Jordyn Woods can’t catch a break. Whether she’s losing weight, gaining it, or staying the same, the 20-year-old model is criticized. Tired of the double standard and negative comments, Woods is now speaking out against the term plus-size and why, no matter what her body looks like, she’s still body-positive.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Woods, who you might know as Kylie Jenner’s best friend, opened up about the intense criticism she has received since she started working out more. Though Woods saw exercise as a form of therapy, critics viewed it as a way for her to lose weight, accusing her of not being proud of her curves. “The whole concept is kind of confusing to me at this point because I started working out a lot because it kind of just became therapy for me,” Woods said. “Some people have this idea of because I’m doing that I’m not a body-positive activist.”

For Woods, body positivity is about more than one’s weight, explaining that it’s about loving the body that you’re in, whether it goes through changes or stays the same. “I feel like body positivity is loving your body and loving yourself to be the best version of yourself, Woods said. “It’s kind of conflicting, but I am definitely just going to continue to be me and do what makes me happy.”

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Woods echoed the same sentiment in a recent interview with InStyle, in which she denounced the term plus-size. As a model who is between a size 8 and a 10, Woods is technically considered plus-size and not allowed to work for designers and brands that don’t hire plus-size models. To counter this, Woods is calling for the fashion industry to drop the “plus-size” term and allow models of any size to work with any brand.

“The whole idea of the plus-size world is weird and controversial because, with me losing weight, I’m still technically considered ‘plus-size,’” Woods said. “I believe anything over a size 8 is considered plus size. I’m a size 8/10, and people comment on my photos saying, ‘Oh, you’re not modeling plus-size clothing anymore.’ I’m genuinely trying to be the best version of myself by being me, so I shouldn’t have to limit what I’m capable of doing just because of a label in an industry.”

However, Woods also acknowledges her privilege as someone who has a fan base and is able to make a living off other means, such as sponsorships. Still, she worries for models who aren’t as privileged as her and must rely on modeling for their income. “Luckily, I’m in the position where I can just be me, but it’s unfortunate for the girl who relies on her modeling check each month to be a size 14, and not be able to live a different lifestyle if she wants to, or who worries about losing weight,” Woods said. “I don’t feel like there should be any boundaries on what you can do with your own body, or what you should look like.”

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Woods is right. No matter what her size is, she never seems like a fit for the fashion industry. Can the fashion industry stop with the labels and hire people based on talent rather than size?

In a new interview posted to Obsessee’s Instagram feed on Wednesday (April 19), Jordyn Woods — Kylie Jenner’s best friend who has risen as a celebrity in her own right, thanks to her modeling career — is speaking out against how the fashion industry treats “plus-size” and “curve” clothing. Spoiler alert: she thinks those sections should cease to exist altogether.

“Yes, I’m a ‘curve’ model, but to be completely honest, I feel like there should be no separate sections in fashion—there should just be one,” she tells Obsessee. “If it fits, it fits, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. For example, low-rise works for some people, and high-waisted works for others, and it’s cool to have separate sections like that, but when it comes to sizing, I feel like there should be one category and enough options for everyone.”

Jordyn further explained that separating people’s shopping sections based purely on body type can be damaging to confidence. “It takes time to come into yourself and realize your worth and realize your place and try to fit in, and for some people, it doesn’t happen until way later in life, but, luckily for me, I realize I am around people, and I can’t try to be like anyone else because I am me, and that’s what’s cool about me,” she says. “No one else is me, no one else looks like me, has my body type, and I don’t look like them, so why would I try to fit in these standards and fit in this clothing?…If I feel good about myself, then no one can really say anything to me that will affect me.”

Her advice on how to remember how amazing you are on a daily basis? “It’s not just about fashion and confidence in what you look like. It’s confidence in anything you do. It’s knowing you’re the best, knowing you’re bound to be great, killing it in every aspect of life. Whether it’s just waking up and turning on your favorite song and looking in the mirror and just feeling good about life. Make every day count because you can’t take life for granted.”

Well Jordyn, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordyn Woods Is Against the ‘Plus Size’ Label: ‘It Creates Aloneness and Segregation’

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jordyn Woods doesn’t want to be a “plus size” model — she just wants to be known as a model, period.

“I feel like when you categorize people and put them into a group, then it creates aloneness and segregation,” she told E!. “There are so many models that it shouldn’t really matter. I don’t think there should be categories.”

Woods, who also moonlights as a designer, and has a new collection for Addition Elle, said that if she has to get a label, she would prefer “curvy” to “plus size.”

She previously talked to Obsessee about why it doesn’t make sense to group women by their body type.

