Gigi Hadid on Watching Yolanda Hadid and Siblings Battle Lyme Disease: “I Felt a Lot of Guilt”

Last month, Yolanda Hadid revealed she had suffered a relapse in her ongoing battle with Lyme disease. And now, her supermodel daughter, Gigi Hadid, is opening up more about watching her mom, as well as siblings Bella Hadid and Anwar Hadid, struggle with the disease over the years in light of the fact that she doesn’t have it herself.

“Growing up, having three of my family members sick made me very independent. My mom couldn’t drive or get out of bed some days, so I took my brother to school with me, or I made lunch,” Gigi told Elle about growing up with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum. “But I also felt a lot of guilt for being the one person in the family who didn’t understand what they were going through. It’s hard when your whole family is in pain and you don’t know what to do.”

(Above, Yolanda and Bella discuss how Lyme disease has affected their lives.)

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While Gigi does not have Lyme disease, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease several years back, which she tells Elle “means you have an underactive thyroid. Most people get Hashimoto’s when they are middle-aged. I got it very early. In high school, I had a lot of water retention. Even after extra workouts, I had bloat that wouldn’t go away. And I was always tired. That was tough.”

She then explained how her mom’s own knowledge of more holistic approaches has helped her manage the symptoms. “It’s about learning about your body. As a 17- and 18-year-old, I was prescribed a medication that many people start taking when they are 50, and it can lead to bad things if you take it for too long. So my mom looked into some holistic treatments. Also, in California, I went to see a doctor for CBD treatments,” she said. “You can make a life for yourself in ways that won’t hurt your body.”

When Yolanda’s longtime pal, Erika Girardi, recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she offered an update on the former model’s health these days, noting that she is “struggling” (clip below) with it.

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Still, Yolanda appears to be out there soaking up life — and, as she recently shared, feeling “freedom like I’ve never felt before.”

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❤️Captured by light, reminded of my connection to Source……… #SunRiseSalutation #Gratitude #ThankYouGod

A post shared by YOLANDA (@yolanda.hadid) on Jan 29, 2019 at 8:19am PST

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❤️Freedom like I’ve never felt before……..

A post shared by YOLANDA (@yolanda.hadid) on Jan 30, 2019 at 8:57am PST

Yolanda Hadid Says Her Lyme Disease Is in Remission: “I Feel Better Than Ever”

Gotham/GC Images

It’s been seven years since Yolanda Hadid was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and the former star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills says her health is on the upswing.

“I feel better than ever,” Hadid, 55, tells PEOPLE. “I’m in remission. I had a really bad year last year but I found a new frequency healing device and it’s been amazing for me. It took away 90 percent of my symptoms. It helped with my joint pain, the exhaustion, the brain fog, all the symptoms that come with Lyme disease.”

Often referred to as the “invisible illness” because people who suffer from it may not appear sick, Lyme disease is a tick-borne infection with variations in duration and in symptoms, which range from extreme fatigue to neurological problems.

Hadid is set to attend the Global Lyme Alliance gala on October 10 in support of the group dedicated to increasing awareness about Lyme and finding a cure.

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“ was so painful but the spiritual part of my soul was saying there is a higher purpose,” says Hadid, whose children Bella and Anwar also suffer from the disease. “It sucks that it happened to me but at the end of the day I put a face to the disease that nobody knew anything about. It’s very real. And lot of people are suffering. But God put me on this path to make a difference. That’s what keeps me going.”

Hadid also maintains lifestyle changes to effectively manage her illness, including eating as healthful and clean as possible, getting plenty of rest and avoiding areas with electric and magnetic fields.

She’s also found a supportive partner in boyfriend Joey Jingoli. “It’s such a blessing to find someone so perfect for me in this time of my life,” says Hadid, who split from David Foster in 2015. “He rides horses, he loves nature, he loves the farm. To find love again at 55 is amazing.”

And Hadid says she’s encouraged by the opportunity for a fresh start.

“Life isn’t over after we raise our kids and divorce,” she says. “It continues. And it’s beautiful.”


