“I’m one of the weirdos in the world that genuinely likes working out,” she admitted in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan. “Not from a physical perspective, more from a mental aspect.”

851.9k likes – View Post on Instagram Disclaimer : this is a long caption. For the last week I took a solo trip to Arizona. (FYI -if you want to feel spiritually recharged, Come here.) I spent my days hiking, meditating, and spending time with myself. I’ve never done this before because I used to feel that putting myself first was selfish. It’s not. Not only is it healthy, but it’s necessary so that you can be the best for everyone else around you. I know this happens in other industries other than the one I’m in, but it’s incredibly easy to get sucked into the vortex of worrying about the next job, the success of a current one and what others think of you. This trip was a beautiful reminder that my health and happiness are crucial to the life I want to live and in order to be the best for my career and my loved ones, it’s necessary to do really nice things for yourself. SO, I highly recommend treating your mind, body and spirit right ( and taking a solo getaway). Thank you Arizona, I feel so refreshed 🙏🏼

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As for how she keeps motivated, the Pretty Little Liars star reckons consistency is key.

“ a daily part of what I do. I work with a trainer and that will be an hour-long session, or I’ll do 45-minute spin classes or Pilates classes,” she explained. “It’s not a crazy amount, just a little bit every day.”

On the weekends, she’s a little more low-key about her healthy habits: she likes to start her day with a hike, before heading to the park with her pooch, Elvis.

549.1k likes – View Post on Instagram Pure bliss at the dog park 😛

But despite her natural athleticism and penchant for getting a sweat on, there’s one workout, in particular, she still can’t get the hang of:


“I don’t dislike it, it’s just hard for me to sit still,” she said. “There are some yoga classes where you’re floating the whole time, but there’s just a specific type of yoga, like Bikram, where you’re just holding these poses. It’s super challenging and hot and you have to be still, and that’s difficult for me.”

964.8k likes – View Post on Instagram My Tom Hanks, castaway moment. 🌴🙌🏻

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Lucy Hale trains for the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival. Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com

Ever since Pretty Little Liars debuted in 2010, Lucy Hale has been one of our favorite actresses. And when it comes to her wellness routine, she’s tops there too — thanks to a fitness and nutrition regimen that’s intense yet still balanced.

Happily for Us, the admiration is mutual! The star recently opened up exclusively to Us Weekly about all things health — from her workouts to her thoughts on meditation to the food trend she’s currently obsessed with and the workout she’ll be leading with Training Mate founder Luke Milton at Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival on Saturday, July 20, in Santa Monica, California.

As you may have guessed, one of her current favorite workouts is Training Mate, the 45-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class originally founded by Milton in Australia. “I think so many people get scared of fitness because they think you have to be an ideal body type or that people are going to yell at you in a class,” says Hale. “But what I love specifically about Training Mate is that it’s a group fitness environment, people of all shapes and sizes, people who work out all the time, people who never work out and you can kind of make it as hard or as easy as you want.” And the atmosphere is always light. “The teachers are frickin’ awesome and they make jokes and laugh the whole time,” she says, “so there are ways to make fitness fun.”

That’s important for the 30-year-old Katy Keene star. “I don’t know why I initially got into exercise, but it’s been over, you know, the course of my life I’ve always loved it,” she notes. Recently, though, she’s begun to push her limits, “finding out I’m way stronger than I am, trying new things, different classes, but it really, it just makes me feel good,” she explains. “I feel better about myself. I feel better about situations … just better about life in general when I’m consistent with and, really, I can tell a difference within a couple of days if I’m not active, so I really try to make it a priority no matter what’s going on in my life.”

Lucy Hale is seen leaving the gym in a crop top and leggings in Los Angeles, October 6, 2018. Luis Rodriguez Driver/INSTARimages.com

Also in her workout repertoire: more group classes — “I love SoulCycle,” she notes — plenty of outdoor activities and a personal trainer. “I work with a trainer almost every day when I’m off,” she shares. “He mixes it up with boxing and we’ll do sprints and I don’t know — he’s always throwing something my way!”

