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Khloe Kardashian has lost a whopping 40 pounds! The youngest of the first-gen Kardashian sisters, tall-framed Khloe was always chubby as a kid and did not pay much attention to her lifestyle. But like a blessing in disguise, her tumultuous personal life actually opened her eyes and helped her change her unhealthy lifestyle. Today, Khloe has become an inspiration for many women around the world. What is her secret? How did she lose so much weight? Read on to know everything about the Khloe Kardashian weight loss story.

What Motivated Khloe Kardashian To Lose Weight?

ehfashionn / Instagram

Losing about 3 stones is not easy. Neither does it happen overnight, especially when you harbor bad eating and lifestyle habits. In an interview, Khloe said, “Growing up, I was always chubby, I used to just accept the way people defined me. When people called me the fat sister, I’d say, ‘Yeah I’m big-boned.’ Whatever we do to laugh at things instead of letting them hurt you. And then, I slowly but surely took something really bad in my life or a stressful time, which was my divorce, and I turned it into a positive.”

She coped with the extreme stress of divorce and channeled the negative energy by working out. She said, “I decided to turn to fitness as a form of therapy and as a stress reliever.” How did she manage to lose so much weight? Let’s find out.

How Did Khloe Kardashian Lose Weight?

Khloe changed her lifestyle to lose weight. She didn’t believe in quick weight loss because she knew it would not sustain. She said, “Mine was a really slow process. But I didn’t seek to lose 20 lbs in 20 days. That wasn’t my goal. It was more that, emotionally, I just wanted to feel strong.” She decided to eat healthily and workout to shed the flab. Here’s her diet plan.

Khloe Kardashian Weight Loss Diet

Khloe had revealed to People magazine that she went on a dairy-free, low-carb diet. Here’s Khloe Kardashian’s weight loss diet chart and what she eats daily to keep in shape.

Pre-Workout Snack Almond butter and an apple
Breakfast Boiled eggs/scrambled eggs/ omelet + oatmeal (larger oat flakes)+ blueberries or strawberries
Lunch Grilled skinless chicken breast + vegetables + sweet potato + small portion of rice
Snacks Cherry tomatoes or nuts or any fruit
Dinner A piece of grilled fish + Green leafy veggie salad with sunflower seeds and oil-based vinaigrette dressing
Dessert A piece of fruit

Why Does This Diet Work?

Khloe eats a healthy dose of protein and carbs before working out. Almond butter with an apple is a perfect combination and energizer. Eggs are a great source of protein, fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, and minerals (1). Starting your day with a good shot of protein helps keep the energy levels high.

Khloe makes sure to eat large flakes of oats so that she gets more fiber, which helps her stay full for a long duration. Fiber also encapsulates the fat molecules and prevents their absorption (2). Blueberries or strawberries add color and sweetness to her breakfast bowl and offer an extra dose of vitamins and minerals.

For lunch, grilled skinless chicken breast provides protein for repairing her torn muscles from working out, the veggies provide dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and the rice and sweet potato help her get the recommended amount of good carbs.

Khloe keeps her dinner light by having green leafy veggies with sunflower seeds, which are a great source of healthy fats. Healthy fats are important for the body as they help reduce inflammation and inhibit inflammation-related weight gain. Fish is a good source of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids that help build muscle and scavenge the harmful free oxygen radicals (3).

Khloe’s snack and dessert always include low glycemic index fruits that don’t spike the blood glucose levels.

Khloe Kardashian follows a diet that is doable and not too drastic. Hence, it is easy for her to stick to it. Khloe also has some secret weight loss tips that help her avoid gaining the weight back.

Khloe Kardashian Diet Tips

khloekardashian / Instagram

  • Drink Water – Water helps by hydrating the cells, which, in turn, keeps the metabolism running and other body functions active. It also helps maintain the internal pH and homeostasis and helps flush out the toxins (4). Khloe advises drinking at least 4 liters of water every day to lose weight.
  • Eat Healthy Snacks – Khloe says that stocking the fridge and kitchen cabinets with healthy snacking options helped her cut down on trans fats and sugar. This helped her lose weight without even hitting the gym.
  • Cut Down On Junk Food And Dairy – Cutting down on junk food and dairy helped Khloe lose a lot of weight. Fries, burger, pizza, potato wafers, fried chicken, ready-to-eat foods, processed foods, cakes, pastry, candies, etc. are all loaded with sugar, sodium, and trans fats. These cause weight gain and also increase the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Cutting down on dairy worked for Khloe, but it may not work for everyone. Talk to your doctor to find out if you should avoid dairy completely.
  • Make Healthy Food Available – When you are surrounded by healthy food, you will have no other choice but to eat healthy. Throw out all the junk food or give it away. Restock your fridge and kitchen with healthy foods.
  • Indulge Once In A While – Khloe Kardashian says that depriving oneself is the worst thing a dieter can do. Restrict yourself from eating junk and unhealthy foods so that you earn a cheat day every week. On your cheat day, you can consume 500 calories extra and indulge in your favorite foods. However, do not exceed the 500 calorie mark.
  • Try Intermittent Fasting – Intermittent fasting helps lose weight without controlling calorie intake. You can eat anything you want within the “feasting” phase and then fast for the rest of the day. Check out the intermittent fasting guide for beginners or the 16/8 intermittent fasting diet plan.