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Like her mother Yolanda Hadid, supermodel Bella Hadid has Lyme disease — a tick-borne illness that leads to exhaustion, joint pain, and fatigue (among other symptoms). Here’s what we know about Bella’s experience living with Lyme disease.

Yolanda Revealed That Bella Had Lyme Disease During an Episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The moment came with a lot of drama: Yolanda’s castmates were less than kind about her own struggle with Lyme disease, and they questioned whether or not Bella and her brother Anwar were truly suffering from it, too.

“Bella was diagnosed with Lyme disease and co-infections about three years ago,” explained Yolanda during the episode. “And Anwar shortly six months after that.”

Real Housewives mainstay Lisa Vanderpump sparked drama when she implied that Bella’s father Mohamed Hadid had told her that his children were fine — the not-so-subtle implication being that Yolanda wasn’t telling the truth about Bella and Anwar’s diagnoses.

Mohamad ended up issuing a statement in which he clarified, “I can only imagine that my response to a question asking how my kids are doing with ‘fine’ was misconstrued. I have too much respect for all five of my children to speak about them publicly … in a restaurant or otherwise. I won’t speak further on something that should now be put to rest.”

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Not everyone’s reality is the true reality! @bravotv @bravoandy @bravowwhl

A post shared by Mohamedhadid. (@mohamedhadid) on Jan 26, 2016 at 6:55pm PST

Bella Probably Got Lyme Disease on the Farm Where She Grew Up

Bella and her siblings spent the early part of their childhood on a farm, where Yolanda reckons they were bit by a tick. “There are millions of cases worldwide,” she explained on Real Housewives. “We lived on a horse ranch, we had ticks everywhere, every day of their life.”

She also took to her personal blog to explain that Bella “had to give up her lifelong dream of having a professional riding career and a shot at the Olympics due to her severe symptoms and inability to ride. This was the biggest heartbreak of her life and an extremely sensitive subject for her.”

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I am full again…Blessings…❤️

A post shared by Bella 🦋 (@bellahadid) on Aug 8, 2017 at 2:58pm PDT

What Bella Has Said About the Disease, and How She Treats It

The supermodel hasn’t shied away from talking about her health with the public, telling Evening Standard that “it was a dark time” when she first got sick. “I was exhausted all the time. It affected my memory so I suddenly wouldn’t remember how to drive to Santa Monica from Malibu where I lived. I couldn’t ride. I was just too sick. And I had to sell my horse because I couldn’t take care of it.”

She also told Porter, “I couldn’t get out of bed for six days. And my brain would get all foggy, and I couldn’t see. That was the hardest time of my life.”

Bella is intolerant of the antibiotics that are typically used to treat Lyme disease, so she takes alternative medicine. At the time of the Evening Standard interview in 2015, she explained that she still had Lyme “in all my joints and it goes up to my brain.”

Bella Was Honored at the Global Lyme Alliance and Gave a Moving Speech

View this post on Instagram

About last night. @bellahadid was on point. And she was so Beautiful poised and she killed it. Perfection. #globallymealliance I was so proud of her. And support her.

A post shared by Mohamedhadid. (@mohamedhadid) on Oct 14, 2016 at 9:02am PDT

During her speech at the 2016 gala, the supermodel spoke candidly about the effects of her illness: “Life isn’t always what it looks like on the outside, and the hardest part of this journey is to be judged by the way you look instead of the way you feel.” Bella added that she felt like her “teenage years were taken” from her.

She dedicated the award to “all the teenagers out there that have really gone through what I’m going through and have suffered from this disease without an end in sight.”

To find out more about Lyme disease, head here.

Related Story Mehera Bonner Contributor Mehera Bonner is a news writer who focuses on celebrities and royals—follow her on Instagram.

Yolanda Foster and Her Kids Bella and Anwar Hadid All Have Chronic Lyme Disease: A Medical Expert Explains How

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Yolanda Foster, who has spoken candidly about her struggle with Lyme disease, revealed Thursday that two of her children have were also diagnosed with the disease in 2012.

“Watching my babies struggle in silence to support me in my journey struck the deepest core of hopelessness inside of me,” Foster, 51, said of daughter Bella Hadid, 18, and son Anwar Hadid, 16, at the Global Lyme Alliance inaugural gala.

