Emmy and Golden Globe winner Kirstie Alley (Cheers, Scream Queens) has signed on to star in A Family Affair, an indie film written and directed by Tim Bartell. The plot follows a professional photographer Robert, in a midlife crisis with a young wife, who falls for his tough-love mother-in-law, the actress Olivia, (Alley). Both are beset by life: Robert with an ailing mother of his own and Olivia with her distant daughter. The pair find an unusual mix of guilt, solace, and laughter in a secret affair. Eventually, they must choose which means more to them: their desire to make things right with his wife and her daughter, or their love for each other. Bartell and Jeff Solema of Go East Media are producing the project with an eye to begin production in April 2020 in Los Angeles. Alley, who most recently guest-starred on ABC’s The Goldbergs, is repped by Buchwald and Untitled Entertainment.

Shameless star Ethan Cutkosky is set to appear alongside Brad Hunt, Tara Shayne, Stacy Edwards, in the indie drama Alex/October from Josh Hope and One Good Man Productions. The pic centers on Alex (Hunt) who is stuck in a dead-end life, estranged from his ex-wife and daughter and deeply sad as well as October (Shayne), an art school drop-out who lives for the party. An unusual bond is formed when a bizarre on-line classified brings their chaotic lives crashing into each other. This drama shows how life gives us unexpected experiences that show us the way back to happiness. Cutkosky will play Josh, a young heroin addict and October’s best friend. Former Dreamworks exec Lisa J. Freberg is producing the film with Shayne. Cutkosky is repped by The Rosenzweig Group and Ginsburg, Daniels, Kallis.

Jay Huguley will play opposite Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield In Fox Searchlight’s The Eyes of Tammy Faye. He’ll play televangelist Jimmy Swaggart in the film, which follows televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker (Garfield and Chastain), who formed the world’s largest religious broadcasting network and quickly fell into financial improprieties, scheming rivals and sexual scandal that not only broke up the marriage but also and brought down their empire. Directed by Michael Showalter, the film is based on the 2000 documentary of the same name and adapted by Abe Sylvia. Huguley is repped by Abrams, Landrum Arts LA, and Luber Rocklin.

Kirstie Alley

Highest Rated: 100% Shoot to Kill (Deadly Pursuit) (1988)

Lowest Rated: 0% Look Who’s Talking Now (1993)

Birthday: Jan 12, 1951

Birthplace: Wichita, Kansas, USA

Versatile American actress Kirstie Alley has found success in feature films, but is still best known for her portrayal of neurotic Rebecca Howe during the latter years of the television series Cheers. Noted for her unusual beauty, thick, chestnut-colored hair, and whiskey voice, Alley studied drama in her native Kansas and then became an interior decorator. For a while, she went through a wild and crazy phase in which she abused cocaine and hung out with bikers, but when the lifestyle got old, Alley moved to California, underwent drug rehabilitation, and became a devout Scientologist. She made her feature-film debut playing Savic, a Vulcan student of Mr. Spock in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and then played a major role in the television miniseries North and South, but she did not become a real star until she was selected to replace Shelly Long in Cheers in the late ’80s. Though the role of Rebecca marked Alley as a comedienne, she is also a talented dramatic actress as she demonstrated in the 1988 outdoor thriller Shoot to Kill. In 1989, Alley had her first box-office hit with Look Who’s Talking; that coupled with Cheers made her one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood and the winner of Emmys, a People’s Choice award, and a Golden Globe for Look Who’s Talking. With the demise of Cheers, Alley’s career became more sporadic and the quality of her films uneven. In the fall of 1997, Alley starred in the NBC prime time sitcom Veronica’s Closet.Alley would appear in a handful of TV movies over the next few years, like Family Sins, While I Was Gone, Write and Wrong, and The Minister of Divine. Alley would also find her name in the news for less than glamorous reasons, as she gained a noticeable amount of weight in the early 2000’s. Happy to capitalize on the press, Alley soon starred in a comedy series in 2005 called Fat Actress, in which she played a fictionalized version of herself, a la Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Alley then moved from pseudo-reality to actual reality, starring in a candid reality show about herself called Kirstie Alley’s Big Life in 2010. Along the same lines, Alley competed on the reality show Dancing with the Stars the following year.

