30 Day Challenge

What you will learn through this program:

  • What foods to eat to achieve your goals safely while improving your health.
  • How to meal prep to help you be successful on your new lifestyle.
  • Portion control and timing of meals including pre and post workout meals.
  • How to season your meals to make them healthy but tasty.
  • How to properly exercise to achieve faster results.
  • How to properly foam roll, stretch, and recover from workouts.

What you will get with the program:

  • Weekly Grocery list.
  • Four week meal plan with specific portions and timing for am workout or pm workout schedule.
  • Success Manual.
  • Recipes.
  • 4 week Workout plan with videos of each workout session.
  • Private Snapchat where you get to interact with me. This includes meal preparation, tips, techniques, and motivational messages to keep you focused.
  • Community Forum to engage with all the #MaWarrior community.
  • Weekly giveaways, Grand Prizes, and discounts of our sponsors (Jamba Juice, and Tru Supplements).

All for less than $4 a day per person!!

Let’s go!

Recommended MA30DAY Products Add Ons

“It’s key to find the one thing that makes you want to move and hold onto that,” says the L.A.-based health coach Massy Arias. “You’re going to start seeing the changes, but first you have to believe in the process, be consistent, and find that willpower,” the Dominican Republic–born fitness star continues, fresh from a treadmill run in her L.A. gym. Since starting her fitness journey seven years ago, Arias has gained a 2 million-strong following and cosigns from stars such as SZA, Gabrielle Union-Wade, Kehlani, and more—all of whom were dying to know the secret to this 30-year-old’s washboard abs and insane work ethic. She spends her days motivating women of all walks of life (also known as the MA Warriors) through her program, the MA 30-Day Challenge. “I believe it takes about 30 days for your body to get into a groove that will truly kick-start your fitness and health journey,” Arias says.

But while her passion for fitness seems intuitive, health consciousness wasn’t always part of Arias’s life. “I come from a culture that is not particularly healthy, where I was told girls do girly things and guys do guy things. . . . I did ballet until I was 11 and developed exercise-induced asthma, and that was it for me,” she explains. But Arias found her love for fitness at 23 (the same age she did her first push-up) when she realized she needed to turn her life around. “I fell into a deep depression when my brothers both developed cancer. I was basically living in a hospital and in an awful relationship where I lost site of my worth,” Arias says. “I needed to do more for myself and hold myself to higher standards.”

Arias is a living, breathing example that you can start a fitness journey at any point in your life (even the lowest) and work out at any time, any place. In addition to her killer frame and contagious smile, Arias has become known for her unapologetic and unconventional workouts in airports, staircases, and hotel rooms. She does weight training circuits featuring her husband, Willy Beaman, and even her baby girl, Indi, as added support or weight. “There are some days where I don’t have an hour and a half to be in the gym and I have to make it work,” she explains. “I try to open up people’s minds about what fitness can be. The world is your gym. You can move and utilize your own body weight anywhere.” On her Instagram, Arias proves a stroller can serve as a core building machine and lateral jumps can be done using luggage.

For those just starting out on the path to a healthier lifestyle, Arias suggests to “make the decision you want to eat healthier. If you eat takeout five times a week, set a goal that you’re just going to start eating out less. Maybe the week after, your goal is to increase your water intake, and less soda. Or that you’re going to incorporate more veggies and less fried food.” And when it comes to movement, “it’s better to start by telling yourself you want to be a little bit more active… start with 20 or 30 minutes, a few times per week. People love to go from zero to hero. . . that’s one of the worst things people can do if they’re trying to be healthier and more energized.”

Those looking for more in-depth advice can look forward to it in Arias’s forthcoming book, which will trace her journey from fearing fitness to gaining the confidence to use the world as her gym. And in the meantime, inspiration is just an Instagram away.

photo :MassyArias

Today I will divert my knowledge and usual sharing of what I learn about the human body to get out my thoughts on these idiotic 30 day challenges for a price.
Now don’t get me wrong, if they are working then all power to these sort of programs. But its my own personal belief to share knowledge when you can. And charge for more expert functions. But when I see trainers charging for simple things such as 30 day challenges, I really get ticked off.
I agree that trainers should charge clients for complex things that require expert and professional services which should accompany high price tags. If trainers, better yet if professionals did not charge for their services then no one would find value in them nor be inclined to use their services.
However, I am sick and tired of seeing 30 day challenges being monetized. One of my favorite female trainers at the moment is Massy Arias. I love how she motivates her fanbase and empowers woman all over the world. But she of all people is abusing her knowledge in an effort to make money.

How can you truly care about changing lives if you put a price tag on everything?

