Khloe thought it was ‘cute’ the fan had to work extra shifts (Picture: Good American, Khloe Kardashian, Kaelynn Abner, Twitter, Instagram)

Khloe Kardashian proved to have a big heart by sending a pair of jeans to a fan who couldn’t afford her Good American clothes.

However, it came after she was heavily criticised for a ‘tone deaf’ comment about the clothes being too expensive for the fan.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was touched after noticing a tweet from a fan who said they would love to buy Good American but would have to work extra shifts – an additional 20 hours to be exact – to be able to afford it.

It seems Khloe, 34, felt compelled to take action and generously sent the fan, Kaelynn Abner, a selection of denim skirts, shorts and a camouflage workout set.

Surprised by the gesture of goodwill, Kaelynn shared photos modelling each piece with the caption: ‘I still can’t believe my tweet got so much attention.

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‘I have adored @KhloeKardashian for so long and am so thankful she took the time out of her day to send me some AMAZING clothes. I never once took her tweet to be anything other than positive.’

I am so happy you received your Good American goodies!!! Keep working hard and being such a positive soul 💕💜💕

— Khloé (@khloekardashian) March 26, 2019

Awwwwww this is so cute!!!! I’m so happy you enjoy them

— Khloé (@khloekardashian) March 16, 2019

Khloe replied: ‘I am so happy you received your Good American goodies!! Keep working hard and being such a positive soul.’

Some of the Good American jeans start from £79.38 going up to £143.52, and cater for women with curvier figures with various styles of jeans to accommodate their shape.

Khloe launched Good American in 2016 (Picture: Good American, Instagram)

Khloe had earlier received criticism for her initial response to Kaelynn’s tweet about not being able to afford the clothing.

Kaelynn commented: ‘So I realized I have to work 20 hours in order to afford @khloekardashian jeans…and I’m in love with them…catch me picking up extra shifts,’ to which Khloe replied: ‘Awwwwww this is so cute!!!! I’m so happy you enjoy them.’

Responding to Khloe’s comment, one of Kaelynn’s followers commented: ‘Sick. She doesn’t even realize how tone deaf this is bc she’s been rich her whole life lol. “Being poor is so cute! Lol” .’

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Another wondered: ‘Wow why is that cute,’ while another said: ‘It’s cute that she has to work 20 hrs to afford 1 pair of jeans??? Yikes.’

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Earlier this month Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede launched a buzzy new denim brand called Good American Denim. The cause for the buzz (beyond the obvious Kardashian affiliation)? This new line will run from size 0 to size 24. Could Kardashian, known for her skinny-jeans-and-bodysuits uniform, and Grede, a businesswoman who happens to be married to one of the founders of Frame Denim, really create a brand that looks as good on a size 0 as it does on a 24? And every size in between? With a cast of 13 women (one for each size the jeans come in) put them to the test.

Emily, size 14

What’s your #1 issue when it comes to buying jeans? I’m larger around my stomach, but I have skinnier legs, so it’s often tough for me to find jeans that don’t bag at the knee, but aren’t too tight at the waist.

Tyler Joe

How did you feel when you tried on these jeans? I really like these jeans. They were comfortable (and high-waisted, yay!) but also fit in the knee. I’m not that short and not that tall, so it can be hard to find the right length, but these were perfect and hit right at the top of my booties. The only thing I’d change is I’m not so into jeans that have a different wash at the knees and thighs from the rest of the jean (#teamdarkdenim). However, now that I’ve tried these, I know I’d really like to check out the rest of the line.

How do you think these jeans fit you? These were true to size, for sure!

When I find an amazing pair of jeans I feel: Powerful.

Brooke, size 4

What’s your #1 issue when it comes to buying jeans? I finally disavowed skinny jeans (they’re really just calf prisons designed by the patriarchy!) Freeeeedom! But now I can’t figure out what should replace them.

Tyler Joe

How did you feel when you tried on these jeans? Like I looked better in them when I was in high school. They’re a little too light and too torn for my taste.

How do you think these jeans fit you? They fit but are very stretchy. Maybe too stretchy. I could pull them down without unbuttoning. Which is comfortable, but I’d be concerned about them sagging.

When I find an amazing pair of jeans I feel: Like Ponce de León, the intrepid 16th-century Spanish explorer who legend has it discovered Florida while seeking the fountain of youth.

