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Mariah Carey, (born March 27, 1970, Huntington, New York, U.S.), American pop singer, noted for her remarkable vocal range. She was one of the most successful female performers of the 1990s and remained popular into the early 21st century.

Carey, whose mother was a vocal coach and former opera singer, began performing as a child. After graduating (1987) from high school in Greenlawn, New York, she moved to New York City to pursue a singing career. She made a demo tape that led Tommy Mottola, an executive at Columbia Records, to sign her in 1988; the couple married in 1993. Her debut album, Mariah Carey (1990), showcased her incredible vocal range and blended several musical genres, including gospel, pop, and rhythm and blues (R&B). It was a huge success, and in 1991 Carey won Grammy Awards for best new artist and best female pop vocalist. That same year the title track from her follow-up album, Emotions, became her fifth consecutive chart-topping single. Subsequent hit albums included Music Box (1993) and Daydream (1995), both of which sold some 10 million copies in the United States, as well as the holiday-themed Merry Christmas (1994). All the recordings were accompanied by music videos that helped make Carey a fixture on the cable network MTV.

Despite such success, Carey grew tired of the sweet and wholesome image that her label had developed for her. After announcing her separation from Mottola in 1997 (they divorced in 1998), she released Butterfly (1997), which reflected her new independence. The album was heavily influenced by hip-hop and rap, and the related music videos revealed a more sexual Carey. The single “Heartbreaker” (featuring Jay-Z) topped the charts in 1999, making Carey the first artist to hit number one on the Billboard singles chart in each year of a decade. The achievement underscored her status as one of the best-selling vocalists in the world that decade.

In 2001 Carey signed an $80 million contract with Virgin Records that made her the highest-paid recording artist. Her career quickly took a downturn, however, as she suffered a breakdown and was hospitalized following erratic behaviour. (Carey revealed in 2018 that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.) She starred in Glitter (2001), but both the semiautobiographical film and its accompanying album fared poorly. In 2002 Virgin terminated its contract with Carey. Later that year she signed with Island/Def Jam, but her first album for the label, Charmbracelet (2002), was a disappointment. However, her follow-up, The Emancipation of Mimi (2005), was a critical and commercial success, becoming the top-selling album of the year in the United States, with more than six million copies sold. It also earned three Grammy Awards, including best contemporary R&B album. “Touch My Body,” from E=MC2 (2008), became Carey’s 18th number one song on the Billboard singles chart, moving her past Elvis Presley on the all-time list and leaving her just two short of the Beatles’ record. Her later recordings included Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (2009), a second Christmas album (2010), and Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse (2014).

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In addition to her recording career, Carey continued to act. After appearing in the drama Tennessee (2008), she earned praise for her portrayal of a social worker in the critically acclaimed Precious (2009). In 2013 she joined the television talent show American Idol as a judge for its 12th season, and two years later she began a series of residencies in Las Vegas.

Mariah Carey told her daughter, Monroe, she could go on a shopping spree at any store in the world — and Monroe chose Target!

Carey revealed the 8-year-old’s totally relatable choice on Instagram.

“Me: pick anywhere in the world you want to go to for a shopping spree. My daughter: ” Carey wrote alongside a photo of her and Monroe rolling into their local Target.

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Carey kept things casual for their outing in black skinny jeans and a T-shirt, though she did add some glam with her signature stilettos.

Maybe the mom and daughter bought more matching outfits!FilmMagic

Carey’s Instagram followers loved everything about the cute photo, especially Monroe’s choice.

“Oh don’t tell me yal target bandits like me and my boys !!!!!” Jennifer Hudson commented on her photo.

“Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen also joked that it was the “best ad for Target I’ve ever seen.”

Nick Cannon, Carey’s ex-husband and dad to Monroe and twin brother Moroccan, approved of his daughter’s down-to-earth choice.

“Exactly!!! That’s my daughter!!!” he commented on the photo.

Nick Cannon approved of his daughter’s choice.Getty Images

Even Target got in on the fun, commenting, “We belong together.”

Carey and Monroe have been getting in plenty of mom-daughter bonding time lately. A day before their Target trip, she shared this sweet photo of her “date night with Miss Monroe.”

And she recently shared this cute photo of her twins hanging out at a recording studio.

There’s no word yet on what Monroe bought during her Target shopping adventure, but no matter what, it looks like she had a fun day out with her mom!