But hiking is one of her true loves. “That’s the glory of living in L.A.,” she says. “It’s beautiful all the time, so you can always be outside and that’s also my advice to people who don’t like exercise: Just get out and take a walk and the vitamin D is good for you.” Hale notes that she’s been doing more yoga for “the stretch element.”

Lucy Hale trains for the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival. Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com

She also looks out for her mind. “I really have recently gotten into trying to meditate, even if it’s for a few minutes,” says Hale. “I think for me, it’s just about turning my phone off — not turning it off, putting it on silent, let’s be real — and just kind of sitting in silence.” She notes that taking the time for a daily practice isn’t selfish, it’s self-preservation: “It’s really important to shut off, allow yourself to breathe, even for a second every day. I try. I’m trying … that’s my form of self care.”

And she understands the importance of taking a break! “Let’s be real, there are days where I’m like, ‘Screw it. I’m sleeping in,’” she says of exercise. “It kicks my day off in the right way if I start every day with it, but listen to your body. If you need to sleep, sleep. If you have an injury, don’t even think about it. Take time off. Don’t be afraid of being uncomfortable, but know your body.”

As for food, “I’m like super-L.A. in the sense of, I am doing the cauliflower rice thing and I mainly follow a pescatarian diet pretty much year round,” Hale shares. “I’m constantly trying to eat more whole foods and knowing where everything comes from.” So even if she wants steak, “I’ll go have it,” she says, “but know where it’s coming from.”

She also enjoys the bounty of fruit and vegetables available in the California summer: “The produce is just amazing, so I am trying to cook more, you know? So I know what I’m getting!”

As for those home-cooked meals, “I’ve been experimenting with zucchini noodles, which is really fun,” she tells Us. And for breakfast, she keeps it simple. “I love overnight oats. That’s always my breakfast every morning is some form of oatmeal,” she says. “Oh, you know what I do in the summer? Acai bowls. Every day. So good. Nothing is better.”

With reporting by Carly Sloane

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Lucy Hale is slaying this summer in every way possible: from her gorgeous red carpet looks, to her upcoming role in CW series Katy Keene, the former PLL star is shining bright. Keep reading below for all her beauty secrets – from her skincare routine to her favorite hair & makeup products!



Fresh faced and flawless? Check and check. Image Credit: IG @LucyHale.

Lucy’s flawless skin is all thanks to her multi-step routine. The actress told Allure that she “never skips it” and enjoys pampering her skin after a long workday. She uses a cleansing balm, followed up by a cleansing milk. Sometimes she’ll use an exfoliator for rougher skin days; then after the shower, she sweeps a micellar water soaked cotton pad over her face to get those pesky traces of makeup from under her eyes. And even though she has sensitive skin, Lucy always moisturizes – Cetaphil’s Moisturizer is her favorite because it doesn’t irritate the skin.

For red carpet events, Lucy’s go-to makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan uses Sephora Collection Skincare products to keep Lucy looking shine-free. Sephora’s All Day Hydrator, Matte Moisturizer, and Glow Serum are Kelsey’s favorites for keeping Lucy’s skin looking fresh and dewy (read: not greasy!) when the cameras are flashing.


Lucy’s never one to shy away from a bold look. Image Credit: IG @LucyHale.

Lucy’s makeup preferences have changed a lot over the years. On PLL, her character Aria often wore grey or bronze smokey eyes with a hint of a rose or berry toned lip. In real life, Lucy goes for more of a bold lip and natural eye. A couple of her favorite lipsticks are: Mark Bold Color Lipstick in “Vixen” and Mark’s Lipstain in “Bella.”

As for the rest of her face? Lucy’s favorite foundation is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in “Shade 5”; Kelsey Deenihan often uses Cle de Peau Concealer (which Lucy also loves!) to spot conceal. For her famous brows, Lucy loves Dior’s Brow Stylist in “Universal Brown”; for her lashes she likes Loreal’s Original Voluminous Mascara.

Lucy’s hair has also undergone quite the transformation over the years. Remember when she rocked long locks? She cut her hair in 2014 and hasn’t looked back – the bob has become her new signature look! Some of her favorite products to use on it are: Frederic Fekkai’s Brilliant Glossing Shampoo & Conditioner, Oribe’s Volumista Spray, Hot Tools’ Marcel Curling Iron, and GHD’s Classic Flat Iron. Another trick she uses? Spraying Evian Facial Mist onto her hair to pat down flyaways or frizziness! Genius, right?


