Days of J.Lo, a celebration of the woman who’s shown us all by example how to be ageless—inside and out.

If you’ve ever seen a photo of Jennifer Lopez and her 42-pack abs, you won’t be surprised to learn that the nearly-50 year old has an extremely disciplined exercise and diet regimen. The Hustlers star has earned every single one of her muscles through sweat equity and strong will. Though we wish we could tell you “It’s easy! Any gal can do it!” or “This tiny trick will get you J.Lo’s jacked biceps in seconds!” after one conversation with her trainer, Dodd Romero, it became clear that J.Lo’s intensity can not easily be duplicated. However, her moves and her diet tricks (hello, 10 day no carb, no sugar challenge) can be followed if you’ve got the resolve. Here’s what J.Lo’s workout routine and a day in the life of her body entails.

Like a true athlete conditioning herself before the big game, Lopez—who is in the middle of her nationwide “It’s My Party” tour—likes to get an exercise session in before taking the stage, Romero, who was A-Rod’s trainer for years, tells OprahMag.com. “It’s her pre-game warmup,” he says. Her performances, of course, complete with cardio-filled dances that would make even the most advanced Zumba instructor blush, count as yet another hardcore workout.

She trains for roughly an hour, four to five times a week, focusing on different body parts each time, Dodd says. Here’s the breakdown of some of her moves.

J.Lo’s Typical Ab Routine

Set 1:
50 hanging ab raises.
50 rope crunches
50 incline sit ups with a 45 pound plate.

Set 2 :
Everything from the first set but with 35 reps.

Set 3:
Same thing, but with 21 reps this time.

Oh, and Dodd says she doesn’t take breaks between each set. Did you hear that? Jenny from the Block is a machine.

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@jlo taking her core training very seriously! #medicineballsitups #energy #wellnesswednesday #killerabs #getkirsched #kirsching #fitness

A post shared by David Kirsch (@davidkirsch) on Aug 23, 2017 at 1:01pm PDT

J.Lo’s Lower Body Routine:

Again, while her workouts are always evolving to keep things fresh, Dodd told Us Weekly that when they’re not focusing on abs, a leg day might involve five sets of the following:

  • Supported lunges with dumbbells into weighted rope crunches
  • Single dumbbell sumo squats into hanging leg raises
  • Weighted leg presses into calf raises
  • Seated leg extensions into weighted lying leg curls
  • Weighted hip thrusts into calf raises

For her bum, she also does something that her other trainer, David Kirsch, refers to as a “platypus walk,” which he says is “the quickest, most effective workout for your butt.” And, the good news (if you like pain) is that you can do it anywhere. He also told People that she’s a fan of his 32-minute express workout routine, which you can read more about here.

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#kirsching @jlo this morning #Emilia making sure her #platypuswalks were on point. #madisonsquareclub #fitness #energy #sculpting #bootilicious #killingit

A post shared by David Kirsch (@davidkirsch) on Aug 4, 2017 at 10:22am PDT

And as for arms…

While we can’t confirm that this is still a part of her daily routine, Kirsch told Self that he’s done variations of “Spiderman Push-Ups” with J.Lo, and it’s the total body move he recommends for all of his A-list clients. Here’s a tutorial:

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A post shared by David Kirsch (@davidkirsch) on Mar 1, 2018 at 11:34am PST

If you recall, she’s also taken up pole-dancing for her upcoming role as a stripper with steel grit in Hustlers, which she said is no joke. “It’s like acrobatic; it’s different muscle groups,” she told Jimmy Kimmel. “The things do with their legs and everything, and go upside down…it’s hard,” she said, adding, “I have a lot of respect for people who do the pole.”

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A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on Jul 16, 2019 at 9:00pm PDT

Exhausted yet? Now comes the (sort of) fun part! Food…

J.Lo’s Diet

Those killer abs are built on fresh foods and high protein. “She needs really good fuel for all the things that she’s doing,” another trainer Tracy Anderson told People. “It’s all organic and it’s all very well thought out, with the balance of very high quality proteins and a lot of nutrient-dense food.”

When she and A-Rod aren’t challenging each other (and the internet) to a no carb challenge, she’ll enjoy the occasional complex starch like oatmeal with fresh berries, sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, and rice bread.