We asked a professional singer what happened to Mariah Carey during THAT performance

5 December 2014, 17:04 | Updated: 29 May 2015, 11:38

Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You Live Rockefeller Center NBC (Official )

We asked our very own vocal expert, professional singer and Classic FM presenter Catherine Bott exactly what happened during the now-infamous Mariah Carey performance from earlier this week – and it could be down to illness.

Carey’s performance at the Rockefeller Centre’s tree-lighting ceremony has become a viral sensation after an isolated vocal track (i.e. just vocals with the backing track removed) surfaced on the internet. The reaction on social media was brutal:

OMG. Who else saw Mariah Carey butcher her own song at the lighting of the Rockerfeller tree ceremony? #sad

— Charice Q. (@chariceq) December 5, 2014

Mariah Carey can’t sing anymore. Not lying. It’s terrible.

— Alison Littrell (@alisonx3) December 4, 2014

I think it’s time for Mariah Carey to take a long hard look at herself and retire from music.

— AlfieGREEN (@ItsAlfieGreen) December 5, 2014

We asked Catherine Bott to wade in on the matter:
“I think she’s got a bug, she’s ill. She should have cancelled. She may regret going out and doing that.
“I think that performance absolutely wasn’t perfect, but it’s an awful lot better than some of these mean comments are stating. That singing does not mean Mariah Carey’s career is over. You can’t expect a high soprano to sound like it did 15 years ago.
“I think she’s got something like pharyngitis. Her voice is working perfectly well in her middle ranges but she can’t reliably access the top notes because something is inflamed. She forced a couple of them out and they were rather good.

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“I noticed she had the wit with something that didn’t work the first time to put it down the octave when she did it the second time. She’s revealed herself in this to be a more intelligent musician than perhaps I had her down for.
“People protected by the anonymity of social media feel free to say really horrible things, and I really feel for her. She’s not an artist I’m a fan of, but I actually feel sorry for her there.”

There were other things supporting the 1969 theory. One is as simple as her high school graduation date. At the end of the 1987 school year, she’d have just turned 17 if she was born in 1970, and she has never said she skipped a grade. In fact, in her 1999 Homecoming special, during which she returned to her alma mater for a concert, made it clear she wasn’t a great student — and her teachers and superintendent verified that. It seems unlikely she would have graduated a year early.

View photos Mariah — in her senior year at Harborfields in 1987 — did not look young for her grade. However, if she had been born in 1970, she would have turned 17 two months before graduation. (Photo: Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library)More

Then there is the matter of the Library of Congress’s Copyright Catalog. If Mariah wasn’t born in 1969, why do records for her early songs, including “Vision of Love”, which was on her eponymous album, say “Carey, Mariah, 1969-“?

View photos Screenshot: Library of Congress’s Copyright CatalogMore

Also, Mariah and her director pal, Brett Ratner, have said that they are “born a day apart” — it’s one of the things that makes their bond so strong. His birthday? March 28, 1969. (See 2:25 mark.)

Not convincing? This photo of Mariah’s “passport” is all over the web. While it lists her birthday as March 27, 1969, there is nothing we found that leads us to think it’s real. (We haven’t seen it on any reputable sites.)

But there are things that point to Mariah making her grand entrance into the world in 1970 as well. For one, and a good one at that, her mom said — clear as day during a 1999 “Oprah” interview — that Mariah was born in 1970. (See 2:25 mark.)

Let’s talk about the copies of birth certificates for her 5-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan. If they are real — and we guess they are, because posted them — her birthday was in 1970. Would Mariah go so far as to falsify legal documents?

And the big bios out there on the superstar — including Mariah Carey Revisited: The Unauthorized Biography by Chris Nickson — list her birth year as 1970. Could they all be wrong?

View photos A page from “Mariah Carey Revisited: The Unauthorized Biography” by Chris Nickson. (Screenshot: Google Books)More

We have to admit, our own search to verify her actual birth was frustratingly fruitless — and we can only imagine that Mariah is smiling about it.

