Victoria’s Secret is taking steps to shed its much-criticized image. Here are 4 things that the brand has changed in the past year.

  • Victoria’s Secret had a rocky 2018. Sales slid, and it lost a CEO, closed stores, and came under intense scrutiny for its racy ads and runway shows, which analysts said failed to resonate in the era of #MeToo.
  • Toward the end of the year, L Brands CEO and founder Les Wexner addressed analysts’ concerns in the company’s third-quarter results and said the company was “looking at everything.”
  • On Friday, Barclays upgraded L Brands’ shares noting that it believes “change is afoot” at the company. This report sent the company’s share price upward.
  • Here’s what’s changed at the brand in the past year.
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At best, 2018 was eventful for Victoria’s Secret. At worst, it was disastrous. Sales slid, and it lost a brand CEO, closed stores, and came under intense scrutiny for its racy ads and runway shows, which analysts said failed to resonate in the era of #MeToo.

Customers complained that the quality of its underwear had slipped, and the brand resorted to heavy discounting to shift stock.

Then, in November, things got worse after a Vogue interview with Ed Razek, the marketing chief of Victoria’s Secret parent company L Brands, went viral online. Razek said in the interview that he didn’t think the company’s annual fashion show should feature “transsexuals” because the show is a “fantasy.” His comments sparked an outcry online, and Razek issued a formal apology.

When the fashion show ran on TV shortly after, ABC said that ratings dropped by approximately a third from the year before.

Then, toward the end of the year, L Brands’ CEO and founder Les Wexner addressed analysts’ concerns during the company’s quarterly results. Wexner said that everything was on the table as it looked to improve performance.

“Our new leaders are coming in with a fresh perspective and looking at everything… our marketing, brand positioning, internal talent, real estate portfolio and cost structure,” he said.

On Thursday, Barclays upgraded L Brands’ stock to overweight from underweight, meaning the stock has a better value for money.. “We believe change is afoot,” a group of Barclays analysts wrote in a note to investors, which sent the company’s share price up.

We took a look at the changes the company has made over the past year that may be giving analysts hope:


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Supermodel Marisa Miller says her skin looks better at age 31 than it did when she was 23. Wondering how she made that happen? Our friends at HollywoodLife got the scoop from Miller at Cosmo’s first-ever Safe Sun Awards, plus great sun tips from Kristen Bell and Cosmo Editor-in-Chief Kate White.

© Christopher Polk/Getty Images

World-famous swimsuit model Marisa Miller, 31, admits she wasn’t always concerned about sun safety — but that all changed after she read an article in Cosmopolitan magazine warning about the hazards of tanning and the prevalence of skin cancer starting with women in their 20’s.

“I personally have received a lot of the misinformation out there about safe tanning,” Marisa told exclusively June 7 at Cosmopolitan’s First Annual Practice Safe Sun Awards in NYC. “Tanning beds are not good for you, so I stopped going four years ago and makeup artists tell me my skin looks better now than at 23!”

She went on to share some tips with us on staying fit and healthy!

“I definitely think that as far as diet, its good to cut out like soda, carbs, and alcohol, anything that would make you puffy,” she said. “It really helps to eat clean and have a lot of water. As far as workout tips, I like distance bands.”

Kristen Bell, 29, agrees with Marisa on the importance of protecting your skin from sun damage.

“This is going to sound obnoxious, but I wear 100 SPF when I go out into the sun, like if I go to the park or go on a hike,” she told us. “But on a day to day basis, my body lotion and face lotion both have SPF 30.”

Kristen even revealed her favorite brand: “I wear Neutrogena 75 and 100, which I love and I carry it with me everywhere.”

Kate White, Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan, decided to host its First Annual Practice Safe Sun Awards in an effort to raise awareness of skin cancer dangers.

“We heard that melanoma was becoming the most prevalent cancer for women in their 20’s which is shocking,” says Kate. “A lot of young women think that its okay to go out in the sun as long as they don’t burn … but a tan means that your skin has been damaged, you really need to wear total sun protection.”

-Catherine Doyle

Marisa Miller is a San Francisco 49ers fan … for real

CULVER CITY, Calif. — Upon learning I’d be interviewing Marisa Miller on Tuesday, a sense of anxiety crept in.

No, it wasn’t because Miller is a renowned supermodel who looks like this and I’m, well, a lowly blogger. The consternation was born out of my fear of interviewing a celebrity who says they’re a football fan but really isn’t. It’s happened before, and it’s always terrible.

Supermodel Marisa Miller visits the NFL Network studios in Culver City, Calif. This angel’s love for the 49ers is no secret. (Ben Liebenberg/

I’d been told that Miller was a die-hard San Francisco 49ers fan. I entered the NFL Network green room as a skeptic; I walked out a believer.

“I’m from Santa Cruz in Northern California and the 49ers were my dad and I’s bonding time,” Miller said. “We would go to games in the ’80s. It was a good time to fall in love with football when your team was unstoppable.”

For totem pole reasons, my interview time with Miller coincided with her makeup application process prior to a photo shoot. As mascara was being applied, Miller didn’t hesitate when asked what Niners moment she would call as a broadcaster if given the chance.

“My biggest memory as a football fan was the Super Bowl in ’89 against the Cincinnati Bengals,” she said. “We were at this restaurant in Santa Cruz called The Crow’s Nest. I think I was 10 or 11 years old and I remember just everybody going nuts. It was the first time I saw adults act like children. It was such a huge moment. John Taylor’s catch, that was one of the best memories ever.”

It turned out my fears of a bad interview were ultimately rooted in some sort of nefarious supermodel discrimination. Marisa Miller: Pulverizing misconceptions without trying.

Follow Dan Hanzus on Twitter @DanHanzus.

Marisa miller boob job

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