Mariah Carey Says She Eats These Two Food Items, and That’s It

Though society will try to convince you that “variety is the spice of life,” the truth is if find a food you love, you should eat that shit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until the day you die. Few could forget Super Size Me’s Don Gorske—who just enjoyed his 28,984th Big Mac this week—and Lil Yachty claims to have eaten pizza every single day since the second grade.

Head diva Mariah Carey also understands this foolproof logic. In an interview with E! News, as part of the rollout for the singer’s new Mariah’s World reality show, Carey shared some interesting facts about her personal life—most notably, her two favorite food items.

“My diet, you would hate it,” the singer said. “All you eat is Norwegian salmon and capers every day. That’s it.”

That’s it.

Basically, Mariah wakes up every morning and eats salmon and capers—sans bagel. Then, when she gets hungry at lunchtime, more lox and capers. Dinner time? You guessed it: more fish; more capers. Midnight snack? Well, you get the idea.

Though Mariah probably doesn’t do her own grocery shopping, we would pay good money to see the “All I Want for Christmas Is You” singer in a fur coat going through the checkout at Costco with 30 pounds of fish for the week.

Wondering what Mariah Carey’s diet looks like? The answer might surprise you.

Before she slips into looks like this one, Mariah Carey follows a strict diet.Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

The superstar singer recently revealed there are two particular foods she swears by when trying to get in shape — and no, salad isn’t one of them.

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While salmon and capers make a great pairing, they’re not exactly what we would call diet foods, but Carey assures us it’s no joke.

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Mariah Carey sips holiday drinks with KLG, Hoda

Dec. 13, 201303:51

“I’m actually serious,” she added. “I try to stick with the proteins. It’s the worst.”

Carey was responding to a question about how she prepares for some of the sexy looks she wears in “Mariah’s World,” her new E! show that’s billed as an eight-part docuseries and follows the singer’s life on and off stage.

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Mariah Carey docuseries ‘Mariah’s World’: A first look

May 17, 201600:45

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The show sees her try on wedding dresses and also features scenes with former fiance James Packer. The couple recently announced they called off their engagement.

“Mariah’s World” premieres on December 4.

Just because Mariah Carey is worth a whopping $520 million, doesn’t mean she’s not relatable. In fact, the singer, 48, struggles to maintain her figure just like everyone else. “When Mariah cheats on her diet it’s usually two things — sweets and champagne. She loves little bites of chocolate, chocolate desserts, or good old candy,” a source told Life & Style.

We hear that, girl. Whoever came up with the whole “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” thing was seriously mistaken (and most likely a man, TBH). As far as what Mariah indulges in, specifically? Well, let’s just say we stan a humble queen. “Her kids still have a candy room in the house, so she’ll sneak in there late at night if she’s feeling naughty — plain M&M’s are a favorite,” the source revealed.

Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Y’all, this woman could legit buy a chocolate factory in Switzerland. Instead, she chooses to eat M&M’s. Sigh. They just don’t make divas like Mariah anymore. Speaking of diva behavior — in the best way, of course — the source noted that champagne is Mariah’s go to refresher drink because “she hates the way water tastes.” If that’s not the most iconic thing you’ve ever heard, we don’t know what is.

Let’s not get it twisted, though. Mariah may cheat on her diet, but she still looks fierce AF. In fact, on Jan. 3, she was spotted vacationing with her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, and her twins, Roc and Roe, looking better than ever. The pop star wore a black and pink wetsuit that accentuated her slender frame. Oh, and we can’t forget how amazing Mariah looked during her New Year’s Eve performance. She rocked a tight sequined gown that basically looked like it was designed specifically for her body.

Romain Maurice/Getty Images)

So, what have we learned today, ladies? Diet and exercise is great… but champagne and sweets are better. If anyone gives you a hard time about that, just remind them it’s what Mariah Carey does and keep it movin.’

How Mariah Carey Lost 30 Pounds in Three Months

Mariah Carey has lost the baby weight and is flaunting a newly toned body on the cover of US Weekly today. Carey told the magazine that she had gained 70 pounds, an “enormous amount of weight.” She decided to start working with Jenny Craig after she started feeling “trapped in her body,” because she couldn’t move. So just how did Carey get in shape so quickly? Read on to find out!