  • We reached out to Mimi’s publicist, who, after our second message, replied to say she was “not sure offhand, sorry!”
  • We called her high school to try to get her records. That information is “archived,” and even if it wasn’t, they’d be “unable” to give it out, according to the principal’s assistant.
  • We contacted her former principal, the one who happily appeared in “Homecoming” — and is still a school administrator — but he apparently didn’t want to talk about her this time around — he didn’t get back to us.
  • We reached out to some of her biographers, who didn’t have anything to add beyond what they wrote in the books years ago.
  • We requested our own copies of Mariah’s twins’ birth certificates from the Los Angeles County Registrar — as several fans speculated that the ones on the Internet are fake. Requests take “several weeks” to process, so we are waiting for those.
  • We tried to obtain Mariah’s birth certificate from the Huntington, N.Y., town clerk, but were shot down: “According to NYS Public Health Law, birth certificates can only be given to the party named on the certificate, the party’s parents or documents providing the proper documentation fulfilled by court order,” we were told.
  • We reached out to the New York State DMV to get a copy of her driving record (including her birthdate), but getting the information for a story “is not a federally-permissible purpose to access personal information held within DMV records.”
  • We even tweeted her — and used butterflies to get her attention. Nada.

@MariahCarey ????????????What year were you born? Hoping these cute ???????????? inspire you to answer.

— Suzy Byrne (@SuzyByrne) March 22, 2017

We weren’t exaggerating about going down a rabbit hole. The biggest question we have though is why would she lie about her age to begin with? Especially because in 1988 — one year out of high school — she began a relationship with Tommy Mottola, a married record executive 20 years her senior, who launched her career (and became her first husband). You would think they’d want to pad her age — instead of erase a year from it — as she was still a teenager. Now that she’s in her late 40s, it could make sense to shave off a year (so she’s not that much older than her beau, Bryan Tanaka), but why do it at 19 or 20?

But let’s be honest: Mariah doesn’t always make sense. This is a woman who wears evening gowns — and shoes — in the bathtub. She works out wearing this. She grocery shops in this. She meets the head of the United Nations in this. She attends bar mitzvahs in this. Sometimes her thought process seems to be … offline.

View photos GIF: YoutubeMore

It seems likely the explanation is “Mariah Math.” In 2014, she was asked by Out magazine about “Vision of Love” turning 25 years old, and she said, “First of all, don’t round up. If you’re going to round, round down!” She added, “I don’t count years, but I definitely rebuke them — I have anniversaries, not birthdays, because I celebrate life, darling.”

So whether she’s 47 or 48, you can bet Mariah is somewhere celebrating life today. And she should be. However old she is, she still fabulous, dahling.

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On Thursday night, Mariah Carey revealed that she and her billionaire boyfriend, James Packer, are now engaged. You’ve probably heard about Carey’s colossal, 35-carat ring. (It’s bigger than Elizabeth Taylor’s famous diamond, and approximately the same size as Kim Kardashian West’s and Beyoncé’s engagement rings combined.) What’s even more impressive than her newest piece of jewelry? The elusive chanteuse herself, of course. To toast the bride-to-be, here, five things you probably didn’t know about Mariah Carey.

1. Mariah Carey’s mother, an opera singer, noticed her daughter’s talent while rehearsing Verdi’s Rigoletto for her own New York City Opera debut. “From the time Mariah was a tiny girl, she sang on true pitch. She was able to hear a sound and duplicate it exactly,” her mother, Patricia Carey, told People in 1993. “I missed my cue, but Mariah didn’t. She sang it in Italian at exactly the right point. She wasn’t yet 3.” Mariah’s name has musical roots, too. Her mother named her after the song “They Call the Wind Maria.”

2. Eight years after she split from her first husband, music executive Tommy Mottola, Carey recorded the album The Emancipation of Mimi, which featured the record-breaking smash single “We Belong Together.” As it turns out, the wedding dress Carey wore in the video was the same dress she wore to her wedding to Mottola. “I wanted to burn the train of the dress,” Carey told for the 10th anniversary of “We Belong Together.” “It was 27 feet long and Brett wouldn’t let me burn the train! I don’t know what was wrong with him. He didn’t want to set me on fire, but we could have done it in post. I mean, c’mon.”

3. After she received Norman Mailer’s biography of Marilyn Monroe as a child, Carey has had a long-standing obsession with the screen siren. “Marilyn Monroe Productions was the first female-owned production company in Hollywood,” she told The Guardian in 2014. “She paved the way for women in Hollywood, and every single woman owes something to her for that, whether they agree with her image or not.” In 1999, Carey bought Monroe’s baby grand piano at auction for more than $600,000. “It was her only piece of the childhood she’d never had,” she says. “It was very important for her to find something to cling to.” The singer even named her daughter Monroe, after the actress.