“I feel like there should be no separate sections in fashion — there should just be one,” Woods said. “If it fits, it fits, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

“For example, low-rise works for some people, and high-waisted works for others, and it’s cool to have separate sections like that, but when it comes to sizing, I feel like there should be one category and enough options for everyone.”

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Using the term “plus size” is a fraught topic for many models. Some, like Ashley Graham, agree with Woods.

“The fashion industry may persist to label me as ‘plus-size,’ but I like to think of it as ‘my size,’” Graham said in a 2015 TEDx talk. “Curvy models are becoming more and more vocal about the isolating nature of the term ‘plus-size.’ We are calling ourselves what we want to be called — women, with shapes that are our own.”

But others, like Tess Holliday, embrace the label.

“There are plenty of things to get offended about, but taking a term that’s never been used in hate & is merely a descriptor & trying to take away OUR community is not cool,” Holliday previously tweeted. #plussizeandproud”

Last week, my family and I went on a much needed vacation to our adopted home of Montpelier, Vermont. Kate and I have been going there about once a year since we’ve been married, and we even lived there for six months after I graduated law school. Vermont’s natural beauty really renews my man spirit. I try to get out and enjoy the Green Mountains as much as I can during my short visits. One of my favorite places in Montpelier is Hubbard Park — it’s 134 acres of nothing but beautiful Vermont woods and perfect little trails for rambling.

While Montpelier has a small, not-so-great gym, most Vermonters stay in shape like Kate’s uncle, the famous Uncle Buzz, does — by doing household chores and walking their ubiquitous canine companions. While I don’t own a VT homestead that needs tending, I was able to stay in shape using only things I found in the woods of Hubbard Park (and a trusty maul). Exercising outside with simply the equipment found in Mother Nature’s Gym pushes your body, boosts your manly vigor, and, as you can clearly see in the pictures below, aids you in growing a really sweet mustache.

Below I share my Vermont exercise routine. So wolf down your flapjacks, put on your flannel shirt and boots, grab your axe, and head outside. It’s time to do the Woodsman Workout.

Watch the Video

Deep Breathing

Begin your Woodsman Workout with some deep breathing exercises to clear the mind and oxygenate your blood for the vigorous activity you’re about to take part in. A proper breath originates in the diaphragm. Slowly breathe in the fresh forest air through your nose. As you inhale, imagine your lungs filling up from the bottom to the top. Exhale through your mouth. Imagine the air in your lungs emptying from the top to the bottom. You’ll know if you’re breathing correctly if your belly moves in and out and your chest and shoulders stay still.

Take 20 deep breaths. Focus on the sound of your breath and the bubbling brook beside you.


Hiking serves as the foundation of the Woodsman Workout. In between the various exercises, we’re constantly moving because we’re constantly hiking. During my stay in Vermont, I tried to hike about 5K every morning in Hubbard Park. Keep a brisk pace while you hike, but make sure to take some breaks to really soak in the scenery. Perform each of the exercises below whenever nature moves you to do so, and as soon as you finish an exercise, start hiking again immediately.

Front Squat With a Log

As you’re hiking and taking in the view, be on the lookout for logs for hefting and hoisting. I found a fantastic log from a white birch tree on the side of one of the trails in Hubbard Park that was perfect for lifting. It weighed a good 75 pounds. If you can’t find a proper lifting log, earn extra woodsman points by felling a tree and bucking a log.

Squats are a great way to develop the lower body strength needed for powering through long hikes and putting unruly moose in leglocks. While the back squat (with the weight on the back of your shoulders) is the best squat exercise to activate all the muscles in your lower body, I opted for a front squat in my Woodsman Workout because 1) I didn’t have a squat rack and 2) I wanted to focus on my core and quads, which the front squat does.

Hoist your log from the ground and into your arms. The log should be resting as high up on your arms as it can.

Slowly squat until your thighs are parallel with the ground. Because your hamstrings are less taut during the front squat, you’re actually able to get a deeper squat with less strain, so feel free to “break parallel” if you want. While you’re squatting, focus on keeping your torso straight. Do 3 sets of 8 reps, resting a minute between each set.

Overhead Press With a Log

The shoulder press is one of my favorite exercises; it’s even awesomer when performed with a giant birch tree log. The overhead press works your entire body: shoulders, upper-chest, core, and legs. The log’s girth makes the lift a bit more difficult because you have to activate different muscles to maintain hold of the log during the lift.

Hoist your log to the top of your chest. Grip the log about an inch or two outside shoulder-width. Feet should be about shoulder-width apart. Look straight ahead.