Lucy keeps things light while traveling. Image Credit: IG @LucyHale.

Lucy’s always traveling, and there are a few things she always has in her bag. She always carries Le Labo’s Tokyo Perfume, peppermint essential oil, NARS’ Climax Mascara, Hourglass’ Sculpting Brow Pencil, and Lucas’ PawPaw ointment, which she uses on her lips to keep them moisturized.

You can follow Lucy on Instagram for more of her glam looks; and don’t forget to check her out when Katy Keene premieres next year on the CW.


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Kari Highman is a Beauty and Fashion Blogger at Feeling the Vibe Magazine. Otterbein Alum (2017) – English & Psychology. Always learning & creating. Avid fan of mid 2000’s TV & pop music. Comments or tips, email [email protected]

Sure, you know her from Pretty Little Liars as the impossibly adorable Aria, but did you know that Lucy Hale is also a bona-fide beauty addict? In fact, we first heard about her obsessions and expertise from her hair guru, Scott Cunha, who told us she’s got the best head of hair in the business. Lucy’s in the midst of filming the upcoming season of PLL, but she was kind enough to take Teen Vogue through a day in her beauty-filled life. Read on for every detail.

6 A.M.: When we’re filming Pretty Little Liars, I have to wake up extra early, and then I’m on set all day. I have to wash my hair more frequently when we’re shooting since there’s just so much product buildup, but when we’re not, I try to shampoo as little as possible. I love dirty hair because it gives great texture! Actually, my hairstylist Scott Cunha—he’s magical!—tells me to put raw coconut oil in the ends of my hair, tie it up in a knot, and then wash it out the next morning to preserve the ends. Since there’s always so much heat styling happening for the show, I do my best to keep it healthy. I love the Frédéric Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner. After my shower, I apply a quick layer of body product—I’m really loving Mark’s Mango Nectar Whipped Up Body Butter because it smells so good. Then I wash my face using Avène’s Cleansing Foam. Afterwards, I apply Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater to calm the skin before I moisturize. I alternate my day creams depending on what my skin’s looking like—if I’m breaking out, I’ll use Mario Badescu Drying Cream, but if not, I’ll use Avène Light Hydrating Cream. I also make sure to eoliate three times a week using Fresh Sugar Face Polish. I always wear a sunscreen every day, that’s really so important! I don’t really find a huge difference between SPF products, but I’ve been using this lightweight SkinCeuticals SPF 50.

7 A.M.: Obviously when we’re filming, I don’t put any makeup on before I get there. I’m so lucky to work with such a great beauty team on Pretty Little Liars, and Cindy Miguens is a fantastic artist! I let her do all the work. Basically when I’m Aria, I’m always in a set of false lashes. Since I’m constantly wearing so much makeup, I like to keep it simple on my off days. A bod lip is my easy go-to. Mark’s Make It Rich Lip Crayons are my favorite for quick color. One thing that’s really important to me is a good concealer. We have such late hours when we’re shooting, so it’s basically essential. I apply Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer under my eyes and on any spots with a brush. As for hair, I just let it air dry before I get to set. If not, I have naturally wavy hair, so I’ll just spritz something, like Oribe Volumizing Spray (which is my all-time favorite hair product) or Mark That’s Beachy Texturizing Surf Spray. Scotty is obsessed with that product, it really replicates beach hair. I also might blow-dry it until it’s halfway dry, then I spray it and put it in a bun. When I take it down later, it’ll have that wavy texture I want.

7:30 A.M.: I wear fragrance every day, so I spray it before I walk out the door. I like to switch between a few depending on my mood, though I generally wear the same rotation of scents for six months, then change it up entirely. Lately I’ve been wearing Mark’s Saint Barts Soleil Fragrance.

Lucy Hale shared ALL of her hero skin care products

First on the list is the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. In a recent interview with marie claire US, Lucy praised this toner for clearing her skin, saying, “We all use a lot of the wrong products for our skin type, and this toner helps balance out your face to get your skin to look how it looked as a child”.

