What Is A Lash Lift? And Is It Better (And Cheaper) Than Lash Extensions?

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If there’s one beauty look we’ll always be obsessed with, it’s long, luscious lashes – they just make your eyes seem so much bigger and sexier! So, even though we love false lashes, they’re not the most practical or cost-effective solution for daily use – even if you can re-wear them by cleaning them properly. Fortunately, there are now tons of salons offering treatments that provide a more permanent solution than a set of falsies. While you might have heard about the magical powers of lash extensions, lash lifts are just as transformative and way less hyped about, and we have no idea why. They instantly make your lashes look so much longer and fuller, plus they’re way cheaper and require a lot less maintenance than extensions. Here’s how the two compare:

The Cost

While both treatments aren’t quite as cost-effective as your fav mascara, lash lifting is definitely the less expensive option. A lash lift will typically cost between $50 and $100, and the effect usually lasts for around eight to twelve weeks, at which point new lashes will begin to replace the treated set. Extensions, however, will set you back anywhere between $150 and $250 and they only last between two and four weeks (depending on how you care for them). Lash lifts are also low maintenance af, and unlike lash extensions, you won’t need to pay to have them topped up after a few weeks ($65) or removed ($20).

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The Appointment

The full lash appointment usually takes around an hour, and if you choose to get a tint, it’ll take another fifteen minutes, which isn’t bad considering lash extensions usually take around two hours. Neither of the treatments hurt, but they can be slightly uncomfortable, and you have to keep your eyes shut the entire time.

Customization: Similar to lash extensions, you can customize your lash lift curl in order to suit your eye shape or just your lash preference. You can usually choose between three shield size options, and your lash technician will help you choose the best fit depending on your hair length and eye-shape. You can also choose to fan your lashes outwards or lift them straight up as high as possible.

The Process

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First, your lash technician will cleanse your lashes, and then separate your lower and upper lashes with a silicone shield. Once the shield is firmly glued onto your eyelid, they will apply another layer of glue to the top of the shield, which will then hold your lashes in place. Next, they apply a solution that effectively perms your lashes; the solution softens your lashes so that they are easily moldable. This is normally then left on for eight to twelve minutes depending on how well your hair typically holds: So if you have straight hair that always drops a curl, the perm would be left on for the full 12 minutes. You can also choose to get your lashes tinted at this point. Afterward, a setting solution is applied to hold the curl, and the shields are removed.

Pre-Appointment prep: Show up to your appointment showered and makeup free. You should also avoid waterproof mascara a week before your appointment, as it leaves a film on your natural lashes making it harder for the lash technician to style them.

Post-Appointment care: For 24-hours after your lash lift or extensions, you need to avoid makeup, getting your lashes wet or any steamy environments. For lash lifts, that’s pretty much it; you can treat them as you usually would, and that also means you can wear mascara. You’re also advised to condition the lashes using coconut oil or a facial oil at night. Lash extensions, on the other hand, take a lot of TLC to keep them looking good. There’s a whole list of dos and don’ts: you can’t rub your eyes, get them wet, or sleep on your face. You’re not even supposed to use any oil-based products, and when it comes to taking your makeup off, you have to be super careful not to rub your eyes.

Check out these insane before and after pics of lash lifting here:

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The Solution

Unlike lash extensions, lash lifting relies heavily on the perming solution, and as usual, some are better than others; so ask the salon which perm formula they use. Look out for nourishing ingredients like aloe or glycerin, which you can find in the Elleebana solution. You can also get Keratin solutions that strengthen and hydrate the lashes, while the Sugarlash PRO, CurlPerfect™ Perm Lotion is made of organic compounds that soften the lash without damaging it with any drying chemicals.

The Effect

Both lash extensions and lash lifts make a huge difference to your eyes. Extensions definitely add a more dramatic transformation, as you’re not relying on your lashes. So, if your eyelashes are quite sparse, you might find lash extensions better, as you can insert more lashes. Lash lifts look much more natural, and we love to get them tinted at the same time to maximize the effect, which is especially helpful if you’re going on vacay!

Check out seven things you need to know before you get eyelash extensions here.

I have pretty short lashes and love a more dramatic lash, so a lift didn’t give me the same instant satisfaction that extensions did, but I definitely noticed a difference. I feel more comfortable going to the beach or running out for breakfast without mascara because of the tint, but for my day-to-day I’m still wearing mascara to get the really lashy look I love. Despite not actually adding any length, the curl makes my lashes look longer, and it really opens up my small eyes. Essentially, it’s the perfect base to get the dramatic look I never could with my natural lashes.

Wearing mascara with my lift

Bella Cacciatore

Done right, it can be good for your lashes.

If you’re looking to nurse damaged lashes back to health, the good news is a lift can actually help you. “Lash curlers and the act of scrubbing off mascara every night are damaging to natural lashes,” says Buhler. With a lift, you can avoid all that and let your lashes grow long and strong.

It’s more low-maintenance than you think.