Press the log over your head. As you lift, exhale. When the log passes your forehead, shift your torso forward and continue lifting the log. Lock your elbows when you reach the end of the lift and hold for a second. Slowly lower the log back to the starting position, inhaling as you do so. That’s one rep. Do 3 sets of 8 reps, resting one minute between each set.

Bear Crawl

I harnessed the power of my animal spirit guide, the noble bear, by performing bear crawls through the woods. There’s nothing much to them. Just get down on all fours and crawl like a bear, making sure your knees don’t touch the ground. Perform the bear crawl in one minute spurts whenever you feel like it during your hike. Shoot for 5 crawls during your hike.

Boulder Tossing

You’ve probably seen people tossing medicine balls in the gym. The equivalent of that in the Woodsman Workout is boulder tossing. Tossing heavy boulders is a full body workout. You work your back, chest, legs, arms, shoulders, and core. Best of all, it’s fun to throw heavy things around in the woods.

Select a good sized boulder. Mine weighed about 50 pounds, give or take. Bend down with your legs to pick up the rock and lift it to your chest.

Hurl the rock up and out by pushing your arms up from your chest as fast as you can. Enjoy watching your boulder hurtle through the air and land on the ground with a big thud. Pick it back up and throw it again. Do 3 sets of 5 throws, resting 1-2 minutes between each set.

Walking Lunges With a Log

We worked our quads with the front squat, so now we need to hit our hammies and glutes. Lunging through the woods with a log hoisted above your head will do the trick.

Begin with log hoisted above head.

Lunge forward with your right leg until your right thigh is perpendicular with the ground. Your left knee should come close to touching the ground. Push up with your left leg and without hesitating lunge forward with your left leg until your left thigh is perpendicular with the ground. Keep alternating like this for about a minute. Rest for a minute, then repeat two more times.

Lumberjack Press

I first learned about the lumberjack press from Canadian AoM fitness contributor Chad Howse. It was only fitting that I include an exercise called the “Lumberjack Press” in the Woodsman Workout. The lumberjack press is a great shoulder exercise. It also activates your core muscles in order to keep the log straight and balanced during the lift.

Begin by hoisting your log lengthwise onto your right shoulder. Grip the log in the center with both hands — the left hand in front, the right behind — so the log is nice and balanced.

Lift the log above your head, making sure it remains straight during the lift. It’s harder than you think it would be.

Lower the log onto your left shoulder. Yes, the expression on my face does indeed make it appear as if I’m strenuously pushing out a beaver-sized B.M. But that, my friends, is the face of a man who successfully completed one rep of a lumberjack press. Just four more to go! Lift the log again and rest it on your right shoulder. Complete 2 sets of 5 reps. When you finish the first set, switch your hands so that your right hand is in front and your left is in the back. That will work your left shoulder more.

Wood Splitting

A Woodsman Workout wouldn’t be complete without a session of wood splitting. Splitting a stack of wood is a tremendous workout. You work your arms, back, and core swinging the maul around. It’s also a great cardio workout.

Place your log on a larger log. Start off with your non-dominant hand near the butt of the maul handle and your dominant hand placed near the maul’s head. Bring the maul head above your head.

Swing down. As you swing, slide your dominant hand down the shaft of the maul for extra power.

Aim for the center of the log. Follow through on your swing until your maul completely splits the wood. Get another log and keep splitting. Be sure to switch up your hand placement during wood splitting sessions to work the different sides of your body.

Photos by Deborah Johnson-Surwilo

How to work out at work: fitness expert Jeff Woods weighs in

A walk from your cubicle to the water cooler may the biggest workout of your day.

But fitness expert Jeff Woods says you don’t have to be a professional athlete to train for your job.

Most modern jobs are sedentary, says Woods, a long-time personal trainer and fitness lifestyle commentator on the Canadian Learning Channel. Whether tethered to a desk or a computer screen, office workers spend most of their time in a chair.

Jeff Woods is a long-time personal trainer and Edmonton AM fitness columnist. (Custom Fit)That paired with a few evenings splayed on the couch in front of the television, and Woods says some people could be sitting immobile for more than 70 hours a week.

“It pulls your body out of alignment and it can have some crippling effects.”

Neck pain, tight hips and strained shoulders are common trouble spots for desk jockeys. Woods, co-owner of Custom Fit, a personal training gym in Edmonton, says basic stretches and exercises that target the lower back can help prevent these aches and pains.

People who spend a lot of time standing, including retail clerks, teachers, hair stylists and health care workers, often suffer from lower back, neck and foot pain. Woods says they should strengthen their core and ankles with exercises such as squats and lunges.

