Best Indoor Cycling Shoes for 2019

When it comes to the best indoor cycling shoes, they come associated with a number of benefits for the spinning class. Extremely comfortable, this footwear allows its wearer to enjoy maximum control over the cycle. As a result, when they ensure a safer ride, the wearer can also transfer much power – from his feet onto the pedal – with the help of these shoes.

As compared to traditional sneakers, the best indoor cycling shoes feature a much harder outsole for two different reasons. Firstly, such kind of outsole improve stability and secondly, it prevents your calf muscles from suffering unwanted fatigue. So if you want to make the most of your indoor cycling experience, it is imperative to invest in a decent pair of cycling shoes.

Indoor Cycling Shoes Rating

Image Model Name Price Review Availability
Shimano SH-R065L $$
Giro Treble II $$
Zol Predator MTB $$
Louis Garneau Women’s Multi Air Flex $$
New Balance Womens Cycle WX09 $$

Buying Guide – Things to look for in the best Indoor Cycling Shoes


The first thing which you need to know is that the indoor cycling shoes come fitted with cleats on their bottom. These cleats will then be clipped onto the bike’s pedals which will ensure a safer riding experience. Such sort of construction eventually helps the rider to pedal more powerfully while having an utmost control over the bike’s movements.

There are two types of cleats which are normally used in the indoor cycling shoes. So you should know what type of pedals are integrated on your bike for purchasing the perfect shoe.

2 bolt cleats:

Also known as SPD cleats, this is the most common type of cleats which is used in indoor cycling. These cleats are normally recessed into the shoe’s bottom which makes it easy to walk in these shoes apart from an efficient session of indoor cycling.

In addition, when the SPD cleats don’t interact much with the underneath surface, it also protects the gym floor from any kind of damage. Lastly, the SPD cleats are compatible with different spinner bikes as well as a vast majority of Mountain Bikes.

3 bolt cleats:

The 3 bolt cleats are also known as Look cleats. They are not recessed into the bottom of the shoe so it is quite difficult to be able to walk in any such footwear. The 3 bolt cleats are normally common in road cycling footwear in which a rider is going to spend much of his/her time on the bike.

Nowadays, a majority of the bikes which are used for indoor cycling comes integrated with the SPD system. However, it is better to ask your gym’s instruction about the pedal on their bikes before making this purchase. Another thing which you’ve to take care of is that most of the indoor cycling shoes, which you can purchase from today’s market, come without any kind of cleats. So apart from purchasing the footwear, you’ve to purchase the cleats separately.

Stiff Outsole

The best indoor cycling shoes have a much rigid sole as compared to regular shoes. Apart from protecting your toes from getting numb, such sort of construction allows the rider to pedal much more efficiently. For added stability, it also keeps your feet from the unwanted movement which is a big plus if you’re going to pedal for a considerable duration of time.

There are different types of materials which are normally used to construct the soles of the indoor cycling shoes. Starting from Carbon Fiber, it consists of fiberglass, plastic or a suitable combination of all these materials.

If you’re looking for the stiffest outsole, one which is extremely lightweight as well, go for the one which is made of carbon outsole. However, when this particular material is extremely efficient, it is also quite expensive as compared to any other material in this category.

The plastic outsole, on the other hand, comes at a much affordable price but it is also very susceptible to flexing. As per the fiberglass, it consists of an intermediate set of properties of the aforementioned materials.


The uppers of the indoor cycling shoes are usually made from two different materials: Leather and Synthetic. The leather is normally used in crafting the high-end footwear as it offers greater performance, stability, and comfort. However, it also comes with a greater price tag.

As per synthetics, they are normally used for crafting budget-oriented indoor cycling shoes. Shoes made of synthetic materials offer a greater degree of breathability as they will keep your feet dry for the entire length of the journey.


When it comes to a majority of indoor cycling shoes, they normally come integrated with Velcro closures. Extremely affordable, Velcro straps make it easy to get in and out of the footwear in a matter of few seconds. In addition, when fully tightened, they also keep your feet intact without any hindrance. Apart from the Velcro closure system, you can also go with traditional laces or even hi-fi BOA closure system.

