5 Partner Exercises to do with a Medicine Ball and Balance Trainer

Tag! You’re it! In the spirit of the ultimate day of partnership, we’re looking at funs ways to keep partners engaged with a medicine ball and a bosu ball. All of the exercises mentioned can also be done as static exercises by simply taking the bosu ball out of the equation.

To begin, clients should go through their regular warm-up and select a medicine ball weight that they are comfortable working with.

The following 5 exercises are great for partners using both a medicine ball and a bosu ball.

Squat ball toss

Partners each stand on their own bosu and begin with a few squats to become comfortable with their balance.

Then, the medicine ball is added in.

Both participants squat, and as they come up, the one holding the ball tosses it up and away. The other partner catches and repeats. It is important to cue the weight to stay in the heals and engage the core muscles, glutes, and quads. This exercise is great for the abs, delts, biceps, quads, and hamstrings.

Crunch ball toss

Partners each sit on their own bosu with their toes touching.

They should do a few crunches first. As soon as the base of their shoulder blades hits the back of the ball, they crunch up.

After a few repetitions to get steady, the ball is added.

Each participant crunches back, and on the forward motion, they toss the ball to the other person. Cue should focus on tight core, use of biceps and pectorals, and flat feet.

Torso twist ball pass

Partners bring their bosu balls close together and they stand facing away from one another. Weight is cued to be in the heels.

The ball is held away from the body to engage the core and arm muscles. As partners twist to the side, they pass the ball to the other. Twist all the way to the other side. Repeat going in both directions.

This is great for the obliques, abs, transverse abs, delts, quads, adductors, abductors, and low back.

Back-to back high-low pass

Just as the partners are in the previous exercise, close bosu balls facing away from each other.

Partners squat low and pass the ball. Then they stand up and pass the ball up high.

Weight in the heels. Use the abs, obliques, serratus, delts, glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Push-up ball pass

Partners have the option of placing the bosu under their toes, or they can put it under their knees for assistance.

Hands are on the floor directly below the shoulders. One partner has a hand on the medicine ball. They each do a push-up. After one push-up, the partner with the ball rolls it to the other partner to do a push-up on the ball.

The core should be engaged to facilitate balance. Pectorals, delts, biceps, triceps, rhomboids, traps, and lats are all being worked in this exercise.

Want more exercise program ideas? Last month we explored some partner exercises on the bike and treadmill that can be incorporated in the group fitness and semi-private group setting, check out Keeping Resolutioners Coming Back for More. Refresh client commitment to those new years goals.

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Whether it’s with a significant other or your regular gym pal, partner workouts are awesome. So we’re always looking for ways to spice things up a little.

We loved what Katie Harper and Dan Giordano of Bespoke Treatments Physical Therapy had to show us when it came to an excellent partner workout finisher. All you need is a heavy medicine ball and the willingness to slam it into the ground — over and over and over again.

“We’re going to be doing alternating slam balls with a partner,” says Harper. “It’ll really get your heart rate up, and this is something you could accumulate over time. You could maybe choose a rep scheme like 100 reps for time.” Maybe start with something a little easier, like 50 reps.

Stand in front of your partner and start the slamming. “I’m going to start by squatting down low to get the ball, then I’m going to use my hips to drive the ball up and sort of squat down to finish the movement,” says Harper. “We’re going to slam alternating towards each other.”

Go back and forth between you and your partner—and don’t give up. If you’re trying to beat a time for 50 or 100 reps, there can be no slowing down. “This is one of these workouts that would be best if you did it for time, and you’re depending on your partner to not give up,” says Harper.

Ball slams work your whole body, so we imagine you’ll be feeling a little sore the next day. Partner up!

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6 Fun Partner Workouts for You and Your Gym Buddy

by Steven Auger

There’s no better motivation than knowing your workout buddy is waiting for you at the gym. Holding each other accountable is a great source of inspiration and encouragement. But even with a friend there to keep you going, you may occasionally feel the need to shake up your routine.

