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The keto diet has become an incredibly popular eating approach, one that many people swear by. It can be hard to stick to, which is why these fun keto snack subscription boxes have exploded in popularity.

It’s hardly a surprise that keto is a popular diet, because the low-carb and high-fat diet promotes weight loss while providing many potential health benefits. And all the while, you can eat lots of fatty, delicious foods.

These keto snacks are also a welcome alternative to modern snacks, which tend to be highly processed and full of artificial ingredients.

Despite the benefits, the keto diet can be challenging. You need to cut out many common foods and ingredients. This makes it much more difficult to eat ALL the food that you enjoy, especially if you’re short on time or energy. Some people turn to keto meal delivery services or keto meal kits to make things easier, but what about snacks?

It’s always good to have some easy and healthy snacks on hand. These can often be the difference between sticking to your ketogenic diet and giving up.
This is where keto snack subscription boxes come in. They contain various snacks (and sometimes ingredients) that make the keto diet much easier to follow. You might even discover some new favorites along the way.


In This Article

In this article, we’re going to narrow our focus on the best keto snack subscription boxes for you to consider. These take the decision-making process out of snacking, and make it easy for you to have a quick snack without stressing about breaking your keto diet. These food subscription boxes get sent at regular intervals, so once you sign up there is no more stress.

After we examine the best boxes, we’ll dive into your decision making process for these snack boxes, and then give you a quick rundown of our favorite keto snacks.

Keto Subscription Boxes

  • The Keto Box
  • My Keto Snack Box
  • Bunny James Premium Low Carb Keto Box
  • Sugar Smart Box
  • Stick in a Box
  • KetoCan
  • Sleek Treat
  • Not Pie Keto Subscription Box
  • KetoKrate

Here’s an interesting snack box to consider.

The Keto Box hasn’t been in circulation for as long as many of the other examples on this list. It’s also another snack box that doesn’t specify the carb content that they’re aiming for, which is a shame.

Don’t let those aspects put you off though. The Keto Box also has some clear advantages. One is their transparency. There are plenty of images of the products you might find in the box. The site even has images of previous boxes. The style gives you a good idea about what you can expect before you sign up for anything.

This snack subscription box also aims to be responsive. While there are currently no customization options, the people behind the site look for customer feedback following each shipment. They use this to guide future boxes. The style helps ensure that the selection is always the best that it can possibly be.

Subscription to the box costs $40 per month. This provides you with between 8 and 11 snacks each month. You can see what I got in my review of The Keto Box.

Because there is no contract, this snack box is a great place to begin.

My Keto Snack Box costs $38 per month, with no contract. This gives you the ability to cancel your subscription any time.
Shipping is free in the United States. There is also international shipping as well, but you need to pay extra to do so.

The basic version of My Keto Snack Box has 8 to 11 snacks. Some of these come from keto and low carb brands, while others are conventional snacks that are simply low in carbs. All of the snacks contain no more than 5 grams of net carbs (per serving), so they’re perfect for keto.

Here’s my personal review of My Keto Snackbox.

Bunny James Premium Low Carb Keto Box

Bunny James is one of the more popular snack box brands out there, and we think that’s for very good reason. And as a bonus, they donate a portion of their profits to support the homeless in their community.

The Premium Low Carb Keto Box is a great option for an all-around keto snack box. If you’re looking for a box that has a good variety of everything, then this box might be for you. This box is full of all the ketofavourites– things such as protein bars, pumpkin seeds, almond butter, and more.

This box is available as a subscription or as a one-time payment. It costs $54.99 for a one-time purchase, and $44.99 as a subscription. Bunny James even offers gift wrapping if you want to send this box to someone.

Bunny James tries their best to be fully transparent. They provide nutritional information on their website for all of the products within the box. Additionally, each product in the box is listed alongside a carb count. This is invaluable information for someone on a strict keto diet.

Another feature worth mentioning is the appearance of this box. Bunny James packs every box to look like a “miniature garden”. Snacks are neatly packed in, and they come with a custom poem, a heartfelt story, and colored grass decorations.

Here’s a keto box that might be for you if you want something focused on sugary snacks.

The Sugar Smart Box is a great choice if you prefer your snacks on the sweet side. What’s even better is that these sweet treats are all on the healthy side. The Sugar Smart Box picks snacks that are low in sugar and carbs. Possible treats include gummy bears, dairy free chocolate bars, sweet nuts, and much more. This keto snack box ensures that there is less than 5 grams of sugar in every serving.

This snack box has plans which start at $27.95 per month. There is also free shipping to the United States. There are routinely discount codes given on the website which can help you score a great deal.

So if you are looking for a keto box that is specifically focused on healthy, sweet snacks, this could be exactly what you are looking for.

Stick In A Box

Beef jerky is a popular snack among keto enthusiasts. It is low carb, but also packed with protein, and valuable vitamins and minerals. Also, it tastes great.

If you are a big jerky fan, then Stick in a Box might be exactly the type of box for you. This box contains a selection of jerky and beef sticks from all across the USA, with new varieties being added monthly. Since the box started, they have included over 400 types of jerky in this monthly offering.

You’re getting new types of jerky that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. This means all types of flavors, but also different types of meats – such as turkey jerky, chicken, bacon, and more.

So if you’re a jerky fan, and don’t want to go through the trouble of scouring the country for new flavors and varieties, this might be the perfect option for you. Many people use beef jerky as fuel for their active lifestyle, as it is such a great source of protein.

This box comes in smaller and larger options. The “Lite Knight” includes 2 bags of jerky and 1 beef stick, while the “Gladiator” includes 5-7 unique products every month. The Gladiator costs $32 per month, and there is free shipping across the USA.


If you live in Canada, this is a great keto box to consider.

KetoCan gets its name because the box is designed for Canadian residents (although it does ship worldwide). Subscriptions cost $46 CAD every month and they automatically renew until you cancel membership.

The box is a great choice for finding new snacks, as KetoCan focuses on local and Canadian suppliers. There is also an emphasis on including new products from month-to-month. This means that you’re not getting the same snacks each time. Instead, there is plenty of variation to keep you interested.

The main limitation is that the company doesn’t provide details about the carb content. This could mean that some of the snacks have more carbs than you would like.

This box is suitable for many different people and situations.

Sleek Treat is marketed as a low carb box, but it is keto friendly as well. The company has a strong focus on health and nutrition overall, aiming to provide natural products that don’t contain any added sugar.

There are 2 main versions of the box. Their main one is the Sleek Treat Signature Monthly Subscription. It normally contains somewhere between 7 and 9 different snacks, many of which rely on natural sugar alternatives. The box costs $34.99 per month when ordering month-to-month. You can also pay a little more if you want the box to be frozen before shipping and insulated.

There is also a Sleek Treat Mini. This is a much smaller subscription, just providing 3 to 5 low carb snacks. It costs $14.99 per month. The size and price make it perfect if you just want a little something each month. It can be hard to find affordable subscription boxes, so this might be a great alternative, especially as a gift.

This is another box that doesn’t provide details about the carb content of the snacks. Not offering the information is always a slight problem. That’s even more true for companies like this, where keto isn’t their main focus. It isn’t clear whether their version of keto-friendly is going to match yours.

Not Pie Keto Subscription Box

This subscription option provides you with keto desserts.

Not Pie is best known for its cupcakes and Cupcake of the Month Club. Those aren’t keto-friendly, but the company does also offer a Keto Subscription Box. The healthy treats rely on a specialized sugar alternative, which takes advantage of monk fruit and D-ribose. Other ingredients are carefully chosen to ensure that the cupcakes offer health advantages and have a similar texture to regular cupcakes.

Signing up for a subscription is simple – there’s just one option. This is a 3-month membership, which costs $95 for the 3 months. The first month of your subscription will always provide keto brownies, while the second will provideketo chocolate chunk cookies. The third box is a mystery, based on whatever the company dreams up that month.

Just be aware that the company does talk about using cassava flour in their description. Cassava flour is relatively high in carbs and is normally avoided in keto baking. This could mean that the treats aren’t as keto-friendly as the company suggests.

Nonetheless, if you want a keto box that focuses on only dessert foods, then this could be your best option. Especially given it is often so hard to eat baked treats and keep to a keto diet.


KetoKrate is famous and popular, making it perfect as a first keto snack box for you to try.