4. Speaking of her children, during the C-section of their fraternal twins, Carey and then-husband Nick Cannon played a live version of her hit track “Fantasy.” “I wanted them to hear the applause,” Carey told the Los Angeles Times in 2011. Birth wasn’t the only intimate occasion that the couple would turn on Carey’s greatest hits. “She makes sexy music,” Cannon told HuffPost Live in 2013. “I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person in the world that listens to Mariah Carey when having sex, it just so happens I’m having sex with Mariah Carey.”

5. Over the course of her career, Carey collaborated with many prominent music-makers, including Boyz 2 Men, Jay Z, and Snoop Dogg, but one of her greatest pairings never actually came to pass: a duet with Courtney Love. The punk rocker allegedly wanted Carey to do a guest spot on her Hole album Nobody’s Daughter. As the story goes, Love was searching for someone to sing a lyric and coming up empty-handed, so she headed to Brett Ratner for help. “I’m at his house and I sing the part, ‘People like you fuck people like me.’ And this little voice goes, ‘I’ll sing it.’ I’m like, ‘Who’s that?’ The voice goes, ‘It’s Mariah,’ ” Love said in 2010. While Carey reportedly did end up singing the lyric, unfortunately for us, there was no recording device present. “It was hysterical. I never met Mariah for more than a minute in my life, but we sort of canceled each other out. We had nothing negative about each other to say. I’m not in her universe and she’s not in mine.”

Mariah Carey’s Videos Through the Years: From ‘Vision of Love’ to ‘#beautiful’

In 1990, Mariah Carey emerged on the music scene as a soon-to-be starlet with brunette ringlets and an untouchable vocal range. The singer’s self-titled debut, which featured the chart-topping single “Vision of Love,” earned her a multitude of awards including Grammys for best new artist and best female vocal performance.

From her holiday staple “All I Want for Christmas Is You” to 2017’s “I Don’t” featuring YG, Carey’s music has dazzled generations — as have her creative visuals. Early in her career, Carey broke hearts by putting her effortless beauty and girl-next-door style front and center in the videos for songs like “Fantasy” and “Always Be My Baby.”

Throughout the years, she’s appeared in videos as a love interest with fabulously styled outfits — see the JAY-Z-assisted “Heartbreaker” and “Boy I Need You” featuring Cam’ron. Whether she’s making us laugh with her parody-like video for “Obsessed” or soothing the lovelorn in “We Belong Together,” Carey consistently keeps the eyes and ears of audiences intrigued.

In honor of the star’s birthday (March 27), we’re taking a look at her music video evolution — and with more than 25 years of videos to reference, there’s no way to choose only one as a favorite.

Biography Newsletters

In 2012, Carey was chosen as a new judge for season 12 of the popular FOX television show American Idol, taking a seat alongside Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban. In 2013, she appeared in a small role in The Butler, Lee Daniels’ biopic about White House butler Eugene Allen, and she voiced a character on the animated television series American Dad!

In January 2015, Carey inked a deal to to take up residency in Las Vegas beginning in May 2016. To coincide with her Vegas show, #1 to Infinity, at Caesar’s Palace, she released a greatest hits collection, featuring her No. 1 tracks. In 2015, she also starred in and directed A Christmas Melody, a holiday movie on the Hallmark Channel.

In 2016, Carey launched The Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour and Mariah’s World, a television docu-series on E!, which followed her European tour. She took on another movie role, voicing the mayor in 2017’s animated The Lego Batman Movie.

Bipolar Admission

In an April 2018 cover story for People, Carey shared the story of her longtime, secretive battle with bipolar II disorder. First diagnosed in 2001, after being hospitalized for her breakdown, the singer said she refused to acknowledge it for years. “Until recently I lived in denial and isolation and in constant fear someone would expose me,” she said. “It was too heavy a burden to carry and I simply couldn’t do that anymore.”

Carey said she turned things around after finally reaching out for help, and that she began undergoing therapy and taking medication regularly. “I’m just in a really good place right now, where I’m comfortable discussing my struggles with bipolar II disorder,” she told People. “I’m hopeful we can get to a place where the stigma is lifted from people going through anything alone. It can be incredibly isolating. It does not have to define you and I refuse to allow it to define me or control me.”

