Lauren Fisher has become increasing popular as one of the youngest CrossFit athletes to have been featured in the grueling sport that is CrossFit. The 5,5ft, Lil Fish, as she’s known by her friends, is by no means little in strength or passion.

She’s represented her country in the Olympics for Team UAS in Olympic Weightlifting where she won her weight class of 63kg in 2014, as well as finishing 9th place in the Reebok Games the very same year.

Having inspired thousands of young women everywhere to take up a healthier approach to being strong and fit, Lauren continues to strive towards her goals of winning a CrossFit title, and more Olympic medals for her country.

This is her story:

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Lauren Fisher
Weight Height Year of Birth Nationality
135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg) 5’5″ (165cm) 1994 American
Profession Alias Era
Crossfit Athlete Lil Fish 2010
Weight 135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg)
Height 5’5″ (165cm)
Year of Birth 1994
Nationality American
Profession Crossfit Athlete
Alias Lil Fish
Era 2010


Barbell Stats

  • Squat290lbs
  • Front Squat255lbs
  • Clean & Jerk235lbs
  • Snatch170lbs
  • Deadlift325lbs
  • Press115lbs

WOD Times

  • Fran 2:37
  • Filthy 50
  • Pullups 50
  • 400m 1:05
  • 500m Row 1:44
  • Favorite: Girl Diane
  • Least Favorite Girl: Jackie

Career Highlights

  • CrossFit Games25th
  • California Regionals1st
  • CrossFit Games (Team)13th (Invictus)
  • California Regionals12th
  • SoCal Regionals 3rd
  • CrossFit Games 9th
  • USA Weightlifting National Junior Championships Best Lifter


  • USAW Junior National Champion – 63kg
  • CrossFit Games 7th
  • NorCal Regionals 12th
  • CrossFit Games5th
  • CrossFit Games5th
  • Central East Regionals1st
  • Games5th
  • Central East Regionals


From Basketball To CrossFit

Lauren Fisher, AKA. Lil Fish has become known for being one of the best, and youngest CrossFit athletes the sport has ever seen. Her ability to clean-and-jerk huge amounts of weight over her small but powerful frame has impressed millions around the globe.

Apart from being a professional CrossFit athlete, she’s also represented her country in the 2014 Olympics Junior Weightlifting competition. She also a back-to-back state champion basketball player when she studied at St. Mary’s High School in California, Lil Fish was also a member of the school’s mythical National Championship team.

It all started back when she was 14 years old in high school when she was a freshman basketball player at St. Mary’s, Stockton, California. At this time she started CrossFit and took off with a head start when her team won two state championships and a national title.

As an 18 year old senior, Lauren soon qualified for the CrossFit Northern California Regionals and finished 12th overall, considering her age compared to other senior athletes, this was quite and achievement for such a young athlete.

Olympic Junior Champion

By the time she was just 22 years old, Lauren Fisher established herself as one of the country’s most popular and hopeful CrossFit athletes. She finished 9th overall at the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games and won the USA Weightlifting Junior National Championship with Team USA (Women’s 63kg weight class) that same year.

In 2013 and 2015, Lauren competed in the CrossFit Games as a member of the SoCal Team, Invictus, and again in 2016, where Lauren placed 1st at the California Regionals.

Lil Fish has always been inspired by the other women in CrossFit, it’s the strength and size and the community of healthy women that made her ditch basketball at San Diego University, and focus on CrssFit full time.

She trains twice a day, first thing in the morning, and again in the evening. A life of a CrossFit athlete is hard and grueling, but Lauren loves what she does.

Incredible Work Rate

An old roommate in college once said to Lauren she didn’t understand why she trained so much, This is what Lauren had to say;

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The Story of Lauren Fisher


In the last years we’ve witnessed a lot of young, growing stars in the sport of CrossFit. This is the result of athletes turning to CrossFit from a young age and adapting their bodies to the core movements of this sport.

One of the most famous and promising CrossFit athletes of the last few years is 23rd year old Lauren Fisher, who proved, even from an early age, that she’s got a work ethic and determination of somebody who’s in it for the long run.


Ever since she was a kid, Lauren spent a lot of time playing any sport possible from soccer to softball, gymnastics, swimming and basketball. She was a back-to-back state champion basketball player at St. Mary’s High School in California and was a member of the school’s National Championship team.