“It smells awful—like really, really intense—but it’s worth it; my pores are smaller, there’s more clarity, and my skin looks better overall.”

Noted: If you can get past the smell, good skin awaits you!

Next up, we spy Tata Harper Resurfacing Serum – which could be the answer to her skin’s goal-worthy radiance. This little gem is packed with AHAs and BHAs and helps slough away dead skin cells for healthier, glowing skin.

Moving down the list of serums, the star also uses the multitasking iS Clinical Active Serum, which is known for its anti-ageing, anti-acne and brightening benefits (it’s a brilliant all-rounder).

It seems Lucy is quite a fan of the Biologique Recherche range – she also uses the Sérum Oligo-Protéines Marines (it promises to energise and revitalise skin), Fluide VIP O2 (it works to reduces signs of stressed skin and brighten the complexion) and Serum Erythros (a go-to for banishing redness).

But, wait. There are more glorious serums.

Lucy is also a fan of SkinCeuticals (we don’t blame her. We’re obsessed with the brand, too) and opts for the cult-favourite C E Ferulic Serum, which works to protect skin against photoageing and environmental ageing. She also reaches for their Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier, to help keep her skin hydrated and plump.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops, an iridescent hydrating serum, is also on the top of her list, along with the FACTORFIVE Regenerative Serum, which uses human stem cell growth factors to target the five signs of ageing (wrinkles, sun spots, tightness, thickness and texture).

She then finishes her lengthy routine with the Kate Somerville Dermal Quench Liquid Lift Advanced Wrinkle Treatment (a powerhouse anti-ageing treatment), and SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex to kick dark circles and puffiness.

We don’t know about you, but just looking at this list exhausts us. Having perfect skin sure ain’t easy!

While we would be fooled into thinking Lucy has never had a bad skin day in her life, she’s done us all a solid and proved that even she isn’t immune to pimples in this recent makeup-free selfie.

What do you think of Lucy’s must-have skin care products? Have you tried any of them before? Let us know in the comment section below.

Main image credit: Getty

It might have been Thanksgiving break last week, but that didn’t stop the internet trolls from focusing their attention on Lucy Hale‘s body. On Saturday, the 28-year-old actress was viciously body-shamed for an Instagram picture that several internet bullies deemed “too skinny.”

The photo showed the “Pretty Little Liars” star standing in her closet in blue jeans and a black t-shirt tied at her waist. Though the picture didn’t include a caption, trolls found a lot to talk about, particularly regarding her body.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) on Nov 24, 2017 at 7:10pm PST

MORE: How Lucy Hale Shrinks Acne Spots After Picking a Pimple

The body-shamers primarily used words like “so thin” and “too skinny” to describe the actress, speculating that she could be in poor health because of her weight. The shamers also accused Hale of losing weight rapidly and asked her to “eat something” to bulk up. A few of the comments included:

“Please eat something baby girl 💖 ur so beautiful but you look so skinny.”

“Woow you really lost weight. I’ve been watching #PLL all 7 seasons in just 1 month and Im not used seeing you that slim.”

“Nooo too skinny 😦 you’re so beautiful but that doesn’t look healthy.”

MORE: Really?! People are Fat-Shaming Paris Hilton for This Swimsuit Selfie

As of yet, Hale hasn’t responded to the body-shamers—nor should she feel the need to. Body-shaming is never OK, something that seems especially pertinent given that Hale has suffered from an eating disorder in the past and has spoken out about the danger of calling people “thin” and “anorexic.”

No one knows better about Hale’s health than her, so body-shamers, keep your comments to yourself and stop speculating. Please.

Lucy Hale Has the Best Secret to Staying Motivated During Her Workouts

Photo: Noam Galai / Getty Images

Lucy Hale hasn’t been any less busy since the finale of Pretty Little Liars. She’s since starred in the new CW show Life Sentence and the upcoming horror movie Truth or Dare.

“My plan was to take a little bit of a break but I’d signed on to Life Sentence before we had even finished filming for PLL, so I didn’t necessarily have a moment to let it sink in that is over,” she says. “I think now I’ll have a little time to chill and be normal for a bit which will be nice.” We caught up with Hale to discuss how she’s been spending her rare downtime.