Personal Life

In June 1993, Carey married Mottola in a spectacular ceremony at Manhattan’s St. Thomas Episcopal Church. The couple divorced in 1998. Carey then dated Latin singer Luis Miguel for three years, but their relationship reportedly ended in the summer of 2001.

Carey began a relationship with rapper/actor Nick Cannon after he appeared in her music video for “Bye Bye.” After dating for less than two months, the couple married on April 30, 2008, in a secret ceremony in the Bahamas. In 2011, Carey and Cannon welcomed twins Moroccan and Monroe.

The couple announced their separation in August 2014, after six years of marriage, and their divorce was finalized in 2016. In January 2016, Carey became engaged to Australian businessman James Packer in New York City, but in October of that year, it was announced that the couple had split. After Carey’s engagement with Packer ended, she began a relationship with backup dancer Bryan Tanaka, who was also featured in her reality show Mariah’s World.

Outside of her music career, Carey is active in fundraising for The Fresh Air Fund, a nonprofit agency that provides free summer vacations to disadvantaged children in New York City, and is the co-founder of Camp Mariah, one of the organization’s initiatives.

Despite a career of highs and lows, Mariah Carey is one of the most successful performers of all time – now she’s back with a hotly tipped movie based on her festive hit

Words by Michelle Davis

One night in November 1988, aspiring singer Mariah Carey was her friend’s plus one at a record-label party in New York. In her hand was a treasured demo tape she hoped to give to a music scout due to be there, but a stranger snatched it from her before she could hand it over and she left, disappointed that her chance at fame was dashed. Luckily for her, that stranger was Tommy Mottola, head of Sony Music. He played the tape in his limo on the way home and was transfixed. Mottola later admitted that he knew he’d discovered a superstar. ‘ screaming, “Turn the car around! That may be the best voice you’ve ever heard in your life!”’ he said. But when he returned to the party, Carey had – like a modern-day Cinderella – vanished. What’s more, she’d forgotten to put her name on the tape. And, like Prince Charming, Mottola scoured the city until he tracked her down. Now, as she releases her first animated children’s film based on her hit All I Want For Christmas Is You, Mariah Carey’s career has skyrocketed and Carey is one of the most successful recording artists ever, with a net worth estimated at £394 million and a rare five-octave vocal range that can hit the whistle register – the highest note a human voice can reach.

Mariah Carey was born in Huntington, New York, on 27 March in 1970. Her father, Alfred, was an aeronautical engineer of African-American and Venezuelan descent, and her mother, Patricia, a voice coach and opera singer, was from an Irish background. They married at a time when inter-racial relationships were rare and, growing up, Carey and her two siblings were bullied for being mixed race. One of her earliest memories involves nursery school teachers questioning why she’d coloured her dad in brown in a picture she’d drawn. ‘They made me feel like something was wrong with me, that it was a bizarre, freakish thing,’ she told Oprah Winfrey in a 1999 interview.

The singer won two Grammy awards in 1991 for her hit single Vision Of Love

After graduating from high school in 1987, Carey moved to Manhattan to pursue singing. She worked as a waitress to make ends meet, but was sacked for having a bad attitude. Her disinclination to pander to others remained, even when she landed a record deal. Mottola lined up top producers to work on her debut album, but Carey dug her heels in and insisted her friend Ben Margulies, with whom she co-wrote her demo tape songs, was brought on board. She was only 19 and a rookie, but had grown accustomed to getting her own way. Her debut album, Mariah Carey, was released in June 1990 – the first single from it, Vision Of Love, went to number one in the US charts, peaked at number nine in the UK and won her two Grammys. Her follow-up album, Emotions, didn’t sell as well and, in 1992, she was forced to silence critics who claimed she was a ‘studio worm’ (a singer who only sounded good on record) by recording an MTV Unplugged session. Her stunning acoustic cover of I’ll Be There was a number-one hit in the US and reached number two in the UK, proving her vocal capacity.

With Mottola micromanaging his protégé’s every move, it was no surprise to those around them that their relationship segued from professional to personal, despite a 20-year age gap and him being newly divorced from his wife, with whom he had two children. They married on 5 June 1993 in New York in front of a showbiz congregation that included Robert De Niro and Bruce Springsteen. Carey wore a Vera Wang dress apparently modelled on the one Princess Diana wore to marry Prince Charles. However, after settling into their £7.3 million home, the singer discovered marriage to Mottola wasn’t like working with him.

Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola married in 1993

In the studio, she had autonomy, co-writing and producing most of her tracks, and she had the Midas touch. The single Dreamlover from her 1993 album Music Box stayed at number one for two months, and in December 1994 she released All I Want For Christmas Is You – her biggest international hit to date. At home, however, Mottola was in control. He dictated how she should dress. Soon Carey was describing the house to friends as Sing Sing – the infamous US prison. ‘I had to get permission to leave ,’ she said. ‘I used to wish, hope and dream that someone would kidnap me. I never thought I’d get out of there.’ Eventually, she found the strength to leave and divorced Mottola in 1997.

Now released from her ‘private hell’, as she put it, Carey hit the social scene, where she became romantically linked to rapper Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and baseball player Derek Jeter. Her next serious relationship was in 1999, with Mexican singer Luis Miguel, who she met skiing. When they split three years later, it sparked an episode that was one of the darkest points in Carey’s life.

‘I am baffled, shocked and appalled when I’m called a diva.’

On 19 July 2001, she made an erratic appearance on the MTV show Total Request Live, shocking viewers by stripping down to a tiny vest and shorts. Afterwards, she posted a message on her website saying, ‘I’m trying to understand things in life and so I don’t think I should be doing music right now. What I’d like to do is just take a little break or at least get one night of sleep.’ A week later, Carey was hospitalised after her mum found her in a hotel room bleeding from cuts. Her publicist Cindi Berger said the star had experienced an ‘emotional and physical breakdown’ but denied tabloid claims she’d tried to take her own life. ‘She did break some dishes and glasses, and she may have stepped on them,’ admitted Berger. The singer spent two weeks recovering in an undisclosed facility in Connecticut, but her troubles weren’t over. Two months later, Glitter, a film based on her life in which she starred, was panned on its release. The soundtrack, her first album since she’d left Mottola’s label a year before to sign a $100 million contract with Virgin Records America, also tanked.

But in 2002, her luck changed when Island Records bought out her contract, and her next two albums, Charmbracelet and The Emancipation Of Mimi, re-established her as a chart topper. The latter produced the 2005 hit We Belong Together, widely regarded as Carey’s opus and her 16th US number one. Then, in 2009, she was critically acclaimed for her performance in Lee Daniels’ Oscar-winning film Precious. As her career soared again, so did her private life. In 2008, she met comedian Nick Cannon when she cast him in her video for Bye Bye. Six weeks later, they married in the Bahamas and, on their third anniversary, Carey gave birth to twins Monroe and Moroccan.

Mariah Carey with her ex-husband Nick Cannon and their twins Moroccan and Monroe in 2011

Throughout her career, like many strong and highly successful women in male-dominated industries, she was labelled a diva. Countless outrageous requests credited to Carey include the star refusing her limo outside a hotel until they rolled out a red carpet lined with candles and employing someone to walk backwards in front of her so she didn’t fall over. But she has always denied the rumours. ‘I am baffled, shocked and appalled when I’m called a diva. I’ve never done anything diva-ish in my life,’ she once said.

‘Music helps me get through some of the hardest times of my life’

Her new husband gave her the stable family life she’d never had – her parents divorced when Carey was three, her father had died in 2002 and she was estranged from her siblings – but it was short-lived. In December 2014, he filed for divorce after months of speculation, hinting to one interviewer that their differences were to blame. ‘When two people are in a relationship, it should be about growth. It should be a situation where everyone’s becoming a better human being in the relationship,’ he said. The divorce sparked another period of career lows. Her 2014 album Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse performed dismally compared to her previous records. Then, after a split from James Packer, her billionaire fiancé, in October 2016, there was the New Year’s Eve lip-sync disaster and the poor reception to her reality TV show Mariah’s World.

Carey and boyfriend Bryan Tanaka perform during the opening show of Mariah Carey: All I Want For Christmas in December 2016

Today, however, Mariah Carey is back on a high. She’s expressed her happiness with life raising her twins and is dating dancer Bryan Tanaka, who is 13 years her junior. And as another holiday season approaches and her hit single rings out from radio stations across the globe, she can take satisfaction in having nailed the most difficult music challenge of all – having the most successful Christmas single of all time. ‘Music helps me get through some of the hardest times of my life,’ she admits. ‘It also helps me celebrate some of the best times.’