So, why not team up and try some fun partner workouts together? Cooperative exercises can be fun and effective.

Exercises You Can Do With Your Workout Buddy

Before starting, it’s always a good idea to warm up. Choose a mild activity to help get your energy flowing. Something simple — like five minutes of walking on a treadmill or on the elliptical machine — can tell your body it’s time to go to work.

After you’ve warmed up, grab your gym buddy and try a few of these six fun partner workouts. They are sure to hit all the major muscles groups while providing a rewarding (and entertaining) sweat session.

1. Squat Jump

Grab two resistance bands and stand facing your partner. You should each grip both bands (with one hand on each) and extend your arms out straight to add some tension. Tighten your core as you slowly squat down in unison, and then simultaneously jump upward. Land softly on your toes and transition right into another squat.

2. Chest Press With Resistance Band

Hold both ends of a resistance band and loop it behind your back. As your partner positions themselves behind you, they should grip the looped portion and step back until there’s some tension in the band. Slowly bend both arms at your elbow, forming a 90-degree angle. As you step one leg forward, fully extend both arms in front of you, rotating your palms toward the floor. Return elbows to a 90-degree angle as you step back, and repeat. After completing a couple sets, trade places with your partner.

3. Overhead Pass With Squat

Stand back-to-back with your partner, separated by a few inches. Holding a medicine ball overhead, pass it backward to your partner. Then, both you and your partner perform a squat as they move the ball down to the floor. Your partner should then roll it between their legs, back to you, before you both return to the starting position. After a few sets, switch places with your partner so you each have a chance to lift and roll the ball.

4. Sit-Up Pass

With feet flat on floor and knees bent, each partner lies on their back. One of you then holds the medicine ball extended overhead. Simultaneously perform a sit-up and pass the ball to each other at the top of the movement, then lower back to the floor. The partner with the medicine ball taps it on the floor behind them before repeating the sit-up and continuing to pass the ball back and forth.

5. Push-Up With Shoulder Tap

Face your partner as you both assume a high-plank position, then perform a push-up together. At the top of your push-up, tap your partner’s left shoulder with your right hand as your partner does the same. With each push-up, alternate hands and shoulder taps. This is a good opportunity for some friendly competition: Who can last longer and perform more shoulder taps? You’ll both be strengthening your arms (and core) while having fun.

6. Body Weight Squat

Standing at an arm’s length away, face your partner. Gently grip each other’s forearms while keeping your feet slightly wider than your hips. Squat together in unison, and as your thighs become parallel with the floor, hold the position momentarily. Then return to standing position and repeat.

As always, please consult with a physician prior to beginning any exercise program. See full medical disclaimer here.

15 Partner-Friendly Ab Exercises For A Stronger Core

Working out with a friend or loved one not only keeps you accountable, but it also adds some fun to your routine.

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Since core strength is so important, we’ve included several exercises you can do with a partner to strengthen your abdominals.

1. Partner-Friendly High-Five Planks

  • Both partners get in a plank position facing one another.
  • Now, alternate giving high fives with your right and left hands while maintaining a strong plank position.
  • This can be performed by holding the plank on your forearms or your hands.

2. Squat-And-Twist Ab Exercises

  • Stand with your backs toward each other in a squat or bent-knee position.
  • Pass a weighted ball clockwise and then counterclockwise.
  • This helps engage the obliques.

3. Overhead Pass Abs Workout

  • Standing back-to-back, one partner holds a weighted ball overhead and passes it to the other partner.
  • Then, both partners squat, and the person with the ball rolls it between his or her legs for the other to pick it up and start the cycle again.
  • Remember to pull your abs in as you bend down and stretch up.