Keto Krate is easily the most well-known keto box out there. The subscription is regularly featured on keto diet blogs, with many people featuring unboxing videos where they highlight the various snacks each month. Reviews tend to be positive, so it’s no surprise that KetoKrate boasts a 98% satisfaction rate.

The included snacks never have more than 5 grams of net carbs. Most of the time the carb count is considerably lower. The company also avoids gluten, aspartame and maltitol as ingredients.

KetoKrate is a brilliant way to discover new snacks that you would never have found otherwise. You get at least 8 of these in your monthly box. The company also includes coupon savings, giving discounts if you buy some of the snacks locally.

There are 2 monthly plans to choose from. The first, Nibbler, costs $19.99 per month and provides 4 or more snacks in each Krate. The second, Muncher, costs $39.99 per month. While the price sounds high, Muncher does provide at least 8 snacks, including some unusual choices.

Sometimes the most popular option holds that spot for the reason, and KetoKrate seems to be an example of that. So if you don’t want to overthink it and just want to go for a brand with the most satisfied customers, then this could be the best option for you.

Top Considerations for Choosing a Keto Box

You can surely see from the above list that the options are pretty extensive when it comes to monthly subscription boxes. In fact, there is such a wide variety of these tasty snack boxes that you might get overwhelmed just trying to make a decision.

We have made this buyer’s guide to help you decide. By considering each of the following factors, you will be able to decide what is most important to you in a keto snack box, and make the decision that best suits your individual preferences.


Of course, one of the top considerations in any box is what foods are actually inside the box. Each box offers something different, and while you won’t always know exactly what the company is going to send, you can get a pretty good idea of what to expect by looking at past examples.

Whether you want basic keto snacks, healthier keto snacks, or even sweet snacks, there are boxes that focus on many different areas of snack food. Try to decide what kind of snacking you like best, and make a choice based on that.


The next consideration that most people have is how much the box actually costs. Let’s face it, keto products aren’t known to be the cheapest food options on the market. However, there are ways to save money if you’re a savvy consumer.

The simplest way to save money on a subscription box is simply to compare options. But looking at the price alone won’t give you the full picture. Instead, see how many snacks are included in each box. Often, if companies offer a “small” and “large” snack box option, the larger box tends to have more value for the money.

Transparency of Nutritional Information

One of the most important considerations in a keto diet is ensuring that you stick to low carb foods. So obviously, a keto snack box that delivers these types of foods is a top priority. However, you might be surprised to learn that a lot of subscription boxes aren’t up front about the carb content of their snacks.

If this is an important consideration for you, look for a box that is up-front and transparent. Many boxes also make it easy for you and promise to not ship any products that are over a certain amount of carbs. Check the details of the subscription for any nutritional transparency before you make a purchase.

Cancellation Policy

Be sure to get the full details of your subscription box’s cancellation policy as well. The ideal box is one that you can cancel at any time without any hidden fees or obligations.

Many of the boxes on our list allow the customer to cancel at any time, but be aware that many of these boxes also automatically renew. Therefore, be diligent in making sure that you aren’t receiving any boxes you don’t want.

BONUS: Our Two FavouriteKeto Snacks

Before we wrap up this article, we want to talk about our two favorite snacks from these subscription boxes! These are great all-around snacks for anyone on a keto diet, and can be found in more than a few of these subscription boxes:

• Jerky: Beef jerky is a staple in many of the keto snack boxes above. You’ll find it is a regular addition to the KetoKrate, My Keto Snack Box, and of course Stick in a Box. Jerky is a keto friendly snack, but there are many other benefits to this snack as well.

We find that jerky gets a pretty bad reputation for whatever reason. On the contrary, beef jerky is loaded with healthy ingredients, including protein, and many vitamins and minerals. Beef jerky is a great source of iron and zinc.

While many assume that beef jerky is packed with preservatives, this is untrue as well. So next time you’re thinking of a healthy snack to fuel some exercise, consider jerky.

• Organic Pumpkin Seeds: Another snack option you’ll see across many of these boxes is organic pumpkin seeds. You might find these seeds in the KetoKrate or The Keto Box.

Not only are pumpkin seeds delicious, they’re full of great nutrients. They are high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. They’re also high in antioxidants. This is a snack that will curb your hunger the right way.


Eating keto can be difficult. From picking the right ingredients, to finding the right recipes, to counting carbs and fats. Sometimes, it helps to keep things simple. We hope that our list of keto snack boxes has shown you an easy, convenient option for snack time.

These snack boxes arrive right at your doorstep, and help to eliminate some of the trouble involved with keeping to a strict diet. They’re filled with delicious snacks, and there are many options to choose from. Good luck finding the best box for you!

Subscription Boxes for Low Carb & Keto

Found 40 results

  • Freshly


    • $69.00 W
    • Reviews
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  • Sun Basket


    • $68.94
    • Reviews
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  • Snap Kitchen


    • $165.00 W
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  • Sleek Treat


    • $34.99 M
    • Reviews
    • Spoilers
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  • Keto Delivered


    • $39.99 M
    • Reviews
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    • $34.37 M
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  • My Keto Snack Box


    • $38.00 M
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  • The Keto Box


    • $40.00 M
    • Spoilers
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  • Sugar Smart Box


    • $34.95 M
    • Reviews
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  • Onnit Keto Box


    • $55.95 M
    • Reviews
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  • Jet Fuel Meals


    • $58.50 W
    • Save for Later
  • Keto Krate


    • $34.95 M
    • Reviews
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  • 3C Monthly Meat Subscription


    • $190.00 M
    • Reviews
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  • ChallengeGoods Keto Pantry Box

    Get Box

    • $159.00 B
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  • ChallengeGoods Keto Snack Pack


    • $39.00 M
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  • Fresh n’ Lean


    • $139.95 W
    • Save for Later
  • Keto Black


    • $12.95 M
    • Save for Later
  • Bunny James Box


    • $39.99 M
    • Save for Later
  • Catalina Crunch Cereal & Cheese Bites


    • $55.00 M
    • Save for Later
  • Catalina Crunch Keto Smoothies


    • $89.00 M
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  • Caveman Chefs


    • $41.25 W
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  • Eatology Paleo-Zone


    • $83.00 W
    • Save for Later
  • Keto Frozen

    Get Box

    • $43.50 B
    • Save for Later
  • Magic Spoon


    • $35.10 M
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  • PBH Foods


    • $29.99 W
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  • The Good Kitchen


    • $70.00 W
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Keto Subscription Box Review: Top 3 Low Carb Delivery Options Compared

I just opened all 3 keto boxes for this month live on Facebook, and as promised here is my comparison and review of the Top 3 Keto Box Subscriptions: Keto Krate, Keto Delivered, and The Keto Box

The boxes featured in this post from all three companies are February 2018 boxes, and they are no longer available. But they give you a great idea of what types of low carb foods to expect from a variety of Keto Box Subscriptions.

I included a list of these 26 products from all 3 boxes at the end too.;)

They each send you different products every month, but I’ll show you what types of products and the variety to expect – and the main differences between the top three companies you can choose from.

I’ve been working with Keto Krate the longest (over a year and a half), and work with all three companies on a sponsored and/or commission basis. I’ve been getting The Keto Box for about six months, and Keto Delivered for a little less than that, but I have a good feel for what to expect from all three at this point.

Why Keto Box Delivery?

What I love most about these low carb delivery options is that I don’t get to choose what will be in the box, so every month is a surprise package! It’s just plain FUN to get your box every month and open it up to discover what’s inside. 🙂

I’ve found some of the BEST low carb foods and companies this way, that I never would have found or had the opportunity to try otherwise.

Many of which have become staples in my low carb kitchen!

You get a variety of products every single month, some are snacks or sample size and many (most actually) are full-sized products.

Most of these products you cannot get locally or in stores, so you save a lot of time & money compared to ordering individual products online (usually in larger quantities) and paying shipping at multiple sites.

Any of the Keto Box Delivery options are an incredible value too, considering the variety of expensive specialty products in each box.

The BEST part: it really helps you mix things up and keep from getting “food bored” when you have new low carb, keto friendly foods to use every month.

PLUS it’s a great way to reward yourself for staying on track. 😉

Do I love everything that comes in every box? Not at all. The things I don’t like (for me: biltong, beef sticks, very spicy foods) I give to people that will, or donate them to the food bank. There are very few products I don’t like in these boxes though, and it’s encouraged me to try a lot of new things and interesting recipes!