PEOPLE caught up with Dr. Raphael Kellman, the founder of the Kellman Center for Integrative and Functional Medicine who has not treated the stars, to find out more about Lyme disease and how it’s possible for several members of the same Real Housewives of Beverly Hills family all to be diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease, for which there is no standard treatment.

How likely is it that three members of one family all have chronic Lyme disease?
It’s not uncommon that a few members of a family have Lyme disease. … But it’s not genetic, it’s because they share the same environment.

A major cause could be imbalances in the billions of gut bacteria that we call the microbiome, those bacteria that are inside of our gut that outnumber us 10 to one and keep us healthy. It’s not uncommon for the microbiome to be unhealthy, and if the microbiome is unhealthy in one member of the family, it’s likely that it’s unhealthy in another member of the family. Each home has its own particular microbiome. … We tend to eat the same foods as other members of the family and experience similar stressors, which all contributes to changes in the microbiome.

Additionally, if someone develops chronic lyme or any chronic infection, typically there are other health issues that they have that they weren’t aware of. … These issues could be thyroid-related, which is a very big problem – it’s not uncommon if somebody develops Lyme disease and they had low thyroid in the past. Low thyroid occurs due to factors like immunological issues, gut issues, microbiome imbalances, environmental toxins. However, there’s also a genetic susceptibility as well, so perhaps a few members of the family also have low thyroid that maybe wasn’t picked up.

How is Lyme disease transmitted?
It’s not as certain as scientists used to think – that it’s transmitted only through ticks. There may be other methods, unfortunately, though not well known, of transmission of this disease. We don’t really know for certain that this is the only way it’s transmitted.

What are the symptoms of Lyme Disease?
Fatigue, but the fatigue could come and go. It could be post-exertional fatigue or fatigue they have one day and then the next day they feel somewhat better. Typically, Lyme disease is associated with a brain fog, headaches, difficulty concentrating … muscle and joint pain, tingling and numbness, neck pain, sometimes palpitations, different types of neurological symptoms. … Anxiety is one of the symptoms as well, and sometimes the anxiety can be debilitating and can even present as panic attacks.

But typically, the symptoms can wax and wane: One day the joint pain is here, and then the next day it’s somewhere else – it’s migratory. The tingling and numbness and the strange types of neurological symptoms, like a sense of electrical currents in them, can change from day to day.

What makes it so hard for doctors to diagnose Lyme disease?
The presenting symptoms typically baffle the common doctor because of the uncommon types of symptoms, the way they’re presented and the wide constellation of symptoms … And unfortunately, because it’s not common and because lab tests frequently miss the problem, many of these patients just suffer in silence … Because it’s associated with so many symptoms that can come and go, that present in uncommon ways and that are frequently difficult to describe, it sometimes leaves patients speechless, which is another reason why so many of these patients are not being diagnosed properly and are not being treated. The most common phrases that I hear from so many patients with Lyme disease are, “I just feel like I’m dying,” and, “I can’t explain what I’m feeling.”

Additionally, is sometimes associated with personality changes: a sense of derealization, that they’re not really in their body. When people start speaking like this, with atypical presentations of symptoms, it tends to baffle doctors and one of the unfortunate responses is that it’s all in their head, they’re under a lot of stress, they need an antidepressant or an anti-anxiety medication.

How are celebrities like Avril Lavigne and Yolanda Foster helping those suffering from Lyme disease by sharing their own struggles with the illness?
It will give people more confidence not to live and settle with their symptoms and live their lives like that, to perhaps be tested again or to go to doctors who realize it’s a clinical diagnosis. You have to make the diagnosis not by blood testing, but by the clinical presentation and other biomarkers and footprints.

People now are more aware that Lyme disease is a very common problem, that it’s not just a small segment of the population that is suffering from this. It’s really much more widespread than anybody ever imagined. Many, many more people are suffering from Lyme disease than the statistics show, so i think that now when people know if they have these symptoms, they’re more likely to go to the doctor, they’re more likely to pursue this diagnosis and to be tested properly, and then if nothing helps them and they still have these symptoms, they understand that the test may come out negative and that they have to find the doctor who understands that it has to be diagnosed clinically.

