7 Affordable Oval Brushes If You Can’t Afford To Splurge On The Artis

If you’re a makeup guru like me, you have probably purchased at least one or two professional brushes before, but when it comes to applying foundation, the new beauty trend seems to be the oval brush. Tons of beauty publications are giving the Artis brush amazing reviews, but for those of us ballin’ on a budget, a $65+ brush might out of the question. Worry not, however, and instead, shop these affordable oval brushes so you can try out the new makeup brush trend.

If you aren’t familiar with the oval brush trend, despite their toothbrush-like aesthetics, they’re great for blending and evenly applying foundation as well as concealer, highlighter and blush. While I haven’t tried all of these myself, I scoured the Internet to find beauty bloggers who have tried and reviewed alternative versions of the Artis. Some of the brushes they tried were as little as $3 and seemed to get the job done pretty well. This just goes to show that for smart shoppers, there are always suitable alternatives to even the most popular products on the market!

Here are a few of the brands that might be worth a try before you pull the trigger on an Artis…

1. O! Wow Brush

For just $17, Juana Jasso is more than happy with her purchase of the Owow! oval brush.

O! Wow Brush, $15, Amazon

2. Silk Natural

The Cruelty Free Vanity on YouTube

In the above video, Youtube blogger nz0424 shows off the silk natural brushes she purchased for just $5. While they aren’t perfect, they get the job done well — especially for the price!

Silk Naturals Oval Brush, $5, Silk Naturals

3. Etude

Cherly Ann Chong simply wasn’t able to find the Artis in her country, so she went for the Etude House Secret Brush 121 and loved it.

Etude House Secret Brush 121, $10, Amazon

4. Bimmer

Karen Manzo on YouTube

For less than $2, you really have nothing to lose by trying Bimmer’s Pro Cosmetic Makeup Brush.

Bimmer’s Pro Cosmetic Makeup Brush, $2, Amazon

5. Silah

Laura Leth on YouTube

While this set Silah 10 Piece Oval Brush Set will set you back a hundred, the price is still just 1/4 of the full Artis brush set.

Silah 10 Piece Oval Brush Set, $98, Silah

Even if you’re on a tight beauty product budget, there are options out there and you, too, can have flawless, airbrushed foundation with any one of these alternatives!

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Images: Owow!. Courtesy of Brands

If you ask a professional makeup artist for the keys to flawless makeup application, they’ll tell you it comes down to the right brushes and blending. (Trust me, I’ve talked to some of the best of the best.) Both may seem like easy aspects to nail, but I’ve encountered several shitty brushes in my day and have only recently gotten my blending technique down to a science.

Real Techniques constantly improves my beauty routine with its supersoft, easy-to-navigate, and inexpensive brushes. (It just won a Beauty of Beauty award, too.) My blending skills are about to be kicked up a notch with its new collection, too. With the brand-new Real Techniques Blend + Blur brushes, which launch today, the beauty brand is officially entering the oval-shaped brush game.

Artis introduced the world to the wonders of a toothbrush-shaped brush back in 2014. With this in mind, I asked Real Techniques’s founders, Sam and Nic Chapman, why they are just now launching their own take on the brush shape. “Blending is an art,” they tell Allure. “We wanted to create a brush that helps our beauty friends achieve a seamless, all-over blend quickly and with ease. The Real Techniques Blend + Blur brushes’ densely packed oval heads and sturdy handles are designed for a comfortable hold to create a streak-free, blended finish.”

I can personally attest to how sturdy the handles are. Some of the affordable brush brands that have created their own iterations of the oval brushes don’t make handles strong enough to place enough pressure on the bristles to blend. When I use them, I always worry I’m going to snap the handle in half like a pencil. With Real Techniques, I can trust the brushes to remain the way they came (in one piece) no matter how aggressively I blend out my makeup. (Blending is truly my top form of cardio.)