Julie, size 0

What’s your #1 issue when it comes to buying jeans? Not knowing what size I actually am.

Tyler Joe

How did you feel when you tried on these jeans? Like I could comfortably sleep on a red eye.

How do you think these jeans fit you? The denim is super stretchy. I could size up or down and it wouldn’t be a problem.

When I find an amazing pair of jeans I feel: Like Pablo. JK JK. I feel like taking butt selfies.

Leah, size 2

What’s your #1 issue when it comes to buying jeans? The #1 question I ask of my jeans is: Do you make my ass look good? Good jeans have the power to do this. Once that’s checked off (pocket placement is everything) then I consider length (I generally like my denim to hit just above my ankle, but that’s always an easy fix) and leg width.

Tyler Joe

How did you feel when you tried on these jeans? Like I was wearing leggings! They were very comfortable and very tight. Good plane jeans.

How do you think these jeans fit you? True to size. They were snug (a little too snug for my liking) but, hey, they are meant to be skinny jeans.

When I find an amazing pair of jeans I feel: Confident and comfortable. The best combination.

Gena, size 10

What’s your #1 issue when it comes to buying jeans? Waist-to-hip ratio—jeans that fit my butt tend to gap at the waist. My #2 issue, if you’re interested in that as well, is length and being too lazy to get things hemmed.

Tyler Joe

How did you feel when you tried on these jeans? Overall, I like these jeans. They have my two key elements of a good pair of jeans: a super high rise and a dark rinse. They are very, very stretchy, which is comfortable, although not always the most flattering on me, but it did eliminate the dreaded waist gap problem. I would wear these for sure.

How do you think these jeans fit you? I tried these on in three different sizes and honestly didn’t notice much of a difference between any of them. That said, I settled on a pair that’s my typical size, so they seem pretty true to size to me.

When I find an amazing pair of jeans I feel: I’ll let you know when I find a pair.

Mckenzie, size 18

What’s your #1 issue when it comes to buying jeans? Finding a pair that are big enough to fit my thighs and butt, but small enough in the waist to avoid that awkward gaping problem. Ugh.

Tyler Joe

How did you feel when you tried on these jeans? I felt great! I tend to go straight for the Forever21+ line for my denim, because I find their jeans to be more forgiving than other lines—especially non-plus brands. But to my surprise these jeans slid on very easily and were extremely comfortable.

How do you think these jeans fit you? True to size. Perfect fit on the thighs and butt without the horrible huge waist! They felt snug and comfortable, even without a belt (which I never skip). Also, I loved the high waist.

When I find an amazing pair of jeans I feel: Badass (and relieved, because it doesn’t happen that often LOL).

Annalisa, size 24

What’s your #1 issue when it comes to buying jeans? Finding jeans that fit all of my curves. A lot of times the jeans that are large enough to fit my hips are too large in the waist area, leaving a gap between the jeans and my lower back.

Tyler Joe

How did you feel when you tried on these jeans? I felt great! I loved the stretch in the jeans—it made the jeans super comfortable and they hugged my curves in all the right places.

How do you think these jeans fit you? They fit pretty true to size, and the stretch definitely helped too!

When I find an amazing pair of jeans I feel: Ready to take on the world.

Nikki, size 6

What’s your #1 issue when it comes to buying jeans? Like most cuties with booties, the dreaded waist gap.

Tyler Joe

How did you feel when you tried on these jeans? I liked them! I’m generally not into severe distressing, but I found that these not only felt nice but also photographed pretty well.

How do you think these jeans fit you? I probably could have gone down a size.

When I find an amazing pair of jeans I feel: On fire!

Areina, size 22

What’s your #1 issue when it comes to buying jeans? Being a size 22, the #1 issue for me is finding an actual pair of jeans in any store that isn’t specifically catered to the ‘plus’ size.

Tyler Joe

How did you feel when you tried on these jeans? Honestly, I felt super excited to try them on. Maybe it was the atmosphere, maybe it was my preconceived idea that I would look just like Khloé(if not a little shorter, haha) once I got them on. There is certainly some hype about these jeans! Everyone is talking about them. I felt like a celeb.

How do you think these jeans fit you? The jeans run absolutely true to size and fit perfectly in the waist and on my behind, but they were a bit baggy at the ankle, which was weird. The destruction was awkwardly placed—I wasn’t really into the frayed hole way down my leg on my shin. Random.

