Her comment garnered 188 likes from those with similar concerns.

Others disagreed.

Listen: Personal Trainer Tiffiny Hall speaks to Mia Freedman about sharing a very unconventional post-birth photo. (Post continues after audio…)

“Until you have carried a baby (or two) and tried to lose the weight after – hush your mouth. Your body transforms in more ways than just gaining weight. Ligaments and bones move. It takes work to put that back. Get it girl!,” wrote Candace Carrier.

Mary Teller added, “Losing pregnancy weight and getting fit after that, after having a child is extremely challenging. I feel it is completely appropriate.”

Speaking to Mamamia after her before-and-after photo went viral, Ely Fisher said it was difficult to see people publicly criticising what, for her, had been such a positive experience.

“I’ve read a lot of those comments and messages. It’s hard,” she said. “I sat down on the couch next to my wonderful husband and said, ‘People don’t think it’s real’. He said, ‘People don’t know the battle you fought, and the tears I saw you cry and the times you would give up your ‘you time’ when Ocean was napping in order to exercise.

“‘But look at you now, working out is your you time. And no one can take away your weight-loss triumph, what you have gained mentally and those who know true weight gain, and pregnancy weight gain that doesn’t disappear with the birth of a baby, will resonate with your journey far beyond what anyone else believes. They might be hurting too, because they are carrying weight and can’t see hope at the end of their tunnel yet.’”

Fisher said though she’d attempted to get fit several times in the months after her son was born, she didn’t begin the process in earnest until he turned one.

“It all came down to this moment of tears in front of a mirror (which was a common occurrence), but this time I realised, I’m in pain, I’m so broken. I don’t see ‘me’ in the mirror, I don’t feel sexy around my husband, I dread cleaning up Ocean’s toys or picking anything up off the floor because my body is so heavy. Like, this is painful.

“And then I thought, ‘Wait, what’s more painful: staying in this state now and dealing with all of this, or the pain of a 30-minute workout?’ And the rest was history.”

Fisher doesn’t pretend the process was easy, or quick.

“Your mind creates a war zone for you each time you are about make another leap and bound. I had to arm myself,” she said. “My Instagram community at the time became my joy in it all, became my accountability! I did it with them, I bared everything and they were there for me.”

Talking about bodies after giving birth is tricky. Everyone’s situation is different and we know how putting pressure on women to “bounce back” from their “post baby body” can negatively impact mental health.

No matter how you feel about the photo, we can all agree that this is one woman’s journey, not every woman’s. Ultimately, health is about function not form. If your body grew a human, that is incredible in itself.

Be kind to yourself.

Listen to Mia Freedman’s full interview with Tiffiny Hall below:

If you’re a woman who at any point in time has looked up fitness programs or workouts online, there’s a high possibility that you came across the BBG (Bikini Body Guide) by Kayla Itsines. It’s plastered all across Facebook and Instagram, with before and after pictures of women across the world losing a ton of weight and gaining a lot of muscle all by using the guide. I’ve done it (tried to anyway) and can say it’s a simple, straightforward program, providing 12 weeks of hardcore workouts. After I finished the program, however, I definitely found that there are some things I wish I known before I started.

1. There’s an E-book and an App

I may have cheated the system a little bit by having a friend forward me the program (oops, sorry Kayla). Regardless, I thought there was only ever an e-book, but there’s also an app.

The PDF version costs $52 (plus tax) which includes four weeks of pre-training and 12 weeks of workouts, with pictures of how to perform them and explanations of symbols you’ll see throughout the guide. It also includes a list of equipment you’ll need, stretching exercises, photo progress reminders, and Kayla’s recommendations on how to complete the program properly. Each workout is 28-minutes long, and you can save the e-book on your phone or iPad, and pull it out whenever you’re ready to start your workout.

The SWEAT app, on the other hand, is a completely different story. You download it from the App Store and pay $19.99 for a monthly subscription, or $243 for the year. It has four different programs (including the BBG and BBG Stronger), videos of the workouts, audio cues from a trainer, it’s own playlist streamlined through Apple Music, and so much more. Plus, you can link the app to your Apple Watch and watch the videos from there.

