Jordin Sparks Has Been Able To Keep Those 50 Pounds Off By Eating Two Lunches A Day

When singer Jordin Sparks first decided that she was going to lose weight, poor health is what motivated her.

“I had gotten really sick,” the 27-year-old told TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager in 2014 about the motivations behind her 50 pound weight loss, which started in 2012. “And I was about to celebrate my birthday and I was like, ‘I should be in the prime of my life right now. I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I really need to make my health a priority.’ And that’s what I did.”

Fast forward to nearly three years after that conversation and Sparks has continued to make her health a priority and stay lean at the same time by focusing on good nutrition. In a new interview with PEOPLE, the singer and actress shared her normal daily diet.

“To me, health is wealth!” she said. “We can enrich our lives in so many ways when we are fueled by the proper nutrition and feeling good from the inside out.”

Sparks starts off by preparing herself to drink a gallon of water throughout the day. For breakfast, she logs in a protein shake, specifically Herbalife’s Vanilla Alternative protein shake. While that’s filling, she follows her breakfast up with a snack of 1/4 cup of mixed nuts to keep herself full.

Breakfast sounds simple enough, but it’s when lunchtime hits that things get interesting for Sparks. She actually eats two lunches a day to help quell any hunger pangs. Of course, the meals are small.

“I wanted to try eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of three big meals,” Sparks said. “I like it a lot better and I don’t feel like I’m starving at any time. Just ‘grazing’ and fueling my body.”

For her first lunch, Sparks usually enjoys grilled chicken with brown rice and some asparagus. As for her second lunch, she has homemade turkey and beef meatballs (four), as well as two hard-boiled eggs. Post-lunch snacks following such filling protein-packed meals include some celery sticks with peanut butter.

By the time dinner rolls around, things are relatively light since Sparks is still digesting one or both of her lunches from earlier in the day. But when she has her last big meal, she usually enjoys grilled salmon with some Caesar salad. For dessert, she likes to indulge in some original frozen yogurt with strawberries and mango, which she picks up from Pinkberry.

All in all, Sparks’s caloric intake for the day is 1,780. And such balanced meals (though a dietitian told PEOPLE she could use a tad more veggie in her meals) are how the singer continues to look this fabulous:

Just recently, Sparks shared a throwback of the bikini photo heard ’round the world from 2011. She said that it’s been “constant work” to stay healthy since then, but it’s been worthwhile:

Keep up the fantastic work, Jordin!

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Jordin Sparks had always been a chunky girl, loving food and comfortable with her plus-sized shape. But a bout of illness back in 2010 spurred her to healthier habits and now, after losing 50 pounds, the singer-actress is showing off the results on red carpets, and the covers of Redbook and Shape magazines.

Sparks talked about her weight loss and her role in the upcoming movie, “Sparkle,” with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie.

“I got really sick in the fall of 2010 right after Broadway ” Sparks told Guthrie. “And I was just like, I am not going to take my health for granted anymore. This changes right here, right now.”

The first step for Sparks was to take a closer look at her eating habits.

“I was really evaluating what I was eating, when,” she said. “And why I was eating it. I love food and so I was just eating because it tasted good. I kind of re-evaluated that. Now I definitely listen to my body first.”

But Sparks knew that cutting back on food wasn’t the whole answer. She decided she would get in shape, and started working out, too.

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“I just took baby steps because I was so fatigued from what I was sick with,” she told Guthrie. “Just doing baby steps and getting more into physical activity and then eventually I found a trainer. And I’ve just been trying to keep it up. It’s a day by day thing. It’s been a year and a half and I feel good.”

While most people are happy for Sparks, there’s been some grumbling on the internet from those who feel they’ve lost a plus-sized role model. “Jordin Sparks’ weight loss is a big disappointment,” said one headline on the Cafemom blog.

But weight expert Kelly Allison says it’s far better for Sparks to be a role model for getting healthier.