4. Downward Dog Meets Plank

  • One partner goes into a downward dog position, while the other crawls through or under the downward dog, and then forms a plank.
  • The partner performing the downward dog then steps over the partner in plank position.
  • Repeat: downward dog, crawl through, plank, step over, downward dog, rotating partners.

5. Push Together

  • Grab a soft, unweighted ball (like a fitball or bender ball).
  • Each partner holds the same ball and tries to push the other person.
  • As you resist the push, engage your core muscles.

6. Sculpt Your Abs with High-Five Crunches

  • Each partner lies in a supine (on the back) position with knees bent and feet touching.
  • Roll up, high five, and roll down in a slow and controlled manner.

7. Kneeling-Partner Twist

  • Get back-to-back in a kneeling position and gently twist to the right, until you can pass a weighted ball to your partner.
  • Then, twist to the left side to get the ball.
  • The twist will strengthen your obliques.

8. V-Sit And Pass

  • Sit 1-2 feet away from your partner with your knees bent.
  • Hold a medicine ball at your chest, and lean back a few inches and rotate one way and then the other, keeping your core tight.
  • Throw the ball to your partner; next, it’s his or her turn to perform the movement.

9. Toss-The-Ball Ab Crunches

  • Each partner lies down with knees bent and feet touching one another.
  • Throw a weighted ball back and forth as each person comes up to simultaneously perform ab crunches.

10. Squat And Jump Together

  • Each partner faces the other and holds onto one end of a resistance band.
  • Stand far enough to create tension in the band.
  • Simultaneously lower into a squat position, and then jump as high as you both can.
  • Land in the squat position.

11. Twist-And-Shout Trunk Rotation

  • Each partner wraps a band around the back of their waist, while the other partner holds the handles.
  • Move apart from one another so that the band has resistance.
  • Then, tighten your core and rotate your torso in one direction while your partner rotates in the opposite direction.

12. One-Leg Chest Pass Core Exercises

  • Stand on one leg, about five feet from your partner, who is also standing on one leg.
  • Your core will have to remain engaged to balance as you pass a ball between one another.
  • Switch legs after you’ve passed the ball for 30-60 seconds.

13. Foot Press On A BOSU Ball

  • Each partner sits on a BOSU ball, facing one another, in a V-position, with their legs bent and their feet pressed against one another.
  • Now march or press each foot without losing your balance. (If you lose balance, it’s a sign you need to put more core strength into the move).
  • If you’ve never done this before, it’s okay to hold onto the sides of the BOSU until you get the hang of it.

14. BOSU For The Core

  • Each partner begins seated on the BOSU ball in a partially reclined position with their heels touching the floor (face your partner).
  • Toss the medicine ball back and forth.
  • Try not to lift your feet or touch the ground with your hands.

15. Wheelbarrow Push-Ups

  • One person begins in a traditional push-up position, while the other grabs the feet of the person doing the push-up.
  • You’ll need to tighten your core to do as many push-ups as you can — as your partner does squats on each downward motion.

After you’ve got in a good sweat session together, end your routine with partner stretches.

Most things are more fun if you do them with someone else. Especially workouts. So why not team up with your other half and do a joint workout in your very own home?

Fitness trainer and founder of studio Define.London Ashley Verma has 11 easy at-home couple-based exercises she suggests giving a try. Then you can curl up together and watch Netflix.

1. Light squat jumps

Do 20 reps

Cosmopolitan UK

Ashley’s advice: “This is a great way to warm-up with your partner. Light jump for eight counts, followed by a wide deep squat and back up. Engage your abs while squatting, keep your chest lifted and proud, and make sure your knees don’t go past your toes. Make the jumps more difficult by switching to high knee jogs.”

2. Push up cross high five

Do 10 reps high fiving on one side, then swap

Cosmopolitan UK

Ashley’s advice: “We can often shy away from push-ups but they’re great for strengthening posture and revving up metabolic rate, so this is a fab way to add some fun to the sometimes mundane exercise. Change up the tempo for more control and a deeper workout, make sure your abs are always engaged, and keep your chin lifted out from your chest.”