It’s not just desk workers who should limber up for the job. Woods says manual labour jobs such as construction, farming, and landscaping can have your body working overtime in all the wrong ways. These workers are more prone to long-term injuries and should do a full body warm-up before they clock in for the day.

As for that walk to the water cooler. Although Woods says it certainly shouldn’t be your only form of exercise, it actually helps office workers stay limber. Jeff suggests that getting up from your desk for a quick walk every 30 minutes can help you feeling limber.

“The average athlete applies scientific training principles to be very specific about their needs aerobically and physically, so they can optimize their performance and reduce the risk of injury. And your job is no different.”

If you want to be fit and healthy, experts recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity a week.

That sounds like a hefty block of time — but you don’t have to do it all at once. A recent study showed short bursts of exercise count just as much towards your target as longer stints, which is great news if you don’t have much time to work out.

“I am always saying that something is definitely better than nothing,” says former Bachelor and fitness expert Sam Wood, creator of 28bySamWood.

“People are very pleasantly surprised at the results they can get and most importantly how good they feel, both mentally and physically, even with just 10 minutes a day.”

Wood shares two workouts with Coach that you can finish in 10 minutes — and you don’t need a gym or any equipment, so there’s no excuses.

Workout 1

“Target your legs, arms and glutes with this intense 10-minute circuit for the ultimate full-body blitz,” says Wood.

Do each exercise for 40 seconds with a 20-second rest in between, and repeat the circuit twice.

1. High knee jogs

Coach tip: For a lower-impact move, march on the spot.

2. Mountain climbers

Coach tip: Keep your wrists stacked under your shoulders, with your arms perpendicular to the floor.

3. Push-ups on knees

Coach tip: Only progress to your toes when you can execute a perfect push-up.

4. Alternate arm/leg extensions

Coach: Come to the ground on all fours, raise your right hand and left foot, then slowly bring them back to the floor. Switch sides, then repeat that pattern. Try to keep your hips rock solid.

5. Squats

(Sam Wood)

Coach tip: Keep your chest upright and knees out. Heels stay on the ground throughout the move.

Workout 2

“Crush your core and tone your legs with this cardio-based routine,” says Wood.

Do each exercise for 40 seconds with a 20-second rest in between, and repeat the circuit twice.

1. Hip bridges

Coach tip: Lie on your back with your heels close to your butt. Squeeze your glutes as you lift your hips up.

2. Crunches

(Sam Wood)

Coach tip: Lift by curling your bottom ribs in towards your hips.

3. Plank

(Sam Wood)

Coach tip: If you can’t yet hold the plank, bring your knees to the floor.

4. Alternating lunges

(Sam Wood)

Coach tip: Keep your chest up and held proud as you step forwards.

5. Star jumps

(Sam Wood)

Coach tip: Add light dumbbells or soup cans to give this move some extra kick.

Jordyn Woods has had a busy summer and we’re not talking about all the drama on Keeping Up With the Kardashians! The model launched her second line with boohoo, a 60-piece collection, including a range of size inclusive ready-to-wear pieces. The collab is inspired by the 21-year-old’s own style and designed to make every girl feel confident, whether it’s a day running errands or a night out with the girls.

“I’m so excited to be given the opportunity to co-design a second collection with boohoo,” she said. “With my new collection, I wanted to offer size inclusive pieces with designs that reflect my personal style. I hope this collection empowers women and encourages them to dream big.”

Along with being #InstaReady, the Jordyn Woods x boohoo collection is full of trends that are so now, including vibrant brights, metallic and basics.

Priced from $15 to $60 and in sizes ranging from 2 to 24, the collection features statement blazers, chic jumpsuits and ruched dresses. Of course, it also has thigh-high slit dresses and two-piece sets, perfect for date night or a selfie.


See It: Shop the entire Jordyn Woods x boohoo collection here!

The collection is also insanely flattering, too, with lace and ruffles plus tie-waisted silhouettes and ruching designs designed to hug our figures.

Woods’ latest launch comes just hours after KUWTK aired the fallout in the explosive Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. The episode showed Khloe Kardashian and the rest of the Kar-Jenner clan discussing the aftermath of Khloe’s boyfriend cheating with Kylie Jenner’s former BFF.

Days before the episode aired, Kylie shared on Instagram that she was minding her “own business” as the drama was replayed for all to see.

When asked about the episode, Woods told Entertainment Tonight: “Hopefully … the real me will shine. Life moves on. Money doesn’t stop. The world doesn’t stop.”

Jordyn has clearly been keeping busy in the lead up to the collection, which is now available to shop on boohoo! With 60 pieces to choose from, it’s hard to pick favorites! So we’ve done the work and picked out five of our favorite pieces to shop from Jordyn Woods x boohoo!

