Home Gym System 150 lb. Weight Stack Machine by Marcy

Get gym quality training right in the comfort of your own home with the compact design and versatility of the Marcy 150 lb. Stack Gym.

This complete system is constructed from heavy duty 14-gauge steel and offers a variety of functions for a total workout

Features include a 150-pound vinyl coated weight stack, dual function press arm, lat bar, adjustable preacher curl pad, and comfortable roller pads. It also offers an adjustable butterfly attachment and leg developer for an easy way to change up fitness routines!

Total gym system dimensions are 68L x 35W x 78H inches

Steel Construction

Heavy-duty 14-gauge steel tube frame with a total of 150 lbs. of weights.

Dual Function Press-Arm

Vertical butterfly (individual side motion) and chest press (single motion)

Double Pulley Station

Two separate high and low lateral bars give you different options to strengthen your biceps, triceps, and back muscles

Easy Leg Workouts

Dual function leg developer that aligns with knee joints for a comfortable workout position. Target the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings

Removable Preacher Curl Bicep Pad

This bicep pad is fully adjustable. Use it to pump some iron or use it with the lower pulley in a seated position. Perform barbell and hammer curls with ease without putting too much strain on your back. Easily use the knob to remove or add the preacher curl bicep pad at any time!

Workout Chart

Easily see what workouts can be done on your MWM-988 gym by using the workout chart included directly on the machine!

Marcy 150lb Stack Home Gym


  • Home gym with 150lb weight stack for a full body workout that targets most major muscles
  • Heavy duty, 14 gauge steel tube frame
  • Dual-function press arm performs chest pressing and pec fly exercises
  • Dual-function leg developer with pivot point that properly aligns with the knee joints
  • High and low pulleys for upper and lower body exercises
  • Overhead lat station for back, abs and tricep exercises
  • Adjustable preacher curl bicep pad for isolated bicep exercises
  • 150 lb. selectorized weight stack
  • Oversized foam roller pads offer comfort while performing leg exercises
  • Suspended weights behind a protective weight stack provide a safe workout
  • 3.75” nylon reinforced high and low pulleys with sealed bearings
  • Solid steel weight stack enclosure
  • 150 lb. selectorized weight stack
  • Aircraft-rated cables at 2000lb tensile strength
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Comprehensive exercise poster included with each purchase
  • Manufacturer’s 2 year limited warranty
  • Model: MWM-990


  • Lat station
  • Dual-function independent motion press arm/vertical butterfly
  • Dual-function leg developer
  • Adjustable preacer curl bicep pad
  • High and low pulley stations
  • 150lb selectorized weight stack

Marcy Home Gym MWM-988

Unit Dimensions Possible
Marcy MWM-988

Check Discounted Price
36+ 15-200 lbs 150 lbs Concrete
w/ synthetic
10 lbs (ea)

Marcy Fitness offers several home gyms in an affordable price range, including the MWM-990, MWM-6150, and even larger units, such as the Marcy Smith Cage SM-4008 are available for prices under $600. They’re not gym-grade fitness machines, but for home use they’re perfect, that’s why so far they benefit from a large number of positive reviews from most users.

In this post, we’re going to present the Marcy MWM-988 home gym. This unit is a lot similar to the MWM-990 model; they’re basically the same machine, but the MWM-988 features a different paint finish.

Technical Details and Specifications

Frame construction and parts

Although the Marcy Home Gym MWM-988 is not a commercial grade unit, it does feature a 14ga steel frame and has a fairly durable construction. However, it does have a weight limit. The manual recommends that the user weight capacity (which pretty much refers to the seat) shouldn’t exceed 300 lbs (136 kg).

This Marcy home gym isn’t extremely large. So, on the one hand, this is a plus; the fully assembled unit only takes 69″L x 36″W (173 x 92 cm) of floor space, being approx. 79″ (201 cm). This means it can fit pretty well even in a smaller room, and with a 7′ (213 cm) ceiling, without any hindrance for any exercises, as it doesn’t have a pull-up/chin-up bar. But on the other hand, due to its rather small height, users taller than 6’0″ – 6’1″ (183 – 185 cm) may not benefit from a complete range of motion for certain exercises.

