The Best Makeup for Your Hair Color

Whether you change your hair color as frequently as Emma Stone or have never even added highlights, it’s important to consider shade of your tresses when you reach for makeup.

“Changing your hair color alters the way light absorbs and deflects around your face,” says Alexa Prisco, star of The Glam Fairy. Which means your bright and sunny summer makeup look could leave you looking a little washed out if you dye your hair come fall, especially since skin tones naturally change as tans fade (unless your golden skin comes bottled).

First, whenever you tint your locks, don’t forget about your brows. Dying isn’t necessary-just be sure to update your brow pencil color, says celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff. If you’re a shadow girl, use a small angled brush to apply color where your brows are sparse, Prisco says. As for the shade, brows on brunettes should be three steps lighter than their hair, while blondes should use a color three shades darker. Redheads look best with a color that’s close but not exact, such as a brownish auburn shadow, and if your locks are black, use a shadow that matches your hair as close as possible.

And now for the rest of your makeup…


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Face: “Youthful, healthy skin is gorgeous on brunettes,” says Marissa Nemes, a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with Faith Hill and Mariah Carey. To get that glowing face, she suggests applying a tinted moisturizer and following it with a bronzer such as Mary Kay Mineral Bronzing Powder in Canyon Gold. “Gently sweep the bronzer brush on the cheekbones, brow bones, and bridge of the nose to add subtle definition, and then apply a blush on apples of the cheeks for a muted burst of color,” she says. Rosy tones are a good choice since it looks most natural with darker hair colors.

Eyes: When the weather cools, think warm and reach for shadows in the gold, bronze, burgundy, and peach families. “These shades help make the eyes look larger and bring out the hues of the hair color,” says New York-based makeup artist Heather Adessa. She advises using the lightest shades, such as gold or champagne, on the upper lid and applying deeper tones on the crease. For your liner, Jill Powell, a celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist who works with Demi Lovato, recommends “tight-lining” your eyes: “Line right at the root of the lashes with a black liner, and then line eyes per usual with brown liner. This will give depth dimension and really make eyes pop without looking too harsh.”

Lips: Brunettes can get away with a much bolder lip than their lighted-haired counterparts. “Unlike blondes, darker-tressed women already have a stark contrast between hair and skin, so darker lips really bring out the tones and depth in the hair,” Adessa says. She recommends plum and burgundy lipsticks.


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Face: Without dark hair to frame their face, blondes need makeup that really makes a statement, says Sarah Tanno, makeup artist for Lady Gaga. But with so many shades of fair hair (especially the variations between bottled and natural), it can be tricky to pick the best color cosmetics for you. Tanno breaks it down: “If you’re a golden blonde, which has a more yellow-ish tone, stick to warm peaches and neutral pinks. If you’re a natural beachy blonde, think sun-kissed: golds, bronzes, and nothing too pink,” she says. Whatever your degree of blonde, make your face stand out by dusting highlighters such as YSL Touche Eclat on the brow bone, around the eye, above the cheekbone, and a smidge on top of the bridge of the nose, Tanno adds.

Eyes: Instead of black liner, which can look harsh with golden hair, reach for one of fall’s hottest colors: purple. “Using an eggplant or dark hue, line as closely to your lashes as you can, then smudge and soften the line with a small angled brush,” says celebrity makeup artist Tara Loren, who has worked with Zooey Deschannel and Winona Ryder. Top with a purple shadow about two shades lighter than the liner, being careful not to bring it too close to the inner corners of your eyes. If plum’s not your thing, soft shades of taupe, silver, and charcoal also look great.

Lips: Blondes can try a pop of bright pink on their pouts for an edgier look, says celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Peter Lamas, who has worked with Hollywood legends like Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis. Just be sure not to use too much color on the rest of your face or your features will be competing with one another, and bright colors (such as blue eye shadow) can make you look clownish. Adessa suggests a bubble-gum shade since a pink that’s too muted or nude gives towheads a washed-out look.


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Face: The biggest mistake gingers can make is going matchy-matchy, Powell says. Stick with neutral or pink tones instead, sweeping just a bit of bronzer on the cheekbones, with some pink blush swirled only on the apples of the cheeks.

Eyes: While the colors may conjure up thoughts of Christmas, when it comes to reddish hair, a greenish shadow is the perfect complement. “Rich colors like green, olive, hunter, and chocolate really stand out on redheads since they’re opposites,” explains Susan Posnick, Cindy Crawford’s former makeup artist. “Apply a light shimmery champagne color shadow just underneath the bottom lashes to really make eyes sparkle,” she suggests.

Lips: While other hair hues may be able to play with different lip colors, redheads have to be a bit more careful. “Many tones will clash with red,” Powell says. Adessa recommends subtle pink or red tones that match your lips’ natural color.


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Face: “Raven hair is strong and mysterious,” Nemes says, “so balance out its intensity by aiming for a creamy alabaster nude complexion.” To avoid looking like Morticia Addams, she recommends applying a tinted moisturizer to the entire face, then dusting a bronzing powder only in the hollows of the cheekbones. Finish with highlighting powder on the cheekbones to attract light and create definition, and a cream blush rubbed onto the apples of the cheeks with your fingertips for a subtle rosy color.

Eyes: “Black eyeliner is important so the eyes don’t get lost,” Powell says. Layer on several coats of mascara and skip shadow altogether because it’s really not necessary to help eyes stand out. If you’re feeling retro, try a cool cat-eye by winging eyeliner up and outward on both top and bottom lids, Lamas suggests.

Lips: All of our experts agree: Noir-haired beauties can really rock an of-the-moment red kisser. “Black doesn’t clash with any lip color, so vivid tones really make a statement,” Powell says. Any shade of red works, or go darker with plum or berry tones for an equally dramatic look.

  • By Jené Luciani

How to Fix Your Roots

If you color your hair—at a salon or at home—you get roots. Some people love them, and even accentuate them: Many of the chicest variations on ombre are essentially grown-out roots. If you don’t love roots, however, they are fairly painless to erase—as is the fading that is also part and parcel of having your hair colored.

If you go to a colorist, ask her/him for shade (and brand) recommendations first; some salons create special roots-fixing kits for each individual client; others will recommend over-the-counter products. “You want professional guidance, in terms of shade and in terms of how often you should be re-applying color, emphasizes Marie Robinson of New York’s Marie Robinson Salon

Fix ONLY the Roots

Whether you color your hair in a salon or at home, you’re going to get roots—and touching them up shouldn’t involve re-coloring all your hair, for several reasons. Your roots are a different shade than the rest of your hair, points out Clairol color director, James Corbett, of New York’s James Corbett Studio salon. “You think you want it all to match, but since the base color for roots isn’t the same as the already-colored part of your hair, they won’t match. Recoloring the whole head is the number one mistake women coloring their hair at home make.”