Her gym bag essentials: “I have my little to-go kit in my car that I keep just for the gym. Obviously, the goal is to shower after you work out, but sometimes I just don’t have the time, so that’s where deodorant comes in handy. I like the spray version of Degree’s Ultraclear Black & White Deodorant (Hale has partnered with the brand). It’s great because it’s made to not stain your clothes so you can wear something more than once. I’ll also pack makeup wipes and perfume.” (Related: The Trick to Packing Gym Clothes In Any Bag)

Her fitness class lineup: “I’m into this thing called Training Mate, which is a class in LA. It’s circuit training, basically everything you do with a personal trainer except you do it in a class with like 50 other people. But what’s so great about it, it’s an Australian company, so all the teachers there are just like really hot Australian males. So, of course I’ll show up! But I’ve been into SoulCycle for a while. Hot Pilates is great every now and then. And then I have a personal trainer who I work with. I need to keep it new and fresh; if it’s the same thing I’ll end up not going. I need to constantly keep trying new things and challenging myself.”

Her skin-care obsession: “I love makeup, but I’m obsessed with skin care. I always say I’d love to be an esthetician if I weren’t an actress. I love everything about it. Right now, the skin-care product I can’t live without is micellar water. It’s easy to travel with, and it’s handy on those nights when you’re too tired to do your skin-care routine.” (Check out these convenient cleansing sticks.)

The hair trick she wants to master: “My hair girls are always trying to teach me how to get texture. Obviously when we think texture we think curling iron, but they’re trying to teach me to do it with the flat iron. It’s about the angles. I still can’t figure it out.” (Boost your hair volume post-workout with these quick tips.)

  • By Renee Cherry @reneejcherry

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Lucy Hale knows a thing or two about switching up her look. After spending seven years playing the eccentric Aria on the drama-thriller Pretty Little Liars, she’s now found herself stepping into some pretty different roles. Soon enough, we’ll get to see her as Olivia in the new horror movie Truth or Dare, and she’s starring as Stella in a new comedy-drama, Life Sentence, where she plays a woman who’s just found out she’s beat terminal cancer.

We recently chatted with Hale while she was promoting Degree’s Black+White deodorant, which works to prevent sweat stains and white marks on, you guessed it, black and white clothing. “Degree was looking for someone who already rewears items because the whole purpose of this deodorant is that it doesn’t leave the marks that makes us not want to rewear our favorite clothes,” Hale said.

We chatted more with Hale on her face mask obsession, skin care must-haves, and what she learned sitting in the Pretty Little Liars makeup chair.

Are there any beauty secrets you picked up from being on the set of PLL?

We would always do face masks in the trailer before our makeup just to be hydrated—and our eye patches, we probably went through hundreds of thousands of eyepatches on that show. And it was there that I learned how to put on individual lashes very well. You have to do it with tweezers; it’s about having a steady hand. I’m always constantly looking at hair stylists and the angle of their iron because I’ve learned it’s not necessarily what tool you use but the angle at which its used. When I cut my hair off shorter, you’d think it’d be easier to style hair, but it’s not, it’s a lot harder. I’ve had my hair short for a couple years now, and I’m just now getting the hang of how to do it.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your new short hair?

I typically let it air dry. I put in an air dry cream and let it do its own thing, but if I’m doing it myself, there’s this new way that Kristin Ess, who does my hair, taught me. What you do is you get your straightener and you sort of S it *holds up a piece of her hair in an S shape* and just tap on it. You kind of swirl it. I don’t know what it’s called, but she calls it Cool Girl hair. So I’m like, “Give me the Cool Girl hair.” So that’s what I do now just because it’s really easy.

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My @kristin_ess of Vancouver is @chrisweberhair 👯 thank you thank you for being so sweet and warming up my locks 🌞

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On Jimmy Fallon, you mentioned you love to do a face mask selfie. What are your top face masks for a selfie?

I actually just bought this new one by Tatcha that’s lavender; it’s so pretty. I hope it’s doing something good, but if it’s not, it just looks really pretty. There’s the bubbling face mask, which is really fun. You can get it on Amazon. I mean the ones with all the animal faces, the sheet masks, are always fun. I love popping one of those on on a plane and freaking someone out. I’ve got no shame in that. You should see my face mask drawer at home, it’s kind of crazy.