Back when she was 14 years old and a basketball player at St. Mary’s, Stockton, California, Lauren started CrossFit and took off with a head start when her team won two state championships and a national title.

“This was before I really started getting competitive in CrossFit and only went to class three times a week only for one hour! My main focus was sports like basketball and tennis. I wouldn’t be able to lift as much as I do now or compete versus all the top level CrossFit athletes if I didn’t put on the muscle.”.

When she was only 18, Lauren qualified for the CrossFit Northern California Regionals and finished 12th overall, while competing with other senior athletes, which was quite an achievement for such a young athlete.

In 2013 and 2015, Lauren competed in the CrossFit Games as a member of the SoCal Team, Invictus, and again in 2016, where Lauren placed 1st at the California Regionals.

When she was just 22, Lauren Fisher became one of the most popular and promising CrossFit athletes. She finished 9th on the leaderboard in the 2014 CrossFit Games and won the USA Weightlifting Junior National Championship with Team USA (Women’s 63kg weight class) in the same year. That’s when we started witnessing a Lauren that was getting stronger and stronger.


In 2016 Lauren was experiencing pain in her right ankle. As we’ve seen in other top athletes, having a high pain tolerance is a given and it’s relatively easy for them to ignore pain and push through this barrier that’s separating them from the goal they’ve set for themselves. Just like this, Lauren decided to power through the pain and take on the CrossFit Games challenge that was lying in front of her.

All that to find out, post Games 2016, that the injury was worse than she thought. She had a 5 cm longitudinal tear straight down the middle of her tendon, a bone divot and loose bone fragments floating around, which is why she was experiencing fluctuating pain.

September 2016 came with an ankle surgery. Usually it’s moments like these that bring turning points in the life of an athlete. For an athlete, experiencing damage in your body, normally makes you more aware of yourself. An injury is your body’s way of telling you that you’re not doing something right. And this is directly influencing your body, the most important instrument you got as an athlete. This exclamation mark usually makes you rethink things. You normally become more aware of your body, you learn a bit more about yourself, your limitations and revise the strategy you were using in training up to that point. But from here on you can become either more cautious, more inclined to take it easier and focus on a lighter training regimen or it can motivate you to change your approach to training, listen to your body and look for ways to become more training-smart. For Lauren it was the latter.

Only a few days after the surgery, Lauren was back in the gym, training her upper body. Two months later, walking in a cast and with extra care, Lauren got the OK to do her first squat. And that was a real celebration.


For regular people, with little or no athletic inclination, it’s quite hard to understand the level of motivation that top athletes have. An old roommate of Lauren’s once asked her why does she train so much. And the answer is an example of typical Fisher thinking:
“My roommate is in a sorority – she doesn’t understand how all I do is eat, sleep and train. But when she saw me on ESPN during the CrossFit Games she said, ‘I finally understand your commitment.’”

Committed and focused, Lauren’s motivation is rooted in the performances of today’s elite women:

“I have the opportunity to train with those girls and I see up close how good they are – competing against them pushes you to a whole new level.”

Being so young is one of the things that makes Lauren easy to look up to for an entire generation of teen girls. As a result of her hard work and rising popularity, she’s inspired other young girls into a life of lifting weights, being healthy and eating more food. Having the honour to hear young girls say her name and mention things like “I want to lift weights and be like Fisher” is another great source of motivation.


One thing was clear about Lauren Fisher from the beginning. She’s got a deep inner drive and ambition to win. When you see somebody willing to invest 4-6 hours a day in training, each and every day, you know they want to be at the top of the game.

Invictus coach CJ Martin, who trains Fisher often talks about this amazing young girl entering the box daily with a drive and determination to surpass her competition, by putting in all the hard work necessary. Martin’s reminiscence words about the time he saw Lauren compete in the 2012 North Carolina Regionals are something to treasure and remember as the years will go by:

“I saw Lauren compete at 2012 NorCal Regionals – there was a workout with a row, pistols, and very heavy hang cleans. She had three reps remaining and about 10 seconds left to do them. She sprinted to her barbell, did her cleans and crossed the line right before the cap. That told me this girl is going to fight and compete hard.”


Lauren trains twice a day. First comes an early morning session, which will consist of accessory work, jerk technique drills using heavy weights. The main lifts Fisher will perform are front squat, jerk and clean, push press, push jerk and drop snatch. There’s also a full gymnastic workout included in the training program, in order to keep her body strong and able to cope with the added stress of weightlifting.

