We regularly ask ourselves, “What did we do without Amazon?” When it comes to the convenience of shopping, quick shipping and massive selection of goods, it’s pretty obvious why it has become a shopping haven.

Lucky for us, the e-commerce giant just curated a user-friendly experience for the style-savvy shopper. Enter the Customer’s Most-loved fashion page. Eager buyers can easily find well-loved and highly rated items from boots to dresses.

Amid products like the viral Amazon coat, we found an entire area dedicated to the best jeans. The “game-changing denim” section is full of all sorts of styles and colors of denim — all backed by over 1,200 reviews and at least 4 stars out of 5.

We haven’t tried these products ourselves so we recommended reading the reviews to figure out your optimal style and fit. Make sure to read carefully and look for listings that include photos — these, along with verified purchases are the best way to make sure you’re getting an accurate representation of the item listed on the site.

Check out some of these buyer-favorites below and explore the Amazon Customers’ Most-loved Fashion page for more noteworthy looks.

Skinny Fit Jeans

1. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co Gold Label Shaping Skinny

The name of these jeans says it all. The super stretchy material is soft on skin, yet doesn’t lose shape throughout the day. Plus, the midrise waistband has a tummy-slimming panel to keep you feeling comfortable no matter how long you’re wearing a pair.

2. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co Gold Label Modern Skinny

These skinny jeans have over 2,400 5-star reviews. One customer said “I have never experienced true love with jeans … until these. I am officially a Levi girl and I have since thrown out some of my old, non-Levi jeans and bought more in other colors and in bootcut.”

Editor note: If you saw our Instagram post, these are the $22 jeans one 5-star reviewer loved!

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3. Levi’s High Rise Skinny Jeans

The high-rise look is still going strong and these jeans (available in 41 colors) will keep you feeling on-trend. They have a slim hip and skinny leg silhouette and can be worn with any fall footwear.

Straight and Tapered Fit Jeans

1. NYDJ Straight Denim Jeans

These straight leg jeans are designed to lift and shape curves, eliminate back gap and fit your hips perfectly — all common issues women run into when buying jeans. This pair is extremely versatile and can be worn anywhere from the office to a night on the town.

2. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co Gold Label Plus Size Curvy

Sleek, savvy and stylish are just a few words that describe these highly rated jeans. They have a straight fit through the hip and thigh and pair perfectly with a vibrant blouse or light leather jacket.

3. Gloria Vanderbilt Classic Tapered Jean

Whether you’re short, tall or somewhere in between, you’ll be able to find a size to fit your shape. The Gloria Vanderbilt tapered jean is made from a spandex-blend material for ultimate comfort.

4. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co Gold Label Curvy Straight

Previous buyers claim that these jeans “fit like a glove” and you “can wear them from morning till night.” By opting into Prime Wardrobe, you can try these on before you buy them to ensure you’re purchasing the correct size.

Classic and Relaxed Fit Jeans

1. Lee Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean

The Lee relaxed fit jeans have a traditional fit that will keep you cool and comfortable during the summer-to-fall transition. The legendary straight leg look is one that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

2. Lee Classic Fit Straight Leg Jean

This pair of jeans has over 3,000 customer reviews with some buyers raving about the “slimming fit” and a “soft feel” that’s rare to find with traditional denim.

3. Lee Women’s Classic Jean

Just because we’re heading into the cooler months doesn’t mean you have to stick to dark colors. These light rose jeans will pair well with any warm-toned autumn wardrobe pieces.

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VIBES BASE ENTERPRISES INC. seeks affirm diversity of ethnicity, body type, and socioeconomic level by building brands that supply quality, fashion, and fit to all communities. We do so through technical innovation, fashionable design, resonate branding, and unwavering attention to detail.

Our roots run deep in manufacturing, where we started before incorporating our company in the US as a brand in 2001. Our unique vertical manufacturing has refined the creative process, enabling us to quickly and efficiently bring quality, taste-making fashion and fit to the marketplace. Starting as a manufacturer and wholesale provider of reasonably priced denim and active kit sportswear, we attracted thousands specialty stores and small chains nationwide. Between our manufacturing capabilities to provide competitively priced merchandise and growing reputation among retailers, we were empowered to expand into private label and original design manufacturing business. Today, our strategic commitment to evolve from an apparel manufacturer to a premier e-commerce retailer of branded products ultimately targeted to the consumer has set us apart. We understand both the needs of consumers and vendors of product better than ever before.


1992- Vibes started to evolve from a pure private label manufacture to penetrating the US young men’s & women’s market through wholesale under couple of different brands