2. You’ll Need a Gym Membership

The guide says you can do the program at home, but I’ll be honest, it’s so much easier to do it at a gym. Any gym you go to will have the equipment that Kayla uses in the program, so you don’t have to go out of your way to find stuff. Besides, gym equipment can be expensive, and I personally didn’t want it lying around my house. Doing the workouts at home by yourself is also kind of boring and not motivating. Plus, if you use the app and want to do the BBG Stronger program, you’ll need equipment like cables and machines.

3. Don’t Skip the 4-Week Pre-training

I made a big mistake in skipping over the pre-training. I thought because I already lifted heavy and did cardio every so often, I would be better off not doing it and going straight into the program. What a joke. I did two workouts and barely got through them. I had to go back to the pre-training and work my way up, all because I underestimated the amount of cardio that went into it. You’ll be surprised at how much harder it is to do than it looks. So do yourself a favor and take it slow. It’s not an easy program.

4. They’re ALL HIIT Workouts

OK, I lied. They aren’t all HIIT workouts, but it definitely feels like it. Kayla does schedule in some LISS (low-intensity steady state) cardio every other day, but it’s up to you on what you plan to do.

There are three HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts a week that are 28-minutes long. What makes it difficult is trying to complete as many rounds of a circuit in 7-minutes, resting for 30 seconds, and doing it all over again, for a total of four rounds. The whole point of HIIT is to keep your heart rate up, so if you feel like you’re dying, you’re doing it right.

5. It’s a LOT of Quad Work

TBH, if you’re looking to build a booty, this is not the program for you. There is a lot of squatting, jumping, and lunging, and it absolutely destroys your quads. But, since none of the workouts really focus on glutes and hamstrings, it doesn’t do much for your backside.

6. You Have to Stretch

Kayla’s BBG includes a cool down session (stretching) for after your workouts, which is great, but you should definitely stretch before your workout, too. Going in stiff, to then jumping around and squatting, will do a number to your muscles and joints. And you should definitely foam roll any chance you have. Foam rolling may hurt, but it helps speed up your recovery by releasing the lactic acid in your muscles.

7. You Have to Fully Commit to the Program

This one is a no-brainer. You cannot expect to get the Instagram results if you aren’t putting in the work. It’s a cardio based program that is guaranteed to help you get fit if you just put the time into it. And with it being only 28-minutes a day, there’s no excuse. The program is set out for you, all you have to do is take it day by day.

8. There’s an Awesome BBG Community

On Instagram, there is an official BBG Community that posts about group meet-ups, motivational quotes, and progress pictures of those in the community. It’s an amazing source to have to get the support you need and motivation to complete the program.

Knowing these things before I started the BBG would have definitely made the process easier. Especially if you’re new to fitness and are using the guide to start your weight loss journey. Finding any excuse to stop can be the biggest challenge, and had I known all of this going in, I would have been better mentally prepared.

I downloaded the Kayla Itsines Sweat app four months after Maia was born and started the 12-week BBG 1 programme. I was already back at my pre-pregnancy weight but my fitness level (cardiovascular or strength) wasn’t what it once was nor did my body look the same as it did before I fell pregnant. I wanted to improve my fitness, steal the me-time to do something I enjoy, and potentially tone my body in the process (click: Why I started the BBG programme ).

I promised to update you on my results once I’d finished the programme and on last Sunday I did my last workout from BBG 1. Oh and importantly, I did complete all weekly workouts (3 resistance sessions and at least 3 LISS cardio sessions, usually more) but to be completely honest I didn’t do the stretching session every week… I did all stretches at the end of the workouts though! 😊

You know the saying “your future self will thank you for starting today”? Well my present self is thankful I started 12-weeks ago. I definitely feel stronger and fitter and I’ve enjoyed working out and following the plan. Better yet, I’m seeing some physical results too!

I wasn’t unhappy with my body 12-weeks ago but I do prefer to have more muscle and less body fat (that’s a personal preference). Looking at my before and after pictures and the changes in my measurements I think I’ve achieved that! The changes aren’t huge but they are there and I’ve been able to achieve them without making changes to my diet which would have been really hard for me. I’m still breastfeeding and so I want to keep my calorie intake as high as I need it to be to have enough energy, you know, for life.