Plenty of celebrities age gracefully over time (with help from their personal trainers, dietitians, and dermatologists, of course), but one celeb’s transformation over the decades has left us truly in awe. Yep, we’re talking about the Southern queen herself: Reese Witherspoon, who turns 43 today.

Witherspoon has changed very little appearance-wise since her early days in Hollywood. For one, she’s gearing up to reprise her role as bubbly Harvard grad Elle Woods in Legally Blonde 3 next year—and the first movie came out almost two decades ago. Plus, she and her 19-year-old daughter are practically twins. So what’s her secret?

The Big Little Lies actress has been open about many aspects of her healthy lifestyle, and she’s clearly doing something right. Here’s what we know about Witherspoon’s age-defying habits that keep her looking and feeling so youthful at 43.

She combines strength training with high-intensity cardio

Like many celebs, Witherspoon is a major fan of Body by Simone, a workout method founded by trainer Simone de la Rue that combines high-intensity dance cardio with body weight and resistance training.

Body By Simone: The Signature Classes amazon.com

According to Popsugar, she told Women’s Health she and her group of girlfriends get together to work out to Body by Simone a couple of times a week. “Physical strength is important,” she said, adding that she also enjoys running, yoga, and indoor cycling.

Witherspoon is also known to attend Burn 60 classes in Los Angeles, according to People. Burn 60 consists of 45- to 60-minute HIIT workouts that focus on training the upper body, lower body, or full body in one session. “It’s a smart way to get the most bang out of your buck if you have limited time, because you spend half of your time doing strength training work with resistance bands and dumbbells and barbells and body weight, and half of the time on the treadmill getting your cardio in,” Burn 60 trainer Keith Anthony told People.

She also takes her workouts outside

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Wow! Looking out at the mountain range called The Remarkables #naturelove #newzealand🇳🇿

A post shared by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon) on Feb 18, 2017 at 10:30am PST

Witherspoon doesn’t just limit her workouts to the gym. When she’s not jogging around her neighborhood or taking her dogs for a walk, she goes on long hikes to improve her general fitness. Former trainer Michael George told Shape that he and Witherspoon went on hikes while she was preparing for her film This Means War, and they’d take light dumbbells along for added strength work. A workout with an amazing view of nature? Sign us up.

But she doesn’t skimp on the sunscreen

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Sunscreen is your no. 1 guard against not only skin cancer, but also signs of aging on your face. Clearly, Reese Witherspoon is on the same page. In an interview with People, she revealed her one beauty product to have on a deserted island would be sunscreen, which explains why her skin is smooth, free of dark spots, and downright radiant at 43 years old. In fact, some research suggests sunscreen can even help reverse signs of sun damage and improve skin texture and brightness, so it’s in your best interest to apply it daily.

She doesn’t believe in fad diets, but eats plenty of greens

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“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!” #NameThatMovie

A post shared by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon) on May 20, 2017 at 9:20am PDT

You won’t find Witherspoon jumping on the latest fad diet anytime soon. “I work out all the time anyway just to stay healthy. I don’t believe in crash dieting or anything like that,” she told Us Weekly. Trainer Michael George told Shape that Witherspoon eats clean, sticks to small meals and snacks, and doesn’t overdo it on the alcohol.

Instead, she swears by nutritionist Kim Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie, which is loaded with powerhouse produce like spinach, romaine, celery, pear, and apple for a daily boost of healthy nutrients.

She also takes water with her everywhere she goes

Witherspoon’s best anti-aging secret is perhaps the simplest of all: She and her water bottle are practically attached at the hip. Seriously, look at almost any paparazzi photo of her on the street, and you’ll see her clutching her water bottle.

Staying hydrated doesn’t just help you maintain a healthy weight, boost physical and mental performance, lubricate and cushion your joints, help filter waste out of your body, and keep your temperature at a normal level—it’s also excellent for your skin. Many people find that drinking more water leaves their skin extra radiant.