What are you looking forward to beauty-wise this spring?

My hair’s a lot lighter now, and I’m transitioning to go even lighter. This is the third round of going lighter, and I keep wanting to go more. This is my summer hair.

Would you ever go bright blonde?

Yeah, I would. I think everyone’s doing it right now, so it’s not like the original thing to do but absolutely.

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Friday flashback to a blonde me. Brainstorming what my next hair change will be 🙇🏻‍♀️

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It’s so nice to be at that age when you feel comfortable in your own skin.

You mentioned you love skincare. What are your top three must-have items?

Bioderma Micellar Water. I have this iS Clinical Serum that’s called Active Serum which, I don’t know what it does, but it just sort of protects you when you’re traveling and just from life in general. And then there’s this toner that I guess has been around for a really long time by Biologique Recherche. It’s the P50 lotion that is notorious for smelling really weird. It smells like fennel, so I get really weird about wearing it, but it’s pretty magical. It’s from some European country. It’s hard to find, even hard to find online. I can’t find it in LA; I can only find it New York. I think a place called Rescue Spa sells all their stuff.

I was just looking at their Instagram yesterday!

You have to go there anyway because it’s amazing. 100 percent. There’s this girl, Diana; I’ve only been twice but usually what I do is I walk in and tell them my needs and concerns and just let them do whatever.

What kind of makeup do you wear now when you want to feel powerful?

I love popping on a bold lip and keeping everything else clean. I think there’s something so sexy in a subtle way of pulling your hair back and popping on a lip and keeping the focus there. But also I’m at the point now where I feel really comfortable without anything. And it’s so nice to be at that age when you feel comfortable in your own skin. It takes a while to come into your own, but I’m there.

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Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask, $68; sephora.com SHOP

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, $10; amazon.com SHOP

Holika Holika Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet, $24; amazon.com SHOP

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water, $11; amazon.com SHOP

iS Clinical Active Serum, $135; amazon.com SHOP

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50; rescuespa.com SHOP

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“The day I turned 21, my skin just went nuts,” says Lucy Hale.

The Pretty Little Liars star, now 29, was suddenly hit with cystic adult acne, hormonal issues AND sensitivity, as she recently explained to Byrdie.

Not that you’d ever be able to tell, though—because she is now “totally obsessive” about her skincare regimen.

Lucy Hale (Photo: @lucyhale)

Well, I’m not sure I’d describe Lucy’s routine as “basic” (ha!), but judging by her glowing skin, it’s working very well!

She’s also the first to admit that she gets a lot of help. “It’s important for young girls to realize things like we have fake eyelashes on, some of us have extensions, we have good lighting,” she told Into The Gloss. “It’s the same thing as Photoshop! We are normal girls, we have zits, and it’s important that girls know that. I work with very beautiful people, don’t get me wrong, but there are a lot of tricks of the trade.”

Here’s the lowdown on what she uses.

Lucy’s Morning Skincare Routine

Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser

Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser: “Obagi is the skincare that I use the most. It’s great; it’s really gentle.”

Lancer The Method: Cleanse

Lancer The Method: Cleanse: “I’m a big believer in Dr. Lancer’s products.”

2. Toners:

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50: “I’m obsessed with the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50—I know a lot of people know about it and like it, but I just recently started using it, and I love it.”

Obagi Nu-Derm Toner

Obagi Nu-Derm Toner: “I use Obagi toner twice a day.”

3. Serums:

iS Clinical Active Serum

iS Clinical Active Serum: “I have this iS Clinical serum that’s called Active Serum which, I don’t know what it does, but it just sort of protects you when you’re travelling and just from life in general.”

SkinCeuticals C + AHA

SkinCeuticals C + AHA: “I recently learned that you have to put your serums and toners in order from thinnest to thickest. That actually comes from Korean skincare—they teach you how to do it that way.”

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF: ” a ton of serums.”

4. Moisturizers:

Chanel Hydra Beauty Crème Riche

Chanel Hydra Beauty Crème Riche: “Chanel makes this really good face cream.”