Story: Jordin Sparks calls ‘Sparkle’ Whitney Houston’s ‘gift’ to fans

“My sense about celebrity weight loss is that if it’s done reasonably it can be a positive motivator for people – and it looks like Jordin Sparks went with a reasonable weight loss program,” said Allison, an assistant professor of psychology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and co-director of education at the Center for Weight and Eating Disorders. “I only get concerned when a celebrity loses weight and promotes fad diets and radical ways of eating. That can cause people to feel hopeless or to engage in eating disorders.”

Allison says she doesn’t oppose the healthy-at-every-size movement.

“I have mixed feelings,” she said. “On one hand you want people to be happy with their shape and size and to not be hampered by a size bias. We want people to be more tolerant of all kinds of weights and sizes, especially since one-third of the country is obese and another third is overweight. We don’t want those people to be treated badly, for sure.”

Nevertheless, Allison said, “if there’s a way to get people to live as healthy a life-style as possible, that’s good.”

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Where in the world has Jordin Sparks been? The American Idol winner made headlines again after serving as one of the Miss America 2018 judges, and fans can’t get over how great the 27-year-old looks! You can totally get on board with her diet and exercise regimen as well, as Jordin exclusively revealed to Life & Style how she stays in shape.

“I feel like this is the cliché phrase now instead of moderation, ‘It’s just about being healthy.’ Which is cliché, I feel because a lot of people say it, but at the same time, it’s true,” she said while teaming up with Burlington Stores and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) to raise money to fight cancer. “I’m pretty active, I do the best that I can to just make healthy decisions when I eat, but I’m also like, ‘I’m going to have a cupcake if I want one.’”

The “Tattoo” songstress added that while it’s important to enjoy food, it IS important to “watch what you’re doing.” Jordin also explained that drinking water is key, in addition to working out.

Jordin in 2007 (left) vs. 2017. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

“I like to get in and get out, so I do like a 30-minute to 45-minute workout session where I’m just high-intensity cardio, high intensity doing some weights and interval training — and then I get out because I’m like, ‘I don’t want to stare at this wall anymore. I just really don’t.’ I think that’s how a lot of people are, they want to get in the exercise, they just don’t want it to take forever,” she revealed.

The “One Step at a Time” singer previously opened up to Life & Style about dropping 55 pounds. “Fall 2010 through March, that’s kind of when I lost the first 30 pounds. By March of , I lost 50. And then I maintained it for the rest of the year,” Jordin explained. “I was in the gym all day long. When I got up I would hike, then I would go to the trainer. At night, I would go to my Latin dance fitness class.”

On Sept. 19, Jordin surprised four cancer survivors at the Burlington location in Union Square, NYC, with full makeovers and new wardrobes. According to a press release, “Each September during Blood Cancer Awareness Month, Burlington and LLS team up to create awareness for the urgent need to fund research to advance cancer cures. From Sept. 17 to Dec. 9, all 599 Burlington store locations are asking customers to donate $1 or more at checkout to benefit LLS’s Light The Night Campaign.”

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It has been nearly 10 years since American Idol winner Jordin Sparks’ name was announced to the world that she had won. Since then, the 2007 American Idol winner has made top-selling albums, her Broadway debut in In the Heights, starred in the movie remake of Sparkle, and even lost 50 pounds–yes 50.

When Jordin decided to lose the weight, the first thing she did was take a hard look at what she ate during a typical day and began cutting out all of the obviously bad things. She first cut out sugary drinks, like coffees from Starbucks, as well as late night dinners to when staying at hotels and she stopped eating 2 hours before going to bed. She also replaced bad snacks with healthier options, like Smartfood popcorn, pickles (one of her favs) and apples.

Jordin has made a huge commitment to her health recently, switching up her diet and exercise routine without resorting to rigid diets or excessive calorie counting. “I changed the way I thought about food and exercising,” she says. “I listen to my body to tell me that I’m full.”

And alongside that great attitude to healthy living, Jordin voices some excellent stuff about self acceptance. “I’m good with my thighs touching,” she comments. “I grew up in a family where we have meat on our bones. I just want to be healthy.”