Extensions, as glamorous and fluffy as they are, are a huge pain to keep up with. Not only does getting the lift take half as long as extensions (mine took about an hour, whereas extensions can take anywhere from two to three hours), they need to be filled every two to three weeks. And you have to be incredibly gentle with them when washing your face, sleeping, and doing your makeup to avoid shedding.

The only time you have to be as careful with a lift as extensions is in the 24 hours following your appointment. In order for the lashes to totally set, avoid wearing eye makeup, getting them wet, or taking a super-steamy shower. Buhler also recommends a lash conditioner like coconut or castor oil or a lash serum, especially if you’re trying to grow them longer. (I’ve been using Grande Cosmetics GrandeLash.)

Add to that, a lash lift lasts longer. “With lash lifts you don’t need to worry about making it last,” says Buhler. “Once it’s done, it’s done for the lifespan of your natural lashes”—a regrowth cycle of between six and eight weeks (but the tint will fade around three weeks).

While a lash lift is subtle, it makes a big difference.

I’ve found my lift is a great way to trick people into thinking I’m blessed with Bambi lashes. I have never, ever been complimented on my eyelashes, but since getting a lift, I’ve had friends and colleagues commenting left and right. Even a makeup artist couldn’t believe they were my natural(ish) lashes. Because they’re so short to begin with, a traditional lash curler has actually made my lashes look shorter, so it’s fun to live like the other half. Consider me hooked.

Bella Cacciatore is the beauty associate at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @bellacacciatore_.

You beauty routine is about to get a whole lot shorter

LVL Lashes stands for length, volume and lift. One of these words appears on pretty much every best mascara on the market. It’s very rare that all three will appear together, because that would be crazy. Imagine a product that could lengthen, volumise and lift at the same time?!

They might claim they can, but if it existed, everyone woman on the planet would use it. There may not be a mascara that can do all three, but there’s something called an LVL Lash Lift, or LVL Lashes as they are also known, that can quite literally do all three things.

Here’s everything you need to know about this brilliant, and we mean brilliant, lash lift treatment…

What are LVL Lashes?

The LVL Lash Lift by Nouveau Lashes is a treatment that combines both an eyelash perm and an eyelash tint treatment. The best thing about it is that it enhances what you already have.

How does the LVL Lash Lift work?

Your lashes are covered in a special serum that straightens them from the root, which rather than actually straightening gives them that super curled look. Your lashes are then tinted and, if you’re a little sparse, you might be offered some individual lash extensions as well.

What do you look like during an LVL Lash Lift?

This is what you look like… Don’t be put off.

How long does the LVL Lash Lift take?

Typically LVL Lash treatments last between 45 minutes to an hour and most of that time is spent waiting for things to develop– the serum, the dye. Your eyes are shut the entire time, so you might actually find yourself falling asleep. This is not uncommon.

Do LVL Lashes hurt?

They don’t hurt one bit. If at any point, you feel any irritation or itchiness, tell you therapist straight away.

How long do LVL lashes last?

If you take care of them properly, then LVL Lashes last up to 6-8 weeks.

LVL Lash Lift before and after:

If you don’t believe any of the above – surely you’ll believe our before and after shots.

These were taken as I was lying down on my sofa right before the treatment and then literally straight after. With no mascara on!

How do I look after LVL Lashes?

For 48 hours you’re not allowed to get the area wet. This is worth knowing, as washing your hair can be tricky. You’re also not allowed to apply mascara for the first two days, but honestly you won’t want or need to, because your lashes will have never looked better.

Following those initial days, you shouldn’t pull at your lashes. This might be seem obvious to most of you, but what they mean is not to tug on them when you’re removing eye make-up. Rather than dragging a cotton pad along your lashes, press it onto the eye and hold for 10 seconds. It will keep your lashes looking better for longer.

Will an LVL Lash Lift damage my natural lashes?

Nope, because Nouveau Lashes products have been developed to be kind to your lashes.

Where can I get an LVL Lash Lift?

If you pop onto the Nouveau Lashes website, it’ll tell you where your nearest salon is. BUT, if you really want to chill out and fall asleep during your treatment, then pop onto the Blow Ltd app and the therapist will come to your home. We cannot recommend this enough. Their therapists are really gentle, funny and will give you a hand massage while you’re waiting for the dye to do its work.

How much do LVL Lashes cost?

LVL Lash Lift by Nouveau Lashes for Blow Ltd, £60

If you’re sat there thinking that you actually prefer the natural lash look, well that’s the beauty of the treatment it accentuates what you’ve already got. If you want to amp it up, then a slick of dramatic mascara and the best eyeliner will define eyes beautifully.

The results really are amazing. So amazing, that you’ll wonder how on earth you ever lived without this treatment.

What are you waiting for?

My lashes are stubborn. They’re short, straight, and fall downward over my eyes. I’ve tried all the top-rated curlers on the market, yet no matter how much I train them to stay up, the lashes inevitably drop after a single coat of mascara.

I’ve tested lots of different solutions.

