Moto Jackets

Motorcycle Jackets for Women

Moto jackets are a great way to top off any outfit, from glam to grunge. This street-wise style is typically adorned with ribbed sleeves, unique collars, belts and zips. Whatever look you’re after, we have an option to complete the outfit. Go rough-around-the-edges with a vintage variety, stay sharp in clean, modern lines or create a femme feel with a slim fit, cropped waist and embroidery or fringe details. Moto jackets are great for layering, especially when you size up for a subtle slouch. Rock a slim fit jacket directly over a t-shirt for crisp spring or fall days. These coveted styles are sure to freshen up your jacket and coat rotation. Finding your perfect moto jacket is all about discovering your favorite texture and tailoring, details and adornments. Leather, suede, vegan leather – whatever your preference, we’ll have you covered. Our favorite details are all in the collars. Fur lined, oversized, double breasted and even collarless. Layer them with scarves or let them stand alone. You’re sure to fall in love with at least one – or a few – of these statement jackets. Express your wild side, or use a moto jacket to toughen up an otherwise ethereal outfit. Either way, you’re bound to look amazing.

Madewell leather moto jacket

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