Measurement changes pre-BBG vs. 12-weeks of BBG 1

Weight: -4 kg (-9lb)

Bust: -1cm (-0.4″)

Waist: -3cm (-1.2″)

Hips: -4cm (-1.6″)

Love handles: -5cm (-2″)

Arm: -3.5 (-1.4″)

Thigh: -3cm (-1.2″)

That means there is now 26cm less of me in the world. Ha, funny thought!

Below you’ll see how these changes look like. Still no tan and no cheating with filters but I am wearing a different bikini because the old one is now too big and very unflattering. And I’m in a different room and lighting because we’ve moved house!

Do I look like a fitness model or an athlete? Of course not!! But I also don’t live the lifestyle of either. Nor do I want to. I’m a new mum with a 6-month old baby working out at home and doing my best to stay healthy. And that’s how I look like (I think).

I do see more muscle definition so I feel like I’ve reached my goal of toning up. All of my measurements have gone down so I don’t think I’ve built any muscle, but that was to be expected with this program which is mainly short high intensity bursts with low resistance which is ideal for burning fat and strengthening the body while increasing cardiovascular fitness.

I’m exactly the same person in all of the pictures above. I was happy before, I’m just as happy now. But I definitely feel stronger and a bit more like my “old self” (or as the same person but living my old lifestyle) since I started this programme.

Remember, you are not your body, you have a body. That’s it. And by the way, it’s the only body you’ll get (depending on your beliefs) so it’s a good idea to take care of it!

Any critique of the programme/app? Well a few minor things to whinge about:

  1. Heavy reliance on press up variations. They utilise the body weight efficiently as resistance and I understand why they are used but my wrists aren’t very strong and doing so many press ups puts too much pressure on my wrists and they get sore. I’m ok with sore muscles but sore joints was not the goal.
  2. You can’t log workouts into the app retrospective expect for the same day (in case you forgot to or weren’t able to at the time of the workout)
  3. Repetition. I would personally enjoy a bit more variation to the routine.
  4. Now my wedding dress is too big!! 😄 I have to go in for an extra fitting (my third) because it’s being taken in again…

What now?

Well firstly I need to buy myself those new trainers I promised myself upon completing BBG 1. My trainers have so many holes in them they look like sandals.

Secondly, I keep going! I started BBG 2 this week! No reason to stop when this programme is working so well.

Anyone else on the BBG bandwagon??

Happy weekend!



A month ago, I mentioned that I would be participating in Kayla Itsines’ 2019 SWEAT 12-week challenge. Despite what was suggested for my fitness goals, I still decided to commit to her original BBG program. I’m in a BBG support group on Facebook and many have said for toning up and building muscle on my already slim body, I would be better off doing PWR or BUILD for fast results. Since it’s my first time participating in any type of fitness challenge though, I wanted something that was realistically doable so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed & quit early on. Nothing too intimidating like complicated gym equipment just yet – I figured I’d benefit greatly from first building strength & endurance, as well as focusing on form. Since my body type is most similar to Kayla’s amongst the SWEAT trainers, I figured BBG would be a great start. I know some of you have been wondering what my progress has been like so far. How about a one month update?! 😀

YES – I survived the first four weeks!

In case you aren’t familiar with how BBG works and are interested in possibly trying it, let me give you a quick run-down. Every week, there’s 3 resistance training sessions, 3 LISS (low-intensity steady state) sessions, 1 recovery day, 1 rest day, and 1 optional challenge. Ideally, you’ll want to stretch and foam roll as frequently as necessary throughout the week to help your body recover. For the sake of simplicity, I have kept up with Kayla’s calendar: leg day on Mondays, arms & abs on Wednesdays, full body on Fridays, and LISS on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. On some LISS days, I’ll schedule in recovery if I’m feeling sore, or throw in a weekly challenge if my body can handle it. Sundays are rest days spent recovering.

Despite how easy Kayla makes her exercises look, the resistance training is NO joke! Minus warm-up and cool-down, each session is 28 minutes long, with 2 circuits of 4 exercises. She has 7 minutes allotted for each circuit, to be completed twice. You’re supposed to repeat the exercises until the 7 minutes is up. Of course, there’s a minute or so dedicated to a quick rest/water break in between each circuit. I am NOT one to sweat easily… but let’s just say, it’s not called the SWEAT app for no reason!