And it’s not just Massy Arias that I am upset with, it is with all trainers with great knowledge monetizing things that can be found or done for free especially when it is a simple ass 30 day challenge.
Don’t get me wrong, paying for personal trainers will always give you the edge and get you to your goal at a faster pace. But to charge people for a pre-made document filled with common sense knowledge and basic exercises in my opinion is a scam.
It’s common knowledge if you put in the work, sacrifice your indulgences, and stay focused for 30 days straight then you can reach whatever reachable goal you want. It doesn’t even have to deal with fitness or losing weight. Putting in the work and making the sacrifice is step one.
Think about this for one second. If you continually expend calories at about 400-700 calories through resistance training(+cardio) per day for 5-7 days per week, while eating clean, and at a caloric deficit then NO SHIT YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT OR SEE A CHANGE.

Let’s be serious, you’re going to pay someone to tell you to workout for 25-30 days? You can literally pick out any workout you find online, do it for 30 day straight, and will see some change in your body. It …is … NOT… ROCKET SCIENCE. People need to understand that at the end of the day, your will power can be a strength or a massive weakness. Yes a personal trainer is always the way to go when you need to reach specific goals, have the time, and just don’t know what to do in the gym to see results. But for things such as “30 day challenges,” I as a trainer say do not waste your money.
There are awesome websites out there such as 30 day fitness challenges and Darebee that offer you free 30 day challenges. If you want a 30 day challenge that is fun and rather challenging then I will give you a free 30 day challenge if you need one.
This is not a joke. Email me at [email protected] you’re serious. I do this because I believe in people. I believe with the right motivation, will power, and sacrifices people can do whatever they put their heart to.
Anyhow, I still love Massy Arias, so I hope she doesn’t take this as a low blow. And I foremost believe that trainers should be payed for their time and knowledge. But 30 day challenges for a price can get TF.
Happy Lifting! #TheFittest

Agree or disagree? Either way, I don’t care. Just wanted to get that out. And once again, I will give you all a free 30 day challenge if you need one. Contact [email protected]

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Massy Arias Workout Routine and Diet Plan Plus She Shares How Fitness Changed her Life

Massy Arias workout selfie

To be an Instagram fitness expert who has over 2 million followers is not an easy feat. You constantly need to make sure that you don’t disappoint your fans. It has its positives too. You get to inspire scores of people at once and you help them change their lives for better. This is what Massy Arias has been doing since years. If you are a fan of Massy, you may want to know what got her started on this journey and what she feels about it all. To get that information, simply keep reading on.

The Beginning

The Instagram icon didn’t have an easy journey to becoming an Instagram sensation. She was going through a very tough phase in life when she started posting on Instagram and exercise was a way out for her. The beauty confessed that when she was young, her brother got diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma. To cope with the stress, she started drinking too much alcohol and did smoking. She also had an abusive boyfriend who didn’t only abuse her but also cheated on her.

Massy Arias on Latina cover

The Worse of It

The stunner started second guessing herself and felt like a failure. She lost her health and weighed just 114 pounds despite being 5’8”. She stopped caring about herself and lost a lot of hair due to it. She went into depression and met all kinds of psychotherapists and herbal experts to get help. Massy tried some herbal medicines too that helped her a lot.

It was in 2012 when she finally discovered Instagram and created a profile for herself by the name of MankoFit. Her shares of weight-training regimen and other exercise routines were instantly hit. She was known for and is still well admired for having abs that are better than Captain America, arms that are more defined than the ones Madonna has and a gorgeous booty. Hence, her love for exercising got her out of depression and she kicked off all her bad habits.

Massy Arias has well-defined leg muscles

The Side Effects of the Manly Physique

The side effects of learning fitness from books also started showing up. The lovely lady got so many “manly” pecs that she stopped feeling feminine. She even had to have breast implants to start feeling like a woman. She did this change about 1.5 years ago (approx 2014).

Massy Arias in kitchen having food

Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The diva is currently following her ’30 Day program’ that includes proper workout and healthy meals. Massy works out very hard on a daily basis. She admits to being sweaty due to it. But exercise still makes her very happy and this can be proved by the fact that she does a happy dance at the end of her Instagram videos.