3. Wall sit with tricep dip

Start at 20 seconds and then build from there with three rounds, then switch

Cosmopolitan UK

Ashley’s advice: “Hold each other accountable by doing a different workout each, then swapping. A wall sit is an easy set-up, but will challenge the mind and body by blasting calories, streamlining legs, and building endurance. Make sure your hips are low, in line with knees, and that your knees reach over the ankles but not past the toes. Add your partner to the mix doing tricep dips pressing down on the legs, which will be challenging but effective for all.”

4. Cross jump lunges

Start out doing 20, then work up

Cosmopolitan UK

Ashley’s advice: “Cross jump lunges bring a great cardio element to your workout. Since you’re facing each other, challenge one another to go deeper into the lunge and push further past the 20 you initially set out to do.”

5. Jump squat with high five

Do 10 on each side then swap, gradually building up to 20 on each side

Cosmopolitan UK

Ashley’s advice: “Keep an upbeat tempo when doing this exercise so you don’t lag behind. Spring from your feet and always be mindful of your abs to help you power through.”

6. Wheelbarrow push ups

Do 10, then swap

Cosmopolitan UK

Ashley’s advice: “When you’re the person doing wide second, you’re also the ‘spot’ for this exercise; if you notice your partner is struggling in the long form push-up position, help gently place their feet down on the floor for safety. Make sure you bend together, and encourage your partner to stay strong and focussed as this is a challenging workout.”

7. Leg toss and kiss

Do 10 leg lifts, then swap

Cosmopolitan UK

Ashley’s advice: “When you’re doing the leg toss, make sure you feel your ribcage imprinting down. Stay relaxed in the shoulders, and either press your hands down into floor or if you experience lower back discomfort, or place them under your hips to help with form.”

8. Flat back chair twist

20 twists, gradually increasing

Cosmopolitan UK

Ashley’s advice: “This is a great partner exercise – but there’s lots of trust involved. Lock hands and pull back from each other to sit down into and imaginary chair. Keep your knees directly over ankles as you each bend to touch the floor, and you’ll feel the burn in your legs as well as a sizzle in the waistline.”

9. Couple combo (mountain climbers and wall sit)

Do 3 rounds of 30 seconds, then 60 seconds, then 90 seconds, switching in between each one

Cosmopolitan UK

Ashley’s advice: “You know the set up for these, so make sure you focus on encouraging each other to push, push, push! If mountain climbers aren’t your jam, hold a plank instead.”

10. Side seat holding hands

Do 30 seconds, then swap sides

Cosmopolitan UK

Ashley’s advice: “Couples that balance together, stay together. Hold hands and each stand on one leg while the outside leg lifts and lowers. Make sure your supporting leg is slightly bent so you feel the burn, and hold a tight squeeze into the bum as you move at a moderate pace.”

11. High c-curve hearts

Do 10 hearts with one leg, then swap sides

Cosmopolitan UK

Ashley’s advice: “Grab your partner and sit on the floor side by side. Lie back onto your forearms and round your lower spine. Be sure to hold your bellybutton down as you move your legs in a half heart movement. You will notice when you drop your legs a little lower it gets crazy intense for your core. Switch sides to even out the workout.”

The Define.London boutique fitness studio is launching in central London in February 2018. Find out more information here.

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Related Story Catriona Harvey-Jenner Digital Features Editor Cat is Cosmopolitan UK’s features editor covering women’s issues, health and current affairs.

5 of the Best Partner Exercises to Build Strength

Though tons of students meet up at the library to study together, very little work actually gets done. Instead of using that time to hit the books, it’s more often spent chatting, looking at pictures, and taking online quizzes to find out which Hogwarts house everyone would belong to. When friends head to the gym to work out together, it’s usually the same story. Lifts that don’t require spotters mean one person is standing around for too long and efforts on the cardio equipment can suffer since you need to go slow enough to be able to maintain a conversation. But partner exercises can be hugely beneficial.