The unit is fairly heavy; with the fully assembled frame and with the weight stack in place, it weighs over 270 lbs. Therefore, stability shouldn’t be an issue for it. However, the unit doesn’t have base stabilizers, so placing it on a rubber mat is recommended, for maximum stability, and floor protection.

Since it’s one of the most affordable home gyms, it doesn’t have an adjustable seat and backrest. They offer excellent comfort and support, though, being padded with a layer of foam of approx. 2″. This also goes for the preacher pad, for which the padding at the top is thicker. The upholstery on the seat, backrest, and preacher pad is quite durable; with proper care, it can last for many years of use. Also, in terms of foam padding, the rollers of the leg developer station are 4″ thick, delivering the optimal comfort required for leg extensions or other related exercises.

The machine integrates 16 pulleys made of heavy-duty nylon material, integrating sealed ball bearings for a long lifespan and smooth operation. The machine’s cables are steel-made, covered by a thin sheet of PVC material. They have a 2,000 lbs tensile strength, so you shouldn’t worry about them snapping even if you exercise by using the whole weight stack. Cable tension can be adjusted by moving up or down the lower pulley in the double pulley bracket situated behind the main vertical tube of the machine.

In terms of accessories, there are four included with this Marcy home gym. These are one ankle strap, one EZ-type lat bar, one chain extension, and one ankle strap.

Last but not least, the Marcy MWM-988 home gym features a rust-resistant and abrasion-resistant paint finish. As we’ve mentioned above, the paint finish and the color of the upholstery are the only differences between the MWM-988 and MWM-990 models. The MWM-988 one features a gray/black finish, while the MWM-990 has a dark gray / red finish.

Workout stations

Although the Marcy MWM-988 doesn’t have a mid-pulley station for exercises such as ab crunches or baseball bat swings, there are 6 available workout stations. These are:

Chest press station – for triceps, shoulders, and pectoral muscles training;

Pec fly station – the arms of the chest press have a double function; they can fold inward allowing the execution of butterfly chest exercises. They have a multi-grip design and large foam rollers for extra comfort;

High-pulley station – just as for most similar types of home gyms, the high-pulley station is available. Also, an EZ-lat bar is included with the machine;

Low-pulley station – the pulley attached to the lower front part of the machine can actually facilitate a wide array of exercises, such as stand-up curls, triceps kickbacks, squats and more;

Curl pad attachment – the Marcy MWM-988 includes a preacher pad. This attachment is vertically adjustable offering several positions. Evidently, this workout station provides several types of exercises for the arm muscles;

Leg developer – this accessory is designed mainly for leg extensions. The seat of this home gym is fixed, and although it’s fairly large, it does not have the length of an adjustable bench. Therefore, the leg developer only allows stand-up leg curls, and no conventional, face-down curls.

Weight Stack and Resistance

The Marcy MWM-988 is equipped with a 150 lbs (68 kg) weight stack. It includes 14 weight plates, 10 lbs (4.5 kg) each, while the top, stopper plate also weighs 10 lbs.

One important aspect to mention here regards the fact that the machine’s weight plates are not made of cast iron as for the Body-Solid GS1, for example. They’re concrete plates contained in a vinyl shell. They are less durable than steel or cast iron plates.

However, since it’s a home use machine, it won’t be used as extensively as commercial machines, so the weight stack may as well last a lifetime. On the other hand, most machines with a vinyl stack are considerably more affordable than the ones with a cast iron stack. For example, this Marcy model is approx. half the price than the Body-Solid GS1 that we’ve already mentioned.

The unit’s weight ratios vary for each pulley or workout station. The maximum weight resistance output provided is 200 lbs (90.7 kg), which applies to the press station. The table below shows the average weight resistance generated by the most important workout stations.

Last but not least, the unit’s weight stack is non-upgradable. Adding plates to the stack will limit the range of motion. However, if you still want extra weight resistance, you can improvise by attaching dumbbell plates on the outside of the stack. This is not recommended, though, as it may cause damage to the plates.

Possible Exercises

This Marcy home gym offers the possibility to perform over 36 exercises. Some of them are described by the exercise sheet on the main upright post of the unit. Among these exercises, we can count:

  • Seated Biceps Curls
  • Stand-up Biceps Curls
  • Preacher Curls
  • Concentration Curls
  • Triceps Pressdowns
  • Triceps Extensions
  • Triceps Kickbacks
  • Ab Pulldowns
  • Low Pulley Trunk Rotations
  • Deltoid Raises
  • Seated Rows
  • Upright Rows
  • Vertical Grip Chest Presses
  • Horizontal Grip Chest Presses
  • Fly presses
  • High Cable Cross-Overs
  • Lat Pulldowns
  • Leg Curls
  • Leg Abductions
  • Leg Extensions
  • Leg Adductions
  • Kickbacks
  • Squats
  • … and more.