Keto Subscription Box Review

The three keto box delivery companies I’m comparing are:

  • Keto Krate
    (Use promo code FIVE2018 for $5 off your first box)
  • The Keto Box
    (Use promo code MIX11 for 10% off your first box)
  • Keto Delivered

My TOP recommendation is Keto Krate, with The Keto Box pulling a VERY close second. Keto Delivered has it’s appeal, but hasn’t really “wow’d me” in 4 boxes straight in comparison to the other two. (But more on that below…)

Top 3 Low Carb Delivery Options Compared

All three keto box subscriptions are very similar in most ways.

They cost the same: $40/month (give or take a penny or a nickel).

They all deliver to the United States only. Keto Krate specifically says, “anywhere in the USA including Alaska, Hawaii, APO, and FPO destinations.”

You can cancel your subscription anytime – there’s no contract.

The Differences…

Keto Krate is always gluten-free, and is the only keto box delivery company that specifically states they have a Gluten Free Policy as well as no products with malitol. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee.

While I have not received products with gluten or malitol from the other two companies (to date), Keto Delivered says “we cannot guarantee all items are gluten free” – per the FAQ on their website.

This would be the ONLY reason that The Keto Box is not a straight up tie for my top recommendation, because most of my readers prefer gluten free products. Like I said, I haven’t received any products with gluten in the ingredients from them in at least 6 straight boxes, but it’s not stated either way on their website.

The Details

Keto Krate
(Use promo code FIVE2018 for $5 off your first box)

  • $34.95 + $5 flat rate to ship anywhere in the USA including Alaska, Hawaii, APO, and FPO destinations.
  • 8+ Keto snacks delivered every month
  • 5 net carbs per serving or less, gluten free, malitol free
  • $20+ in coupon savings in each box
  • No contracts, cancel anytime
  • 100% money back guarantee

Use Promo Code FIVE2018 to get $5 off your first Krate

Keto Krate used to say “6-9 products delivered every month” but I noticed they recently changed that to “8+ products.” They definitely packed their last box fuller than I’ve seen it before!

My recommendation for Keto Krate includes my hunch that they’ll continue to be a VERY competitive market leader in this space. 😉

My recommendation does NOT include the fact that I could potentially earn more long-term recommending the other two companies;)… but outside of some growing pains last year, this company has really proven themselves.

Keto Delivered

  • 5-7 keto friendly products.
  • Supports small businesses
  • Artisan keto-friendly products
  • 39.99/month – free shipping
  • Per their website: “While most items are gluten free, we cannot guarantee all items are gluten free.”

“Inside Keto Delivered, you’ll discover incredible ketogenic diet friendly foods, carefully curated for you from artisans, farmer’s markets, and small batch foods. We meticulously hand-select every item, curating each box with foods you’ll enjoy, while supporting small businesses at the same time.”

The Keto Box
(Use promo code MIX11 for 10% off your first box)

  • 7-10 Low Carb, Keto Friendly Snacks A Month
  • $40 a month / Cancel Anytime
  • Exclusive monthly coupons for featured snacks
  • (no public statement about being gluten free or malitol free)

Use Promo Code MIX11 for 10% off your first box.

Video Unboxing: Keto Krate, Keto Delivered, The Keto Box

All three of these are February boxes, one from each of the three companies, to give you ideas of the variety of keto products and low carb foods to expect:

Again, these are February 2018 boxes. If you sign up now you’ll be getting the next box delivered the first week of next month, with totally different products in it.

My personal favorite is Keto Krate but The Keto Box has been just as good. Again, the only real difference so far in my experience is the quality food policy:

“Keto Krate is gluten free, maltitol free, aspartame free, and soy and sucralose conscious. Soy or sucralose will never be found high up on the ingredient list.”

Keto Delivered is always a good box and a great value. I do like their angle for artisan foods that are locally sourced. It just seems like less products than the other two. And maybe it’s the “odd” “artisan foods” that throw me off a little, lol – I’m never sure how to use those!

Maybe it’s just me. You can see the February box below, the January box here and here, and a video of the November & December boxes here (with more photos in the comments of that video).

If you already get Keto Krate and would like to add even more variety, or would like to try something new for awhile, I highly recommend The Keto Box as it’s been consistently GREAT and gluten free so far -since I’ve been getting it.

With all three of them, the boxes will be better some months than others, and some products in the boxes will be better than others. But it’s STILL the best way to discover fun new keto friendly low carb foods – without having to order them in bulk from multiple websites. 😉

Most of the products you’ll get in these boxes aren’t available in local stores at all. They’re high quality specialty products, and usually very expensive to order online – making these low carb delivery options a GREAT value!

I hope this helps you make your decision on the best Keto Subscription Box for YOU…

I would love to hear which of these you have tried, or are getting now, and what you enjoy most about it – or which ones interest you and why.

I love the “food surprise” element – and knowing I always have something on the way to mix things up a little. 🙂

As I sign off (hungry, mind you! -lol) I am second guessing my comparison of Keto Delivered. I’ve given you links & photos of their last four boxes as a good sampling though, so I would love to hear YOUR thoughts. My biggest concern is for those who are gluten-sensitive, although that’s not a major issue for me personally.

I really struggled with this comparison. They’re all three good. They’re all three the same price. They all vary and you never know what you’re going to get…

They are all an incredible value too, considering the variety of expensive specialty products in each box.

But if I were a betting woman I’d put my money on Keto Krate continuing to fight for the lead, although The Keto Box does bring some strong competition…

I would have a seriously hard time deciding which one to give up between Keto Krate and The Keto Box! 😉

  • Keto Krate
    (Use promo code FIVE2018 for $5 off your first box)
  • The Keto Box
    (Use promo code MIX11 for 10% off your first box)
  • Keto Delivered

Keto Delivered is owned by Keto & CO by the way, which has some interesting products I’m going to review next month, so stay tuned for that.;)

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. If any of the foods in this month’s three keto boxes interested you, I have reviews and/or coupon codes for many of them. Or at the very least I’ve already researched the best places to order them online (best prices, free shipping, etc).

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts & experiences on any of these Low Carb Delivery options and/or keto friendly food products! Leave a comment and let’s discuss. 😉

Here’s a quick list of the 26 products in all 3 February boxes:

Keto Krate -February 2018
(Use promo code FIVE2018 for $5 off your first box)

  • Ketologie Chocolate Shake Mix ♥ (my review, LOVE)
  • Milkadamia Unsweetened Macadamia Milk (Amazon)
  • Tangerine Smart Cakes (my review, new flavor!)
  • Beef Jerky
  • Skout “Spicy Texas Chili” Organic Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (Free Shipping on Amazon)
  • Roam Stick (tip: try the Pineapple Roam Sticks!)
  • Cinnamon Know Cookie (huge, more of a meal replacement)
  • OLOVES Basil & Garlic Green Pitted Olives
  • Chocoperfection Almond Dark Chocolate Bar (variety pack on Amazon)
  • Sample Pack of Ultima Replenisher
  • Matcha Chocolate Grean Tea Powder (Single Stick)
  • Nekstella Single Pack (on Amazon or

Here is my Know Foods Review & Coupon Code if you’re interested in their other products – I have a whole list of what I like & don’t like on that page.

Keto Delivered -February 2018

  • Gouda Moon Cheese (Netrition, individuals packs) (Variety Pack on Amazon)
  • Ayoba-Yo Droewors Air-Dried Beef Sticks (Free Shipping on Amazon)
  • Black Olive Tapenade,
  • KZ Chocolate & Strawberry Swedish Breakfast Cereal
  • Mushroom Chicken Bone Broth
  • Ketolent Vanilla Shake Sample

I get the original KZ Chunky Musli Breakfast Cereal all the time and it’s GREAT! I can’t wait to try the new Chocolate & Strawberry flavor. 🙂

The Keto Box -February 2018
(Use promo code MIX11 for 10% off your first box)

  • GildedNut Mediterranean Herb Gourmet Pistachios
  • Kelapo Coconut Oil & Ghee Blend
  • GAEA Marinated Cauliflower Snack (this one intrigues me! lol)
  • Mexican Harvest Flax Crackers
  • Phocus Blood Orange Sparkling Water/Energy Drink
  • BHU Fit Salted Caramel & Pecan Bar (3 flavors on Netrition)
  • Nekstella 3-Pack (on Amazon or
  • CocoPolo Dark Chocolate Bar (Tip: Try the Hazelnut Milk Chocolate instead!! YUM. You can see all the flavors on Netrition at that link.)