In order to reap the benefits of exercising with a partner without slacking, you just need to shift your method a little bit. Instead of doing the same workout you would normally do on your own, go for a routine that’s designed for two people. These five exercises are a great way to get started. Try them out at your next sweat session to have fun while you get fit.

1. High-five push-ups

Give some high-fives to a friend with this workout. |

Regular push-ups are a classic move that will never go out of style since they’re easy to do and also so effective. They challenge your arms, shoulders, chest, and core, and you can easily increase the intensity with a slight variation. With the high-five push-up, you’ll raise one hand off the ground, which forces your core to work harder to stay stable throughout the move.

To perform this exercise, you and your buddy should each get into a push-up position with your heads pointed toward each other. You should be just a few feet apart. At the same time, lower yourselves until your chests are just above the ground, then push back up to the starting position, keeping your elbows close to your sides. As soon as you reach the top of the move, raise your right hands off the ground, slap hands sideways, then return your hands back to the ground. Repeat the move, and switch to the left hand.

Because this exercise requires you and your friend to move in unison, it’s a good idea to vocalize the push-ups when you are moving down as well as up. It’ll also prevent you from rushing through the move too fast, which can compromise your form. You want to stay smooth, steady, and keep your body as flat as possible.

2. Lying leg throw down

There’s no cutting corners and plenty of benefits with this workout. |

It’s easy to cheat on abdominal exercises, which isn’t good news for those trying to strengthen their midsection. Take crunches, for example. Instead of using the core muscles to rise off the ground, most guys clasp their hands behind their head, which enables them to get to the same position by using their arms. With the lying leg throw down, there isn’t the same opportunity to cut corners, partially because your partner will be keeping watch.

In addition to challenging your abs, this move is great for hip flexors. Most of us spend all day sitting at work, which forces our hip flexors into a shortened position. So much time with this form can lead to weak, stiff hips that compromise mobility, so strengthening this area is pretty important. You can also incorporate your obliques by moving your legs in different directions, making this a pretty stellar strength move.

Get into position by lying on the ground with your partner standing just above your head. Grasp his ankles to keep yourself balanced, then raise your legs straight off the ground until they’re pointed at the ceiling, keeping your back pressed into the floor. Your partner will hold your ankles then forcefully throw your legs towards the floor. Your task is to resist the movement so your feet never hit the ground, then raise your legs back up, still keeping your back pressed to the floor. To engage all your core muscles, your partner should alternate directions. Head to Muscle & Fitness for a great video demonstration.

3. Reverse lunge with chest pass

Add a medicine ball to your workout for this lunge exercise. |

Basic lunges are one of the best moves for strengthening your glutes and quads, but they’re pretty much a single-person exercise. Fortunately, it’s easy to adapt the classic in a way that incorporates a buddy and also increases the intensity. This variation involves a medicine ball, which is great for a few reasons. First of all, it makes the lunge more challenging thanks to the added load. Secondly, you’ll incorporate your arms, chest, and core during the toss, making this a full-body exercise.

Instead of lunging forward, you’ll want to step back into the position. According to ACE Fitness, this slight change makes it easier to balance and puts less stress on your joints. Since the medicine-ball thrown will challenge your stability, you’ll still get enough of a challenge without as much risk of toppling over.

For this move, your partner should stand several yards in front of you. Holding the medicine ball at your chest and start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, step back into a lunge with both of your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Step back up into the starting position and toss the ball to your partner. When he catches it, he’ll go right into a lunge. Men’s Fitness recommended performing five repetitions on each leg.

4. Band sprints

The resistance band workout is great for your explosiveness. |

Short of racing each other, an effective cardio workout can be tough to achieve with a friend. Instead of huffing and puffing on neighboring treadmills, try a variation on intervals that uses your partner to boost your effort. All you need is a little bit of clear space and a resistance band.