Mariah Carey Wishes She Could Go Back and ‘Re-Edit’ This Iconic Music Video and Performance

When it comes to Mariah Carey’s career as a performer, she settles for nothing less than perfection.

Though she’s definitely had her fair share of mishaps take place while singing some of her biggest hits (cough cough the 2014 Rockefeller Tree Lighting), the Grammy winner does everything she can to make sure that these less than exemplary moments don’t happen again.

Mariah Carey | Amy Sussman/FilmMagic

Now that Carey has been in the business for a few years, she knows what makes for a picture perfect performance and wishes she had this same mindset during the early days of her career.

Carey had a few things to say about her “Hero” music video

Mariah Carey might not have too many regrets in life, but there are a few past moments she wishes she could go back and tweak.

While recently sitting down with Billboard to celebrate her holiday classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You” reaching No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart, the singer took some time to look back on some of her most memorable moments in her career.

While the songstress dove deep into a few of her most iconic music videos to date, she opened up about some of the things she wishes she could change about those performances.

One video the singer revealed that she really wants to “re-edit” is her 1993 performance of her hit song “Hero”.

Though this track quickly became one of the most popular and inspirational songs of her career, Carey thinks that the music video could have came out a lot better than it did.

“I’m looking at this particular shot going, ‘I would now kill somebody for leaving that shot in here,’” she said during Billboard‘s new video series Throw It Back. “Because it’s just a full-on shot of my “bad side” and it’s something that I would have definitely removed.”

While the singer now calls all of the executive shots when it comes to her music videos, she admits that she didn’t have the same power when she first came onto the scene.

“Back then, they kind of told me everything to do and what to do, but I would love to re-edit this video and this performance,” she continued. “The whole thing.”

Carey is very proud of the impact this song has had on the world

Though Carey isn’t too pleased with how the music video for “Hero” turned out, she finds it fulfilling that so many people have embraced the song’s message over the years.

The lyrics describe the individual power that lies inside each and every person and inspires listeners to be their own hero in life.

Because this track has uplifted millions of people all around the world, Carey is proud that she was able to deliver one of the most inspirational songs in music’s history.

“I’m very thankful for the song, let me be serious for a minute,” she told Billboard. “I’m really proud of it because of the fact that it has endured for a really long time. A lot of people have told me it helped save their lives and they’ve had it tattooed on their bodies. You know, just persevered through difficult times and I performed it at the benefit on 9/11 in 2001. I performed it at the inauguration of President Obama and so as a songwriter, it’s a huge deal for me that I have this song.”

While Carey still thinks the music video need a little work, she admits that she’s a perfectionist and can’t help herself when it comes to pointing out what she thinks are flaws.

“So for me to nit-pick the video about my bad-side is kind of rude but I’ll give myself a break,” she quipped.

Mariah Carey says she’s ‘kind of a prude’: ‘I’ve only been with five people in my life’

Music icon Mariah Carey has had more hits than she’s had lovers, the singer revealed to Cosmopolitan in a cover story published online Tuesday.

“I’ve only been with five people in my life, so I’m kind of a prude, honestly, compared to most others in the field,” the “Touch My Body” singer said.

Good things seem to come in fives for Carey, who’s won five Grammy Awards with her rare five-octave vocal range, according to reports.

Carey said what her love life lacks in quantity, it makes up for in variety.

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“I haven’t had that many, but there has been a variety pack,” the 49-year-old said.

Carey married her first husband, music executive Tommy Mottola, in 1993, and the two divorced in 1998. There was a 20-year age gap between them.

“You might want to picture a child bride,” she told Cosmopolitan. “There was a conscious effort to keep me as this all-American, whatever that means, girl. It was very controlled. There was no ­freedom for me as a human being. It was almost like being a prisoner.”

The “All I Want for Christmas Is You” songstress then married comedian Nick Cannon in 2008. The couple, who share twins, split in 2014. In 2016, Carey confirmed her engagement to Australian billionaire James Packer, but the two split later that year.

Carey is currently dating her longtime back-up dancer, Bryan Tanaka, 36.

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BRYAN Tanaka has become a celebrity in his own right thanks to his relationship with superstar singer Mariah Carey.