Assembly and Maintenance

Like most home gyms, the Marcy MWM-988 comes in several boxes, which are not exactly light. That’s why it’s recommended that the assembly is done by two persons. Also, due to the multitude of parts, bolts, and screws, the assembly process will take at least several hours. However, the included manual has pretty decent schematics and assembly instructions, so the process shouldn’t be too difficult.

For maintenance, it is recommended to periodically lubricate the guides of the weight plates and the pulleys if necessary. Also, it’s recommended to periodically check for loose bolts and parts, and re-tighten them if it’s the case.

The Pros

  • Sturdy construction, elegant frame design;
  • Thick and durable vinyl upholstery, with consistent padding for maximum comfort;
  • Foam roller padding on the chest press bars and leg developer attachment;
  • Relatively small footprint for a home gym system;
  • 6 workout stations, including: pec fly, chest press, low pulley, high pulley, curl pad and leg attachment;
  • Highly durable nylon pulleys with steel ball bearings;
  • Ankle strap included;
  • Lat bar included;
  • Over 36 exercises available;
  • Quiet operation, suitable machine for apartment use;
  • Little maintenance required;
  • Fairly easy to assemble.

The Cons

  • The seat is non-adjustable;
  • The weight stack cannot be upgraded;
  • No mid-pulley station;
  • Tools required for assembly are not included.


The Marcy MWM-988 is an entry-level home gym equipped with a 150 lbs weight stack and 6 workout stations. It offers the possibility to perform more than 36 exercises, for a full body workout. Although the weight plates are not made of cast iron, the machine’s weight stack is pretty durable. Also, this is the main reason this home gym is at least a few $100s cheaper than a model with a cast iron stack. In fact, this Marcy model is one of the most affordable home gyms at the moment.

Marcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym 150lb Stack MWM-988

Experience a complete body workout without even having to leave the sweet comforts of home! This heavy-duty home gym
system comes with loads of features to help you sculpt the body you’ve always wanted…and then some!

This home gym system is made out of a heavy-duty 14 gauge steel tube frame. Protective stack covers can be found on the
weights for added durability. The tough frame can fully support 150-pound weights that are in constant motion. The
entire home gym comes unassembled but it is easy to put together as all the required hardware is included along with

This machine comes equipped with a dual function press arm, adjustable preacher bicep pad with roller pads, an
adjustable butterfly attachment, and leg developer, and Station. Target specific muscle groups for a more intense
workout to help build muscle and improve overall physique. The press arm and vertical butterfly has independent movement
and is great for upper-body exercises such as chest and pec fly pressing. The lat bar is perfect for pulldowns which can
target both the chest and the back while building shoulder strength. For dedicated bicep workouts using dumbbells or
weights, the adjustable preacher curl bicep pad keeps you in a comfortable position and doesn’t add any unnecessary
strain to your body.

You won’t have an excuse for missing out on leg day with the dual function leg developer that allows you to add some
muscle your lower body. The pivot point is designed to align the knee joints when moving to help keep them in a proper
position. This also helps avoid any awkward leg positions which can lead to injury. All these stations are covered with
contoured foam roller pads for added comfort and grip especially as you begin to sweat.

Stay fit at home with the Marcy Home Gym!

The Marcy MWM-988 Total Home Gym System is an all-in-one home gym system that allows you to get a full body strength training workout in the comfort of your own home. This powerful, comprehensive machine is great for both experienced strength trainers and beginners who want to start building muscle and burning fat. Watch the video below to find out about all the wonderful fitness benefits the Marcy MWM-988 Total Home Gym System has to offer:


The Marcy MWM-988 Total Home Gym System offers all of the features you need to get a gym quality workout in any room of your house:

Motion press arm: A dual function, independent motion press arm, along with vertical butterfly capabilities, allow you to get an invigorating upper body workout that you can’t get from standard free weight or weight bench training.