Color on top of color also dulls and flattens the look and texture of your hair. Redken celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham points out that over-dyed roots can cause dark shades to go darker than they’re supposed to: “You’re essentially layering color on top of color,” she says. “If you’re blonde, re-coloring too often causes breakage.” Just fix the roots and leave the rest as long as you can, period.

Pick the Right Color

Go lighter on root touch-up shades especially around the face, says Cunningham: “Always do a lighter color around your hairline. Otherwise it starts looking really dark because the hairs around your face are like facial hair and the color absorbs differently.”

Your choice of all-over haircolor seriously affects how often it has to be touched up, notes Robinson: “If you’re a busy working mom, going pale blonde can be more high-maintenance than is ideal.” Red, which fades the quickest, is another not-for-the-extra-busy option.

Treat Fade (a.k.a. That Irritating Red/Orange/Brassiness)

That said, all permanent haircolor fades, losing its initial luster. Whenever you color hair—even a dark color—the process involves some initial bleaching to get the color to go inside the hair shaft. As the color slowly leeches out of the hair, what’s left is lighter than your original shade. “Darker colors like black fade violet-red, dark brown fades reddish, brown fades orange, and blondes fade from orange to very gold—brassy,” explains Robinson.

Fade Fix #1: Start With “Ash” Family Colors

You’ll notice most box haircolor is labeled “ash” or “warm”/”golden.” Warm and golden have more red in them; if red or oranginess bugs you, start with ash. All colorists will doubtlessly be aghast at this last statement, but the only people we’ve met who want more red in their hair are pretty clear about it, while most people who don’t want red, don’t understand that “ash” is (generally) the antidote. If you’ve a got a colorist to advise you, listen. But if you’re standing in the haircolor aisle at the drugstore and you don’t want reddish fade, start with ash.

Fade Fix #2: Glosses

Salons treat fading with glosses—essentially semi-permanent color that temporarily adjusts the tone (getting rid of the color-fade effect) and increases shine. Cunningham says she treats clients to Redken’s Shades EQ Gloss (go to for salons) when color starts to fade, prolonging the time in between haircolorings and keeping hair as healthy as possible. A gloss usually lasts between 12 and 20 shampoos, depending on your hair and how you treat it. You can create a similar effect with semi-permanent color at home, says Corbett, who likes Clairol Natural Instincts (about $7, drugstores), but gives this advice no matter what brand you use: “Pick a shade that’s on the lighter side of what looks right for the first time. If you don’t get enough tone correction with that shade, go a shade darker the next time you do it.”

Fade Fix #3: Avoid Pools and Sun

“The worst!” says Corbett. “Especially the combination of the two! If you’re going to be in a pool or hot tub at all, wet down your hair, then seal in the water with conditioner or oil before you go in the pool. Think of your hair like a sponge: You want to fill it up with plain water before you go into anything chlorinated—chlorine is bleach—so it won’t absorb the chlorine as much. It’s really worth the extra step, every time.”

Fade Fix #4: Think Before You Shampoo

Washing your hair—especially with detergent (most shampoos that lather are made with detergent, aka SLS)—strips and fades color. Think about washing it less often; think about using SLS-free formulas (we only sell SLS-free shampoos on goop); think about using lots of conditioner to build back in softness and shine. You can also address color with shampoo, says Robinson: “Generally, to correct brassiness, a purple-based shampoo counteract, orange and yellow or blue/violet; green based-shampoos help counteract red and orange.” Purple is great for blonde shades, green more for brown ones.

Temporary—But Really Effective—Fix: Eyeshadow for Hair

Color Wow makes compacts ($34.50, that look like especially luxe eyeshadow palettes that dispense kind-of-amazing powder that sticks to your hair, looks totally natural, and comes out only when you wash it. You smooth the powder on with a brush—it’s both invisible and totally effective. Everyone should have one in their shade for emergencies, but we know one editor who uses it all the time. As in, she never touches up her routes with actual dye. “It’s definitely less damaging, and it literally takes me two minutes,” she says.

Photo by David Stesner/The Licensing Project

Rule for All Color Hair: Never. Stop. Conditioning.

Below, the very best, totally clean and utterly hydrating conditioners we know:

  • Rahua Conditioner

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  • Josh Rosebrook Conditioner

    Nut, seed, and plant oils, plus proprietary herbal infusions, fatty acids, and active phytonutrients create a super-hydrating treatment for normal to dry hair and scalp conditions. It leaves hair healthy, full, and shiny by stimulating circulation, strengthening, and intensively moisturizing.

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  • Reverie Nude Conditioner

    A brilliant every day cream rise, this super-hydrator is made with sweet almond oil, zinc, neroli, vanilla, cardamom, and a host of other amazing essential oils. It leaves hair bouncy, manageable, and gleaming with health.

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  • Lavett & Chin Hair Moisturizer/Conditioner

    A luxurious mix of coconut oil, rice extract, spirulina, rosemary, geranium and fennel, this ultra-nourishing hydrator seriously increases shine and manageability, leaving hair smoother, softer and healthier. It smells and feels fantastic, and works brilliantly for everyday.

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  • Grown Alchemist Conditioner

    $28For shinier, stronger, softer hair that’s easy to comb through, this bioactive, certified organic conditioner is brilliant for everyday. Antioxidant polyphenol-rich ingredients like bush pepper make hair more manageable; green tea protects both hair and scalp, black pepper increases circulation, while lavender and myrtle moisturize, creating the healthiest shine imaginable.

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  • Beautycounter Rinse Everyday Conditioner

    This weightless formula is meant to prep hair with a nourishing mix of vitamins and fatty acids to better handle everyday stressors. It’s lightly scented, too, which is pretty essential for a conditioner.

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For women with blond hair, some makeup colors can be too harsh or make the skin look washed out. To look your best and enhance your natural beauty, follow these makeup tips for blondes.

“Blondes look best in softer tones,” says SheKnows beauty expert Nina Sutton. “On the cheeks and lips, try pale pinks or peaches. Rose can also look great on the lips. For red lipstick, blondes can wear a blue-red or even an orange-based red (best for warmer skin tones).

Pretty in pink

Everyday makeup for blondes should be light and natural. Pink or beige eyeshadow, rosy blush and neutral lipstick are almost all you need. Avoid black mascara and use medium brown instead.

Glam up in silver

For a special night out, experiment with shades of silver and gray. Apply a sweep of light gray eyeshadow over the entire lid and add darker gray in the crease. Line your lower lashes with metallic silver liner and a more muted silver for the upper lashes. A coral blush and lipstick that isn’t too glossy will finish off your evening look.

Not all blondes are the same

Platinum blondes need to stick to cool colors when picking their makeup. Green, taupe and silver are fantastic picks for the eyes. Steer clear of bronze and copper. For lips, almost any shade of pink can work, and blue-reds are another terrific option. Ditch any lipstick that veers towards orange.