BG004/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images

“One of the most important things I remind my patients is that your skin really is an outward sign of your internal health. The best anti-aging trick is to be healthy (and sun protect, of course). Hydration is just one, but important, part of that,” says Tara Rao, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York.” Water is important for healthy function of all vital organs and to maintain proper blood pressure. So drinking water, eat hydrating fruits and veggies, and keeping dehydrating things like coffee and alcohol at the minimum are great.”

She sets aside time for self-care

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Self-care is… locking yourself in a room, hiding from the kids, and re-reading your favorite book for the 372398731th time.

A post shared by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon) on Feb 17, 2019 at 9:50am PST

Like a growing number of women, Witherspoon recognizes that her mental wellbeing is just as important as her physical health. She gave her Instagram followers a peek at her self-care routine earlier this year, sharing a photo of herself relaxing on the couch in a cozy robe. “Self-care is… locking yourself in a room, hiding from the kids, and re-reading your favorite book for the 372398731th time,” she captioned the photo.

Taking time for yourself to recuperate from your busy schedule can prevent you from getting burned out and boost your mental clarity and productivity. So it’s no wonder Witherspoon reportedly has the energy for waking up early—we’re talking 4 a.m.—to read her emails and chat with people at her company before she starts her day (her well-documented love of coffee probably helps too). She also counts her morning workout as a form of personal therapy. “I try to squeeze in exercise because it changes my brain, and I’m a nicer person when I exercise,” she told Apartment Therapy.

At the heart of self-care is the willingness to love yourself and allow yourself to rest before taking care of everyone else. And that’s a principle Witherspoon lives by every day. “I don’t think I realized that no one else makes you whole,” she told TIME. “You have to take responsibility for your own happiness. That took me until I was about 31 to know… Every day you have to choose to find and cultivate your own happiness.”

Jenae Sitzes Editorial Assistant Jenae is the editorial assistant for Prevention.com, where she regularly covers nutrition, beauty, celebrity workouts, and health trends.

Reese Witherspoon has discovered a unique way to keep her slim figure in check and has even devised a unique way to incorporate exercise into more menial tasks while involving her family too – although they are a little embarrassed by this…

The Oscar-winning actress revealed her weight loss secret is all down to busting some moves, she told Vanity Fair: “I do a lot of dancing with my kids, and when I get dressed in the morning, I have a playlist. A lot of country. A lot of Top 40. My kids love Macklemore.”

But her motivation isn’t solely to keep any excess pounds at bay, instead Reese appears to relish in her role as a mother, adding: “We horrify my children by dancing when the bus comes, with different moves.

“We’re like, ‘If you don’t hurry up, we’re going to do the running man in front of the bus.'”

And it’s not an empty threat at all, she added: “All of the kids on the bus think it’s hysterical.”

With a mum as cool as Reese we’re not sure there’s room for any embarrassment.

What do you think of Reese’s novel way to keep fit? Do you dance as you get ready in the mornings? Let us know below or tweet us @CosmopolitanUk




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reese witherspoon weight loss diet nick offerman weight loss FDA Approved by FDA reese witherspoon weight loss diet It seems that when I was very young, I was taken away by this superpower, and I used to use the spiritual power in his space to nurture me Spiritual feeding me Right Xiaobais eyes suddenly lit up The master of the space gave me that jade.

the two processed barkes will continue to be twisted In this way, it is equal to the four bark twisted into a rope formed by a bark Ren Qingyue and Ren Gaoge are very fast In a short while fifty or sixty bark has been cut.

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he wouldnt take care of the cracks in He Qingyang Speaking of it, He Qingyang is also the son of his aunt, calling his father Shi Tianhao It is not obvious how deep the nick offerman weight loss feelings between the cousins ?are Its just that Shi Gaofei wants to show up in front of his father Unexpectedly.

He was drinking the word exit, weight loss plans for college students and suddenly there was a whistling sound from the outside, and then the wormlike arrows broke through the ears.