Leg developer: A dual function leg developer allows you to target your lower body for a well-rounded strength training workout. With a pivot pointed designed to properly align with the knee joints, the included leg developer offers a comfortable and effective alternative to other lower body workouts.

Pulley system: High and low pulleys allow you to perform a wide variety of unique muscle building exercises, many of which can’t be performed on basic strength training equipment like free weights and weight benches.

150lb weight stack: An included 150lb weight stack allows you to begin training without having to purchase any additional accessories or free weights. The weight stack also allows you to customize weight loads so you can increase resistance as you progress in your fitness routine.

Lat station: A powerful lat station allows you to tone and strengthen back and shoulder muscles like never before.

Preacher curl pad: An adjustable preacher pad allows you to bulk up your biceps so you can burn fat and add mass to your arms.

Added comfort: Contoured foam roller pads and comfortable foam padding on the seat, backrest and curl pad offer a pleasant workout experience so you can keep training for as long as you need to.

Order your own Marcy MWM-988 Total Home Gym System today and shop marcypro.com for more high quality home gym strength training and cardio products.

Best Home Gym Reviews 2019 | Get The Best Home Gym System For Your House

The best home gym is nothing but getting an institution into your home. All the exercise types that we need very much for our better health are at together at hand. Your life is in your prediction if are in great enthusiasm for a while.

Variety of the brands of home gym workout machine we collected so that you can get the best one and the best-suited one to you both.

So, this is an option for you, the viewers, to choose the quality and normal bulks of their survival.

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Do you want to lose your weight and get the best shape of your body having no barbell or dumbbell? If your answer is yes, Bowflex Blaze Home Gym might be your best choice.

You can do many of the exercises in your home using only the Bowflex which you could do in the gym.

This versatile machine provides you with more than 60 exercises to improve your body fitness. It is also the standard for the beginners. And, the 210 pounds can help you to take more challenges that give you a high resistance.

Features we like most:

Maximum Exercise: It does have about 65+ exercises. It includes about 14 shoulder exercises; 5 ab exercises; 16 arm exercises; 8 chest exercises; 9 back exercises; and 13 leg exercises. It might be enough variety type of exercises for your daily workouts.

Pulley Positions: Multiple pulley/cable positions allow you to do custom workouts. You can change the angle of resistance. And it increases exercise versatility.

Power Rod Resistance: This Bowflex home gym has the 210 lb of standard power rod resistance. It is also upgradable to 310lb or 410 lb.

Included Accessories: It consists of a workouts placard that helps you to find the portion of exercises and instructions of how to perform these exercises. Attaching the placard to the upper Lat Tower, it can be easier to take a quick look timely.


  1. 65+ types of exercises included and has a sliding seat rail that can be used as a cardio machine as well
  2. 310 lb resistance and it is upgradable to 410 lb for serious users.
  3. Easy to use and included workout placard for exercise instructions.


  1. It is not suitable for everyone as it has the maximum weight level of 310 lb to 410.

What we think about it:

The Bowflex home gym can be used as a home gym instrument that provides you a ton of exercises within a gym machine. You can try it as a beginner and can be the best choice for the advanced user as well. Comparing other machines on the market, we recommend the Bowflex workout machine for your best experience. Bowflex Blaze Home Gym review ends.

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

The word ‘Xtreme’ defines the machine well. Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym is what you want in this review. You won’t be disappointed.

It is not the only one Bowflex on the market, but you obviously want an updated one. The Bowflex Xtreme 2SE in an impressive one as it offers you 70+ different exercises. You will love it.

You can easily put it together, it works amazing. As it doesn’t make any noise, you can be able to work out at any time without bothering your neighboring floor.

It is really hard to maintain time for regular gym workouts. Sometimes you want working out at home. This Bowflex home gym is the most recommended one for your home workouts.

Power Rod Resistance: This home gym system comes with standards Power Rod Resistance of 210 lb. It is upgradable to 310 lb / 410 lb.

70 Full Body Exercises: The Bowflex workout machine comes with features of 70 full-body exercises. They help you to accomplish your fitness goals. You do not have to be worried to convert using free weight to it. It is totally easy to use and a way to keep your body healthier.

No Change Cable-Pulley System: The pulley System gives you a chance to move from squats to lats to leg exercises. No need to change cables. You’ll spare time and keep your pulse up as you progress yourself through your exercise.