Sometimes I opt for a strip of falsies. And before I go on a long vacation, I get lash extensions.

Extensions are especially addicting—they add volume, curl, and length without the fuss of glue and self application. Plus, no one can even tell you have them on since silk or mink individual lashes are bonded at the root of your natural ones. Makeup takes only a couple of minutes because your face already looks done-up upon waking. But, in my personal experience, they can come at a price. Not only can they cost upwards of $200 on a set, but I’ve found my natural lashes suffer. When I’ve tried extensions, my lashes were left thin, brittle, and even shorter than before. On top of that, it’s tiring to have to be extra conscious not to rub my eyes, sleep on my side, use a sleeping mask, use mascara, or a number of other no-nos.

Just as I was about to accept defeat and a lifetime of sad lashes, I got introduced to lash lifts. They give you the best of both worlds: You get the semi-permanent lift and curl of extensions while keeping your natural lashes damage-free. Three weeks in, I’m so floored by the results I may never go back to getting extensions—or even using a lash curler—ever again.

Ahead, Courtney Buhler, founder of Sugarlash PRO, breaks down everything you need to know about getting lash lifts.

A lash lift is like a perm for your lashes.

Like old-school perms from the ’80s, lash lifts set the shape of your natural lashes using a chemical solution. “A lift is essentially what your lash would be doing with a really good mechanical curler, so a nice shape upward and a realistic curl,” Buhler said.

There is no preparation necessary.

“The only thing that we recommend is if you want a more dramatic result, then going on something like a lash serum to grow your lashes as long as possible is a great option,” Buhler suggewsted,”But we can work with any lash type.”

You can customize your results.

The first step during a session is to consult with your lash artist, who will ask you questions about your goals and style (for example, whether or not you wear mascara everyday, like lashes high upwards to your eyebrows or more fanned out, etc.) Based on your answers, your technician will pick a curl size for your eye shape.


Your lashes are glued down to a silicone shield.

After cleansing the lashes and separating your bottom lashes from your top, a silicone shield gets stuck on the skin using a gentle adhesive (similar to the glue used to apply false lashes). Adhesive is applied on top of the shield as well, then lashes are combed up to take their shape. Here is where eye-safe perming solution is applied.

“The perm solution acts as a softener so that’s going in and softening the bond of your hair so that it’s moldable,” Courtney explained. Sugarlash PRO uses CurlPerfect™ Perm Lotion, which is made up of organic compounds thioglycolic acid and emacol for breaking down and softening the lash to adapt its shape.

The perming lotion is left on for six to 12 minutes.

It depends on your hair type. “If you have a hard time curling the hair on your head, let technicians know that when doing lash lifting,” Buhler said. It makes sense—the hair on my head is naturally straight, thick, and has a hard time holding a curl without a ton of product so my lashes act the same. It took two rounds of 12 minutes for me (“that’s probably the longest in history,” Buhler commented). Then, a setting solution and oil are applied.


“The setting solution hardens everything back up and restructures the bond and makes them hard again. It locks in the shape,” Courtney said. The setting solution is followed by a nourishing lotion, which contains keratin and sodium PCA in it, to add moisture back in the lashes. It also contains aloe vera, grapeseed oil, and glycerin, a humectant that attracts moisture. It’s kind of like dyeing or bleaching your hair, then following it with conditioner.

The whole process takes about an hour from start to finish.

Here is my impressive before and after:


Lash lifts last six to eight weeks.

“We usually recommend our clients come in at the eight-week mark just for a redo,” Buhler said, “What happens is all the hairs have now been shaped to be lifted and as they shed naturally, a straight one will grow in behind it. Some people need them sooner, some need them longer it just depends on the lash cycle.”

Lash lifts cost $75 – $100 per session.

This is the price range for Sugarlash PRO specifically. It definitely depends on where you go for the service but, across the board, I’ve found lash lifts are more affordable than extensions.

You can wear mascara.

Because it’s just your natural lashes being curled, you’re free to use whatever eye makeup you wish. You just have to wait 24 hours. This is what my lashes look like two days after getting a lift with mascara (Benefit’s magical new Badgal Bang).



You can also opt for a lash tint.

“If you’re going to put mascara on everyday anyways then you don’t need a tint,” Buhler said, “But for those people that are on vacation and they don’t want to do anything, then adding a tint can add extra depth and darkness.” Just keep in mind the tint lasts about three weeks.

The first 24 hours after a lash lift are crucial.

On top of not wearing mascara, you should avoid wetting them, steam, and all forms of moisture and humidity, and wearing eye makeup to make the curl last.

Lash lifts are gloriously low maintenance.

While lash extensions required me to be extra careful doing anything—washing my face, sleeping a certain way, applying makeup—I haven’t had to think at all about my lashes since getting a lift. I wake up, add mascara, and I’m good to go. Buhler advised for upkeep to keep conditioning the lashes nightly. “You can use coconut oil or a facial oil. Your lashes have been processed so just keeping them conditioned and nourished is great,” she said, “Lash lifts are literally the lowest maintenance.”