When I first started, my LISS sessions were mostly spent on the treadmill for 30 minutes at 3.8 mph with no incline. The weather got really nice in Palm Springs, so I started alternating between treadmill sessions and outdoor walks. My outdoor walks would go for 30 minutes as well, around my neighborhood. Eventually, I got a little bored of just walking every other day because I walk even on non-LISS days. So, I started throwing in 30 minutes of steady rowing at the gym instead. I found this to be a great way to not only complete LISS, but also work out my arms and back, minus the intensity that comes with resistance training.

Here’s what my BBG progress looked like this month:


As expected, getting through the first week was challenging. I had to take breaks often in between & during exercises, and leg day absolutely KILLED me. I was sore from the next day all the way until full body day. Push-ups were hard; I started out on my toes and ended up on my knees towards the end. On average, I got through 1-1.5 rounds per circuit in the allotted 7 minutes. For LISS, I stuck with treadmill only at 3.8 mph, no incline, for 30 minutes. To ensure that my body could endure the full week of resistance training, I stretched and foam rolled very often. Foam rolling hurt a lot, but definitely helped speed up recovery. I managed to complete the 300-rep arm burner challenge for the first time.


Leg day this week was a LOT harder than last. There are a lot more jumping exercises, which I’m not the biggest fan of… burpees are my weakness! Needless to say, I had to take a good amount of breaks in between exercises, but still kept a steady pace. For LISS, I switched it up some between outdoor walk and steady rowing for 30 minutes each. I felt a little defeated because I was told that I needed to start incorporating protein shakes after my workouts if I wanted to see results. I tried a whey protein shake that David made me and it was absolutely HORRIBLE. Even with plenty of tasty berries, the aftertaste is not something I can handle. I felt discouraged but decided there had to be other ways to get the protein I needed. I already eat high-protein foods like eggs, fish, lean meat, and greek yogurt. Health & fitness shouldn’t be dreadful or you’ll give up, and I’m not about to let this bring me down. I’m willing to take the slower progress and in the mean time, figure out foods that I can eat (AND enjoy) to maximize my results. Recommendations are welcome, but I can’t have peanut butter or any nuts as I’m allergic! Protein bars are iffy too because they may be produced in nut facilities… and well, they also don’t taste great from my experience so far. I wasn’t as sore as I was in the first week, so I completed the 600-rep ab challenge right after arms & abs resistance. During the challenge, I learned that it wasn’t the best idea to do these back to back, because I couldn’t finish the challenge well without sacrificing form. I still made it to the end, but was totally dead afterwards.


I found a blog post that Kayla shared with high-protein smoothie recipes! Some with NO protein powder. THANK GOD!!! I gave the first one a try with some modifications. I didn’t have oranges, so I skipped that but incorporated a banana, frozen berries, oats, flaxseeds, and greek yogurt. It was AMAZING. This will be in place of the “protein shake” for me, for now. And probably for a while… haha! Leg day doesn’t seem to get any easier… lol! My arms & shoulders were unusually sore, so I might have worked myself harder than I did before on arm day. My period came on Friday (full body day) and I still surprisingly CRUSHED the workout. I did have to substitute the burpees with one-minute planks though, because my body wasn’t having all the jumping. LISS was a combo of 30 minutes walking and sunshine, or rowing as usual.


Building up the endurance – I got through 1.5-2 rounds per circuit in the allotted 7 minutes. 😉 Surprisingly, I felt an unusual surge of energy. This week, I managed to get through a total of 4 resistance training sessions (the extra one targeted abs because I just LOVE ab workouts), 5 LISS sessions, and the 300-rep arm burner challenge again. BOOM! All that and barely sore at all – my body is responding well! LISS was a combination of rowing, treadmill, and outdoor walks for 30 minutes each. Since beginning the challenge, I’ve realized that I get hungry often and have been eating heaps more – healthy foods, that is!

Overall, I would say that the changes in physical appearance have been quite subtle so far. I’ve noticed more changes in how I feel, rather than how I look. Like many, I seek instant gratification but know that building muscle on my body will take time.

