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You definitely saw her in the last Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — after all, she’s pretty hard to miss. Her willowy frame is trim and toned, an image she works hard to maintain through rigorous workouts she sneaks in between fashion shows and photo shoots. From yoga to SoulCycle, from ballet to barre, Lily Aldridge is the queen of workouts, and we think it shows.

This top model trains like an athlete with supercharged workouts that last over an hour three times a week. (When preparing for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, she’ll work out twice… daily!) She works her abs, legs and arms through boxing sessions at Gotham Gym and takes powerful rides at SoulCycle. Her favorite workout doesn’t include a treadmill or bike, however.

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“I love Ballet Beautiful,” Aldridge told Shape, referring to the dance-inspired workouts from fitness guru Mary Helen Bowers. “Mary Helen Bowers is my trainer. It’s changed my body in a beautiful way. But I hate running. I can’t get in that zone that people that people talk about.”

To supplement her workout sessions, the 31-year-old will refuel with blueberry smoothies or meals incorporating fresh vegetables and fish.


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“I love avocado,” she said. “It’s my favorite snack. I eat it with rice cakes, plain, or make guacamole. It’s so healthy for you and so satisfying.”

Looking gorgeous in a bikini and angel wings in front of millions of television viewers isn’t easy, so Aldridge keeps her diet clean and natural. This not only keeps her skin clear and fresh, but also keeps off any unwanted weight.

“I eat a lot of protein and vegetables,” she told Allure. “I love to make myself roast chicken. And I feel good now. I feel confident and ready for the runway.”


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When I reached out to our cover star, Lily Aldridge, for some insider tips about her hometown of Nashville, she replied like a true Southern hostess—she offered to join us for a workout!

We hit Shakti Power Yoga with owner Lauren Farina (above, with Aldridge) and found out everything from how Aldridge stays in shape (hint: she really works for it) to what her workout jam is (Arcade Fire’s “Reflektor”).

Melissa Ventosa Martin: I’m so happy we did this! There are certain places where I feel I can unwind and be healthier. Do you feel different in New York compared to Nashville?

Lily Aldridge: I love both cities, but I definitely feel more at home in Nashville!

MVM: Tell me about the workout we did today. I know you did yoga with Lauren throughout your pregnancy, so you must have a special bond there.

LA: I love working out with her—especially when I was pregnant, which is a very positive and reflective time. Yoga is so good for your body and soul.

MVM: What’s the most challenging part of doing Lauren’s yoga class?

LA: It’s a fast-paced yoga class—and it can get very hot. But you feel so good during and after it!

MVM: Your daughter, Dixie, just turned three yesterday. (Happy birthday, Dixie!) As a mom to a three-year-old, how do you stay focused and on track with your fitness? What advice can you give to other moms?

LA: It’s important to take time out for yourself. I think that is one thing every mom feels guilty about…but it’s so important.

MVM: Tell us about your post-baby fitness. What did you do to get back in shape and how long did it take?

LA: I did Ballet Beautiful because I was in NYC getting ready for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. It took about four months after Dixie was born for me to feel like myself again. I worked really hard and it was nice to set a goal.

MVM: You travel a ton. How much does it interfere with your fitness and health goals?

LA: I try to work out four or five days a week, no matter what. I think the worst thing you can do is break your routine because then it’s harder to get back into it.

MVM: Do you feel your workout look is an extension of your personal style? How would you describe it?

LA: I like black sleek workout clothes with pops of bright color. Victoria’s Secret makes amazing gear so it’s so fun to pick out a look and just have a good time with it.

An Inside Look at Lily’s Workout

Lauren shared three of the must-do moves for Lily—and how you can perfect your practice, too. Check out Lauren’s insights below.

Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose connects your body and breath. I love to start Lily in this pose because it gives her an opportunity to land in the moment. It’s an opportunity for her to check in with her body and breath. This posture is also great to use as a resting pose at anytime during practice. We hold this pose for 10 long, deep breaths.

  1. Come to your hands and knees and press the tops of your feet into the mat.
  2. Bring your big toes to touch and drop your hips back on top of your heels.
  3. Keep your big toes together and widen your knees to the outer edges of your mat.
  4. Let your chest and abdomen rest between your thighs.
  5. Extend your arms forward to the top of your mat.
  6. Rest your forehead on the floor and begin to breathe.