Greatist recommended on option where you’ll strap a resistance band around your waist while your partner securely holds the ends. Pick a finish line, then sprint as fast as you can towards it while your partner stands in place. As the band stretches, you’ll have to work harder to reach your designated spot. Repeat a few times, then switch places.

The other option is to sprint in place. Once again, strap the band around your waist and have your partner stand firmly in position while grasping the ends. Walk out until the band is fully extended, then sprint in place as you lean forward. You want to go as fast as you can, driving your arms and knees for 20 to 30 seconds. Head over to STACK to see a demonstration.

5. Wheelbarrow row

Your partner will help add intensity to this workout. |

The bench press is a favorite for building chest and arms strength, yet too many guys focus on it without incorporating exercises that work the opposing muscle groups. According to Men’s Health, including the inverted row to strengthen your upper back and rear shoulders can help keep these muscles strong to prevent pain and injury down the road.

Some guys are already familiar with the move and know they can make it more challenging by raising their feet off the ground. To increase your effort even more, though, you’ll need the help of a friend. Instead of resting your feet on a solid surface while you row yourself up, you’ll have your buddy hold your ankles. This creates an unstable surface, forcing you to work harder.

To do this exercise, get into position at a row bar set to about the height of your chest. Hang with your arms fully extended and your legs straight out in front of you, with your heels resting on the ground. From here, your partner will lift your legs, holding an ankle in each hand. Pull yourself up towards the bar until your chest touches it, then lower yourself back down. said to aim for two sets of 10 repetitions. As the move becomes easier, have your buddy hold your feet higher in the air.

CIRCLE OF DEATH! Partner Bootcamp

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CIRCLE OF DEATH! Partner Bootcamp Idea

Client Difficulty: 8/10

Duration: 55 Minutes

Group Size: 2-80

Workout Categories:

Outdoor + Indoor + Partner + Hill + All-Levels + Full Body + Abs/Core + Cardio

Terrain: Indoor, Outdoor

Equipment: 12 Pylons


Workout Description:

Outdoor + Indoor + Partner + Hill + All-Levels + Full Body + Abs/Core + Cardio

This workout is one of my favourites, the circle of death is always in my back pocket to pull out to really crush the cardio with my crew. I’ve done it in the sand on a hillside and even half hill half flat field.

This one is aimed to increase cardio stamina while blasting your clients muscles with different exercises in between. It’s always a rocker no matter what fitness level you train this one with. You can increase the intensity by adding in dumbbells or other equipment. If in a smaller space than have your clients do the circle twice before switching with their partner.

They are going to love this one! Let me know how it goes: [email protected]


  • BLUEPRINTS: Detailed instructions and step-by-step breakdown of the boot camp workout.
  • SNAPSHOT: A simplified version of the blueprints with a quick overview of workout instructions. The purpose is to provide a quick reference, printable copy, that has space for your own notes.

  • EXERCISE GLOSSARY: It’s funny how we have different names for the same exercises in different parts of the world. To avoid any confusion i’ve included a link to the Glossary of Exercises on the AXFIT youtube channel. Though, I recommend just watching the full uncut video.

  • FULL WORKOUT VIDEO: The full video essentially brings you along with me during every second of the workout. I decided to make this full-workout video to give you a first person experience of being in my AXFIT class and take all the guess work out of understanding and using this workout blueprint.


Top 10 Partner Exercises Using Body Weight

By Angie Menendez, Owner & Instructor of Baby Boot Camp Dana Point & San Clemente, CA

In honor of Father’s Day this month, here are 10 exercises you can do with your favorite partner – no equipment necessary! Be prepared to work up a sweat by performing these exercises. There are three strength exercises, three cardio exercises, three core exercises and a nice partner stretch you can do for a full body workout. Perform each move three times through in order, using a timer for the cardio portion and counting reps during the rest of the workout.