Inside Yolanda Hadid’s tragic battle with Lyme disease

Yolanda Hadid may appear to live a charmed life thanks to the fact that she’s a former model, an alum of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and the mother to models Bella and Gigi Hadid – not to mention their younger runway-walking brother Anwar Hadid. But the Hadid matriarch also faces a continuing battle with Lyme disease, which is caused by tick bites and leads to symptoms like joint pain and debilitating fatigue.

First diagnosed with the disease in 2012, Yolanda Hadid revealed in October 2019 that she was in remission, telling People, “I feel better than ever. … I had a really bad year last year but I found a new frequency healing device and it’s been amazing for me. It took away 90 percent of my symptoms. It helped with my joint pain, the exhaustion, the brain fog, all the symptoms that come with Lyme disease.”

” was so painful but the spiritual part of my soul was saying there is a higher purpose,” Hadid explained. And while she says that it “sucks that it happened” to her, she acknowledges that she’s able to use her fame to help others who are also unwell. “I put a face to the disease that nobody knew anything about. It’s very real. And lot of people are suffering. But God put me on this path to make a difference. That’s what keeps me going.”

Yolanda Hadid says Lyme disease contributed to marriage breakdown

Yolanda Hadid said her Lyme disease caused her marriage failure.

The 57-year-old reality TV star was diagnosed with the infectious illness – which is spread by ticks – in 2012 and has admitted the side-effects of the disease drastically changed her relationship with husband David Foster and the couple split in December 2015 with their divorce finalised this year.

In an excerpt from her new memoir ‘Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisibility of Lyme Disease’, obtained by People magazine, she writes: “All of a sudden all of the things we shared, all of things we used to love to do together, go for walks in the morning, having a studio in the house and blasting music all day, having dinner parties, that all shut down. I couldn’t participate in that life anymore.”

The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star tried to brush off the migraines and tiredness by making jokes about her illness, but she cannot deny it took a toll on her marriage.

Recalling a specific moment in their relationship, she writes: “I’m starting to feel that David is unhappy with the fact that I can’t be by his side the way that I used to be. I try to make light of it and joke that he married a lemon. It’s sad but true. I went from being the funny girlfriend who was up for anything and had endless energy to the wife who is too sick to be by his side. He lost his wingman, his partner in crime, and I felt as if he’s starting to get impatient with my recovery. I understand that even brief periods of illness can strain important relationships in your life. A chronic condition like mine, one that has consumed years of our lives, poses enormous challenges.”

Yolanda moved to New York to be closer to her three children Gigi, Bella and Anwar Hadid and she claims she has no hard feelings towards her ex.

She said: “I had a great seven-year run with him and I will always hold that in high regards and have gratitude for that time together. If he didn’t leave the marriage I would not be where I am today.”

In her memoir, Yolanda also admitted that the illness took such a toll on her mentally and physically that she thought about ending her life.

Yolanda Hadid is now one of the most talked about stars of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Hadid’s very public battle against Lyme disease has sparked concerns as she allegedly is faking her condition for publicity.

Yolanda Hadid, the ex-wife of music mogul David Foster, has openly documented her disease on social media and on the Bravo’s hit series. However, some of her co-stars and fans had a difficult time understanding the situation. In several occasions, people have accused her of faking her illness, reports Bustle.
When David Foster announced their breakup, Hadid blamed her Lyme disease as somehow cause the estrangement. However, Foster’s daughters, Sara and Erin, have a lot to say about their father’s ex-wife.
The sisters on Wednesday appeared on Jenny McCarthy’s Sirius XM radio show. Sara and Erin discussed Hadid’s situation and delivered words about honesty.

“Look, this is how I feel,” Sara said. “What I will say is if you’re capable of continuing to be on a reality show, you’re not dying. Let’s be honest.”
Meanwhile, Erin Foster is also extremely vocal about Hadid’s disease. She said, referring to Hadid’s situation, that a sick individual should focus on being treated normally.
“No one wants everyone to know how sick they are and everyone to see how much they’re struggling,” Erin said. “When that seems to be the focus, of making everyone see how sick you are, that’s just confusing to someone who’s trying to be supportive.”

