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Miller moved from a start as an amateur magazine model to high-profile mainstream work after an acquaintance showed a picture of her to famed fashion photographer Mario Testino in 2001. Testino asked to meet Miller, who was running a surf school at the time, and was invited to Manhattan Beach, California, where she would be surfing. Noticing her, Testino snapped pictures of her and approached her with a job offer of editorials for both the American and Italian editions of Vogue. Within six months, Miller was working for Victoria’s Secret and the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, in which she appeared in every issue from 2002 to 2008. In particular, she famously posed wearing only an iPod in the 2007 issue. She has appeared in a diverse range of magazines, many of them international editions, such as GQ, Maxim, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle, and Vanity Fair. She has appeared in advertisements for Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Andrew Marc, Victoria’s Secret, J.Crew, Guess?, Nordstrom, Bath & Body Works, and True Religion jeans.

It was not until 2007 that she filmed her first television commercial for Victoria’s Secret, appearing alongside Heidi Klum for the It bra. On December 4, 2007, Miller made her debut in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and opened a segment in the following year’s edition. Other runway work include 2007’s Fashion for Relief show, benefiting victims of Hurricane Katrina, as well as MTV’s Fashionably Loud, Imitation of Christ, Inca, and Amir Slama’s Rosa Cha, for which she was one of the most anticipated models. In the February 12, 2008, episode of the Late Show with David Letterman, it was revealed via a three-story billboard in New York City that Miller would occupy the cover of that year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The tandem online launch of the issue drew record page views to the SI website: 228 million, a 41% increase over 2007. In September 2008, Sports Illustrated released a “Best of Marisa Miller” swimsuit calendar for the 2009 year.

Victoria’s Secret put her to work in 2008, with a five-city tour to promote the 2008 Swim collection’s release in stores; the April–May tour included stops in New York City, Miami, Chicago (where she threw the opening pitch at a Chicago Cubs baseball game), Boston, and Minneapolis. The relaunch of Victoria Secret’s sports line, VSX, soon followed, along with her first official campaign as an Angel: promoting the company’s fragrance Very Sexy Dare. For the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Miller was chosen to wear the year’s “Fantasy Bra,” a harlequin design featuring 2,300 white, champagne, and cognac diamonds, and a 16-carat heart-shaped brown-yellow diamond pendant for a $3-million value and 150 total carats. In response to claims that Miller had parted with Victoria’s Secret in January 2010, the Chief Marketing Officer for Limited Brands responded, saying the claims were “unfounded and untrue” while adding “we adore Marisa and we will continue to work with her in the future.” In late 2010, Miller confirmed she had moved on from Angel status.

Beyond modeling

In a July 2010 interview with Forbes, Miller stated that because the fashion industry had changed, with celebrities supplanting models on magazine covers and in campaigns, supermodels have to become brands to be successful. For that reason, she shifted focus to consumer products reflective of her personality. In July 2008, Miller took her first step beyond modeling when her shoe line with skateboarder/surfer-oriented company Vans launched. Miller starred in a 2008 viral video on YouTube with All Star baseball player Ryan Braun for Remington’s ShortCut hair clippers

In 2008, Miller became the first spokesperson in motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson’s one-hundred-year history. She first partnered with Harley to launch the VRSCF V-Rod Muscle motorcycle and rejoined the company in November 2009 to act as the face of their first “Military Appreciation Month” campaign, featuring Miller as a classic pin-up in military-themed advertisements and online content. 2010 found her again working for the company, this time for their “Start Something” campaign, encouraging dreamers to become new riders. Miller represented the rum brand Captain Morgan as the company’s “Official First Mate” in advertising, social responsibility communication, and event appearances, starting in 2010.

In October 2010, the NFL announced Miller had been hired as a spokesperson for the 2010-2011 season, with duties including hosting the NFL International Series game between the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos in London. The announcement drew accusations toward the league of sending a “mixed message” in hiring a well-known lingerie and swimsuit model on the heels of controversies over reporter Ines Sainz’s treatment at the New York Jets’ facilities and the messages and photos Brett Favre allegedly sent Jenn Sterger. New York Times columnist William C. Rhoden noted that “Miller reveals a lot of flesh in the N.F.L. advertisements featuring her. This is Miller’s business, but it shouldn’t be the N.F.L.’s.” In 2010, she designed and released a paddle board line with Surftech aimed at female riders and in 2012 she appeared in a beach-theme commercial for Buick.