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Expect a lot of compliments.

Even before I applied any mascara and just had my lashes lifted, a colleague of mine already complimented me about my makeup. “You look so fresh-faced!,” she said. Funnily enough, another colleague said the exact same thing the next day and added, “I love your makeup today so much.” I literally did nothing different aside from have a lash lift—so it definitely makes a big difference.

I can’t emphasize how thrilled I am over being able to apply coats of mascara and seeing lashes fulfill all those promises tubes make, whether it’s lengthening, adding volume, etc. Another friend of mine actually asked me if I was wearing false eyelashes or had extensions done! When I told her no, she simply said “WOW.”

Kristina Rodulfo Beauty Director Kristina Rodulfo is the Beauty Director of Women’s Health—she oversees beauty coverage across print and digital and is an expert in product testing, identifying trends, and exploring the intersections of beauty, wellness, and culture.

The Lash Lift

Choice of:

  • One Lash-Lift Treatment
  • Two Lash-Lift Treatments
  • Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash Enhancement: How Committed to Get?

Even without opening your makeup bag, there are several different ways to enhance your lids. Learn the difference between some of the most popular with Groupon’s guide.

Strip lashes: Often referred to as false lashes, strip lashes are the most temporary of all lash enhancements. Composed of synthetic, lash-like threads that are attached to one curved strip, these are adhered to the edge of the eye-line and must be reapplied daily or after every time you run through a sprinkler. Though they’re easy to apply, they can feel heavy, and they’re often noticeably fake when viewed up close, making them a better fit for special occasions than for everyday wear.

Cluster lashes: These semipermanent beauties are glued to the natural lashes in v-shaped clusters. They sometimes have small knots at the tip to provide more space for the adhesive, though many choose to eschew the slight visibility of the knots in favor of more natural looking, albeit more temporary, clusters. With knots, these accent pieces may last up to a week and can survive gentle activity and showers.

Individual extensions: Called permanent because they fall off only when the natural lashes are shed, individual extensions are adhered one by one to lashes across the lid. Materials vary widely—sanitized human hair, mink fur, fox hair, and synthetic lashes are all popular, and all have tradeoffs in weight, cost, and verisimilitude—but it’s the adhesive that gives them their longer life span. A full set usually takes one to three hours to apply and requires touch-ups to account for the different growth cycles of individual natural lashes. Since several extensions may be applied to each natural lash, looks can be created ranging from a subtle mascara effect to Bambi-begging-for-a-saltlick.

Lash transplant: The only truly permanent form of lash enhancement is transplantation via a surgical procedure. It’s an expensive route that’s typically recommended for those who cannot medically grow natural lashes. During the procedure, entire follicles are excised from the back of the head and grafted onto the lash line—and because they continue to produce scalp hairs in their new home, the “lashes” they produce will need to be trimmed for the rest of the patient’s life and, if the patient has straight hair, curled daily.

If you’re curious about getting a lash lift, read what happened when HG’s Beauty Editor got it done

Image zoom Courtesy of SugarlashPRO

Eyelash extensions, fake lashes, expensive mascaras — if you were born with short lashes, there are so many products and services you can try to get the ~Bambi eyes~ you might desire. As someone who was born with poker-straight lashes, I will test any lash extending-product or service under the sun that might make my eyes look as close to doll-like as possible. I’ve tried eyelash extensions (and loved them!), learned how to master falsies, bought expensive lash curlers, and always, always have my holy trinity of go-to mascaras (Too Faced Better Than Sex, Smith & Cult Lash Dance, and Benefit Roller Lash) within arm’s reach. However, I am always on the search for the latest thing, especially if it has minimal aftercare.

Enter: the lash lift.

SugarlashPRO, a Canada-based company that specializes in lash services, was in LA recently and offered me the chance to try out their new CurlPerfect lash lift for free. Described as a “push-up bra for your lashes,” SugarlashPRO’s process involves a temporary perming method that enhances the look of your natural lashes by simply lifting them to the heavens. As a result, eyelashes look longer and more full, and even better? The process is super simple.

I made sure that I had absolutely no eye makeup on before I got to the appointment. The lash artist placed shields onto my eyelids, then applied solutions and nourishing oils to my lashes as they curled against the shields. The process is so relaxing, I almost fell asleep, but then I’d get paranoid about snoring so I remained awake. Some people also get their lashes tinted, but the lash artist said it wasn’t necessary for mine. After about 30 to 45 minutes, I was done. I opened my eyes and was SHOCKED at how beautifully curled they were. And I couldn’t believe how LONG they looked. These were my real lashes, people!

If my eyelashes could sing a hallelujah, they would.

Here’s my lashes before:

Image zoom Courtesy of SugarlashPRO

And after:

Image zoom Courtesy of SugarlashPRO

GLORIOUS! Look at me, world!