When I find an amazing pair of jeans I feel: Like I need to take 27 selfies of my booty and immediately post them all over social media because I look so good.

Alexis, size 20

What’s your #1 issue when it comes to buying jeans? Fit. I have much larger thighs and hips than waist so I often have pants that fit my bottom, but have an annoying gap in the waist. I often have to buy one or two sizes up and get jeans tailored, which isn’t convenient.

Tyler Joe

How did you feel when you tried on these jeans? I felt good trying on the Good American jeans. They have a great stretch in them and were super soft and comfortable. They looked and felt great.

How do you think these jeans fit you? The jeans were my true size and didn’t tug or gap anywhere. I did realize halfway through the shoot that they looked and felt even better when I pulled them up higher onto my waist. They had so much give yet weren’t loose!

When I find an amazing pair of jeans I feel: Sexy, confident. Casual, yet cute.

Denise, size 16

What’s your #1 issue when it comes to buying jeans? Making sure the jeans have a flattering fit, giving a fantastic 360-degree view (especially in the thigh and derriere area), and are affordable!

Tyler Joe

How did you feel when you tried on these jeans? I like that Khloé is giving fashion versatility for women of all sizes. Some of the jean styles were a bit adventurous for my personal style, but are definitely on trend. Once I tried on a few pairs, I found a great wash and fit that made me feel confident…and a little sexy!

How do you think these jeans fit you? The jeans run pretty true to size. They have great stretch and are proportionate to the hip, thigh, and leg, especially for those ladies that are vertically challenged like me. Some of the jean styles I noticed had a little more spandex percentage so were more stretchy that others. Which means if you like them a little more snug, you could potentially go a size down. Who doesn’t love that?!

When I find an amazing pair of jeans I feel: Like I’ve conquered the world! It’s a fab find that I can’t wait to share with all my girlfriends!

Jessica, size 12

What’s your #1 issue when it comes to buying jeans? Thigh-to-waist ratio! I’ve got some thick thighs and hips, so I often have to size up in jeans or find a pair with really good stretch to accommodate my legs while still being flattering. Once I do that, though, I’m often left with pants that have a gap around my waist and only look good with a belt or need to be altered. I just feel awkward and like I’m better off in a dress.

Tyler Joe

How did you feel when you tried on these jeans? I range from a size 8 to 12, but frankly the 12s were just too big. Too long, too loose, and did nothing to flatter my figure. I tried on a size 10 and size 8 and felt amazing, though! The fabric smoothed in all the right places and has a great waist-to-thigh ratio that made me feel curvy and womanly without feeling restricted at all. I would definitely buy these jeans but would try on multiple sizes before settling on one.

How do you think these jeans fit you? Large in the waist.

When I find an amazing pair of jeans I feel: Like Beyoncé. Bootylicious.

Kristina, size 8

What’s your #1 issue when it comes to buying jeans? It’s difficult to find a pair that feels sturdy—not starchy!—enough to flatten my tummy but not flatten my backside at the same time.

Tyler Joe

How did you feel when you tried on these jeans? I really, really liked them. They hugged my butt perfectly, nipped in my waist, and felt comfortable enough to do yoga in but didn’t obviously look like jeggings (the worst). I loved the way they hit at my waist. Sometimes high-waist jeans awkwardly hit right below the belly button then there’s some unflattering spillage that happens when you sit down, not to mention the nuisance of constant pulling-up that goes on throughout the day! This pair quelled any of those worries. I didn’t want to take them off!

How do you think these jeans fit you? I tried on both a 6 and 8 and each one fit perfectly. This 8 felt true to size—no uncomfortable pinching or sucking in required.

When I find an amazing pair of jeans I feel: Like I could literally be wearing a potato sack on top and still feel confident.