Lancer The Method: Nourish

Lancer The Method: Nourish: “I like Dr. Lancer’s products a lot.”

Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturizer

Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturizer

5. Eye Creams:

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream

Kate Somerville Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm

Kate Somerville Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm

6. Sunscreen:

SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50

SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50: “I always wear a sunscreen every day, that’s really so important! I don’t really find a huge difference between SPF products, but I’ve been using this lightweight SkinCeuticals SPF 50. I mix it in with my moisturizer.”

7. Face Oils:

Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil

Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil: “I never leave the house without Sisley face oil mixed with Laura Mercier foundation.”

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum

8. Foundation/Concealer:

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector SPF 30

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector SPF 30: “I love a good tinted moisturizer, because foundation can be too much, but sometimes you need a little help. Laura Mercier makes really great ones.”

Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer

Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer: “For concealer I love Clé de Peau. It’s an investment, obviously, but it covers better than anything I’ve found.”

9. Lip Balm:

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment: “I had a friend from Australia get me some, but now I can just order it on Amazon, and it’s pretty legit.”

Lucy’s Nighttime Skincare Routine

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes: ” can take anything off without irritating me. At the end of a long day, wiping my makeup off and feeling so clean, it’s the best feeling in the world.”

Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Bioderma Sensibio H2O: “Bioderma micellar water .”

2. Oil Cleanser:

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil: “Double-cleansing is what it’s really about for me.”

3. Foaming Cleanser:

Restorsea Reviving Cleanser

Restorsea Reviving Cleanser: “Always, always, always go to bed with clean skin.”

4. Cleansing Brush:

Clarisonic Mia Smart 3-in-1 Connected Sonic Beauty Device

Clarisonic: “Good skin starts with a Clarisonic brush.”

5. Toners:

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50: “It smells awful—like really, really intense—but it’s worth it; my pores are smaller, there’s more clarity, and my skin looks better overall.”

Obagi Nu-Derm Toner

Obagi Nu-Derm Toner: “First, I double cleanse, then tone.”

6. Acne Treatment:

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: “Go to bed in clean sheets with a clean face, your Mario Badescu Drying Lotion on, and you’re good to go.”

7. Prescription Retinoid:

“I use a prescription retinol cream. I feel like it just works a bit faster. Retinol has been the biggest game-changing product for me, but you’ve got to be consistent with it, even when your skin flakes at first. I’m really breakout-prone, and retinol keeps my skin really clear, because it helps speed up cell turnover to prevent build-up in your pores. I mix my retinol with my moisturizer and use it only three nights a week. it does take months to work.”

8. Moisturizer:

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion: “The most underrated product.”

SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture

SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture: “I’m a huge fan of SkinCeuticals. I want everything. It’s so expensive, but it’s worth it.”

Sisley Paris Restorative Facial Cream

Sisley Restorative Facial Cream

9. Eye Cream:

SkinCeuticals Eye Cream

SkinCeuticals Eye Cream: “SkinCeuticals moisturizer and eye cream are great.”

Lucy’s Skin Treatments

Fresh Sugar Face Polish

Fresh Sugar Face Polish: “I make sure to exfoliate three times a week using Fresh Sugar Face Polish.”

Lancer The Method: Polish

Lancer The Method: Polish: “I exfoliate a couple of times a week.”

Face Mask:

Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask

Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask: “I actually just bought this new one by Tatcha that’s lavender; it’s so pretty. I hope it’s doing something good, but if it’s not, it just looks really pretty.”

Eye Gels:

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels: ” from my makeup artist and friend Kelsey Deenihan.”


Molly M. Lucio: “She’s the shit. I’ve been seeing her for over five years. I’m really diligent about facials. If I can go once a week, I’ll do it. I’ve tried all different kinds of facial products… but the one thing I have to be consistent about is a facial every two weeks.”

Rescue Spa: “You have to go there… because it’s amazing. One hundred percent. There’s this girl, Diana; I’ve only been twice but usually what I do is I walk in and tell them my needs and concerns and just let them do whatever.”

“Even when I get facials, it has to be all about hydration and light peels. There’s an oxygen facial I love. I want to be able to do all the fun, crazy stuff but my skin doesn’t react as well.”