Here’s an example of Lauren’s gymnastic workout:

20 Pull Ups

15 Strict Hand Stand Push Ups

20 Pull Ups

15 Parallette Hand Stand Pushups

20 Pull Ups

30 Kipping Hand Stand Push Ups

The second afternoon session will consist of swimming, running, and other aerobic activities, such as a 2400 m swim (1.5 miles), followed by a 7.5 km run (4.6 miles).


There’s a lesson to learn from each athlete that inspires such greatness. With Lauren, this lesson comes in the form of consistency. She never misses a training session and works hard to prove her worth and passion for the sport. This level of commitment can be applicable in every aspect of life, not just training or CrossFit. If you want to achieve greatness, you need to be willing to put in the hard work.

PROGENEX saw in Lauren this spark of greatness and this is the reason why she takes an honorary place among the elite athletes we choose to team up with.


One of Lauren’s favourite PROGENEX products to use is HYPE. When you work intensively, both physically and mentally, you need to be sure that you’re hydrating properly. Lauren’s go-to hydration product is the HYPE blend, specially formulated to quench thirst and fight fatigue so that you can get an extra edge to focus better and go longer.


Year Place
2017 30th Individual Women
2016 25th Individual Women
2015 13th Team Invictus
2014 9th Individual Women
2013 7th Team Invictus

How Lauren Fisher Is Preparing to Crush the 2018 CrossFit Games

When Lauren Fisher was just 18 years old, she finished ninth in the Reebok CrossFit Games as the youngest athlete in the competition. Now, at just 24 years old, she has more than 10 years of CrossFit training and six CrossFit Games under her (weightlifting) belt, including competing in both the individual and team categories. If that wasn’t impressive enough: When she’s not doing handstand walks or burpees, she also competes in Olympic weightlifting and runs Grown Strong, an apparel brand she founded to inspire young athletes to follow their dreams.

She’s making a comeback at the 2018 CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, ready to continue her young-and-on-fire reign. Here, see how she’s prepping for competition, how she balances two demanding sports, and how she keeps her body in one piece during the onslaught of intense workouts in the Games.

How She Preps

“I always eat the same breakfast: two eggs with two egg whites and a bowl of oatmeal full of berries and cinnamon. I don’t like to change anything right before a competition. I have my own playlists on Spotify I love to listen to that get me fired up. I often will spend time with my eyes closed visualizing the workouts I will perform the following day.” (See what these other top-notch CrossFit athletes are eating for breakfast before the CrossFit Games.)

How She Recovers

“Doing back-to-back workouts during the Games is brutal! You have to make sure you have everything taken care of from bodywork to nutrition, to proper supplementation post-workout. I think one of the most important things for me is fueling my body to perform-I’m taking in over 400 grams of carbohydrates throughout the day. At the end of the night, I usually get a massage or acupuncture to help with recovery.” (See: Do You Need a Sports Massage?)

On Being a Two-Sport Athlete

“Right now, my whole focus is preparing for the CrossFit Games, so my training is largely a lot of aerobic workouts plus lifting and gymnastics built in. I’m training for anything and everything to make sure I stay strong but that I’m still fit to run, row, bike, or be ready for whatever is at hand.”

On Crushing This Year’s CrossFit Games

“I think this year I’m more focused on staying healthy and keeping my body feeling like 100-percent. That means I’m spending more time warming up and focusing on the rehab exercises that are going to keep my body fine-tuned throughout the season. If I can go into the Games feeling healthy, I’ve already set myself up for success.

Beyond that, I’m always exploring new tools to help provide feedback on what I am doing and where I’m at, fitness-wise. A great example of that is NEXUS, a CrossFit wearable that analyzes and tracks your workout performance. Using tools that can give me feedback on timing and rest intervals really help contribute to my goals.”

  • By Lauren Mazzo @lauren_mazzo

Lauren Fisher

Lauren Fisher is a wildly successful and athlete at a very young age.

This week, four-time CrossFit Games individual athlete Lauren Fisher takes on Alessandra Pichelli during the 19.3 CrossFit Open announcement.

You can find details on how to live stream the announcement here on WeRFitness.