Nikki Ogunnaike Nikki Ogunnaike is the former Style Director of

Day In The Life: Cofounder Of Khloe Kardashian’s Good American Denim Line Casts ‘Real Women’ Models

Good American cofounders Emma Grede (left) and Khloe Kardashian

Erik Torstensson

When London native Emma Grede co-founded the denim brand Good American with Khloe Kardashian in October 2016, she wasn’t entirely shocked to see sales push past the one million dollar mark on the very first day. Rather, she saw it as confirmation that real women come in all shapes and sizes, and that they’re largely underserved. Good American has no extended or plus sizes. Instead, the collection, which has since expanded to include sweats, bodysuits, graphic tees and accessories, is available in an inclusive range that runs from 00 to 24. Here, Grede, wife of Frame co-founder Jens Grede, mom of two, and trustee of the charity Women for Women, International, takes us behind the scenes of a recent casting call in Dallas, TX. The goal: to cast the 2018 Good Squad, the regular women who star in Good American’s campaigns.

Prior to Good American, Grede served as CEO of entertainment agency ITB Worldwide

Erik Torstensson

5:30 AM: I’m always up this early! I work out most days with my trainer, who I box with, followed by circuit training, so that way I can have a family breakfast! After, I take my little boy to school. Between 5:30 and 8:30 AM are the busiest hours of the day for me.

Grede gets ready at the Joule Hotel in Dallas

Chavo Killingsworth

7 AM: I’ve never skipped a meal in my life! I’m no good to anyone unless I eat. I pretty much always eat boiled eggs and one slice of toast for breakfast. Today, as I’m traveling, I ate with my assistant and make-up artist, who are hilarious — a perfect wakeup call. I’m staying at the Joule hotel. It’s right in the heart of downtown Dallas, across the street from the Giant Eye Ball Exhibit — a sight to see! I arrived here at 9:30 PM last night. My flight was about three hours long. I always try to work on planes; I tend to use the time to work on things I otherwise put off.

Casting applicants at the Good American Dallas callback

Kelly Williams

8:30 AM: After getting ready, I head out to Nordstrom, where we’re meeting between 70 and 100 women for callbacks. We’re doing callbacks in NYC, Dallas and LA, which is the next and final stop. It’s key that we meet and talk to as many of the applicants as we can, so we can get a feel for their energy and why they want to be involved. It’s been such an exciting process for us. Before even launching, we had more than 12,000 women enter our open casting and then, for our second round, more than 20,000 applied! The response shows that what we’re doing and what Good American stands for is striking a cord with women, so much so that they want to be part of our journey.

Meeting applicants at the Dallas callback

Kelly Williams

10:30 AM: I brought the marketing team and our sales director with me, as we did this in conjunction with our partner, Nordstrom. The process is fun, but it’s laborious. We talk to every entrant, we photograph them, and some current #GOODSQUAD girls will also speak to the women so we can get a balanced view. Needless to say, it takes a while. Meeting the women and really understanding their history and what’s brought them here is so important to us. My misconception when we launched was that a lot of the girls were trying to become models, which simply isn’t the case — these women know that working with Good American is a way to get their voices heard and shine a light on whatever else they’re doing.

Grede with Good Squad member Darnell Nicole

Kelly Williams

12:30 PM: In my down time, I download with my assistant, who always has too much to tell me and not enough time to do it in — especially as I decided to head straight for the shop floor. The Nordstrom sales associates always have such valuable customer insight, so I quiz them and listen to their feedback.

Good American Goodies campaign

Erik Torstensson

2:30 PM: A lot of the women we meet bring their mums or daughters — they’re making a weekend of it! I love seeing that dynamic at play — seeing customers at opposite ends of the spectrum and trying to understand how and why we appeal to both. One of my favorite parts of in-store meet & greets is hearing customer tell how uplifting and inspiring they find Good American — our imagery, our ethos. It’s still incredible to me that, after just a year, the brand could have such an impact. It doesn’t get old!

Casting Good Squad applicants at the Dallas callback

Kelly Williams

5:30 PM: My usual routine would be to catch up on the day’s calls and emails, but I’m easily distracted, and I spent ages in the fitting room at Nordstrom selling! Then we all went to Santa’s Grotto in the mall for a quick picture. Why not?

Grede with Good Squad members Kim Johansson, Delilah Belle Hamlin & Darnell Nicole

Kelly Williams

9:45 PM: Today’s call back lasted the full day! We all went to CBD Provisions for dinner. I had to have a steak, Texas style, it was only right.