1. She met with a nutritionist. As part of the Jenny Craig program, Carey says she met with a nutritionist to decide how many calories she should be eating per day and stuck to a 1,500 calorie diet. She also made sure to eat small meals every few hours.

2. She worked out three times per week. Because Carey had a cesarean section, initially exercise wasn’t a part of her regime. “Diet was 90 percent of it,” she told Rosie O’Donnell on the The Rosie Show. But once she was able to add exercise back into her schedule, she started taking long walks with her dogs. Carey has long been a fan of water workouts, so we’re not surprised to hear her say that she also started working out in the ocean to help lose her baby weight.

  • By Alanna Nuñez

Mariah Carey Shows Off Slimmer Body Following Major Weight Loss [PICS]

It’s been about six months since Mariah Carey received gastric sleeve surgery, and she looks happier than ever!

According to Inquisitr, the singer has lost over 30 pounds since her surgery late last year.

For those who don’t know, gastric sleeve surgery decreases the size of your stomach so you can’t eat as much as you could before. However, in order to maintain weight loss, a healthy diet and exercise are still necessary.


(Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for Sugar Factory American Brasserie)


(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Carey made the choice to go through with the surgery after people made fun of her weight online. A source close to the singer also revealed back in November that she is much happier now:

“Mariah underwent the procedure about a month ago, and she is already seeing some good results and she feels a lot better.”

The source also went on to say that Carey changed her diet and is now exercising regularly to maintain her new figure.

Celebrities: Anne Hathaway Reveals She’s Gaining Weight & Ready For The Fat Shamers

The singer has had struggles with her weight for years. She describes her attempts to stay slender as hard because she loves to eat, she’s big-boned, and hates exercising.

However, we love Mariah Carey at any size! If the surgery helped her feel more comfortable in her skin, then more power to her!

Head right here to learn more and to see other pics. Also, let us know what you think about this in the comments!

‘Good news: Rihanna is fat. And Amal is dangerously thin’

Good news: Rihanna is fat. Mariah Carey is fat, too, and – worse – she’s overly fond of Photoshop. Yay!

Amal Clooney is not fat, she’s something even better: dangerously thin for a woman who just gave birth three months ago. Britney Spears is just the right side of too thin – that is, she still has breasts – but don’t worry, she’s probably a fitness fanatic. Phew. And congratulations to Jennifer Aniston, who is celebrating a decade of speculation over whether she is pregnant, or recently ate a sandwich.

I just saved you the trouble of reading the internet – or at least the corner of it dedicated to policing women’s bodies, offering limb-by-limb analysis to show you that, though they might appear to have it all, they’re really much less happy or less confident than they appear. Which is to say, not a “corner” of the internet so much as the entire ground floor, the stairs, upper landing and both guest bedrooms.

In fact, if the internet has a more important purpose in 2017 than scrutinising women’s bodies, wardrobes, behaviour and life choices, I am not aware of it.

Making the world’s information universally accessible and available? Connecting its most disadvantaged communities? Nope, nowhere near as important as the daily monitoring of Amal’s thigh gap. (Case in point: there are 19.6 million results on Google for “thigh gap”, versus 2.3 million for “poverty gap”.)

Slut of Troy?

If Instagram had been around in the time of Helen of Troy or Marilyn Monroe, would commenters have piled on to slut-shame Helen and tell Marilyn to go to the gym? Probably. However, the internet didn’t invent the phenomenon of women being held up to unattainable beauty standards, and aggressively chided when they fall short. Even the Daily Mail didn’t invent it.

For all we know, when our earliest human ancestors crawled out of their cave and stood up on two legs, they started beadily eyeing one another up to see whether Lucy the Australopithecus had bounced back to her pre-baby body yet. Our obsession with beauty is part of the human condition.

But the genius of outlets such as Heat magazine, the Daily Mail and TMZ was in identifying the desire to bully or berate those who appear to have what we don’t: not beauty, per se, but confidence. The internet gave this desire a forum, and allowed anybody to curate their own sidebar of shame.

The uncomfortable truth is that, when it comes to policing women’s bodies, wardrobes and behaviour, it is frequently other women who are the worst offenders.

It is not really about policing them, though. It’s about policing ourselves. It’s about our own insecurities, our internalised misogyny. It’s about measuring ourselves against the impossible standards society has set for us. It’s not their looks we envy; it’s their confidence.