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One of the biggest aspects of Jordin’s diet is how she incorporated strict portion control by always making sure her meals fit onto a normal sized plate. By following these guidelines, Jordin was able to eat pretty much whatever she liked, just in smaller amounts. If she wanted a brownie, she would reach for one, believing limiting herself wasn’t good for long-term success.

In a typical day with Jordin’s healthier way of eating, she consumed about 1440 calories a day. For breakfast, Jordin likez to eat yogurt and granola. She is a huge fan of berries. As for the protein she ate, it was generally lean protein, such as chicken, with barbecue chicken being one of her favorite foods. And to satiate her sugar tooth, Jordin would reach for her favorite – Toblerone chocolate.

While Jordin’s diet certainly isn’t perfect, she still consumes plenty of carbohydrates, which for a lot of people isn’t the most ideal way to lose weight, it is a low calorie diet with plenty of nutrients, and has proven highly successful with Jordin‘s 26 year old body.

Jordin isn’t down with editing her photos either to make her seem slimmer or “better” than she really is. No hidden shadows or picture tricks for this young lady. “For the most part, I don’t put a filter on at all,” she says. “I post a lot of pictures without…

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Jordin Sparks Is All About Protein: Find Out What the Singer Eats in a Day

Jordin Sparks ParisaMichelle/Splash News Online

Jordin Sparks lost an impressive 50 lbs. back in 2012, and she’s maintained her slim shape with a healthy outlook on nutrition.

“To me, health is wealth!” the singer, 27, tells PEOPLE. “We can enrich our lives in so many ways when we are fueled by the proper nutrition and feeling good from the inside out.”

The 5’10” Sparks, who recently starred in The Grace of Jake, also started eating two lunches a day to avoid getting hangry.

“I wanted to try eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of three big meals,” she explains. “I like it a lot better and I don’t feel like I’m starving at any time. Just ‘grazing’ and fueling my body.”

Check out Sparks’ daily food log below, and for more on her diet and workouts, pick up a copy of PEOPLE, on stands now.


About a gallon of water


Herbalife Vanilla Alternative Proteins shake, mixed with water

Flip or Flop‘s Christina El Moussa Eats in a Day


¼ cup of mixed nuts

First Lunch

Grilled chicken with brown rice and asparagus

Second Lunch

2 hard-boiled egss

4 homemade turkey and beef meatballs

RELATED VIDEO: Jordin Sparks Shares Her Secret to Staying Fit


Celery sticks with peanut butter


Caesar salad with grilled salmon


Pinkberry original frozen yogurt with strawberries and mango

Total Calories:


The Verdict:

“Jordin’s protein game is strong,” says Chicago-based dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner, “but her produce and whole grains could use a boost.” Starting with breakfast, Blatner recommends adding greens to Sparks’ smoothie blend, which comes in at just 100 calories. “It’s more of a snack than a meal,” explains Blatner. But Sparks’ snacks are great picks with plenty of filling protein. She gets high marks for her first lunch, a “perfectly balanced meal” of protein, whole grains and vegetables. Her second lunch could actually do with less protein, says Blatner, who recommends swapping the hard-boiled eggs for brown rice pasta and Parmesan-roasted zucchini. But Sparks is right back on track with her dinner and dessert. “Having occasional treats is a great idea, and it’s perfect that you go out to have it instead of keeping tempting treats at home,” Blatner says. “And it’s smart to have fresh fruit instead of high-calorie, junky candy toppings.”

NOTE: It is recommended that women eat at least 1,200 calories per day, and men eat at least 1,800 calories per day.

  • Additional reporting by JEFF NELSON

The alluring figure of not a youthful star impressed Jordin so much that she chose to follow Halle’s case.

Whether you do it for health rationale or weight reduction reasons, work outs will certainly help drop off a few pounds anyhow.

He says this change was needed as his weight began causing health problems.

