New Balance Women’s Shoes

New Balance Women’s Shoes

You’ll be ready for action when you shop our assortment of New Balance women’s shoes. From hitting the gym to running errands and even grabbing coffee with a friend, these shoes will look and feel great. Vintage inspired suede sneakers with a rounded toe are a fun choice for casual weekend outings. Solid colored training shoes are a perfect fit for high intensity interval training, kickboxing and aerobics. Choose from an array of designs in pastels, vibrant neons, sleek black and more.

Looking for great running shoes? Whether you’re just starting out or training for a marathon, we’ve got New Balance running shoes women adore. Foam running shoes with a mesh upper design offer cushioning and breathability, so your feet will stay cool and comfortable even on a midday run in the sunshine. Flex grooves give leather sneakers the ability to adapt to your steps and move with you. Lightweight trail running sneakers combine durability, protection and comfort to help you tackle changing elevation and tough terrain.

Working out is more fun with friends, so grab your bestie and shop our complete New Balance women shoe collection. Invite your special someone to browse our men’s collection and you can spend your next date hiking, biking or trying out a new fitness routine together. When you have the right footwear, the only challenge might be choosing your next adventure.

New Balance

Built from the Ground Up

New Balance Athletics planted its roots when British emigrant William J. Riley found his home in Boston, Massachusetts. Better known by the simplified New Balance name, the company began its journey in footwear by selling arch supports along the East Coast. In the 1930s, Riley enlisted the help of salesman Arthur Hall to help sell his patented product and discovered that they were a hit with people who stood for long periods of time, like policemen and firefighters. The business changed hands several times over the next few decades with few changes, until 1960, when New Balance introduced the Trackster. The brand’s first running shoe marked a turning point for the company with its innovative ripple sole making waves in the track scene. But it wasn’t until the ’70s that New Balance would skyrocket to international fame.

Built for Any Foot

The 1976 New Balance M320 was a groundbreaker, crowned by Runner’s World as the #1 training shoe of the year. The M320 helped pave the way for New Balance’s presence in the running world, a category they had a special leg up in. Contrary to most footwear brands, New Balance manufactures shoes in a massive range of sizes and widths, making them one of the most versatile footwear brands on the planet. Accommodating all kinds of feet has been their specialty since the early days, helping them penetrate valuable markets all over the globe.

Top Notch Quality

New Balance has held themselves to a high standard of quality since their humble beginnings more than a century ago. Their process starts with the selection of fine suede, nubuck, leather, and mesh for the basic materials in each shoe, and is finished in one of many New Balance factories scattered throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world. The shoes made in these factories are beautiful, and most importantly, products of fair trade. Employees who make the shoes are treated responsibly and paid accordingly. Since the ’70s, sneakerheads have taken special notice of this, buying New Balance when they want a rugged, well-made shoe to last through several years of wear and tear. Today, New Balance sneakers are typified by popular models including the 999, 574, 990, and technologies like ABSORB, ENCAP, and Fresh Foam, all of which are preferred casual footwear consumers, as well as the most hardcore collectors. Before the turn of the century, New Balance had found a particularly strong footing in England, and their sneakers began to sell like hot cakes. Soon enough, the United Kingdom was the destination for New Balance, effectively adopting the American brand and making it one of the most important companies in their footwear culture, a fixture which still stands to this day.