Proper Fit

Spinning shoes should come with a snug fit but they shouldn’t be tight on your heels. When you’re going to wear them for a good amount of time every day, a tight pair of shoe can cause unwanted blisters on your feet. So while choosing the best indoor cycling shoes, make sure that there is some space in the toe region.

One thing which you have to keep in mind is that unlike traditional shoes, which are prone to stretching with the passage of time, your spinning shoes stay firm even after regular use. So when you buy them, make sure that they come in a comfortable fit.

Top 5 Spinning Shoes

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes for Beginners

Shimano SH-R065L Shoe

The Shimano 2015 Men’s Entry Road/Sport Cycling Shoes SH-R065L Road Shoe is designed for amateur to mid-level cyclists who’re looking to purchase a high-quality product for their spinning classes. This shoe is available in just two different designs, which means that the choice is fairly limited for the fashion-oriented customers. However, the SH-R0657 has still a lot to offer when it comes to its exquisite feature set.

The upper of this shoe is made of high-density synthetic leather along with the added provision of mesh construction. This material is very easy to clean as you just need to wipe it out with a cloth in order to regain its new-looking shape. Then comes the several perforations which impart added breathability to this footwear.

For under the foot cushioning, the SH-R065L makes use of lightweight flat insole. Apart from the fact that this is a pretty comfortable insole, it is quite flexible as well which conforms itself to a variety of foot types.

As per the sole, it is made of fiberglass-reinforced polyamide which is quite durable. When this sole is compatible with both SPD and SPD-L cleats, it means you can use this one product on a vast majority of cycling pedals.

Coming towards the standout feature in this product, it has got to be the inclusion of Shimano Dynalast. This technology, which is designed with the feedback from professional riders, creates an optimized toe-spring region which means that your foot will be secured in an ideal position throughout the ride. So when it makes this footwear extremely comfortable, it also ensures that you can transfer all your pedaling forces straight on the cranks for an efficient cycling experience.

Moreover, the SH-R065L comes equipped with a couple of hook and loop straps. Such an arrangement helps in minor adjustments which are vital for users with narrow feet. So if you’re looking for the best indoor cycling shoes for beginners, this model is worth a try.


  • Shimano Dynalast results in efficient cycling experience
  • Comfortable Insole keeps your feet from aching
  • Proper ventilation keeps your feet sweat-free


  • Proper sizing is an issue with this product
  • Not ideal for cyclists with wide feet

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Best Budget Indoor Cycling Shoes

Giro Men’s Treble II Bike Shoe

Available in three different designs, the Giro Men’s Treble II Bike Shoe is a medium-priced option for the budget-oriented customers. Despite its low price tag, this product is still a classy option for the indoor cycling enthusiasts.

The Treble II comes with a highly comfortable upper made of synthetic fabric. For added breathability, the manufacturer has employed mesh inserts along with several perforations which ensures a regular passage of air at all times. Hence, you can wear this footwear for an extended duration of time and it will protect your feet from getting sweaty.

An exciting feature in this product is the presence of the traditional 3 strap closure mechanism. When it allows fine adjustments at 3 different points along your feet, it eventually results in a secure fit. In addition, the straps make it quite easy to get in or out of the shoes as you don’t have to tinker with traditional laces every now and then. Once fully adjusted, these straps will stay intact and you can concentrate on your spinning class without any second thought.

Inside the Giro Men’s Treble II Bike Shoe is the EVA footbed which delivers a low to medium arch support. A special anti-microbial treatment is applied to the EVA foam which comes handy in protecting your feet from becoming a victim of the unwanted bacterial activities.

The outsole of this shoe is made of high-quality Nylon which makes it a lightweight footwear. In fact, the Giro Men’s Treble II Bike Shoe weighs as low as just 290 grams (size 42). The outsole is decently stiff which allows efficient power transfer.

Lastly, the Nylon outsole is compatible with a series of cleat configurations as you can use it with both 2-bolt as well as 3-bolt cleat designs. As a result, you can wear this shoe with almost every pedal system which one could purchase from today’s market.

So if you’re looking to purchase the best indoor cycling shoes within a budget, the Giro Men’s Treble II Bike Shoe can be your ideal purchase.