The pressure to be beautiful – and to be beautiful in a particular, narrowly prescribed way – has never been more intense than it is right now, in the digital age. When Forbes recently published its list of the best-paid women in Hollywood, what was striking was how – apart from Melissa McCarthy, who gets a pass because she’s funny – the top 10 all looked so similar: tall, white-skinned, high-cheekboned and thin, thin, thin. The same was not true of the top 10 men, which included men of different ethnicities, and men whose looks might kindly be described as “characterful”.

Weird toes

Jennifer Aniston – No 2 on the list – recently spoke about this pressure in an interview with Glamour, saying it’s “hard enough being a young woman” without their worth “being quantified by how they look and their Instagrams and likes”. Her comments were republished by the Daily Mail. Underneath, someone wrote “Wow, never noticed her poor toes”. Someone else said she “definitely” looked pregnant in the second picture.

So if we’re not among the 0.001 per cent of the population that fits in with that narrow definition of beauty, we console ourselves by searching for that chink – that little sliver of vulnerability — in their otherwise beautiful, thin, smug veneer. Yes, Amal is brilliant and thin and successful and married to George Clooney and the mother of twins – but is she secretly starving herself? Okay, Jen may be gorgeous and rich beyond our wildest dreams and have an enviable lifestyle, but she doesn’t have kids yet and, hey, check out those weird toes!

It is an understandable impulse, but an unhelpful one.

Here are some things that would be more helpful: Stop clicking on those stories. Stop perpetuating the cycle. Stop giving little girls the message that their looks are their most important attribute. Stop noticing only when they’re pretty, and start noticing when they’re fearless or inventive or kind. If you’re a woman, stop pitting yourself against a standard you can never hope to meet. Stop judging others when they too fall short. Find a woman you admire and tell her why you admire her. Start with yourself.

It’s not the sidebar of shame that’s holding us back – it’s the vicious circle of insecurity and envy.

Mariah Carey Weight Loss Pill Villa Tacchi

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MARIAH Carey looked in amazing shape as she headed out for dinner last night.

The 48-year-old appears much slimmer than just a few months ago after reportedly undergoing secret gastric sleeve surgery late last year.

6 Mariah Carey showed off her weight loss on a night outCredit: The Mega Agency 6 Mariah on stage in July 2017Credit: Splash News

Showing off the results of her reported surgery, the mum-of-two wore a tight black dress that highlighted her trim waist.

She teamed it with a pair of peep toe black heels, which accentuated her slim legs.

According to Entertainment tonight, Mariah had already lost two stone by January and judging by these latest images, she’s lost even more in recent months.

In October 2017, New York Post’s Page Six gossip column reported that Mariah had the underwent gastric sleeve surgery.

6 The star looks amazing after reportedly having a gastric bandCredit: Splash News 6 Mariah wore a tight fitting black dressCredit: Splash News

Mariah’s weight is said to have “skyrocketed” since her split from her billionaire fiancé James Packer, so she sought the help of a top Beverly Hills surgeon, Page Six claimed.

The procedure involves removing part of the stomach so that the patient feels fuller more quickly.

It can be done via a small incision, meaning recovery time is fast and scarring is minimal.

A source told Page Six: “Mariah has always been proud of her curves, but this summer, as her Caesars Palace residency came to a close, and then she went on tour with Lionel Richie, she noticed it became harder to dance, and she was getting a lot more criticism online from body shamers.”

6 The singer looked slimmer than ever as she stepped out with BryanCredit: Splash News 6 Mariah – pictured here at the end of 2016 – looked a little largerCredit: Splash News

Following her split from James, Mariah hooked up with dancer Bryan Tanaka – and the pair have been enjoying the good life, indulging in calorific cocktails and fancy dinners.

The source added: “Mariah underwent the procedure about a month ago, and she is already seeing some good results, and she feels a lot better.”

Mariah previously managed to shed 70lbs after the birth of her twins in 2011. She dropped weight the old-fashioned way – dieting and exercise.

She said: “I never weighed myself. People will think I’m a liar but it’s true . . . I’m a big-boned girl, I’m tall, and so I always weigh more.”

What is a gastric band, bypass and sleeve?