You are not invaded, but you are not afraid, but you are not afraid of jokes in the world? Afraid, of course, the dirty weight loss pill afraid He Songling smiled slowly.

This time, alchemy was nick offerman weight loss very successful, and it actually refines the strength and Top 5 barosolutions wellness and weight loss integration of the ninetyseven Its more than enough to be so beautiful.

and I couldnt hold it anymore I rushed straight out of the forest, but I saw two golden lights outside Surrounded by the three and five, it is a great joy.

even if it is a killer organization, there is always a place to go Unfortunately, these guys do not mention the employer The name, the rules of the killer.

or height and volume, it is far better than the previous one Huang is completely stupid It is Ren Qingshuang who has been watching with cold eyes Looking at the back of Ren Cangs longdistance.

Especially nick offerman weight loss after being bullied by people, I got the treatment of such people and made Zhou Yun feel more comfortable.

Instead, when it was in the womb, it was driven by the strong, and the talent would be stronger than the ordinary disciples.

It will make the whole Yunluo City boil again! I remembered that six nick offerman weight loss years ago, the three sons Ren Dongliu was a black horse In the last Yunluo event I rode the dust and I won the medal of the Moon There is no two in the limelight.

and extended two fingers Two conditions I joined the Baicaotang, I only have two conditions Minghua blinked his eyes You said, you said First, I have to complete the assessment of Yuehua Temple This is my ancestral volunteers wish and my commemoration of my fathers heart! Minghua nodded This is no problem.

Haha, Ayao, look at the purple air above your head, the dust is not stained, is it the breakthrough of the seventytwo turn to nick offerman weight loss the affective weight loss pills mantle? You can congratulate! Cang know you is the blessing of my past life and cultivation North Palace Yao said emotionally.

As long as the ambition is not dead, the wind will not die, and nick offerman weight loss my soul will not break! Ren Cangxiao smiled Who can lose everyone, but never lose to Song Hao The eyes are round and strange and I look at Ren Cangzhen strangely.

the wind and dojo cant shirk its responsibility I have ordered it The road is closed, and it can never be opened again Zhang Feng is the owner nick offerman weight loss of the Fengyun Road.

Why is this person alone beautiful? First came free stuff to lose weight out from the room of Beigong Yao, and I didnt know what to do.

you must ring the big clock on the 11th floor to inform the people below Hey! At the end of Yuehua, a group of people stared at iphone weight loss apps free the 11th floor They still wondered if Ren Cangzhen could pass the 11th floor.

Suddenly, the entire Dongfu suddenly became a resounding apocalypse, and where the position of Cangwu was, the aura of the how to lose weight while trying to get pregnant circle, like the ripples in the lake spread out and formed various strange shapes Ren Cangjies body.

he nodded Good, there is work This The money of the elixir is turned back Heng smiled and smiled This is not anxious Ren Cangqi walked into the alchemy room and closed the stone door again I began to refine the spirits that healed the grass These elixir drugs are also strong in nick offerman weight loss their own pharmacology.

the hard work of these three days has not been in vain Even the harvest is more desirable than he has planned Ren Cangzhen is very confident With his current physical condition.

elle mills weight loss When the two brothers came into contact with each other, Ren Xinghe had no sense of selfconfidence, showing a hint of helplessness, dont go too far.

After many days of practice, Ren Cangzhen used the dragon and tiger refining system to reverse the demon, which can already reach 100 In other words, there is no longer a possibility of wasting material At two oclock spicy food weight loss every day.

He said The surname is He, we havent committed the river water, but you want to get nick offerman weight loss something for nothing.

Popular sleeve gastrectomy diet Walking through the mountain road and coming to a region with abundant spiritual power, He Meng stood in the void for a moment, and a lotusshaped cyclone emerged from the ground under the ground dragging He Meng.

I began to think about the aftermath No worries Baby, you hit the green rainbow, it doesnt matter I am afraid that you nick offerman weight loss are not good at talking on the second floor.

This Yunluo City, with the strength and integration of the Jiucheng spirit, is very rare! Ren Cangxiao smiled and put two bottles in the bag, and got up quickly and said in his mouth If this business cant be done, then it will leave.