Strength exercises:

Reverse Table & Tricep Dip: Partner One will go into a reverse table position: Start seated with your feet flat on the ground and knees bent. Place your hands by your hips and push your hips up into the air. Your fingers should be facing your heels and your hips should be lifted high up with straight arms. Partner Two will place their hands on Partner One’s knees and perform a set of 10-15 tricep dips. Partner One is holding an isometric table position, working shoulders, glutes and abs. Partner Two will be working their triceps. Switch roles and repeat.

Push-up with High Five: Go head to head with your partner in push-up position, allowing about a foot of distance between your heads. Slowly lower into push-up position at the same time and as you push-up, reach one arm across to your partner for a high five. Perform another push-up and at the top you will extend your other arm for a high five. Do this for 10-15 reps. You can always modify by performing the push-up on your knees.

Plank with Single Leg Bridge: This one can be a little challenging to set up, but it works all the major muscle groups! Partner One will hold a forearm plank while Partner Two performs a single leg bridge with the supporting foot resting on Partner One’s back. The bridging partner will extend the opposite leg up in the sky and push through the heel of the resting foot to bridge up. Perform 10-15 reps per leg and switch roles. The planking partner will get added intensity to their plank with the body weight of Partner Two!

Cardio exercises:

Partner Plyo Lunge: Face your partner with legs staggered in a lunge position and reach across to clasp your partners hand or forearm. You will each perform plyometric (jumping) lunges for 45 seconds jumping at the same time. As you jump and switch, ensure you are landing on the balls of your feet with soft knees and bend your knees down into a lunge position before switching again. This is a good one to get the heart rate going. Challenge your partner to keep up with you on this one!

Jump Squat High Five: Set the timer for 45 seconds. Face your partner with about one foot between you. Squat down and touch the ground, then jump up and give your partner a high five in the air. Continue this pattern jumping and high fiving for 45 seconds to get your heart rate pumping!

Plank with Side Hops: Partner One will get down into a forearm plank and place their feet a little wider than hip distance. Partner Two performs lateral (sideways) jumps over their partner’s feet for 45 seconds. You can modify this by doing a one foot jump over or stepping back and avoiding the feet and just jumping side to side for 45 secs. Switch partners and repeat.

Abdominal exercises:

Leg Throw Down: Partner One will lie down and extend their legs straight up to the sky. Partner Two will stand with their feet at the head of Partner One and let Partner One grab their ankles for support. Partner Two pushes both of Partner One’s legs straight toward the ground. Partner One uses their abs to control the legs and bring them back to start. Each partner performs 10-15 reps. It is important that you keep your lower back glued to the ground as those legs go down- use your abs to control the move.

Sit-Up High Five: Both partners sit down facing each other and dig their heels into the ground, letting the soles of their shoes push against their partner’s feet. Start with arms crossed over chest and pulling abs in. Bring your body down to the mat and sit back up, giving your partner a high five when you both reach the top. Perform 10-15 reps

Side Plank with Reach Through and High Five: Both partners should get into a side plank position on your elbows facing each other with about a foot between you. Extend the top arm and reach it to the sky. Then reach down with the top arm, reaching under you as you twist your torso and engage your obliques. Untwist and as you reach back up to the sky, give your partner a high five. Do 10 times per side.


As you unwind from this workout, make sure to take some time to stretch all the major muscle groups. My favorite partner stretch includes a back and hamstring stretch. Sit down and face your partner with your legs straight on the ground in a small V position. Put your feet together and reach out and hold hands. Moving one at a time you are going to assist your partner into a gentle stretch forward by pulling them slowly as the stretching partner gently brings their chest toward the ground. This is a great stretch for the back, the hamstrings and the arms. Repeat with the other partner.

