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Kelly Rowland
Grammy-award winning musician and heart health advocate who’s partnering with Burlington stores and WomenHeart to #KnockOutHeartDisease

The first thing I do is at least two or three minutes of meditation. I use Russell Simmons‘ app—he just introduced me to it. I started doing that after I had my son.

It has helped me tremendously. It just puts you in an easier mind space. There’s so much you have to deal with in one day, and I feel like meditation prepares you for anything that comes to you. You won’t flip your lid on the first thing that shakes you up a bit. It puts you at ease.

Then I usually go hang out with my son and then start making breakfast. My favorite thing to eat in the morning is oatmeal. I add a little maple syrup, a little salt, and almond milk, and I’m set. Sometimes I’ll add cinnamon and some raisins and pumpkin seeds. I don’t need caffeine in the morning, but if I have to it’s usually through green tea.

I am a morning workout person. I don’t think I could really be as connected or focused in the afternoon if I didn’t do it.

My trainers set up different workouts for me. I actually have a duo of them right now—David and Marcie Washington. David really tightens my body up, and Marcie, his wife, stretches it out—it’s really awesome. I’ve grown to love what they’re doing. It’s definitely a HIIT workout, and I feel a lot better and more centered from doing it. Having my son really did a number on my body.

I do a lot of track and field. I also love SoulCycle. It’s so much fun, the music is good—I especially love Angela Davis‘ class, which is so hard to get into but it’s awesome.

I can’t stand stair climbers. I remember two years ago my sister took me to this workout where you were on these vertical stair climber machines and I wanted to beat her up afterwards. I don’t think I’ve ever sweat that much. It was really crazy.

As far as my morning beauty routine, it’s basically just washing my face and putting on a good sunscreen. I don’t care if there’s no sun outside, I still put it on. I’ve learned it’s really important to keep your skin nice and supple for as long as you can.

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Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child Shares Her Morning Routine

Kelly Rowland is a singer, songwriter, actress, and producer known for being part of one of the world’s best-selling girl groups of all time, Destiny’s Child. In her impressive career, she has sold over 30 million records as a solo artist, and 60 million records with Destiny’s Child. She’s also won four Grammys. No big deal. Since becoming a music icon, she’s appeared on hit TV show Empire, was a judge on the eighth season of The X Factor UK, and also judged the third season of The X Factor USA. Nowadays, Kelly is a judge on The Voice Australia and has recently teamed up with Fabletics to create the Kelly Rowland X Fabletics collection, made with every woman in mind (especially moms). So, how does this multi-hyphenate start her day? Kelly shares her fitness-filled morning routine with us below.

5:00 A.M. Typically I get up around 5am when I’m on a strict workout routine. I try to get an early start so I can fit a workout in during my busy days, and/or squeeze multiple workouts into one day. The first thing I do when I wake up is wash my face, brush my teeth, take a shower, and then pick out my Fabletics gear. They have so many great options for different activities, so it really depends on what I’m doing that day. If I’m doing a HIIT or kickboxing workout, I’ll reach for one of the PowerHold styles – right now, I’m loving the Fearless outfit from my Fabletics collection. It’s a compressive PowerHold Legging with this beautiful, rich, Sycamore color, and I’ll pair that with my Paige Sports Bra. Right before I leave, I have some oatmeal with raisins or a protein shake.

6:00 A.M. By this time, I arrive to my workout, where my trainer kicks my butt. On most days, I train for about one hour.

7:00 A.M. I am back in Los Angeles traffic. Once I make it home, I wake up my son, Titan, and get him ready for school. There’s usually not enough time to change my clothes, so by this time, I still have my workout clothes on. To dress it up a little, I’ll add a layering piece like a denim jacket or blazer. The outfit I chose this morning actually has this really cute Erika Cropped Hoodie, so I throw that on. I prepare Titan’s breakfast and lunch and head out.

8:00 A.M. I am now headed out to take my son to school.

9:00 A.M. Once Titan is at school, I’m typically on my way to meetings, appointments, or headed back home to do another workout. Usually, my second workout of the day would be pilates or yoga. I really like wearing seamless pieces for this – the Conquer outfit is currently my favorite. The High-Waisted Seamless Rib Leggings and Kelia Seamless Bra feel like a second skin – they’re so easy to move in!

Kelly Rowland’s New Fabletics Collection Was Inspired by Her Celeb Besties

Source: Randy Shropshire / Getty

Kelly Rowland is fitness goals, and so are her best friends, like Beyoncé, Ciara, and Serena Williams. So, it was only fitting that when she designed her first (amazing) collection for Fabletics, she had them in mind.

We caught up with the Dirty Laundry songstress at her Kelly Rowland x Fabletics launch event at Casita Hollywood in Los Angeles. When asked which of her friends help keep her on track and motivated for workouts, she shared exclusively to Madame Noire, “Ciara has got these power legs…they’re amazing, and Serena’s whole body is everything. Her strength is epic. The black woman is epic.”

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images For dcp)

“For all my girls in my crew, each one of them possesses something that I’m so grateful I’m able to witness on a daily basis,” she continued. “I feel like pieces of them are in this collection. Whether they know it or not. I was inspired by them in one way or another. Women throughout my life have inspired this collection.”