These were the diet tips from Khloe. However, she has also trained hard to get into shape. Here is a sneak peek into her weekly workout routine.

Khloe Kardashian 7-Day Workout Routine

Khloe Kardashian not only changed her eating habits but also improved her body composition by incorporating cardio and strength training into her weight loss routine.

She trains under Gunner Peterson, and his smart strategy to focus on different body parts on different days has worked wonders for her. Khloe burns over 500 calories within 35 minutes. She is now addicted to going to the gym and trains on all 7 days of the week. Here’s her workout routine.

Day 1 Cardio: Khloe starts her workout routine with cardio exercises like running and boxing. Doing a mix of different cardio exercises prevents boredom and keeps her motivated to go to the gym.
Day 2 Legs And Buttocks: To keep her legs and buttocks in shape, Khloe squats, lunges, and does kettlebell deadlifts.
Day 3 Core: Khloe loves a hard“core” workout that helps keep her in great shape. She does push-ups with a BOSU ball, crunches and boat crunches with a BOSU ball, straight leg crunches, and scissor legs with V-ups.
Day 4 Cardio: Khloe goes to spin class in SoulCycle. “There’s so much energy and enthusiasm in a class like SoulCycle that you often push yourself further than you thought you could go!”
Day 5 Arms: Khloe works on her arms with sister Kourtney. She uses battle ropes, BOSU ball, kettlebells, and resistance bands. She does bicep curls, chest press, tricep extensions, and push-ups.
Day 6 Total Body: On this day, Khloe concentrates on battle ropes. She said, “They are super intense, but don’t let them intimidate you! Just 10 minutes on the ropes is a major workout and makes you feel incredible!”
Day 7 Recovery: Khloe understands the need for recovery and therefore goes on a day of yoga, stretching, and foam rolling to help her muscles rejuvenate and recover from the wear and tear.

The big question is, how much does Khloe weigh now after being on a life-changing diet and workout plan? Find out next.

How Much Does Khloe Weigh?

Khloe weighed 163 pounds (about 74 kg). But after changing her diet and workout, she lost 40 pounds and now weighs 123 pounds (55 kg).

Will her workout routine work for you? It might if you have the same determination, body type, eating habits, etc. The trick is to make sure that you mix cardio, HIIT, and strength training so that you can mobilize the fat and build muscle.

But before you start training yourself, talk to a trainer, and get an idea of what exercises you should do to lose body fat and shed flab from a particular problem area.


Khloe Kardashian’s weight loss journey is inspirational and impressive. Yes, she may have many people – from fitness coaches and dietitians to weight loss supplements/pills and cosmetic surgeons – to help her achieve the body she has, but she couldn’t have done it without her willpower too.

The takeaway message is to push yourself to raise the bar, train yourself to follow a healthy routine, and you will lose weight without having to try too hard. Set your goals and work toward them with all your determination and energy. Cheers!

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Khloe has been hitting the gym with her hubby & dropped 20 lbs. in the process! Keep reading to find out how she lost the weight.

Khloe Kardashian is determined to help husband Lamar Odom get back in the NBA! In addition to being his cheerleader, the 27-year-old reality starlet has also become his workout buddy.

“My husband is working out four to six hours a day right now, so I work out with him,” Khloe tells Life & Style. “We’ll do outside workouts and inside workouts. We’re always switching it up, so it’s fun.”

Khloe may have started exercising to support her husband’s career, but the brunette beauty has also been reaping the benefits. Nutritional expert Elena Michaels estimates Khloe has already lost 20 lbs. in 20 days!

“She looks like she’s now 155 pounds,” Elana says. “You can see it in her cheekbones and jawline, and her legs are much slimmer.”

As we reported earlier, Khloe has openly struggled with her weight and body image for years, and mom Kris Jenner has only made her feel more insecure.

“She’ll say, ‘Oh, you’re a little too fat right now,’” Khloe revealed.

While Khloe may not agree with her mom’s tough-love approach, she admits she has an unhealthy relationship with food.

“I’m just an emotional eater,” she confessed. “Whenever I go through something, I gain weight.”

Now that Khloe is back in LA and things are looking up with Lamar’s career (he’s currently training for the Summer Olympics), the brunette bombshell is swapping Dallas comfort food for sensible salads.