Behind the scenes with Khloe Kardashian and some Good Squad members

Courtney Beckett

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Photo: Courtesy of Good American

It’s no secret that activewear is a very crowded space — but so was denim when Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede launched a line of jeans called Good American nearly two years ago. It went on to become the most successful denim launch of all time, bringing in $1 million in 24 hours, and the founders hope the same mix of magical, looks-good-on-everyone fit, inclusive sizing and, of course, Kardashian selling power will make its latest category — activewear — a similar hit.

Activewear was not part of the original plan for the label, but it was a natural fit. “I live in activewear,” Kardashian tells me over the phone earlier this week. Among the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Khloé’s “thing” — at the moment — is probably fitness. She began hosting a largely fitness-focused show on E! called “Revenge Body” after her own physical transformation played out on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Recently, she’s been on a new fitness journey after giving birth to her first child, True, in April. “Being pregnant and being able to just have a baby and seeing my body fluctuate, I really got to try on our clothes in so many different sizes on myself which I was really actually grateful for because I got to test everything myself,” she said during an interview with Fashionista.

It was important to Kardashian and Grede for the activewear fit to feel and look as good as the denim, in addition to delivering on the functional aspects that are more important in activewear, and it wasn’t easy. “We actually attempted to do this over a year ago and the fit was so bad it just didn’t work out and we’re not about rushing anything,” says Kardashian.

Photo: Courtesy of Good American

“We want women to know that just like our denim and bodysuits, when you come to Good American for anything, you know you’ll have the best fit, period,” adds Grede. “The fabrics we use feature a variety of properties you’d want in your workout gear: four-way stretch, compression, UV protection and moisture-wicking fabrics.” I was gifted a pair of high-waisted leggings and a deep-V sports bra from the line ahead of its launch, which I subsequently wore during a hot yoga class. The leggings might be the most comfortable and flatting pair I’ve ever worn; the sports bra was a little too skimpy for me to feel comfortable in while working out — I kept my tank top on.

The first drop, launching Thursday on, at Nordstrom and SIX:02 at a price range of $59 to $149, is a tight edit: a few high-waisted leggings, bike shorts, sports bras, crop tops and tanks with subtle branding in a black-and-white color palette. But the size range is impressive: It spans 0-7, which equates to XS-4X.

As with denim, Good American assembled a “good squad” of women of all shapes and sizes to model the line in an effort to illustrate the brand’s inclusive message. “I hate when people want to focus on only really people and that means they’re healthy and they’re working out,” says Kardashian. “I know a lot of really skinny, tiny people that are not healthy.” Kardashian had a lot to say about body positivity in what could be seen as damage control following this week’s controversy surrounding an Instagram Story of her calling her sister Kim “anorexic,” which Kim took as a compliment.

Even so, the campaign is one of the most inclusive we’ve seen, especially in the activewear space, starring women like step dancer Blessin Giraldo, Canadian weightlifter Kylie Vincent, fitness trainer Emily Skye and models Precious Lee and Candice Huffine. Read on to see more images and for more of Khloé’s comments about body positivity below.

Precious Lee. Photo: Courtesy of Good American

Can you tell me about the commitment to having such an inclusive size range and why it’s important to you?

We’re not going to go into a retailer unless they commit to taking the full size range. That is super important to me and us as a brand because when I used to shop when I was a little bit bigger — I was at that size range where I could fluctuate from a 10 to a 14, and the 12s and 14s weren’t where the 10s are if I was in a high-end department store, so I was always ushered to a different floor away from my sisters or my girlfriends and I was always really embarrassed by that. It didn’t make me feel confident and comfortable to go shopping with my friends and my sisters. I know lot of women that are completely healthy but they’re just bigger. Not everyone wants to be a size zero, two, four, six. A lot of people are very active, they’re healthy, they love their body but they’re bigger sizes and there’s nothing wrong with that. I think we need to stand behind being inclusive whether it be women of shape, women of color, women of anything.

Candice Huffine. Photo: Courtesy of Good American

The line has a few trendy details like high waists and bike shorts — what inspired the aesthetic? Did your personal style factor in?

Our very first drop definitely is a ton of basics. Everything is impeccable fit and great structure, but it’s not a ton of trendy pieces. Yes, we have bike shorts; we have crop tops and things that are still trendy, but they’re still classic pieces that you could invest in and you could mix and match and keep for years to come. With our second and third drop we’ll definitely incorporate some prints and some trendier pieces.