Lily Aldridge is a mother, a supermodel, an actress and philanthropist, yet somehow, she manages to make it all look entirely effortless.

Here – as told exclusively to Bazaar – she dishes on what keeps her looking so fresh-faced while conquering the world, one runway at a time.
My secret to a flawless complexion is…

“I take the time to really love my skin and I love a good sheet mask. 111SKIN makes my favourite. I also love the La Mer soft moisturiser, and I never forget oil-free sunblock.”

A few of Aldridge’s favourite products:

La Mer the treatment lotion hydrating mask


£120, La Mer at Space NK

111Skin- sub zero de-puffing eye mask


£65, 111 Skin at Harrods

Byredo Burning Rose candle


£54, Byredo at Net-a-Porter

Goop G.Nite bedtime bath soak


£30, Goop at Cult Beauty

My favourite way to relax is…

“Taking a bubble bath with Goop bath salts, there are a few different kinds to choose from, and lighting a Byredo candle. My favourite scent is Burning Rose.”

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Lost in a moment 🦋

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My biggest beauty mistake was…

“Over-tweezed eyebrows!”

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Behind the scenes of #BTS 📸😉

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My biggest beauty indulgence is…

“A Shani Darden facial in Los Angeles,” says Aldridge. Shani Darden is a well-known and immensely popular celebrity aesthetician known in the industry for her unmatched ability to effectively and effortlessly treat stubborn skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, rosacea, ageing skin and sun damage.

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Bath & Bed 🌙

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I prefer a healthy glow…

“It’s simple with a good cover up like the RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Cover-Up mixed with the RMS Beauty Highlighter. I also braid my hair while doing make-up and/or skincare to get a nice easy wave! I will usually loosely braid it as soon as I’m out of the shower and let it dry like that.”

Tom Ford lip colour in ‘Sable Smoke’


£40, Tom Ford

RMS Beauty “un” cover-up


£34, RMS Beauty

OLAPLEX hair perfector


£24, Olaplex

The best beauty advice I ever received was…

“When putting on make-up, especially foundations, blend, blend, blend! It’s what makes it look so natural.”

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Fresh Face by my Friend and most Talented @alex_wtb 🖤🦋

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If I can impart any beauty wisdom I’ve learned, it would be this…

“Remember to always take care of your skin and don’t forget to wear sunblock,” says Aldridge. Harmful rays are the number one cause of skin ageing, something hard to remember when the sun’s not always shining, but don’t forget to lather up daily. Your skin will thank you later.

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Adiós Puerto Rico ✌️

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Lily Aldridge Reveals Her Favorite Beauty Products (And The One Skincare Rule She Swears By)

Supermodel turned entrepreneur, Lily Aldridge, talks about all things beauty and skincare in an … exclusive interview.

Lily Aldridge Parfums

Lily Aldridge has been turning heads ever since she first walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret back in 2009.

Today, she is one of the most envy-inducing supermodels, a proud mom, philanthropist and a budding perfume entrepreneur. Yet, despite having several balls in the air, she still manages to look effortlessly beautiful all the time.

Lucky for us, the ex-Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model is more than happy to let us in on the secret to her seemingly poreless and luminous skin.

First, let’s take a look at her daily skincare routine:

“The first thing I do when I wake up is take a hot bath. I like to use Goop bath salts with arnica,” tells Aldridge. Next, she slathers on Tata Harper’s reparative moisturizer and puts on their Restorative Anti-Aging Eye Cream. “I love their skincare line because it’s all-natural yet effective,” adds the founder of Lily Aldridge Parfums.

In the evening, “if I’m going out, I always start my routine with a 111SKIN sheet mask or a DIY Greek yogurt and honey mask that moisturizes and softens my skin,” she says. “Then I take a hot shower where I like to use a homemade body scrub made with ground coffee and coconut oil,” tells Aldridge. “It’s a great exfoliant that improves circulation and it smells delicious,” notes the supermodel.

