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Stitch Fix #2 Thoughts

So, I got my sister Mallory married off last weekend…

MOST GORGEOUS vintage-inspired bridal look (and bride) EVER…

and came home to my second Stitch Fix. Many of you faithful blog readers know that I was overall pleased with my first Stitch Fix (see post HERE), and I kept 3 out of 5 pieces.

I wish my second fix was as good as the first…(insert all the sad emojis)

First of all, my stylist changed. I guess I thought my stylist would stay the same for the entire time I used the service. I had Camila the first time, and now I have Megan. No offense to Megan (sorry, Megan), but this fix was not my favorite. I felt Camila really played in to my rocker-chic style in my first fix, and I found myself feeling “meh” about most every piece this time around.

Piece 1: Renee C Morsey Crochet Trim Top ($48)
Piece 2: Liverpool Denise Bootcut Jean ($78)

Thoughts on the top: As I told you in my last post on Stitch Fix, you are able to link up a Pinterest board for your stylist to look at as she styles your fix. I actually pinned this top because I loved the print and fuchsia color. However, I found it to be too tight in the sleeve area and too short on the sides at the hip. It was also super wrinkly when it arrived, which was also a bummer. I am nearly always a medium in tops (and sometimes a small, depending on the brand), and this medium was ill-fitting on me. Verdict: send back
Thoughts on the jeans: I guess I don’t have anything bad to say about them…they’re OK. But just OK doesn’t justify spending $78. I did LOVE the Liverpool black skinny pants in my last fix, and though these jeans are the same brand, I wasn’t crazy about them. Verdict: send back
Piece 3: Skies are Blue Venice Sleeveless Cardigan ($48)

Thoughts on the vest: Nope. Strongly dislike. Very aging, in my opinion. (Sorry if you like it! Ha ha.) Had to fake the smile, to be honest. Verdict: send back

Piece 4: Collective Concepts Bradley V-Neck Blouse ($68)

Thoughts on the top: I actually really like the cobalt color. I did ask for “strong,” bold colors in my fix, as I am not a pastel girl. But the stylist suggested that I pair the top with the bootcut jeans, and to me, that is too much blue going on. I think the cobalt looks great with the black skinny pant, and I would also try it with gray. I like it but am not sure it is worth the money. I don’t necessarily mind spending a bit more for something I love and that flatters me, so I will say I’m on the fence.

Tell me what you think on this one! I am leaning toward sending back. Keep in mind, though, that since some of you used my referral link (THANK YOU!!), I do have a credit this month.
Verdict: send back? Tell me what to do…
Piece 5: Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee ($44)

Thoughts on the top: Love it. Comfy, versatile (I could wear casual or to work), and the color is FUN. Love the hi/lo aspect (shorter in the front, longer in the back). This top is also begging to be worn with a statement necklace, and you know I love my statement necklaces!

Verdict: keep
Final thoughts: I’m only (for sure) keeping one piece. I am disappointed with this fix, to be honest. I will still keep receiving fix shipments for the next few months (maybe two or three), but if they all turn out like this one, I will discontinue. I can’t deny, though, that it is so fun and exciting to receive each fix.

Another disclaimer: I am rekindling my love for Express right about now, so I may be slim in the buying of fix pieces so I can spend more money at Express. LOVING their jewelry right about now. I just bought this necklace in silver.

If you want to try out your own fix and found this blog post to be helpful, here is a I’d love for you to use!

And keep in mind that you can request pieces you see me wearing. If you like one of my pieces, you can specifically ask for those! Just FYI!

Liverpool jeans plus size

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