Update: Next, see the 23 new Low Carb products in all 3 March boxes!

Netrition – The Internet’s Premier Nutrition Superstore!

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If you’re tired of eating the same old keto snacks all the time, then a keto box subscription can help spice things up.

Delivered to your door monthly, the following keto box subscriptions contain unique keto snacks that you might not be able to find on your own.

You can pick from a variety of pricing plans based on your budget. Most boxes include five to seven different keto snacks and cannot be customized, but they vary each month.

Quick Note: We noticed that although most snacks are lower in carbs than the ones you’d find at the grocery store, not all of them are entirely keto-friendly. Some snacks are strictly keto while others aren’t.

It’s a good idea to do your homework if you want a genuinely ketogenic box and not just one that’s low carb. Some of them offer one-time purchase while others offer monthly subscriptions.

Here are some of the best low carb and keto goodies boxes that are available right now.

#1. Keto Delivered

Keto Delivered offers Artisan groceries for people who follow the keto diet in monthly small batch boxes.

The company was founded by Elyse Mullins, who has been working in the keto field for four years. Her goal is to deliver keto snacks to help you stay motivated and continue with your keto journey.

What they offer: The company provides a convenient way to support small businesses and farmers markets. Each box comes with five to seven different keto products that change monthly. The price for each box comes out to be less than $1.50 per day per item.

Examples include keto sauces, foods, beverages, and snacks. In addition to snacks and keto foods, you’ll find delicious recipes in each box.

Current Price: The price of each box is $39.99 per month. This includes shipping. All boxes are shipped between the 20th and 25th of each month.

How to Sign Up: Go here!

#2. My Keto Snack Box

My Keto Snack Box is similar to Keto Box. They both offer monthly boxes that contain 8-11 snacks, but there are no options for subscriptions other than month to month.

The company promises you’ll get unique keto-friendly snacks that can be enjoyed by anyone. They ship anywhere in the United States for free. They also ship worldwide for a fee. There are no contracts involved, and you can cancel anytime. You can also prepay if you like to be one step ahead.

We had the opportunity to receive a sample snack box and we weren’t disappointed! It was exciting knowing that a box full of new keto products was on the way and it made us even more excited about the ketogenic diet. It also turned us on to new snacks that we have never seen before in grocery stores or online.

In our box, we received the following eight snacks:

  • Quest peanut butter chocolate chip cookie
  • Keto Farms raspberry Gouda snack mix
  • Kumana avocado sauce
  • Choco Perfection milk European chocolate
  • Keto Queen Kreations pound cake mix
  • Ella’s Flats all seed savory hemp crisps
  • Pork Clouds fried pork rinds
  • Stoka bar cocoa almond

Overall, this keto snack box was delicious and truly a great variety of all things keto. It was obvious that each snack was carefully selected and the box was put together by hand.

The flavor combination of sweet and savory was spot on. There was something in the box to satisfy every craving while keeping you in ketosis by keeping the carbs low and the healthy fats high.

The box included salty snacks such as Ella’s Flat’s hemp seed crisps and fried pork rinds. It also included sweet treats such as the pound cake, Stoka bar, and a chocolate bar.

We loved that every single ingredient in these snacks was completely keto. The only exception may have been the Quest cookie, which is certainly delicious and lower in carbs but isn’t entirely keto-friendly.

What they offer: Inside the My Keto Snack Box, you’ll find 8-11 different keto snacks each month. The company sends their boxes out on the 7th of each month. They promise to deliver unique keto snacks that contain 5 grams of net carbs or fewer per snack.

Current Price: It costs $38 per month to sign up with My Keto Snack Box. If you follow the company on social media, you’ll get access to codes for discounts and coupons.

How to Sign Up: Go here!

#3. Bunny James Snack Box

The Bunny James company was founded on the idea that rabbits break socially normal habits and so can you. This includes making better dietary choices.

They offer several different subscription boxes, including Whole30, vegan, paleo, gluten-free and keto. Their boxes are designed to inspire you to make better snacking choices.

There are several keto boxes that you can choose from:

What they offer: The premium low-carb keto box comes with the following:

  • Field trip crispy cut parmesan peppercorn
  • IQ brain fuel bar
  • Mission meats cracked pepper pork sticks
  • Smartcakes cinnamon protein cake
  • Keto Bar chocolate peanut butter fat bar
  • Mission Meats beef bar
  • 4th & Heart grass fed ghee butter
  • Superseedz gourmet pumpkin seeds
  • Legendary seasoned almonds
  • Bulletproof brain octane oil
  • Eden pumpkin seeds
  • Shrwed foods baked protein crisps
  • Legendary almond butter squeeze pack
  • Pizoots infused gourmet peanuts

We noticed that although most of the snacks in the box are low-carb, not all of them are entirely keto-friendly. The majority of snacks had 3 or 4 grams of net carbs. Some were as low as 0 net carbs while one snack had 10 grams of net carbs.

You may want to go with another box if you want 100 percent keto snacks. If you’re looking for a variety of low-carb options at a reasonable price, then this box will work well for you.

Current Price: Learn more!

#4. The Good Grocer Snacks Care Package

The Good Grocery is another top-rated keto box subscription company on Amazon. The company provides a variety of box subscriptions, including keto, vegan, Paleo, and non-GMO. All snacks included in the keto box contain five grams of net carbs or fewer per snack.

What they offer: All boxes arrive in a postcard themed gift box. Each box comes with 20 different snacks, which are listed below:

  • 1 Cello Wisps Cheese Crisps
  • 1 Epic Artisanal Pork Rinds
  • 1 Quest Nutrition Protein Bar
  • 1 Quest Nutrition Protein Bar
  • 1 Eden Organic Pumpkin Seeds
  • 2 Royal Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts
  • 1 David Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
  • 1 Blue Diamond Almonds
  • 1 Just the Cheese Bar
  • 1 Just the Cheese Bar
  • 1 Wonderful Almonds
  • 1 Wonderful Pistachios
  • 2 Frutto D’Italia Pitted Green Olives
  • 1 Quest Nutrition Peanut Butter Cookie
  • 1 Quest Nutrition Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • 1 Chomps – Original
  • 1 Chomps – Venison Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt
  • 1 Chomps – Hoppin’ Jalapeno

Current Price: Learn more!

#5. OneStopPaleoShop’s Keto To Go Box

This Keto To Go Box is made by OneStopPaleoShop, and it’s a top-rated box on Amazon. The company mostly offers Paleo goods, but they claim this box is entirely keto and includes products from BulletProof, Epic, Chomps, Vital Proteins, and more. They specialize in providing low-carb snacks.

What they offer: Each box comes with 14 different snacks, which include the following:

  • 1 Epic hickory smoked bacon bites
  • 1 Performance nut butter nuts
  • 3 Chomps sticks, grass-fed snack sticks
  • 3 Bulletproof Brain Octane Go packs
  • 1 Fourth and Heart ghee on the go
  • 2 Vital Protein pasture raised grass-fed collagen stick packs
  • 2 Vital Protein organic bone broth collagen stick packs

Current Price: Learn more!

#6. SmallTown Table Keto Snack Care Package

SmallTowne Table offers several different subscription boxes, including gluten-free, keto or low-carb, and happy birthday packages.

They also offer other packages such as skin care, candy, and general snacks. Although they claim their keto box is 100% keto-certified, you may want to double check the package to make sure it is.

What they offer: Each keto box contains 25 different snacks, including the following:

  • Just the cheese bars
  • Moon Cheese
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Bulletproof Brain Octane
  • Field Trip beef sticks
  • Tuna Packet
  • Pickles
  • Quest Bar
  • Atkins Bars
  • Pistachios
  • Almonds
  • Seaweed
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Pork Rinds
  • Whisps
  • Beef Jerky

It’s unclear how many net carbs are found in each snack. It appears that although this box is a good value, you can get better keto ingredients by going with a keto-certified company and not one off of Amazon.