In addition, “I wash my hair with Olaplex shampoo followed by their No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner,” she says. “If I have time, I also put on a hair mask. My favorite one is Oribe’s Masque for Beautiful Color,” she tells. “After stepping out of the shower, I put my hair in pigtails to allow it to dry naturally with a nice easy wave,” says the 34-year-old.

Other than that, she also makes it a point to always wear sunscreen before stepping out anywhere during the daytime. “It’s an incredibly important skincare rule for me,” says Aldridge. “If I could go back in time, I’d make my teenage-self lather on sunblock religiously,” she adds.

And now, here are the nine beauty must-haves the supermodel admittedly can’t live without:

La Mer’s The Moisturizing Soft Cream

La Mer’s The Moisturizing Soft Cream

La Mer

Enriched with potent skin-nourishing ingredients like lime tea, seaweed extract and La Mer’s signature Miracle Broth, this splurge-worthy cream feeds long-lasting hydration to the skin while shielding it from environmental stressors and imparting a youthful glow. “I’ve been using this cream for years now. It instantly gives my skin a lit-from-within glow,” notes Aldridge.

Summit by Lily Aldridge Parfum

Summit by Lily Aldridge Parfums

Lily Aldridge Parfums

Inspired by Aldridge’s Smokey Mountain escape, this newly launched fragrance is a warm, rustic delight with base notes of sandalwood, leather and patchouli musk. “This has been a staple of mine all winter. I just can’t get enough of it,” says Aldridge. “It makes me feel like I’m curled up next to a crackling fireplace with a good glass of wine,” she adds.

Windsor Edwards Lip Balm

Windsor Edwards Lip Balm

Windsor Edwards

A favorite of Aldridge, this all-natural lip balm seals in moisture for hours, keeping your pout buttery soft, smooth and plump. “I’ve been using this lip balm for years now. In fact, I like to gift it to my friends too,” tells Aldridge. “My trainer actually laughs at me because I even bring it to the gym with me,” adds the former Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Cocokind’s Rosewater Facial Toner

Cocokind’s Rosewater Facial Toner


Packed with the goodness of organic rosewater, Cocokind’s rose-infused facial toner soothes and hydrates the skin and helps keep its pH levels balanced. Plus, it inhibits the production of excess oil which can result in clogged pores. “When I was little, I loved to spritz my mom’s perfumes. After a while, she got me a little rosewater spray of my own—probably hoping that I’d stop using her more expensive fragrances,” Aldridge quips. “To this day, I still adore the smell of rosewater,” she says.

RMS Beauty’s “Un” Cover-Up

RMS Beauty’s “Un” Cover-Up

RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty’s multitasking concealer features a lightweight, moisturizing formula that visibly melts into the skin to cover all imperfections, including redness, under-eye circles and open pores. In addition, it’s available in 16 different shades, so there’s a perfect match for everyone. “This concealer has been a part of my beauty routine for so long. It’s easily blendable and doesn’t sit heavy on your skin. The result is a smooth, flawless complexion,” says Aldridge.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Look In A Palette in Stoned Rose Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Look In A Palette in Stoned Rose Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury

Inspired by Charlotte Tilbury’s cult-favorite Stoned Rose lipstick, this versatile eye, cheek and contour palette gives you a perfect, rose-kissed makeup look on the go. “I love these little palettes. They have everything you need for full-face makeup and they’re travel-friendly,” says Aldridge. “Each pod is numbered, but I typically mix and match the shades. The cheek pop shade, for instance, is great as an eyeshadow too,” she points out.

Crystal’s Mineral Deodorant Stick

Crystal’s Mineral Deodorant Sticks


“I switched to all-natural products when I was pregnant and this is one of my favorites,” says Aldridge. The non-toxic, cruelty-free deodorant is infused with botanically-derived ingredients like lotus blossom and orange peel extract that help control and eliminate odor without blocking the pores. It’s available in six refreshing scents as well as an unscented version.

Oribe’s Masque For Beautiful Color

Oribe’s Masque For Beautiful Color


Infused with star ingredients like wild mango butter, keratin, sunflower and moringa oil and watermelon extract, this luxe hair mask leaves your locks frizz-free and silky smooth thanks to its intense, cuticle-enriching conditioning. While its color-protecting UV filters keep hair color from fading during hair wash.

