Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy fall during their rumba on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” April 4, 2011. YouTube

(CBS) It’s easy to tell a personal story over a beer. Well, after the first three. But it’s a little harder when you have dance as your medium.

That was the task facing the sort-of-stars during last night’s “Dancing with the Stars” show. Some brought tears to the eyes, and others brought their bodies to the floor.

Here they were, in chapter order:

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1. Wendy Williams last week declared she wanted to keep her breasts intact. After this performance, she may be more worried about keeping her place on the show intact. Her story was about her radio ambitions and the struggles she went through. Sadly, some might feel this performance was, as head judge Len Goodman said, better suited to radio. Williams walked as much as she danced. This was less a foxtrot and more a foxstroll.

2. Chelsea Kane chose to a dance to a song that had been written about her – not many people can do that. Kane doesn’t consider herself sexy. Yet, there she was having to, well, act, which, even for a Disney star, shouldn’t be too difficult. Indeed, her cha-cha was a thing of such natural exuberance that even the crusty old critical judges had to get excited. The more one looks at Kane, the more one sees Cameron Diaz’ little sister, with the most extraordinarily professional arm extensions.

3. Wrestler Chris Jericho danced to “Let It Be,” a song that reminded him of his dead mother. His rumba was meaningful and yet his partner, Cheryl Burke, seemed to do a little more of the actual dancing. Jericho posed a little more than he moved, which meant that the dance seemed to go from one set piece to another, rather than offering a flowing series of movements.

4. Kendra Wilkinson earlier this week attempted a one-person wet T-shirt competition in a parking lot. However, her dance reflected the beginning of her romantic relationship with NFL receiver, Hank Baskett, when some criticized him for being involved with a former stripper. This was a rumba that was, thankfully, not stripped of all emotion. Wilkinson was surprisingly expressive and captivating. For a self-described tomboy, she showed a remarkable level of post-Playboy tease. Indeed, judge Bruno Tonioli described it as “hot and erotic.” Wilkinson, though, looked curiously intense and annoyed after her performance.

5. Rapper and actor Romeo danced to “I’ll Be There,” a song that reminds him of the death of two very young cousins. Again, the rumba was used to evoke loss, rather than lust. It’s hard for a neophyte dancer to convey sadness in a dance normally so dependent on sexy hip movements. There was a certain stiffness to some of his lines and only head judge Len Goodman had the courage to tell Romeo that he had taken “a huge step back.”

6. The evening was in danger of becoming extremely down-beaten until Pittsburgh Steelers’ Hines Ward presented his samba. Ward told the story of how his Korean mother worked four jobs just to get custody of her child. But his samba was an utter celebration of success – mostly fluid, mostly fluent and utterly absorbing. His partner, the glorious Kym Johnson, last week confessed to an obsession about Ward’s butt position. This samba showed a considerable level of butt control, though Ward still occasionally has shoulders that believe they are dancing in pads.

7. Petra Nemcova again chose a song whose roots were in sadness. “You Raise Me Up” was all about offering hope after the disaster of the Thai tsunami, in which she lost her fiance. In an almost surreal juxtaposition to last week, Nemcova showed a remarkable fluidity of movement, offering elegance, and a peculiar confidence. When she was offered a score of 9 by the most grisly of judges, Len Goodman, Nemcova skipped into the air, as if she believed every word of her chosen song.

8. Sugar Ray Leonard wanted to prove he could beat the odds. His song was Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative,” to which he had to perform the paso doble. His partner, Anna Trebunskaya, was angry with him during rehearsals. “Spread your legs,” she ordered him. The real thing turned out to be a boxing-inspired paso doble, with Leonard beginning the dance wearing red pugilist’s gloves. Regretfully, Leonard’s dancing feet resembled boxer Chuck Wepner’s rather more than Fred Astaire’s. Somehow, he took the leg-spreading order a little too literally and, more often than not, he simply swiveled his torso in order to order his leg into the next position.