Is this the star river, taking the initiative to send it to the door to lose face? Ren Xinghe stands on his hips, and he is ready to be ready for shopping Brother relax dont come to fight, dont be so serious.

but it can be rectified It is a dozen poisonous elixir that synthesizes a strange poison and invades the meridians , corroding Dantian This poison is also a mixture of all kinds of microtoxic drugs Without Dan Fang.

Otherwise, your 50 gain may not allow the enshrined adults to come to your North Gate for the second time! Also, those of your cats and dogs Its time to rectify and rectify, dont make trouble all day.

getting bigger before losing weight Ren Xinghe once took Tsujiji once, thinking that Ren Cangzhen would give him Zhujidan, just want to say no waste.

He said that hundreds of thousands of years of spirit beasts, even if only one minute of cultivation a day, doctor prescribed weight loss pills nzymes cant hold back hundreds of thousands of years Time accumulates.

2. Celery Seed Weight Loss

This point, from the past he secretly gave care to Ren Cang, the resources of the two brothers to Ren Cangyi alone, but they did not sound out, you can know one or two Regardless of past and present life Ren Cangjie knows that he is too much to owe this brother.

Yes Everyone is a hot, superior Can say such intimate words, indicating that such a master is indeed worthy of their follow It is not the kind of ruthlessness nick offerman weight loss only the master who plays with the power I will take a step first.

Yuan Zongshi smiled a little He brother, the battle between the seven potential disciples, nick offerman weight loss their own rules, I am in a high position, and interfere with each other, it is too much to say no.

Xie Zhous realm of Dantian, compared with Ren Cang, is a heaven and an underground Therefore, Ren Cangweis control of the bridge is absolutely easy and very easy One hundred and eighty of the great reunion of the heavens are not blown medi weight loss vandalia out.

like the tower of the sand piled up, collapsed, and then turned fruitables weight loss supplement into countless quicksand, and spread out.

However, the opposite of what he encountered at the moment is more difficult than the average monster It was a big snake with white spots This big python is fenugreek weight loss three feet long One by one.

Ren Cangs hand strength has already sent the medicinal herbs into his throat and went straight into nick offerman weight loss Dantian The entrance to the medicinal nick offerman weight loss medicine is like a flame swallowing in Shouted, Ren Xinghes pain was rolling.

Dont discuss it? I always knew that Ren Qingshuang would never have a second price, nick offerman weight loss but he still didnt give up.

the Song family does not currently have the power to sell the largescale demon Even so, the people who ordered the door are still in a constant stream Of course a lot of powerful forces naturally also collect the demon Dan, in case of need.

Right, the sky, you have now, how many counterdemons are there? Ren Cangzhen does not need to conceal this thing Take a cloud to the Qingyun cousin, there are seventeen Said.

Suddenly, the palm of the hand spread The Beigong family has painstakingly thought about it, is it for it? As soon as the Moonlight Medal appeared, the atmosphere at the scene seemed to suddenly condense In addition to the sound how to lose wheight of the North Palace family swallowing water.

tearing the sky and breaking through the air It is a huge black bird, like Dapeng, and like a goshawk Swallowing the wind, tearing the sky, lightning as fast as lightning.

As a lazy goods that have lived for hundreds of thousands of years, Xiaobai nick offerman weight loss is only interested in two things, one is the medicine of the elixir, and the other is the beautiful girl.

yellow devil weight loss pills All the people in the hearts of the people secretly nodded, not only no allies, those guests, I am afraid that at least half of them are still gloating The old lady saw the people with serious expressions.

this time, the task is somewhat inexplicable, and there is no sense of direction This makes them feel confused.

Moonlight Medal? If you have to take out the Moonlight Medal to exchange, Ren Cangzhen will not nick offerman weight loss regret it.

even if it is a nobleman Whoever does not cooperate on this big principle issue means that this persons good days are over Even so, Ren Cangzhen did weight loss shakes aldi not panic Did not rampage in the flustered crowd Instead a few swept and swept the big trees by the street.

so many ancestors are present If there is no specific time limit, I am afraid it is difficult to convince the public I am going to accept the case of Cangwu to investigate the case It took four or five months before and after Since efficiency is high the results should be given within three months.