Lat Tower with Angled Lat Bar: Shape your shoulders and back nicely and perfectly with integrated nicely angled lat tower.

  1. 70+ full-body exercises in one machine
  2. 210 lbs. -Power Rod resistance and it is upgradeable to 310 lbs. / 410 lbs.
  3. Multiple pulley positions with the Quick Change Power Rod system
  4. It gives seven free trainers that built workout regimens
  1. It doesn’t have the cardio rowing seat that another Bowflex has
  2. Sometimes the assembly of this machine is cumbersome, but it is easier than do exercises than going to the gym.

This home gym system is an amazing model for beginners and advanced. It offers more than 70 works out, upgradeable protection from 210 lb up to 410 lb and easy to understand no-change link pulley framework.

We always recommend the best one for your best experience. Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym is one of the best equipment to shape you best.

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

If you are looking for a home gym workout machine that gives you the same experience of working out at the gym using a single machine this Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym is the right place for you.

If a machine gives you a good amount of resistance and a good challenge for your body fitness Bowflex PR3000 home gym is one of the well-fit for your best exercises.

The Bowflex home gym provides you the cheapest and well-comfort way for your home gym. It is made to do maximum body workouts so that you do not need to buy any other equipment for specific exercises.

However, Bowflex innovation utilizes an alternate approach by presenting the adaptable Power Rod that will behave as resistance during your exercise routine. The Power Rod will twist when you pull the link which at that point makes the opposition that you require for your activities.

Power Rod Resistance: It has as little as 5 lb resistance to 310 lb of Power Rod resistance.

Variety Workouts: About 50 workouts can be done at a single machine. No need to move heavy weights and no need for cable changes as well. You can go from one exercise to another very quickly.

Easy to Assemble: Most of the users face complexity when they assemble such machines. Bowflex PR3000 comes with detailed instruction that easy to understand and you can easily assemble it.

  1. No cable changes needed
  2. Provide very little resistance of 5 lb and as many as 310lb
  3. 50+ workouts; includes vertical bench and Lat pull down
  4. Roller cushion for comfortable leg extensions and curls
  1. Sometimes bows resistance is not specified.

Bowflex PR3000 is one of the amazing models for those who want their body fit and healthier and want to exercise at home. It offers the maximum number of works out, upgradeable protection from 5 lb up to 310 lb and easy to understand no need to change the cable.

Our recommendation goes to this Bowflex home gym for your comfort and desired experience. We hope you like the Bowflex PR3000 review.

To experience a perfect body workout without going to the gym, Marcy MWM 988 Home Gym is the best one for you. This gym for home will provide you with a lot of features. And, it will help you to have perfect body fitness.

The 14-Gauge steel -tube- frame gives the machine perfect durability and makes the machine well-fit for multi-functional workouts. The weights have the protective stack cover to add extra durability.

The machine comes unassembled, but it is very easy to assemble and included required hardware along with instructions to do it.

Marcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym has nicely been equipped with dual-function press arm, with adjustable preacher bicep pad, an adjustable butterfly with attachment, leg developer, and roller pad. All of the features ensure you to do multiple workouts to help you build muscle and body improvement.

Features you like most:

Strong Construction: This home exercise center framework is made of uncompromising 14 Gauge steel tube edge and vinyl covered for additional strength with an aggregate weight of 150 lbs. Change your settings by basically embedding the weight stick into your coveted weight and lift.

Dual Function Press-Arm: This press arm has two settings: one is the vertical butterfly and another chest press. At the point when setting to vertical butterfly, each press swings exclusively to reinforce the muscles while changing for chest pressing is simple by embedding the stick and lift.

Double Pulley Station: Two separate horizontal bars allow you distinctive alternatives to strengthen your muscles. The pulley framework permits simple weight lifting by utilizing the horizontal bars for pull-ups, pullovers, pulldowns, and pulley lines to build your body muscle.

Comfortable leg Workouts: With thick froth roller with foam and a double capacity leg developer that comes with for a comfortable exercise, the low pulley can be utilized for leg exercises through pulls with the foot wrap that can be connected to the leg developer.

Curl Bicep Pad:- Bicep Pad is one of the most impressive features of this Marcy Home Gym machine. This bicep cushion is completely flexible. Utilize it to pump some iron or utilize it with the lower pulley in a situated position. Perform barbell and sled twists efficiently without putting excessive strain on your back.