Knowing all of this, you may start to consider ditching your Beautyblender. I know how blasphemous that might sound, but I’m completely serious. Hear me out: The foundation brush, which is $19, in the collection buffs out base makeup to filter status. Swirl the densely-packed bristles around your face in small circles and watch as your foundation melts into your face for a seamless finish in seconds. The head on this one is about the size of an avocado pit, and there’s an even bigger one that’s egg-sized that can be used all over your face and body. (It’s also $19.) TBH, it’s kind of intimidating, but some of my fellow editors were intrigued by it.

As for the smaller brushes, there are two designed for cheek makeup. Naturally, a contour brush is part of the collection to be used with your go-to contouring kit, as well as a cheek tool for blush. Aesthetically speaking, the cheek brush is a bit smaller than the other; it’s grape-sized while the contouring brush is about the size of a date. (OK, I’m going to end my food comparisons here because I’m getting hungry.) Both are $16.99.

Last but not least, the $12.99 shadow brush is the runt of the bunch. The pea-sized head (sorry, I lied) will blend out even the most detailed of cut creases. Its oval shape is also great for sweeping on shadow all over your lid in one fell swoop. Because the bristles are so tightly packed, you’ll be able to make the most of your most-pigmented shadows, and it will really lay down the shadows in a true-to-the-pan way. You can also use it with a bit of liquid lipstick to recreate the just-been-kissed, blurred look that’s been all over the runways.

All the brushes in the Real Techniques Blend + Blur are available now on realtechniques.com and ulta.com. You’ll have to wait until October 12 to shop them in-stores at Ulta.

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Now, learn about some Best of Beauty award-winning tools:

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ArtisElite Mirror Ten Brush Set

What it is:
A 10-piece brush set for applying and seamlessly blending liquid, cream, and powder makeup formulas on the face and body.
What it does:
The Elite Mirror, Ten Brush Set includes a variety of Artis’ Oval, Linear, and Circle brushes, for all of your makeup and skincare application needs. These versatile brushes can be used to apply and seamlessly blend liquid, cream, and powder products, such as lip color, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrow color, foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, bronzer, loose or pressed powder, and skincare products.
This set contains:
– Oval 10 Brush
– Oval 8 Brush
– Oval 6 Brush
– Oval 4 Brush
– Oval 3 Brush
– Linear 6 Brush
– Linear 3 Brush
– Linear 1 Brush
– Circle 1 Brush
– Circle 1R Brush
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates
What else you need to know:
Artis brushes are designed to give you a better beauty experience—from the way that they look to the way that they perform. Artis brushes feature a handle designed to mimic the way your fingers move across your face. Their proprietary CosmeFibre® is for perfect blending and creating flawless results. Artis creates animal-free beauty, and stands for better beauty, by design.
Beauty Tip:
For best results, start by picking up a very small amount of product and build as necessary. Use a light touch for application.

This 10-Piece $15 Makeup Brush Set On Amazon Is Being Compared to Artis


Amazon is a trove of beauty treasures—from the multitasking oil with 6,000 reviews to the most sought after waterproof mascara to the perfect sunscreen—just waiting to be uncovered.

It’s also a prime destination for bargain hunters ($19 swimsuit, anyone?). Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better than $1 Beautyblender dupes, we came across a 10-piece makeup brush set that has been gaining momentum on Amazon for its striking similarity in look and function to the cult-favorite high-end brush collection from Artis valued at a whopping $483. (Buy It, $370, nordstrom.com)

The Amazon set (made by Yoseng) features long, ergonomic handles designed to fit perfectly in your hand, along with soft, cushion-like bristles “made of premium cruelty-free synthetic hair fibers” for providing that same streak-free airbrush effect that Artis consumers have come to know, love, and splurge on. (Related: This $22 Seaweed Night Cream Is the Affordable La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream Copycat)

The set appears to offer a range of brush sizes—from big foundation and blush to lip and eye shadow—comparable to the more expensive Artis set, but with a pretty rose gold finish and for just $1.50 a pop. Seriously.