Honey or caramel blondes with golden skin should grab a cherry red lipstick or a shade with flecks of gold. Fairer honey blondes have a lot of versatility and can wear almost any color, though orange- and blue-reds may look better than true reds.

Golden or reddish blondes can play up their eyes with warm shade of purple, while peachy lipstick is always a safe bet.

Consider your eye color

For eye makeup, blondes with blue eyes look best in cool shades such as gray, silver and steel blue, Nina advises. “Blondes with brown eyes look best in browns and plums,” Nina offers and says that eyebrows should be one shade darker than hair to define the face. When choosing your makeup, you should also take into account your eye color and complexion. If you have a darker or olive skin tone, try earth tones. For pale blondes, don’t use eyeshadow color that is so light it washes you out.

Also try these makeup tips for blue, brown and green eyes to find the right colors for you.

More makeup tips

Find more makeup tips by eye or hair color

Makeup for Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes

Makeup for Blonde Hair Brown Eyes: All the Secrets to Enhance Your Look

Hello blondes, today’s post is just for you! Be it “fake” or natural, wheat-colored hair just has that special something that sets us apart from the rest, doesn’t it? Some of us dye our hair out of mere curiosity, or because we feel like our natural color is a bit dull, or we’ve simply gotten bored with it, or maybe because we just want to experience – if even for only one day – what it feels like to walk around looking like a doll. But whatever the reason, there’s no denying that a sun-kissed head of hair immediately makes us feel safer, more beautiful, more intriguing…

As for me, I used to be a natural blonde. So natural, in fact, that when I was a kid my friends called me “Lemon Head”. But with time, my hair lost its natural golden tone and now I am a slave of the dye! Time has taught me, however, that it can be a beautiful slavery, and today I want to share with you some secrets to always look radiant. First of all, remember that if you decide to dye your hair, you have to be willing to put in a sustained effort, to keep it looking impeccable and avoid those ugly dark roots which make us look messy, dirty and disorganized. I realize that it was actually fashionable some time ago, but never in my book: that is one bandwagon you’ll never see me hopping on!

If you too are part of the growing Blonde Hair + Brown Eyes team, here is my advice to you: to enhance the look of anyone with blonde hair and brown eyes, there’s no better ally than makeup (though this is true for every woman, regardless of hair or eye color). And the most effective makeup for blonde hair and brown eyes, as I’ve come to learn, is a simple one!

Makeup for Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes: Enhance Your Look with these basic tips

If you’re one of those ladies with blonde hair and brown eyes, you may feel like you’re a “second rate” blonde, but really, you couldn’t be more wrong! In fact you should be celebrating, as you can choose from a much more varied color palette than your “colleagues” with blue or green eyes. Any shade of black and gray, for example, is simply perfect to highlight hazel or chocolate-colored eyes. And these tones look fabulous both with fair/pink skin and with darker/olive complexions.

When you’re putting on makeup for an important event, I suggest you go for a nice “smokey eye” effect that plays with different shades of brown (it’ll look amazing on you, but a blue-eyed girl could never pull it off…). And if you really want to nail it, try to find a brown color that matches the most intense tone of your own iris, and go from there: this will really call attention to your eyes, enhancing their beauty in unexpected ways!

Another color which could become your best friend this spring-summer is orange: it goes with nearly any skin tone, and will add a charmingly fresh touch to your look. And while you can use it as a main tone or shade, it also works great as a background, blending in nicely with the above-mentioned brown. Just remember that sometimes less is more, so please… no makeup on the beach!

Finally, when it comes to makeup for blonde hair and brown eyes, you can’t forget the eyebrows. In fact, they’re the key to your whole look, so grab your best pencil and brush, and get to work! You’ll want to make sure that your eyebrows match your hair, which usually means a shade or two darker than your hair color (but not too dark: that looks awfully unnatural on blondes…). And to really nail down that intense and bewitching look, you’ll also want to give them excellent definition. Personally, I prefer thicker brows, which happen to be all the rage these days, but I adapt to what I’ve got (mine are neither too thick nor too thin), and I try to resist the temptation to “draw on” something that’s not there…


Makeup Tips If You Wear Vivid Hair Color


Let your hair color be the hero.

Don’t try to “fight” your unicorn hair color with even more color on your face. “Let the color of your hair be the hero,” advises Nick Stenson, “and let your makeup be secondary. Don’t play with a lot of color on your face. Instead, play around with texture on your skin, like mattes and shimmers.”

Complete the look.

Even though your makeup should be subtle, it’s important to wear enough makeup with your vivid hair color to avoid looking washed out. “If you have statement hair,” says Nick, “your wardrobe and makeup should support that statement. You can’t get away with boyfriend jeans and no makeup. Your hair will no longer look cool. You need the ‘supporting cast’ to help your hair color look polished and put-together.” Adds Deney, “You don’t have to wear a lot of makeup, but everyone should wear a little.”

Monotone is not monotonous.

A monotone palette (cheeks, lips, and eyes) is an elegant way to go when you have vivid hair color. “This is really a big trend right now,” notes Deney. The tonal family you choose should match the tones of your hair color. So if you’re all about hair color in shades of blue and purple, your makeup should represent those cool shades with soft pastel pink and blue eyeshadows, cheek color and lip tint.

Follow the “pick one” rule.

One of the key rules of makeup is to pick one feature to play up and then downplay the rest. Going for a strong eye? Then your cheeks and lips should be soft and subtle in color and design.

Blend like crazy.

Another “must” when it comes to makeup is to make sure everything you apply is super well-blended. There should never be a visible line anywhere on your face. “Arm yourself with makeup brushes, pads, sponges—whatever you prefer,” says Nick. “Today there are so many tools that blend makeup so it looks flawless. Be sure to have some of them on hand.”


Go for flawless.

Skin is the most important element of the whole makeup picture when you have “look at me” hair color, says Deney. “It should be as smooth and flawless as possible,” he says. So find a foundation that matches your skin perfectly, in a formula that’s right for your skin type—whether it’s oily or dry. And don’t hesitate to use a concealer to mask blemishes, undereye circles or redness.

Avoid the “mask” effect.

Less is more these days, believes Deney, so while your skin should look dewy and even, your makeup shouldn’t be heavy or thick-looking. “Let your skin show through,” he advises. “You don’t have to cover up everything. We’re definitely seeing a makeup trend that is moving away from thick, artificial-looking skin.”

Contour is still cool.

Contouring may not be as pronounced as it has been in recent years, but contouring and highlighting your features is a great makeup strategy if you have vivid hair color. “It makes a face look put together without using a lot of color,” explains Nick. To contour, apply highlighter to the high points of your face, and a deeper color powder or foundation to the areas you wish to recede—such as the hollows under your cheekbones, the sides of your nose and your jawline. Keep everything subtle, and contour with a light hand, especially for daytime makeup.