The box also comes with a set of the following four refrigerator keto cheat sheet magnets:

  • Keto quick guide to oils and condiments
  • Keto quick guide to fruits and vegetables
  • Keto quick guide to meats and nuts
  • Keto quick guide to dairy

There is also a free seven day meal plan included in your box that contains meals and snacks.

Current Price: Learn more!

#7. The Keto Box

The Keto Box is so popular that the boxes tend to sell out if you don’t act quickly. The company is a self-proclaimed subscription service that sends you 8-11 low-carb snacks every month when you sign up. They are headquartered in Los Angeles at 201 N Brand Blvd, Suite 200, Glendale CA 91203. The website even has a blog for more reading about the keto diet as well as tasty meal suggestions.

What they offer: Each box contains 10+ keto snacks per month. It sounds like the snacks that are provided in your box are constantly changing and the company looks for new snacks to include each month. You can also give them feedback to let them know what you like.

Along with your box, you’ll also get exclusive monthly coupons and a free 28-day meal plan. The company also offers a free 20 minute keto coaching call after your second shipment and exclusive monthly coupons.

Price: The Keto Box has three different plans you can pick from. Shipping is free anywhere in the United States. Boxes shipped to Canada will endure a $15.99 flat rate fee. Boxes ship on the fifth of every month. Renewals occur on the 15th of every month.

The plans are listed as follows:

  1. Month to month: you can cancel your month to month subscription anytime. Your subscription will automatically renew on the 15th at 12 AM UTC of every month. The cost is $40.00 per month and you can cancel anytime.
  2. Three month prepay: with the three-month prepaid plan, you’ll save $2 per month. Your subscription will automatically renew on the 15th at 12 AM UTC at the end of your three months. The cost is $114 for three months.
  3. Six month prepay: with this option, you’ll save $4 per month. As with the three months prepay subscription, you will automatically be charged, and your next box will ship on the 15th at 12 UTC after your six months has ended. The cost is $216 for six months.

How To Sign Up:

#8. Keto Krate

KetoKrate is a subscription service with a serious vendetta against cheap ingredients. The snacks in their boxes are free from gluten, aspartame, maltitol, sucralose, and soy. They also contain five grams of net carbs or fewer per snack.

Each snack contains 5 grams of carbs or fewer. According to the website, the company has well over 10,540 keto box subscribers currently and a 98% satisfactory rating. There are no contracts, and you can cancel your subscription any time.

What they offer: Each box contains about 10-13 keto snacks per month. You also receive $20 or more in coupon savings. You have the option of subscribing for yourself or gifting a box to someone else. The company claims they have discovered over 202 different keto snacks that fill your boxes. Along with keto snacks, you’ll get recipes, discounts, and success stories in your box.

Here is a list of the items that they sent out:

  • Revol Snax double dark chocolate coconut bites
  • Stoka bar pumpkin spice
  • Chocolate pro-puffs
  • Nush carrot spice cake
  • Keto Farms strawberry gouda snack mix
  • Theory of Kombucha raspberry lemonade powdered drink mix
  • Ketologie chocolate almond butter keto bar
  • Primal Kitchen golden turmeric collagen fuel drink mix
  • Quevos sour cream and onion egg white chips
  • Newdles pasta chicken meal pack
  • Big John’s hickory smoked snack stick with nitrate-free bacon
  • Crazy Go Nuts garlic parmesan walnuts
  • Southern Recipe small batch sea salt and cracked pepper pork rinds

Price: Each box is $39.99 per month. This includes around 10-13 different keto snacks and free shipping. Your box will ship within 24 hours. When you sign up, you’ll get access to their member-only keto shop where you can buy items from past purchases.


#9. SugarSmart Box

The SugarSmart Box founder’s name is not listed on the website, but he or she strives to provide you with snacks that help manage type 2 diabetes. They are low in sugar and claim to be keto and diabetic friendly. The snacks in each box change monthly so you can enjoy a new set of snacks each time a box is delivered.

What they offer: Each box contains at least seven different snacks with fewer than five grams of net carbs per snack. Boxes are shipped on the tenth of every month. Along with keto and diabetic friendly snacks, you’ll receive coupons and a survey in each box to tell the company what you like and don’t like about your snacks.

The company allows you to pick different pricing plans based on your budget. You can also give a gift or order a box for someone else.

Price: There are three primary price options available. The “smart” box is $29.95 per month. This is a month to month subscription with auto renewal. The “smarter” box is a three-month prepay option for $28.95 and the “smartest” box is a six-month prepay option for $$27.95. You can currently use code FIRST10 to receive 10% off your first subscription. You can cancel anytime.


#10. Onnit Keto Box

Onnit Is a company that offers a wide range of health products, not just keto boxes. They sell supplements, foods, and apparel for the fitness minded. The Onnit keto box was designed by Onnit CEO and founder Aubrey Marcus and former UFC heavyweight contender Brendan Schaub.

What they offer: According to the website, each box contains keto supplements, foods, recipes, and snacks, but it does not say how many. Some of these items come from the Onnit collection. The website also states that Marcus and Schaub personally taste each of their items before sending them to you.

Price: The price of each box is $55.95 per month with free shipping. If you subscribe to the company, then you can get 15% off. Orders are shipped on the 10th of every month and you can cancel your subscription any time.

New Update: Onnit doesn’t offer this keto box service anymore, but they’ve just released some delicious keto fatbutters. You can read our review here!

Where to buy: Go here!


Subscribing to a monthly keto box is a great way to spice up your diet. Eating the same old snacks daily can get boring and cause you to lose interest in the keto diet.

Most keto snacks vary monthly, which means that you can expect to be introduced to new snacks each month that you might not otherwise have access to at your local grocery store.

Do your research before subscribing to a box if you want to make sure that your snacks are 100% keto. We noticed that some of the snacks in the boxes mentioned above might be low carb but do not meet strict ketogenic regulations.

Boxes also tend to be pricey, just like a food delivery service, because they are delivered right to your door, but they are worth it if you are truly serious about the ketogenic diet and sticking to it for the long haul.

Disclaimer: The price mentioned in this article is the current price. Latest prices might be different. We noticed that most of the packages from Amazon do not change monthly. This means that you can expect the same snacks every time you order this product. It doesn’t appear that they offer subscriptions, either. On the other hand, if you order from a company that is not on Amazon, you will be charged monthly and should expect your snacks to change with each box.

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Try Keto Krate snack subscription service for 5-8 great low carb sugar-free snacks delivered to your door every month. Check out this Keto Krate February Review and products.

(This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing through a link will result in my earning a small consideration at no additional cost to you. This helps me maintain the site and continue to provide free recipes.)


Subscribe to Keto Krate and receive 6-8 low carb keto approved snacks (& $20 of discount codes) delivered right to your door. The products range from savory or sweet snacks, protein bars, breakfast items, drinks, dressings, flavorings and sweet treats. None of the products contain maltitol – your blood sugar and tummy will thank you for that one!


Keto Krate procures the best low carb keto snacks and delivers them to your front door. This supports start-up and small business by spreading the word of new products. I like that.


If you are a bonafied new product junkie or are searching for new keto snacks, then this is for you! It’s a great way to sample new low carb and keto products. Keto Krate is the perfect gift for those people in your life who are hard to buy for – we all have someone like that in our families, right?

February Keto Krate Review and Products

I was surprised with 11 GREAT KETO PRODUCTS in February’s Krate. Yes, eleven! It took me two weeks to try them all. Here are my thoughts…..

Milkadamia Unsweetened Vanilla Macadamia Milk – My kids and I loved this. I’m a big almond milk fan but really liked this product which I used with the Ketologie shake and also drank on its own as a mid day snack. Two thumbs up.

Chocoperfection Dark Chocolate Almond Bar – I have been a fan of Chocoperfection for many years. They have some of the best tasting chocolate with a beautiful silky mouth-feel. It’s expensive, so I indulge a square at a time. They have many flavors available. My favorite is raspberry.

Ketologie Chocolate Keto Shake – I enjoyed this shake with a serving of Milkadamia. I threw it in the blender with some ice. It tasted pretty good. I did feel a little jittery after consuming and I think it was the powdered coconut oil. It cranked my brain up a notch!

Know Foods Cinnamon Cookie – These are super filling and satisfying cookies with a dense-chewy cake consistency. They taste great. I could only eat 1/3 at a time!

Skout Backcountry Spicy Texas Chili Pumpkin Seeds – I LOVE Skout pumpkin seeds! They come in great flavors and are the perfect addition to salads or just for snacking.