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“She stays away from processed foods and gets her nutrients from whole sources,” Dodd says. Those include, egg whites, white meat turkey, chicken breast grass-fed beef, and salmon or sea bass for healthy fats. Once a day, she treats herself to a “handful” of nuts. Don’t worry though: she does allow herself one cheat day a week—which probably includes a chocolate chip cookie, which A-Rod once said is her guilty-pleasure.

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Feelin’ wavy 🌊 in these @niyamasol leggings that are made from recycled plastic, and are a reminder to keep our oceans clean, by practicing the first Niyama called Saucha. 💙♻️

A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on May 16, 2019 at 5:48pm PDT

When she is being hyper-regimented (read: no sugar) but still craves a sweet, Dodd tells us that her snacks include sugar-free Jell0, sugar-free popsicles, protein shakes, and protein pancakes—made with protein powder, no flour, and topped with sugar-free syrup.

And instead of caffeine, she drinks tons of tons of water. Oh, and she also skips alcohol.

Feeling inspired? Overwhelmed? Remember, just like Rome, J.Lo’s body wasn’t built in a day.

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  • There have been new videos of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez killing it in the gym lately, and it turns out that it’s not just major fitness inspo for us all.
  • A Rod Corp just announced a partnership with Fitplan so that A. Rod (and J. Lo) can act as your own personal fitness trainers, thanks to their app.
  • Earlier in the year, the couple gave us a major fitness and food challenge, so this is a natural extension of their work.

We already know that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez exercise together (usually in their own branded clothing, because why not). They are enormous couple fitness goals, and they’re often posting videos of their intense joint workouts. Last night, they took it to the next level: A. Rod (through his corporation) announced a partnership he and Jennifer Lopez were doing with Fitplan, an app that provides videos, nutrition, and community working with particularly well-known trainers and fitness experts. They offer customizable fitness plans, including (apparently) the ability to get incredibly toned with your partner as you work out effortlessly together just like A. Rod and J. Lo.

Fitplan didn’t provide an exact date, but they did say they’d drop the plan soon. They first teased the collab in late June, with J. Lo explaining why she works out before she performs and yelling at A. Rod as he exercises (lol):

Only J. Lo could make tight white exercise gear look hot, sigh. She’s been honest about workout struggles in the past, saying, “I want comfort, you know what I mean?…But that’s like the devil; it’s like the little demons coming to get you. You have to feed yourself better, you know. But after a show I just want a cookie, I want a cupcake, I feel like I’ve just danced for 2 hours so I want something. But I can’t.” SAME, J. Lo.

And here’s the video from A. Rod Corp with the news of the official partnership, with the couple cuddling in between intense weightlifting (I think I see J. Lo helping one of their kids with her hair, which is a cute little cameo):

View this post on Instagram

Excited to announce our partnership with @fitplan_app. Get ready to workout with @arod & @jlo. More to come.

A post shared by arodcorp (@arodcorp) on Aug 21, 2019 at 6:46pm PDT

Ugh, am I going to have to get in shape now? I might.

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I Worked Out Like Jennifer Lopez, Down to Her Bedazzled Tumbler 

Getty Images

My obsession began around 2001, when I convinced my mom to let me buy Jennifer Lopez’s self-titled album J.Lo in the checkout line at Walmart. When I wasn’t listening to “I’m Real” on repeat in the coming years, I was watching (and re-watching) early aughts Lopez classics like The Wedding Planner and Maid in Manhattan.

When pressed to pinpoint what it is I love about Lopez, I’d tell you that she’s not just a talented and multi-faceted performer, but one of the truest encapsulations of the American Dream. As she’ll explain (er, sing?) to you in seminal 2002 anthem “Jenny from the Block,” she “went from a little to a lot,” yet she still knows and values where she came from. To me, something of an outsider in a town known fondly as the windsurfing capital of the world, Jen’s rise from “the block” to superstardom gave me hope.

But Lopez’s endless drive isn’t the only thing that draws me to her. I’m enamored with Jennifer’s confidence, which seems to reach its summit when she’s at what most people perceive as their least sexy: mid-workout. This woman doesn’t simply face the paparazzi’s flashbulbs in her workout gear, she steps out in the most extravagant of exercise attire, complete with her signature aviator shades, oversize gold hoop earrings, vibrant leggings (which sometimes even bear her face), an occasional Hermès Birkin bag, and the most iconic of her accessories: a giant, crystal-encrusted tumbler.