Pay attention to your brows.

Well-groomed brows are essential for a polished makeup look, especially since it’s best to avoid strong eye shadows when you have brightly colored hair. Everyone has different preferences for their brow effects, from thick to thin. Regardless of your choice, go for a nice arch that isn’t drawn on with a solid line. “Try using a liquid liner to create the look of individual brow hairs when you’re defining your brows,” suggests Nick. “You’ll get the fullness and strong shape of microblading without the commitment.”

Have fun with eyeliner.

Since it’s important to minimize colored makeup when you have highly colored hair, eyeliner is a great tool to use to define and enhance your eyes. Line eyes subtly in black or brown for day. For an evening look, try creating a cat eye with your liner.

Bat your lashes.

Another color-free way to define your eyes is with lashes. Black mascara is the go-to. False eyelashes are on-trend. “Throw some lashes on!” says Deney. It’s a quick and easy way to wake up your entire face.

Tone on tone.

Avoid strong eye color, and use a tone-on-tone approach with the eye colors you choose. “If you’re a unicorn hair color fan, sporting an array of rainbow hair colors, stick with natural tones on your eyes, like light golds and warm browns,” suggests Deney. “If your vivid hair color is cool, I like pale, pale blue eyeshadow. If it’s warm, say in the red/orange family, pale orange and rust makeup is a big trend this year.”


Stay nude with bright hair color.

The more vivid your hair color, the subtler your lip color should be. Stick with nudes, pale pinks or peaches or beige tones. Anything goes in terms of texture—matte, gloss, etc.—but keep color muted. The exception, notes Nick, is if you’re sporting a pale hair color hue, like pink hair color or platinum blonde hair color. Then you can wear a statement lip infused with more color, like ruby red or burgundy.”


Pop of color.

With contouring and highlighting, a pop of cheek color is essential. “Rosy cheeks are very popular now, with every hair color,” says Nick. “People are coloring their cheeks with crème blush, or even using their crème lipstick on their cheeks.” Consider using a single crème shade on eyes, cheeks, and lips to achieve a truly monochromatic effect.

50 Lovely Purple & Lavender Hair Colors in Balayage and Ombre

Pastels are in right now, and what better shade of pastel than ultra flattering and feminine lavender hair? Lavender, lilac and purple hair colors are an excellent choice, because they are unusual but also very soft and subtle. If you’re thinking of taking the pale purple plunge, I have some pretty purple hair color ideas coming up for you! This article is all about how to choose the best shade of lavender for your hair, how to take care of your lavender hair, how to match your outfit and makeup to your purple hairstyles, and last but not least, I have 50 awesome purple and lavender hair color ideas coming up!

How to Choose Your Purple Hair Colors

So we’ve talked you into this daring yet feminine color palette? Awesome! Now you just have to choose which purple hair colors to work with.

As usual, those with warm undertones to their skin (for example, yellow or olive) will look better with warm shades of lilac and magenta. Those with a cool undertone to their skin (pinkish shades) will look better with cooler shades, like the classic pastel lavender or a deep violet. Those with neutral undertones to their skin can get away with any shade of purple hair under the sun.

However, shades of purple hair also lend themselves really well to analogue color schemes, where both cool and warm shades are used. If you really love the look of the cool metallic lavender, but your skin is super warm, you can simply add a touch of lilac balayage near your face ” it’ll both give your look a lot of depth, and will also flatter your skin tone. The reverse is ideal for those with cool undertones to their skin.

If you’re nervous about damaging your roots, and constantly having to re-dye them, you can consider getting a lavender balayage or ombre purple hair. You can keep your roots a natural color, and simply let them grow out.

A Few Other Things to Consider about Purple Hairstyles

Before taking the plunge you should remember that it takes a lot of work to achieve unnatural hair colors, like lavender.

• Lavender and purple hair colors fade very quickly, and require frequent salon visits for maintenance.

• If your hair is naturally darker, your hair will have to be bleached, probably multiple times, before it can be dyed pale lavender or vivid violet shades.

• Dyeing hair frequently comes with a bit of damage, so you want to make sure your hair is very healthy and moisturized.

Purple Hairstyles Require Some Maintenance

Dyed hair always requires more maintenance than virgin hair (i.e. undyed hair). However, if you choose an unnatural color you will need considerably more maintenance, because the hair does not want to keep those colors in. Here are some purple hair maintenance tips:

• Before as well as after dyeing your hair purple, get in the habit of doing nourishing hair masks, using ingredients that will strengthen the hair shaft, like coconut oil.

• Switch to a sulfate free shampoo that will preserve the dye and won’t strip your hair of oils.

• Consider adding a bit of semi-permanent purple dye to your condition, so with every wash you will refresh your color.

Fashion Tips for Purple Hair

Because purple is a secondary color, it is actually a lot easier to work with than primary colors like, blue or red! When putting together an outfit, after making the switch to purple hair, consulting the color wheel is important; however, you still have a ton of choices!

• If you want an outfit that will really pop, choose yellow, which is opposite from purple on the color wheel.

• You can go for an analog effect by wearing shades of lilac and magenta, or indigo and blue; just be careful, or it might look too twee.

• Orange or red on their own would be difficult to pair with lavender hair, but throwing in another shade like green or turquoise could balance things out.

• When it doubt, black, grey, and white are excellent neutrals!

Makeup Tips for Lavender and Purple Hair Colors

My makeup mantra is “there are no rules ” only guidelines’. You can do whatever the heck you want, but I have some suggestions that will hopefully make it easier.

For the Eyebrows: With really pale, cool hair, your best bet is to choose a grey taupe color that is maybe just a shade darker than your purple hair. If you’ve chosen a warmer lilac shade, a taupe that leans toward red is the way to go.

For the Eyes: In a similar fashion to crafting an outfit, the color wheel is once again your friend. Yellows and golds will seriously pop, while matching lavender and rose shades to your hair will be very soft. Going neutral is always safe, but if you want to look like a real makeup maven, a bold green smokey eye could be really stylish.

For the Cheeks and Lips: Don’t be too matchy-matchy with your purple hair and lip or blush color, but do try to stick to the same undertone. If you’ve gone for a very cold lavender hair shade, a cooler lipstick will look better than an orangey red one. With warm lilac hair, since there is still a bit of blue undertone present, you could rock almost any shade of lipstick.


How to Find the Perfect Stylist for Your Purple Hair

Purple hairstyles are not most people’s cup of tea, so most stylists and color technicians don’t have experience dyeing hair lavender. You really can’t go into any old salon, and expect to leave with perfect lilac hair.

Look for an edgier salon in your city, and go on their website or instagram. Look for examples of the exact kind of dye job that you want. If you’re going for more user-friendly lavender balayage hair, make sure the artists you’re looking at are not only good at creating vivid colors and charming pastels, but are also great at balayages and hair painting.