I wear everything high-waisted, so there’s a ton of high-waisted stuff in the line and I think in that aspect, yes, it’s a little more of my personal style. I have a good shopper’s eye from my Dash clothing stores that I know how to buy for other people as well, so we try to make things that are more classic staple pieces that many people would love to have in their closet. High-waisted is flattering on so many different body shapes and sizes.

When testing the product, what did you want to make sure the pieces delivered on functionally?

I want to be able to confidently stand by everything that we do and our design team is ran by women which I find really important because women know what we want to see. You don’t want anything to be see-through or sheer and you want everything to hold you in and feel good. I know so many billion-dollar fitness companies that test on machines and I find that crazy. We test on so many different shapes and sizes and we do the squat test and we make sure that nothing is seen that shouldn’t be seen and everything holds you in and feels good. Coming of just having a baby, we have our high-waisted pants, and our high waist goes about an inch higher than a normal high waist and the compression feels good and you feel really supported.

Kylie Vincent. Photo: Courtesy of Good American

Tell me about how you’re promoting the line, not just on your own social media, but with the influencers in your “good squad.”

Social media is huge, and it’s such a beautiful resource we should use but also I want to shout out to my ‘good squad’ because we have so many beautiful, powerful women — some are well-known and some that we’ve found from social media that I love that are either fans of the brand or women I cyber-stalk all the time. I find girls and I send them to the Good American team and I’m like, I love this girl, I love what she stands for, let’s get her in the ‘good squad.’ I love to promote women of all different shapes and sizes. I think it’s great to see women of all walks of life . I love that Good American is really just putting a positive image out there for denim and now for athleisure wear and I’m really proud of that.

Shop the full collection in the gallery below.

30 30 Images

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Khloé Kardashian’s Just Launched a Denim Line for *All* Bodies

Good American

Khloé Kardashian is already a body-positive goddess in our book; she continually inspires us to work out, is fantastic at shutting down haters, and is proud as hell of her curves. (Just listen to what she has to say about her body for our #LoveMyShape campaign.)

While her sweaty workout selfies, her Strong Looks Better Naked book, and her badass attitude inspire us in countless ways, Khloé Kardashian’s dedication to positive body image isn’t all talk; she just launched Good American, a denim-focused fashion brand that’s dedicated to “a curvier, sexier and stronger shape.” Translation: jeans ranging from size 0 to 24 that can fit women of any size and waist-hip ratio without sacrificing an ounce of style.

“I used to be a girl that would walk into a boutique and they didn’t have my size of denim and I was really body shamed into being too overweight. I couldn’t fit into their denim,” said Khloé at the launch event in LA, according to People. “So I’m fighting for all the real girls and all the girls with hips and curves, yes!” (This is just one of sooo many times she’s inspired us to love our bodies.)

The jeans, sold exclusively at Nordstrom, will run you about $150 to $200 per pair and are made right here in the U.S. So what exactly makes them different (and worth shelling out as much cash as three months of your gym membership)?

“Everything we do will flatter and enhance your shape,” Good American designer Emma Grede told Nordstrom blog The Thread. “The contour waistband acts like a self-belt, and there’s stretch in the waistband so the jeans fit closer to the body to avoid a gap in the back. The pattern is actually different from regular jeans; all the shape is in the hip. The stitching is very minimal but has rounded edges, which works with the contours of women’s body curves-and most importantly we use amazing fabric, which is unbelievably comfortable.”

The brand also comes with its own #squad, made up of “real girl” fashion industry players that represent different shapes and sizes, like Jordyn Woods, GabiFresh, Stephanie Rao, Nadia Aboulhosn.

“The Good Squad is a group of badass women who are individuals. They’re confident within themselves,” said Khloé at the launch. “Enough of this cookie cutter crap. There is no one size fits all. I love that our girls are girls of all ethnicities and heights and sizes and blondes, brunettes, whatever you are. I love how confident they are.”

Even if you’re not a fan of the Kardashian fam, you can’t help but applaud Khloé for using her klout to take a body-pos stance in the fashion industry. After all, she’s practicing exactly what she’s preaching:

“We should celebrate one another. Uplift rather than tear down,” she told The Thread. “So many times young women are lured into what their group of friends is saying or doing, even when they know it’s not right. We believe that doing good and promoting one’s best self is sexier than doing evil in this world. March to the beat of your own drum.”

