My Brest Friend Fenugreek Breast Feeding Dietary Supplements 100-Count Capsules

Dietary Supplement. The best for breastfeeding. 100% Vegetarian Herb to increase milk supply for breastfeeding mothers. (These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease). My Brest Friend is honored to support you and your family. At My Brest Friend we are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most useful breastfeeding support products for moms and babies all over the world. Our mission is to support moms being able to give their full attention, optimum health and love to their babies. We strive to be the very best across all aspects of our business. When a nursing mother is unable to breastfeed her infant as a result of inadequate milk production, taking the herb fenugreek may help to stimulate it. Fenugreek is the most popular herbal remedy and has been used by millions of women around the world for increasing milk production. Fenugreek is a seed from the legume family and has been used for thousands of years as both a culinary spice and medicinal herb. It has been granted generally recognized as safe status in the USA by the FDA. Research suggests that diosgenin, a natural compound found in the seed, may be responsible for stimulating milk production by up to 40%. 100% vegan. Naturally gluten free. Manufacturer
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My brest friend fenugreek

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