Read reviews of the stylist and the salon, especially ones that talk about how well their hair looked after fading a little. You want your hair to look good not only when you leave the salon, but also a few weeks afterwards when some of the color has faded.

50 Mesmerizing Lavender & Purple Hair Color Ideas

So you’re doing it? Awesome! I’ve got you covered with some gorgeous pictures of lavender and purple hair color ideas!

1. Purple Haze

What a better way to start than with a smoky lavender hair look? This gorgeous gradient begins dark gray, and slowly the color fades into a smoky lavender, with bright lilac tips. It’s cool for winter, and ideal for those with neutral-pink skin tones.

2. Lavender Balayage Crimp

Crimped lavender balayage hair is the perfect look for anyone going to an ’80s themed party, but rest assured that even blow dried, this Guy Tang balayage would be full of depth and character.


3. Flower Garden Double Ponytail

This mixture of violet and lavender hair colors in this look reminds me of a beautiful and fragrant spring garden. The effect of the messy curls and crown double ponytail is soft, romantic and perfect for spring.

4. Retro Purple Gradient Curls

1940s curls are ultimate sleekness and sophistication, even if you choose unusual gradient shades of violet and purple hair colors. By keeping the roots dark you ensure that maintenance will be painless.


5. Purple Ombre Mind-Blowing Double Braid

This ombre dark black to lavender hair color is lovely, but it also shows how great ombres lend themselves to awesome hairstyling. This purple hairstyle is basically a side fishtail braid that is incorporated into a Dutch braid ” the effect is kind of like that of a visual illusion painting, it’s hard to tell where it starts and where it ends.

6. Dark Orchid Ombre

In this purple hairstyle, smokey dark purple fades into pale lavender hair colors at the tips, to create a really dark yet warm ombre.


7. Opal Balayage Lob

Guy Tang is rocking it again with lilac and lavender balayage hair. The effect of the two colors mixed together in this long bob is like that of an opalescent jewel, glinting in the light.


8. Messy Lavender Mermaid

This look is simple, with just solid lavender locks dyed all the way through. However, keeping the hair a little messy, and adding flattering layers near the front to frame the face a little, makes this shimmery metallic color a little more natural, as though you’ve just burst through the ocean’s waves.


9. Metallic Lavender Lob

Tousled waves are always stylish, and they make this long bob haircut look a little shorter and funkier. Ombre lavender hair color ideas are all the rage, with a darker purple near the top fading into a metallic pale lavender.

10. Warm and Cold Balayage

This two-toned purple balayage hair is a flattering mixture of warm and cold shades of purple that’ll suit most skin tones. Keeping the roots dark saves you salon visits, and the combo of the relaxed half knot at the crown and loose curls is a soft and effortless look.


11. Silver and Lavender Bob

Ultra light, feathery bobs pair so well with ombres, and this is one of my favorite examples of bobbed lavender hair color ideas. The dark silvery grey at the top keeps the roots healthy, and blends into the metallic lavender in a soft way thanks to the shimmer in both colors.


12. Rose and Lilac Balayage

The beautiful thing about lilac hair colors is how refreshing and flowery they are. This purple hairstyle shows how well rose pink, indigo, and lilac purple blend together, in a loosely wavy balayage style.


13. Amethyst and Rose Quartz Treasure Ombre

I am so happy dark roots are in style right now, because they’re one of the best ways to keep lavender hairstyles healthy! These cool shades of pink and purple are reminiscent of the semi-precious gems, and are extremely luxurious.

14. Bridal Violet Updo

Who says lavender hairstyles can’t be classy? This titanium and violet balayage braided updo proves them wrong. A bit of glitter along the part gives a sassy type of glamour to this gorgeous look.


15. Lavender Galaxy Balayage

Indigo blends really well into these purple hair color ideas, and this balayage certainly proves it. Just start off with dark indigo roots, let them fade into a lighter purple towards the end, and add a touch of lavender dye by hand, and the effect is ethereal and space agey.


16. Dark Violet and Pale Lilac Ombre

Keep the roots a dark violet for a chic look, and brighten everything else up with pale lilac hair colors. The effect is fresh and excellent for summer.

17. Multi Purple Color Melt With Braided Top Bun

This vibrant purple hair color is sure to stand out. The roots are dyed a vivid indigo, while into the rest of the hair there is a blend of blush, lavender, and lilac hair colors. The top was pulled into a French braid, and then styled into a topknot bun ” a very unique casual semi updo.


18. Metallic Lavender with a Touch of Magenta

Metallic lavender hair color ideas are pretty safe right now, so adding a bit of warm magenta to the root really stands out. The soft, loose curls work quite well with the shiny hair color.


19. Retro Mermaid Ombre

This lush lavender hair combines warm and cool purple hair tones to flatter most skin undertones. Long, thick waves and the unusual shades of cool violet and pale magenta are simultaneously a little ’40s and very mermaid princess.


20. Smoked Cotton Candy

Smoky violet roots, a lavender transition tone, and cotton candy pink roots make up a really gorgeous lavender balayage hairstyle that is unique, understated, and thanks to messy waves, ultra comfortable and stylish for autumn.


21. Knotted Garden Bun

Lilac and lavender balayage hairstyles have a really unique effect when pulled into updos. The warm magenta roots peek through the knots below the lavender bun, which contrasts everything nicely.


22. Blueberry and Pink Grapefruit Balayage

This fruity purple balayage hair is vivid and attention grabbing. The purple starts off very dark at the roots, and fades into a bright grapefruit pink, with lilac as a transition shade.

23. Smoke & Garnet Balayage

The colors in this gorgeous purple hairstyle are expertly painted, and the metallic shine proves how healthy the hair is. The mixture of darker and lighter shades of violet and lavender gives this balayage a lot of texture.


24. Crown Braid Balayage

If you’re looking for purple hair color ideas that won’t damage your hair, definitely stick to darker roots like in this style. The hand painted lavender and indigo dyes combine to give depth and lushness to this crown fishbraid style.


25. Titanium and Lavender Streaks

In this look, the lavender hair colors are actually not the predominant color ” the titanium is. However, the lavender really stands out, and the effect is subtle and sleek. Curling the ends adds an extra touch of sophistication.


26. Violet Flower Semi Updo

Get bright with these gorgeous indigo, lavender, and lilac hair colors. In this look the indigo is mostly kept to the roots, as a balayage of lilac and silver is streaked through the ends. The flowery crown updo keeps to the theme of the flowery colors chosen.

27. Exotic Ocean Waves

Mixing indigo blue, pale blue, silver, and lavender hair colors creates a tropical ocean effect. Even though just a tiny touch of lavender runs through this cool collection of colors, it gives everything a pop of brightness that really stands out.