Miller’s first work in television was as a judge on the Bravo reality series Manhunt: The Search for America’s Most Gorgeous Male Model in 2004, the same year she appeared in Puddle of Mudd’s “Spin You Around” music video. 2007 brought appearances in the pilot episode and finale of the VH1 reality show The Shot and cameos in HBO’s Entourage and the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother, the latter with her fellow Victoria’s Secret Angels. In 2009, she had a guest judge role on an episode of America’s Next Top Model and a minor role in an episode of Gary Unmarried; in 2010, she co-hosted an episode of GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley. She has appeared in commercials for the NFL Network and the California Travel and Tourism Commission’s “Visit California” campaign. Miller’s 2008 commercial for Activision’s Guitar Hero: World Tour was deemed too sexy to air.


Miller’s first film role was in R.I.P.D. (2013), with Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges.

What Is Her Secret?

Secrets of a Supermodel

Sexiness is part of Marisa Miller’s DNA, not to mention a huge part of her success as a supermodel. This year will be her first in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, airing December 4 on CBS. And whether or not you like seeing women pose confidently, wearing next to nothing, along the runway on your very own television set in prime time, there’s no denying that many people do. Millions of viewers are expected to tune in and admire. We caught up with Marisa pre-runway for her next challenge: convincing you, right here, right now, that every woman radiates confidence, sexiness, good health, and good looks when she works out and takes care of her body. Her down-to-earth advice makes her the perfect choice for our Mind, Body & Spirit Superstar series this month.

Growing up, what was your body like?

Marisa: I used to be shy about it because I was a tomboy, but I was also a size D by the time I was 16. I’d hide my body in big T-shirts and baggy pants. If I was with friends at the beach and I had to get up to throw a piece of garbage away, I would put on all my clothes just to walk to the trash can. I didn’t like getting attention. Even now, I don’t like it. For a long time, I still got that nervous feeling before a shoot if I had to wear a bikini — the same as anybody else feels. I’d rather be the one in the corner, watching, but it’s my job: You have to get over it. And in general, I’m comfortable with the curves I have. I like having a woman’s body.

You’re pretty easygoing. Where did you get that attitude?

Marisa: My parents — they met surfing in Santa Cruz. People in my hometown have a healthy, simple attitude about life. Everybody is always out hiking or going to the beach.

How do you give your body-confidence a boost?

Marisa: Exercise. I’ve been going to a boxing gym, and it’s a really intense workout — you have to focus. By the time I leave, any stress or negative feeling I had when I walked in is gone. It’s not like I’m exercising to be skinny — I’m the girl who needs curves. I like my butt and my boobs! My focus is on being toned and firm.

What’s your favorite workout?

Marisa: I’ve tried everything. I love surfing: It’s spiritual and physical. It’s something I grew up doing, and it’s a big part of the California culture. I also like Spinning. It’s good toning for your rear and legs. I’ve got the bike at home — since it’s in my house, I really have no excuse not to do it! I’ll put in one of my favorite Guns N’ Roses music video DVDs and start pedaling. I find it’s so much easier to work out when I can distract myself with something visual. When I’m home, I will try to work out almost every day, because I never know if I’ll have time to exercise once I’m on the road.

Do you lift weights?

Marisa: I don’t. Most of the time I use my own body weight. I stretch a lot. I like long, lean muscles.

What’s the key to getting your rear end?

Marisa: Backward lunges . You basically put one foot in front of the other and then lean back, isolating your glutes. I did them yesterday, and I’m a little sore! With my job, you want your butt to bounce, not jiggle.

How do you prepare for the Victoria’s Secret show?