Check out some of the latest videos below –

A video posted by MankoFit ?? (@massy.arias) on Apr 3, 2016 at 10:38am PDT

A video posted by MankoFit ?? (@massy.arias) on Apr 1, 2016 at 9:27am PDT

A video posted by MankoFit ?? (@massy.arias) on Apr 1, 2016 at 8:52am PDT

A video posted by MankoFit ?? (@massy.arias) on Mar 31, 2016 at 10:55am PDT

The diet plan of the starlet changes every day. She usually sticks to a healthy meal every time she needs to fuel up and also shares it on Instagram too. Have a look –

A photo posted by MankoFit ?? (@massy.arias) on Apr 1, 2016 at 3:26pm PDT

A photo posted by MankoFit ?? (@massy.arias) on Mar 30, 2016 at 1:11pm PDT

Here’s a pic of her diet indulgence.

A photo posted by MankoFit ?? (@massy.arias) on Mar 24, 2016 at 10:23am PDT

Her Views on a Balanced Diet

A few weeks back, the stunner shared her opinion on a healthy diet via a blog. Here’s the crux of her recommendations. She wants everyone to eat according to their health goals. But she shares some tips that can be useful for you, no matter what your body shape is. You should always stay away from high sodium foods, refined grains, processed sugars, alcohol and solid and saturated fats. Your diet must always include lean proteins, healthy carbs, green leafy vegetables, fruits and good fats and oils.

Following the diet, her suggestions would help you to maintain a healthy looking physique, improve your performance and it will help you to meet every demand of your body.

Additional Interests

Apart from working out and keeping fit, the LA-based trainer is planning to launch her 30-day program into many languages like Italian, French, and Spanish. She is also focused on training celebrities such as La La Anthony. Massy also has plans to create a full line of natural products for TRU supplements.

Massy Arias exercising

Love Yourself

The bilingual trainer wants all her fans to love who they are. She thinks that everyone can’t be the same and one should respect the differences and take care of the body he or she has been given. Having a healthy body should be the priority, the shape and size shouldn’t matter much. (And we agree!!)

Loving What She Does

The hot trainer likes what she does. Massy thinks that she was put on the earth to do something. And by this, we assume she means that she wants to help people save themselves with faith and fitness like she did for herself.

Did we miss anyone?


#MassyMethodMondays: What To Eat Before & After A Tough Workout

Devising a plan for your pre- and post-workout meals is more complex than you think. We all have different goals and body compositions, and we need to fuel up accordingly.

What you eat before a workout is the key to maximizing your overall performance during the workout itself. On the other hand, what you eat after your workout is crucial for optimizing recovery, ensuring you provide your body with what it needs to recover, adapting and helping you with your personal gains.

MORE: Find Out What It Really Means To “Get Toned”

The ideal pre- and post-training eating plan depends upon your goals and individual needs. Eat for your own specific goals. Your progress will be be measured by the total amount of calories, protein, carbs, fats and micronutrients you eat over the course of a day, not what you eat directly before or after your workouts.

Your pre- and post-workout meals should contain lean protein, the building blocks of muscle, followed by carbohydrates and healthy fats for fuel.

Let’s break down meals into two categories: full meal and snack.

Full meals should be consumed at least three to four hours prior to exercise and should include: complex carbs like oats, vegetables, sweet potato, brown rice, and quinoa; lean protein like fish, eggs, chicken or turkey; and healthy fats, like avocado, olive oil and peanut butter.

For example, try a grilled chicken and avocado veggie wrap, oatmeal with berries and eggs or grilled salmon with sweet potatoes and asparagus.

Small snacks should be eaten an hour prior to exercise and should include: simple carbs like banana, pineapple, berries and honey; lean protein like cottage cheese, Greek yogurt protein shakes; and healthy fats like almond butter and pistachios.

For example, try plain Greek yogurt sweetened with honey, cottage cheese with pineapple, a protein shake with a spoonful of almond butter or a handful of pistachios.

After exercise, your post workout meal plays an important role by supplying your body with what it needs to repair, recover, and adapt to the stress you put it through during your workout.

Your post workout meal should be ingested within the first two hours of your workout, the earlier, the better. It should include: lean protein, to build and repair; and simple carbs to help replenish depleted glycogen levels.

The ideal choice is up to you, whether you want something quick and efficient, like a shake, or a full plate of food after training . Research has shown that there’s no real evidence that protein powders, especially the fast-digesting kind, are any better for us than whole food protein after training,

In a nutshell, pre- and post-workout meals should contain a combination of lean, high-quality protein, healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats and vegetables. The total amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats and micronutrients consumed over the course of the day is far more important to weight loss, lean muscle mass and performance enhancement than timing specific strategies.

All calories are not equal. Stay away from refined, highly-processed foods, and include a variety of whole foods in your diet. That will help you meet your bodies demands, and give you optimal fuel to help you reach your goals.

PLUS: 3 Easy Ways To Stay Energized During The Work Day

Massy arias meal plan

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