Fisher first qualified for the CrossFit Games at the mere age of 18 in 2014. Since then, she’s gone on to six appearances in the Games: twice on a team and four times as an individual. In fact, her CrossFit Invictus team has already won a berth to the 2019 CrossFit Games after placing first at the Dubai CrossFit Championship.


February 1st, 1994



5′ 5″


140 LBS

Relationship Status

Sorry boys and girls, Lauren is in a long-time relationship with fellow CrossFit star Rasmus Anderson.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @laurenfisher
  • Twitter: @ltfisher12


Fisher is currently a full-time athlete and entrepreneur. She has a number of sponsors ranging from athletic wear to nutrition, and runs her own fitness gear company Grown Strong.


  • Nike: Metcon 4 | Metcon DSX Flyknit 2 | Metcon 3 | Metcon 2
  • Rogue Fitness: Wrist Wraps | Speed Rope | Weight Belt
  • Compex: Sport Elite 2.0 | Edge 2.0 | Wireless 2.0
  • Performa Sleep: Mattresses | Pillows
  • LesserEvil: Organic Popcorn | Paleo Puffs
  • Pouri: Magnesium | Protein Powder


Lauren has three older brothers. One of which is Garret Fisher – another prominent CrossFit Athlete.

Garret is competing in his eighth CrossFit Open and has never finished worse than 254th, peaking in 2018 at 14th place. He has appeared as an individual athlete in the CrossFit Games in 2013, 2016, 2017 (placing 5th, 20th, 13th).

Early Career

Fisher was raised in San Diego, where the played sports including soccer, softball, gymnastics, swimming, and basketball. She won back-to-back state champions as a basketball player at St Mary’s High School in California and was on the school’s national championship team.

As an Olympic weightlifter, Fisher won the 2014 USA Weightlifting Junior National Championship.

CrossFit Career

Lauren first started CrossFit in 2008 at the age of 14 to improve her fitness for her basketball ambitions.

By 2012, she had rocketed up the charts to place top-twelve in the now-defunct Northern California regional event.

As a team member, she placed seventh and 13th at the 2013 and 2015 CrossFit Games with CrossFit Invictus.

Fisher has also competed as an individual in 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018. She took ninth (at the age of 18), 25th, 30th, and 31st overall.

Her Open statistics aren’t explosive, but it’s worth noting she has never finished outside of the top 320, peaking in 2015 at 18th globally.

This is her eighth CrossFit Open, but she’s going to the 2019 CrossFit Games regardless of how she does. As a member of the 2018 CrossFit Invictus team, Fisher has already qualified through a team win at the Dubai CrosssFit Championship.

Lauren Fisher in China. Photo via Instagram, @laurenfisher

Lauren Fisher has competed at the CrossFit Games as both an individual and on a team. Fisher is one of the most popular CrossFit athletes with over 1 million followers on Instagram. But even while she is well known, there are still some things you may not know about the SoCal CrossFitter.

Yesterday, Fisher decided to share 10 things you might not know about her:

1. Family is everything to me. I’m the youngest of 3 brothers and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
2. I laugh A LOT and I’m grateful for my all my friends who make me laugh everyday.
3. I’m really competitive. This started at a young age and now carries over to all aspects of my life. I hate losing and I hate just being mediocre something.
4. I’m an introvert at heart. If you don’t know me, I might come off really quiet at first and until I get to know you is when I can talk all day.
5. Tiffany blue is my favorite color. Not too girly but not too masculine either.
6. I have an obsession with tea and greens. Your girl likes to be healthy. 🙃
7. Not too salty and not too sweet. Somewhere in between. Simple food tastes good to me.
8. Fitness is my passion and my obsession. I’ve always been the girl who likes to play outside and do something active for fun.
9. I’m late. Yes this habit started when I was in elementary school and accumulated over 100 tardies, but I was only a few seconds or minutes after the bell. Mom was this because of you? 😂🤔 Love you. ❤️
10. I sometimes get overwhelmed easily. I have a hard time saying no and I want to do everything, but as I’m getting older I just know that isn’t possible. I am human and I’m figuring this thing called LIFE out. ✌️

At the end, Fisher challenged her followers to share 10 things about themselves and to tag her.

Fisher will be making another appearance at the CrossFit Games this year. Fisher is competing on CrossFit Invictus’ team alongside Regan Huckaby, Tommy Vinas and her fiance Rasmus Anderson.