Gastric band: where a band is used to reduce the stomach’s size, meaning you will feel full after eating a reduced amount of food

Gastric bypass: where your digestive system is re-routed past stomach, so you digest less food and it takes less to make you feel full

Sleeve gastrectomy: where some of the stomach is removed, to reduce the amount of food required to make you feel full

Mariah also stays away from the bathroom scales – and knows she’s lost weight when she can fit into clothes she wore years ago.

She added: “I would tend to go, ‘Does this size dress fit me that I wore three years ago?’ . . . I would go by what it looked like, how I felt.”

The Sun Online has contacted Mariah’s rep for comment

Mariah Carey doesn’t leave much to the imagination in ‘I Don’t’ music video

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Mariah Carey is showing off her reported 25-pound weight loss while vacationing with her kids in Hawaii. In a new snap shared to her Instagram account on May 6, the “A No No” singer showed off her seriously slender frame to her 8 million followers on the social media site as she spent some time at Wet’n’Wild Hawaii.

In the stunning new photo, Mariah rocked a plunging and skintight black wetsuit with pink accents as she smiled from ear to ear for the camera.

The legendary performer rocked wet hair after seemingly taking a spin on one of the rides at the water park located at Kapolei on the island of Oahu, posing at the end of a water slide while shielding her eyes from the sun with a pair of glamorous oversized shades.

And fans definitely noticed how healthy and happy Mariah was looking in the latest snap shared to her account, as many commented on her seriously svelte figure and just how joyful the star was looking as she took in the tropical island.

“SKINNY LEGEND!!!!” one fan wrote with three fire emoji.

Another commented, “new body, new swimsuit… you really are living the best life!”

“Beautiful bod looking fabulous!!!!” another Instagram user then said on the social media site.

View this post on Instagram

Aloha!???? @wetnwildhawaii

A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on May 6, 2019 at 2:23pm PDT

Carey’s been proudly showing off all her hard work on her body on multiple occasions recently, including in a sweet Thanksgiving video as she celebrated the holiday with her family back in November, as The Inquisitr previously shared.

Style Craze reported last year that the mom of two had lost an impressive 25 pounds, while Entertainment Tonight claimed her weight loss was closer to 30 pounds after reportedly undergoing gastric sleeve surgery.

“She is very confident about her appearance now,” a source told the site of Mariah’s new body. “The change to her diet was an adjustment at first for her, but she’s doing really well keeping up with it.”

The site’s insider then added at the time that “she’s in a very good place with her health and her life” and appears to have lost even more weight since her 25- to 30-pound drop last year.

Hollywood Life previously shared some of the star’s diet secrets and also claimed that she’s been getting more active with a personal trainer to get herself in shape.

“Mariah has been working with a personal trainer and a nutritionist to shed pounds and get her body back to amazing shape,” an insider said of all the hard work that goes into keeping her body so slim.

“Mariah loves smoked salmon and capers, so she eats a lot of that lean protein, but the secret to her success has been the one thing she cut out almost completely, and that is processed sugar,” the Carey insider then added of her healthy diet.

When Did Mariah Carey Start Gaining Weight?

In 1990s and early 2000s, Mariah Carey was a superstar singer. In fact, she had sold more than 200 million records globally. Her song, “One Sweet Day” became the longest-running American number-one single in history! However, in 2001, she suffered a breakdown and was hospitalized. And unfortunately, at this time here career also started plummeting. But in 2005, she returned with a bang and with her new album The Emancipation of Mimi, which became the second best selling album. She also released other albums from 2009 to 2016, won several prestigious awards including 3 Grammys, and was also a judge in American Idol season 12.

But like her career and personal ups and downs, Mariah’s weight also fluctuated. But hey, women’s bodies are designed differently. And not all women have the same body type or metabolic rate. We go through hormonal ups and downs in different stages of our life, which plays a crucial role in deciding what weight we will be at. And like many of us, Mariah is a foodie. In 2011, after the birth of her adorable twins, Mariah lost 70 pounds by being on Jenny Craig diet plan. But, she regained the weight quickly.

In an interview, she said, “I never weighed myself. People will think I’m a liar but it’s true. . . I’m a big-boned girl, I’m tall, and so I always weigh more.” She also said, “I would tend to go, ‘Does this size dress fit me that I wore three years ago?’. . . I would go by what it looked like, how I felt.” A source also said, “She always fluctuates and it makes her upset.” “She lives in denial about it; she has the tags cut out of clothes, so she can be blissfully unaware of her size.” So, what really happened that triggered the songstress to change her body? Find out next.