Lyme Disease: Risk and Symptoms
Lyme disease is transmitted through the bite of an infected black-legged tick. People at highest risk of infection are those living near grassy and heavily wooded areas. To transmit the disease, an infected tick must be attached 36 to 48 hours to the skin. If you find an attached tick, removing it as soon as possible may prevent infection.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common symptoms of Lyme disease include fever, headache, fatigue, and a skin rash called erythema migrans. If untreated, the disease may affect the joints, the heart and then the nervous system.

The rash caused by Lyme appears like an expanding red area or a bull’s eye pattern. It expands slowly over days and can spread to 12 inches. Some people may develop the rash at more than one place on their bodies. As the rash appears, an individual may also experience flu-like symptoms, such as chills, body aches and a headache.

Hadid in a December blog post explains she aims to help individuals who also are battling Lyme disease.

“Too many chronically ill people are misunderstood by others, including family, friends, and their community,” Hadid said. “My clinical diagnosis are black and white, if sharing them will shed light on this epidemic and educate the world, I will gladly do so.”


Bella And Gigi Hadid Have Been Helping Justin Bieber With His Lyme Disease Diagnosis

Justin Bieber has revealed that he has been diagnosed with Lyme disease. In an Instagram post, the 25-year-old musician shared that he has had a “rough” couple of years understanding how to live with the illness, but is now “getting the right treatment that will help treat this so far incurable disease”.

Justin Bieber.

© Gotham

Lyme disease is caused by a tick bite that causes suffers to develop symptoms such as “tiredness, aches and loss of energy, that can last for years,” according to the NHS website, and over the past few years has permeated the public consciousness as a result of other high-profile sufferers speaking out about their struggles – including Bella Hadid, Yolanda Hadid, Anwar Hadid and the actor Alec Baldwin, who is the uncle of Justin’s wife, Hailey Bieber.

In his Instagram post, Justin referred to painful rumours that he was “on meth”, as he explained that, in addition to his diagnosis, he’s also been afflicted with a chronic case of mono, better known as glandular fever in the UK, which has impacted his “skin, brain function, energy, and overall health”.

The news from the singer follows the release of his first solo single in four years, “Yummy”, and coincided with the announcement of a documentary series he plans to release on YouTube that will illustrate his battle and “OVERCOMING” it, he declared in capital letters.

Justin hasn’t been going through this battle alone, of course. His wife, Hailey, also took to social media last night to share the news and offer her own thoughts. “Please do your research and listen to the stories of people who have suffered with it for years,” she tweeted. “Making fun of, and belittling a disease you don’t understand is never the way, all it takes is educating yourself.”

Having been dealing with Lyme diagnoses for several years, members of the Hadid family have also offered a shoulder for the Biebers to lean on, support and advice.

Read More: Illness Forces Bella To Quit Olympic Dream

Hailey tweeted her thanks to Yolanda, Bella and Gigi, for offering her “so much clarity and information on Lyme disease and for helping answer my questions about course of action, symptoms etc”.

Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber backstage at Milan Fashion Week, 2017.

© Tristan Fewings

As well as encouraging fellow sufferers to know they are not alone, celebrities speaking out about their health battles can help to raise awareness of little-known conditions. Particularly for conditions like Lyme disease, which are easier to deal with when caught in the early stages.

More from British Vogue…

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caption Hailey Bieber credits Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid for helping her understand Justin Bieber’s Lyme disease diagnosis. source Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images; Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

  • Hailey Bieber (neé Baldwin) expressed her gratitude for Yolanda Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Gigi Hadid‘s support on Wednesday after Justin Bieber spoke out about his Lyme disease diagnosis.
  • “I wanna say a huge thank you to @YolandaHadid and @bellahadid and @GiGiHadid for bringing me so much clarity and information on Lyme disease and for helping answer my questions about course of action, symptoms etc,” the 23-year-old model wrote on Twitter. “Love you 3 amazing women!”
  • Her husband shared earlier that day that he had been diagnosed with both Lyme disease and chronic mono, “which affected my, skin, brain function, energy, and overall health.”
  • Hailey followed his announcement by defending her husband against “those who are trying to downplay the severity of Lyme disease.”
  • She wrote, “Please do your research and listen to the stories of people who have suffered with it for years. Making fun of and belittling a disease you don’t understand is never the way, all it takes is educating yourself.”
  • Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) shared warm words about Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, and their mother Yolanda Hadid on Wednesday following Justin Bieber’s announcement that he’d recently been diagnosed with both Lyme disease and chronic mono.