Jordin Sparks weight loss

Jordin Sparks branched from recording music, pursuing careers in acting and Broadway, and designing colognes. Together with the science behind I still needed more signs, and after interviewing multiple people using Garcinia XT , I came across that those experiencing shocking weight loss were also using the natural detoxifier matching Natural Cleanse. Additionally Collectively, testimonials maintain the combined use of both these products resulted in major weight loss, more energy and normally a fitter day to day feeling.

In the initial four months of following this diet plan, Jordin could lose 15 pounds of weight. Jordin would undergo a demanding 30-minute core-sculpting workout that will include an assortment of lower, mid and upper stomach moves. Following annually of reaching the gym and altering her diet, Jordin eventually achieved her goal of losing 50 pounds. Jordin says she loves Zumba, circuit training and running (while listening to her boyfriend Jason Derulo on her iPod). Though some gossip mongers like to mention that Kim Kardashian lost her baby weight after giving birth to her daughter, North, she says that it had been totally about portion control as well as a strict exercise program.

Jordin would get the whole weekend away after training her body for 5 straight days. Sparks acknowledged that there is a distinct feeling throughout the picture after the tragic passing of Houston. Jordin graces this month’s cover of SHAPE magazine displaying her curves and healthy body. After she won the American Idol crown and became well-known, Jordin embraced a diet strategy that had low calorie consumption. To be able to remain healthy, Sparks said she’d to make some serious changes to her lifestyle.

Jordin Sparks To Introduce An Entirely Different Appearance

Being only 17 Jordin Sparks won the American Idol, which gave her a major beginning in the entertainment industry. Janet Jackson is an example of an individual that has fought with fluctuating weight, but when discovered is in a position to shed weight comparatively fast and look very defined and boast amazing abs. Jordin Sparks’ weight loss was made possible by Derulo pressing her to go more difficult in her work outs. I believe Seth Rogan looked better before he lost the weight like in Knocked Up I believed he was adorable. Jogging additionally leads to your own current health-from training your brain to preventing muscle and bone loss to anxiety relief.

Throughout an abuse-ridden youth, a failed union, pregnancies, and unhealthy relationships, weight is definitely an issue for Ricki Lake. Then all of a sudden when they lose the weight they begin sexing it up. Revealing more legs, boobs, them in a two piece bikini and all of that. Whether you do it for health rationale or weight reduction reasons, work outs will certainly help drop off a few pounds anyhow. Tuesday consisted of machine and weight room exercises focusing on the low body.

With all the spare time she could have on her hands after being over Derulo, Sparks also means on catching up on a little reading, as yesterday she posted a picture using a sizeable collection of novels. Through her research, Lauren found the real secret to appropriate weight loss using Garcinia is one essential active ingredient, Hydroxycitric Acid. Now, underneath the oversight of her personal trainer, Jordin performs a broad selection of exercises. This, Jordin says, took four months and is what helped her lose the first 15 pounds.

Sparks also admitted that food was one of her weaknesses as well as so that you can realize a long-awaited result she shifted her menu considerably. I do not understand why but my bathing suit reminds me of fruity pebbles,” Sparks tweeted along with a picture of her in a two piece bikini lookin all kinds of great. Several days following the assembly, Sparks declared that her new music will be published in the fall of 2013. Sparks said she tried every fad diet to slim down, including an extreme variation of the vegetarian diet along with the Master Cleanse juice quickly.

Vocalist Jordin Sparks stuns in white in the Dress for Success Honours Moms of Jordin Sparks and Robin Meade at Grand Hyatt in NYC. There are a lot of weight reduction gimmicks out there, and the majority of these are ridiculously high-priced. Surely Jordin is a pretty girl using a lovely voice but sadly had additional weight. Jordin Sparks says that she managed to get rid of over 50 pounds by altering her mind set and making her health her number one priority rather than the size of her blue jeans. Jordin Sparks looks hot in leather in the iHeartRadio ’20/20′ record release party with Justin Timberlake presented by Target in March 2013.