28. Pale Lavender and Lilac Balayage

We’ve seen a few lilac and lavender balayage hairstyle ideas so far, but few have been as expertly dyed as this one. While the hair is curled, this hairstyle could be mistaken for being just lavender, but when it’s straightened you realize that the roots are a darker violet, while most of the hair is subtle streaked with pale lavender and lilac shades.


29. Purple Smoke and Mirrors

If you’ve been looking for purple hair colors ideas, and you have warm undertones to your skin, this is the look you’ve been searching for. Raisin roots become a reddish violet with just a touch of ashy platinum, only to fade into a metallic lavender at the ends, which will perfectly complement a warm skin tone.

30. Pastel Mermaid Hair

Lilac, pastel blue, and silver curls create a fantastical effect that is totally accentuated by the gorgeously long purple curls. This is the perfect look for a human mermaid!

31. Deep Blue & Violet Ombre

This is a dark example of purple hairstyles that would definitely be more suited to neutral and cool undertones. Dark violet roots fade into a metallic lavender in messy waves.


32. Smoky Lavender Bob

Did you think only long hair worked with purple hair colors? This slanted bob proves you wrong. A mixture of darker violets and smoky lavenders blends together beautifully in this sassy haircut.


33. Magenta & Lilac Triple Dutch Braid

Dutch braids and balayages go so well together ” it’s like the braid accentuates the depth that the balayage brings to the hair, and shows off the roots in a daring way. This look is dominated by warmer magenta and lilac hair colors, with just a touch of cool lavender, making it another excellent option for warmer skin tones.

34. Romantic Violet and Lilac Balayage

This violet lilac balayage hair is super romantic thanks to really neat, curled ends, and a crown twist.


35. Violet Double Dutch Braids

Since double Dutch braids go so well with lavender hair colors, why not make two of them? I find the color blend of magenta, violet, lavender, and warm brown really remarkable in this gorgeous, warm balayage.

36. Platinum and Lavender Balayage with a Crown Braid

The dominant platinum in this gorgeous balayage is ultra modern, but lavender streaks and a touch of violet give it a lot of much needed color. There is also just a hint of peach hair dye thrown into the mix in, and it really nicely contrasts with all the cool purple hair colors.


37. Cool Lavender Balayage Hairstyle with Knotted Bun

The great thing about purple hair is that you can go extremely light and soft, and still have a unique color. The dark roots blend well with the streaks of violet that run through this style, and the knotted bun is effortless and intriguing.


38. Smoky Purple Ombre Lob

Super textured, layered long bobs will always look good, no matter the hair color. In this case, purple hair colors go from dark to light in a lovely gradient.

39. Braided Top Knot with Lavender and Violet Ombre

Semi-updos are extra cheeky when the roots are kept a darker shade, like in this violet and lavender ombre hairstyle. The braided topknot is very flowery, and the lavender curls have a gorgeous metallic glim.


40. Pastel Lavender Balayage

Ultra cool strands of a nearly white shade of purple, and pale violet run through this textured lavender balayage hairstyle. To ensure healthy hair, the roots were kept natural.


41. Tri Color Lavender Balayage

This is a warmer take on purple hair colors. Slate starts at the roots, and snakes its way downwards, but it soon gives way to a warm and bright lilac, with some touches of cool lavender.


42. Purple Satin Curls

Sometimes a stylist can get the hair so shiny, healthy, and soft that it looks like a luxurious fabric. The touchable curls work so well with one of my favorite purple hair color ideas.


43. Dark Grey and Lavender Ombre

This lavender hair look features a crown ponytail, to show off dark grey roots that contrast nicely with the lush periwinkle waves.

44. Peak of Lilac

Metallic lavender is the predominant shade in this luxurious curly ‘do, but the lilac hair colors peeking through in the bottle curls at the ends add a touch of cheekiness.


45. Dark Violet Balayage Waves

Shiny and dark purple hair colors are dominant in this beautiful balayage, but a touch of amethyst warms up the lovely loose waves.


46. Oil Spill Curls

This painted look mixes so many lavender and purple hair colors together, that it almost ceases to look like hair and starts looking like light shining on an oil spill. The touch of grey running at the edge of the purple colors definitely helps with this effect, as does the apparent health of the hair.


47. Lilac Hair Melt Curls

Mixing together cool and warm shades is safe, but still flattering. In other words, these kinds of balayages are some of the best purple hair color ideas. This purple hair color melt features warm lilac, cool lavender, and a touch of ashy grey on beautiful big curls that are always in style.


48. Neon Top Knot

While a lot of lavender hairstyles are quite soft, you can also go all out by adding neon pink to your metallic lavender hair! The sassiness of this ombre is only increased by the cute topknot.

49. Flowers and Steel Balayage

This lavender balayage steel is clearly extremely wearable ” a half ponytail makes it seem like an ombre hairstyle, while once it’s braided you realize that it’s actually a balayage, with the natural dark brown color offsetting the metallic lavender in a way that creates a lot of depth.


50. Lilac Mermaid Gradient

Lavender and purple hairstyles are perfect for longhaired wannabe mermaids. The deep violet roots reflect the ocean, while the progression towards a pale lilac is wavy and reminiscent of bright corals.


Photos courtesy of Instagram

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100 Ridiculously Awesome Braided Hairstyles To Inspire You

  1. The Perfect Foundation for Brunettes
    Brown hair is very lively in character and needs an even complexion for a harmonious impression. Your foundation should therefore cover your skin well without creating a mask-like appearance. This is no problem for modern make-up. Thanks to cross-linked polymers, the new make-up covers the skin softly and evenly. You can use the foundation for some trickery if your complexion is not quite so perfect. Foundations with an ever so slight rose tinge pick up tired sallow complexions; a slight yellowish tinge hides reddish skin blotches. Otherwise, neutral beige hues work best for brunettes.
  2. Eye Make-up for Brunettes
    Brownish and grayish lid shadows are very beautiful for brunettes. The lid shadow may also contain a hint of red or yellow like you find it in mahogany or mocha. However, the deciding factor for the color of the lid shadow is the eye color.
    Brunettes with blue eyes look particularly beautiful with grayish light purple hues.
    Green eyes best come into their own with camel-beige, yellowish beige or mossy green lid shadows.
    Gray eyes and brown hair are a marvellous combination especially with lid shadow in khaki or in a brownish rose shade.
    Please note: If your eyes frequently show some redness you should steer clear of lid shadows with reddish or purple undertones. Under such circumstances, brownish or ash-colored lid shadows are better choices. Under no circumstances should you forget the make-up for your eyebrows. They are very important for your overall facial appearance. Brunettes should select brown hues with a grayish tinge (in case of cooler brown hair colors) or warm medium brown hues (in case your brown hair has reddish tones in it).
  3. Clever Blush Accents for Brunettes
    Blush does not only enliven your face it can also be used to set skillful accents. Brunettes look great with rose shades. You may like to select a rose shade with brownish undertones. Steer clear of apricot or peach hues. They can lend a grayish, lifeless touch to the complexions of brown-haired women and will make them look older. You should also be careful using blush in orange color hues. This applies in particular if you complexion is not entirely flawless. Orange blush only draws unnecessary attention to reddish blotches or very pale skin. However, you can’t go wrong using bronzers either to add a glow to your complexion or to emphasize parts of you face. There is however one caveat: Use bronzers sparingly. Otherwise, your face may appear too shiny or your facial skin is too dark compared with the skin around your neck area.
  4. Brunettes Have More Fun with Lip Color
    If anyone can carry off clear red lip color brunettes are our first choice. Bright red is a great lip color for brunettes but it should not contain strong bluish tinges. Brunettes also look marvellous wearing delicate brownish pink and plum lip colors. Women with reddish brown hair may also add the colors terracotta or cinnamon to their favorite lip colors. Brunettes should however steer clear of light rose hues especially pearly rose. Rose colors diminish the liveliness of your beautiful brown hair.