Image zoom HelloGiggles

As for aftercare? All I had to do was comb my lashes with a mascara spoolie daily. That was it, so easy. I was sold. And if you want to wear mascara, you totally can, even though you probably don’t even need to.

Image zoom HelloGiggles

The curl lasts about 6 to 8 weeks, and can cost between $50 to $150, depending on where you go. Watch the video of me getting a lash lift below.

What about you? Would you try out a lash lift?

  • By Marie Lodi

Model Bella Hadid is known for her naturally long, flirty lashes. Could a lash lift provide the same look? (Daniele Venturelli/WireImage/Getty Images)

We learn a lot of valuable beauty tricks from celebrities, like the fact that supermodel Bella Hadid never uses mascara on her bottom lashes; focusing on the top lashes opens the eyes and prevents terrible mascara runs during humid summer days. Hadid is also blessed with naturally long lashes, a trait of her signature piercing gaze, and for a while, the only way to get the look was with bothersome false lashes or lash extensions. Lately, there’s a different treatment that celebs and beauty influencers are loving.

A lash lift is another attainable celebrity beauty secret for flirty lashes. This Is Us star Chrissy Metz has admitted to being a fan of the beauty treatment, as has Madison Lintz, who can be seen on the Amazon Prime series Bosch.

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Thank you so much @theblinkbar for my lash lift!

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A lash lift treatment does just what it sounds like: it lifts the lashes, enhancing your natural lashes and offering a more permanent solution to using an eyelash curler every day. So, if you’re scrolling through Instagram and wondering how people look so amazingly wide-eyed in their makeup-free selfies, there’s a chance a lash lift has something to do with it.

Paired with a few long-wearing beauty products, it might be your favorite new beauty splurge this summer. Madisson Hausburg of MTV’s Laguna Beach-esque reality series Siesta Key also appreciates the low-maintenance look.

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Our Lash Lift is a low-maintence technique that adds a semi-permanent curl with no curlers or mascara required @madissonhaus | Lash Tech: Kendall

A post shared by @ theblinkbar on May 16, 2019 at 8:30am PDT

Tirzah Shirai is the founder of BlinkBar, a beauty salon specializing in lash extension and lash lift services in California. She gave us the rundown on how a lash lift works and what to expect after you get one.

What is a lash lift and how does it work?

Curling or “lifting” eyelashes can make them appear longer and thicker, and make the eyes appear larger.

“A lash lift is a perming method that is safer and more effective than traditional eyelash perms,” Shirai explains. “It’s a great alternative for clients who do not want the maintenance of eyelash extensions.”

The lash technician will begin by cleaning your lashes, then applying a shield to your eyelids. The lashes are brushed upward and a cream-based perming solution is applied. BlinkBar offers three different levels of ‘Lift.’

Should I get a lash lift?

If you have naturally straight lashes and use an eyelash curler a lot, a lash lift is a semi-permanent solution. A lash lift is also a lazy beauty lover’s dream, since it requires less upkeep than lash extensions, which have a tendency to fall out after a while.

“This lash treatment is perfect for women on-the-go who desire a low-maintenance beauty routine,” Shirai says.

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Lash lift by Nora ✨ #livelashlove

A post shared by @ theblinkbar on Apr 22, 2019 at 4:43pm PDT

Are lash lifts done with lash extensions?

No extensions are used with the lash lift service. However, if you do want extensions in addition to the lift, Shirai advises against using lash serums or extensions for 48 hours after the treatment.

How long does a lash lift last?

A lash lift typically lasts six to eight weeks, until the process will need to be repeated to lift new hair growth.

A major plus is that no maintenance appointments are needed, but, Shirai explains, “There are some situations that may cause the lift to drop weaken prematurely such as swimming, using harsh products or heat. If the lift does not last the full two months, clients can repeat the treatment after a minimum of four weeks of having the initial treatment.”

How much does a lash lift cost?

A lash lift at BlinkBar costs $120. The treatment is a tad easier on the wallet when compared to lash extensions, which range from $130 to $320 at BlinkBar.

How do I maintain a lash lift?

The toughest part about getting a last lift is the two days right after the appointment. You should avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 hours after the treatment, and also skip your hot yoga class for a few days, along with steaming, exercising or any activity that may cause you to sweat a lot.

You should avoid rubbing your eyes or using an eyelash curler, which may weaken or damage your lashes. You’ll also have to gently brush your lashes every day with a lash brush.

Lash lifts make your lashes look great without mascara, however, if you do want to occasionally wear it, switch to a mineral mascara with natural fibers, and wait until 24 hours after the treatment to apply it. Shirai also suggests using a non-oily makeup remover.

Are there reasons why a lash lift would not be a good option for me?

As with any beauty treatment that involves a product, there’s a chance of an allergic reaction. It might not be the right treatment for you if you have a history of dry eyes, allergies or eye or skin sensitivities.

BlinkBar does offer a way to test the product before going all in. “Clients can opt to have a patch test 24 hours beforehand, which consists of placing two drops of the lotion behind the ear for 15 minutes, wiping it off and waiting to see if any subsequent irritation occurs over the next 24 hours such as redness, itching or inflammation.”