While you are here, The Barbell Spin is dedicated to providing the best coverage of the CrossFit Games day in and day out. We don’t hide behind a paywall as we think the fan should not have to pay to keep up with the sport they love.

We do, however, have expenses to maintain and to continue to expand what we can provide to you, our reader. One of our primary sources of income is the Rogue Fitness affiliate links. By clicking on the link below when making a purchase at, we receive a small commission. There is no added cost to you.

Regardless of whether you purchase anything through Rogue, we appreciate your support and will continue to bring you the best in competitive fitness!



Every impression we get from Lauren’s diet looks extremely delicious, proving that there is no contradiction between eating clean and being a foodie. While she admits to a massive sweet tooth and love for desserts, her regular diet is high quality primal with extra sources of carbohydrates. She works with a nutritionist and tracks her macros to ensure her body is fuelled for maximum performance. In a time where many young girls her age struggle with excessive dieting and restricting, she makes a point of putting health and performance first and eating to be happy.

Eat well, train hard

© Lauren Fisher

She is a great role model in that respect, inspiring half a million instagram users by aligning her nutrition with training and competing, the things that make her happy, but also keeping food as a separate factor of enjoyment. Give your body whole foods and try to eat in a mindful and healthy way, but don’t beat yourself up for straying from time to time and treating yourself to your favourite guilty pleasure.

Though still just 25, Rogue athlete Lauren Fisher has been one of the best known names in CrossFit for a long time now—dating back to her impressive debut at the NorCal Regionals in 2012. Since then, she’s collected a Top 10 finish at the Games (2014), a 1st place finish at the California Regional (2016), and seven overall Games appearances in total (4 individual, 3 team). In 2018, Lauren took on a whole new challenge, leaving her usual West Coast stomping grounds to move to Dubai and compete in the Meridian Regional. The result: a podium finish and another trip to Madison. A year later, she shook things up again, re-joining Team Invictus and new fiancé Rasmus Andersen on their road to a podium finish (3rd overall) at the 2019 Games.

Lauren first got into CrossFit when she was a high school basketball player, and it seemed to pay off, as her team won back-to-back California State Championships. At the same time, Fisher’s talent for Olympic weightlifting led her to pursue that sport competitively, as well, making appearances at the American Open and Junior Pan Am Championships with Team USA.

As a Rogue athlete, Lauren’s versatility, determination, and boundless enthusiasm continue to make her a popular figure and an inspiration to many up-and-coming athletes around the world.

Lauren Fisher Bio, Family, Career, Net Worth, Body Measurements

Strong, beautiful and very physically fit, Lauren Fisher is an American athlete who has been hailed as one of the smartest and youngest CrossFit athlete ever. She has very often stunned fans with her raw strength and stamina and has become one of the most talked about young athletes in the US.

She has competed in the Olympics, representing her country and winning her weight class. Her work rate has been described as phenomenal and she has been listed as no. 9 on the list of the fittest women in the world.

We have been able to dig up some facts about this athlete for your reading pleasure. Read on to see more.

Table of Contents

Lauren Fisher Biography

Lauren Fisher was born in California on the first day of February in 1994. She was brought up in a closely-knitted family with three brothers, one of whom is into the same sport. With the three brothers to always keep up with, she had to toughen up rather early in life.

As a young person, Fisher was very active and actually spent the majority of her time playing all sports that came across her way, be it individual sports like gymnastics, running, swimming or team sports like soccer, basketball, softball, and others.

Fisher got her education from St. Mary’s High School in California where she played basketball and was a part of the mythical National Championship team.


Looking at her career, Lauren has not only been very successful, but she has also been able to achieve so much in so little a time. Buy the age of 14, she had already won the California state champion player of the year back to back.

When Fisher clocked 18, she qualified to take part in the Northern Carolina CrossFit regionals and came 12th which was quite a phenomenal achievement considering her age and experience at the time.

At age 22, with many more events and training, Lauren had built a reputation for herself as one of the finest and most popular CrossFit athletes there is to know. While in her final year in school, she ditched basketball to focus squarely on CrossFit. She would then finish as 9th in the Reebok CrossFit games before going on to win the junior weightlifting national championship for team USA.

In 2016, Lauren Fisher took the first position at the California Crossfit regionals making her the fittest woman in California and the 9th fittest in the world.

Lauren has been on several sports magazine covers such as Boxrox and she has been touted an an inspiration to several millions of girls around the world and is a big role model in California.