  1. An effective total-body application
  2. Heavy-Duty plastic pulley and sturdy metal make it a durable and strong one
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. Comfortable curl Bicep-Pad
  1. The maximum weight is 150 lbs.

To save your time and to have a strong, healthier body Marcy MWM 988 Home Gym is one of the best equipment on the market. The Easy-to-assemble machine will impress you and allows you to experience comfortable workouts.

We recommend you Marcy MWM 988 Home Gym to stay strong. That’s Marcy MWM 988 review for you.

Marcy 150-lb Multifunctional Home Gym Station for Total Body Training MWM-990

Marcy home gym MWM 990 a name of a quality home gym; it allows you about 30+ workouts that help you to shape your body.

If you want to burn your calories, lose weight and work for different muscle groups you are in the right place to know about how can you do these. Marcy home gym MWM 990 is the perfect fitness equipment for you.

Both beginners and advanced fitness addicts; the Marcy MWM-990 is perfectly designed for them; which allows total-body workouts. It lets your body to be well-shaped and tone your body parts you whenever you want.

This machine is nicely equipped to shape your whole body. The dual-function press arms for your upper body workouts and high and low pulley for both upper and lower body workouts. The preacher curl pads allow you comfortable workouts without getting the stain.

Durable construction: The heavy-duty steel tubing makes the machine extra durable. The guard rods hold weights in the right position while you do your workouts.

Dual Action Press Arms:- Develop your body performing chest press and vertical butterfly workouts with this versatile machine that allows you the Dual Action Press Arms facility.

Removable Curl Pad:- This home gym system includes ergonomically outlined seats with high-thickness boxed upholstery to diminish pressure and effect. The preacher curl bicep cushion is removable and flexible to permit isolated bicep workouts.

  1. Dual-action press arms
  2. Padded press arms
  3. Equipped with Leg developer
  4. Removable curl bicep pad
  1. Original gear comes with a maximum of 150 lbs only

To enjoy efficient and comfortable exercises in your home with a well-equipped machine Marcy home gym MWM 990 is the best option. Our recommend goes to Marcy MWM-990 for your best experience and Marcy MWM 990 review ends here.

Marcy Stack Dual Function Home Gym – 200 lb. Stack MKM-81010

If you are thinking about your body fitness without leaving home Marcy Stack Home Gym is the perfect equipment that you are looking for.

This exercise equipment is perfect to strengthen your different muscle just seating a single workout gear. This quality machine space saver and durable too.

The heavy-duty steel frame and powder-coated finish provide premium quality. You will find maximum comfort as it is built with high-density foam coated boxed vinyl upholstery.

For user safety, Marcy Stack Home Gym has a weight stack locker and solid steel with protective stack covers.

The machine has numerous functions and features including arm press for working those pectoral muscles. You can change from chest to vertical butterfly practice for your additional exercise after finishing your pectoral workouts.

Features of Marcy Stack Gym:

Multifunction Arm Press: Work on those pectoral muscles with the press arms that have a double benefit. For an expanded upper-body area exercise, change from chest pressed to vertical -butterfly -works out. And the Marcy Stack Gym is perfect for any level clients!

Variety of Exercises: This gear incorporates a removable and customizable arm press to suit diverse body exercise, a dual-function leg developer that allows you the total lower body workouts, and dual-function arm press for paddling works out.

Durable and Quality Home Gym: This machine is constructed with a durable, heavy-duty steel tube frame. It allows you a maximum of 200 lbs of weight resistance for strengthening the different muscles of your body. The overall structure of this machine promises absolute quality and durability.

  1. Maximum 200 lbs in the weight stack
  2. User safety included
  3. Also includes dual-function arm press
  4. Dual-function leg developer
  1. You cannot have the abdominal development on Marcy Stack

You may find many home gym machine on the market but Marcy Stack Home Gym would be the best choice for you if you are an intermediate weight lifter. It is a durable, sturdy and quality machine with a variety of exercise options.

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Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

There are many home gym systems on the market but Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym has over other types of these machines.

It allows you the maximum workout solutions to perform without going to the gym. As a gym for home, Bowflex is space-friendly and easy to assemble.

Bowflex has the most versatility for providing body workouts as it is one of the most efficient and affordable workout systems. No matter what your age is These machines allow you comfortable and easy-to-use workouts.