Marisa: For the five days leading up to the show, I train with my boxing instructor, Phil Paolina. We do different punch combinations — jabs, hooks, uppercuts — and combinations that include ducking, which incorporates squat-like moves for my legs. We do this in the ring for 10 rounds — each round is three minutes and I get a one-minute break in between, during which I do as many crunches as I can. After the ring, I box with the speed bag for about 15 more minutes. I also use a resistance band every night for leg and butt toning. I put the band around my ankles and do 15 kicks in front, 15 kicks to the side, and 15 kicks to the back and then switch legs for three sets; I like it because it doesn’t take a lot of time and the results are great.

As a model, do you follow a specific diet?

Marisa: I try not to eat carbs for dinner because I don’t like to sleep on a full stomach. In the morning I’ll have an English muffin or Ezekiel bread, which is all grains and legumes, with protein in it too. If I’m really good, I’ll make an omelet with vegetables. And cheese — I have to have cheese in there somewhere. For lunch and dinner, I eat protein, like tuna and a spinach salad. Last night, I grilled some ahi tuna with veggies. I don’t change my eating routine for the show, I just follow this plan a little more strictly. And I always carry a ProBar and some dried fruits and nuts in my bag in case I get hungry when I’m working.

What’s your weakness?

Marisa: Definitely ice cream. I play tricks on myself, like putting it in a mug and eating it with a small spoon. This way, I have to take tiny bites and it lasts longer. Plus, if I want more, I have to get up off the couch and get it!

Any foods you avoid?

Marisa: Processed stuff. My husband, Griffin, is tall and skinny and eats whatever he wants without gaining a pound. He has a soda dispenser in the refrigerator, which is so annoying! Recently, I came back from a long trip and he’d gone grocery shopping — which was nice, but it was all TV dinners and Cap’n Crunch. I said, “Honey, is there a fruit or vegetable anywhere in the house?” And he’s like, “I got canned peaches!” God bless him, but he doesn’t make it easy for me.

Eat Like Marisa

The supermodel shares her favorite recipe, a variation on the classic Waldorf salad:

  • 1 can albacore tuna
  • 1 chopped Fuji apple
  • 1 stalk celery
  • 1 tablespoon mayo
  • Splash of lemon juice

Mix together. Place on a bed of greens.

Marisa’s Must-Have Beauty Product

Marisa: I’m addicted to Victoria’s Secret lip gloss from the Very Sexy line. I wear “Intimate” — it’s the perfect shade of pink. I was doing my sister’s makeup for her graduation and she liked it so much that I had to give it to her — it was her day, after all!

What did your parents think about your decision to start modeling?

Marisa: They didn’t have a clue! My father is very protective, which I used to think was annoying when I was younger. Now I realize that it helped me stay out of trouble.

How do you feel today when you see yourself on the cover of a national magazine?

Marisa: I run the other way! Here’s a funny story: Recently, I was on a cover and my dad was so excited that he bought three copies of the magazine at the grocery store. The woman at the checkout looked at him like he was a total pervert. My dad was like, “No! That’s my daughter on the cover!” And she was like, “Uh-huh…”

Get your very own supermodel workout mix! Download Marisa’s favorite tunes at

Join Marisa Miller to Support Young Survivors of Breast Cancer

Before Marisa met up with jewelry designer Marnie Greenwood, she figured breast cancer wasn’t her problem. “My mentality was, when I’m 40, I’ll start getting mammograms,” she says. “I had no idea how many young women get the disease.”

Then Greenwood told her about her Peace, Love, Cure campaign, which raises money for the Young Survival Coalition, a nonprofit group that provides support to young women with breast cancer. YSC was formed in 1998 by three breast cancer survivors diagnosed before age 35. “Doctors were still saying that breast cancer didn’t happen to young women,” says CEO Michele Przypyszny. “And we thought, Then how can women get help?”

Now, in addition to supporting Peace, Love, Cure, Marisa serves as an ambassador for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer program. Today, in part thanks to the advocacy of Peace, Love, Cure and YSC, awareness is spreading. But the disease is as deadly as ever among this demographic. “About 11,000 to 14,000 women under 40 are diagnosed every year,” says Przypyszny, “and about 1,400 die.” receives 250,000 hits every month, mainly from survivors looking for support. Says Przypyszny, “It’s charities like Peace, Love, Cure that allow us to keep helping these women.”