“I wanna say a huge thank you to @YolandaHadid and @bellahadid and @GiGiHadid for bringing me so much clarity and information on Lyme disease and for helping answer my questions about course of action, symptoms etc,” the 23-year-old model wrote on Twitter. “Love you 3 amazing women!”

I wanna say a huge thank you to @YolandaHadid and @bellahadid and @GiGiHadid for bringing me so much clarity and information on Lyme disease and for helping answer my questions about course of action, symptoms etc. Love you 3 amazing women!

— Hailey Bieber (@haileybieber) January 8, 2020

Both Yolanda and Bella Hadid have spoken about their Lyme disease diagnoses, and Bella’s supermodel brother Anwar Hadid has also been diagnosed with the disease. In 2017, Yolanda published a memoir titled, “Believe Me: My Battle With the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease.”

Hailey also thanked Avril Lavigne for her work to teach people about the disease.

and sending so much love to @AvrilLavigne thank you for all you do to educate people about Lyme. You’re amazing ????

— Hailey Bieber (@haileybieber) January 8, 2020

The pop star has been vocal about her struggle with Lyme disease and applauded Justin in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

Justin told his followers, “While a lot of people kept saying justin Bieber looks like s—, on meth etc. they failed to realize I’ve been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, not only that but had a serious case of chronic mono which affected my, skin, brain function, energy, and overall health.”

Hailey urged outsiders to learn more about the side effects and to educate themselves on the seriousness of the condition.

“For those who are trying to downplay the severity of Lyme disease. Please do your research and listen to the stories of people who have suffered with it for years. Making fun of and belittling a disease you don’t understand is never the way, all it takes is educating yourself,” she said.

For those who are trying to downplay the severity of Lyme disease. Please do your research and listen to the stories of people who have suffered with it for years. Making fun of and belittling a disease you don’t understand is never the way, all it takes is educating yourself.

— Hailey Bieber (@haileybieber) January 8, 2020

The “Yummy” singer also told followers that his condition will be further explained in his upcoming docuseries, “Justin Bieber: Seasons,” which will arrive to YouTube on January 27.

He concluded the announcement by saying, “It’s been a rough couple years but getting the right treatment that will help treat this so far incurable disease and I will be back and better than ever NO CAP.”

Gigi Hadid quietly deletes support for Justin Bieber after being called disloyal

The day after Gigi Hadid sent a supportive tweet to Hailey Bieber , who took a stand against those bullying her husband Justin Bieber for announcing that he has Lyme disease, the model purged it from her Twitter after getting bullied herself.

On Wednesday, Hailey Bieber tweeted a sincere thank you to the Hadid family, specifically Yolanda Hadid , Bella Hadid , and Gigi “for bringing me so much clarity and information on Lyme disease.”

Yolanda Hadid went public with her respective battle with Lyme disease during her run on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . Bella and brother Anwar Hadid also suffer from the illness.

After Hailey Bieber sent the family her sincere appreciation, the 24-year-old Hadid wrote back, “Our pleasure. Wishing the fastest possible recovery.”

Unfortunately, the model faced immediate backlash from fans of Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift , both of whom she is close with.

Fans ripped into Hadid for exchanging pleasantries with the Biebers, who share a rocky relationship with both Gomez and Swift. In addition, Justin Bieber is managed by Scooter Braun , who is currently publicly feuding with Swift over her master recordings.

When one fan accused the model of being “the worlds biggest people pleaser” who “befriends people who have publicly hated/mocked/bull!ed” her friends, Hadid clapped back with a firm, “Giving advice to a friend whose husband is suffering does not show a lack of loyalty to anyone.”

Both tweets have since been deleted, but not before fans screengrabbed the vulgar exchange . In addition, the fan who tweeted at Hadid has since made her account private.

Lyme disease bella hadid

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