The old lady asked me to summon all the family members and discuss countermeasures! Ren Cangyu listened to this, but smiled and Top 5 Best unexplained weight loss not cancer sighed leisurely Luo Xuan this idiot can be such a long time as a city owner, it is wonderful.

The Tiange organization is famous, and does not want to visit this first day, actually encountered such a disgusting thing These wretched expressions have revealed their minds without disguise.

focused on his face, clearly filled with horror and surprise Qiu is certainly ridiculous, and Xiao Qi how to start eating healthy to lose weight is also stunned Is this still Ren Cang? A punch will Ren Qinghong vomit blood and escape? This is the key.

But with the status of the two, it Topical american fat burner is naturally impossible to lead a team to participate in this Dan teacher meeting! However, nick offerman weight loss Ming Huazhen did it The six referees are not ruthless.

In that troubled nick offerman weight loss world, only the more powerful forces can ensure that there is enough survival cost in the whirlpool of troubled times.

you have to look at the character Its really rare to have such a character as Zhou Yuns assessment through Ren Cangzhen.

I will give you half a month, half free weight loss rewards a month, do you have any control over the situation of the rudder and return to normal? Month? Although the time is tight it is obviously a test of the young adult Wan Jiantong looked at the two Jin Danlevel powerhouses.

If you can complete the 36week nick offerman weight loss cycle, such a person, after entering the heavens and the human world, whether it is the speed of cultivation or the potential of cultivation will far exceed the same generation The reason is very simple Just like building a highrise building the foundation is solid and the floor can be covered higher.

knows what she means, and knows her mind A good winner is king! Ren Cangwu laughed Ayao, I have the opportunity to thank the teacher for my help I have only one doubt in my heart and I have no doubt chineese weight loss pills My heart is very smooth and accessible.

The record of the small world! What is nick offerman weight loss the genius of the genius? All the definitions of genius before, at this moment, it seems that it has completely lost its meaning.

carrying the twelve days of balm poison Dont say that I dont know, even if I know, I cant solve the poison of this twelve days balm After skull fat burner all, this poison is not the same It ranks the 12th place in the world It is not the right medicine May be unlocked Therefore although Ren Congyis blow did not kill he directly fell to the dry one.

This advantage, unless the trial of the Golden Jubilee Island is abnormal, otherwise, the Trinity Island Trial Championship is almost impossible to fall.

He buys a large variety of goods from adventurers and scams, then hoards them and sells them to the big family to earn the difference Therefore, this fat man has all kinds of goods hoarding Miss Qingshuang.

nick offerman weight loss reese witherspoon weight loss diet Free Samples Of Approved by FDA reese witherspoon weight loss diet.

Over the years, Kirstie Alley has struggled with her weight, and she’s never shied away from sharing that struggle with her fans. But now, after a series of public ups and downs, the actress is certain she’s found the secret to success.

Her resolution for 2014 was to drop 30 pounds, and she’s fulfilled that and more. During a Monday morning visit to TODAY, she revealed that she rang in 2015 a full 50 pounds lighter.

“I lost it on Jenny Craig,” she told Matt Lauer.

Trending stories,celebrity news and all the best of TODAY.

Related: Lose 10 pounds this month with TODAY’s easy meal plan

Alley is a paid spokesperson for the weight-loss company, and this isn’t the first time she’s had success shedding pounds on the program. But in the past, the weight always returned.

Last April, Alley told Lauer, “I have an easy time gaining weight, and I actually have an easy time losing weight.”

The actress has never shied away from sharing her ups and downs where her weight is concerned.Today

The hard part, of course, is keeping it off.

Read more: Kirstie Alley tweets that she’s ‘3 lemurs’ lighter

On Monday she declared, “This time it’s different. My goal is to keep this and maintain this throughout my life. … I feel like I’ve conquered that now. I’m sort of hardheaded. You know, when I used to do drugs, it took me a while to quit, quit, quit — and then it was done. And I feel like that’s occurred for me .”