Behind the Scenes With Marisa

Behind the scenes of our photo shoot, we learned that Marisa Miller is one of the nicest, most genuine models working today (and we mean working hard — our cover girl tried on over 30 bikinis for us, and kept a smile on her face the whole time!). Here’s what else we discovered about our Mind, Body, Spirit Superstar:

  • She’s a rock ‘n roll girl — and a HUGE Guns ‘N Roses fan. (Her cell phone rings to the tune of “Sweet Child of Mine!”)
  • She’s a very healthy eater (her lunch on set included grilled salmon, mixed greens and two bottles of water), but this model does have a weakness: French fries.
  • Marisa met her husband during a flight while traveling with her mom. She says her mom is so proud of her work, she leaned over to her future beau and said “My daughter is a Victoria’s Secret model!”
  • A true California girl (she “could never imagine leaving her hometown of Santa Cruz”), Marisa lives in comfort clothes. She arrived on set looking casually cool in jeans, a soft tee, a thin scarf and flip flops.

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, November 2007.

Three Easy Ways to Get A Beach Body Like Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller went on “Conan” last night for a quick interview and to show the late-night TV host a few pointers on how to stand up paddleboard. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model recently released her own line of stand-up paddleboards and -like you might imagine from Conan – had quite the humorous time showing him the activity that’s a modified version of surfing. Miller also looked gorgeous! One to always look good in a bikini – be it on a paddleboard or not – we thought we’d share how you could get a beach body like Miller’s!

3 Tips for a Better Beach Body Like Marisa Miller

1. Box, box, box. Miller would rather box it out than go to a traditional health club. So a few times a week she jumps rope, does 3-minute rounds hitting a heavy bag or her trainer’s mitts and does five sets of 30 to 40 squats. Mama said knock you out!

2. Standup paddleboard. Of course stand up paddleboarding is on Miller’s beach-body tips list! This surfing type of activity improves your core strength, balance, focus, coordination and upper- and lower-body strength. It’s truly a full-body workout!

3. Eat foods with real ingredients. Although Miller focuses on a diet high in lean protein and lots of veggies, when she does splurge it’s on the good, real stuff. No overly processed foods here!

Image zoom

Jennipher Walters is the CEO and co-founder of the healthy living websites and A certified personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management coach and group exercise instructor, she also holds an MA in health journalism and regularly writes about all things fitness and wellness for various online publications.

  • By Jennipher Walters

Marisa Miller Diet & Exercise Secrets

Supermodel Marisa Miller shares her diet plan and exercise secrets on how she stays fit, sexy and looking fabulous.

With a beautiful physique that matches her stunning face, everyone wants to know the diet secrets of Marisa Miller. While the Victoria’s Secret cover model as well as model for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues has wowed the world, like anyone else in great shape, Marisa Miller works hard to make her beauty look effortless.

“I’m 100 percent natural, but I have to work hard to stay in shape. There’s no magic pill. Believe me, if there was, I’d know about it.”

The Marisa Miller Diet Philosophy

If you want to be successful at your diet, get naked. Marisa Miller has found that having an awareness of your own body is crucial to your success on any diet and fitness plan. She says the best way to do that is to take a good, hard look at it on a regular basis.

“When you’re trying to lose weight, spend more time wearing less,” Miller told USA Today. “I don’t think I could eat a plate of nachos naked – could you?”

Focus on Health

The Marisa Miller Diet focuses on organic, all natural food that keeps her in good health. Still, she isn’t immune to the occasional weight gain. Soon after her marriage to music producer Griffin Guess, the model found her curves getting a little too…curvy.

“My husband is really tall and skinny and can eat whatever he wants,” Miller told Fox News. “Of course I thought I could eat whatever I want to, but no, it doesn’t work like that.”

While the model knows staying slim and sexy is part of the job, she also knows the importance of keeping those trademark curves. And she also prone to the occasional indulgence. The supermodel professes her weakness and love for cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese, Mexican food, and egg-and-cheese croissants.