About 25+ exercises are available in one Bowflex workout machine. Try different workouts daily to improve your different muscles. It never makes you bored rather you will be impressed.

Features of Bowflex PR1000 we like most:

Change Pulley Position: It allows you to change the pulley position to increase the effectiveness of your workouts as you desire.

Durable and Stable: the machine is made of high-quality steel that provides stability and ensures smooth movement while you do your workouts.

Comfortable Construction: The vertical bench works to press with incline and flat adjustment. It can be converted to a rolling seat for aerobic rowing as well. The folding bench is much more comfortable for your workouts.

  1. Cover the entire body exercises with 25+ workouts
  2. Change pulley position to change the resistance for an effective exercise
  3. Bench converts to a rolling seat for aerobic row
  4. Has a built-in media rack
  1. It has a maximum resistance of 200 lbs

Considering its construction and features Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is one of the best home gyms on the market you can try. It saves your time and space and allows you a comfortable and easy home exercise experience. That’s the Bowflex PR1000 review for you.

BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 – Full Portable Gym Home Workout Package

If you can’t manage time to go to the gym for exercise BodyBoss Home Gym is the best option for you. It saves your time and money both.

You should not buy heavy gym equipment for your home. Bring all the benefits of a gym into your home without having the heavy equipment you can buy full Bodyboss portable gym into a portable machine.

The machine includes up to 300+ different kinds of exercises inside one machine. It is a piece of revolutionary gym equipment for a home gym. The machine is amazingly affordable and admirable. You will love it.

Features of the Bodyboss portable gym:

Easy Workout for Upper Body and Lower Body: You do not need to drive to the gym to get an upper body workout in, and you do not have to carry dumbbells with you, the BodyBoss combines maximum exercise within single equipment for both upper and lower body workout.

Multiple Exercises: Its wrist straps and ankle allows you to train in Cardio Boxing. It also allows you to try Bun Blasters and a lot of other exercises. The BodyBoss 2workouts make possible to undertake yoga exercise, pilates exercise, free weight training and many more.

Portable Design: This BodyBoss 2 comes with a 7 lbs compact and portable space saver platform. You can open it and close it as you will. It has anchor points in different strategic areas on the base that allows you to clip inflexible straps to try the different workout.

  1. Compact and nicely portable
  2. Allows 300+ different exercise
  3. Resistance band provides enough weight
  1. Resistance bands are short for tall people

What we think about it:

The BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 is nicely compact and portable. You do not have to worry about managing your time to go to the gym for your daily workouts. This home gym will give you a wide range of gym experience within a machine in your home. Bodyboss portable gym review ends.

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Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Training Home Gym System

If you want to develop your muscular body and have a stronger physical structure, Marcy Cage home gym can be the best choice.

This home gym is very well constructed with a sturdy, heavy-duty steel frame. The machine is built to last longer as the construction is finished with a powder coating.

For upper-body exercises, this Marcy Cage is equipped with dual-function press arms. You can develop both of your chest and back and perform your pulldown exercises with its lateral bar. It helps you building strengthen your shoulder. You can perform strength training without leaving the same station. The free weight rack allows you to store an optional Olympic bar.

Features of Marcy Cage:

Durable Construction: The machine uses aircraft cable with a tensile strength of 2,000 lbs. It guaranteed long-lasting use. The steel-framed machine is perfectly sturdy and durable.

Multifunctional press arms: Marcy Cage home gym is designed with dual action press arms. It allows you to perform a variety of arm and chest workouts. You can develop your biceps, triceps and many other muscle groups.

Dual-Action Leg Developer: Using the curl/row bar you can nicely do a leg curl. It features dual-function leg developer having six enlarged rocker pads and curl bar.

  1. Versatile uses
  2. Easy to use
  3. Sturdy construction
  4. All-in-one workout station
  1. As a compact machine take a bit to get together

The Marcy Cage home gym is a whole gym system! You can have versatile workouts within a single machine. It includes both upper-body and lower-body exercises. This well-built workout machine will amaze you as you can develop your whole body without going to the gym.

Home Gym Weider 214 lb Stack

Weider Home Gym always comes with genuine design and quality materials. It will be your amazing fitness journey with Wilder Home Gym.