Watch: Kirstie Alley reveals original resolution: ‘I have a goal to lose 30 pounds’


So, heading into the new year and feeling certain her weight worries are behind her, Alley has a new resolution in mind, one that involves thinking less about her body and more about someone else’s — or as she put it: “Kirstie wants to hook up in 2015.”

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Kirstie Alley has never looked better!

The actress — who turns 66 today, Jan. 12 — stepped out in NYC yesterday and couldn’t help but flaunt her significant weight loss!

As fans of Kirstie’s know, fluctuating weight has been a struggle for the Cheers star. Since 2014, the beloved actress has served as a Jenny Craig spokesperson — and her hard work sure is paying off!

MUST SEE: Melissa McCarthy Is Thinner Than Ever!

In 2015, she opened up about her decision to slim down — and keep the weight off for good!

“I’m sick of and I know that other people are sick of it, too. I like to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and say, ‘Wow, you still look cool.’ That wasn’t happening. I really didn’t look cool or sexy or anything — I thought I just looked fat,” she told Closer Weekly at the time.

Getty Images, Splash

Kirstie in 2011 (left) vs. 2017 (right).

She continued, “, I would think, I’m going to lose this weight and then I can eat anything I want. I was setting myself up to fail.”

Well, whatever you’re doing now sure is working! Check out Kirstie’s amazing transformation!

Kirstie Alley Weight Loss – Lose 50 Pounds Like This Star Trek Actress Charushila Biswas Hyderabd040-395603080 July 1, 2019

The recent Instagram photos of Kirstie Alley will take your breath away. The 60-something Star Trek II- The Wrath of Khan actress has lost about 50 pounds (22 kg) and looks 20 years younger. Although age is just a number, women do go through a lot of hormonal ups and downs that affect their body composition, appearance, and mental health. But if you follow a healthy lifestyle, whatever age you are, you will look ravishing, feel better about yourself, and glow with confidence. Read on to know how Kirstie Alley tackled her fluctuating weight and maintained her womanly curves successfully. Get inspired and get back on track. Swipe up!

When Did Kirstie Alley Start Gaining Weight?

In an interview with Wendy Williams, Kirstie Alley revealed that she was a foodie and loved to overindulge in all kinds of fattening foods, such as cheeseburgers, pies, and brownies. However, until she was 52, she did not gain weight. But after hitting early menopause, she started gaining weight. It never occurred to her that it was due to her eating habits because consuming high-calorie foods was what she did all her life.

And this is where age and a woman’s changing physiological functions come into the picture. So, if you are over 30 and lead a sedentary life, start taking care of your health.

In another interview, she said, “I always joked that my holidays lasted from Halloween to New Year’s Eve, and maybe even into Valentine’s Day. I would think it was okay for me to eat whatever I wanted during those months.”

Do you feel the same way? If yes, you are not alone. Most dieters tend to cheat on the weekends, and we all know how that goes. Kirstie Alley started gaining weight, and before she realized it, she weighed 228 pounds (103 kgs).

How Did Kirstie Alley Lose Weight?

Kirstie Alley lost about 75 pounds and got back in shape and the right weight (145 pounds) for her age and height (5’8”). And she did it with the help of Jenny Craig. She worked with Jenny Craig from 2005 to 2008 and was also her spokesperson. She took the help of exercise and healthy eating and had to get rid of all her bad eating habits. She appeared in a bikini on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her tremendous weight loss and womanly curves made her look hot (somehow, she doesn’t like it now!), and this gave many women a new zeal to take their health seriously. But was she able to keep the weight off? Find out next.

Why Did Kirstie Alley Regain The Weight?

In 2011, Kirstie Alley launched her weight loss products and did a small stint in Dancing With The Stars. Many believe that she lost the weight by dancing 5 hours a day and consuming 1200 calories. But Shape Magazine experts predicted that once she’d lose her motivation to show off her body on TV shows, she’d regain the weight. Unfortunately, they were right.