Visme’s Jade Ice Roller

Visme’s Jade Ice Roller


This 2-in-1 jade roller can be used for gua sha as well as a cold therapy to relieve pain and reduce puffiness. “I always keep mine in a mini-fridge and use it after applying my moisturizer,” says the fashion maven. “My daughter, Dixie, has started using it too and she loves it,” she tells.

Lily Aldridge, Model

“I grew up in Los Angeles, and as a kid I thought I’d either be a photographer or a soccer star. I didn’t think in a million years I’d be a model. I got discovered when I was 14, and it was a slow build—I didn’t really start until I was 18, and I moved to New York to pursue it a year later. I was always such a tomboy, and suddenly everything changed—I was living at Barney’s, buying everything. Carolyn Murphy has always been one of my mentors, and when I was a young model, she would drill it into me that modeling is a business, and professionalism matters. So many young girls come here partying, and they treat modeling like a lifestyle. I definitely had enough fun for any one person, but I’m a professional when I go to work. I’m always the first person at the shoot—that’s just something that’s been instilled in me.

I’ve always been drawn to children, and I’ve always wanted to be a mom, but I definitely felt more pressure being pregnant. With my daughter, I was doing the Victoria’s Secret show four or five months after I gave birth—no one told me I had to lose weight or anything, but I wanted to look good. I was still eating a ton, because you have to when you’re nursing, but everything was really clean. This time I felt no pressure, and it’s been glorious. If you look at the CFDA photos, I’m wearing this beautiful Brandon Maxwell dress and you can totally see my little pregnancy tummy. But it’s gorgeous! My beautiful baby boy came out of that tummy. There’s also less pressure on the day-to-day, because we live in Nashville now. My husband is from Nashville, and when Dixie was starting school we decided to stay there full-time. There’s no paparazzi, and I don’t have to worry about if I’m wearing the coolest look all the time.

Two years ago I decided to start my perfume line. Each of the four fragrances are based on a place that’s important to me, and Haven, the first that just launched, is based on home. I used to love my mom’s perfume—so much that I used to spray it all over the place. My mom got me rose water spray so I could have something of my own, and I did that for my daughter, too. She gravitates towards my perfumes—since I’ve been creating my own line, I come home and find her in her bunk bed, giving ‘beauty treatments’ to her dolls with the samples. It’s very… fragrant. So I got her rose water spray. Actually, we were snuggling one day and she smelled so good that I went back and re-sprayed all the samples to find the one that smelled like her. Now it’s one of my favorite scents in the whole world—it’s the last one in my collection that’s going to come out.

I’m nursing right now—my beauty routine is always pretty natural, but when I’m pregnant or nursing it’s even more extreme. There are so many amazing, natural products now that weren’t around when I was pregnant the first time, but all the ingredients can still be confusing. Sometimes I’ll personally DM brands and ask, ‘Is there anything in your products that I should avoid? Can you help me get through this?’ They’re usually very helpful. You can’t use retinol when you’re pregnant or nursing, but when I’m not, I love Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform. I also see her in LA—I’m a mom, I have a seven-month-old, I’m not sleeping, and when I leave her I feel so fresh. In New York I see Joanna Czech, or I’ll get Triad Facials from Dr. Colbert, but I haven’t been able to do those in a while.

There are so many amazing, natural products now that weren’t around when I was pregnant the first time, but all the ingredients can still be confusing.

I kind of have two routines—the quick one when I’m half asleep getting my kids to school, and then my more luxurious one during nap time. That’s when I’m running the bath, playing ‘Hamilton’… Usually I’ll get up, brush my teeth, put deodorant and moisturizer on, and get my daughter to school. When my son goes down for his 9 o’clock, I’ll redo my skincare. I start by taking my makeup off because I’m usually too lazy to do it at night. I’ll either use Burt’s Bees wipes or these gorgeous coconut wipes from RMS, which are better if there’s a lot of makeup. Then I’ll use Tata Harper’s scrubby cleanser, and take it off with a warm towel. After that, I use Tata Harper’s Brightening Essence on a cotton ball, which takes off any leftover dirt and makes my skin shiny, and then maybe a vitamin C serum from Kora Organics. Miranda is one of my best friends, and she was teaching me about organic and natural things like, 15 years ago. Then I use Tata Harper’s Repairative Moisturizer, or the Crème Riche at night, which I keep next to my bed. I’m not trying to sound like a Tata Harper ad, but I really love her line.