My body definitely feels stronger now that I have made BBG part of my lifestyle. I’ve been nourishing my body with fresh whole foods and plenty of water. As a result, I’m more energized, productive, and feeling a lot of happy hormones… I know that’s a thing now! Even on rest days, my body will crave exercise which I never thought would ever happen. All that, in itself, is a life-changing accomplishment worth celebrating!

My abs feel a bit harder/tighter, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that they look more defined. Not consistently, anyway. David says they do but I think he’s obligated to tell me that so I don’t get discouraged LOL! My back and legs are toning up, but nothing too noticeable in photos. I’m totally okay with that because I love my legs and want to keep them long and lean – no bulk for me there. But can we talk about ARMS?! My arms are growing a tiiiiiny bit – those baby guns are coming out slowly (check out that week 3 photo)! 😉

For the dumbbell workouts these 4 weeks, I used 2 five-pounders. I just bought 2 new eight-pounders that I’ll be upgrading to for the next 4 weeks. Since I’m not lifting weights at the gym yet, I want to do what I can to challenge myself doing BBG at home. Going forward, I also want to meet my 10k steps goal everyday! With cold stormy weather here and there the past few weeks, it’s been too easy to be lazy at home. 🙁

The PRE-BBG photo was taken on January 1st this year. Before starting the challenge, I did do a few “trial runs” of Kayla’s program on-and-off with my gym routine & fitness classes at the time to get a feel for it. With that said, I toned up just a bit from before I worked out at all. So no, I didn’t always have abs – though my stomach has always been flat and body fat percentage low. In November 2018, I was pretty much starting out with absolutely no arm muscle at all! Prior to the challenge, I was under 100 pounds (fluctuated between 95-97 pounds). Gaining weight has always been a struggle for me (but I’m still thankful for my fast metabolism haha). 4 weeks into BBG, I have FINALLY broken 100! I am at 101 pounds (45.8 kilograms) now – about 10-15 pounds from my goal weight in muscle. For me, even the littlest gains are wins 🙂 This journey has been eye-opening not only because I’m getting stronger, but also because I’m feeling more connected than ever with my amazing body!

For those who have or are participating in BBG – What was your experience like? When did you start noticing physical and non-physical changes?

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Almost 2 years and 20 lbs ago…I told myself this was the time to “change.” Little did I know, it would take me over a year and a half to finally find myself. This didn’t happen overnight. I’ve had a lot of expieriences that have taught me important lessons and changed the way I look at life in the past 2 years. It sounds like so long, but I wouldn’t have rushed it for the world. Everyones journey takes time and never ends at one particular point 🙌🏼. ⠀ Physical transformations are amazing to see, but the mental transformations you can’t see are also very important. In the left photo, I was dealing with undiagnosed anxiety and depression which led to weight gain. Getting into fitness helped but I was still depressed and dealing with constant anxiety these past 2 years no matter how hard I worked out. This was due to not dealing with my emotions and wanting to portray someone with their life together, when clearly it wasn’t. ⠀ However, making this Instagram and following different womens journeys, has taught me it’s okay to tell people how I feel and found out I don’t deal with these disorders alone. I’ve learned how to deal with my emotions better and through much needed expieriences, I’ve learned what I need and don’t need in my life. I can honestly say right now…I’m the happiest I’ve been in as long as I can remember. I’ve finally stopped putting so much pressure on myself to try and be this perfect human (because perfection doesn’t exist) and am just living and enjoying life for once. ⠀ Just know everything you go through…you are meant to! You can’t rush who you are meant to be. Every hardship I’ve been through has taught me to look at it as a lesson and has helped me to move foreword. With time and dedication you can change your life for the better…inside and out. 🖤

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How can we help?

Our mission here at Sweat is to help inspire and empower women through fitness, by providing them with confidence both inside and out! For this reason, the programs offered in the Sweat app are targeted towards women only.

While we do not provide programs specifically for men, we have received feedback from men who have achieved great results from using some of the programs within the Sweat app, too!

For men who are looking to give the programs a go, we recommend making some slight alterations to better suit. For example, increasing the equipment weight.