9. Kirstie Alley was another to tell a sad story – her mother’s death in car accident, which happened at the same time as Alley was getting her big acting break. She wanted to show both the agony and the ecstasy in her rumba. Unfortunately, the agony is what most will recall. Alley rumbaed for but a couple of seconds, then tumbled (watch the video here). Her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, fell first, grimacing in pain as he tried to get up to continue. Both he and Alley managed to regain their composure, with Alley again offering deceptive bodily fluidity. After the performance, Chmerkovskiy explained that his thigh had given out – or perhaps given in. If only they’d explained that the fall was part of the dance, they might have scored higher.

10. Ralph Macchio has, perhaps, been the revelation of this competition. Yet his rumba, while pleasant, offered a dearth of hip action and curiously resembled the stretching movements of athletes in the very early Greek Olympics. Some might feel the judges were a little harsh on Macchio. But this was just a little too stilted to be winning.

TOP THREE: Hines Ward, Chelsea Kane, Petra Nemcova
BOTTOM THREE: Wendy Williams, Sugar Ray Leonard, Romeo

Be sure to check back here tomorrow for elimination results.

“Dancing with the Stars” Season 12 11 photos

Dancing with the Stars Finale: How Kirstie Alley Got There

It’s been an exciting season of Dancing with the Stars hasn’t it?! Yesterday’s part-one of the two-part finale was captivating with dances by the remaining three celebrity contestants: Kirstie Alley, Chelsea Kane and Hines Ward. While we won’t know who will win it all until tonight, we thought we’d take a look back on how “America’s most outrageous actress” went from DWTS newbie to final three dancing contestant. Here are her top three memorable moments from the show.

Kirstie Alley’s Journey on DWTS: 3 Most Memorable Moments

1. The sexy Argentine tango. With definitely the curviest of bodies on Dancing with the Stars, at many times Alley has used her fun personality and sass to woo the judges and the viewers at home. Just earlier this month, judge Bruno Tonioli said of Alley’s Argentine tango performance, “Sensual, sultry, a hint of aggression.” And obviously the people liked it!

2. The fall. Back in week three, Alley fell during a performance. But that didn’t keep team G-Mak down. They got right back up and kept going, showing that Alley just doesn’t give up — she keeps going!

3. Her dramatic weight-loss. Okay, so this isn’t really a moment per say, but Alley has lost more than 60 pounds since DWTS started, allowing her to move even better. Dancing sure does get you in good shape!

Jennipher Walters is the CEO and co-founder of the healthy living websites and A certified personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management coach and group exercise instructor, she also holds an MA in health journalism and regularly writes about all things fitness and wellness for various online publications.

  • By Jennipher Walters

May 11, The bad news is that the composition of Chelsea Kane.s diet is less than but if your current goal is to lose weight, the weight loss breakfast is. Chelsea Kane Weight Loss Images Pictures – Becuo. Ally From Teen Mom Chelsea Kane Height Weight Body Statistics – Healthy Celeb. Chels, Stella. Apr 18, If there.s one other perk to being on Dancing with the Stars that people do not often talk about, it is how you are suddenly given the freedom to. Apr 18, What was the first thing on Chelsea Kane.s mind after making it through weight necessarily, but stuff is definitely shifting around, Kane said. Jul 11, You may remember Chelsea Kane from Bratz, or even Dancing with the If I could eat any food without gaining weight, it would be: Probably.

9, Chelsea Kane was born on September 15, 1988. She made her acting debut in the short film Failure of Pamela Salt. Read more for

Chelsea weight loss

Mar 31, her drastic weight loss and the company she keeps makes me think it.s her + from what i can remember chelsea was always real skinny. Aug 28, Besties Chelsea Staub and Nicole Anderson show off their fun chunky watches as they film an episode of One on.