Smartcake Tangerine – Smartcake has outrageously good cupcakes. They come 2 to a package. These were good, but a bit strong in flavor for my tastes. My kids went nuts for them!

Nekstella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread – Best chocolate hazelnut spread ever! I love sugar-free hazelnut spreads and Keto Krate has sent some great ones, but they all had the cooling effect from erythritol. This did not. Softer in texture, the individual portion cup was more of a dip than a spread. I loved it.

Roam Sticks Hickory Smoked Pork with Uncured Bacon – I’m always excited to get Roam Sticks. I love them all. I save these for my son because he smiles every time he eats one.

I Love Snacking Olives – Basil & Garlic– I am so glad that my kids don’t like olives because these olives are great! Olives make a great keto snack and I love the flavor combination from Oloves. They have other keto snacks, too.

Healing Butterfly Chocolate Matcha Tea – I’m not a big tea drinker, but I would drink this on occasion. It was very good.

Keto Carne Original Beef Jerky – I’m a BIG jerky fan. Keto Carne offers zero carb jerky in great flavors. It is a little on the hard side, but it provides great proprioception for the jaw which tells the brain you are working hard and eating and this makes you fuller faster. But, I just like how it tastes.

Looking for a convenient, healthy, and helpful weight to lose weight?

If so then a weight loss subscription box is the perfect option for you!

With these weight loss subscription boxes, you’ll be provided with healthy foods, snacks, supplements, active wear, and even motivational items to help you drop a few pounds every month.

Whether if it’s replacing Doritos and Snickers with something healthier or even meal prepping for the week, these boxes will help jump start your weight loss and fitness goals.

Best of all, they are all pretty cheap and affordable!

So with that being said, let’s jump straight to the best subscription boxes for weight loss!

Best Weight Loss Subscription Boxes

Here are the best subscription boxes that are perfect for losing weight:

1. FitSnack

How much is it: $25.90 a month.

What’s inside the box: Every month, you’ll receive a curated box of healthy snacks designed by a trainer who’ll inspire you. Plus with every box order, FitSnack provides snacks to underprivileged kids.

Buy Now: Join HERE.

2. Urthbox

How much is it: $19.99 – $49.99 a month.

What’s inside the box: When you subscribe to the Urthbox Diet Box, you’ll receive calorie, fat, and carb conscious snacks and products each month.

Buy Now: Use the code urbantastebud to save $10 HERE.

3. HelloFresh

How much is it: $7 a meal.

What’s inside the box: Every week, you’ll get deliciously healthy recipes as well as premeasured ingredients delivered straight to your door.

Buy Now: Get $80 off HERE.

4. JackedPack

How much is it: $15 a month.

What’s inside the box: Every month with JackedPack, you’ll get supplements designed for bodybuilders, weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts. Just tell JackedPack your fitness goals and every month you’ll get 5-10 product samples.

Buy Now: Join today HERE.

5. Yogi Surprise

How much is it: $44.95 a month.

What’s inside the box: Every month with Yogi Surprise, you’ll receive 6-8 full sized yoga lifestyle items that are all vegetarian and non-GMO.

Buy Now: Use the code YOGILOVE to get 15% off HERE.

6. Freshly

How much is it: $12.50 a meal.

What’s inside the box: Freshly is an easy to way to meal prep for the week without having to cook. With Freshly, you’ll receive healthy and fresh (never frozen) chef prepared meals that are ready in under 3 minutes. Best of all, every meal is naturally peanut and gluten free!

Buy Now: Get 30% off HERE.

7. Gainful

How much is it: Starts at $49 every 4 weeks.

What’s inside the box: With a Gainful subscription, you’ll receive a monthly box of protein powder that is tailored specifically to your body type and fitness goals.

Buy Now: Use the code TAKE10OFF to get $10 off HERE.

8. Factor_

How much is it: $60 a week for 4 meals.

What’s inside the box: Receive delicious and fresh, chef prepared meals that can be popped into the microwave and ready in just minutes. Best of all, these athlete/fitness focused meal prep meals are all gluten free, soy free, non GMO, and contain no hormones, refined sugars, or antibiotics.

BuyNow: Use the code UrbanTastebud40 to get $40 off two weeks HERE.

9. prtnbox

How much is it: $29 a month.

What’s inside the box: With prtnbox, you’ll get a package filled with carefully curated protein snacks from all over the world such as full sized protein bars, powders, jerky, nut bars, supplements, and drinks.

Buy Now: Join HERE.

10. Sugar Smart Box

How much is it: $27.95 a month.

What’s inside the box: With a Sugar Smart Box subscription, you’ll get healthy low carb, veto and diabetic friendly snacks delivered straight to your door each month.

Buy Now: Subscribe HERE.

11. My Keto Snack Box

How much is it: $38 a month.

What’s inside the box: Reve a monthly shipment of 8 to 12 low cab and Keto-friendly snacks that all contain less than 5 grams of carbs per serving.

Buy Now: Join HERE.

12. Blue Apron

How much is it: $8.99 a serving.

What’s inside the box: With Blue Apron, you’ll get high quality ingredients and recipes delivered straight to your door each month.

Buy Now: Join HERE.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you found the best weight loss subscription box possible!

Whether if you’re looking for a great way to jump start your New Year’s resolution or if you just want to be able to make better, healthier choices, you can’t go wrong with either of these monthly weight loss boxes.


Get subscription box coupons!

Get awesome subscription box coupon codes and online deals delivered straight to your inbox.

This post contains affiliate links which means that I will make a small commission if you purchase a product after clicking on any of them, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

10 Best Women’s Health and Wellness Subscription Boxes

Sometimes a hectic life can make self-care hard. There is always something else that needs to be done, a new “emergency” to tend to. The constant hustle can leave you feeling drained and neglected. Why not put a little of that self-care on autopilot? There are a number of excellent women’s health and wellness subscription services that provide monthly pick-me-ups, that require very little effort. These subscription boxes offer great products that will comfort or inspire you. Avoid the hassle of traffic jams and long lines and let quality items come straight to your door. Here are ten of the best women’s health and wellness subscriptions.

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1. FabFitFun

Who wouldn’t want to get a $200 value every season for only $49? That’s the deal you get when you subscribe to Fab Fit Fun. Each customizable gift box comes with full-size, premium products from brands like Pier One, Spongelle, Dove, Korres, West Elm, Grace and Stelle, and many more. In addition to the seasonal boxes, members have access to FabFitFun TV, member-only sales, and community forums.

2. Breo Box

If you like tech, you’ll love the Breo Box. A subscription to Breo Box will bring you a box of quality tech items four times a year. Each hand-packed, curated Breo Box contains five to eight of the coolest tech, home goods, and lifestyle products like Fujifilm Instax Cameras, Ember Smart Mugs, or TRX Home Gyms. With incredible discounts in every box, your Breo Box subscription is an excellent way to get quality products at a great value.

3. Clean.Fit

Have you thought about eating “clean”, but don’t know where to start? Not sure what eating “clean” is? Eating clean is eating food with minimal processing and is credited with increased energy, weight loss, improved gut health. In our fast-paced, convenience-based society, sometimes eating clean can be difficult. Not with Clean.Fit. With Clean.Fit you can have clean snacks shipped to your home every month. You can even choose your box based on dietary preference: original, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free.

4. Fabletics

Refresh your workout style with a flexible Fabletics fitness apparel subscription. When you sign up as a Fabletics VIP member, you have the option to shop or skip each month. If you choose to skip before, you will not be charged for that month’s membership, if you forget to shop or skip, you will have a credit of $49.95 to spend whenever you want. Fabletics has a wide selection of leggings, capris, joggers, sports bras, and coordinating outfits that are great for the gym or out on the street.

5. Bulu Box

The Bulu Box subscription is a curated experience designed to help you discover new health, nutrition, and weight loss products. Each monthly box comes with five to six premium samples of top brands, giving you the opportunity to find products that are right for you. Your Bulu box is customized based on the subscription selection. Select the Bulu Box that is right for you: original, weight loss, or burn blend box.