Why Did Mariah Carey Decide To Lose Weight?

There are many different theories to why Mariah Carey decided to lose weight. Some say that it was the constant body shaming by trolls on the internet that finally drove her to get the weight loss surgery. The others say that it was her ex-fiance, James Packer, a ravishing Australian businessman who also underwent the same surgery to lose weight. And reportedly got good results and encouraged Mariah to take help of this miraculous weight loss surgery. A source said, “The singer’s size has been steadily increasing over the years – and it was her billionaire boyfriend who put the idea in her head since he himself lost more than 75 pounds from the procedure in 2011.” However, here’s the real reason why she wanted to lose the extra pounds.

The extra weight prevented her from performing the dance routines. In fact, a source told Page Six, “Mariah has always been proud of her curves, but this summer, as her Caesars Palace residency came to a close, and then she went on a tour with Lionel Richie, she noticed it became harder to dance.” And yes, as a performer, if she thinks that her weight is coming in the way of her success, then, at least for the sake of being happy, she should lose the weight. So, the takeaway point is, trolls and boyfriends may say things about your body, but do not change unless you really think it is necessary or is harmful to your health.

How Did Mariah Carey Lose 25 Pounds?

It is reported that she underwent gastric sleeve surgery, one of the four types of weight loss surgery. In this surgery, a part of the stomach is removed so that the stomach doesn’t have much space to hold extra food. As a result, you will eat less and therefore lose the extra flab. However, to qualify for this surgery, candidates have to be morbidly obese. In other words, you can undergo this surgery only when you are over 100 lbs or if the extra weight has become life-threatening. So, in that case, Mariah Carey did not qualify for the surgery. And she has not confirmed these rumors. Therefore it’s all speculation that she got the surgery done in the fall of 2017 and only made an appearance in December 2017 to show off her stunning figure.

Another source told that Mariah Carey is controlling her diet by consuming chicken broth and Salmon with capers. But she is not going to the gym yet. And she enjoys a glass of wine every now and then. So, how is the singer/songwriter feeling after losing the weight? Find out in the section below.

How Is Mariah Carey Feeling After Losing Weight?

Well, her pictures say it all. More than her looks, Mariah’s confidence is soaring high and that’s what is making all the difference. A source said, “She feels a lot better and is very confident about her appearance now” and “The change to her diet was an adjustment at first for her, but she’s doing really well keeping up with it. She’s in a very good place with her health and her life.”

So, surgery or not, we are happy that Mariah is happy. And we hope she continues being on a healthy diet and keeps singing and dancing. Good luck Mariah!

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Mariah Carey is continuing to shake the weight off!
ET has learned that the 47-year-old singer has already lost more than 30 pounds since undergoing gastric sleeve surgery last November, and feeling better than ever.

A source tells ET that Carey has been staying fit and fabulous since surgery by simply eating healthy. The three main foods she credits for keeping her slim figure in shape are salmon with capers and plain chicken broth. The source tells us she is not hitting the gym, or depriving herself — Carey still enjoys a glass of red wine from time to time.
“She is very confident about her appearance now,” the source explains. “The change to her diet was an adjustment at first for her, but she’s doing really well keeping up with it. She’s in a very good place with her health and her life.”Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

All eyes were on Carey when she hit the red carpet at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards. The blond beauty rocked a black, bodyhugging gown by Dolce & Gabbana in support of the “Time’s Up” movement’s all-black dress code, protesting gender inequality and sexual harassment issues that have longtime plagued Hollywood.
Carey told ET on the carpet that she’s ready to lead the charge for “Time’s Up” in the music industry.
“Even in the music business, we haven’t even touched on that ball of wax,” she said. “But I think I need to be a consultant when it’s time to talk about that.”
Hear more from the exclusive interview in the video below.
Mariah Carey on Time’s Up for the Music Industry: ‘I Think I Need to Be a Consultant on That’ (Exclusive)
Mariah Carey Underwent Weight Loss Surgery: ‘This Is a New Beginning For Her’
Mariah Carey Finally Gets Her Tea After Slaying Her New Year’s Eve Performance in Freezing Weather

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