Kane Chelsea Staub –

Chelsea Kane Questions including When Kane returns after filming his movie will he change his look again from a bald What is Chelsea Staub weight?. You are here: FanPix.Net Chelsea Kane Pictures (945 pictures of Chelsea Kane) This Celebrity Lied to the World About Her Weight-Loss? Have You Ever. Exclusive photo of Chelsea Staub at the premiere of the movie Furry Vengeance. Chelsea Staub photo from the LA premiere of Furry Vengeance held on April.

Explore Abigail Eve.s board Celeb Style – Chelsea Kane on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Chelsea Kane, Actress: Fish Hooks. Musician and actress Chelsea Kane grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, where she was a member of the Valley Youth Theater.

Explore Amanda Sankey.s board Chelsea Kane on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and Goal is to look like this after weight loss!. May 10, Consumer Reports Health: Jenny Craig Beats Other Weight Loss Plans What was the first thing on Chelsea Kane.s mind after making it. Chelsea Kane Staub was born on September 15, 1988 in Phoenix, Arizona. Before embarking on a professional acting career, she worked at the Valley Youth. Chelsea Kane, partner of Mark Ballas on Dancing with the Stars, speaks to Johnjay and with the Stars as she talks to Kirstie Alley about her rapid weight loss.

Dancing with the Stars

‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant an inspiration

Noah Galloway and dance partner Sharna Burgess dazzled audiences on the most recent season of “Dancing with the Stars.” Courtesy ABC/Adam Taylor

From surviving a roadside bomb in Iraq to making it to the finals on “Dancing with the Stars,” this double amputee Army veteran is an inspiration to all.

By Ben Norman

Several Sundays ago, I was eating lunch at the Old Barn Restaurant in Goshen, Alabama, when I noticed a real “cutie” smiling and waving at me across the dining room. Assuming she had mistaken me for someone else, I ignored her and continued eating.

From left, Noah Galloway, Old Barn restaurant owner Amy Chandler, writer Ben Norman and Galloway’s fiancé, Jamie Boyd, outside the Old Barn Restaurant in Goshen. Photo by Pattie King

A few minutes later, we made eye contact again and she was still waving and smiling. I finally recognized her as Jamie Boyd. My wife and I knew when her she was a young girl growing up in Highland Home, and now she is the fiancée of Noah Galloway, who was a finalist on last season’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

I walked over to give Jamie a hug and to meet Noah. After being introduced and chatting a few minutes, we finished our meal and adjourned to an old church pew on the front porch. “What in the world brings a pair of TV stars like you two to Goshen, Alabama?” was my first question.

“Jamie’s stepdad, W.L. Massey, had been telling us on the phone about this restaurant in Goshen, The Old Barn, that grows their own vegetables and serves them for Sunday lunch,” Noah said. “We drove down from Birmingham to give it a try. Man, this is some of the best food I’ve eaten. We’ll definitely be back.”

Like millions of other TV viewers, I had watched Noah and his partner dance on “Dancing With the Stars” and had heard about some of the adversities he had overcome. I told him I would like to interview him and do a story for Alabama Living. “Sure, ask me anything you want,” he replied.

Noah says he grew up and went to school in Midfield, near Birmingham. “I was going to school at UAB when (the events of) 9/11 occurred and I just felt I had to do my part. I was 20 years old, in good physical shape and just felt my country calling,” he says. “I joined the Army, finished basic (training), went to jump school and was in the 101st Airborne Division. I was on my second deployment to Iraq in an area near Baghdad when my Humvee hit a trip wire and an IED blew the Humvee I was in off the road. I lost my arm in the explosion, and my leg later. The medics gave me first aid and medevaced me to a hospital in Baghdad. I was then transferred to Germany and later to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington. That’s where I regained consciousness, on Christmas Day.”

Noah says the doctors told him he would be in the hospital about two years. “I said no way, and after numerous surgeries I started traveling on weekend leave back to Birmingham. In September 2006, less than a year from being hit, I was out of the hospital.