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6. Ritual

Imagine a vitamin that targets the gaps in your diet. Ritual is a monthly women’s vitamin subscription that optimizes health by providing the nutrients you really need in bioavailable forms that your body can easily digest. Benefits include increased energy and immunity, skin tone and elasticity, blood and organ health, bone integrity, and healthy aging. Ritual is committed to open-source materials, showing you exactly where ingredients come from. Ritual also guarantees that their vitamins are vegan certified, gluten and allergen-free, non-GMO, and contain no colorants or synthetic fillers.

7. Fit Snack

Tired of reading “healthy” food labels only to find they contain just as much sugar or preservatives as a processed snack cake? Cut through the health food clutter with a subscription to Fit Snack. Each month Fit Snack will ship a curated box with tasty treats selected by an actual nutritionist. Your box will include some of the best brands on the market and will include a variety of products that are: high protein, low sugar, gluten-free, GMO-free, raw, organic, vegan, and/or all-natural snacks. Take the guesswork out of finding healthy snacks with this healthy snack subscription.

8. Gain Box

When you subscribe to the Gain box you select a plan and fill out your athlete profile. Each box is then customized especially for you. After you receive your box, you can fill out a quick survey and earn points towards free stuff. Boxes include items like Live Fit Apparel, UP TECH portable Bluetooth speaker, Juggernaut Training Systems Squat Manual, Ultima Replenisher electrolyte drink mix, and much more. Up your game with a Gain box subscription.

9. Simply Earth

Subscribe to Simply Earth and receive $150 worth of essential oils and toxin-free ingredients for $39. Simply Earth will then send a new box each month designed around a different theme. With the Simply Earth membership, you will not only receive enough quality essential oils and toxin-free ingredients to make six luxurious recipes each month, but you will also have access to members-only sales and exclusive community.

10. BuddhiBox

The BuddhiBox is a unique subscription experience that caters to the yogi lifestyle. BuddhiBox is committed to the concepts of discovery, union, and compassion. Each month you will discover new things as BuddhiBox ships four to six samples and full-size products to your door, if you like them you can order more from the website. BuddhiBox also donates proceeds from monthly subscriptions to worth non-profit organizations. Enjoy your monthly yoga box while providing a helping hand to others.

As you can see, there is something out there for everyone. Find the subscription service that works for you and enjoy the pleasure of receiving a curated box delivered right to your home. Self-care has never been so easy.

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By BCR Staff

September 2019

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While there are plenty of subscription boxes out there, most of them aren’t suitable for diabetics. Even those that focus on savory goods can be a bad choice as they normally include a few sugar-packed items too. Besides that, savory items often contain much more sugar than you might expect.

Subscribing to a box and then finding out that you can’t eat all of the items is just frustrating and a waste of time. To make matters worse, boxes vary from one month to the next. You might find that your initial box or two is fine, while later ones have very few suitable items.

Thankfully, there are solutions. Some companies offer diabetic friendly subscription boxes. These give you the chance to get healthy treats delivered to you, ones that won’t cause any problems at all. This post rounds up the various options to save you digging around online.

There’s a lot of crossover between keto snacks and diabetic snacks because of the low sugar content. Personally, I love keto, but the high fat content of the snacks might not be OK for your diet if you also have cholesterol problems. If you want to get just “snacks”, then Sugar Smart Box has the best reviews.

If you do like keto though, then I can personally vouch for My Keto Snackbox. To be honest, a lot of the keto boxes are pretty similar, so any one would be a good choice if you like that style of food.

PS. Don’t forget to check out our post on diabetic friendly meal kits and frozen meal delivery companies. If shipping stuff to your door makes your diet easier, these can help you save time, money, and headache a few days a week so you don’t have to browse Pinterest for hours looking for what to cook!

Diabetic Friendly Subscription Boxes

  • Sugar Smart Box
  • Sugar Free Cookie Of The Month
  • Sleek Treat
  • Keto Krate
  • My Keto Snack Box
  • Keto Delivered
  • Not Pie Keto Subscription Box

This box was specifically developed with diabetics in mind.

The Sugar Smart Box is a particularly good choice, as it has a strong focus on the needs of diabetics. There are 2 different box versions that you can choose from. Each contains snacks that are low in carbs (less than 9 net grams per serving) and low in sugar (less than 5 grams per serving).

The first option is the Sugar Smart Box Mini. This contains 5 to 7 snacks each month for $29.95. You also receive coupon codes that provide you with discounts on snacks. It also works well as an introduction, to see whether you like the company’s selections.

You can also get the Sugar Smart Box Subscription. This version contains 8 or more snacks each month. It also offers access to a private Facebook group that is led by a Registered Dietitian. This group is a fantastic place to find support and guidance for keeping your health on track.

Sugar Free Cookie Of The Month

This cookie subscription is an interesting choice for diabetics.

This Sugar Free Cookie of the Month Club comes from Harry & David. It works exactly like the name suggests, providing you with sugar free cookies each month. The cookies are a perfect choice for diabetics, giving you an appealing treat that isn’t going to compromise your health.

Sugar free cookies aren’t hard to find, but there’s something cool about signing up for a monthly subscription. It’s always nice to have your treats delivered to you, rather than having to go and find them yourself. You’re also getting a variety of cookie flavors. That’s much more interesting than a single box of cookies that are all the same flavor.

That being said, there is a limitation. The club is unusual, as you always get the same cookie flavors each month. There are 6 flavors and you get 2 cookies for each of them. The variety is appealing, but the club will only work if you enjoy the flavors that they have to offer. Thankfully, it is an inexpensive club, costing you just $17.99 per month.

This low carb snack box is also diabetic friendly

Most keto snack boxes are diabetic friendly, but Sleek Treat is one of the few that’s specifically targeted at diabetics. This makes it particularly relevant, as you can be confident that there are no problematic ingredients. The company is also transparent about their selection criteria, relying on monk fruit, xylitol, erythritol and stevia as sugar alternatives.

The main subscription choice is the Sleek Treat Signature Monthly Subscription. This starts at $34.99 (month-to-month). There is also a cold shipped version of the box for $39.99 per month. With this, your box is actually frozen before it is shipped and packaged so that it stays cool. The box itself has between 7 and 9 snacks, with an emphasis on sweets, candies and cookies.

There is also a Sleek Treat Mini that you can consider. This is a much smaller choice, just containing 3 to 5 items. It only costs $14.99, so it’s an ideal choice if you want to treat yourself with something little each month. This is also a good way to see whether you like what Sleek Treat has to offer.

Here’s a keto subscription box that works well for diabetics too.

Keto Krate doesn’t focus on diabetes specifically, but the subscription box is still completely suitable for diabetics. In fact, it’s a very good choice, as Keto Krate is extremely popular and receives many positive reviews. The site even estimates that there are more than 8,600 satisfied subscribers.

There are 2 different monthly plans to choose from. The smaller option is called Nibbler. This costs $19.99 each month and comes with at least 4 keto snacks. The larger version is Muncher. This costs $39.99. It has 8 or more snacks each month.

Both versions provide you with access to a member’s club too. The club gives you access to discount codes, success stories and recipes. The recipes and stories may not be relevant if you’re not interested in keto, but the discount codes could still be useful.

This low carb subscription offers plenty of snacks to choose from.

If you don’t mind the keto style, My Keto Snack Box is another subscription to consider. The box contains 8 to 11 different snacks (sometimes more) for $38 each month. This means there will often be more snacks than in competing boxes.

All of the included snacks contain less than 5 grams of net carbs, which is perfect. Because this company focuses on keto, not diabetes, you may need to check the ingredients labels to see whether each snack will work for you. Still, you’re not likely to find many issues. Many people do follow keto diets as a way to manage diabetes, so the snacks should all be good choices.

>>> My Keto Snackbox Review

The artisan focus makes this keto snack box a little bit different.

Keto Delivered shows that keto subscription boxes don’t all need to be the same. This box still follows the general rules of the keto diet, including keeping down the number of carbs per serving.

The difference is in the products. Keto Delivered focuses on small batch and artisan products. These are high-quality items, created by small companies that take great pride in their work. Due to this style, you end up with unusual snacks, ones that you’d never find in your local area.

Subscription costs $39.99, which is similar to many other keto boxes. You’re getting 5 to 7 keto items for that price. Keto Delivered makes sure that the total value of the goods you receive is always at least $40.

Because this subscription offers you keto dessert, it is ideal for diabetics too.

The Not Pie site may seem a little cruel at first glance, as they advertise amazing cupcakes that are loaded with sugar. Even so, diabetics don’t need to miss out entirely. The company does also have a Keto Subscription Box that you can try out.