If you are looking for a great home gym that will give perfect workout experience and a long-lasting gym environment in your home, Weider Home Gym will be the best choice for you.

Home Gym Weider 214 lb Stack features with 214 lb resistance having a well-built cable and pulley system. It is one of the most affordable multi-gym you will love it.

Features of Weider Home Gym:

Multifunctional System: The home gym Weider offers you versatile workouts. Leg curls, bench press, bicep curls and many more exercises you can perform using this workout machine. This machine includes six integrated workout stations for customized strength training.

High Pulley System: The high pulley system provides smooth fluid motion for every movement. It helps you to gain muscle development throughout your back, and arms.

Chest Press: It also helps you with your shoulders, biceps, and triceps to develop with the upright chest press station.

  1. Integrated workstation
  2. Resistance up to 214 lbs
  3. High pulley system with lat bar
  4. Multi-functional workout system
  1. A little bit lighter and smaller

The space saver and multifunctional pulley system make the Weider home gym could be recommended as your home gym to develop your body muscle.


Best home gym machines are to experience good health exercise equipment and a healthy heath itself and enjoying good health is a blessing indeed. We hope you like our best home gym reviews.

Marcy 150-lb MWM-990 Multifunctional Home Gym Review

Last Updated on December 10, 2019

Let’s Get Started:

Get gym quality training right in the comfort of your own home with the compact design and versatility of the Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym. This all-in-one gym machine provides over 30 strength training exercises for the total body. This complete gym system is constructed from heavy duty steel and offers a variety of functions for a total workout. It features a 150 lb selectorized weight stack, a dual functioning press arm, adjustable preacher curl bicep pad and comfortable roller pads.

The Marcy MWM-990 home gym also offers adjustable butterfly attachment and leg developer for an easy way to change up your fitness routine. There’s also an overhead lat station for back, abs and triceps exercises and a low pulley station for curls and rows. Muscle building and toning is definitely going to be an easier part of your routine with a Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym.

Technical Info:


  • Length: 68”
  • Width: 36”
  • Height: 79”


  • Dual functioning, independent motion, chest press arm and vertical butterfly.
  • Dual functioning leg developer for leg extension/leg curl exercises.
  • High and low pulleys for upper and lower body exercises.
  • Overhead lat station for back, abs and triceps exercises with adjustable preacher curl pad.
  • Solid steel weight stack enclosure with 150 lb selectorized weight stack.


  • Frame: 2 years

Warranty applies to the original owner only.

Shipping and Assembly:

Shipping costs will vary for the Marcy MWM-990 Multifunctional Home Gym depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you prefer. However, some retailers, such as Amazon.com, may provide free shipping.

The MWM-990 Home Gym isn’t too difficult to assemble. The directions could be better, but compared to other home gyms the overall level of difficult isn’t bad. There aren’t as many pieces with this home gym that you’ll find on others. In all, assembling the MWM-990 Home Gym should take about 4 hours.

What We Love About the Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym:


It’s awesome that you can find a complete total gym in this price range. For the price of an annual gym membership, and in some cases less, you can get your own home gym. This means no more crowded gyms, or waiting on equipment, or stares from other people. This Marcy MWM-990 provides over 30 strength training exercises for the chest, back, lats, abdominals, arms and legs.

The 150 lb weight stack provides good resistance and about as much weight that you can expect in this price range. If you’re looking for a little more weight, the Weider Home Gym uses an 80 lb weight stack but claims to provide up to 214 lbs of resistance. You can check out our review of this home gym on this site.

Other Considerations:


A common comment with these lower end gyms is that they exercises don’t fit everyone perfectly and that’s the case with the Marcy MWM-990. It’s the price you have to pay for a budget-friendly and more compact home gym design. If you’re six feet or over, you may not be fit comfortably in exercises that use the leg developer or the chest press. With a smaller general footprint, the MWM-990 was clearly designed for the average person. If you’re taller, your range of motion on some exercises may be restricted.

Final Word on the Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym:

If you’re on a budget or just looking for your first home gym, the Marcy MWM-990 is a solid choice. This gym provides a full body workout for a very reasonable price. The 150 lbs weight stack is good and you’ll be hard pressed to find much more options at this price. The real drawbacks of this home gym is that it might not fit taller users that well, but again it’s a trade off for a lot of compact design home gyms. Rating: 88/100

Marcy home gym 988

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