  • Compatible with all pedal systems on the market
  • Lightweight footwear can be worn for a consistent duration of time
  • Easy to use closure mechanism delivers a snug fit
  • Lack of customizable arch support

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Zol Predator MTB

If you’re looking for a versatile pair of shoes, which can be used on both outdoor terrains as well as during indoor training sessions, have a look at the Zol Predator MTB Mountain Bike and Indoor Cycling Shoes.

This bike is compatible with all the pedal types which come with the 2-bolts cleat configuration. It includes Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD), Crank Brothers and also the pedals which come integrated on all the mountain bikes.

The upper of this shoe combines synthetic leather with mesh material for added breathability. Regardless of the outside conditions or how tense the cycling session is going to be, these 2 highly breathable materials will keep your feet dry at all the times. No stitching is involved in the upper’s construction which makes sure that it will stay intact for a considerable duration of time.

When it comes to providing a precise fit, the Zol Predator comes with 3 Velcro straps made of Carbon Fiber. Extremely durable, these straps make sure that you can get a secure fit inside this footwear. If you have a narrow or feet which is a bit than average, you can tighten or loosen these straps as per your preference.

Also present in these shoes is the carbon fiber heel cup which is especially useful for all those cyclists which often suffer from suffer kind of heel pain. It does so by absorbing shock – at the moment of impact – along with providing superior arch support.

On the bottom of the Zol Predator MTB Mountain Bike and Indoor Cycling Shoes is a rigid outsole made of fiberglass-injected Nylon. Not only this outsole is extremely durable but at the same time, it is quite stiff which helps the riders while transferring their energy onto the pedals.

Users can purchase the Zol Predator MTB Mountain Bike and Indoor Cycling Shoes in two different colors. Starting from a stylish fusion of black with silver, this product also comes in a glamorous black and red design. Both of them come at the same price so you can purchase any one of them without worrying about spending way too big on this purchase.

Having said that, one thing which customers need to make sure is that they’ve to purchase the cleats, which can be integrated onto the soles of these shoes, on their own. This is a rather common feature when you purchase indoor cycling shoes so keep that thing in mind while making this purchase.

  • Fiber-glass injected Nylon outsole makes it a long-lasting footwear
  • 2 bolt cleat compatibility makes it an ideal purchase for spinning classes
  • Perforated insole wicks away the unwanted moisture

  • Runs a bit large in size

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Best Spinning Shoes for Women

Louis Garneau Women’s Multi Air Flex

Coming from a famous manufacturer, which has designed some top of the line women spinning shoes in the past, the Louis Garneau Women’s Multi Air Flex Fitness/Mountain Cycling Shoe are perfect for long, tiring sessions of indoor cycling.

Featuring a stylish exterior, this product comes in no less than 6 different designs. If you want to make a bit of fashion statement in your spinning class, you can purchase this shoe in either Magenta or in stylish Asphalt color scheme. On the contrary, if you want a plain-looking footwear, the all-white or all-black design can be ideal for you.

The overall weight of this shoe is no more than 690 grams which makes it one of the lightest spinning shoes for women. You can wear it for as long as you want and this stylish pair of shoes will protect your feet from unwanted fatigue. Then come the 3 Velcro straps which help you to adjust the sizing of these shoes as per your feet.

The upper of Louis Garneau Women’s Multi Air Flex Fitness/Mountain Cycling Shoe is made of synthetic leather along with the provision of mesh construction. Both these materials combine effectively to make this footwear breathable as well as fully water-resistant.

A unique feature in this shoe is the presence of HRS-80 in which the HRS basically stands for heel retention system. This particular feature refers to a reinforced heel cup which keeps your heel in place as you’re pedaling on the bicycle. This eventually results in a powerful pedaling stroke which helps you in achieving your personal health goals.

As per the multi flex composite outsole, it comes with recessed cleats which make sure that apart from using them for an efficient cycling experience, you can also use these shoes for going on a walk. The outsole is compatible with the SPD pedal systems which means that it won’t let your feet slip off the pedals.

One thing which seems to be an issue with these shoes is proper sizing. They tend to run smaller so while ordering a pair for yourself, it might be beneficial to go one size larger. Other than that, this shoe has got all the features which one would want in the best indoor cycling shoes.

