Nike offers a huge selection of tactical clothing and footwear to outfit any soldier, airman, sailor, Marine or police officer. They offer everything from standard clothing and boots, all the way to socks and underwear. No matter what type of clothing gear you need, the Nike tactical line can help. Their selection of specially designed military and police gear is incredibly practical and durable.

Many Nike items are available in a selection of colors or patterns to fully meet whatever needs or desires you may have. There are even options which are specially designed to keep you cool and dry, even in the worst situations. The fabric is designed to wick the sweat away from your body, keeping you free of chaffing and rashes.

Their boots are lightweight and durable. They hold up in the roughest of situations, including jungles and deserts. They help to provide your feet with support and stability to make your workday easier. They protect your whole foot from harm, not just your soles. Damaging your feet in any way can put you out of commission for a while. Keep yourself going by protecting your feet with this selection of Nike footwear.


Air Force Boots | ABU Approved Boots

Over the years the combat uniform patterns and footwear has changed for the Air Force. With the desire to have a standard camouflage pattern and boot, the Air Force has adopted the Army approved Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) and coyote brown tactical boot. This adoption of the Scorpion W2 pattern has altered the ABU approved boots.

Airmen are starting the process of transitioning into the Coyote Brown, AR 670-1 Compliant boot from their Sage Green boot. With the deadline to wear the new ABU boots around a year and half away, brands such as Rocky, Belleville and Nike are introducing multiple styles of combat boots for Airmen to buy.

Popular Air Force Boots

If you are in need of new pair of Sage Green boots, then the Reebok 8” Steel Toe Boot is a must buy. These steel toe boots are durable, comfortable and proudly Made in the USA. They offer abrasion resistance with its suede leather and ballistic nylon upper, while the outsole gives Airmen the slip-resistance they need while on assignment. Reebok even goes the extra mile with the Electrical Hazard Protection guards that protect against live circuits, electrical equipment and wires. With multiple sizes available, these discounted sage green boots are budget friendly.

To satisfy the demand for AR 670-1 boots, Rocky Footwear has produced the Rocky C6 Lightweight Boot. It is designed for rugged terrains and is authorized for wear with OCP uniforms for USAF members. It features:

  • Padded collar
  • Rubber midsole
  • Toe and Heel tread locks
  • Speed lace eyelets and NATO hooks
  • Leather & Cordura combination upper

Whether you need extra protection during a long day out in the field or you simply want the highest quality and comfort, the Rocky Army Lightweight Boot is a must-have. This boot comes in sizes for men and women ranging from 3-14 and medium or wide boot widths.

Additional USAF Gear

Here at Patriot Outfitters we are proud to offer a large selection of OCP camo and Scorpion W2 clothing as well as Coyote Brown boots. When you need to keep your boots up to policy standards, we offer replacement shoelaces, shoe shine kits and black leather polish.

We also offer top of the line tactical boots, additional AR 670-1 Compliant boots and athletic shoes. We carry the industries’ top brands at competitive prices, brands including 5.11 Tactical, BlackHawk, Damascus, HWI Gear, Propper, Oakley, Rothco and many more.

Belleville Military Boots

Belleville Air Force Boots

Belleville manufactures many models of Air Force boots for all types of different environments. Their basic hot weather models are the 600 and 600 ST which feature unlined liners to keep your feet cool and rugged VIBRAM outsoles for longevity. The 610 and 610 ST models step up to Belleville’s patented Merimax midsole which lightens up the boot without compromising comfort. These models are more suited for physical activity. The 610Z features a combat side zipper for airmen who need footwear with easy removal. The 639Z CT adds composite toe protection for soldiers working in hazardous environments with falling objects or electrical hazards. The 630 ST Maintainer series was designed for flight line maintenance personnel and features smooth leather for quick and easy cleanup as well as a tough steel toe. It features tough rubber heel and toe overlays for protection from gouges and scuffs. The 633 is the latest tactical Air Force model designed for patrol duty in uneven or rugger terrain. Belleville also manufactures several cold weather models as well. The entry level 650 features a waterproof Gore-Tex bootie to keep your feet dry in cold, wet weather. The 615 employs the lightweight Merimax midsole combined with waterproofing for a cold weather, athletic boot. The 690 is a USAF Flight Approved boot with Gore-Tex technology. The 695 adds 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation for airmen operating in colder weather. The 680 ST is the cold weather Maintainer boot. The 675 is their most insulated boot with a full 600 grams of Thinsulate warmth protection.

Nike air force boot

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