Kirstie Alley Weight Loss: I’m Down 100 Pounds Since ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Debuting her slimmer body at New York’s Fashion Week, she says, “I feel like I’m back in my element.”

Kirstie Alley has seriously slimmed down since coming in second place on Dancing With the Stars last season.
“I’ve lost 100 pounds,” she tells Entertainment Tonight.

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“I feel like I’m back in my element,” she added. “I honestly didn’t even realize what I looked like.”
Alley debuted her slimmer physique at by closing the Zang Toi show at New York City’s Fashion Week on Tuesday.

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She tells ET, “Before Dancing with the Stars, I bought these dresses from size 14 to 4…all the same dress, and I said, ‘You know what I really want? I really wanna be in this dress in a 4!'”
The 60-year-old actress reached her goal. She’s currently a size 4, she says.

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She won’t be undergoing plastic surgery to further change her looks, though.
“I haven’t had plastic surgery but here’s the reason: People do plastic surgery to make you look younger,” she says. “I don’t think it makes you look younger. I like it can make you look weirder.”

Kirstie Alley Chats with Harry Connick, Jr. on his Talk Show

Kirstie Alley recently chatted with Harry Connick, Jr. on his talk show Harry about keeping healthy with Jenny Craig, her dating life and being a new grandmother! Check out her interview and the amazing success stories of three other Jenny Craig members.

“It’s just simple. I really needed a no brainer,” Jenny Craig spokesperson Kirstie Alley told Harry Connick, Jr. on a recent episode of his talk show, Harry. “The food is delicious. You really learn portions and everybody who does it gets a consultant.”

Kirstie Alley, who had previously lost weight on the Jenny Craig program, came back to Jenny Craig as a spokesperson, because “the program works.” Kirstie is currently a member of the Jenny Craig maintenance program. “I’m on maintenance, so the program’s a little different,” explained Kirstie on the show. “I eat whatever I want to eat in the correct proportions, and then I have one meal of theirs a day.”

Kirstie, who is recently a new grandmother, chatted with Harry about everything from dating to joking about being the perfect potential farmer’s wife. “I cook. I love animals. I love farm animals. I like land,” she said. “I go to bed really early. I’m a farmer’s wife.”

The episode also featured the success stories of three women who lost weight on the Jenny Craig program: Nicole (lost 45lbs), Natalie (lost 45lbs) and Sloan (lost 60lbs). They discussed the positive results after losing weight with Jenny Craig, including increased energy, patience and happiness at home with their families.

“I feel like I’m just a better version of myself,” explained Sloan, who lost a total of 60 pounds* while on Jenny Craig. “It’s great to see the family get involved–their habits changed.”

Nicole, who credits her consultant for helping her stay on track, offered her advice, “Don’t be overwhelmed by whatever your number is. Take this one day at a time, and let your Jenny Craig consultant be your cheerleader. They are wonderful, and they are there for you.”

*Results not typical. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs per week. Sloane, Natalie and Nicole received promotional consideration.

Kirstie Alley Joins Jenny Craig – Again!

Courtesy Jenny Craig

Call it déjé vu dieting. Kirstie Alley has signed on to be a spokesperson for Jenny Craig – again.

Seven years after parting ways with the weight-loss company, the actress, 63, returns to Jenny Craig commercials after putting on 30 lbs. in the last six months.

“I was good for a while and then I wasn t good, and the weight crept up,” Alley tells PEOPLE. “Like I say in the ad, I’m not circus fat. I didn t hugely screw up. I didn t gain 75. I gained 30.”

Alley initially found success with Jenny Craig in 2004, when she lost an astounding 75 lbs. on the program. She maintained her 145-lb. figure for three years, but once she left the company in 2007, her discipline – and waistline – fluctuated.

Despite losing 100 lbs. in 2011 after launching her own Organic Liaison weight-loss system and competing on Dancing with the Stars, Alley recently found the number on the scale going up.

She returned to Jenny Craig because “I love that you have a consultant,” Alley says. “It’s like being an athlete. No athlete is going to do well without having a coach. We have to equate that to life. Without a coach helping us along the way, I don’t think someone can make it for the long haul.”

Now Alley is ditching her beloved sugar cookies and sticking to Jenny Craig meals along with supplements from her Organic Liaison line, which will also be sold at Jenny Craig centers.