Reviewers have hailed the ‘very sturdy’ and ‘easy-to-clean’ brushes for their ability to deliver a ‘smooth,’ ‘flawless’ finish whether using them to apply powder or liquid products.

If you’ve been dying to get your hands on Artis’ makeup brushes but haven’t been able to justify the high price tag, this dupe could be the answer to your makeup brush prayers. Want to see how it compares for yourself? Scoop up the 10-piece brush set for $15 on Amazon now.

  • By Kristin Granero

Luxury Brushes

Artis makeup brushes.

Hi ladies and gents!

A while back, we wrote about MAC’s innovative new oval and linear Masterclass brushes that look like toothbrushes or loofahs or the like.

The brushes were actually the brainchild of Matthew Waitesmith, a former senior vice president at MAC Cosmetics, who is now a consulting partner at Taiki USA, a leading global brush manufacturer.

Well, he has now launched a full line of brushes in this style under the brand Artis.

MAC Masterclass brushes.

Well, the MACs are true to their brand in matte black, and they are sold at MAC prices.

However, the Artis brushes are just wow, spectacularly beautiful — with mirrored, elegant handles and lush synthetic toes that resemble the finest luxury hair brushes. These are glamorous brushes worthy of the dressing table of a beautiful princess or Hollywood starlet.

The other difference: While MAC sells just three oval brushes, Artis sells a full line of these brushes and is totally invested in this new brush design.

The Artis line of brushes is unmistakable luxury – and if you were confused about that, they’ve even added the label “elite” on all the brush names just so you were totally clear. But these brushes are not totally out of reach.

The 10-brush line sells for $275.Or, separately:

The brushes also are sold as a three brush set ($75) or five brush set ($135).


The Artis line uses CosmeFibre synthetic fiber, and they are densely packed. The Oval 10, for example, has over 250,000 individual fibers.

While the handles appear to be metal in the photographs, they are actually chrome-plated thermoplastic — ABS to be precise — which is lighter than real metal brushes would be. Still, We’re curious about the weight of the handle in the hand.

These brushes do require a special, or rather different, technique to use — as they are clearly not conventional — and we’ve included a couple of videos below that are relevant. One is the official Artis Brush video with the heavy-duty luxury voice over (marketing overkill) and we’re also including Wayne Goss’ review of the MAC oval/linear brushes.

We think beauty tools that are this innovative are going to take some getting used to, so we’re not surprised by the harsh and/or negative reviews of the MAC Masterclass brushes, but these Artis brushes are so darn pretty that we feel compelled to give them a chance!

And, yeah, pretty matters. Just go ask poor Nars Cosmetics, which still can’t keep its Nars Ita in stock. 🙁

@MyBrushBetty thanks! We used untraditional materials with these and we chose a thermoformed plastic resin for the handles.

— Artis Brush (@artisbrush) May 20, 2014

Even More Information

  • Style.com’s take on Artis
  • Our MAC oval/linear story
  • LA Times story

Thanks for reading!

  1. Chris

    September 12, 2015 at 2:31 am (4 years ago)

    The price has definitely gone up in the past year! And it seems that MAC is now only selling the Masterclass brush in Oval 6. I did find an amazing knock off on Amazon (a few actually) for less than $20. I think the size is similar to the Oval 6. The head is about 1.5 inches. One of the knock offs, by the brand name Etude, comes with a replaceable sponge head as well. That one hasn’t arrived yet, but the first one I ordered, the Cailyn O Wow brush ($17.95) feels great and works GREAT. First day using it. Now I’m on the hunt for more options. I’m trying to find a knock off of the Oval 8 or even the Oval 10. If you know of any please let me know. OH, by the way, I found a crazy-cheap knock off also on Amazon for $2.99! The company is KingMas and yes, I’m super skeptical, but it’s not much of a risk at that price. Thanks for the review!


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