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Released only in 2015, the Nike Juvenate is an entirely new silhouette that takes its cues from at least two models from the past: the Nike Roshe One and the Nike Rejuven8. The new model takes after the straightforward and low-key appearance of the Roshe One. In fact, the two are so similar when it comes to appearance that one can be reasonably mistaken for the other. It also embraces the main function of the Rejuven8, which was to provide a breather for active people who are taking their breaks.

Though it sounds so harmless, the Juvenate was not met with a welcoming cheer when it was released in 2015. It caused quite a stir not because of structural or functional deficiencies (of course not!), but because of its original name Zenji. The name was supposed to be a nod to its zen-like properties of being simple and straightforward yet elegantly functional, but it turned out to be an unwitting reference to a racial slur by some Middle-Eastern people against migrants from a small African region called Zanzibar.

Nike changed the name to the current one, and it didn’t take long before people started to focus more on the benefits that the new model provides, which include its being so flexible (enough to be folded, really!) it’s easy to carry it in bags. This just proves that Nike and its products are indeed more than just their famous (or infamous) names.

Now, the Nike Juvenate is marketed more as a women’s shoe, but men’s sizes are also offered as well as a variety of colors and prints. The material on the upper varies, and the color of the shoe determines the material variations.

Nike Juvenate Colorways

Like most sneakers, the Nike Juvenate shoe in classic black and white is always a safe choice. A number of colorways and print options are still offered for the pickiest of sneakerheads. The following are the Nike Juvenate shoes’ official colorway names and some printed versions and their respective color schemes.

Nike eventually released the Juvenate sneaker in women’s exclusive prints. The first print featured a warped stripe print that almost resembles that of a zebra, and it was made available in three colorways: volt, teal, and white. The other Juvenate print displayed a polka dot pattern bathed in black and white hues. This particular print came after the Roshe Ones which were released in the same print.

History of the Juvenate’s Design Inspirations

As mentioned before, the Roshe One and the Rejuvenate inspired the Nike Juvenate shoes. Here we discuss a brief background of each of the Juvenate’s design muses.

Minimal casual running silhouettes have risen to fame since the Nike Roshe One was released. The Nike Roshe One debuted in 2012 and was designed by brand designer Dylan Raasch. Its aesthetic was derived from his meditation practice and Zen Buddhist monks who are meditating in a garden. According to Raasch, monks exemplify the perfect archetype of minimalism and simplicity, which the Roshe obviously portrays, while its outsoles were designed after stepping stones in gardens.

The Nike Rejuven8 was born from the market’s demand for a post-competition and post-training sneaker. This kick’s goal is to provide the perfect recovery shoe. It features a net-like outer layer that was inspired by the likes of the Air Huarache, Sock Racer and Air Kukini. This net-like layer is apparent on the Juvenate through its honeycomb shaped upper foam pads.

Nike juvenate dark grey

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