In summary of her career, she is a 5-time Olympic weightlifting athlete and 6-time cross-fit regional athlete as an individual among other things.

Lauren Fisher and Rasmus Andersen (Image Source)

Fisher was raised in a closely knit family by her parents, Ivy Fisher and a father whose name has remained elusive even though she has always shared his pictures on social media praising him for his impact in her life.

She also has three brothers including Andrew Fisher who is a software professional and Garret Fisher who is also into the same sports as Lauren. He is a celebrity personal trainer and professional CrossFit athlete who has been her most important inspiration.

Although Lauren is not married, she is in a relationship with Rasmus Wisbech Andersen with whom she always trains. Rasmus is also a CrossFit athlete and weightlifter. After more than five years of dating, Andersen proposed to Fisher in May 2019 and she said yes.

Net worth

Being one of the best and youngest CrossFit professionals has its own perks and it has worked out well for Lauren as she is said to be worth an estimated 1.9 million dollars.

The athlete made her fortune from being a CrossFit professional and also for being a brand ambassador for several sport kits companies such as Nike and other products and services which includes PurePharma, Rogue fitness, and progeness.

Body Measurement and lifestyle

Being into the bodybuilding sport, Lauren is said to weigh around 135 – 145 Lbs which is about 61.2 – 65 kg. Her height is 5’5 (165 cm). The color of her eyes and hair are both black. Her bust size is 34 inches (87cm), her waist size is 25 inches (66cm), hip size is 35 inches (91cm).

Being into CrossFit can be very a tedious work but Fisher loves it and the challenges that come with it and as at such, she trains twice per day.

In the morning when she performs her squats, push and pulls, and Jerk drills. Her average weight for practice is 115 kg (253 lbs.). In the evenings, she has a 1.5m swim and runs 4.6 miles.

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Interesting facts about Lauren Fisher.

  • Lauren Fisher played all sports and was even more into Basketball than any other sport throughout her life. She played Basketball into her final year in college but switched permanently that same year.
  • Fisher is nicknamed Little Fish because of her small frame by her friends. Her small frame, however, is a heavy one
  • She maintains a diet but it is strict. Her diet consists mainly of heavy fats, lean proteins, and complex carbs. She said whenever she feels like eating something outside her diet, she does not hold back.

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Nike Has a New Metcon Shoe Approved by CrossFit Legends Mat Fraser and Lauren Fisher

CrossFit fans, rejoice. Nike has a new and improved sneaker for the sport — designed with insight from CrossFit legends Mat Fraser and Lauren Fisher — coming soon.

The Metcon 5 arrives Friday for NikePlus and NTC Pro Members. A broader release of the shoe is scheduled for July 8. The retail price is $130.

The gray and pink colorway of the women’s Nike Metcon 5. CREDIT: Nike

The performance updates include a haptic chain-link pattern on the upper for rope climbs, a wider heel for stability during heavy lifts, Hyperlift inserts for stability, a dual-density drop-in midsole (that’s softer in the forefoot) for comfort and protection during high-impact moves, and a new traction pattern on the outsole with stickier rubber in the forefoot and durable rubber in the heel. Also, Nike made the Metcon logo larger and sleeker.

“I really didn’t think there was much to improve from the Metcon 4. As soon as I got the 5, it became my new favorite,” Fraser said in a statement. “It’s the little things: the thickness of the new tongue that holds my foot in place, the new traction pattern that gives me exactly what I’ve been looking for to reduce slipping. The attention to detail makes this an amazing shoe.”

If you don’t want to wait, a PE for Fraser is available now for NikePlus Members, which will have a broader release on Saturday via and at select retailers.

Nike Metcon 5 Mat Fraser PE CREDIT: NikeThe outsole of the Nike Metcon 5 Mat Fraser PE. CREDIT: NikeA look from above at the Nike Metcon 5 Mat Fraser PE. CREDIT: NikeThe heels of the Nike Metcon 5 Mat Fraser PE. CREDIT: Nike

Want to know what makes a CrossFit shoe good? Check out the video below.

Want more?

CrossFit Champion Katrin Davíðsdóttir Leaves Reebok for a Competitor

These Are the Biggest Changes Reebok Made for Its New CrossFit Shoe

Nike Has a Customizable Sneaker Coming for the CrossFit Fanatic

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