Men will also generally need to consume more calories than women and can also have different nutritional requirements. Rather than following the meal plan that is available in the Sweat app, we would recommend that men consult a healthcare professional to make sure they are following a suitable diet. More information about the nutritional needs for both men and women can be found via The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

The Community have also provided some great feedback in relation to men completing workouts within the Sweat app! You can check out some of the popular forum posts below:

Men doing BUILD
Sweat for men?
BBG Progress for men?

Last Saturday afternoon, upward of 4,000 women gathered at a sports center in New York City to break a sweat with Kayla Itsines, the Australian fitness star behind the wildly popular Bikini Body Guides (BBG).

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Soooo what’s YOUR favourite body part to workout ??? 💪👇 Comment below and I’ll do a video on the most common one ☺️✌️www.kaylaitsines.com/app P.S for free workout videos, check out my YouTube channel – Kayla Itsines

A post shared by KAYLA ITSINES (@kayla_itsines) on Jun 19, 2016 at 10:57pm PDT

The full house should come as no surprise: Kayla boasts an international Instagram following that’s more than 5.3 million strong — and largely female, as her fitness program, which promises a bikini body, simply isn’t designed to appeal to men.

Nonetheless, Eric Pratt, a 30-year-old web developer who lives in Boston, showed up for the workout wearing a BBG Boston T-shirt.

Besides Kayla’s boyfriend Tobi (above), BBG’s co-creator, Eric was the only man besides to attend the massive NYC meet-up. Curious about him, Cosmopolitan.com spoke to Eric to find out what he’s all about.

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Amazing. That is all🤗🙌 #Sweatwithkayla www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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Literally EVERY person at the @kayla_itsines #bbgmeetup #nycbbgmeetup #sweatwithkayla #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines #bbggirls #bbgprogress #bbggirls #bbgnyc #bbgfam #bbgcommunity

A post shared by Elizabeth Narins (@ejnarins) on Jun 25, 2016 at 11:35am PDT

There’s no question BBG is marketed toward women. How did you get involved in the first place?

The Bikini Body Guides are clearly meant for women who want to shape specific parts of the body, so I was a little hesitant to get involved at first. But I wanted to gain a little more muscle to look and feel healthier, and develop a sustainable strength-training routine — and every single male-oriented program I found online felt too impersonal, aggressive, unforgiving of failure, and likely to trigger body-image issues.

When I stumbled upon Kayla’s Instagram, her message seemed very different. As a bisexual, stereotypical gender roles have always seemed antiquated to me. So I downloaded a free BBG workout from Kayla’s website and realized it featured the same basic push-ups, squats, lunges, and jumps in every fitness program. That was two years ago. Now I use BBG to guide my workouts about two to three times a week.

I don’t follow the diet plan, but healthy eating is something I’ve gotten down pretty well. BBG has also been the most sustainable and effective cure for my depression yet, and I’m truly thankful for that.

What was it about BBG workouts that helped you?

I had never been officially diagnosed nor have I ever taken any medication for depression, but there’s no doubt it was a giant issue in college, which was a very dark time for me as I came close to ending my life twice. I was a late bloomer, had never had a girlfriend at that point, and as college came to a close, I was feeling an increased desperation that this was the best opportunity in my life to find someone, and due to shyness and social awkwardness, it just wasn’t happening. I also went to an engineering school that had mostly male students, which didn’t help.

After college, I moved to Boston for work and worked very hard at overcoming my social anxiety. I made friends and started dating, and that helped a lot. But I still struggled to find the motivation to work out regularly.

When I discovered BBG, it was a combination of factors that helped: For the first time in my life, I wasn’t fueling my workouts with anger and frustration at not being good enough or popular enough or sexy enough. I was fueling them from a more positive place of determination to work for my happiness and the knowledge that I wasn’t alone.

Finding so many people who were drawn to the same healthy lifestyle I was working to build for myself helped me realize that there were so many girls still out there in the world for me — that there was no reason for me to feel desperate to find someone.

What made you trek all the way from Boston for the event?

Last fall, I decided to go to a monthly BBG meet-up in the Boston because I’d been looking for friends who were as into fitness and healthy eating as I was. I was nervous the women wouldn’t want me there and spent the night studying Kayla trivia to prove I was a legit fan, not some random dude looking to crash the party.