I love MAC Face and Body, but I’ve been trying not to use it pregnant and nursing. It’s been so hard to find anything comparable—it’s nice coverage, but I’m still able to see my freckles. The closest I’ve come is a tinted face oil I bought in the clean section of Sephora in Nashville—the Kosas one, have you seen it? It’s my new favorite thing. I use that with RMS Un Cover-Up around my nose, under my eyes, and around my lips. When I have to wear full-coverage makeup for an event, I love when makeup artists draw my freckles back on. Hung did my makeup the other night and used this product called Freck—it’s such a good trick. It makes me look like myself. I the RMS highlighter quad, and if I’m getting really jazzy, I’ll bust out the Charlotte Tilbury bronzer and use it on my cheekbones and forehead.

I don’t love eyeshadow because I find that it can age me, but one of my favorite makeup artist tricks is to contour my eyelids. I put a little bronzer in the crease, and it gives my eyes some nice depth. I look made up, but not makeup-y. Then I use mascara. I’ve been loving Marc Jacobs mascara recently—it’s really thick and black. If I just fill in my eyebrows, all of a sudden my face looks more structured. I’ve gone through so many different pencils, and Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Brown is perfect for me. I like the pencil to be a little bit lighter than my natural brows. Right now I’m wearing my favorite Serge Lutens lip liner, which is perfect for lip contouring—if you overdraw your lips a little, it just looks like the shadow of your lip. Michael Kors always asks me, ‘Is that your lip color?’ It basically is, but a little more special. In most photos, I’m either wearing that or Tom Ford’s Sable Smoke. And I love Windsor Edwards lip balm—all the packaging is biodegradable, and the whole line is very sustainable and conscious.

I didn’t have my hair colored for a long time when I was pregnant. I’m naturally very dark, so I’d grow it out, and then cut it, and eventually it was all one color. Tracey Cunningham does my hair in LA, and she’s the sweetest, kindest woman—she’s like family. A few months after my son was born I asked if she could send one of her assistants to Nashville to give me highlights, and Tracey was on the next flight. She landed in Nashville, did my color, had dinner with me, and then got on the next flight home. I feel like a new woman—when you’re a mom, it’s easy to forget to do things that make you feel good. I needed that mom love, you know? If I’m working I wash it more, but if I’m home I maybe wash it every three days. My natural texture is really curly, but if I let it dry in braids the top will stay a little bit flatter. I use a leave-in conditioner spray from Christophe Robin, detangle with a metal comb, and then put it in braids or, if I need something easier, a bun. I also I really love Olaplex, but for most of my pregnancy I stopped using it. However, the other day I noticed it was in Sephora’s clean section, and I’m so happy it’s back in my life. They should promote that more!

When you’re a mom, it’s easy to forget to do things that make you feel good. I needed that mom love, you know?

I wanted to create four fragrances because I always use more than one fragrance. Some days I’m in the mood for something brighter, other days I want something moodier… I usually gravitate towards something floral with jasmine or rose. Apart from my own fragrances, I love Jason Wu’s, and Stella McCartney’s—hers is actually called Lily . It’s in a beautiful vintage-y glass bottle. I think Byredo makes such beautiful scents. And I always love Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge.

I try to take a bath every morning, and I love Goop’s bath salts. There’s one that’s mustardy, and it smells so good. I always have Jason body wash from Whole Foods, either the rose one or the lavender one, and I also use that on Dixie. If I’m going to a big event I’ll use normal deodorant, but right now I’m fully on the crystal stick. Manicures are my favorite indulgence—I go once a week, if I can. To me, having fresh nails is heavenly. This is my first delve into nail art, for my perfume launch—MoMo came to me to do it. I wanted some little roses and I asked her to do one on each ring finger, but she said they had to be sporadic. Teach me the way of the nail art, MoMo! Usually I just do a buff or OPI Passion, which is a really nice see-through nude. You can’t go wrong.”