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It’s no secret that I have a thing for eyelashes. Like, if I was marooned on a desert island and could only take one thing, it might be mascara. That kind of thing. I have pretty good natural lashes (thanks to using Rapidlash Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum every day), and at this point, I’m not interested in extensions. I’ve been thinking about trying the lash lift procedure for some time. (Ya’ know, mostly for research. I’m here for you, friends.) Bebe Tran, a top Dallas makeup artist who does the makeup for some of my photo shoots, just opened B-Lashed Beauty & Bridal Bar here in Dallas. She’s best known for the makeup she does for brides and their bridal parties, and her salon is a beautiful, relaxing place to come for a makeup lesson, lashes, or semipermanent makeup like microblading. She’s a certified cosmetologist, experienced lash technician, and one of my very favorite people. She delights in making her clients look and feel beautiful. (I mean, she gets super-excited! It’s a little bit hilarious.) I decided it was time to give the lash lift a try.

What is a lash lift?

It’s like a perm (but without chemicals like parabens or formaldehyde), for your natural eyelashes. It uplifts and curls them from the base of the lash, making them stand out and look longer. It’s often paired with an eyelash tint, to enhance the defining effect. When finished, your eyes look larger, your lashes look longer and fuller, and your entire face looks uplifted.

What are the steps in a lash lift?

3. Soft silicone pads are placed on upper eyelids to hold them in place while the perm solution is applied to the lashes.

Bebe explained that this is a critical point in the procedure. If a lash technician doesn’t take the time to ensure that each lash is straight right from the base, the lashes may end up pointing in different directions when the lift is complete.

5. A perming solution is applied to prepare the lashes for curling.

This takes 13-16 minutes. The solution is removed with cotton gauze.

6. A setting solution is applied to the lashes, and they’re lifted upwards over the silicone pads.

This takes 11-14 minutes. The solution is removed with cotton gauze.

7. A lash tint is applied.

The color depends on the natural color of your lashes and what color you want. My lashes are already pretty dark, so Bebe chose a blue/black tint. It stays on for 12 minutes.

8. The lash tint is removed, and the lashes are thoroughly cleaned with a nourishing oil. (Hence my red eyes in the “after” photo above.)

How do you care for lashes after the lash lift?

No water, cleansing product, or makeup can touch the lashes for 24 hours following the lash lift. After that time, you can use your normal mascara. An eyelash curler will not be needed, and the use of one could damage the lashes. Use mild products for cleansing and avoid rubbing or applying force to the lashes. (Using waterproof mascara is discouraged because removal can be too harsh.) Lashes can’t be exposed to heat for at least 48 hours after the procedure.

How long does a lash lift take?

Typically around 45-60 minutes, with an additional 30 minutes for tinting.

How long does a lash lift last?

Typically, 6-8 weeks. As it wears off, lashes gradually drop evenly and go back to their natural look. (If you use a growth serum on your lashes as I do, results may not last as long.)

How much does a lash lift cost?

A lash lift is $100. When paired with a tint, it’s $115.

Who’s a good candidate for a lash lift?

1. A person who doesn’t want to wear mascara.
2. A person who doesn’t want to curl their lashes.
3. A person who likes the volume of their lashes but wishes they were curlier.
4. A person who wishes their eyes looked larger and more open. (That’s me!)
5. A person who wants a less-expensive and lower-maintenance option than eyelash extensions.

I love my lash lift and would definitely do it again! I think it’s important to go to a reputable lash studio and an experienced lash technician. I knew Bebe would do an excellent job on my lashes because she is such a perfectionist when she does my makeup. (Which is the quality you want in your makeup artist, amirite?) I wasn’t compensated for this post. My lash lift and tint were complimentary, but I paid for materials (and left a tip, of course!). All opinions expressed are my own. To learn more about Bebe Tran and B-Lashed Bridal & Beauty Bar, or look at before and after photos, see their website. If you live in Dallas, contact the salon at 817-881-2009. If you tell them you read about them on Empty Nest Blessed, you’ll receive a 15% discount on your first lash lift! (This offer does not expire.)

Have you ever had a lash lift or extensions? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.




No matter how much mascara you layer on, sometimes lashes just need an extra boost. And while extensions and falsies are always an option, they also require far more maintenance. Enter: the lash lift. Essentially a perm for your natural lashes, this relatively low-maintenance process lifts and curls lashes long-term. For those looking to shave a little time off of their morning routines, this might be a treatment to consider. We did the homework for you on the process, the cost, and—most importantly—the results.

Top: Natural lashes before a lash lift. Bottom: Natural lashes after a lash lift. Courtesy BBB London

What is a Lash Lift?

“A lash lift curls your lash from base to tip so that you can see the full length,” explains Clementina Richardson, celebrity lash expert and founder of Envious Lashes in New York City. All lashes have a natural shape to them, so this process alters that shape via a tiny curling rod and a lifting solution. (It’s not as scary as it sounds, as your eyes are closed as it’s applied but yes, there are some chemicals involved.) The treatment should always be performed by a licensed professional.