“When I indulge, I eat protein and veggies for the rest of the day,” Miller told Cosmopolitan magazine. “It really is all about moderation and balance.”

Marisa Miller Bikini Body Diet

Miller doesn’t believe in strict no-carb diets. While the model avoids white carbs, she throws in a little maple syrup, milk, and slice bananas on her oatmeal each morning. The model advises eating a heavy breakfast and then making the rest of your daily meals light.

Snacking isn’t out of the question, either. The Marisa Miller Diet includes occasional snacks of apples and Laughing Cow cheese, a spreadable cheese product made from milk, cream, and fresh and aged cheeses. For dessert, the model favors fiber bars or bananas or strawberries with chocolate lightly drizzled on top.

To keep things healthy and natural, the Marisa Miller diet includes consistently choosing foods that are organic espousing the benefits of brown rice and veggies.

Her diet also places an emphasis on fruits and vegetables, eschewing chemical, boxed food in favor of food that is carefully prepared from scratch. While this can be challenging for a model with a busy schedule like Marisa Miller’s, the payoff comes in the form of having a figure envied by many while also being healthy.

Staying Active

In addition to good eating habits, Marisa Miller also workouts to stay active. Her health mantra:

“Working out is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.”

The supermodel makes surfing a part of her daily life, placing second in a celebrity surfing competition and even has her own line of female-oriented paddle boards. She’s been active all her life and has been going to the gym regularly since young, preferring to stay in shape through Pilates and strength training and toning.

While traveling, the model uses resistant bands to stay in shape in her hotel room. She also boxes and attends spin class to keep her figure. By keeping variety in her workout routine, Miller is able to blast away calories while keeping the exercise fun and interesting.

“When I have a big shoot or show coming up, I work with a trainer for an hour a day,” Marisa says. “I tell her, ‘I want to keep my curves but I want to look toned.”

Pilates is great for toning without losing shape. The exercise combines stretching, breathing, and stretching in order to improve oxygen flow to muscles. Not only is the workout ideal for keeping a great physique, it helps Miller with flexibility and balance – two important qualities for a model on the catwalk.

The following are some of her workout routines revealed in Cosmopolitan magazine:

By following Marisa Miller diet plan and workout tips, any women can look to improve and obtain the same fabulous looking body similar to the Victoria’s Secret cover model.

Marisa Miller’s sexiest role

‘I’m shooting today, and I had two cookies last night,” Marisa Miller says with a laugh, sitting in the driver’s seat of her black Mercedes G-Wagen outside Seascape Beach Resort in Aptos, Calif., after driving there from her home in nearby Santa Cruz. “That’s one of the reasons I work out hard, because I do like to eat what I want.”

Decked out in gray J Brand jeans, an Alexander Wang T-shirt, a moto jacket and studded Converse, Miller oozes the California cool you’d expect from a former Victoria’s Secret Angel settling into life after lingerie.

“In Santa Cruz, if you put on a high heel, everybody’s like, ‘Where are you going?’ ” she says. “A lot of places here, you could get away with going to breakfast in your pajamas.”

There are at least 228 million men who wouldn’t mind seeing Miller turn up just about anywhere in her pajamas. That’s how many mobbed Sports Illustrated’s Web site when she graced the cover of the mag’s Swimsuit Issue in 2008, setting a record high for traffic at

Later that day on set for The Post’s Hot Issue, Miller eases into a sexy orange Moschino bustier dress, looking just as comfortable done up as she is in her West Coast casual. For someone who has more or less given up modeling, the girl’s still got it.

“I think as you get older, it’s important to make a conscious decision to make that transition,” she says of modeling, “because if you don’t, then it’s like, how long are you going to hang on?”

The 34-year-old blond bombshell returns with a career revamp this month with her first film, “R.I.P.D.,” the action-adventure comedy in theaters this Friday starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds as ghost cops of the underworld. Miller plays the avatar for Jeff Bridges’s character, Roy, meaning she’s the version of him that people see on Earth.” target=’_BLANK’>

To emulate Bridges’ physical tics, Miller studied the Dude every chance she got.