—as told to ITG

Lily Aldridge photographed by Tom Newton in New York on September 9, 2019.

Lily Aldridge is perplexed. The bubble bath liquid filling her oversize tub in her Manhattan apartment is not bubbling. “It’s never like this. I do this all the time,” she says, apologetically. She’s not exaggerating. The Los Angeles–born model has taken a bath at the end of every day since she can remember. “My dad’s English so I’ve always been a baths and bathrobes . There’s nothing more luxurious to me than getting into a bathtub.” Which is why, on a gloomy June afternoon, she’s invited Vogue.com for a demonstration on how to draw the perfect bath.

For Aldridge, bath time is serious business. Even though she hasn’t been to the apartment in weeks—her refrigerator is practically bare—her bath salts are fully stocked and there are plenty of candles to be lit. “I put my bath salts in a Ziploc bag and bring them with me . I bring Diptyque’s small candles in amber or lavender everywhere, too. Even if I’m just getting ready for an event, I’ll bring them to hair and makeup.” A nightly soak is more than a utilitarian way to wash off the day: Depending on what she puts in the water, it can act as a detoxifier, muscle relaxer, the perfect post-concert refresher, or just a necessary solitary moment. “ you have to remind yourself to take time for yourself. Then you can be the best person you can be for everyone.” Here, she talks about the process of creating the most luxurious bath, the natural beauty products she discovered during pregnancy that she still relies on, and the high-impact festival makeup trick that only gets better as the day wears on.

Photo: Courtesy of Lily Aldridge

After all of your years of experience, what makes the perfect bath?
I love bath salts—they’re really good for your body. Windsor Edwards has an amazing bath salt that smells delicious. Or you can get Epsom salts, which I am living in before the Victoria’s Secret show. It’s really good for your muscles and helps pull out toxins. There’s also an Indian clay that’s good for when you maybe drank a little too much or are starting a cleanse and want to get everything bad out of your body. I put it in the bath with a little bit of apple cider vinegar, which is the most amazing thing to balance your pH and make your skin really shiny. I drink a teaspoon of it every day with lemon and water. To conserve water, I take a low bath, but it’s my luxury—it’s a special moment for Mama.

Is it just a soak or is there more involved?
I think scrubbing is important to help recirculate everything and keep your skin soft. Windsor Edwards soaps have scrub in them. The tangerine mint oat one smell amazing. I make my own coffee scrub for circulation and getting rid of cellulite. It’s just ground-up coffee and you mix it with coconut oil—it smells heavenly. I use organic coconut oil or jojoba oil as a moisturizer when I get out of the bath. Your body just drinks it up.

Less is more.

SPF of choice:

Aveeno SPF 30 ($8, target.com)

Makeup miracles:

Pat McGrath Everything !

Most underrated product:

Brow gel.

Photo by Inez & Vinoodh. Styled by Edward Enninful.

Never leave the house without:

Clean brows and nice, glowing skin.

A good hair day starts with:

Ouai Wave Spray, ($26, sephora.com).

My hair colorist always says:

Tracey Cunningham is my colorist and she is genius!! We match my color from when I was a kid.

Nails must be:


Beauty from the inside out:

I love great tea and my meals from Sakara Life!

Exercise obsession:

Ballet Beautiful.

Drink of choice:

Pressed Juicery.

Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott; Styled by Edward Enninful

Product that you picked up from the pros:

Serge Lutens Lip Pencil.

A woman should smell like:

Whatever makes her feel good! I love Jason Wu’s new fragrance– everything about it is beautiful from the jasmine scent to the bottle!

Spa-cation at:

Blackberry Farm has a beautiful spa and fabulous food.

TSA-friendly essentials:

Rose water.

In-tub must-read:

Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly.

Best advice from mom:

Love Yourself.

Best-kept beauty secret:

I do sheet mask every day! They are so great when you are at home. My daughter thinks they are hilarious.

The beauty secrets of supermodels:

Lily aldridge skin care

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