Team-building Exercises for Boot-camp Classes

If you teach boot-camp classes, you have a great opportunity to facilitate a sense of camaraderie among your participants though team-building activities. These activities can be conducted through partner drills, small teams or as a single, large team. Whether you take a break from the exercises to conduct these activities or incorporate team-building skills into the exercises themselves, your participants will experience many positive benefits. Through team-building, participants can work on problem-solving, developing relationships and honoring everyone’s unique qualities and perspectives, all while working toward a common goal or completing a task.

Here are four team-building activities that can help unite any group to exercise and work together. These activities are easy to set up and incorporate into your classes, and they are sure to create a fun and motivating atmosphere that will help increase the level of bonding within the group.

Circle Jumping

Goal: Listening and comprehension skills (and a lot of laughing)

Set-up: Form one large circle with everyone holding hands

Execution: Perform each of the following three drills three to four times. Issue one of four commands and instruct the group to follow, either by repeating the command and performing either exactly what you say, or by repeating the command and/or performing the opposite of what you say. Here are the commands: “Jump in;” “Jump out;” Jump right;” “Jump left.”

  • Drill #1: Say What I Say, Do What I Say
    • Say “Jump in” and the group says “Jump in” and performs the move.
  • Drill #2: Say What I Say, Do the Opposite
    • Say “Jump in” and the group says “Jump in” but they jump out.
  • Drill #3: Say the Opposite, Do What I Say
    • Say “Jump right” and the group says “Jump left” but they jump right.


Goal: Creative thinking and cohesion

Set-up: Small teams of three or four.

Execution: Each team recreates a letter of the alphabet that you call out. At first, let the team members create the letter as they wish. To add challenge to this activity, give specific directions, such as lowercase, uppercase, or if the letter is positioned standing up or on the floor.

100-rep Workout

Goal: Strategy and balancing of team-member contributions

Set-up: Create teams of four and set up four to six stations, with each station consisting of four exercises. Stations could focus on upper body, lower body, core, cardio, jumping, etc. Here are examples of upper- and lower-body stations:

Station 1: Upper Body

Station 2: Lower Body


Sumo Squat

DB Bent Over Row

Side Lunges

DB Triceps Kickback

Squat + Front Kick

DB Biceps Curl

Hip Bridge

Execution: Each team member must perform 20 repetitions of each exercise (for a total of 80 repetitions of each exercise). This leaves 20 reps of each exercise remaining. Team members must decide how the remaining repetitions will be distributed and completed. Exercises do not need to be distributed equally.

Here is an example of how a cardio-focused workout might work:
Exercises: Jumping Jacks, High Knees, Speed Skaters, Butt Kickers

Team member 1: Completes 20 reps of each of the above exercises
Team member 2: Same
Team member 3: Same
Team member 4: Same

This leaves 20 reps of each of the four exercises, which could be distributed among the four team members as follows (this is just one of many possibilities):
Team member 1: Completes the last 20 jumping jacks
Team member 2: Completes the last 20 high knees
Team member 3: Completes the last 20 speed skaters
Team member 4: Completes the last 20 butt kickers

If there are only three team members, the total reps for each exercise would be 80.

Workout Finisher: The Finale

Goal: Effort and coordination
Set-up: Partners facing each other on opposite sides of the room.

Execution: Call out a series of partner activities, adding another movement each time the partners complete the activity. Partners run to the middle of the room, perform the activity, then run back to the start. For example, you say, Shake shake,” so partners run to the middle of the room, shake right hands, shake left hands and then run back to the start. Do this several times before adding on another activity. Here is a sample series:

  • High Five: partners jump up and give a high five
  • Shoulder Shoulder: partners bump right shoulders and then left shoulders
  • Under: partner A goes under partner B’s legs, and then partner B goes under partner A’s legs
  • Push-ups: partners face each other and perform and count five push-ups
  • “You’re the best”: partners face each other, run in place and say to each other “You’re the best partner ever!”

Medicine ball partner exercises

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