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Besides looking good, Alley has her heart set on feeling good, too.

“I need to get myself to where I feel cocky again,” says Alley.

For more about Kirstie Alley’s weight-loss struggles, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

Kirstie Alley Back With Jenny Craig

  • by Tanya Gazdik , January 7, 2015

Weight loss company Jenny Craig has re-enlisted actress Kirstie Alley as a spokesperson after the actress dropped 50 pounds with the program in 2014.

A new TV spot breaking Jan. 12 stars Alley as a fairy godmother who helps a woman get started on her weight loss journey. Alley highlights weight loss success through the “simple” Jenny Craig Program which she says doesn’t have the “counting, tracking and worrying over every meal.” (Clearly a slam against top competitor Weight Watchers’ point system.)

Alley’s wand reveals her new slimmer best self, her consultant and a table filled with new and favorite Jenny Craig foods.

The 63-year-old actress previously was a company spokesperson from 2004 to 2007 when she lost 75 pounds with Jenny Craig. This time around, she only planned to lose 30 pounds but decided to keep going, dropping from a size 12-14 to a size 6-8.



Jenny Craig is simultaneously launching a new campaign entitled “The Moment,” which will span TV, digital and PR, highlighting real member successes, along with new foods and shakes.

“Through our campaigns launching in January, we are proud to showcase different kinds of success ranging from a celebrity to real members – this underscores the difference Jenny Craig can make,” said Mike Raymond, chief marketing officer of Jenny Craig, in a release.

Alley will also appear across Jenny Craig’s digital and social properties and in public relations activities. She was on NBC’s “Today” show on Jan. 5 and is on the cover of People magazine this week.

“The Moment” campaign will feature real Jenny Craig members sharing their personal “ready now” moment, the moment they realized they were ready to take control of their health and weight and join Jenny Craig. A common thread among the stories is the realization that there was a tipping point where each member recognized they needed to make a change in their lives and each reached out to Jenny Craig for its simple program based on a dedicated in person consultant and delicious food.

In addition to the spots airing on television and in print, the campaign will be fully integrated into the brand’s digital properties, including social media and videos, as well as PR. Consumers can view the videos of Jenny Craig members sharing the “moment” when they decided to start their Jenny Craig weight loss journey, and share their own with the hashtag #TheMoment.

The company is also introducing more than 20 new food products to the brand’s structured program including healthier versions of favorite foods and global flavors, plus seasonal items.

Along with the Jenny Craig foods offered, consultants encourage members to use the Volumetrics Approach to enhance meal plans and help with satiety. Lower-calorie foods such as fruits, non-starchy veggies, salads and broth-based soups are part of the program and add more satisfaction throughout the day.

During Alley’s hiatus from the company, she started her own diet program called Organic Liaison, which Jenny Craig subsequently purchased in 2014. Starting this month, three of Organic Liaison’s nutraceutical products, Organic Liaison’s Rescue Me, Organic Liaison’s Release Me and Organic Liaison’s Nightingale, are available for sale at all Jenny Craig centers and can be purchased online.

Kirstie Alley definitely deserves our cheers!

The 64-year-old returns to her roots in Jenny Craig‘s latest commercial, telling former Cheers costars John Ratzenberger and George Wendt how she’s managed to maintain her 50-pound weight loss with help from the nutrition company.

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“A moment can change your whole life with Jenny Craig,” Kirstie says in the ad as she serves up beers in the show’s iconic bar.

Kirstie in 2010 (left) and 2016.

“I feel really good,” the actress recently told Today‘s Matt Lauer of her transformation. “I have a lot of great things going on in my life and I’ve managed to keep the weight off, and that’s a good thing.”

The mother-of-two cut ties with Jenny Craig back in 2007 after packing on some pounds, but has once again become a spokesperson in an effort to keep her figure looking slim.

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“The main thing I realized about myself is I really need to be held accountable for things, because I have a tendency to go sort of wild. Food is one of things where I can go sort of wild,” Kirstie explained.

Watch her commercial below:

And scroll down to see how her weight has fluctuated over the years!