“I was discharged in November 2006, after five years in the Army. Being discharged was one of the hardest things I had to deal with. The first thing was losing an arm and leg, the second was losing a career that I had found a home in. I went through some bad times after discharge. I drank too much, got out of shape and just deteriorated physically and mentally. One day, I just decided I’m not being a good daddy to my three children and I’ve got to change.

“I joined the gym, started eating right, and started doing foot racing, running obstacle courses and other things to get in shape,” he continues. “People were great. They told me I was motivating them. They were bragging on me and this made me work harder.

“I did this for a couple of years and was invited to do a radio motivation show on Jan. 4, 2013. This is where I met the girl of my life. Jamie Boyd had a talk show on the same station. I had just never met such a lovely country girl that was so pretty and bubbly. I got her to go to lunch with me and finally on a date. We went to a friend’s house to watch television on our first date, and then out for dinner.

“She has just been a great inspiration to me. Always telling me what great expectations she has for me. Believe me, when someone has great expectations of you, and you try to live up to them, you will become what you are trying to be.”

Noah was selected as the winner out of more than 1,200 entries in the first Ultimate Men’s Health Guy contest to be on the cover of Men’s Health magazine.


“After I appeared in Men’s Health I started getting calls from TV shows. ‘Dancing with the Stars’ asked me to come to Los Angeles. I told them I couldn’t leave my kids that long. They said, ‘Fine, we’ll send a dancer to Birmingham to teach you how to dance.’

“Sharna Burgess came to Birmingham and taught me how to dance. She did all the choreographing, selected music, and Sharna remained my dance partner all through the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contest. Sharna and Jamie kept encouraging me; both were great motivators. I thought we would be out after the first show but we made it all the way to the finals. This is when I asked Jamie to marry me on the show. It was a complete surprise to Jamie and even to some of the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ staff.

“Being on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ has opened a lot of doors, for which I’m greatly honored,” he adds. “Because of my appearance on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ I have been asked to be on several television shows, award presentations, and invited to speak to many groups.”

Noah Galloway is a humble man, not spoiled by newfound fame. “I have found that working hard will get you farther than you ever expected to go,” he says. “Just dig down deep and give it everything you’ve got. You can overcome physical and emotional obstacles that you didn’t think you could.”

Noah Galloway should know. He went from lying unconscious in a water-filled ditch in Iraq to dancing on a national television show. As he says, “You just got to dig down deep.”

Ben Norman is a writer from Highland Home, Ala.

Noah Galloway is available for speaking engagements. Contact him at

Watch Noah propose to Jamie |HERE|.

For directions to the Old Barn Restaurant contact Amy Chandler at 334-484-3200 or [email protected]

Just a few weeks ago we were all bristling with excitement at the first same-sex dancing couple dominating the Danish version of Dancing With the Stars. Now we’re even more pleased to inform you that that couple, comedian Jakob Fauerby, 42, and his dancing partner Silas Holst, 36, are now the winners of the dancing competition!

That’s right, the gays aren’t just appearing on every TV show — we’re winning them!

When Fauerby, who is openly gay, was first approached to be on the show, he asked to be paired with a male dancer, something that hadn’t happened in 16 seasons of the Danish version of the show, called Vild med dans.

As Out previously reported, the first-of-its-kind couple were a favorite of fans and the judges from the very beginning, getting the highest scores in four out of the show’s eight episodes this season. In the championship, they danced a paso doble that earned cheers and praises from the judges.

“What do I say? It’s fantastic,” Fauerby after taking home the proverbial crown, adding: “For once, I am speechless.”

His partner was a little more eloquent. “We would not have stood here if Denmark did not have an open mind and also had courage and dared to do so,” Holst said. “It’s a sense of pride, the pride of diversity, and the Danes.”

The U.S. version of the show has yet to feature a same-sex couple, though gay Olympic skater Adam Rippon, who was paired with dancer Jenna Johnson, won the competetion in 2018, becoming the first openly LGBTQ+ person to do so. This year’s winner was former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, who is straight.

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Kirstie alley on dancing with the stars

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