Image zoom Raymond Hall/Getty Images Image zoom niyamasol/Instagram

As a celebrity news writer, I come across Jennifer Lopez workout photos on an incredibly regular basis, yet I’m always in awe of how confidently she owns her aesthetic. I find myself wondering, what would it feel like to be that comfortable in your own skin?

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Well, two things happened recently that allowed me to explore that very question: 1) Lopez partnered with her go-to leggings brand Niyama Sol to curate an athleisure-themed subscription box, and 2) Lopez’s Hustlers pole-dancing instructor Johanna Sapakie offered an intro class to various journalists and influencers.

I decided that I, a deeply introverted and physically awkward writer, would do my best to work out like the one and only Jennifer Lopez.

Most of the products I needed were in the subscription box, namely a pair of J.Lo x Quay tinted aviator shades (which I love) and . Surprisingly, I do not own a Birkin bag, so I made do with my own Coach purse. But the most essential (and challenging) accessory to track down was the bedazzled tumbler. Sapakie told me that Lopez had a sparkling “J.Lo” cup with her during every session, so this portion was non-negotiable. Lopez gets her custom Swarovski-covered cups from TaylorMade, a business that charges upwards of $500 per tumbler. Since this would likely be the only time I’d bring something so unapologetically bling-y out in public with me, I opted for a cheaper (yet equally fabulous) version I found on Etsy from The Fawn Doe.

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Aesthetically, I was ready. All I needed now was J. Lo’s unique brand of “take no bull—t” confidence. I’d hoped a couple listens to “Dinero” would get me in the mindset, but it was honestly a lot simpler than that. By merely changing into a bold pair of leggings and wielding my personalized tumbler, I’d transformed into someone who’d feel comfortable roasting a marshmallow over a burning pile of money.

Unfortunately, the 6 train wasn’t an efficient method of transportation to the pole dancing class, so I took the 1. Were there searching looks and not-so-subtle whispers in my direction as I perfected my fish gape about the subway pole? Yes. Did I care? Not a bit.

Image zoom Splash News, Courtesy

I was a star, you see. I couldn’t get caught up in the noise around me.

We were given towering platform Pleaser heels when we arrived at Body & Pole for the class. Sapakie told us Lopez had balked at wearing heels on her first session, but she’d insisted. “I had her in 7-inch platform stilettos on the very first day. I needed her to get extra comfortable doing the pole work in those shoes from the very beginning as this would be part of her wardrobe for the film,” Sapakie told InStyle. “There was no point training or rehearsing in anything else, so she had the feeling of doing the movement in those shoes only.”

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The heels honestly weren’t as uncomfortable as they looked, and did help facilitate the sexy, empowered vibe that pole dancing is intended to cultivate.

Image zoom Courtesy

Once in class, we were given a crash course similar to what Lopez had received. We began with warm ups to help us get in touch with parts of our body we weren’t used to exercising (who knew there were so many muscles in the torso?), then we practiced simply walking through the forest of poles before us, spinning around one or two if the mood served. Stumbles were par for the course, and Sapakie assured us even Lopez had suffered from a Bambi-like misstep once or twice.

Stripped of my aviator shades and tumbler on the floor, the confidence I’d felt On The 1 took a palpable dip. It didn’t help that my first-ever pole dancing experience was being watched (and occasionally videotaped!) by about 15 strangers. Knowing my shortcomings when it comes to hand-eye coordination, I treated each move learned with scientific precision, opting for somewhat proper execution over anything resembling grace or sex appeal.

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As you may have heard, pole dancing is hard. It was incredibly comforting to hear that even a lifelong performer like Lopez had struggled to master the art (though you’d never know by watching her opening scene in Hustlers).

Image zoom Barbara Nitke

Once class ended and I was able to reprise my full Lopez look, I found the confidence I’d momentarily lost.

Image zoom Courtesy

Stepping into J.Lo’s shoes (and leggings) was fun and certainly empowering, but also somehow humbling. I was playing a role when I sipped from that jewel-encrusted cup, and no matter how exhilarating it felt, it was just an act. Learning a skill which Lopez herself has described as “one of the hardest things” she’s ever done was a practice in peeling back the curtain to get a deeper look at someone whose life and work has impacted me for so long.