The concept behind combining the products is the fact that while Garcinia XT supports weight loss and increases energy, Natural Cleanse Plus helps rid your body of toxins and enables your body to work and burn off calories better. While each one of those products were proven to be successful independently, one night, Lauren made an accidental discovery that could revolutionize the complete fat loss business: she joined them.

The most effective means to shed weight would be to exercise and eat healthily, like eating high-fiber foods, a lot of fruits and vegetables, low carb and low fat foods. Jordin additionally altered her eating habits by seeing her portions and remaining on course along with her diet. In one among the interview Jordin admitted that once she saw Halle Berry to the red carpet. Ectomorphs tend to really have a fast metabolism” compared to the common man and have trouble gaining weight no matter how much they eat. Jordin Sparks clarified to Redbook that she is constantly fought to control her weight.

The primary documentation of Jordin’s weight loss was when she tweeted an image of herself in a adorable two piece swim suit. This rapid rate enabled her to become a calorie burning machine through the entire work out and is an important reason she had such an unbelievable weight reduction transformation. That precise year Jordin participated on Broadway stage in “In the Heights”, never be fearful or scared of her non-model look. Her personal trainer get her on a 5 day per week workout regimen that might join cardio, body weight exercises, plus some light machine work to tone her muscles. The singer wore a lime green bikini with orange, white and black stripes with a miniature matched wrapping, displaying her shapely legs.

Before she attempted to go vegetarian to shed weight, but I smelled a steak and was, like, ‘I can not do this!’ she says of her unsuccessful effort at having a weight loss diet strategy. Sparks disclosed that she determined to change her eating and workout design when she realised she should be taking advantage of herself now that she is at her prime in her twenties. Jordin managed to shed weight by following the diet and workout routine with truthfulness and perseverance.

Through her research, Lauren found the actual secret to appropriate weight loss using Garcinia is one essential active ingredient, Hydroxycitric Acid.

Sparks acknowledged that there is a distinct feeling throughout the picture after the tragic passing of Houston.

Tuesday consisted of machine and weight room exercises focusing on the low body.

RnB sense Jordin Sparks continues to be hitting the headlines recently after losing an impeccable 50 pounds in only 16 months. Although Jordin was once believed to get experienced Restylane healing after utilizing the injectable filler to get her perfect pout, the gossips were likely false (Read Make Me Heal’s narrative on Jordin Sparks’ Plastic Surgery ). And although many people that lose lots of weight need plastic surgery to tighten up lose skin, Jordin lost weight slowly, over an interval of time.

But leftovers and second helpings have proven to pay off for the season 6 American Idol winner, who confesses that she got incredibly emotional when shooting her first bikini cover. Being aware of what one is eating is the important thing to slim down, this really is what Sparks considers. Perhaps her weight reduction story is likely to be an inspiration to other individuals who would like to shed weight.

American Idol’s Jordin Sparks: ‘How I Lost 30 Lbs.’


When Jordin Sparks first hit the American Idol stage in 2007, at age 17 and size 14, she flinched at the thought of wearing anything sleeveless. “I like to wear sleeves because they cover up my arms,” she told PEOPLE at the time. Fast-forward to 2011, and a more confident Sparks has no trouble revealing much more than her arms: In February she stepped out in a sexy black backless dress. “I wore it without Spanx!” Sparks says. “I was so excited.” And now, after losing 30 lbs. in four months, Sparks has gone even farther-revealing her new trim, size-8 figure in her first-ever bikini photo shoot. “Before, if I were to wear a bikini, it would just be in front of my mom or really close friends with a coverup,” says the pop star, who credits eating smaller portions and taking Zumba, the popular Latin dance-inspired cardio class, for her “sexier” silhouette. “I feel good! I love that I still have my curves. I definitely didn’t want to lose those,” she says, adding, “I don’t want to lose more weight. I just want to tone. I’m in a really good place now.”