Now that she was not a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and not in the public eye, she started with her now-famous emotional eating. Various reasons, like her career and personal life, made her an emotional eater. Why only her? In fact, I am sure most of us are guilty of it. A little bit of stress, and we reach out to the high-sugar and high-sodium foods in our kitchen cabinets.

Kirstie also appeared in the TV series, Fat Actress, and told that she was just not able to figure out her meals. She also told the Today Show, “The main thing I realized about myself is I really need to be held accountable for things because I have a tendency to go sort of wild. Food is one of the things where I can go sort of wild.”

But things were about to change. She lost the weight again.

Wait! Kirstie Alley Lost The Weight Again?

In 2015, Kirstie Alley started the Jenny Craig program again. And not because she was motivated by TV shows or her own line of weight loss products – she did it for her health. The result? She lost a whopping 50 pounds and looked stunning.

She works out three times a week. She said, “I do stay active, but I hate the gym. It bores the bejeezus out of me. I’m not a lunging, squatting human, I’ll do things that sound fun like a dance class or yoga, or I’ll walk or run. Sometimes it’s just whatever my friends are doing.”

Also, she doesn’t eat after 7 p.m. However, she says that she doesn’t follow a “diet” diet. She told People magazine, “I can have anything I want, I’m just counting the calories. I know how many calories 6 oz. of tenderloin is. I know that pasta is 200 calories in a cup. So as long as I keep steady that way, and count it up, it’s easy to count because I know how many calories those foods that I really love are.”

So far, she has maintained her new weight successfully. And the points that you can take away from her weight loss story are summed in this last segment.

How Can You Lose Weight And Maintain It?

Here are a few points that you should keep in mind to lose weight and maintain it:

  • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.
  • Do some light stretches and exercises.
  • Fix a quick breakfast before you head out.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Eat every 2-3 hours.
  • Do not overeat cake, ice cream, pizza, burgers, etc.
  • Consume veggies, fruits, healthy fats, dairy, nuts and seeds, spices, and herbs.
  • Avoid soda, packaged fruit juices, and energy drinks.
  • Run or walk if you are under a lot of stress.
  • Sleep 7-8 hours.
  • Cook your food at home or give special instructions to the chef.
  • Keep track of your progress.
  • Do group exercises so that you stay motivated.
  • Limit your consumption of alcohol if you are partying.
  • Avoid late night snacking.
  • Do strength training and cardio.
  • Have extra time to kill? Learn a new skill and develop it.

All in all, weight loss boils down to one thing – lifestyle. If you follow a good lifestyle, you will always be healthy and in shape. Yes, your weight will fluctuate a bit, but that’s how women’s bodies are. Don’t blindly follow diets that others are following as your body may not react positively to them. Always consult a dietitian to know what’s the best diet for you. Fine tune your food habits and exercise routines according to your body, and you will see great results. Cheers!

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Desperate-to-downsize Kirstie Alley is shedding weight on a wacky upside-down diet!

The “Fat Actress” star, 67, has already dropped 17 pounds in two months by surviving on just 1,200 calories a day and having dinner for breakfast — and breakfast for dinner.

“Kirstie calls it her ‘Gone for Good’ diet!” a source told RadarOnline.com.

“She’ll have a half roast chicken with roasted carrots or salmon with steamed broccoli for ‘breakfast.’ Then, around five o’clock, she’ll eat ‘dinner’ — oatmeal with almond milk and a little fruit to sweeten it,” revealed the source.

The former Cheers star, who has had massive weight swings of more than 150 pounds over the last 15 years, crushed the scales at a whopping 244 pounds on England’s version of Big Brother this summer.

“Kirstie was humiliated by how big she looked on the show and was desperate to find a solution. This whet her appetite nicely,” an insider said.

But experts warned Alley’s constant yo-yoing may eventually kill her.

“Rapid weight loss causes tremendous loss of muscle with the fat that is not restored,” said Dr. Gabe Mirkin, who has not treated Alley. “Loss of muscle includes loss of heart muscle, which sets you up for heart failure and irregular heartbeats that may be fatal.”

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