5 Reasons Why Kirstie Alley Can’t Keep Off the Weight

She’s a brilliant actress with more than 20 years of successful TV shows under her belt-Cheers, Veronica’s Closet, Fat Actress, and most recently, Dancing With the Stars. But in real life, Kirstie Alley is probably most synonymous with the character she played in Fat Actress, a Hollywood star playing out her diet battles in the public eye. In fact, this Hollywood heavyweight is just as well known for her weight battles as she is for her roles.

After losing a reported 100 pounds while competing on DWTS earlier this year, the actress went from a size 14 to a 4. The 60-year-old celeb even walked the runway in a New York fashion show this past September. But, if history is any indication, Alley’s battle of the bulge isn’t over. In 2008, the former Jenny Craig spokesperson parted ways with the company after she reportedly gained back the 75 pounds she’d lost on the plan. Now that she’s in the best shape of her life, we’re rooting for her to stay that way, but also reflecting on perhaps why it’s been such a struggle for her in the past. Here are five reasons why Kirstie Alley can’t seem to keep off the weight.


Image zoom

Over the years Alley’s fluctuating weight can be tied to key aspects of her career, and some of our experts speculate her motivation to lose the weight each time could be coming from the wrong place-her pocketbook. “First, a contract with Jenny Craig, followed by the opportunity to do the Oprah show in a bikini, then her own line of weight-loss products and a stint on Dancing With the Stars. There was a big prize and deadline attached to the discipline each time,” says Fitness expert Lisa Avellino.

According to Hollywood Nutrition Expert Lisa DeFazio, “In my opinion, lost weight in an unrealistic and extreme way by dancing for 5 hours a day and reportedly eating just 1200 calories per day. Now that she’s no longer motivated by the money or the millions of viewers, it’s likely she could put the weight back on.”

All of our experts agree, if Alley is able to make health her primary motivation, she’ll have a better chance of keeping the weight off. Avellino adds, “Love yourself more and keep your eye on the real prize-a new and improved you is all the motivation anyone really needs!”

Time Management

Image zoom

“It appears that Alley could be falling victim to quick fixes and fad diets,” according to Dr. Joseph Sozio, a physician specializing in cosmetic procedures at SkinCentre in Hartsdale, New York. “These simply don’t work as well as true lifestyle changes and learning healthy ways of eating over time.” But, for a busy actress, time is of the essence.

“Let’s face it, whether you’re a big time celebrity or a busy working mom, the number one reason why we don’t have time to get to the gym, plan meals, or focus on a healthy weight is lack of time,” Avellino says. Avellino recommends that Alley take a few minutes a day to keep a food journal and devise a quick and efficient workout that she can stick to.

“Writing gives you a higher level of accountability and acts as a personal contract for your weight-loss goals.” DeFazio agrees, “She needs to make exercise and healthy eating a lifestyle, not just something she does when she has to go on TV in a skimpy outfit.”

It’s a Disease

Image zoom

If food were a drug, it’s quite possible Alley would be an addict. “For some people, food gives instant pleasure and gratification, numbs emotional pain and loneliness, and is cheap and available,” DeFazio says. Registered dietician Elizabeth DeRobertis says in Alley’s case, a binge eating disorder could be to blame. “Overeating disorders are truly a disease, and not often as easy to control as one might think. And with the pressures of Hollywood and the ups and downs in her career, it would make sense that food could act as something to provide comfort in the moment,” DeRobertis says.

“She is also scrutinized by the media and tabloids for every pound gained and lost, which also can lead to her emotional starving and binging,” DeFazio adds. In fact, the actress told Oprah in 2004 that it was a paparazzi photo of her that made her finally realize she had a weight problem.


Image zoom

It’s no secret; our metabolism slows as we age. But Alley’s could be slowing even more, thanks to her yo-yo dieting. “If an individual cuts their calories too low, the body will enter a state of homeostasis to help regulate itself,” Avellino says. “When this occurs, there is a loss of lean muscle, which slows down metabolism.” With Alley’s diets reportedly including calorie restriction, it’s quite possible she’s slowed her metabolism enough to make a difference.

The Blame Game

Image zoom

While Alley has admitted on numerous TV shows that she’s always “eaten like a truck driver,” she also recently blamed pesticides, fungicides, and environmental toxins for causing her to be overweight in the first place (all while plugging her weight-loss company and products, aptly titled Organic Liason). While researchers have linked exposure to certain pesticides to instances of type 2 Diabetes, there has been no link between the chemicals and weight loss or gain. “Kirstie needs a ‘tell it like it is’ dietitian and a caring, supportive therapist to get her to accept responsibility and stay on track,” DeFazio says.