1996- Vibes started to build its reputation of creating fashionable fleece and denim merchandise for the Urban Community under its Vibes label.
2001- Vibes Base Enterprises Inc. is incorporated after five years of significant growth and acceptance within the urban community. Its dominance in the denim market was established.
2002- Vibes Base Enterprise Inc. expanded its distribution of Vibes young men’s merchandise from independent specialty stores and chains to national retailers like Macy’s, JC Penny’s, Stage Stores, Mervyn’s, Gottschalk’s and Walmart to further its reach to its target customers.
2005- Vibes Base introduces Sweet Vibes targeting the curvy urban junior customer with fashionable styles that fit their body shape. The company also launches Vibes Gold Label denim brand to target the young man’s high-fashion denim customer.
2007- Vibes introduces Level 7 to provide premium denim jeans to the discerning Young man’s fashion customer.
2008- Vibes women’s team provides design support, product development and private label production for many national chain stores such as Torrid, Maurices, Pac Sun, Guess, Tillys, Zumiez, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, Arden B and Bebe brands.
2009- Vibes men’s team provides product development and private label production for Kenneth Cole NYC.
-Vibes enters into the women’s licensing arena and launches Chinese Laundry Denim to further expand its denim business base.
2013- standards & practices is launched to provide the young contemporary women’s customer with a fashionable, yet affordable solution in the contemporary market
-Vibes provides design support, product development and private label production for Chico’s Boston Proper Brand.
-Vibes women’s team introduce its standards & practices brand in Urban Outfitter and the Buckle.
-Direct to consumer fulfillment for Nordstrom customers.
-The Buckle adds Level 7 to their premium jean department.
2014- Vibes Gold Label revitalizes the Young man’s market with its fashion knit jogger pants. Millions of units are worn by the Urban community.
2015- Vibes launches Poetic Justice brand to provide the curvy urban female customer with fashionable styles the fit her lifestyle and body shape.
-Vibes introduces its Vivica Fox Collection of Poetic Justice merchandise to provide brand equity and create attention for the curvy customer.
-Expands its direct to consumer business relationships with Macy’s, Target, Belk, JC Penny’s and Bonton
-Rolls out Market Place branded businesses for Amazon, eBay, Sears.com, Jet.com and Walmart.com
2016-Expands to size inclusive business for Vibe’s three premier brands, Poetic Justice, Standards & Practices and Level 7.
-standards & practices “ fits real women 2-22” campaign is a resounding success within the plus size fashion market.

Daily Dose of Denim

During the Selvedge Run fair, we had the pleasure of talking to Momotaro’s Overseas Development Director Katsu Manabe. Due to scheduling conflicts, we weren’t able to meet up with Katsu when visiting Japan last month, so we were particularly happy to see him in Berlin.

Momotaro is a Japanese premium brand that was established in 2005 in Kojima, Okoyama. In this small coastal town, which is considered to be the mecca of Japanese denim, artisans continue to make jeans by hand, as they have been doing for decades. The brand took its name from a popular Japanese children’s story (Momotaro tranlsates as ‘peach boy’; you can read the story here).

The jeans are made from 100% Zimbabwean cotton, which is considered to be one of the best cottons in the world. It provides better durability than hard cotton and is appreciated for its unique fading, similar to vintage denim looks. Experienced craftsmen still dye the Momotaro jeans by hand. The natural indigo penetrates deeply into the fibres, creating a fade-resistent blue. Since all jeans are handmade, the production is limited with only about 10 pairs completed in a day.

Momotaro today has a variety of labels that cater to many price-points: the Copper label, Vintage label, the Battle label and the lesser known Gold Label, made on hand-operated shuttle looms.

A talk with Katsu.

Could you tell us about your first encounters with denim?
I must have been about 15 when I bought my first pair of jeans. It was a 501 replica, sold as a ‘house brand’ by the local shop. Me and my friends really liked combining denim with sneakers and Red Wing boots, but they were too expensive for us. So we took part time jobs to be able to afford the sneakers and jeans we liked. It was around that time my father, who was working in the textile business, took me to his company to show me what he was doing there. I was really surprised to see him making the same fabric I was buying. I think you can say that this was my first turning point.
After high school, I left for Canada to study English and discovered a new culture and lifestyle. I think it was there that I considered a career in the textile industry for the first time. Back home, I started working as a salesman for hand made Indonesian products and I came back to Japan when my father opened a store and appointed me as the store manager. I was only 23 at the time and I suddenly was given the huge responsability of running a store by myself. It was a real challenge but I’m still grateful for the opportunity.

Do you wear denim on a daily basis?
I have a lot of them but I don’t wear denim on a daily basis. I try to alternate with chinos and wool pants. We are a textile company, we offer 3000 different materials in our showroom so the possibilities are endless. We have about 500 big brands and 500 smaller brands among our customers.
I am definitely not a denim snob, I also like to wear Uniqlo for example.
So when did you start working at Momotaro?
Momotaro was founded in 2005 as part of the Japan Blue Company and has focused on producing top quality denim ever since. Today, Momotaro still produces the majority of their jeans in the Kojima region. I was part of the company from the early beginnings.

It is disappointing, but we notice that even Japanese people don’t always know where Japanese denim is coming from. But they know Momotaro is connected to Okoyama. We thought that if we can get high-quality denim in their hands, made in Japan, it might raise awareness around Japanese denim. Originally, Momotaro Jeans were meant for the Japanese customer.

How can you prevent craftmanship to go to waste?
Working in a factory is boring because you are doing the same thing everyday. Young people don’t necessarily want that, they want to do new stuff, move to a big city. What we try to do among our workers, is to draw attention to the fact that 26 countries are buying the jeans they are making in the factory in Okoyama. We encourage them to take pride in their work.

We also try to connect around the world. We offer courses in collaboration with the Jeans School in Amsterdam and we work closely with the fashion design school in Okoyama.
How is the brand perceived internationally?
We started out in Europe in 2008 for a niche audience. Only true denim lovers knew about us back then. So we started building up the brand, setting out from Amsterdam and really taking it step by step. We are not a company that is focused on profit first, we want to make sure we produce quality products before selling them. It is not the easiest product to sell either, since the base price for a pair of Momotaro Jeans is 289 euros. And for some customers, that is just way over budget. Our other denim brand, Japan Blue, start at 179 euros and offers the similar quality as a Momotaro original, but with simpler sewing parts and a strong focus on the fabric.

The brand has won high praise abroad, I hear people speak with appreciation for the brand wherever I travel.

The Japan Blue Factory is looking to open a showroom and concept store in Paris in March or April 2016.

Levi signature straight jeans

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