The meet-ups made me feel like I was a part of something, and I’ve been to almost every one since. I’ve met so many amazing people including the person I’m currently dating. We were all over it when we heard Kayla was holding a boot camp in New York City. I remember waiting by my computer and not being able to concentrate at work the day the tickets went on sale.

Why are you such a big fan of Kayla? Is it because her program worked for you, or is there any attraction there?

I’m not someone who crushes on celebrities, but I have great respect for Kayla and Tobi and what they’ve created. Obviously they’re both very good-looking, and they seem very happy together! But just because someone is hot, it doesn’t mean he or she is a good match for me.

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arms & abs week 8 💪🏼 time to make eric great again 😂 #droppushups #bentlegraises #bbgweek8 #armsandabs #bbgvideo #bbgboston #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #bbgboys

A post shared by Eric Pratt (@ericdouglaspratt) on Mar 21, 2016 at 5:23am PDT

How did you feel about being the only guy at the meet-up of 4,000 women? Did you get any strange reactions from other women at the meet-up?

I was a little nervous I wouldn’t get in. But I had a ticket, and I came with a group of women who said they’d make sure I would.

I definitely got some what’s-he-doing-here looks from girls at the NYC boot camp, or at least looks that gave me that impression.

I’m super conscious of the fact that BBG is the largest female fitness movement in the world and in history, as Tobi said during his speech at the meet-up. To the extent that guys can support it, and cheer it on, or even join the women in their life as they work to stay fit, healthy, and strong — I think it’s great. I’m proud to be a part of it.

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another happy meetup 😊 #bbgpower #bbgbostonsquad #bbgboston #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #bbgboys #bbgmeetup #bbgmeetups #bbgbostonmeetup

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Elizabeth Narins Senior fitness and health editor Elizabeth Narins is a Brooklyn, NY-based writer and a former senior editor at Cosmopolitan.com, where she wrote about fitness, health, and more.

I Tried Kayla Itsines’ Workout Plan So You Didn’t Have To

Hey guys!

So this week for my blog I figured I’d write about the workout plan I’m doing. It’s a pretty popular program, and I get a TON of questions about it!

I’m currently on Week 18 of Kayla Itsines’ “Sweat With Kayla” Workout Program, or #BBG (Bikini Body Guide).

I believe there’s been an online version, but I used the app.

How It Works:

So basically there are two workout categories. 1) Resistance, and 2) Cardio.

It’s set up so that Mon/Wed/Fri are Resistance days (strength training). There are three strength categories – Legs, Arms/Abs, and Full Body.

At the beginning, Tuesday and Thursday are LOW-INTENSITY cardio days, which consists of a 35-45 minute fast walk. As you get father along in the program, high-intensity cardio is added.

So when you first start out, your plan will look like this:

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: LISS (Low Intensity Cardio)

Wednesday: Arms/Abs

Thursday: LISS

Friday: Full Body (optional)

Saturday: LISS (optional)

Sunday: REST

The good thing about this workout plan is that you don’t need a ton of equipment… All you really need is a bench (I use my piano bench), a mat, and a couple free weights 🙂


It’s always challenging in the first few weeks of a workout plan, because you feel like you’re working SO hard, and you aren’t quite seeing results yet. Hang in there. I didn’t start seeing REAL results until roughly Week 8, or two months in! But after that you can’t look back!

For this plan in particular, every Resistance Workout is 30 minutes long (you follow along with the exercises on the app as it counts down), which makes it relatively quick and then you’re done! So I liked that aspect of it, as well as not needing very much equipment. I turned Kat onto this workout program, and she does it in her office sometimes (SHH!).

This is a photo of me from Week 10:

So I did see real results from this program, which is why I’m still using it. There are, however, a couple cons as well.


1) THIS APP COSTS $32.19 PER MONTH CANADIAN. So like, if you’re already paying for a gym membership…. That’s a lot of money. I have a gym in my building, so worth it for me, but probably NOT worth it if you’ve got GoodLife payments on top of that.

2) It’s easy at the beginning, but as it gets more challenging, you end up working out 6 days per week. Which is alot.

3) There is a “Meal Plan” with Grocery Lists, etc, but it’s totally unreasonable and I haven’t even used it once

That is Kayla #BBG 101! Hope this helped with any questions you had!

Kayla itsines bbg 2

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