  • By Lauren Mazzo @lauren_mazzo

One of the Kardashians’ brands just ‘invented’ a new jean size based on a fascinating customer demand

Khloe Kardashian’s denim brand Good American hit $1 million in sales the first day it launched. Jamie McCarthy/Getty

  • Khloe Kardashian’s clothing company, Good American, has ‘invented’ a new women’s size in jeans.
  • The company said it received 50% more returns on clothing in sizes 14 and 16 than in any other size — so it created a new size 15 to address the customer demand.
  • Good American’s sizing runs from 00 to 24, but it doesn’t call any sizes “plus size,” which for most brands start at 14 or 16.
  • Industry sizing is based on ASTM International’s Standard Tables of Body Measurement, which currently does not include a size 15.

Khloe Kardashian’s clothing company, Good American, is starting to sell jeans in a size that straddles the line between straight and plus sizes — a fashion first that will continue the brand’s size-inclusive mantra. And it turns out the inspiration for Good American to create the first-ever size 15 option came about when they were crunching their sales numbers.

The company found it received 50% more returns on clothing in sizes 14 and 16 than in any other size, according to a Good American spokesperson. A little more digging showed the reason may be that Good American, like many other clothing brands, switches its pants style in between those two sizes to make it more flattering on heavier body types, Good American co-founder and CEO Emma Grede said in an Instagram video on Tuesday.

And that revelation paved the path to Good American’s new size 15, debuting Thursday as part of a new line called the “Good Curve collection.”

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Good American says it “invented” the size — and industry experts say they’ve never heard of a size 15 prior to now. Industry sizing is based off of ASTM International’s Standard Tables of Body Measurement, which currently does not include a size 15. Currently, Good American’s sizing runs from 00 to 24, and it doesn’t call any sizes “plus size,” which is a 14 or 16 in most brands, according to Jack Plunkett, CEO of Plunkett Research Ltd., a market research firm that provides consumer data and analyses to organizations.

However, Plunkett says, the industry is rapidly changing as a result of “vanity sizing,” the practice of brands selling items in a size not consistent with the ASTM guidelines. For example, if a consumer can buy an item in a smaller size at one store than at another, he or she will likely go to the store whose smaller size fits, Plunkett explains.

This issue makes it particularly difficult to determine the true apparel size of the average American woman. “It’s really hard to put a number on the average size, but you will find the industry generally says size 14,” Plunkett says.

And like Good American, Plunkett says many other manufacturers are experiencing similar return rates on all sizes because of the lack of certainty surrounding women’s sizing.

“The confusion is causing that high and expensive return rate,” Plunkett says.

Creating a new, more inclusive size is just the latest move by Good American to promote body positivity, which has been a cornerstone of the brand since it launched in 2016.

“This isn’t just about finding the perfect pair of jeans, but embracing your body and being proud of all that you are,” Kardashian said when Good American first debuted.

Aside from looking half decent, the Good American jeans are comfy. The denim fabric is stretchy but still firm – I’d put it between traditional denim and a thinner jegging type material. They don’t ride up, and they don’t fall down… much.

The jeans are high-waisted and sat just above my belly button where my waist naturally cinches in, but I still found myself tugging on the belt holes throughout the day, but less than I have with other jeans in the past.

I also got a lot of comments about the colour – I wore the Good American Good Legs Jeans in Dark Blue and they look exactly like they do online, it’s a great classic dark denim with the tiniest bit of fading.

My short legs mean I’ll forever be wearing my jeans rolled up, but what really impressed me about the Good American jeans is the design.

You might not notice by looking at them, but Good American jeans feature a bunch of deliberate design features that make them fit better. As co-founder Emma Grede told me, that’s kind of the whole point – for ‘regular’ jeans and ‘plus’ jeans to look the same.

“Everything we do, in all the sizes. You can make great products available to everyone.It should just be a non-issue,” Grede told Mamamia.

“Why are these women continually ignored? It should just be a non-issue. When you wake up in the morning and you want to wear a pair of jeans, you don’t think ‘I want to wear plus size jeans today’, you just want to put on a pair of jeans that fit.”

Stand out features include the stretch recovery fabric that ‘recovers’ after washing and wearing, a four-panelled waistband to reduce gapping at the back and double re-enforced belt loops (the things you normally hold onto to hike jeans up).

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