Blazer Dress


Be a boss babe in this blazer dress that takes the best parts about day and night and fuses them for a chic standout piece.

See It: Grab the Jordyn Woods x boohoo Tie Front Double Breasted Blazer Dress for $70 at boohoo!

Maxi Skirt


We love maxidresses but what’s the Instagram-ready way to do a long skirt? A two-piece outfit! Pair this sleek maxi skirt with a crop top (or even this one to match!) for a summer-ready look!

See It: Grab the Jordyn Woods x boohoo Side Split Ruched Bum Maxi Skirt for $40 at boohoo!

Off-the-shoulder Dress


No summer is complete without a sultry dress and this one is red hot! The off-the-shoulder design shows just the right amount of skin for a summer night out!

See It: Grab the Jordyn Woods x boohoo Bardot Ruched Lace Mini Dress for $50 at boohoo!

Tailored Blazer


This tailored blazer is just as boss babe as the dress, but can be worn year-round! Pair with jeans and heels for a casual look or rock with a dress and you’ll be ready to own the boardroom.

See It: Grab the Jordyn Woods x boohoo Tailored Blazer for $52 at boohoo!

Wide-Leg Trousers


Obviously to match the blazer, we’ll need the matching trousers! There are several pants in this collection but this wide-leg pair is perfect for summer thanks to a lightweight fabric.

See It: Grab the Jordyn Woods x boohoo Pearlised Wide Leg Woven Trouser for $44 at boohoo!

Not your style? Shop the entire Jordyn Woods x boohoo collection here!

Check out more of our picks and deals here!

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Jordyn Woods responded to Kim Kardashian’s claim that the model ‘provides for her whole family’ thanks to Kylie Jenner

  • Jordyn Woods has responded to Kim Kardashian West’s claim that she owes her success and financial status to Kylie Jenner.
  • “Kylie, she provides for her whole family off of what you have given her,” Kardashian West said on Sunday’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”
  • “I definitely work very hard for a lot of the things that I have, and as you can see, I’m out here hustling, and I’ve always been working,” Woods told “Entertainment Tonight.”
  • Woods and Jenner, who had been best friends for years, have been on the outs since Woods kissed Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend in February.
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Jordyn Woods has responded to Kim Kardashian West’s claim that she owes her success and financial status to Kylie Jenner.

“I definitely work very hard for a lot of the things that I have, and as you can see, I’m out here hustling, and I’ve always been working,” Woods told “Entertainment Tonight” in a video posted on Wednesday. “I started modeling when I was 18, and you know, I work hard.”

Kardashian West made this claim on Sunday’s episode of E!’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” which saw the family react to reports that Khloe’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, had fooled around with Woods, a close family friend.

Read more:The Jordyn Woods-Tristan Thompson scandal on ‘KUWTK’ revealed one major inconsistency in the story Jordyn told Khloe Kardashian

“Kylie, she provides for her whole family off of what you have given her,” Kardashian West said on the phone with her sisters. “And the disrespect — she has to know that there’s a problem.”

Kim Kardashian West on the phone with her sisters on “KUWTK.” E!

Earlier on the episode, Kardashian West made a point to note that Khloe Kardashian had also “employed” Woods.

“You know, I just feel so bad for Khloe,” Kardashian West said in a confessional interview on the episode. “Jordyn was someone that Khloe really trusted and believed in and supported and employed.”

Woods, who had been best friends with Jenner for many years, was featured as a model for Kardashian’s Good American clothing line.

That stare tho 👁👁👁 @jordynwoods in Good Legs Blue003 #goodsquad #goodlegs Makeup: @milk @milkmakeup Styling: @monicarosestyle Hair: @jenatkinhair

A post shared by GOOD AMERICAN (@goodamerican) on Nov 23, 2016 at 3:37pm PSTNov 23, 2016 at 3:37pm PST

“It’s just, you know, things happen,” Woods told “ET” at the launch of her second design collaboration with Boohoo. “And of course I’m sorry and apologetic as much as I can be.”

Watch her full interview below.

  • Khloe Kardashian confirmed that Tristan Thompson cheated on her multiple times. Here’s a complete timeline of all the infidelity accusations against him.
  • Kylie Jenner said she’s ‘scared’ of Jordyn Woods after finding out about her cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson
  • Jordyn Woods said she will ‘always love’ Kylie Jenner following the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal
  • Kylie Jenner denies putting her Jordyn Woods-inspired lip kit on sale, and seems to confirm they’ve been in contact since the cheating scandal

Jordyn woods plus size

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