When the 5’11” Sparks left Glendale, Ariz., where she grew up, for Los Angeles to compete on Idol, she quickly realized, “Hollywood large is so different than real-life large. Everyone was so much smaller than me. I looked massive next to Ryan Seacrest! But I was lucky that I’ve never had anyone say, ‘Jordin, you need to lose weight.’ And it wasn’t because I didn’t like myself that I wanted to change.”

The real impetus came before her 21st birthday last December, when Sparks came down with pneumonia and decided that “I couldn’t take my health for granted anymore.” She started going on hikes and doing 30 minutes of high-impact cardio before getting hooked on taking hour-long Zumba classes up to five times a week at Gold’s Gym. “The weight just fell off,” says her instructor Nichet Smith. “She crossed over from a teen into a woman.” Next Sparks changed her eating habits (see box). If her mom whips up her famous sweet potato casserole, Sparks now limits herself to one serving instead of two, and “I decided not to eat for two hours before I go to bed,” she says. Now when she checks out her reflection in the mirror (usually in outfits that are “a little bit tighter and a little shorter”), Sparks says, “I see the change in my face and neck.” Others are noticing too. “I’m standing up a little bit straighter because guys are staring,” she says. “I’m loving it.”

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Take that, Hollywood.

That’s the message from Jordin Sparks, who dropped 50 pounds in the last year and a half, transforming her body along the way.

Sparks, though, said her goal was to become healthier, not to shrink down to a size zero or to look like everybody else.

“I had gotten really sick,” the 24-year-old singer-songwriter told TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager on Friday as part of “Love Your Selfie, Reclaiming Beauty” week. “And I was about to celebrate my birthday and I was like, ‘I should be in the prime of my life right now. I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I really need to make my health a priority.’ And that’s what I did.”

Sparks changed her diet and became more active, challenging the pressures of celebrity beauty.

In a rarity on national television, the trim Sparks disclosed her weight.

“I go anywhere from, like, 155 to 161,” she said. “So I’m right around there. That’s where I am.”

She’s OK with her weight, though she knows about the pressures to be thin in Hollywood.

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Get a daily roundup of items that will make your life easier, healthier and more stylish. Sparks, performing on “American Idol,” said she ‘loved the way she looked before,’ but wanted to get healthier.Today

“It does get a little crazy,” said Sparks, who won “American Idol” at age 17. “I think not succumbing to the pressure is harder than actually giving into it.”

It would be easy, she said, to say, “‘OK, I’m going to try and look like everybody else.’

“Instead, I loved the way I looked before,” she said. “I was comfortable with how I looked. But, a lot of it has been really focusing on becoming healthier. And the plus side was that my body changed, which was awesome. It wasn’t about being a zero or a certain size or anything like that.”

Her journey has led Sparks to have a better relationship with the mirror and to become a role model for young women.

“I know that there are some women who struggle to even look themselves in the mirror,” she said. “And I hope that those women who are struggling can watch this and go, ‘You know what? I’m OK with who I am. And I’m beautiful in my own way.’”

When Sparks Instagrammed herself in a bikini recently, she had the same trepidation that many women have while walking around poolside.

“And I walked out, and they were just like, ‘You look great,’” she said of her bikini look. “I was like, ‘Really? This is OK? Like, this bathing suit looks all right?’

“Because for me, that was such a huge thing to do. I don’t just walk around in bathing suits.”

Sparks was prepared for some tough scrutiny, with people viewing her in photos from every angle. Fears aside, the response on social media was overwhelmingly positive.

“It was empowering at the same time because I did it,” she said.

She urged women to go out and have fun.

“Just go have a good time,” Sparks said. “And you know, rock your bathing suit, whether it’s a tankini or a one piece or a bikini or you have, like, a nice little sarong. Dress yourself up and go have a good time.”

As she revealed her weight, she stressed that she’s not super-thin, and said it felt great to disclose the numbers on the scale.

“It feels really good,” she said. “Yeah. Take that. That’s how much I weigh, Hollywood. Grrr.”

Lisa A. Flam is a news and lifestyles reporter in New York. Follow her on Twitter.

Jordin sparks before and after weight loss

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