“I’d watch him, and then I’d have to jump in and mimic his body language when he did the scene,” explains Miller, who knew Bridges was playing the role when she auditioned for the film alongside a slew of other sizzling actresses.

“I watched ‘The Big Lebowski’ and ‘True Grit’ for, like, three days straight just to hear his voice and be familiar with him, and have that in my head when I was reading the script,” she says.

The audition experience was new to Miller, who found herself feeling far more competitive about the process than in her modeling days.

“With modeling, because it’s pretty superficial, you can’t change the way you look. You are who you are,” she says. “With acting, there’s some effort involved, and you’re using some skill.”

Miller rose to fame as a lust-worthy fixture in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for the better part of the last decade before landing the cover in 2008. In addition to donning those iconic wings for Victoria’s Secret, she’s appeared in sexy campaigns for everything from Harley-Davidson to Marc Jacobs.

Even with all those years of baring all for the camera, Miller says it’s her latest turn as an action hero in a minidress and trench that makes her feel sexiest.

“I definitely would say playing my character felt hotter . When you’re playing a character, you’re more involved and you’re not just standing there,” she says. “You definitely can kind of jump into the character more.”

Last year, Miller sidestepped the spotlight after getting pregnant with her music-producer husband, Griffin Guess, and giving birth to son Gavin in December. But this doesn’t mean she’s lost her sex appeal. Seven months later, Miller is happier with her body than ever before.

“It’s funny, being pregnant and putting on weight and getting my body back, I found that I definitely feel better and I look better with a little more weight on me,” she says. “And yes, I still wear lingerie — with some nursing bras thrown in there now.”

Miller keeps fit with Pilates five days a week and by staying active — she’s apt to take little Gavin hiking, and having once placed second in Kelly Slater’s celebrity surf contest, she still hits the waves at least twice a month.

And those cookies? She makes them herself, so she knows what she’s putting in her body.

“Any time that you have a body that’s naturally fit from doing an activity, and it’s not like you’re sitting in a gym 24 hours a day, I think that’s a lot sexier,” she says.

But what does Miller find the hottest part of her own body?

“Oh boy,” she says. “For me, I would say my buns. It’s one of those things I have to work at a lot, but at the same time, I’m happy they’re there.”

Aside from those buns, how does she keep the flame of her marriage burning now that she’s both a mother and reigniting her career?

“I think making it a priority is a really big deal. It’s one of those things you can’t take for granted,” she says. “It takes work, like anything else in your life. If you put energy and focus into it, you can keep it hot.”

Marisa Miller Net Worth

Marisa Miller Net Worth: Marisa Miller is an American model and actress who has a net worth of $20 million dollars. Spotted while walking through a café with her mother, Marisa Lee Miller, began modeling in 1994 at age 16. She became famous for her modeling work for Vogue with photographer Mario Testino, The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and Victoria’s Secret.

Marissa Lee Bertetta was born on August 6, 1978, in Santa Cruz, California. First discovered at age sixteen, Miller started her career in Italy. In 1997, she gained attention as she graced the covers of the first issue of Perfect 10. Only an amateur magazine model at the time, she made a move to high profile mainstream work after a picture ended in the hands of famed fashion photographer Mario Testino in 2001.

Getty Images

After Testino met Miller, they snapped pictures together. Six months later, Miller landed jobs working for the prestigious lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret and the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. In 2007, she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She also appeared in every issue of Sports Illustrated from 2002 to 2008. In the meantime, Miller’s beauty could be seen in a wide range of magazines, many of them international editions, such as GQ, Maxim, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle and Vanity Fair. As for her other working assignments include launching a shoe line with Vans (2008), being a brand face for Harley-Davidson (2009), as well as designing a women’s paddle-up board for Surftech (2010). What’s more, she served as a “First Mate” for Captain Morgan Spiced Rum in 2012, as well as an NFL spokeswoman.

Personal Life: Marisa adopted the last name “Miller” after her marriage to surfer Jim Miller. They divorced in 2002. In 2006, Marissa married music producer Griffin Guess. They have two children together.

Marisa miller work out

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