Dr. Zein Obagi: ” skincare, definitely—I spend a lot of money on good skincare and a good dermatologist.”

Lucy’s Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle

“I definitely feel my best when I’m eating whole and raw foods and good protein. But I also believe that life is short and you should eat what you want (in moderation).”

“I try to keep it healthy during the day, but I don’t really follow a particular diet, per se. I’m lucky because I like healthier foods…though I definitely have a sweet tooth. I could never cut out sweets. I do try to avoid dairy because it makes me congested. But I love my sugar and I love my coffee. Coffee is a must.”


SoulCycle: “I’ve joined the cult! I used to be so against spinning, but I feel really strong while I’m doing it. Mentally it helps me, too. Even though you’re in a class with people—it’s still like you’re in your own little zone. There’s something about it that just works for me, mentally and physically, I just love it.”

CorePower Yoga: “I’m really into CorePower’s hot yoga—not Bikram, but the step below that—and originally I just wanted a good workout, but it’s actually been really good for me. It helps me slow down and it forces me to relax. It was miserable and hard at first, but now I’m addicted to it.”

Jana Finkbiner: When I’m in LA, I also see a trainer two or three times a week.”

Thanks to Elle, Marie Claire, Byrdie, W Magazine, Into The Gloss, Refinery29, Teen Vogue, Bustle and Stylecaster.

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What do you think of Lucy’s skincare routine?
Have you tried any of the products she uses?

Lucy Hale’s turn as eccentric Aria on cult classic show Pretty Little Liars has cemented her status as a modern beauty icon.

Never afraid to shake up her look, Lucy has experimented with bold new hairstyles, quirky beauty looks and even hair tattoos.

As Lucy gets set to star in Truth or Dare – a horror movie about a group of teenagers who play an innocent game that becomes very real, killing off anyone who tells a lie or doesn’t complete a challenge – GLAMOUR quizzed her on the film and her ultimate beauty mantras.


I took on the role of Olivia in Truth Or Dare because we need more strong female leads

What originally drew me to this film was the character of Olivia. She’s a very smart, selfless person. We meet her at the beginning of the movie and she has all these dreams and aspirations and throughout the film you see her breakdown and you witness the evolution of who she becomes. I love a strong female lead and I think we need a lot more of them.

I swear by bi-weekly facials and fennel cream to keep my skin clear

I am a huge skincare lover, and it is the main thing I put first. I never skip my morning or nighttime skincare routine. I am also very religious to my facials, which I do every 2 weeks. As for the products I swear by, I just got into Biologique Recherche, which is a line that’s difficult to find but they have this toner called P50 toner; it’s kind of a cult product and people are obsessed with it. It’s got fennel in it so it smells really weird, but I swear by it. It sort of tightens everything up and keeps my skin really clear. I also swear by Bioderma Micellar Water and my absolute secret weapon is retinol, which you need to get a prescription for, but it’s what keeps my skin looking glowy and clear.

The three beauty hacks that make my eyes look brighter

I’m all about a good highlighter so I’ll put an illuminator or highlighter in the corner of my eyes. I swear by a good lash curler and then, if you want to get real crazy, you can put a flesh tone eyeliner in the waterline of your bottom eyes to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Purple shampoo made my friend is what keeps my hair so glossy

One of my closest friends is a hair stylist so she spoils me. I go see her often and let her do her thing with my hair. She has a lot of great products; she has a great dry shampoo and my hair is blonde right now so she came up with a purple shampoo and conditioner that keeps it from going brassy. It’s not in the UK yet but it will be!

Exercise keeps me sane

Exercise is my number one thing that keeps me sane, so I try and work out four or five times a week but I get really bored easily, so I try and switch it up a lot. There is this thing called Training Mate in LA that I’m really into right now – it’s like a circuit class. I love Pilates and yoga, too.

The vitamin liquid that keeps my health in check

I take a multivitamin and a spoonful of omega liquid every morning. I’m a girl who likes all the gummy versions of vitamins because it’s like having candy in the morning, like the calcium ones and the omega ones.

I make my own cosmetics

I actually make my own lip exfoliator, using honey and brown sugar!

Truth or Dare is out in UK cinemas on Friday 13 April.

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