What is Getting a Lash Lift Like?

“Every treatment begins with a thorough consultation to determine what kind of lash style you are looking to achieve,” says Jaimineey Patel, head of training at Blink Brow Bar London. “Based on your answers, your therapist will then pick a suitable curling rod size to shape the lashes.”

Then, your therapist will cleanse the eye area and place a silicone rod onto the eyelids. The natural lashes are then curled over and attached to the rod with an adhesive to set the lashes. Once the therapist ensures everything is positioned correctly, a lifting lotion is applied to allow the lashes to mold around the curling rod, followed by a setting lotion that sets the lash shape.

Expect the whole thing to take about 45-60 minutes. Many salons also require a patch test 48 hours before your appointment to ensure you don’t have a reaction to the solutions used.

How Long Does a Lash Lift Last?

The results typically last four to six weeks, depending on how quickly your eyelashes grow. You should avoid mascara for 48 hours after the treatment, and leave lashes untouched for a full day. “No makeup, or water should come in contact with your lashes for 24 hours to ensure the lift correctly sets into shape. Then, you can fully enjoy the treatment’s results,” explains Patel.

Once lashes are set, products can help keep lashes in tip-top shape. “For post treatment care we recommend a lash oil to keep your lashes nourished and conditioned,” says Patel.

BBB London Luscious Lash Oil, $35, SHOP

How Much Does a Lash Lift Cost?

Treatments cost between $110-$175, depending on your location and therapist.

Do Lash Lifts Work on Any Lash Length and Color?

Lashes can be long or short, but must be at least a 4mm to get the service, according to Richardson, who also recommends getting a lash tint along with a lift. “It will lift and darken your natural lashes and create a balanced effortless look for the client who wants a natural ‘woke up like this’ appearance,” she says.

Everything You Need to Know About a Lash Lift and Tint

One of the simplest ways to change your look is with a lash lift and tint. After the quick, painless, and affordable treatment, your eyes will look instantly brighter and more open, making you seem more youthful and awake. Plus, your lashes will get that sexy curl and flutter you’ve always wanted! Think of it like permanently curling your lashes and applying mascara that never wears off.

RELATED: All You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

What is a Lash Lift and Tint?

A lash lift-and-tint treatment involves two separate processes, both designed to give you beautiful, fluttery eyelashes for weeks. The lash lift mimics the effect of an eyelash curler. It makes your lashes bend upwards, leaving them looking longer, and your eyes more open and bright. Meanwhile, a lash tint is similar to a brow tint – or applying several coats of mascara. It makes your eyelashes look darker, thicker, and fuller. It’s particularly striking on those with naturally blonde or red lashes.

Lash Lift vs. Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are one of the most popular ways to fake a fuller flutter. During the treatment, the beautician will attach synthetic eyelashes to your natural ones using a special non-irritant glue. Typically, 80 to 140 lashes are applied per eye. Depending on how the lashes are applied, the shape of your eye can be changed, and your existing lashes will be longer and fuller. The results usually last four to six weeks. While lash extensions can give a more dramatic look, a lash lift requires far less maintenance and lasts several weeks longer, and the treatment itself is quicker and cheaper. Extensions can also make your natural lashes more brittle, while a lift has no adverse effects.

Lash Lift Before and After

The natural shape, direction, and thickness of your eyelashes will determine how dramatic your results are. If your lashes lie almost flat – or even point downwards – you’ll see a big difference after having a lifting treatment. Most women notice their eyes look more open, brighter, younger, and more ‘awake’ following their lash lift. Additionally, the eyelashes themselves will appear far longer, fuller, and more defined.

How Does Lash Lift Work and How Long Does it Last?

A lash lift is a chemical treatment. First, your beautician will discuss the final result you want – for example, extra curved lashes, a cat’s eye effect, or a defined, fanned-out look. Next, they will cleanse and separate your top and bottom lashes. The top lashes will be attached to a silicone patch on your eyelid and combed into place. Then, an eye-safe perming solution is applied. The process works similarly to a hair perm – the chemical solution breaks down the bonds in the eyelash, allowing it to change shape. After a few minutes, a setting solution will be applied to seal in the curl. The results last around six to eight weeks, depending on your lash growth cycle.

Lash Lift Aftercare

Avoid water, steam, eye make-up, and make-up remover for the first 24 hours after your lift. As with any perming treatment, exposure to moisture and humidity straight afterward can ruin the result. After 24 hours have elapsed, you can treat your lashes as usual – there’s no need to change your make-up routine or stop cleansing your face. Some professionals advise using a conditioning treatment like coconut oil to keep your lashes healthy and nourished post-lift.

How Much is Lash Lift?

The price of a lash lift can vary. Some factors include where you live and the experience level of your beautician. In general, lash lifts cost between $60 and $200, with most salons charging $100 to $150 for a combined lash lift and tint. For women on a budget, many salons offer promotional discounts and introductory deals for new customers, so it’s worth searching online for different options.