But just who is he? Here is everything we know about him…

2 Bryan has reportedly split from Mariah after five months togetherCredit: Getty Images – FilmMagic

Who is Bryan Tanaka?

Bryan originally comes from Washington and started working for Mariah as one of her backing dancers.

The pair have been professionally linked for years, with Brian first taking to the stage with Mariah on her Adventures of Mimi tour in 2006.

Speaking to E! News about his early career with the songstress he said: “She saw something in me that I actually didn’t recognize at first, from that it was over.

“It was set in history that we were gonna be connected some way, somehow.”

He has since been promoted to her creative director.

His skills were first recognised when he was cast as a backing dancer for legendary songstress Beyonce.

His Instagram also shows him hanging out with the likes of John Legend.

2 Bryan and Mariah were seen getting seriously flirty on screen while she was still engagedCredit: E!

When did Mariah Carey start dating Bryan Tanaka?

The Heartbreaker singer was engaged to Australian businessman James Packer, but their split was announced in October 2016.

That same year her E! series, Mariah’s World, showed the pop princess singing a heartfelt ballad before discarding her ring and walking away.

She walks straight into the arms of Bryan, with whom she had been “getting close” throughout the eight-part season.

The pair have had an on-off relationship ever since.


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Is Bryan on social media?

You can find Bryan on several social media channels, these include:

Instagram: @bryantanaka

Twitter: @BryanTanaka

Mariah Carey gives fans a sneak peak into her Valentine’s Day with boyfriend Bryan Tanaka on Instagram

Who Is Mariah Carey Dating In 2019? The Billboard Music Awards Performer May Have A Familiar Date

With this year’s Billboard Music Awards quickly approaching on May 1, fans may be wondering who Mariah Carey is dating in 2019 and if she will be hitting the red carpet with that special someone in tow. Carey, who in addition to performing, will also be honored with the night’s Icon Award, will likely have one or more important guests in the audience as she receives the prestigious award. However, it is immediately unclear who will be on hand for the big night.

As many may know, Carey is currently dating Bryan Tanaka, a dancer and a choreographer who has been working for the singer since he was a backup dancer on her 2006 The Adventures of Mimi Tour. And although it is unknown whether or not Tanaka will accompany Carey to the upcoming awards ceremony, his appearance wouldn’t be surprising since the two have had an extremely tight-knit bond over the past couple of years.

Although their romance may have started off a little rocky, things appear to be going pretty strong between the two. Carey and Tanaka were recently spotted hanging out in New York City for the dancer’s 36th birthday. According to their respective Instagram posts, the pair hit-up the Broadway production of Hamilton and later partied at TAO restaurant in downtown NYC. Tanaka shared photos and video of himself and the Glitter star celebrating throughout the night and it seems that they couldn’t be happier.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

In one video that featured Tanaka dancing to Ginuwine’s “Pony”, Carey can be heard saying, “So Tanaka’s very happy tonight on his anniversary. I have nothing to say except he’s happy and that was my goal.” Tanaka’s caption gave more insight into his dance moves, sharing, “When she says put on a show for your birthday… #forlaughs#youalwaysmakemehappy”

The actual timeline of Carey and Tanaka’s romantic involvement is a bit blurred. However, People reported that the two were first spotted in the middle of some PDA on a beach in Hawaii during Thanksgiving weekend in 2016.

“Something connected with us back in the day and there was just a mutual admiration. She saw something in me that I actually didn’t recognize at first, from that it was over,” Tanaka told E! News in December 2016. “It was set in history that we were gonna be connected some way, some how.”

The two briefly split in April of 2017, but got back together just weeks later, according to E! News. Prior to her involvement with Tanaka, Carey was engaged to Australian billionaire James Packer. People notes that Tanaka, who now serves as Carey’s creative director, was a reported source of tension between her and Packer. According to TMZ, Packer banned Tanaka from Caesar’s Palace back in 2016, when he reportedly showed up injured and unable to perform.

Before her involvement with Packer, Carey was married to actor Nick Cannon from 2008 until their separation in 2014. The two, who have remained close friends and co-parents over the years, share 8-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe.

So, although Tanaka is likely to make an appearance with Carey at this year’s Billboard Music Awards ceremony, there’s also a huge chance that Cannon and the kids will also show up to watch Carey take home her Icon honor. And fans will just have to wait and see how it all pans out.

Mariah carey in 1990

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