When selecting your makeup, consider your skin tone, eye color, and of course, your hair color. Dark-haired women are among the most versatile when it comes to makeup colors because most shades complement their lovely dark locks.

“Regardless of skin color, brunettes can generally get away with more color on their face,” says SheKnows beauty expert Nina Sutton. “On the eyes, brunettes with brown eyes look great in brown and violet tones. If you have black hair and blue eyes, try slate gray with charcoal liner and if you have brown hair/blue eyes, try golden brown with brown liner and mascara.”

Use rich lip color

Most of the time, pale pink lipstick and blush don’t flatter brunettes. Women with dark brown hair should play with richer colors of makeup instead. Tawny or spicy red lip color looks great on women with medium to dark brown hair. Coral or peach lip and cheek shades are terrific complements to light brown hair.

Experiment with eye makeup and blush colors

Put the emphasis on your eyes with highly-pigmented shadow, smudged eyeliner and two coats of dark brown mascara. Brunettes with brown eyes can use almost any color of eyeshadow. Green-eyed brunettes look awesome with purple shadow and charcoal eyeliner. Keep the rest of your face natural with barely-there cheek color and just a touch of lip gloss.

Nina advises, “On the cheeks and lips, brunettes look great in warm pinks, rosy browns and bronzers. A great look to try: Apply bronzer to the cheeks and up towards the eyes. Follow with a hint of warm pink blush on the apples of the cheeks. Reds need to be chosen carefully — brunettes should choose a blue-red; otherwise they can look clown-like. For anyone wearing red lipstick, a rule of thumb is light cheeks and eye makeup to offset the bold lip color.”

As for eyebrows, they should be one to two shades lighter than hair color to soften the face, says Nina.

Consider your highlights

When selecting your cosmetics, consider not just your main hair color but also your highlights. Brunettes with true blond highlights can wear makeup with pink undertones better than brown-eyed girls with red highlights can.

If you have chocolate brown hair and a medium to dark complexion, select honey shades of cosmetics and experiment with metallics on the eyes. However if you are fair-skinned, avoid mauve lip or cheek color and silver eye makeup.


If you have dark hair, stick to richer colors of makeup with the spicy reds, peaches and corals in your lipstick and the deep eyeshadow tones for your eyes.

I’ve been obsessed with Amy Adams lately, and my Christina Hendricks fixation goes way back. But now, may I share the latest bit of breaking news? It’s just been announced that Amy will play Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman remake. I like this casting a lot better than, say, Teri Hatcher… but I’m not gonna lie, that opinion is 100 percent based on her hair colour, which I am once again slowly inching toward. (Although I’ll probably stop at the strawberry, since I don’t really have the colouring to properly fake it.)

But if YOU can pull off faux red—or if you’re lucky enough to be a natural—then this post is for you! While I’m obviously totally jealous of your hair colour, there are definitely some makeup challenges that come along with it.

Here’s the q from reader Jessica:

“I’m a blond gone red, and would love some makeup tips. I tend to stay pretty basic—fill in my brows a bit, brown liner, mascara because I love my long lashes, sometimes some lipstick, sometimes liquid liner if it’s a special occasion. But I’d love to try some different party looks, and love Michelle Williams’ no-makeup looks where the eyes are defined in a way but not obviously, with glowy skin. But I’m concerned with my red hair that I can’t pull that off.”

Actually? I think you redheads can pull off a wider variety of looks/colours than you think.

This touches on the philosophy that Giorgio Armani’s Reza Zaimeche shared with us in this vid, about how he thinks there are no colour rules anymore for makeup. (Your makeup base? Yes. But not the rest.) More recently, celebrity colourist Marie Robinson told me that the same thing applies to hair: you can choose any colour, but it’s about finding the tone within that range that works for your particular skin tone.

So that’s my first point—be brave! And just try experimenting with colours that you find yourself drawn to.

But of course, I always have a few additional pointers… with helpful visual examples not just from Amy and Christina, but also Isla Fisher, Bryce Dallas Howard and (the formerly red) Emma Stone!

How to prep your skin for makeup if you’re a redhead

DO: Make sure you’ve selected the right foundation colour and have concealed any areas of discolouration, and especially redness (it will fight with your hair).

DON’T: Try to hide your freckles, if you have them. Look for a sheer foundation and match it (and your concealer) to your actual skin tone, NOT the darker freckle tone. Otherwise you’ll look silly and kind of like a reverse Eagle. See how Bryce’s freckles are showing through, below?

DO: Wear a peachy blush. This is especially important if you have brown eyes and your skin is more on the warm side (like Isla’s), but even blue-eyed redheads with more porcelain or cool-toned skin (like Christina, Amy and Emma) wear the peaches well. Pink is much trickier—as you can see above, it’s giving Bryce a very ruddy-looking complexion and sort of sits on top of her skin instead of blending in. #BlushFail

DON’T: Wear bronzer. Or at least go easy on it. Sweeping generalization here, but to me, it’s too close in colour to your hair, and I think what’s prettiest about redheads is emphasizing that gorgeous contrast between the hair and the skin.

How to play up your eyes if you’re a redhead

DO: Have fun with colour. As demonstrated by both Emma and Isla, navy eyeliner looks a-MAZ-ing when used to line the lower inner rims. (In fact, I’m not even a redhead and I replicate this look quite often.) But soft browns, taupes, bronzes and even muted greens and purples would also be pretty, in either shadows or liners.

DON’T: Wear black. I just think it’s too harsh for most redheads’ colouring. See what I mean?

DO: Wear black mascara. Lots of peeps say that redheads (and blondes, for that matter) should stick with browns, but I’m a firm believer that everyone’s lashes look better in black.