New Balance MLC100AA ‘Comp 100 OG’BlueAU$165New Balance ML801NEC ‘Trail’Tan, Black, White & OrangeAU$129New Balance MR530CA1WhiteAU$129New Balance MR530CB1WhiteAU$129 New Balance M991NVT – Made in England ‘Bluesman’BlueAU$329 New Balance M991NGO – Made in England ‘Nu Block’Grey & OliveAU$279 New Balance M991ANG – Made in EnglandGrey & NavyAU$279 New Balance M1500PNV – Made in EnglandNavyAU$249 New Balance M670NVT – Made in England ‘Bluesman’BlueAU$229 New Balance M577YOR – Made in England ‘Year of the Rat’LilacAU$229 New Balance MSXRCTRFOlive & PurpleAU$179 New Balance MSXRCTRENavy & BlueAU$179 New Balance MSXRCTRGOlive & TealAU$179 New Balance ML860XDWhite & BlackAU$165 New Balance ML860XAWhite & RedAU$165 New Balance MS574APGGreyAU$165 New Balance M990SG5 – Made in The USAGreyAU$329 New Balance M990GL5 – Made in the USAGreyAU$299 New Balance M990BK5 – Made in the USABlackAU$299 New Balance M670NEN – Made in England ‘Neon’PinkAU$279 New Balance M991GL – Made in EnglandGrey & SilverAU$279 New Balance M1500PGL – Made in EnglandGreyAU$249 New Balance M577NVT – Made in England ‘Bluesman’BlueAU$249 New Balance M1500NEN – Made in England ‘Neon’PinkAU$229 New Balance M670YOR – Made in England ‘Year of the Rat’BeigeAU$229 New Balance ML850YSCWhite & BlueAU$165 New Balance ML860XCBlack & GreyAU$165 New Balance ML860XBWhite & BlueAU$165 New Balance ML850YSDWhite, Green & PinkAU$165 New Balance MR530SGWhiteAU$129 New Balance MR530SDBlackAU$129 New Balance MR530SEYellowAU$129 New Balance ML801NEB ‘Trail’Olive, Black & OrangeAU$129 New Balance M991SOP – Made in EnglandTan & BrownAU$279 New Balance M991SGN – Made in EnglandGrey & BlueAU$275 New Balance M1500YOR – Made in England ‘Year of the Rat’BlackAU$249 New Balance M577KKG – Made in EnglandBlackAU$249 New Balance M1500GNB – Made in EnglandBrown & TanAU$249 New Balance x No Vacancy Inn ML850NVBNavy & RedAU$165 New Balance x No Vacancy Inn ML850NVAGrey & RedAU$165 New Balance M991NKR – Made in EnglandBlackAU$279 New Balance M991NGN – Made in EnglandGreyAU$279 New Balance M991FDS – Made in EnglandOlive & TanAU$279 New Balance M997NAJ – Made in the USASand & OrangeAU$365 New Balance M991MET – Made in EnglandNavy & BlackAU$315 New Balance MR530SCSilver & YellowAU$129 New Balance M1500RRW – Made in EnglandGreyAU$249 New Balance M577TAN – Made in EnglandTanAU$249 New Balance M1500MET – Made in EnglandGold & WhiteAU$265 New Balance MTL575SOP – Made in EnglandOrange & BlueAU$229 New Balance MTL575SO – Made in EnglandBrown & OliveAU$229 New Balance M991FA ‘Flimby 35th Anniversary’ – Made in EnglandNavyAU$275 New Balance M1500WWN – Made in EnglandWhite & BlackAU$249 New Balance M576DBW – Made in EnglandDark Brown & WhiteAU$249 New Balance M576DGW – Made in EnglandDark Grey & WhiteAU$249 New Balance M991EKS – Made in EnglandBlack & SilverAU$265 New Balance M576NNV – Made in EnglandNavyAU$215 New Balance M997NAK – Made in the USAPurple & BlackAU$365 New Balance M997SMG – Made in the USAMultiAU$329 New Balance M997NAL – Made in the USAOliveAU$329 New Balance M998BLC – Made in the USASandAU$329 New Balance M998BLA – Made in the USAGrey & SilverAU$329 New Balance M990BM5 – Made in the USAGrey & BlackAU$299 New Balance M990DC5 – Made in the USAOlive & WhiteAU$299 New Balance M576CNN – Made in EnglandNavyAU$215 New Balance M576CBB – Made in EnglandBrownAU$229 New Balance W990GL5 – Made in the USA WGreyAU$299 New Balance M1530KGL – Made in EnglandOlive, Navy & PinkAU$249 New Balance M1500PRA – Made in EnglandTiger CamoAU$249 New Balance M1500UCT – Made in EnglandBlack, Red & BlueAU$229 New Balance M576CKK – Made in EnglandBlackAU$215 New Balance M997NAG – Made in the USAMultiAU$329 New Balance M998BLD – Made in the USAPurple & BlackAU$329 New Balance M991GNB – Made in EnglandTan & WhiteAU$279 New Balance M577GPK – Made in EnglandGrey, Olive & PurpleAU$249 New Balance M577TGK – Made in EnglandGrey, Tan & TealAU$249 New Balance 860v2MultiAU$165 Aries x New Balance 991 – Made in EnglandYellow & SilverAU$329 Aries x New Balance 991 – Made in EnglandOrange & SilverAU$329 Aries x New Balance Crew SweatGrey HeatherAU$279 Aries x New Balance Crew SweatBlackAU$279 Aries x New Balance Sweat PantGrey HeatherAU$275 Aries x New Balance Sweat PantBlackAU$275 Aries x New Balance Long Sleeve Aries Arise TeeWhiteAU$189 Aries x New Balance Long Sleeve Aries Arise TeeBlackAU$189 Aries x New Balance Unbalanced TeeWhiteAU$129 Aries x New Balance Unbalanced TeeBlackAU$129 Aries x New Balance Unbalanced TeeGreenAU$129 Aries x New Balance Aries Arise TeeBlackAU$129 Aries x New Balance Aries Arise TeeGreenAU$129 Aries x New Balance Aries Arise TeeWhiteAU$129 Aries x New Balance SockGreenAU$49 Aries x New Balance SockWhiteAU$49 Aries x New Balance SockBlackAU$49 New Balance M1530WBB – Made in EnglandBrown, Olive & GreyAU$249 New Balance M576PMN – Made in EnglandNavyAU$229 New Balance MTL575TB – Made in EnglandTan & BlueAU$229 New Balance MTL575KL – Made in EnglandBlack & BlackAU$229 New Balance M990NV5 – Made in the USANavyAU$299 New Balance M991NV – Made in EnglandNavy & GreyAU$279 New Balance M991KT – Made in EnglandBlack & BrownAU$279 New Balance M1500NAG – Made in EnglandNavy & GreenAU$249 New Balance MS997SBBeige & TealAU$199 New Balance MS997SCGrey & NavyAU$199 END. x New Balance CM878EN ‘Grey Gull’Grey MultiAU$179 New Balance ML801BECBlackAU$129 New Balance ML801BEBOliveAU$129 New Balance ML801BEANavyAU$129 New Balance ML801BEDRedAU$129 Junya Watanabe MAN x New Balance M990 v5NavyAU$429 Junya Watanabe MAN x New Balance M1500Black, White & GreyAU$429 Junya Watanabe MAN x New Balance M990 v5WhiteAU$429 Junya Watanabe MAN x New Balance M1500BlackAU$429 Junya Watanabe MAN x New Balance 574BlackAU$215 Junya Watanabe MAN x New Balance 574BeigeAU$215 Junya Watanabe MAN x New Balance 574BrownAU$215 Snow Peak x New Balance Transform Vest BagIndigoAU$1,659 Snow Peak x New Balance Tsunagi CoverallBlackAU$1,579 Snow Peak x New Balance Down JacketBlackAU$1,409 Snow Peak x New Balance Down JacketIndigoAU$1,409

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