Professional Lash Lift Kits

To save time and money, you can perm your own lashes at home using professional-grade kits. The kits come with enough perming and setting solution for multiple applications and are easy to use. The process is the same as in a salon. First, you apply a silicone pad to your eyelid, then use lash glue to attach your eyelashes to the pad. Once the lashes are glued down, apply the perming solution and setting solution according to the instructions. You’ll love the results!



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Everything You Want to Know About Lash Lifts

Lash extensions are certainly all the rage, but there’s another lash service that’s quickly gaining popularity: Meet the lash lift.

Essentially a perm for your lashes, the service (temporarily) lifts and curls your lashes for a seriously eye-opening effect. Unlike with lash extensions, a lash lift is all you; only your natural lashes are involved.

Ahead, experts weigh in on exactly how lash lifts work, how much it costs, what the experience is like, how long a lash lift lasts, and everything else you need to know if you want to try this technique in your quest for fabulous fringe.

What is a lash lift and how does it work?

“A lash lift curls your lashes from base to tip so you can see their full length,” explains Clementina Richardson, founder of Envious Lashes in New York City. It enhances your natural lashes—though, admittedly, not quite as dramatically as the extra length you’d get from lash extensions or falsh eyelashes, she adds. (That said, the last lift before-and-after photos can be pretty impressive; check out some pics below.)

At the start of the lash lift service, silicone pads are placed on top of your eyes to keep your lids shut. A special serum is then used to break down the keratin protein in your lashes, allowing your technician to shape, sculpt, and lift them around a special silicone mold, explains lash expert Jas Imani, a licensed esthetician based in New York City. The keratin is then added back into the lashes with another serum—and voilà!—lifted, curled lashes.

FYI, some lash lift services include a lash tint—a semi-permanent dye that darkens and intensifies the natural color of the hairs. If you’re looking at a lash lift service that doesn’t come with a tint, consider adding one to maximize the impact you get from the lift, suggests Richardson.

Image zoom Courtesy of Jas Imani

How long will it take and how long does a lash lift last?

The service takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour. While you might feel a bit strange about someone fussing with your lashes, you’ll likely be able to relax and chill out during that time. After all, when else are you forced to lay down with your eyes closed for an hour?

Generally, lash lifts last anywhere from four to eight weeks, with the results gradually fading over time. (ICYMI, crystal spa treatments are the next beauty trend you might want to try.)

As with pretty much all beauty services, the price varies based on where you live and the salon you visit. Generally speaking, plan to shell out $125 to $175 for a lash lift. (If that number stresses you out, consider checking out this surprisingly amazing $5 drugstore mascara.)

Who is the best candidate for a lash lift?

“Just about anyone is a candidate for a lift as long as they have lashes, though you’ll always get the best results when starting with healthy lashes,” says Imani. That’s why, if you’re planning on continuing to get lash lifts, your technician will likely suggest you use a conditioning lash serum in between visits, she adds. (Try one of these conditioning eyelash growth serums with stellar customer reviews.)

Consider your lifestyle, too. While extensions may yield a more dramatic end result, lash lifts are great if you want a more natural, ‘look how great my lashes look without anything on them,’ effect, says Richardson. The other upshot? There’s no need to come back in for touch-ups, like there is with extensions. (Related: What You Need to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions.)

Image zoom Courtesy of Jas Imani

What do you need to do immediately after a lash lift?

The first 48 hours post-lash lift are super important. During this time, it’s essential to keep lashes completely bare. That means no mascara, serum, or eye creams, says Imani.

Getting them wet can also undo the results: “Avoid steam, any exercise that will make you super sweaty, washing your hair in the shower, and use oil-free makeup wipes to cleanse your face,” she adds.

After those 48 hours are up, you’ll want to be gentle with your lashes moving forward. Avoid rubbing your eyes and don’t use a curler, cautions Richardson (trust, you won’t need to). While you can use mascara, Richardson suggests avoiding it if possible.

Can you DIY a lash lift?

Sure, you could—there are at-home lash lift kits out there, as well as plenty of viral videos of successful attempts. But just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

“Lash lifts, and any kind of lash service in general, are a lot easier to mess up than they are to get right,” warns Richardson. That’s why seeing a vetted, experienced pro is so important. (More on that below.) Using any type of chemicals around the eye can be super dangerous (you risk everything from infections to even blindness—more on the potential complications here), not to mention, it’s very easy to damage delicate lash hairs. The bottom line: This isn’t the best time for a DIY beauty moment.

How do you find a reputable technician?

“Safety should be your number one concern, so do your homework and make sure to find someone who is certified,” cautions Richardson, who notes that some states also require that the technician be licensed. Imani points out that asking for recommendations is also helpful, and suggests asking to see examples of any tech’s before-and-after photos as well. (Related: What I Learned from Trying Latisse to Boost Eyelash Growth)

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