Source: Thomas Concordia / Getty

Fabletics’ mantra about female empowerment was one of the main things that drew Rowland to the brand. As she curled up on a cozy gray sofa with her locks pulled up in a high wavy ponytail and a cup of coffee in hand, Rowland kicked back in her red ribbed Harper crop top and matching leggings from the collection ( her fave pieces in it) and chatted with us about all things Fabletics, fitness, and how her workout regimen has changed since giving birth to her now 4-year-old son Titan Witherspoon.

“I love that Fabletics wants to empower women period, and when the opportunity came about I was like ‘I want to do that with them’ because I love their message to women. To be bold, to be unapologetic, and I really wanted that to showcase in the line.” Her line undoubtedly illustrates this. While all the pieces you can definitely move in, they are sexy with a high cut, one piece bodysuit ($69.95, Fabletics.com) and skin showing leggings featuring sexy mesh cutouts ($59.95, Fabletics.com).

The design elements of the collections were also inspired by Rowland’s love of dance. “Being able to move in all the fabrics and feel amazing…the detail was so important in this collection. That’s actually the space in my mantra for 2019 is like everything is in the details.” Her Athena Hooded Pullover ($54.95, Fabletics.com) and Mariah Pants II ($44.95, Fabletics.com) are perfect for running errands or lounging and catching up on Netflix.

Speaking of dance, ballet is a big part of how she stays in shape, and helped her bounce back quickly after giving birth to her son. “After I had my son I was almost down my baby weight,” she said. “I had nine pounds to go. I took a ballet class for a month and I lost 12 pounds. I was also drinking a gallon of water a day, and eating a specific diet, and I had another workout on top of that.”

Parents/Chris Craymer/Instagram

Even though the baby weight is gone and the baby is now a child, this workout is still her go to. “I’ll just randomly take a ballet class because I don’t sweat the way I sweat in ballet,” she continued, adding that she also does pilates and strength training workouts to keep her physique in check.

After we chatted, Rowland helped lead a workout with her trainer Masi Arias at the event as DJ Angie Vee pumped out the music for the booty blasting exercises. “I don’t know about you guys but I let the end of 2018 and the holidays have it with food,” she told the group of about 25 women before the workout began. “I was unapologetic about that. I ate every pie, I had every glass of wine, I truly enjoyed myself but I did set an intention for 2019 and that was to pay attention to detail and to pour into myself, and when I do that I work out.”

Once the workout was over, Rowland continued to chat with the group about her workout regimen and lifestyle, and how it’s changed since she became a mom. “I feel like you have one body, and now that I have a son he’s what I’m living for,” she told the group. “I want to live for him and I have to take care of myself. After I had him, I started experiencing diastasis recti (a condition in which the lower abs separate, creating a lower belly pooch). My core got weak and I started having back problems. As you get older, I guess things aren’t as fresh anymore. I can feel the difference, and that’s why I have to do the work. It’s not about size. I want to be strong.”

As for how she finds the energy to work out with her busy schedule, Rowland said, “I change the headspace I’m in.” “I try not to think of it as work, because if I allow everything – my husband, my job, my child, to take everything away from me, I won’t have anything left. I feel like as women we’re so emotional and we will hold all of that stuff in. Where are we going to release it. I feel like strength training, pilates, it gives you the chance to get everything out.”

Rowland is also working on new music, which also inspires her to work out, but it was the death of her mother in 2014 that really made the importance of staying healthy hit home. “I love pasta, cake, candy, and french fries,” she said. “I’m a southern girl and I love my food, but in order for me to have the things that I love. I lost my mom to cardiac arrest, so I promised myself I would take care of myself while I’m on this earth.”

Rowland’s Fabletics capsule collection includes bodysuits, sports bras, bomber jackets, leggings, and more in colors reminiscent of the 90’s such as soft mauve, light bronze, black cherry and wine violet that pay homage to her early days in Destiny’s Child. The collection ranges in sizes XXS-3X and is currently available in the 25 Fabletics stores nationwide and on Fabletics.com.

Will you be shopping the collection? What’s your workout routine for 2019 and what are you wearing? Share with us in the comment section!

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January DVD Review: Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland & Jeanette Jenkins

January’s Top Workout DVD: Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland & Jeanette Jenkins

Best for: Those thinking ahead about (and seeking amazing abs in) their spring break bikinis; anyone with aches and pains in their lower back.

Why it’s a star: Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins and her crew, including Kelly Rowland, Grammy winning R&B singer and judge on The X Factor in the UK, teach you fun and challenging exercises that will leave your ab muscles burning. You’ve seen some of these moves before (bicycle crunches, roll-ups and planks), but the nonstop pace, focus on lower back pain-prevention and the sprinkling of innovative exercises makes this DVD worth an encore in your sweat schedule. You’ll feel the burn throughout your core the next day! Bonus: You can join the #SexyAbsChallenge on Twitter with @KELLYROWLAND and @JeanetteJenkins now for five weeks of healthy tips, meals and motivation as Kelly gets ready for the Grammy Awards in February. She’s nominated for her song “Motivation!”

Where to get it: $19.95, thehollywoodtrainer.com

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