“She eats mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, with small amounts of lean proteins like fish and chicken,” says Robbie Davis, who’s been training both Khloe and Lamar. “She trains like an athlete when she’s with us, even doing weight training. We also run the canyons surrounding their house. Plus she does pilates and stair-running on her own.”

Khloe’s body isn’t the only thing on the upswing. Since pulling the plug on filming another season of Khloe & Lamar, the couple’s relationship has also improved.

“They are just so happy,” Kris beamed.

What do YOU think of Khloe’s new rockin’ body?

Jennifer Kamm

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  • Khloé Kardashian posted about “flat tummy” weight-loss shakes again and everyone is super pissed.
  • People think Khloé is using her platform to promote damaging perceptions of body image.

Another year, another #sponcon drama for Khloé Kardashian. The reality star is once again under fire for promoting a diet shake on Instagram and Twitter, and her comments are swarming with fans who are busy tagging actress Jameela Jamil and voicing concern about the potentially damaging body-image perceptions Khloé’s promoting.

Comments on Khloé’s Instagram post are full of people calling out her “disappointing” posts and range from fans asking her to use her platform in a more responsible way (“Stop posting this nonsense! You have such a good platform to be a great role model. What the hell are you doing?”) to people reminding her that many diet drinks are basically just laxatives. But honestly, the backlash on Twitter is even more extreme:

It’s 2020 we are leaving diet fads in 2019. Loving our bodies the way they are while working out and being kind to them are what we’re gonna do in 2020, not force ourselves into dark thoughts with our bodies. It’s time to stop promoting this garbage and live confidently in our

— ✌️ (@g0ldcage) January 8, 2020

fuck, and I cannot stress this enough, OFF

— 🌹kb🌹 (@kxtieburke) January 8, 2020

Reminder that most peoples’ tummies shouldn’t be flat so if yours isn’t flat you are completely normal and you don’t have to go “back” to anything because that’s just not how your organs work!!!! Also our tummies won’t be flat once we eat this entire family

— Bailey Disler (@baytato) January 8, 2020

they really never give it a fucking rest do they

— will (@ababygod) January 8, 2020

the year is 2020 and we’re still doing this????

— will (@willkavlick) January 8, 2020

australia is on fire but why donate money to fundraisers for that or help promote them when you have a huge platform when you could promote a brand that reinforces an idealised body that’s next to impossible to get without damaging yourself

— jess (@wavverlyearp) January 8, 2020

“i also use a personal trainer and nutritionist” LMFAOOOO WHEN WILL THESE ADS STOP

— dominique ❅ (@CMONPUDDN) January 8, 2020

As someone who suffers with an eating disorder, seeing stuff like this is incredibly triggering and harmful.
Celebrities, please don’t put money over the health of vulnerable people who follow you.

— Rachel (@rachellord22) January 8, 2020

If she actually drank these she’d have been caught shiting herself in public atleast once

— caitlin (@caitlinmariab_) January 8, 2020

Last time Khloé promoted these shakes, The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil hit her Instagram with a scathing comment, writing, “If you’re too irresponsible to: (a) own up to the fact that you have a personal trainer, nutritionist, probable chef, and a surgeon to achieve your aesthetic rather than this laxative product…and (b) tell them the side effects of this NON-FDA approved product that most doctors are saying aren’t healthy…then I guess I have to.”

She continued, “It’s incredibly awful that this industry bullied you until you became this fixated on your appearance. That’s the media’s fault. But now please don’t put that back into the world and hurt other girls the way you would have been hurt. You’re a smart woman. Be smarter than this.”

View this post on Instagram

Tea, for lack of a better word. #CommentsByCelebs

A post shared by Comments By Celebs (@commentsbycelebs) on Mar 21, 2019 at 4:28am PDT

Jameela has yet to comment on Khloé’s most recent post, but stay tuned.

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Inside Khloe Kardashian’s weight loss journey and drastically changing face

Khloe Kardashian ‘s face and body have both dramatically changed over the years.

The 35-year-old is almost unrecognisable from the reality star who first graced our screens on Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2007.

She’s made no secret of her weight loss, which was motivated by her divorce with Lamar Odom after multiple cheating claims against him.

Khloe coined the term “revenge body” and lost weight while creating a weight loss empire at the same time.

She divorced Odom in 2013, before embarking on a huge diet and fitness overhaul which was initially to help her mental health.

At the time, she told US Weekly: “I really needed an outlet mentally.

Khloe lost 33lbs after giving birth to her daughter True in 2018, and before that shed 44lbs after her divorce (Image: Instagram)

“I started working out, and the clarity I received from that was so needed, and it was so therapeutic, and as a by-product I started losing weight.”

Khloe managed to shed a whopping 40lbs, and looked completely transformed.

Khloe revealed in an interview with Healthista that she had completely cut dairy out from her diet, as well as juice, fruit and fizzy drinks, to reduce her intake of sugar.