So if you’re looking for one shoe for both spinning classes as well as for riding a Mountain bike, the Louis Garneau Women’s Multi Air Flex Fitness/Mountain Cycling Shoe is worth a shot.

  • Lightweight pair of women cycling shoes
  • SPD Compatible can be worn in spinning classes as well as on Mountain bikes
  • Water-resistant, breathable upper imparts comfortability to your feet
  • A bit too narrow for users with wide feet

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New Balance Womens Cycle WX09

One of the best indoor cycling shoes for women, the New Balance Womens Indoor Cycling is designed to last for an extended duration of time. When spinning is such an intense exercise, in which you’ve to main elevated levels of speed on a consistent basis, this shoe involves no sewing throughout its construction. When such a construction prevents this shoe from falling apart, it also protects your feet from any kind of injury.

The New Balance Womens Indoor Cycling Shoe features a highly supportive upper as it pairs synthetic leather along with mesh materials in its construction. When both these materials are used in uniform quantities, it imparts much-needed durability to this women’s footwear. In addition, shoe incorporates NB fresh in lining which does incredibly well when it comes to fighting against unwanted foot odor. So even after spending a good few hours in the workout session, you don’t have to worry about the unpleasant odor coming out of your feet.

For the ease of pedaling, this product comes with a lightweight EVA midsole. As a cyclist has to exert a considerable amount of force while pedaling, this eventually takes its toll from her foot. However, this is where the EVA midsole comes handy as it absorbs much of the impact before it reaches your foot. This is a full-length midsole which runs all the way from the toe-region to the forefront of your feet. So you can keep on pedaling for hours and hours and such an imperious construction of this cycling shoe will prevent your feet from aching.

Additionally, the New Balance Womens Indoor Cycling Shoe comes with 3 hook and loop straps for a secure fit. Each one of these straps come with a different length which eventually helps the owner of this shoe to attain a secured fitting around her feet.

Moreover, New Balance has drilled a couple of holes on the outsole of this footwear which makes it SPD compatible. Since this cleat configuration is widely used in a majority of spinning classes around the globe, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of this product with your local gym.

Finally, the synthetic outsole is quite stiff which means that you won’t have to face any trouble when it comes to pedal in an efficient way. So if you’re looking for the indoor cycling shoes which are designed specifically for the spinning classes, there aren’t much better products than the New Balance Womens Indoor Cycling Shoe for this purpose in today’s market.

  • Supportive upper imparts comfort ability to your feet
  • Lightweight EVA midsole delivers premium cushioning
  • Easy to adjust thanks to the hook and loop straps
  • Not compatible with SPD-SL Cleat configuration

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Too often, activity-specific footwear sacrifices style over function.

Sure, your hiking boots grip loose terrain like a mountain goat, but rock them anywhere but the trail and you look like an idiot. Lots of snow boots fit this category. But things have gotten so dire in Boston these days nobody cares. (I’m wearing L.L.Bean boots in the office as I write this.) And Vibram FiveFingers? We don’t talk about Vibram FiveFingers.

Cycling shoes are typically no better. What with their velcro and clip-ins that click and clack wherever you walk, it’s enough to make you wonder why you bother.

Now, graciously, New Balance has changed the game. Their C-Seriesshoes, which retail for $120 and were designed in the company’s Tokyo office, bring biking gear into the modern era, fusing style with function so effortlessly, nobody will know they’re intended for real action outside the office or the bar. Which should be the point to begin with.

To be clear, they’re not built for clipless pedals; but that’s not to say they’re not serious. The perforated upper encourages breathability while the reflective material helps you to be seen. A hideaway tongue pouch keeps laces out of your chain or gears. You can slip them on and off, too – a nice touch for the commuter on the move.

My favorite feature, though, is that I’d want to wear them even if I didn’t bike around the city almost daily. And I have a feeling people who don’t own a bike will buy these on looks and comfort alone. The four distinct colorways certainly won’t hurt.

That, to me, is the perfect product. One that serves a specific function but isn’t limited or defined by it.

Image courtesy of NewBalance

New balance cycling shoes

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