How Jennifer Lopez Got Her Hot Body

John Russo

She’s a hot mama in real life (and she plays one in her new thriller The Boy Next Door!), but how does Jennifer Lopez get and maintain that toned physique?

The actress just went back to the basics to prep for her steamy scene with costar Ryan Guzman, 27.

“I eat right and exercise! I put in the work like everyone else,” Lopez, 45, tells PEOPLE, adding that her regime includes circuit training, cardio and workouts by celeb trainer Tracy Anderson.

“You have to switch it up to keep your body and yourself fresh.”

As for plastic surgery? The “Booty” singer says she’s all natural – but she hasn’t ruled out getting work done down the road.

“I haven’t done anything. I don’t know how I’ll feel in 10 or 15 years. I deserve the right to feel how I feel at the time,” she says. “This person doesn’t feel the need to do anything ”

Adds Lopez: “I feel comfortable in my own skin, absolutely.”

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In Hustlers, Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu play a pair of savvy New York City strippers who hatch a criminal plot to turn profits after the 2008 financial crash. The plan? Lure men out to drinks, slip a combination of MDMA and ketamine into their cocktails, and—when they’re zonked out of their minds—max out their credit cards. The movie was written by Lorene Scafaria and inspired by two real-life hustlers profiled by Jessica Pressler in a 2015 feature for New York magazine.

The woman who inspired Ramona’s character is Samantha Barbash. “A single mother from the Bronx, she’d started dancing at 19,” writes Pressler, “and, like an ornamental plant purposefully stunted to conform to a certain ideal, she’d been shaped by the industry in which she grew up. Her body was Jessica Rabbit curvy, her lips Angelina Jolie puffy; her hair, which concealed tattoos of a cascade of stars running down her neck, was Cleopatra black. Buried within this ultrafeminine package was a mercenary streak worthy of Gordon Gekko.” Though Barbash claims she never actually stripped, her story—in Pressler’s telling, at least—sounds very similar to Ramona’s arc.

Barbash assembled a phalanx of beautiful younger women—foot soldiers in stilettos—whom she dispatched in small groups to “entertain” her high net-worth clients. She had a soft spot for designer clothing and a bullish business strategy—preferring to max out credit cards in one fell swoop rather than taking smaller amounts over a longer period of time. Barbash has denied she was trying to enact some modern Robin Hood story: “Robbing bankers because they robbed Wall Street or whatever—that never crossed my mind,” Barbash said recently. “What crossed my mind is I’m a single mom and I need to support my son.”

Her partner in crime was Roselyn Keo. “I would like to think Samantha was the CEO and I was the CFO,” Keo has explained of their small-business setup. As for the morality issue: “What’s an extra $20,000 to them?” Keo told Pressler, noting that their targets had a history of visiting strip clubs. “It wasn’t like we pulled them off the street…. They’d been to Hustler, they’d been to Rick’s, they’d been to Scores. They all walked in ready to party. And yeah, we slipped an extra one that they didn’t know about. But all of it goes hand in hand—sex, drugs, and rock and roll. You know?”

Eventually, the women grew tired of the hustle. “That’s why I think we got greedy,” Keo told Pressler. “Because of the amount of stress we had to endure. We’re just like, You know what, these people are fucking pissing me off. Just for that, I’m going to max out his credit card, like a penalty. You’re going to be left with a zero balance. Zero credit line. Just for being annoying. We needed to make it worth it.”

The scheme came to a halt after one victim managed to record one of his perpetrators admitting what she had done while he was drugged. Per Pressler: “‘I just want to know what happened to me,’ the guy begged, until the woman on the other end of the line finally gave in and told him what had happened: He’d been fleeced by a gang of ex-strippers who had spiked his drink with narcotics. Just a sprinkle.”

The woman on the tape also made a confession. And after what appeared to be a failed DEA sting, Barbash was arrested in 2014 at an ATM in her neighborhood. The New York Times reported shortly after that the hustler ring was accused of stealing at least $200,000. Barbash, Keo, and two of their colleagues were “arraigned in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on multiple counts of conspiracy, grand larceny, forgery, and assault. All pleaded not guilty and were released on bail.”

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