For this subscription, the company provides a selection of keto-friendly desserts. These rely on various healthy ingredients, such as collagen, healthy fats and avocado oil. Not Pie also uses a specialized sugar alternative. This entirely avoids sugar alcohols, relying on monk fruit and D-ribose instead.

There is only one option available for the subscription – a 3-month membership for $95. The first month will always provide you with Keto Chocolate Brownies, while the second offers Almond Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies. The final month is less predictable. Not Pie varies what they include, focusing on new and exciting treats.

Subscription boxes continue to grow in popularity. They make fun and thoughtful gifts as well as bring ongoing joy right to the front door. There’s an endless variety of subscriptions to choose from, and if you’re looking to find the perfect one to satisfy a sweet tooth, you’ll want to consider what’s included with each.

Subscription boxes offer the opportunity to try a variety of tasty treats that differ each month. Choosing the right candy subscription box for yourself or as a gift depends on what the receiver enjoys. Chocolate lovers, gummy fans, and gourmet hard candy enthusiasts rejoice as there is a subscription box for every taste.

Depending on your preference, there’s plenty of offerings from candy store selections, handcrafted chocolates, and even DIY treats. Here are Ten Candy Subscription Boxes that are worth checking out.

Candy Club

Candy Club brings the candy store to your doorstep with a fun selection of candies curated each month. Their candy experts choose some of the most popular and well-loved candies from places all around the world. Members to this premiere candy of the month club may stumble upon some confectionary gems they would have never encountered otherwise. Three distinct types of candies are included in each box, and Candy Club will even allow you to specify the candy if you’d prefer to do the curating. Candy Club also offers larger subscription boxes for those who crave more.

Options for selecting your own candy preferences
For gift subscriptions, the recipient is provided with information in their first box for customer service and preferences
Available for delivery to P.O. Boxes

Chocolate selections can be limited due to shipping obstacles that promote melting
Available in the contiguous U.S. only–excludes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the other U.S. territories

Check Deals Here

Japan Crate

For a unique candy subscription that is a mini trip in a box, try Japan Crate. This exciting candy box arrives every month and is loaded with an immersive selection of Japanese culture. More than just treats, you’ll also find a manga-zine, custom manga comics, and even translations to help you identify everything in the box. Japan Crate introduces you to a new culture of snacking and this box offers more than just candy–savory snacks, drinks, cookies, and even DIY kits are included in the package as well. These hand-picked delights are sure to get you or the recipient excited to experience Japan.

Offered in three different subscription sizes; Mini, Original, and Premium
Available for international shipping
Ability to cancel at any time, online

Shipping can take a while to reach recipient
Chocolate items can get melty in transit

Check Deals Here

Taste Trunk – The Sweet Subscription

The Sweet Subscription variant from Taste Trunk is for the gourmand! This lovely subscription arrives each month with 4 to 5 different items selected with care. While sweet is the aim, it’s more than just candy that will satisfy your sweet tooth in this box. Chocolates, baked treats, and even dessert sauces may be found in each month’s offerings.

Taste Trunk’s Sweet Subscription is on the pricier side, but the brownies, cookies, and endless treats are delectable and worth it. They focus on providing the finest selection of ingredients and brands making this a premium gift box. Get started by selecting the delivery date for your first box and each month a new box will arrive on the same time the following month.

More than just candy–gourmet baked treats, baking mixes to create at home, and more
Elegant packaging that makes it perfect for gifts and includes a greeting card
High-end products and ingredients
Subscription begins on the date you specify or within 5 days of joining

Shipping is to the U.S. only

Check Deals Here

Sleek Treat specializes in providing guilt-free treats for those who want to snack while continuing their healthy lifestyle. Whether you are health conscious, managing diabetes, or just want treats with a little less sugar, Sleek Treat is a great choice. This monthly subscription box delivers full-sized confections like; chocolate bars, candies, cookies, and more–all with no sugar added. This box is perfect for ketogenic diets and low in carbohydrates too! A variety of low glycemic index snacks are curated each month making this unique subscription the perfect snacking alternative.

Perfect for health conscious sweet treat lovers
Ability to cancel at any time, online
Five to eight full-sized items included in each subscription box

Contents include sugar free products only

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My Honey Crate

My Honey Crate specializes in treats made from small-batch raw honey. The honey is curated from master beekeepers and apiaries across the U.S. Beyond just candy and sweet treats, My Honey Crate also includes products made from beeswax–soaps, beauty products, home goods, and more.

All natural pure raw honey is included in each box. For those who love and appreciate honey, you’ll be thrilled to see how the taste of honey changes depending on each region of origin. This subscription box is not just a fun treat from nature, it also gives back. A portion of the proceeds goes towards preserving the future of bees–supporting local small businesses, apiaries, and beekeepers all over the country.

Great for honey lovers, bee fans, and nature enthusiasts
All natural ingredients used in each item
Ability to cancel at any time, online
Exclusive items included each month are limited to small batch quantities for exclusivity

Not specifically a candy subscription box
Available for shipping in the United States only

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Chocolate lovers rejoice! The Choco-Rush subscription box is out to deliver the highest quality chocolate right to your doorstep. Subscribers will love the carefully curated chocolate bars gathered from chocolatiers around the globe. The curators of Choco-Rush select the highest quality chocolates in an array of variations. A new box arrives each month with four full-sized bars of decadent dark chocolate. One of the few chocolate subscription boxes catering to dark chocolate fanatics.

Full sized chocolate bars in each subscription box
Ability to cancel at any time, online
High-end products and ingredients

Dark chocolate products only
Available for shipping in the United States only

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Jackie’s Chocolate

Jackie’s Chocolate subscription box delivers handmade chocolate boxes that arrive each month. These gourmet chocolates include delicious fillings like; creamy caramels, decadent truffles, and nutty nougats. Chocolate confections are made from milk, dark, and even white chocolate selections. Choose a monthly subscription that includes a small sample of 5-6 chocolates or get indulgent with a dozen or two. These confections are made in small batches and you can even customize your box for the perfect treat.

Order custom boxes for yourself or as a gift
No preservatives, meaning higher quality chocolates
Handwritten gift messages for a more personal touch
Available in three different subscription sizes
Ability to cancel at any time, online

Available for shipping in the United States only
Chocolate items can get melty depending on shipping location

Check Deals Here


Bocandy offers an eclectic selection of candy from around the world. These unique selections can include Green Tea Kit-Kats, Bulgarian Milk Bars to DIY candy making kits. These imported specialties include treats, candies, and snacks along with information about the origins of each item.

Wide selection of imported craft candies, snacks, and treats
5 different subscription box sizes to choose
Free shipping available on some boxes
Available for international shipping
Ability to cancel at any time, online

No customization options offered

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Project Candy Box

Project Candy Box is curated by Canadians for Canadians, so if you live in Canada, this subscription snack box may be for you. Delivered each month, every box includes 6-7 full sized snacks with guaranteed freshness. The items included are selected from around the world from candy, chocolates, fruit chews, and more. This box is sure to solve any munchie craving.

Wide selection of imported craft candies and snacks
Ability to cancel at any time, online
Includes a variety of snacks and treats

Available in Canada only

Check Deals Here


If you’re the kind of foodie who loves to put their hands to work in the kitchen, Foodstirs may have the perfect subscription box for you. You may recognise one of the co-founders from the silver screen, hunting vampires and slaying them like a boss. Yes, this co-founder and chief brand officer is none other than Sarah Michelle Gellar who has stopped serving stakes to vampires and started creating treats for us!

This fun take on sweet treats, both boxed and delivered brings you organic baking mixes that are ethically sourced. Subscribers will love diving into the surprise treats of the month ranging from cookies to brownies to cakes and yes, even candy confections. Foodstirs is a perfect way to have some fun in the kitchen while making some memories too. Great as a gift or for yourself.

Available with 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions
All ingredients are organic with chemical-free decorations
Creative baking kits fun for families
Kid-friendly instructions included
A new themed baking kit included each month

Not specifically a candy subscription
Requires preparation and assembly

Check Deals Here

All this sweet talk may already have you craving something sugary. From candies to baked treats and international snacks, no matter what you choose–you’re sure to get something delectable. If making the choice is still too hard, you could always opt to try a new box each month.

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