DON’T: Forget to fill in, or even tint, your eyebrows. Despite what we may have seen on the runways in seasons past, you don’t want them to disappear from your face. Nor do you want them to clash with your colour, if you’re a faux redhead. Most salons will tint your brows free of charge if you ask while you’re getting your colour done. Don’t let them do a perfect match, but just enough to cut the ashiness and harmonize with the hair on your head. (Proceed with caution if you tint your own eyebrows at home… it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.)

DO: Be careful with cool-toned shadows, like Amy is wearing above. (And she’s also proving my point about black eyeliner.) Paired with the cool-pink of the lipstick, it’s just not harmonizing with her skin tone.

My advice: If you go cool on the eyes, do warmer cheeks and lips to counteract it. Here’s another shot of Christina to show you what I mean.

She’s got grey eyeshadow as well, but does it with a warmer lip.

How to play up your lips if you’re a redhead

DO: Make a soft peach or pink lip gloss your go-to. As per the blush, peaches are generally easier—but see how great Amy looks, above, with the barest pop of sheer pink? The lips are still very soft, and the rest of her makeup is warm, so it works. (Also notice the black mascara!)

DON’T: Be afraid of red. A bright, bold, highly-pigmented red is easiest to pull off if you’re working with an darker auburn hair colour like Emma’s here. When your hair is closer to the lipstick colour, it’s trickier… but if you can borrow some of Christina’s beauty confidence, it definitely CAN work…

DON’T: Wear full-blown orange. That’s probably the only colour that I suggest you banish from your makeup bag, simply because it’s too close in tone to your hair colour. Instead, go for warm reds with a hint of gold, like Amy is wearing here:

DO: Steer yourself toward berry-pink shades instead of the fuchsias and hot pinks. Like we saw above on Amy, above, such cool colours are harder for redheads to pull off. Going with something in the same pink family, but with a hint more red in it, will improve things times a billion. Check out this lip on Christina and you’ll see what I mean:

And here is one final example on my girl Amy.

Whew! That was a lot of makeup. And, er, probably enough photographic documentation of Amy and Christina to last the next six months. I’ll take a breather from my obsessions for the next little while—promise!

Have your say

Are you currently—or have you ever been—a real or faux redhead?
What is/was your go-to redhead makeup look?
Who’s your favourite red-haired celeb?

Stockbyte/Getty Images

Know Your Real Shade

It’s important to know what kind of red you are. Most reds fall into one of three shades: copper (orange) red, violet red, and red red, or true red. Natural reds, or natural-looking reds, are in the copper category; very dark reds are classified as violet red; and red reds are recognizable by their vibrant, true color. These last two shades do not occur in nature.

Knowing your true shade will dictate your color-palette options. If you’re a copper top, you want to make sure orangey makeup and clothing won’t clash with your hair hue. The same goes for violet redheads and purple shades, and true reds and red shades — and all three should be wary of pinks.

Your Color Palette

Makeup-wise, start neutral. Staples that look great on everyone are Nars blush in Orgasm or ELF blush from its studio line of blush and contouring powder ($3!) and black mascara — we love the new Lash Blast Fusion from Cover Girl and the Anastasia Lash Lifting Mascar). Green eye makeups are great on redheads, as is purple and any color you might find in an autumnal forest. For a more daring look, metallics work with every shade.

Your Brows

A great way to try out different brow colors without commitment or major catastrophe is with tinted mascara or a colored brow tamer like ELF’s Eyebrow Treat and Tame. Aim for one shade darker than your red hair color.

Your Complexion

Many natural redheads have freckles (which we love!). It’s up to you whether you want to go with sheer coverage or a higher pigment to cover them up. But either way, make the same choice for your whole face: Don’t use a super-coverage concealer in spots and sheer powder in other places, as that can end up looking splotchy.

Going from Blonde to Red?

Of course you will want to warm up your brows (see above), but you’ll find you need a little less makeup in general. And while you may need to reevaluate your lipstick and blush colors (especially the pinks and reds), try orange and copper tones in addition to greens on your eyes.

Going from Brunette to Red?

Again, unless you’re going to a very dark or winey shade of red, you’ll probably want to soften your eyebrow color a shade or two. You can still use the cheek and lip shades you’re used to, but they will stand out more that they did on you when you were a brunette. Other than that it’s the same as blondes changing to red: Just try on your blush and lipsticks and get reacquainted with how they look on you.

One Product You Can’t Live Without

Sunscreen! If you’re a natural redhead, you shouldn’t leave the house without it.

All eye colors are beautiful, and with the right eyeshadow combination, they can really make a statement –– especially when you have red hair. Below is a guide to help you find out which eyeshadows will look best with your eye color and red hair.

READ: Redheads, The Importance of Wearing Sunglasses

Blue Eyes:

Fact: Red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination in the world.

Stick to shadows containing a warm undertone like brown, bronze, evergreen and deep orange (yes, deep orange can look great with red hair). These eyeshadow shades will contrast beautifully with cool-colored eyes. If applying a non-neutral color on the lid seems a bit too much, you can always apply a little bit to the lower lash line for a subtle splash of color.

‘Redhead friendly’ product: stila Matte ‘n Metal Eyeshadow Palette

Green Eyes

Since purple resides across from green on the color wheel, it’s the best color to really make your green eyes stand out. Depending on how light or dark your eyes are, any purple shade from lavender to plum will look beautiful with green eyes. You can also opt for a purple eyeliner or mascara if the shadow color is too intense for your liking.

‘Redhead friendly’ product: RealHer I Feel Beautiful Eyeshadow Palette

Brown Eyes

There are a lot of shadows that complement brow eyes but we recommend sticking to cooler tones like blue and silver. Bronze, copper, and gold will work to help warm your eyes. Regardless of what you choose, any of these shadows will look great with brown eyes!

‘Redhead friendly’ product: L’Oreal Color Riche La Palette Noir

Hazel Eyes

If you’ve got hazel eyes (like me!), then both warm and cool shadows will look great on you. Purples and pinks will help bring out the green in your eyes while more neutral colors, like browns and yellows, will help make the brown feel warmer. Finding ways to work both tones in will do wonders in making your hazel eyes pop.

‘Redhead friendly’ product: Lime Crime Venus III Pressed Powder Palette

Gray Eyes

This eye color is super rare but definitely deserves some attention for those of you that have been blessed with it. Silver and blue shadows work best for this eye color. The silver shades work to complement the gray while the blues bring out the cool undertones and offer a slight contrast to make them stand out.

And, if you haven’t already heard, Urban Decay is discontinuing their original Naked palette! It contains a wide range of colors to complement every eye color.

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How many of you have heard: “Redheads should stick to neutrals..” Who made up these rules?! With the right ‘Redhead Friendly’ palette🎨, you can create magic (and make your red hair pop too) 🌟*More in Stories*

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What color eyes do you have? Comment below!

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