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10 Confident and Curvy SHAPE Cover Models

  • By Jené Luciani

Kirstie Alley in December 2013 (L) and in February 2016 Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images; Charkes Sykes/Invision for Curves Jenny Craig

Amazing, Alley! Kirstie Alley revealed a crazy impressive weight loss while attending a Jenny Craig event in NYC on Thursday, February 18.

Alley, 65, showed off her tiny figure in a form-fitting purple dress. She rocked the look with a maroon leather jacket and kept her flowing blonde tresses down.

The Cheers alum rejoined Jenny Craig as a spokeswoman in April 2014 after a seven-year hiatus and 30-pound weight gain. She previously repped the diet program from 2005 to 2008.

Alley has been sticking to her new weight-loss plan since 2014. She opened up about dropping 50 pounds during an appearance on the Today show in January 2015.

Kirstie Alley celebrates 50 pounds down and her new ‘Cheers’-themed Jenny Craig advertising campaign, ‘I’m Back,’ with fellow members at a New York City Jenny Craig Center. Charkes Sykes/Invision for Curves Jenny Craig

“ roller coaster. This time it’s different,” she said. “This time, I really accessed our consultants. I did , but I didn’t really listen to them that much. This time I really listened.”

Indeed, her whole approach was different. “Before I had more of a view of ‘Get to the goal, have the goal,’” she explained. “I thought, ‘OK, what is the goal? What is the time span of the goal?’ I really looked at it as this is my life, and until I’m dead basically, I am going to keep . Instead of like, ‘Oh, I lost 50 pounds and now I can do whatever I want.’ I don’t have that anymore. … My goal is to keep this and maintain this throughout my life.”

Alley more recently flaunted her slim figure in a Cheers-themed Jenny Craig commercial. The Fat Actress alum reunited with her former costars John Ratzenberger and George Wendt to promote the nutrition company.

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Kirstie Alley Maintains Her 50-Lb. Weight Loss By Avoiding 3 Triggers: Cookies, Linguini and Cheese

Kirstie Alley D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

For Kirstie Alley, the holidays used to be synonymous with overindulging — but this year she didn’t fall back into old habits.

“I’m much more disciplined,” the Scream Queens star, 66, tells PEOPLE. “I love sugar cookies that are frosted with Santa’s faces and trees, so I didn’t order any and I didn’t have any. My friends were dismayed because I usually give them out as gifts.”

She also avoided her two other trigger foods: linguini with clams, and cheese.

“I discovered triple cream Brie cheese this year and I discovered how good that was, so I didn’t have that on hand!” says Alley.

The actress lost 50 lbs. with Jenny Craig and has kept off the weight for the past two years.

“I’m on maintenance, so I have one Jenny Craig meal a day and then I’m on my own, but I also have my Jenny Craig consultant,” says Alley of how she stays on track. “So if I feel like I’m going awry, I just call her and she gives me some tips and a pep talk.”

WATCH: Kirstie Alley Reveals Her Secrets to Keeping Her Weight Off

When she wants to indulge, Alley just makes sure she keeps track of how much she is eating.

“I can have anything I want, I’m just counting the calories,” she says. “I know how many calories 6 oz. of tenderloin is. I know that pasta is 200 calories in a cup. So as long as I keep steady that way, and count it up, it’s easy to count because I know how many calories those foods that I really love are.”

Another way she stays satisfied is by “volumizing” her meals.

“Let’s say I have a cup of chili and it’s 200 calories, and then I pour it over a big chopped salad — it’s still 200 calories basically, but you feel like you’re getting a lot more volume,” she explains.

In addition to sticking to a healthy diet, Alley makes sure she is active three times a week.

“I started becoming a lot more physical,” she says. “It depends on the weather and where I am but I have different workouts I’ll do. If I’m in Florida or Kansas where it’s flat, I’ll get on my bike and ride to my friends’ houses. If I’m in a place that’s cold, I don’t like gyms but I’ll go to dance classes. I also like yoga. I try to do that three times a week — pick one of those and do that.”

Kirstie alley before after

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