Khloe was subject to cruel trolls who called her the “fat sister” (Image: Getty)

She also takes care on nights out not to drink more than two alcoholic beverages, but she does allow one cheat meal per week.

Khloe also revealed to MirrorOnline that she had a routine of working out five to six times a week.

She works with personal trainer to the stars, Gunnar Peterson, who also trains her sister Kim, Sofia Vergara, and Jennifer Lopez.

Khloe’s split from Lamar sparked her weight loss (Image: PA) Khloe was compared in a negative light with her sisters Kim and Kourtney

After giving birth to her daughter True Thompson, who she shares with ex boyfriend Tristan Thompson, Khloe said after three months she was back in her gruelling fitness regime to lose her baby weight.

“I honestly didn’t give myself a number that I wanted to lose by this time, especially since I wasn’t able to work out for the first six weeks”, she said.

“But, since then, I’ve lost 33 pounds.”

Khloe Kardashian in 2014, she had split from Lamar and embarked on getting her “revenge body” (Image: Getty Images)

Khloe created the “Revenge Body” weight loss and workout plan based off of the regime that helped her shed the pounds.

Not only was it a nod to her ex husband Lamar for cheating on her, it also hinted at getting “revenge” at the trolls who had mocked her for being bigger than her pint-sized sisters.

Once dubbed “the ugly Kardashian” by rapper Eminem, Khloe was often compared in a negative light to her sisters, with some people even questioning her paternity.

Fans were obsessing over the Kardashian-Jenner family’s changing looks in the last ten years as 2020 nears (pictured in 2011) (Image: WireImage)

At 5’10, she is much taller than her petite sisters, such as Kim, who stands at 5’2, and she was also cruelly branded “the fat sister”.

Luckily, Khloe has said that these comments never bothered her, adding that they only made her stronger.

And she’s been no stranger to surgery and spray tans over the years which have made her resemble her sisters more closely.

Khloe has insisted her changing nose is down to makeup tricks (Image: Instagram) (Image: SPW /

The famous Kardashian posterior is extremely evident on Khloe, who has denied having bum implants after questions were raised over her disproportioned backside.

She maintains it’s all down to genetics and squats, but a lot of fans dispute this.

She’s also had a significant amount of lip filler and her nose looks extremely different in her more recent selfies on Instagram to how it did when she was younger.

With adorable daughter True (Image: Instagram)

But Khloe has insisted it’s all down to clever makeup contouring (and perhaps a touch of Photoshop) and that she hasn’t gone under the knife.

She said on Twitter that surgery “scares her” and that she was considering a nose job “one day” but had not had one.

A lot of her followers on Instagram regularly comment slamming her for overly-editing her pictures, to the extent that she ended up disabling comments on her selfies.

Khloe Kardashian maintains that her shapely bottom is just down to squats, and not surgery (Image: Instagram/khloekardashian)

Showbiz editor’s picks

She’s also completed transformed her complexion with regular spray tans, and gone bleach blonde rather than her natural very dark hair.

Whether it’s weight loss, clever contouring or extensive surgery, Khloe certainly looks dramatically different.

Khloe Kardashian reveals weight loss secret – and it’s not just diet and exercise

Khloe Kardashian gained new fans this year after showing off her amazing body transformation and even gave a nod to her impressive physique in the name of her inspirational new book Strong Looks Better Naked.

And while the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been pictured on a seemingly daily basis as she visits the gym, her devotees have been wondering just what her secret to her amazing looks is.

Well, now the star has revealed exactly where she finds all the energy for her exercise to get herself looking great – anger.

In a new video published on her app, she said: “I work out so much better when I am sad or upset. I have so much energy when I am angry.

“Everyone is allowed to have their day, everyone is allowed to feel bad, but you got to get over it.

“So, either go to the gym, watch a funny movie, watch some good light-hearted TV, or call one of your girlfriends that always make you laugh.”

Reality star Khloe has had a difficult few months after her estranged basketball player husband Lamar Odom was found unresponsive in a legal Nevada brothel following an alleged alcohol, drugs and sexual stimulants overdose.

The sportsman is still being cared for in hospital where he is regularly visited by Khloe although she is currently recovering from a staph infection.

On how she cheers herself up, Khloe said: “Sometimes a little ice cream helps when you are down in the dumps.

“But you know what? Music is a mood changer. If I am sad and I listen to something sad, a love song or whatever, I am going to be sadder and cry.

“And sometimes you need a good cry, but you cannot sit balled up in a corner and just ‘woe is me’.”

Wise words, Khloe, wise words…

GALLERY: Khloe Kardashian looks amazing as she strips down for COMPLEX sports shoot

Khloe Kardashian looks AMAZING stripped down for Complex sports shoot

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Khloe kardashian weight now

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